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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Not Even Cold....

          Only hours had passed when President Barrack Hussein Obama appeared on every one's televisions to say that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had been found dead of supposed natural causes. The honorable Judge was not even half cold, and Obama just couldn't wait to tell the American people of the Judge's passing, and of his plans to appoint another Judge to replace the longtime member of the high court. Justice Scalia, the leading conservative voice for the high court was suddenly found dead and our President literally could not wait for the man to be put in the ground before announcing that he would find his replacement in the next couple of weeks. It takes a special someone to be as cold and unfeeling as Obama. A husband, and father of nine children is pronounced dead, and instead of Obama getting on the airwaves to express his sympathies to the family at their time of loss, Obama is telling the country of his joy in finding a liberal replacement to the high court. Personally I find Obama's actions, classless, tasteless, disrespectful, and downright suspicious.
        When the news first broke of Justice Scalia's passing, the reports claimed that the cause of death was a heart attack, but it was then it was later denied. Not only was the alleged heart attack denied, but the cause of death would forever remain a mystery, as the Judge's body was quickly embalmed. While the speed in which the Judge was embalmed was alarming, the fact that no autopsy was performed is even more so. One would think that the family would have liked to have known the exact cause of death of the Judge. Then again perhaps the family has been told to accept the Judge's passing at face value and move on, but how?
       How can anyone, family, friends, colleagues, move on without knowing the truth behind Justice Scalia's death? No toxicology test was done to know if perhaps the Judge was poisoned with a substance that could produce a heart attack, or stroke. This would not be the first time a high profile person suddenly passed on from a stroke or heart attack. While early reports stated that the cause of death was a heart attack,  the Presidio County Judge stated that Scalia died of "natural causes". "Natural causes" ? Who is to say? The owner of the ranch where Scalia was staying told reporters that the Judge had a pillow over his head. Rather odd I'd say. Not many people dying of a stroke, or heart attack place a pillow atop of their head, but the truth may never come out. The truth behind Justice Scalia's death most probably will never come out. No autopsy, no checking for a petechial hemorrhage, and no checks on his eyes, or lips, for poison, nothing. The Judge was not even cold, his death unknown, and plans in Washington were being made for a new Justice of the Supreme Court to be appointed.
       Rather apropos timing is what I would call Scalia's sudden death. Had Obama not been so quick announce his plans for a new Supreme Court Justice one might just believe Judge Scalia's untimely death. While Obama's coming out in almost a celebratory fashion to voice his plans of nominating a replacement is downright sick, it is also against our country's tradition for an outgoing President to nominate a Supreme Court Justice during an election year. In eighty years an outgoing President has not selected a nominee for the Supreme Court. Yet our President, who seemingly beats to his own drum, intends on doing just that. This President has again and again broken rules, and abides by few, and while the republicans claim they will block any nominee who Obama nominates, I fear they will back down.
   The republicans have controlled both the House and the Senate, and to date have done nothing to go up against our tyrant of a President. Hence why Americans are angry. If the republicans fail to stop Obama from the nomination of a replacement for Judge Scalia during this election year, they will have disrespected a Judge that served conservatives well. The republicans will also have yet again failed the American people. Judge Scalia deserves more than a President that comes out moments after his death to announce his plans of a replacement. Judge Scalia appointed by former President Reagan served the high court for nearly thirty years, and was a true defender of the Constitution. The Judge's passing is convenient, as had he lived he would have quite possibly decided the following cases, one person, one vote, affirmative action, public union dues, abortion, and Obama Care. Judge Scalia was the conservative voice republicans needed in the Supreme Court. He will be missed. Judge Scalia and his greatness can never be replaced, but he must not be replaced before the election of a new President, defying a tradition of eighty years. Obama's desire is to have a liberal majority in the Supreme Court and the Republicans must do all in their power to make certain this does not happen. As the confirmation of a fifth liberal to the Supreme Court would be the death of this country's laws, and bylaws. Prior to Justice Scalia the Supreme Court was dead even. Four Liberal Judges, and four conservative Judges, it was an even playing field as well it should be. America can only hope that the Republicans listen to the anger in the American people, and defend their desire to have a replacement for Judge Scalia not chosen until after the election. Judge Scalia deserves that from Republicans in Washington, and Americans deserve that from Republicans in Washington. It was said today that Obama had a target in Judge Scalia, and his target is now deceased. While that target has been hit, I call on Republicans to hit Obama back and NOT give Obama his wish to have a liberal majority in the Supreme Court!
(C)Sean Bianca 2016

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