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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sanctuary Cities, Anything But!

      July 1, 2015 a young woman in San Francisco got up to start her day, her day that would be her last day. That young woman was 32 year old Kate Steinle. Kate Steinle was a young beautiful woman with a whole life ahead of her. That day Kate Steinle and her father took a walk along Pier 14, in the Embarcadero district in San Francisco, California. Tragically that walk along Pier 14 would be the last walk for Kate Steinle and the last time Jim Steinle would ever spend with his daughter. Kate Steinle was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant. Not only was the illegal immigrant here illegally, but he had been deported five times. The last words of daughter Kate Steinle that Mr. Jim Steinle will have ingrained in his memory forever  are, "help me Dad".

   The death of Kate Steinle never ever should have occurred had this country had stricter laws against illegal immigrants. Unfortunately unbeknownst to me and many other Americans, the United States has what is termed, "Sanctuary Cities".  Until the tragic death of Kate Steinle I and many others had never heard of the phrase, "Sanctuary City".Frankly I never knew we had such a thing. I knew we had illegal aliens living among us, but I had no idea that Illegals were actually allowed to live here legally, while still "illegal". At present the United States has some 200 Sanctuary cities. Thanks to GOP candidate Donald Trump I learned that my very state, Florida had five sanctuary cities when current Republican candidate Jeb Bush was Governor. Just last week Jeb Bush called for the elimination of sanctuary cities and the House Of Representatives voted to punish sanctuary cities. The bill passed and will withhold certain federal law enforcement grants to cities that have policies to aid illegal immigrants with protection from deportation. 

      Sanctuary Cities, a term referring to to cities in the United States and Canada that have policies that are designed to aid and shelter illegal immigrants. Well isn't it wonderful that the United States has opened it's doors to illegals? Our government knows nothing about these illegals, such as their background, religion and such, but we open our doors for them and give them a chance to live a better life. In a perfect world these illegals would be upstanding good citizens, but we are in a less than a perfect world, and far less than perfect if one happens to live in a sanctuary city. GOP contender Donald Trump caused a media frenzy over the following statement, " They're not sending you ,they're sending people with lots of problems, they're bringing those problems. They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. They're rapists, and some, I assume are good people,but I speak to border guards and they're telling us what we're getting." While Trump may not have been "politically correct", so to speak, Trump was right.

       Turns out, shocker, that the liberal based media has been covering up the true horrors of illegal immigrants for years. Just naming a mere few of the statistics what I found was disturbing to say the least. In Texas alone more than 2000 illegal immigrants were deported for committing sex crimes, and nearly a thousand sex crimes were committed against children. According to an FBI crime study in  Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Albuquerque, 75 percent of the most wanted criminals were in fact illegal aliens. in California detention centers, one quarter of all inmates  were Mexican nationals ,as were 40 percent in Arizona, and 49 percent in New Mexico Jails, and the facts go on. Over fifty three percent of all burglaries committed in Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada and Texas were committed by, you guessed it, illegal aliens. While burglaries and sex crimes are unusually high in sanctuary cities, it gets worse. Kate Steinle is far from being the lone victim due to an illegal immigrant. Bob Barry, 58 years old, a father, husband, friend and veteran, and sportscaster was killed by a recently deported illegal immigrant in a fatal car crash. The illegal alien was driving without a license, and was charged with manslaughter and drug possession. Michael Grubbs a 63 year old father, grandfather, veteran and friend was killed in a hit and run by an illegal immigrant from Bulgaria while walking his grandaughter in a stroller, and the list goes on. According to House Rules Committee Chairman, Pete Sessions, (R-Tx) undocumented immigrants released by the Obama administration are responsible for killing Americans EVERY DAY!  . 

      The statistics are endless on crimes committed by illegal immigrants, but the Obama administration would like Americans to be oblivious to those statistics as the illegal crime rate is only increasing due to the administration's open border policy. In 2012 the United States had some 11.7 million illegal immigrants. I don't know about the rest of America, but this has got to stop! First and foremost we must look out for, and protect Americans, all Americans. Trump's rather blunt statement may have offended some Mexicans, but the fact is ,legal Mexican immigrants don't want illegal Mexicans crossing the borders, any more than non Mexican Americans. They're victims of homicide, rape, battery, and burglary too! 

