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Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Light Is Lost

                                                                                                                                                                         This time last year I was over the moon with joy. I had tirelessly written blogs, done videos , volunteered at campaign headquarters making calls, as well as attempting to convince anyone who had crossed my path to vote for Donald J. Trump. Donald Trump won the election.  A man for whom I had the utmost admiration and respect had beaten the odds and had succeeded in becoming the 45th president of the United States. I admit it, I was starstruck. I was in awe of this man who was anything, but politically correct. Donald J. Trump was the candidate that America so desperately needed. He was the answer to our prayers after eight long torturous years of Barrack Obama. Trump bluntly told Americans that he would deport all illegal immigrants. He vowed to end DACA and amnesty for illegals. He vowed to stay out of unnecessary wars. He said the words former President Barrack Obama refused to say, "radical Islamic terrorism". He stated that the White House would not consist of Wall Street executives. He vowed he would,  "repeal and replace Obama Care".  He told Americans he would cut taxes, bring jobs back to the U.S., put Hillary Clinton in jail,  rebuild our military, and he would put America first. He vowed to "make America great again, and safe again",  In essence, Donald J. Trump was a hero to all those who voted for him. In fact, to see a Trump rally, one would have thought they were seeing a real life hero. Donald Trump was a showman. He was a rock star. To some, I believe they thought Donald Trump was like seeing the second coming of Christ.

      A year later, I know that President Trump is not the second coming of Christ. In fact, the President is far from being "Christ like". A year later, the President unfortunately has disappointed me like most politicians. I am reminded of a saying that has fit just about every man I've ever thought was the greatest gift to the earth. "The light I loved in his eyes was merely the sun shining through a hole in his head. Oh, how appropriate that saying has been for a good many men whos path I have crossed. Sadly, that saying fits the president at present. 

   Just as many relationships sour, my sentiments on the President have soured. They have soured as I feel somewhat let down, and had. I feel had in that the President seems to have forgotten what got him elected. One of the components that helped get Donald J. Trump elected was Steve Bannon . In fact, I chose to vote for the President as I thought Steve Bannon would be an integral part of the president's administration. Bannon was not. A man whom I thought to be a genius that would help guide the President towards the nationalist agenda of which Donald Trump campaigned left the president's administration shortly before the end of the president's first year. Steve Bannon stated when he left that he could help the President more from outside the White House than from inside, and who could blame him? With the President having former Wall Street executives in the White House, and a globalist left leaning daughter, Ivanka, and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, involved in the administration as well, the principles of  MAGA seemed to be slipping further and further away. One couldn't blame Steve Bannon for leaving.  Steve Bannon, a nationalist, gave Donald Trump the platform on which he ran. Steve Bannon was whether the President wants to admit it or not, an integral part of getting the President elected. 

     It was reported that while in the White House, Steve Bannon had a chalkboard on which he would check off what issues were being accomplished that were of the "Make America Great Again" agenda. With Bannon gone, it is certain this list no longer exists. While the President has indeed accomplished quite a lot in his first year of the presidency, he has only signed 96 bills  into law, less bills than former presidents Nixon, Carter, Reagan, H.W. Bush, Clinton, G.W. Bush, and Obama signed into law. Furthermore, the president is moving further away from the principles of making America great again.  The President no longer says the words "radical Islamic terrorism". The President is not staying out of unnecessary wars. In fact, the president just placed more troops in Afghanistan. Repeal and replace will not take place this year, the tax cut is slim to none for the middle class, yet quite advantageous to the top 4% , and business owners. "Massive" tax cuts for all? Well, that's a matter of opinion, but tax experts claim it's barely there cuts for those who need those cuts the most. By the year 2027 the tax cut will have helped and will continue to help the wealthiest 4 percent. By 2027 the  "massive tax cut" will no longer help the middle class. The Wall has not been built, nor has it been started. Disappointingly, the president is considering letting Dreamers stay as a bargaining tool with the Democrats to get his wall. Perhaps someone should remind the president that he promised the Angel Moms who campaigned with him that he would end DACA and deport dreamers. As of recent, it is said the wall will take 10 years to build which is truly maddening as Rome was said to be built in 491 days . I guess I'm befuddled as surely a former builder of the president's magnitude could build a wall in under ten years. Then again, did the President ever really intend to build that wall or did it just sound good at the time? 

     If the election of 2016 were held today, would I vote for Donald J. Trump? Absolutely. Why? Because I detest Hillary Clinton that much. In 2016 I voted for the President because I admired the President that much. While I knew the President was inexperienced in political affairs, I felt secure in that I just knew Donald Trump would put together the most highly qualified cabinet this country had ever seen. Steve Bannon, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, and Mike Flynn, just to name a few. All three of those men  are now gone from the administration, and they were all important components that contributed towards the agenda that would make America great again. Those men are gone from the White House administration, and I fear so too is much of the agenda on which Trump campaigned.

