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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

We're Safe...For Now !

    We will no doubt be attacked by ISIS or ISIS sympathizers here in the United States. Mark my words, it will happen. It's not a matter of will it happen, its a matter of when? While an attack on American soil I feel is eminent, the good news is we're safe...for now! We're safe until after the general Presidential election takes place in 2016. We're safe while Obama is our President. We're safe at this time of transition, but we are not safe forever, we're safe...for now!
    Why are we safe for now? We're safe for now as ISIS and all of our enemies know of the affects their attacking us in the present, could have. An attack any time prior to the election in November would mean the election of a Republican. The last thing the terrorists want is a Republican in the White House. Republicans have long been known to be the party of the strong, and not the weak. Our enemies know this. Democrats have almost always decreased spending for the military and have been the party to do little to nothing as to put the fear of God in America's enemies. With a Republican in the White House, America is strong and feared making for a safer America. With a Democrat in the White House, America is weak, dis-respected and mocked, making for a dangerous America. All in all America is safe...for now!
   While ISIS and other terrorist groups would rather not have a Republican as President, the last thing our enemies really want is Donald J. Trump as President. Trump is the only candidate that has called for a ban on all Muslims entering the U.S., something that has not been done since former President Jimmy Carter. A full ban on Muslims would make it impossible for any new radical Muslim blood to enter our country. I think anyone and everyone can agree that Obama has let more than enough Muslims across our borders to cause more than enough damage. Let us not forget San Bernardino, where it only took two radical Muslims. Two young Muslims seemingly enjoying American life, and receiving of American hospitality, were guilty of killing 14 people and injuring another 22. America can't afford to take in any more Muslims, and with Trump, our enemies know they will not be able to further their goal of the destruction to America and it's citizens.
  Trump is also not who our enemies want in Washington as Trump has made it known that the first thing he'd do is hurt ISIS is the pocketbooks. Trump has voiced his first plan of attack on ISIS and other terrorist groups in that hitting their oil fields and shutting down their ability to sell their oil would take away their means to enable the financing for their Jihad against all the infidels. Trump knows these barbarians want to destroy us and Trump knows that the first step to destroying them is to destroy their bank accounts. No other candidate has made any mention of this, not a one.That being said the last man our enemies want as President is Donald J. Trump!
     We're safe...for now, however we are not safe with a Democrat in the White House. While the Republicans are scheming on how to stop Trump and destroying the Republican party, our enemies are laughing at us. Our enemies in ISIS, AL-Qaeda, Hezbollah and others know the demise of the Republican party will mean the election of Hillary Clinton or worse. If America is not smart with this years choice of a President it could well mean the demise of not just the Republican party, but the America of our forefathers. We're safe...for now. We're safe until after the country has elected a new President, and in the meantime our enemies our watching and waiting, waiting and watching. They are waiting and watching to see if the election of a new leader will be America's time to rise or America's time to fall. We're safe...for now!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016

Monday, March 28, 2016

And He Danced...


          Fine china, white table cloths, candles, fine wine, and dancing. The stage was set as it was a lavish state dinner set in Buenos Aries between the President of the United States and the President of Argentina. For a treat, entertainment was provided at the dinner. Professional dancers showed their moves by dancing the tango. When finished the female dancer attempted to recruit the American President on to the dance floor and he declined,but then without hesitation he danced...
   Who would have thought that just the day before this eloquent state dinner that  a major terrorist attack had taken place? Thirty-one people killed, three hundred plus persons injured and America's President, Barrack Obama is dancing the tango. As just the day before Barrack Hussein Obama participated in the wave at a baseball game in Cuba, I suppose he thought he should continue with his philosophy of "life must go on", and "we must not let the terrorists win by allowing them to disrupt our lives". I'm sorry but the sight of ANY President laughing, dancing, and partaking in the attendance of a baseball game much less doing "the wave", is deplorable behavior. Sadly it was the behavior of an American President. While three-hundred plus individuals lay in hospital beds suffering from wounds due to the words America's President refuses to say, "radical Islam", he danced.
     Anyone observing President Barrack Hussein Obama might have thought they were watching a Hollywood film. A terrorist attack takes place, and the U.S. President fails to return to the United States to assess the situation and perhaps design a plan of attack against the culprit? But then the culprit is ISIS and as Obama has attempted to fool the world into believing he and the U.S. are winning against ISIS the only one Obama is really fooling is himself, or is he? Truth be known with Obama's lack of empathy during this latest bombing Obama doesn't really care much at all, as he danced...
     The fact is if Obama were a true American, and hater of ISIS Obama would not have continued with his stay in communist Cuba, much less gone on to Argentina. After the Brussels bombing anyone with the importance of an American President would have been on the first plane out and back to the White House as to show Belgium, and the rest of the world that he cared, but then this President has time and time again shown he cares not, as he danced...
    I am today embarrassed to be an American. Not only am I embarrassed to be an American, but I am fearful as an American as well. America has had a President that has done little to nothing in the fight against ISIS.While there are hits here and here of top commanders of ISIS, ISIS is going strong and on the rampage. While Obama says we are winning against ISIS some military personnel fail to agree. In fact some say our President should be guilty of treason as he has helped the enemy more than hurt the enemy. Only our President knows for sure, but our President sure has an odd way of showing he has any contempt for ISIS as he is unable to even call out ISIS for what it is. ISIS is the result of radical Islam, and radical Islamist persons have one mission and that is to kill or convert the infidels. You can't defeat an enemy if you refuse to name it. All in all America's President has shown he has no will to defeat ISIS. Critics asked President Obama about carpet bombing ISIS locations and Obama's reply was that our bombing ISIS, would be a recruitment tool for ISIS as they would only hate us more. I have news for our President, ISIS and every other radical Islamist group already hate us, and all who do not see the world as they. As proven through history the best defense is a strong offense, and we've got none. A strong America makes for a safer America and safer world. America is no longer strong, the world is no longer a safe place, and he danced...
(c)Sean Bianca 2016