   " Sanctuary Cities", a term that I frankly find rather ironic. While America has become a sanctuary for illegal immigrants to be protected, America has become far from a sanctuary for legal law abiding citizens to be protected. San Francisco was Kate's city and it was anything but a sanctuary for a young woman that got up one July morning to take a walk with her father. Kate Steinle deserved more that day, but she was murdered by a man that should never have been allowed to stay in the country in the first place, and certainly not one that was able to come back six times! Obama and his administration have yet to comment, yet to call the family, and yet to make Kate Steinle's life matter. Her life did matter and thanks to Donald Trump and Bill O'Reilly America now knows Kate, her family as well as other victims and their families. Bill O'Reilly is pushing for The Kate Steinle Law, a law that would put a five year prison term on those illegals that return after being deported. While Kate Steinle and other victims of illegal aliens may not matter to our current President, thankfully their lives mattered to the likes of Donald Trump, Bill O"Reilly, and other lawmakers. Sanctuary cities should be abolished, as this country is our country, and I believe Americans need to take a stand with those in Washington that want to make this country not a sanctuary for illegals, but  a sanctuary for legal American citizens. 

Please sign the petition and make Kate's life matter!




Monday, July 27, 2015

The Insane And Idiotic Iran Deal!

           In 1979 Democrat Jimmy Carter was President. Under Carter's Presidency 60 American hostages were taken when a group of Iranian students decided to storm the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. The American hostages were held 444 days after the crisis began. On January 21, 1981 President Ronald Reagan delivered his inaugural address, and hours later the hostages were released. It is said that the Iranian hostage crisis cost Jimmy Carter a second term as President.

          It is the year 2015 and President Obama is come hell or high-water insisting on a deal with Iran that is in my and many people's opinion utterly INSANE! The Iranian deal is literally Christmas for a nation that deserves nothing, and yet John Kerry gave Iran everything and then some. Briefly the Iran deal awards Iran with billions of dollars in sanction relief. Isn't that wonderful? Iran the largest state sponsor of terrorism will have it's hands on BILLIONS of dollars.Next the arms embargo will be lifted allowing them to again export weapons. As if billions of dollars being released and the ability to export weapons isn't bad enough Iran will no longer be subjugated to anytime, anywhere inspections of Iran's military facilities. 

         I don't know about the rest of the country, but I personally find this to be the most insane, idiotic, moronic thing I've ever heard. While I have not been a fan of President Obama and have thought Obama to be a sympathizer of the terrorists I never thought that Obama would be so open about it. Then again it's Obama's second term, Obama is coming out of the closet in my opinion and standing with the terrorists! Call me a radical republican, but frankly I don't see any other explanation with this impending Mickey Mouse deal with Iran.

        First off why in hell did Secretary John Kerry even start to negotiate with Iran without the release of four Americans that are being held as prisoners in some of the worst prisons in Iran. Four Americans are being tortured on a daily basis, and John Kerry doesn't demand their release prior to sitting down and negotiating? What? What kind of an imbecile does such a thing. John Kerry that's who. John Kerry, a ding dong is who America sends to cut a deal with Iran. That being said explains a lot, as in we're not talking the sharpest tool in the shed. 

       Dodo John Kerry proudly spends months on negotiating with Iran, and comes back with what may well be the beginning of World War III. It's utterly disgraceful what Obama and Kerry have done. I watched Obama in a press conference discuss the deal and it was nauseating. Obama informed reporters that we, (America) didn't expect Iran to change their behaviors such as funding Hezbollah, but we did a deal regardless. Excuse me? I thought good behavior was rewarded, and bad behavior was punished . Am I missing something? Not only did we do a deal with a nation that we know will continue to fund terrorism, but we did a deal with a  nation that we know wants to destroy both us and Israel. Why?