    One can't help, but wonder if Time Magazine was conducive in pushing Steve Bannon out of the White House. As the left hates Steve Bannon, placing Bannon on a magazine cover a month into the presidency was brilliant move. The President's ego may have gotten the better of him as to hurt the agenda of making America great again. Far be it for President Trump to put his ego aside and give Steve Bannon the credit he so deserved. Soon after the article, Bannon's importance in the White House was slim to none. As it was rumored that the president's daughter, Ivanka, and her husband, Jared, disliked and butted heads with Steve Bannon, their importance within the administration was placed higher than Bannon's. Steve Bannon, the man that helped develop the concept behind MAGA and a man with a lifetime of experience in the world of politics was demoted, while two complete political novices and liberals were promoted. This I believe was the beginning of the end of President Trump following through on keeping his campaign promises.

    Chris Matthews once stated that he had a thrill that ran down his leg over Barrack Obama, and for myself, if I ever had that thrill for the President, that thrill is gone. Perhaps it was the tweet where he attempted to have his followers feel sorry for dreamers. Perhaps it was his refraining from saying the words, "radical Islamic terrorism". Perhaps it was the massive tax cut that is anything, but massive. Perhaps it was the President's lifting the ban on big game hunting, which has now been halted but is rumored to be again lifted. Perhaps it's surrounding himself with liberals and globalists that oppose everything that I as a voter voted on. Perhaps it's the fact that Wall Street is very much inside the White House administration. Or perhaps it's hearing true accounts of people who have been burned by the president in business or the people whom have been cast aside after their usefulness in getting the president elected ran out. Whatever it is, that "thrill" is gone and as the saying goes, "you can't reheat a cold souffle'".

      Steve Bannon and Donald Trump are to put it mildly, at odds.With the release of the new controversial book on the president, "Fire and Fury", it's no wonder the two are on the outs, yet Steve Bannon still speaks highly of the president.  While Steve Bannon may have wrongly attacked the president's family, I believe he did so in frustration. I believe Bannon was frustrated at the president moving further away from draining the swamp, placing America first, and keeping his campaign promises. Bannon stated publicly that Ivanka Trump was dumb as a brick. As many in the fashion industry have said that Ivanka was clueless on how to run a company, one could tend to see Bannon's disgust with her holding such a high position within the administration. Not to mention that she is against much of what the platform of making America great again stands. Without any of the people who believed in the conservative MAGA agenda, the president's values appear to be changing.  Ivanka Trump, an independent, who could not vote for her own father in the primary, never should have been a part of the president's administration, nor should her liberal husband, Jared Kushner.  Bottom line, neither should ever have had a place on the president's cabinet as their views are not in line with the agenda on which President Donald Trump campaigned. At present, the President sees Steve Bannon as the enemy instead of an ally. With knowledge of the newly released book the President shot back and blamed Bannon for the loss of the Alabama seat in the Senate. Perhaps the President should look at daughter Ivanka for that one. Who could forget Ivanka's statement on Judge Roy Moore weeks before the election? "Hell has a place for those that prey on children", Ivanka stated in an interview. Even after it was known that evidence against Roy Moore was forged, Ivanka never retracted her statement. That statement helped Roy Moore lose the Alabama seat in the Senate, not Steve Bannon.  The President also stated that Steve Bannon lost his mind when he was supposedly fired . If such is true, why then did the President have Steve Bannon to his palatial winter White House, Mar-a-lago ,just last week? If one truly feels one has lost their mind, one surely wouldn't have that person to dinner. 

 One will never know what truly went down last week between the President and Steve Bannon behind closed doors. With the President clearly leaning more and more towards not putting and end to DACA and giving amnesty to dreamers, the president appears to be leaning more and more towards his former Democratic political affiliation. I didn't vote for a Democrat. I voted for a Republican who was anti-establishment and politically incorrect. I voted for a man who aligned himself with Steve Bannon.  Steve Bannon's principles and values were what the agenda of making America great again was built on and apparently the president has forgotten that. Like that relationship that sours over the man with whom one was once so infatuated, my infatuation and admiration for the president is all but a distant memory.  I as a voter have not forgotten the principles behind the agenda for making America great again,  and sadly the light I once saw in the President's eyes has been lost. Support our president? I will, yet I have to admit the light is lost. 

(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2018

#FireandFury #SteveBannon #EndDACA

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