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Friday, February 19, 2016

Why Trump?

       In 1980 America elected one of the best, if not the best Presidents in American history. That man was Ronald Reagan, a lifelong liberal Democrat who had switched parties in 1962. Ronald Reagan was not a career politician, he was a former Hollywood actor turned politician. While working as an actor Reagan served as a union leader for The Screen Actors Guild. He went on to serve the state of California as their 33rd Governor from 1967 through 1975. Reagan easily beat out the incumbent President Jimmy Carter in 1980, and went on to serve as America's oldest President from 1981 through 1989. Reagan's accomplishments are still spoken of today. Reaganomics spurring economic growth, declaring war on the drug trade, increased military spending thus making America stronger, and his part in ending the cold war. I don't think there is an American alive today that doesn't remember Reagan's famous words to Mikhail Gorbachev, "tear down this wall!" When President Ronald Reagan left office he had an approval rating of sixty-eight percent, one of the highest ratings in this modern era, and forever left a mark in history of true greatness that has since been lost.
          America's greatness is no longer, and that is thanks to our nation electing the wrong man to lead our country. While former President Reagan may have been our greatest President, Barrack Obama is undeniably our worst. Our debt has increased under Obama more than any other President in history, our security is at risk, our military has been cut back drastically, our healthcare is a disaster, our Veterans have been forgotten, the middle class has been left behind, and the American dream is all but lost. America is broken, and America needs not just any man, but the right man to next lead our country. I and thousands of Americans believe that man is Donald J. Trump.
    Trump! Why Trump? I am asked by non supporters again and again, and I tell them that he IS simply the right man, and the only man for the job. America can not afford mediocre, America needs greatness, and I and thousands of others see greatness in Donald J.Trump. Trump is smart, strong, sharp, and sensitive. Not only is he all that but he is charismatic, likable, and incredibly charming, but what's more is he is I believe the only man that can make this country great again.
   Many non Trump supporters are in a stupor over the the whole  "Trump Phenomenon". They call Trump's supporters "brain dead", "stupid", and worse. Be careful  at whom you thrown stones I say. I am not stupid, I am not a follower, and I am not uninformed. I am a conservative voter that did not jump on the so called "Trump Train" with ease. I was a fan of Senators Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz. I was a volunteer who campaigned for former Governor Jeb Bush when he ran for Governor. I liked Chris Christie, but could not forget "the hug", briefly liked Carly, and even had a soft spot for both Kasich and Carson. Who was I going to support people asked, and I honestly thought it would be Rubio or Cruz, but something happened, "Trump" happened.
     I say "Trump" happened as that is just what took place. Debate after debate, interview after interview, I watched all of the candidates. One by one I eliminated the candidates. I researched the candidate's records, and I observed the candidate's carefully, and in the end there was no doubt who my chosen candidate would be. Donald Trump it was to be and who it should have always been. The truth is for years I have listened to Mr. Trump call in to Fox And Friends and have been quite impressed. Time and time again I wished that Donald Trump were our President. Repeatedly Trump would express his marvel at the ineptness and stupidity of our government, and I concurred. What Mr. Trump said out loud, I and thousands of Americans thought. The trouble was as Americans we didn't have a voice that mattered, or a voice that would be heard.  Americans sent Republicans to Washington and they got nothing in return. Americans like myself lost faith in the politicians. as well as faith in our system. Americans felt helpless until Donald Trump.
   "We should have taken the oil in Iraq", he would say, "they're rapists, drug dealers and murderers, when Mexico sends us immigrants they're not sending their best, "close the borders, and build a wall" he would exclaim. "You have to die to use your deductible" in explaining "Obama Care" he would say. "I'd bring back water boarding and do a whole lot worse" he blurted out while critics gasped. "They're chopping off Christian's heads", he would say in defense. What Trump said America thought, and America finally had a voice that could be heard. Not only did people feel they would have a voice in Trump, but they also feel they have a leader in Trump. A leader doesn't negotiate with terrorists, and unlike Obama, America knows that Trump will not negotiate with terrorists. America also knows that Trump knows the importance of a strong military, and that he will begin to restore our military so that we may again be a force of which to be reckoned. ISIS may not be afraid of Obama, but they will be with Donald Trump. I have confidence in Donald Trump in that he will search and destroy ISIS, and other terrorist groups that dare to threaten the Unites States. With Trump's bluntness of keeping all Muslims out of the U.S. until America can figure out how to properly vet them, Americans feel secure that we will be safer for it. As Trump has repeatedly spoken of "building a wall" as to keep immigrants from pouring in on the Mexican border ,Americans can breathe a sigh of relief as to not have to pay for even more benefits for illegal immigrants. Not only can Americans be happy about not having to pay taxes providing for even more non US citizens but Americans will no longer lose jobs to non citizens, and even more importantly Trump will aid in creating jobs. As a savvy businessman Trump will no doubt rebuild our economy. With Trump's tax plan Americans will again be able to reap the rewards of hard work . More importantly Trump will put non working Americans back to work with his plans of bringing businesses that have moved abroad back to America, thus creating jobs for Americans. All in all Trump will "make America great again"!
      "Trump" happened, and I believe it is a good thing. When America elected former President Reagan, America had no idea the greatness that was to be bestowed upon them. I believe the supporters of Donald Trump see the same greatness in Trump. Americans have had a President that has lied, let them down, and at times even betrayed them. Americans elected a Republican majority to both the Senate and Congress and saw that nothing got done. Obama, his administration and Hillary have succeeded in stripping away the rights of Americans bit by bit, and Americans are angry. Americans are frustrated with sending politicians to Washington that do nothing due to having to cater to their lobbyists who have backed them to earn their places in Washington. Trump has his own money and therefore has to answer to no one. Americans like that, and they like that a lot. Not only that , but Trump is likable and funny and Americans plain just like Donald Trump. Americans want a man that will lower taxes, create jobs, replace Obama Care, take care of our vets, make us safe, and make us great again. That man is Trump. If elected President, Donald Trump will make America great again.
(c)Sean Bianca 2016
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