      I ask why was this deal such a priority for this administration? Why it's almost as if Obama wants this country to be destroyed someday. Obama and this deal literally leaves the United States completely vulnerable, not to mention Israel their neighbor who at one time pre Obama was one of our strongest allies. If one dissects this Iran deal one would have to agree that Obama appears to be giving Iran the keys to the United States. Seriously the idiocy of the Iran deal is almost laughable, but then if one truly looks at it one wants to cry, as this deal is truly frightening. It's frightening as the deal has way too many loopholes. Loopholes such as in lifting sanctions Iran will have the capability to continue building intercontinental ballistic missiles, they will be able to keep most of their nuclear infrastructure and they will no longer have inspections anywhere and anytime. Iran will no longer have surprise inspections they will have time to prepare and get ready. Iran will have twenty some odd days to prepare for inspections. One Senator stated that drug testing in the NFL was more strict than the testing we would have for Iran. Netanyahu likened the ridiculous Iranian inspections to inspecting a drug dealers headquarters.  Giving Iran time to prepare for inspections is like telling a drug dealer that there's going to be a drug bust. Think the evidence will be gone with twenty some odd days? Of course it will. The Iranians are not idiots like our idiots that concocted this brainstorm of a deal. Now not only does Iran have time to get ready for inspections, but Iran may refuse to let inspectors in.When this happens a committee consisting of Iran, yes Iran, Russia, and China deliberates. Now one doesn't have to be a genius to see that while this committee deliberates Iran has even more time to hide the evidence of their activity.

    Bottom line this deal may well go down as the deal that as radio talk show host and author Mark Levin, said, "planted the seeds for WWIII". Upon hearing Mark Levin I couldn't help but think that if WWIII does transpire due to the Iran deal, Obama will have finally accomplished something. Then again I and many others feel Obama has accomplished fueling ISIS during his Presidency. As the Iran deal is in many of our politician's opinion a deal detrimental to our country, congress has been rumored to stop the deal when put in front of congress. Those in Washington with a brain know this deal is a bad deal. Many people, myself included are scratching heads over why the United States did a deal with a country that's leader and people called for death to America and death to Israel only days before. I don't know but relationship 101 tells one that if someone doesn't like you, you certainly don't get in bed with them, but America did. A deal with Iran is like throwing oneself in the lions den. It's utter insanity. As written in The New York Times, Even if Iran does not cheat at all, this agreement will keep it only one year away from a nuclear weapon. After 10-15 years Iran’s leaders could get a weapon within two months. That’s just too dangerous for America, for Israel and for the world, when we are dealing with a regime like Iran’s. Only one country in the world has stated that its policy is to wipe another country “off the face of the earth”—Iran.
        While the Iran deal could be stopped and many in Washington intend on attempting to stop it, it may well be out of the hands of Congress, as the deal as been put inf front of the United Nations before going in front of Congress. That's right Obama and Kerry bypassed Congress and had the deal approved by the U.N.. Interestingly enough Larry Klayman an activist and lawyer who has battled Presidents George Bush, and Bill Clinton is now suing President Obama and others over the deal with Iran. Klayman alleges that the ratification process of the Iran deal is unconstitutional.According to Klayman "a president cannot lawfully override or amend a treaty simply by issuing an order or some other order of an international agreement" as stated in an action filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida. As proceedings are still in process it seems nothing can be done as the Iran deal is pretty much a "done" deal.Not only is the deal pretty much done, but the fate of our security may be done as well.

     While the Iran deal, or deal with the Devil man be a done issue, citizens for a nuclear free Iran (  as well as our congressmen are attempting to take action to stop the deal. I myself have made umpteen calls to voice my personally opposing the Iran deal, but I'm just one voice, we need more. America needs to take action and be heard. This Iran deal is a deal that may well shape the destiny of our country. Americans need to call their congressman and let them know that they are against the Iran deal. I was eleven years old in 1979, and can recall the Iran hostage crisis. Iran was the enemy. Iran was evil. Iran was to be punished. It is now 2015 and Iran is still the enemy. Iran is still evil and Iran is not to be rewarded. I ask why is the United States is going through with a deal that the United States knows will inevitably go down as the worst deal in history?

Sean Bianca


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Trump Is Not The Enemy GOP!

              The race for the Presidency has only begun and  many of the republican candidates are taking the white gloves off and showing a side that voters have not seen in some time. What is it? Balls! For the first time in years voters are witnessing pissed off and mad as hell republicans. While I must admit I am happy to see that my party has fight I just wish my party would direct their anger and fight in the right direction. In the past two elections I wondered what was wrong with the GOP, as in did the chosen candidates want to win the elections? It didn't appear so, as both John McCain and Mitt Romney allowed Obama to literally just run over them. Both candidates did nothing in my opinion to defeat Obama. My understanding was that republicans played nice and did not care to stoop down to the dem's level. While I disagree with the liberals and their ways of playing dirty I felt the republicans played way too nice. In the last two elections the republicans appeared to be more concerned with looking classy, sportsmanlike, and nice than wanting to win, but apparently as of recent that has all changed. The right has had it ,and let the games begin, but wait who's the enemy?