As a footnote on Easter Sunday 3/27/16, 69 Christians were killed in a park in Pakistan, ISIS continues with their mission.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Obama, Friend Or Foe Of ISIS?

       Fifty-one seconds were spent by America's President addressing today's terrorist attack in Brussels, Belgium. That's right, a mere Fifty-one seconds was all Obama could spare of his time to the world regarding his thoughts on the latest terrorist attack in Brussels. Apparently time was of the essence as Obama was meant to be at an exhibition baseball game. Far be it for Obama to fail to keep his itinerary while on his 3 day excursion to Cuba. Why a President has priorities, and Obama's priority was attending a baseball game with Cuban dictator Raul Castro whether the pundits approved or not.

       Excuse me for saying that it takes a special kind of vile human being to behave in the way Barrack Obama did today. With 34 people reported dead, and another 200 plus people injured in the attack in Brussels, it seriously takes balls to attend a baseball game moments later. As if attending the game wasn't bad enough, Obama further added insult to injury by participating in doing the wave with the crowd.Not only did Obama take part in the wave, but he appeared to be thoroughly enjoying himself while at the game. Apparently Obama feels life must go on, but must a President's life go on without taking the proper actions a President should take following a major terrorist attack?
        Why should we Americans be surprised that Obama continued with his plans while in Cuba? One would think as Americans we would be used to it. Obama did go golfing moments after an American was beheaded. Again far be it for the President to change his plans for something so trivial, but then is our President being insensitive or is he being true, true to his religion of Islam? 
         While Americans feel Obama is being rude, uncaring, and callous regarding the recent terrorist  attack, perhaps Obama is celebrating. It has been again and again published that Obama is Muslim, Obama's gleeful expression is quite telling. Perhaps Obama is celebrating the latest terrorist attack as there can be no other explanation. When people celebrate people do fun things, when people mourn, people do not do fun things. It's that simple, and it leads one to ask the question is Obama a friend or foe of ISIS?
        Friend or foe of ISIS? That is the million dollar question which only Obama knows for sure. Perhaps Obama felt that life must go on, and that's well and good,however the writing is on the wall loud and clear that Obama does not give one iota about ISIS, radical Islam, the people of Brussels, terrorism, or our reputation on the world's stage. The fact is today Obama showed the world who he is, and he need not even attempt to defend it. 
        President Barrack Obama failed to do many things that a U.S. President should following a terrorist attack. Obama failed to call out this terrorist attack for what it was. The attack was an attack in the name of radical Islam, no and ifs, ands, or buts about it. Obama also failed to be on Air Force One with in moments of hearing of the terrorist attack, and back to the White House. Lastly once back at the White House, Obama should have been in talks with the President of Belgium and every one of our allies regarding what actions need be taken to fight and stop ISIS.
         The world would like to have a leader in America and they have not a leader nor an ally in America. America's allies in Europe have in past years had America to depend upon and lead them in their ways. America also has allies in the mid-east who are also looking to America to lead them in the fight against ISIS and have had little to no guidance. Both the mid-east and Europe have been let down by our President, which is frighteningly telling. Why would a President fail to work with other leaders as to fight a force of evil such as ISIS? For what reason would Obama not want to immediately sit down in the situation room and be briefed on the latest terrorist attack? The questions on Obama's behavior are many and yet I am drawn to a one. America, is Obama a friend or foe to the rapidly strengthening ISIS?
(C)Sean Bianca 2016

Romney's Unwanted Presence!

