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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Iowa Caucuses

         The long awaited Iowa Caucuses have officially kicked off the 2016 Presidential race, and as anticipated it was indeed one heck of a fight. Ted Cruz the Tea Party conservative from Texas, came in first earning eight of the delegates and Trump came in second earning seven. While Trump not coming out on top was disappointing for Trump supporters, the outcome is not all that important if one takes a look back into the history of the Iowa Caucuses. As stated in The Digital Journal: "History since 1976 has shown us that if the candidate is not the incumbent president, unless the incumbent President is serving his second term, if the said candidate wins the Iowa Caucus for his party, he usually does not eventually win his party's nomination and never becomes President of the United States."
"Since 1976, only two candidates who won the Iowa Caucus for their parties ever became the President of the United States. They were George W. Bush in 2000, and Barack Obama in 2008; however, had either of the incumbent presidents, Bill Clinton or President Bush, respectively, not been serving their second terms, neither Candidate Bush nor Barack Obama would have won their general elections for the President of the United States, history shows."Read more":
    As many Trump supporters were surprised with the outcome of a second place finish, I myself thought the Iowa caucuses to be a success, as if history continues to prove true Trump really didn't want to win Iowa. After the knowledge of placing second, Trump gave what I and many critics thought to be a very good admirable speech, congratulating the winner, Senator Ted Cruz, thanking his supporters, and his plans for New Hampshire. Trump's speech was short, sweet, and to the point, unlike that of his adversaries. Senator Marco Rubio who placed third, and the winner  Senator Ted Cruz, both gave speeches that were nauseatingly long. Why one would have thought they both had just won the Presidency. Cruz's speech was 32 minutes long when Fox finally had to leave as to cover the  Democrat winner's Hillary Clinton speech. Frankly I was relieved as I wondered just how much preaching from a Senator I and others could take. While it is simply wonderful that Cuban immigrants have been able to succeed and prosper as both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have, I think America has heard enough of their sob stories of their parents' struggles immigrating from Cuba. Neither one has won the bid for the Republican nomination of President, let alone the actual all important Presidency.
        The race is on, and the Republicans are a fortunate lot of voters. The Republicans have had a group of extremely capable, sharp, and knowledgeable candidates of which to choose from, while the same can not be said of the Democrats.The Democrats  have had only three candidates and the two worth mentioning aren't worth a grain of salt. The Democrats have a seventy four year old socialist  that appears to have just rolled out of his car in yesterday's clothes in Bernie Sanders, and a sixty-eight year old post menopausal lying failed  Secretary of State that faces possible indictment in Hillary Clinton. We as Republicans are very lucky, however we need to make the right choice when electing our Presidential nominee. While I feel just about all of the candidates would be far better than Obama has been or any Democrat will be, we need to elect the right person who we honestly feel will beat any Democrat running. Ted Cruz may have won Iowa, but I do not feel he will be able to win in the end. Ted Cruz is correct on many issues and yes stood up for what he believed in while serving as Senator, and I admire that, however Ted Cruz failed. Ted Cruz failed in that he was unable to convince others to work with him and join him in his fight. America is at a crucial time. America needs a man that will do everything possible to keep this country safe, a man that will be able to turn this country around economically, and a man that will be able to work with both parties to get what he wants done. I firmly believe believe that man is Donald J. Trump. 
(c)Sean Bianca 2016 


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