       Ask Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, and Rick Perry, and they might say the enemy is Mr. Donald Trump.  GOP, Trump is NOT the enemy. As ridiculous as it sounds some republicans are looking at "the Donald", as their enemy. Excuse me but aren't we republicans suppose to be in this together? I get it that those republicans in the race for the GOP nominee bid want to win, but come on, fighting tooth and nail within your own party? Really? Yes, really, and as every other republican from here to Timbuktu is running, it's a cat fight and one that's getting more and more entertaining by the day.

          The war of words began with Jeb Bush after Trump commented on Mexicans being criminals. Of course Trump's comment was again taken out of context as he was speaking of the illegal immigrant Mexicans that came into this country, not the legal Mexicans. Jeb stated that Donald Trump doesn't represent the views of most Republicans, "This is a guy who was a Democrat for most of the last decade. I don't think he represents the Republican Party, and his views are way out of the mainstream of what most Republicans think,"  is what Bush told reporters after an Independence Day parade in Merrimack, New Hampshire. While I understand Bush's being upset as he has a Mexican wife, I was surprised at Bush's fight at Trump. Frankly I didn't know Bush had it in him. While I have always been a fan of Bush I have thought that he needed a firecracker to be lit off beneath him to give him life and fight. Trouble is I think the fight is headed in the wrong direction.

      As the Bush spat was yesterday's news last week's cat fight was a spat that Mr. John McCain started as he made a comment referring to Trump followers as "crazies". Trump then fought back in saying that he liked the war heroes that weren't captured inciting an unwanted rival in John McCain. While republicans were sure Trump's comment on McCain would send him down in the ratings, Trump remained at the top. Then we have Presidential nominee Rick Perry."He offers a barking carnival act that can be best described as Trumpism: a toxic mix of demagoguery, mean-spiritedness and nonsense that will lead the Republican Party to perdition if pursued," Perry told the crowd at Washington, D.C.'s Willard Hotel, . "Let no one be mistaken: Donald Trump's candidacy is a cancer on conservatism, and it must be clearly diagnosed, excised and discarded. While Perry's comment was quite eloquent I find it laughable as Perry like McCain has been a man of a lot of talk and little action. As if McCain, Perry and Bush weren't enough Marco Rubio made the following comment in a "Fox & Friends" interview, referring to Trump's lack of class. "I don't think that the way that he's behaved over the last few weeks is either dignified or worthy of the office that he seeks. We already have a president now that has no class". I wish I could say the ridiculous attacks on Trump stopped there but there was more drama to come with John McCain's good friend Lindsey Graham. Yes like a school boy sticking up for his friend Graham came out after Trump as well by referring to Trump as a jackass. Funny enough Trump told reporters that he really didn't know Lindsey Graham but had a brief recollection. Awhile back Graham had asked Trump  to put a good word in for him at FOX, and I guess he also wanted money as well and with that he gave Trump his phone number which Trump gave the press and told them to see if it worked. As luck would or not have it, the number worked and Graham followed up by coming out with a video on various ways to destroy one's cell phone after Trump gives your number out. Now I have to ask doesn't Lindsey Graham have better things to do then to make a video on destroying one's mobile phone? 

        While the whole Republicans versus Trump has been albeit amusing, I find it rather nauseating. Trump is NOT the enemy. Trump may well be the Republican nominee for President, and Trump may well be the only hope that this country has for being the super power it once was. I've had it with these grown men behaving in this light. Where has this behavior been in regards to fighting Obama and Obama care? Where has this fight been in going after Obama and Hillary regarding Benghazi? Where is this fight against Obama and his Iran deal? Thankfully Marco Rubio is leading a fight against the Iran deal, so at least we've got one of these jokers directing their anger in the right direction. Seriously, what are republicans doing? These republicans need to be talking Hillary, Iran, the IRS targeting enemies, watching the AP phone records, closing our borders, arming our military at US facilities, and going after ISIS! The enemy is not Mr. Donald Trump republicans, the enemy is Obama, Hillary, and the Democrats. While it's nice to see the right take their white gloves off, and show their ability to fight, I and many Americans would like to see the energy going against Hillary and important issues at hand. This country is going to hell in a hand basket in many ways, and the republicans need to come together. We need to elect the best man for the job and rebuild this country. Obama and the democrats have had seven years to get his country on track and have failed.Love him or hate him Trump is the man for the job, and the only man for the job.Trump is the man that will create jobs, rebuild the middle class,secure our borders, have the balls to stand up to ISIS, Iran, and Russia ,make this country great again!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Obama And The Charade!