         Loser, disappointment, doormat, unambitious, and passive are the words I think of when I think of Mr. Mitt Romney when he was running for the Presidency in 2012. Obnoxious, angry, aggressive, and jealous are how I would describe the Mitt Romney of today. I despise the Mitt Romney of today. Not only do I despise the man, but I downright loathe the man, and as it happens I am not alone in my sentiments. With all due respect Mitt Romney would have been best being out of sight, and out of mind. The loss of the 2012 election is a bit of a sore spot with Americans as 2012 is an election that should have been won, and won by a landslide. It was an election that was Romney's election for the taking. The majority of Americans were disenchanted with Obama, and his "change" and they were ready for new blood in the White House. Unfortunately Romney ran the worst campaign in history, made an idiotic remark regarding the 47% of the people that he didn't care about, cowered down to both Obama and Candy Crowley in the last debate, and made a poor choice in a running mate. All in all, Mitt Romney worked very hard to lose the 2012 election and he did a dam good job. The fact is Mitt Romney was a smashing success at losing the Presidential election, and if he were again a Republican Presidential nominee, he would most certainly lose again. Calling it like it is, if Romney failed to win an election that was literally his for the taking, and on a silver platter, there is no way in hell he would have a chance to beat Hillary Clinton if he were so lucky to have the opportunity. However Mitt seems disillusioned into thinking that Americans would elect him if he were on the ballot, and he would be successful in a second go around at running for President.
           Mitt Romney is sadly mistaken. Perhaps the old cronies of the establishment want Mitt, but America does not want him. In fact America wishes Mitt would take his embalmed self and go away, and never come back. Mitt Romney was a failure and frankly we Americans who supported Mitt look at the new Mitt and gag. We gag as had Mitt been half as aggressive as he is displaying in the present, and gone after Obama in 2012 as he has gone after the Republican front runner Donald Trump, he probably would have won the 2012 election. America would not have been forced to endure another four years of Obama, and we probably would today be re-electing Mitt in the current election. 
            The current election is unfortunately for Mitt Romney not the year of his re-election, nor the year for his election. Mitt Romney however begs to differ as he has suddenly felt it was his place to come out and speak out against Donald Trump, much in the same as his father George Romney did against Barry Goldwater in 1964. In 1964 George Romney and many other liberal Republicans were strongly opposed to Barry Goldwater's nomination as the party's Presidential nominee. George Romney's remarks against Goldwater were so scathing that President LB Johnson even used one of Romney's remarks in a campaign commercial. At the republican convention in 1964 Governor Romney said, "Goldwater's nomination would lead to the suicidal destruction of the Republican party". To George Romney's satisfaction, Barry Goldwater lost the Presidential election.
          In early March Mitt Romney decided to grace America with his presence and spew his thoughts on Mr. Donald J. Trump, who had formerly endorsed Romney in the last election at Romney's request. Mitt's anti-Trump speech was downright despicable, and unwanted by the general population. While the establishment of the Republican party may have thought the speech was to be applauded, including Trump opponent Ohio Governor John Kasich, the general American population was not nearly as impressed. Most Americans thought Romney's speech to be nothing more than jealously, and sour grapes, while others wondered where Romney's aggressiveness was in the last election where he was wanted.
               Word is, if anyone cares that Romney is out campaigning for funds in hopes of a Republican brokered, or contested convention. Let it be known that if Trump acquires the required 1237 delegates for the nomination of the Republican Presidential nominee, and a contested convention is held, this country will go berserk. Likewise if Trump acquires the majority of the delegates and a brokered convention is held, Americans will indeed go wild. While former Governor Romney may be waiting in the wings to save the Republican party with his presence, his presence is unwanted. Romney lost the election in 2012 and he will most definitely lose the 2016 election as well. Romney much like his father is nothing more than a spoiler. These are men that have not the capability to win a Presidential election themselves, but attempt to spoil and destroy another candidate's chances at the Presidency. Donald J. Trump is succeeding in this election as no Republican has since former President Reagan. Trump is bringing democrats, and independents into the Republican party as well as persons who have never ever voted in their lifetime. With all due respect Mr. Romney should go back to being nothing more than a private citizen, as both his presence and opinions are of no one's interest. Donald J. Trump appears to be the choice of the Republican party. Donald J. Trump is not only the GOP choice, but in many people's opinion the best man, and the only man for the job. Mitt Romney and the Republican party best embrace Trump's success, as he is the only man that has the capability to defeat the likes of the Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. Former Governor Mitt Romney's political career is over and perhaps he best accept that. Republicans have and want a winner, not a loser, and with Trump they have a real winner!
(c)Sean Bianca 2016

Thursday, March 17, 2016

"Make America Great Again", Not Just A Slogan!