        The night of the supreme court's decision to legalize gay marriage the White House was lit up in rainbow colors. In the spirit of things the administration showed their joy, how festive of them. The day after four marines were shot and killed in Chattanooga, the American flag stood at full staff. Obama and his administration showed their lack of compassion and respect for the men who had perished. A fifth victim of the Chattanooga shooting, died Friday, and the American flag at the White House was still not put at half staff. No, the flag at the White House was not raised at half staff not two days, not three days, and not four days after the passing of five men who had served in our nation's military. It took five days for the White House to do what should have been done immediately after the shooting in Chattanooga. Five days! Not only did it take five days for the White House to do the honorable thing of raising the flag at half staff, but  but it took a barrage of phone calls to the White House to have the flag lowered. Phone calls from reporters, members of the Senate and Congress, and U.S. citizens is what finally prompted the White House to do the right thing.

     Pathetic. It's pathetic that America has such an insensitive, uncaring President. As if the flag being lowered isn't bad enough, it gets worse. Neither President Obama nor the administration has called the families of the victims of the Chattanooga shooting. Pretty sad that the families of the  five men that gave their lives to their country can not get so much as a phone call from our President. Am I surprised? No not at all. I'm not surprised as the men who died were not Muslim, they were not law breaking illegal immigrants, and they were not black. Had these men been black or Muslim I have no doubt that Obama would have been in Chattanooga first thing the next morning. How frightening to think that our current administration has little concern for the lives of anyone that be white, Christian, Jewish, in law enforcement or in the military, but as this administration has shown us, all lives do not matter.

     Last week five men died from a Muslim extremist that went postal on our own soil. President Obama has yet to blame the attack on radical Islam, has yet to express his sympathies to the families of the men who died, has yet to pay a visit to Chattanooga where the shootings took place, has yet to order all military facilities be armed, and has yet to say or do anything to show of his allegiance and loyalty to America and it's people. As usual Obama has yet to do anything to let this country know that he has our backs. Maybe Obama does nothing to show the American people that he cares, because he just doesn't. I guess Obama's not raising the flag at half staff should be of little surprise to many of us. Many of the American people, myself included, are not at all surprised by our President's actions. With Obama's not being able to blame the Chattanooga shooting on radical Islam, he has spoken. Obama has time and time again avoided blaming the radical Muslim faith on attacks on Americans. I believe Obama has not blamed the radical Muslim faith on various attacks as he is a Muslim himself. Obama has repeatedly admitted his Muslim faith and therefore I believe it is against his faith to stand with Americans when they are attacked by Muslim extremists. 

     It is of my and many Americans' opinion that Obama is not a friend of Americans. As Obama is in the end of his Presidency Obama, I believe Obama is showing his true colors more publicly. Obama no longer has to continue the charade of a President that likes this nation and it's people. I have no doubt that if this were Obama's first term ,President Obama would have been in Chattanooga paying his respects to the families of the men who died at the hands of a radical Muslim nut job. Lucky for Obama he can show his truth with flying colors. Obama is in my opinion the first President to fool the American people. Obama fooled this country into believing that he was the coming of Christ and what the people got in Obama was the anti-Christ. How else can one explain a President making a deal with Iran number one, and two making a deal without demanding the release of four American prisoners? How else can one explain a President not reaching out to the family of Kate Steinle who was murdered by an illegal immigrant? How else can one explain a President that encourages people to turn on law enforcement officers? How else can one explain a President that fails to follow the advice of Military experts when they laid out a plan to attack ISIS? How else can one explain a President that continuously releases former terrorists? How else can one explain a President that can not look the camera in the eye when America has again had a terrorist attack on its own soil? 

    America wanted change and they got change alright. America got a President that I believe had one goal and that was to destroy America and Obama is doing a damn good job of doing so. Many Americans are upset at the Obama they see today.  I say what Americans are seeing, is the real Obama, and Americans don't like the real Obama. The charade is up as this is Obama's last term . The charade of being a President that loves his country, the charade of a President that wants to defend his country, the charade of being a real American.Last week's attack on Chattanooga was I feel very telling. While America once had a President that stood up to terrorists, America now has a President that appears to stand with the terrorists. On September 14, 2001 after the attack on the World Trade Center, President G.W. Bush yelled these words through as bull horn, "I can hear you!","The rest of the world hears you! And the people – and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon." The crowd chanted with loud,  chants of "USA! USA! It was known as George W. Bush's "bullhorn moment". It was a moment in history that showed that America had a real leader in George W. Bush. America has had several attacks by Islamic extremist under Obama's leadership, and Obama has yet to have a "bullhorn moment"  or for that matter, any monumental moment. Not once has America seen that they have a leader in President Obama because they don't. Obama hasn't been a leader because in my opinion it's all been a charade. The charade's up, and in my opinion what America has in Obama is not a leader, but a traitor, it's been Obama and the charade.

For more on President George W. Bush's "bullhorn moment", go to

Monday, July 20, 2015

McCain, Trump And Truth!

         Four marines and one sailor died on American soil only a few days ago and yet the press and republicans are talking "Trump". If one puts it that way it seems pretty lame, but if the talk about "Trump" is what's hot, I'd like to set the record straight. That's right I am going to defend Donald Trump, as like it or not the man is almost always right, and again Trump may be right on target. Not only is Trump on point, but every body's talking, "Trump!"

    As Donald Trump has risen in the polls faster than any other candidate, republicans have taken note. John McCain recently stated his feelings on the "Trump hype", by saying in so many words that Mr. Trump was riling up “crazies” in the party with the inflammatory remarks about illegal immigrants from Mexico. Well, that comment didn't go over too well with Mr. Trump. Trump's response at a republican forum was to come out with the following brainiac statement in regards to Senator John McCain, “He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” I must admit it was a rather harsh statement. Not only harsh, but it was disrespectful, callous and classless, but not without reason.

   While I do not condone Donald Trump's statement, I have to admit that I do somewhat agree with "the Donald." I agree in that as a Senator, and as a Veteran, Senator John McCain has done little to nothing in his time as a Senator. It's no secret that John McCain has done nothing for the veterans. Not only has McCain done little for veterans as a senator, but he and Kerry both did nothing upon their return from Hanoi to bring the rest of the POWs home. That's right nothing. Oh McCain and Kerry did a lot of talking but took little action to bring our soldiers home. Not only that, but perhaps everyone should know that Senator John McCain voted not once, but twice against our military having body armor at military facilities. That's right Mr. John McCain was a supporter of our men and women not having the ability to protect themselves while at various military facilities. As a veteran I hate to say it but McCain has failed. McCain has failed in that he of all people should have been a vote for the military having the ability to protect themselves. Perhaps if McCain and other Senators had approved body armor and weapons for men and women serving here at home in the military, five men in Chattanooga might still be alive.

      Not only has Senator John McCain done very little for vets, but he hasn't been a republican always standing with republicans.Thanks to the aid of John McCain, a super-secret “ObamaTrade” bill passed Congress and will go to the President’s desk. Republicans are upset, and for good reason. This bill was passed by a Republican Congress the same way ObamaCare was passed by a Democrat Congress. In total secrecy, behind closed doors, and hidden from the American public. John McCain  has been wrong to support secret bills and hide what he’s doing from republicans. Another words, McCain may talk republican, but he in many people's opinions is not as far to the right as he'd like people to think. 

     In looking back at McCain and all his talk I am reminded by his demanding answers in regards to Benghazi. Trey Gowdy is the man pursuing prosecuting wrong doing in Benghazi. Another words McCain is all talk and no action, kind of like his Presidential campaign. In my opinion McCain's campaign was one of the worst if not the worst presidential campaign ever run by a Presidential candidate. McCain worked hard to lose the election. Frankly if I had donated a hefty sum of funds towards the failed campaign I'd be a little bitter. Perhaps that's where Trump is coming from and I don't blame him. I only volunteered for John McCain, and I was irate. Not only was I irate, but I was disgusted at the lengths McCain went to lose the race. In my opinion McCain is a war hero, but he is a failed Senator. He is a failed Senator in that he is a lot of talk and NO action.