With most of the results in and decided from this week's Super Tuesday, Republicans have shown America that they believe Donald J. Trump will "Make America Great Again". Trump won the states of Florida, Illinois, and North Carolina, while the state of Missouri is still too close to call. Trump now up to 673 delegates looks to be on a path to victory as the nominee for the Republican party. Then again the Republican so called "establishment" is in talks to stop Trump with a contested convention thus stopping Trump from making America great again.
            "Make America Great Again", is NOT just a slogan. Ted Cruz can mock the slogan to his heart's desire. He can even say things like "you can even put it on a hat", but he and others can not take the meaning and the passion of the slogan away from Donald J. Trump. You see Trump means what he says, something a good majority of politicians know little about. As a participant at a Trump rally I experienced the passion of Donald J. Trump. I was fortunate in that I was in the second row and I was able to see the sincerity in Trump's eyes that no one can see on a television screen. Cruz is right, "make America great again", is a slogan, but much to Cruz's chagrin if Trump is elected as President, Trump will indeed "make America again". You can't fake real energy, you can't fake passion, and you can't fake emotion. What Trump has in his rallies that no other candidate shares is real live passion for what he is doing. While at a Trump rally one can feel Trump's excitement and energy. Donald Trump does not conduct a rally with a speech consisting of just plain words. Trump "talks" to the crowd and has fun. Trump displays his anger in the America of today. Americans like that, as it shows he is real and he is one of them. I believe Donald J. Trump wants to be President as he does truly want to "make America great again". 
   As an observer looking in no other candidate looks as though they are truly passionate about their platform. Cruz preaches as if he is the coming of Christ, Kasich comes out in his Mr. Rogers mode and talks a talk that exemplifies paint drying, and the now defeated Rubio was nothing more than a rehearsed puppet. Donald J. Trump is pumped, and passionate when addressing a crowd. Trump truly enjoys the moment he is in while at a rally and lets voters know that he does truly care about them. It's a feeling I've never ever had when in attendance at a campaign rally. Rest assured America, when it comes to Donald J. Trump, "Make America Great Again", is not just a slogan. Donald J. Trump will "Make America Great Again!"
(C)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Trump crowd awaits Trump's arrival at Boca Raton Trump Rally 3/13/16
      Sunday, March 13, 2016 was a day I will never forget, nor will anyone else. That is anyone who was fortunate enough to be in attendance at Donald Trump's rally in Boca Raton, Florida. I say fortunate, as such is the truth as I have been to a good many political rallies and none other compared with that of the rally held by the Republican front runner, Donald J. Trump. The truth is Trump's rally was pure energy, pure excitement, pure emotion, and pure fun! In one word, the rally was just purely awesome!
        To a fault I am not shall we say the most prompt person, but as I knew the popularity of Trump's rallies I made it a point to arrive early. Arrive early? Did I ever. The rally was set for 7 pm, and yours truly arrived around 3 pm. to be exact. Never have I ever arrived so early to anything in all my life. While I must admit the thought of standing in line for some four hours did not thrill me, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the time flew by. I was entertained by all who arrived decked in "Trump" this and that from head to toe. One man showed his support by sporting a white full body leotard with ant-Hillary, Cruz, and Rubio rhetoric. While it was a bit much it was a sight I'm sure I'll never be privy to see again. Another supporter with piercings and tattoos here, there, and everywhere carried a sign stating that "Satan Loves Trump". Not surprisingly a Univision reporter approached the man for an interview, and picture. I" Miss GOPGIRL", went ballistic and I complained to a reporter on the unfairness of the media. I informed him that the media chooses the negative supporters for Trump. I expressed my disgust in the media questioning a "Satan worshiping freak show", over a normal American. I stated that in the line of thousands of peope that were Christian, Jewish, and clean cut looking, the media instead chose to interview a complete freak. With that I was then interviewed myself, and yes I was in an article in the Sun Sentinel, with my name, part of my quote and my age. A day later I am still wondering why my age was necessary to place in the article. Nonetheless the time waiting outside the amphitheater was about to come to an end and the real fun was about to begin.

"The negotiators", I caught the t-shirt and he caught the hat! 

      Real fun indeed. Never have I been to a rally where campaign t-shirts, and hats were thrown as they do at concerts and sporting events. Trump Security men livened up the venue as they threw both t-shirts and hats to those in the crowd. Amazingly enough, I caught a t-shirt. The tee was large but let me say this it was one heck of a catch. As the shirt was large I figured I had myself a night shirt, but then my luck was about to change. A man in front of me caught a hat, and the man just happened to be a large man. As Trump supporters have learned from the master of negotiating, Mr. Donald J.Trump, I negotiated. I asked the man with the hat if he'd consider a trade. We sealed the deal. He walked away with my large tee, and I scored a hat, it was a win win! 
           Fun was indeed had as the former Broward Republican Party chairman Richard DeNapoli, came out on to the stage to begin the Trump rally festivities. DeNapoli engaged with the crowd as he instructed one side of the crowd to yell, "Donald", and the other side to yell out, "Trump"! While juvenile, it was great fun, but the fun was soon to come to an end. The mood turned solemn as a woman by the name of Laura Wilkerson stepped up to the podium. You could have heard a pin drop as Ms. Wilkerson shared her story of her son's murder committed by an illegal immigrant in a town just outside of Houston, Texas. Laura Wilkerson's youngest son was brutally murdered, and set on fire on November 10, 2011. The killer was brought to the United States illegally at the age of ten from Belize. The killer never should have been in the United States, and yet due to Sanctuary Cities all across the nation, illegals are able to remain in the country at large, and are committing crimes. Last year alone 820,000 illegal aliens had criminal convictions. The Wilkerson family suffered as no family should have to suffer. The WIlkerson family lost a son, and their son's killer will more than likely not be deported, and therefore will serve life. A life parole is only a mere 30 years. Hermilio Moralez, an illegal alien, guilty of killing Josh Wilkerson will be 49 years old when he will be eligible for parole. Let us pray that he doesn't end up in one of our cities. Not surprisingly, Laura Wilkerson supports Trump, and while she can not bring her back so , perhaps her campaigning for Trump for President will prevent more unnecessary deaths by illegal aliens.

        As the evening's fun factor was all but diminished the crowd proceeded to dance to the music, and enjoy the cool breeze at sundown. It was way past 7p.m. when daylight had turned to darkness and the rally's music seemed to change. The moment we had all waited for was about to begin.The crowd was told by the announcer to look up to the sky as a helicopter flew by. The announcer spoke to the crowd and informed all that "Mr. Donald J. Trump" had arrived. Arrive he did, and I'd be lying if I didn't admit that the loud music and helicopter were a profound moment in time. As America has been broken, it felt as if our savior was coming down from the sky. While he may not have come from the sky, he came from the helicopter and soon on to the stage as the announcer introduced the crowd to "The Next President of The United States of America"!

Donald J. Trump Speaks to Rally Attendees
Mr. Trump took to the stage and one might as well have been a at a sporting event ,as the crowd cheered as if it were in fact a competitive venue. A crowd of young, old, Christian, Jewish, white, black, and  Hispanic cheered Trump on. There were cheers of "build that wall", and "Trump, Trump, Trump". The cheers were loud, and some cheers were faint. The faint cheers were those of the very few protesters, as the crowd was instructed to do nothing but cheer Trump's name as to tell security of trouble that was rarely seen.As the crowd calmed down Trump educated all on Marco Rubio's failures as a Senator. While Trump spent little time on Rubio it was evident that the crowd and Florida was not much of a Rubio fan, and why would they be as Rubio has failed to do much of anything as a Senator. After spending a brief time on Rubio, Trump went on to attack Cruz and his not being "TrusTED", but "lying" Ted. 

     All in all Mr. Trump spent little time on attacking his opponents and much more time on what he set out to accomplish. He spoke of building the wall, the military, and abolishing the infamous "Obama care". He spoke of bringing corporations back to America, creating jobs, healthcare for Veterans, dis allowing Muslims into the country until having knowledge of who they are, defeating ISIS, and "making America great again". As he spoke, I and the crowd were in awe. We were in awe, as we were spectators to greatness in our presence. Not only greatness, but we also were spectators to a leader, a real leader, a leader America has been without for quite sometime. The rally was invigorating, and life changing as all in Donald Trump's presence were inspired and in the presence of a man who is most likely to be the next President of the United States of America!
(c)Sean Bianca 


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Marco Rubio, The Real Con Artist!