      Love him or hate him Trump is almost always right. Almost as in Trump's statement was perhaps not a politically correct statement, but then that's what voters love about Trump. Voters like a candidate that says what he wants, says what he means, and doesn't care what the media and people think. It's refreshing. While Trump may well have been wrong in what he said about McCain, he wasn't all wrong. The truth is John McCain was a war hero, but he has been anything but a hero in his time as a Senator, and therefore I'm standing with Trump!

GOP Girl


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Obama And Chattanooga

      On Thursday July 16, America lost four marines on their own soil to a homegrown terrorist. Yesterday a sailor also lost his life to the mass shooting as well. Five men in the military perished right here in their own country. I don't know about anyone else. but I personally find it disgusting and unacceptable! This shooting is unacceptable as it was totally preventable. Our FBI was warned about an incident such as this happening before July fourth! That's right, our FBI,and as much as I hate to say it, but our intelligence, and our administration was fully aware that our military facilities were at risk and being threatened by ISIS, and nothing was done. NOTHING! Then again why am I surprised? Remember Benghazi? Obama, Hillary, and the administration knew of the threat to our embassy in Benghazi, and they did NOTHING. Nothing even when our ambassador and others begged for protection, nothing was done. That's the issue nothing is ever done when our people are in need.

      As per my understanding military facilities were not allowed to bear arms prior to July 16th. However if there was a risk, there was an allowance for these facilities to bear arms. Why was every military facility prior to July fourth NOT given permission to have guns knowing of the threats by ISIS? Why? Our men and women in every one of these facilities was a sitting duck, and our President, his administration, our intelligence, and FBI KNEW it, and did nothing to prevent it. The blood of those who died due to this unnecessary attack is on the hands of each and every one in our government that knew of the impending danger to our men and women in the military!

      Perhaps our men and women were left to be sitting ducks because our President wanted it that way. While our men were being shot and killed in their own country our President was off visiting criminals in prison. When Obama did make an appearance on television regarding the Chattanooga shooting I personally wanted to puke, upon seeing our President's uncaring, puss. Obama could not even look the camera in the eye upon expressing his false sympathy for the families of the men who were killed. The men who were killed by, I'll say it a radical MUSLIM homegrown terrorist!  Maybe our President can't say it, but I will! Why could our President not look the camera in the eye? He couldn't look it in the eye as I and many other Americans believe, he is one of the radical Muslims . Truth be told Obama left the press and went off to celebrate. Oh wait he did celebrate, Obama went off to New York with his daughters to attend a musical. One would think an immediate trip to Chattanooga would have been more important. One would think an emergency meeting over arming each and every one of our military facilities would have been more important, but no, a musical in New York was more important. Isn't it nice that Obama still has his family to enjoy?  I'm sure the families of the men who were shot and killed in Chattanooga would like to be still be able to enjoy their family that perished as well.

   There are friends, family, and loved ones of the men who died in Chattanooga that deserved more from our President. They deserved more than a President who didn't prevent the shooting from happening. They deserved more than a President that flew off on a holiday with his children shortly after these marines died. Oh but this is nothing new as Obama, let us not forget Obama, went golfing after James Foley was beheaded. They deserved more than a President that did not order the flag at the White House to be raised at half staff. They deserved more than a President that showed little to no respect for their loved one's lives, and service in the military. Not only did the four marines and sailor deserve more from our President, but America deserves more. America deserves a President that does everything, and anything in his power to keep America, it's military, and it's citizens safe. America instead has what I feel is an enemy in this President. Bottom line if a President is not standing with America and protecting it's military then a President is not protecting us.



Saturday, July 18, 2015

I'm Back!

       GOP Girl is back and back with a vengeance! With the loss of The last election I admit it, I lost hope. I lost hope as I knew what another four years of Obama would entail, and I was right. Higher taxes,  little to no transparency, loss of freedom, loss of choice, lack of leadership and lack of security. Everything I feared for our country happened, and then some. Not only did I lose hope for our country with the last election, but I lost my pride in being an American as well. To me what being an American meant prior to Obama is not what it means at present. Sadly I fear that the country our forefathers loved, and worked so hard for, may well be lost forever unless "we the people" can take our country back! How do we do that? Simple, we stand together, get out the vote in the upcoming Presidential election, and show the left that "we the people" intend to take our country back! 

                                         - GOP GIRL
                                      (Sean Bianca)