        Senator Marco Rubio for President? Think again, while Senator Marco Rubio is talking about the Republican front runner Donald Trump being a con man, the real con man is Senator Marco Rubio. Rubio is a man that will not get the job done. It's difficult to get a job done when one fails to show up for work. When Jeb Bush attacked his former protege, and good friend for not showing up for work as Senator, Jeb was correct. Former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush was not the only one unimpressed with Rubio's performance as a Senator. A Florida newspaper was unimpressed as well. In fact "The South Florida Sun-Sentinel"called for Senator Rubio's resignation. In a fiery editorial, the paper stated the following, "Marco Rubio should resign, not rip us off."
"Sorry, senator, but Floridians sent you to Washington to do a job. We've got serious problems with clogged highways, eroding beaches, flat Social Security checks and people who want to shut down the government."-Sun Sentinel. Since the beginning of 2015 Rubio has missed a total of 99 of 291 votes. The young Senator has said his choice in running for the Presidency has caused the missed votes however the "Sun Sentinel" noted that Senators Rand Paul, and Bernie Sanders also on the Presidential campaign trail had not been guilty of the same absenteeism. The paper notes Rubio's  $174,000. salary, as well as Rubio's taking a $10,000 subsidy for his participation in Obamacare, yet Rubio is an Obamacare critic. The editorial also criticized Rubio for his criticism of the federal workers not doing their jobs when Rubio is seemingly guilty of the same. “You said, ‘there is really no other job in the country where if you don't do your job, you don't get fired,'" the editorial board wrote. "With the exception of your job, right?"
"By choosing to stay in the Senate and get the publicity, perks, and pay that go with the position –without doing the work – you are taking advantage of us," they wrote, concluding, "Either do your job, Sen. Rubio, or resign it."- South Florida Sun Sentinel. Failing to show up for work would result in most people getting fired, but Marco Rubio seems to have conned the people into thinking that he deserves to be President. Better yet, Senator Rubio has conned the Republican party. He has the Republican party believing he deserves to represent the Republican party over the likes of the current front runner, Donald Trump. Think again as the little grinning Rubio has done a lot more than fail to show up for work, and it's high time the people of America, the media, and the Republican Party meet the REAL Marco Rubio.
        Senator Marco Rubio is anything but the squeaky clean Cuban boy from Miami. Rubio has recently called, Donald Trump a "con man" and yet he himself is indeed the biggest con of all. It is said that you are the company you keep, and Marco Rubio's company that has been kept has been of con artists, lobbyists, and drug dealers, but let me start with the lies of little Marco's past. First and foremost the poor Cuban boy's parents did NOT flee a Castro regime in Cuba. Little Marco's parents arrived in the U.S. in 1956, before the revolution. While Rubio claims in his autobiography, "An American Son", that his parents fled a Castro regime, Rubio's parents made several trips back and forth, between the U.S. and Cuba. Marco  also spoke of his hard working child hood, mowing lawns and walking dogs, but Marco failed to speak about the fact that the dogs that he walked were the guard dogs of drug dealer relatives, one relative in particular just happened to be a convicted drug trafficker.That one relative just happened to be Rubio's brother in-law, Orlando Cicilia. The arrest took place when Rubio was a High School student in 1987. While Rubio's sister was not indicted, his brother in-law was sentenced to 25 years in prison, but was let out in 2000 for good behavior. While Rubio may currently not have any relatives in prison does the United States really want a President with a relative that's been in Federal prison?
       For that matter do the people of the United States really want a President that's been guilty of using tax dollars for shall we say questionable affairs? Senator Rubio has report-ably used the GOP credit card for trips with two women whom the Senator is said to have engaged in extra marital affairs, back waxes (hair removal), a driveway, and numerous other questionable expenses. It is only when the Senator got caught using the GOP credit card that he reimbursed the party. Rubio claimed he used the wrong credit card. Nice try Senator, but does America want a Senator that can be so careless? Then again using the GOP credit card for purchases non GOP related is a mere hiccup when one delves in to the Senator's financial affairs.
        Apparently Rubio has done quite well financially, but not just from his being a Senator. When Rubio became the House Majority leader in 2003, he also went to work for the lobbying firm, Broad and Cassell. Senators are not allowed to technically "lobby", but  Rubio worked the system and went to work for the firm as a "consultant" thus causing a hike in his income. Rubio stepped down from the House in 2008, and then went on to work again as a consultant for yet another lobbying firm, "Florida Strategic Consultants", where he scored big contracts from both Miami Children's Hospital and Jackson Memorial Hospital.
       While Rubio's involvement with lobbying firms were quite profitable, so too were Rubio's real estate dealings. As the "Observer" reported, Rubio did quite well in questionable real estate deals, but financially it would appear that all the money in the world is never enough for Senator Rubio, as Rubio seems to be forever in financial dire straits which is a concern for many when considering Senator Rubio for the Presidency, While Rubio likes to talk of his debt due to his college tuition the young Senator appears to be in debt for the same reason that much of the country is in debt, simple over spending on over indulging. One need not be a financial genius to know that is one is having financial difficulties, they probably should not be getting $150. haircuts, taking family vacations, and they probably are not in need of multiple homes, and a boat. At the same time if one is in financial distress they also should probably think twice before courting a mistress or two. With America's 19 trillion dollar deficit America doesn't need a financial disaster, they need a financial giant!
        While it is well known that Rubio is less than stellar in the area of finance Rubio's record is even worse. Rubio had 100 bright ideas for fixing Florida which did more for his own friends than for the state of Florida. Rubio has claimed that 57 of his ideas were made into law in the state of Florida, yet only 24 were made into the legislature. Rubio has talked a lot of his hard stance on illegal immigrants, but was a part of the gang of eight, a group of Senators in favor of leaner immigration reform. All in all the in-discrepancies of Rubio's past and present are not the makings of the next leader of the free world. 
        I at one time was quite impressed with Senator Rubio. With his book smart mind, and impressive talk of foreign affairs, I honestly thought the young Senator would one day be President, however I was along with many Americans mis-inofrmed and mis-guided. The past couple weeks, have been extremely telling of Senator Rubio's true character. Rubio has shown his true character as being immature and classless. Had Rubio been as smart as he had appeared he would not have engaged in attacking the Republican front runner with tasteless remarks on Donald Trump. In a campaign speech Rubio claimed Trump looked as if he had wet himself, and attacked the size of Trump's hands. While some Americans may have laughed at Rubio's grammar school remarks far more Americans were disappointed, but not as disappointed as they may have been of Rubio's true record. Rubio's true record is a record of shady ties with lobbyists, misuse of the GOP credit card, financial irresponsibility, questionable real estate dealings, a seemingly unnecessary salary for his wife, a poor attendance record in the Senate, missed votes, leniency on illegal immigrants, and numerous extra marital affairs. Senator Rubio's record is not what America wants nor needs for the office of the Presidency. A President Rubio would just be another President Barrack Hussein Obama, another much ado about nothing Senator with nothing more than an agenda to feed his own ego. America needs a President that will show up for work, and work for the people, all the people. Senator Rubio doesn't know the first thing about showing up for work,  as he has not, and his record shows it, or his lack there of of a record shows it. America needs greatness, and Rubio is far from the greatness. A former Mitt Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul said it best calling Rubio, " a wheeling and dealing Miami lobbyist and politician, always trying to scam the system for his personal benefit". America has had a scam artist in President Barrack Obama and America doesn't need another. Marco Rubio is the real con artist, and Donald Trump is the leader America needs. Donald Trump is the real deal.
(c)Sean Bianca 2016 GOPGIRLBLOG  

Friday, March 4, 2016

A Letter To The National Republican Committee

Dear Mr. Chairman Reince Preibus, and all Members of the National Republican Committee,
           I am writing this letter as a plea for you to put an end to your mission to stop Donald Trump from being the Presidential nominee for the Republican Party. Today's anti-Trump speech given by the 2012 Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney was classless, vile, and disappointing. As I watched the defeated candidate I couldn't help but think where was this fire, and fight against President Obama? Mitt Romney lost an election that was his for the taking in 2012. America was displeased with the "change" the President had provided, and the Benghazi tragedy having just taken place should have been the clincher in winning the election. Mitt Romney in my, any many other's opinion gave away the election with his unpopular choice in a running mate, a poorly run campaign, and a lackluster attempt at best at defeating the incumbent President. Debate moderator Candy Crowley won President Obama the last election by doing what no debate moderator had ever or should ever have done. Crowley stepped into the middle of the debate and spoke for the President and Romney allowed it. Had Romney had any self respect and a back bone he would have spoken up to Crowley, said the rules of the debate were being broken and walked off the stage. Instead Romney did nothing but sat and smiled, and lost the election right there and then. For Romney to come out today and spew his meaningless opinions, and lies of a candidate that is favored by the majority of the hearts and minds of the Republicans in this nation is disgusting! Not only is Republican front-runner Donald J. Trump winning over the majority of Republicans, but he is bringing out people who have never voted, or haven't voted in years out to the polls to cast their votes. Donald Trump whether Mr. Mitt Romney approves or likes it or not, is the man the people of this country want for their President. With all due respect I am saddened by Romney's actions of today, as I was once a supporter of Romney and thought he was a man of character. Mitt Romney was endorsed and supported by Mr. Trump, and to repay Mr. Trump with this mockery is in my opinion pure evil. Mitt Romney's display of unwanted criticism of Donald Trump was nothing more than jealousy, and bitterness. I was disappointed today in not only Mitt Romney. but the Republican party as well. 
          I say shame on the establishment of the Republican party! The Republicans asked Donald Trump to sign an agreement that he would not run as a third party candidate if not the Republican Presidential nominee, which he signed, and the Republicans have done nothing, but mistreat him. Why? Because he does not fit the mold of what the old Republican cronies feel he should be? Perhaps I need remind the Republican party of the fact that the Republicans have lost the last two elections? Clearly the grand ole party has been doing something wrong or Americans would have voted for a Republican in one or both of the last two elections. The fact is until Donald Trump, the Republican party has not provided Republicans with a candidate whom Americans were enthused about. Donald Trump has brought on an enthusiasm the Republicans haven't seen in years. While the Republican party should be elated and joyous over this new found enthusiasm they are instead attempting to squash it and defeat it. In doing this the Republicans are shooting themselves in the foot and killing their own party.
       It's shameful how the party has treated Donald Trump. No other candidate has had to endure the criticism and mockery as Donald Trump. No other candidate has been ridiculed as Donald Trump. Why? Americans know why, because the Republican party's first choice is not Donald Trump. No the Republicans would prefer the likes of the failed former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, or the Republican puppeteer, Senator Marco Rubio. Those were the choices of the GOP. The Republican's last hope is Marco Rubio and he is third in the race at best. While Senator Ted Cruz is in second, the GOP is not approving of him as well. No the Republicans want Rubio. Well newsflash, the people are not enthralled with the young Senator from Florida, and why would they? Marco Rubio is nothing more than another Barrack Obama. Rubio was elected to the Senate and did nothing, but then a majority of Republicans were elected to both the House and the Senate and they have done nothing. The people of this country elected a Republican majority and yet they have done nothing to stop Obama and this administration from getting everything and anything they've wanted done. That is why the people are behind Donald Trump! 
       The people of this country want Donald Trump, as Donald Trump is the voice of the people, a voice that hasn't been heard. The people of this country have been forgotten and the Republicans have cared not. As I hear of talk of a brokered convention in which the Republicans will choose who they wish to be the Republican Presidential nominee, I am sickened, and repulsed. The chatter is also of Romney being chosen as the nominee, and if he or anyone, but Trump is chosen by Republicans as the nominee, Republicans will lose yet another Presidential election. While the establishment claims they will not support Donald Trump if he wins the primary nomination, I and millions of other Americans will not support who the GOP desires as the Republican Presidential nominee, and I can guarantee it.I know this as if a brokered convention takes place the Republicans are not the party I  and others have so loved and been proud.  
         The Republicans have a real leader in Donald Trump. Trump has vowed to go to Washington and work for the people. Trump shares the anger and frustration that both the Republicans and Democrats have caused. The middle class and our veterans have been forgotten, health care is a mess, the economy is a disaster, our military is in need of rebuilding, our borders are a joke, our elected officials are failing the people, and America's standing in the world is at an all time low. If Hillary Clinton wins this election it is imminent that this country will only get worse, Government will only get bigger, taxes will continue to hike, our security will be at risk, and our people's hopes and dreams will be lost. What's more the American dream will be lost. The American dream will be lost as our freedom will have been lost. We the people are I thought the ones who decide who should be our next President, and yet the Republicans are saying not. If this is true how are the Republicans  any better than any nation run by a Dictator, or governed by communism? They are not. Then again the word is out that Republicans would prefer Hillary Clinton as President over Donald Trump as she can be bought, and she can be controlled. As Donald Trump has his own money he can not be bought, and favors will not be granted, and perhaps that is what's at stake. Are backroom deals more important to the Republicans than the people of this country? If so I say shame on you Republicans, but may I add you reap what you sow?
       In closing I again am making a plea to Republicans to stand by Donald Trump if he is elected by the majority in this Republican primary. Donald Trump is the voice of the people that make this nation, and the voice that is begging to be heard. Americans are fearful for their safety, dis-satisfied with their health care, losing jobs to companies leaving America, and even more importantly Americans are dis-heartened, and broken. Working pay check to pay check Americans are working to pay taxes and getting nothing in return. They're getting nothing as this current administration has not cared about the American people, and the American people know they have been forgotten. Donald Trump is a candidate whom Republicans should be proud. Mr. Trump is a man who understands the people of this country. Mr. Trump has caused an excitement that has long been lost in the Republican party. Perhaps Donald Trump is not the Presidential candidate whom the Republican party would want, but he's the candidate the Republican and non Republican people want. If nominated the republican party should do as they promised. The party promised to treat Donald Trump fairly as they should, and the party promised to support Mr. Trump if nominated, and they should be true to their word. The Republicans have a candidate whom they should be proud and stand behind. This is a candidate causing an excitement that should be celebrated not crushed. We the people are speaking, and if the Republican Party has any ounce of integrity they will support Donald Trump if he is in fact the candidate whom the people have chosen.
                                                        Thank you.
                                                                    Sean Bianca of GOPGIRL BLOG


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Super Trump Day!

      Super Tuesday was as expected a victorious day for the Republican Presidential front runner Donald J. Trump. Winning a total of seven states Super Tuesday was clearly "Super Trump Day"! Despite twenty four hours of lies, insults, and ridiculousness of the opposing candidates criticisms, Trump prevailed, and not only did he prevail, but he dominated. Trump dominated, as America is broken and in Americans knowing this, America knows Trump is the man who will fix, and make America great again.
      Seven States were won by Donald Trump, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Alabama, Virginia, Arkansas, and Vermont. It was a great day for Trump followers, a great day indeed. Much more importantly it was a great day for America, as for the first time in a long time, voters are enthused about their candidate and the current Presidential election. This election is an election of the citizens of this country fighting back. The citizens are fighting to take their country back. The middle class has become forgotten, jobs have been lost, freedom is slowly being taken away, security is worrisome, and our faith in our government is none. This election is about Americans being frightened and angry, and about taking charge and standing behind a candidate who they feel will make America great again. 
      Super Tuesday was a surprisingly record breaking day.Virginia's GOP tallied over one million votes surpassing the record set in 2000 by more than 50%. Tennessee's turnout was more than 800,000 beating out the previous record by 50 percent. Records were said to be expected in other states as well, but Massachusetts was  perhaps the most surprising state so easily won by Trump. As reported in the Boston Herald, nearly 20,000 Democrats quit the Democratic party to register as "unenrolled" as to have the ability to be either an independent or a republican, giving them the privilege to vote in the Republican Primary. Not since former President Reagan has a Republican managed to draw such support from the democrats, which is why Donald Trump is the candidate to beat out Hillary Clinton in November, and make America great again.
    Super Tuesday was no doubt "Super Trump Day", yet Trump's opponents seem to be in denial. Senator Marco Rubio won Minnesota, his one state of the night.Rubio spoke of his Presidency as if it were inevitable. While one must be optimistic in times of despair, his optimism even to the reporters was one of utter ridiculousness. Senator Ted Cruz appeared to have won three states, his own state of Texas, Oklahoma, and Alaska, and his three wins might as well have been the whole kittenkaboodle, as the Senator spoke ad nauseum on his greatness and obvious place in the White House. As I listened to the Senator from Texas I thought his fate not to be as President sitting in the White House, but perhaps a wanna be preacher on Jerry Springer.
   Unfortunately for Trump's opponents, the  pundits, the Republican Party, and the media, Super Tuesday was "Super Trump Day". Donald Trump earned this day as he shares the thoughts, hopes, and fears of the people of this nation. Donald Trump has given his supporters a voice and a voice that is being heard. That voice is being heard by our government, by the unraveling Republican Party, and by the media, and that voice cannot be ignored if it is the voice of Donald Trump. As Donald Trump gave his victory speech I was surprisingly impressed. Trump was reserved, still somewhat humorous, very transparent, enlightening, and Presidential. As this campaign has progressed, I couldn't help but notice how my chosen candidate had grown and for the better. This day was Super Trump Day as I do believe we have a great leader on the horizon in Donald J. Trump!
Sean Bianca 2016