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Monday, February 1, 2016

Trump For The People!

      Politics is a dirty business, a very dirty business indeed, but I and many Americans have been clueless as to how cut throat, and corrupt, politics could actually be. The corruption runs deep, so deep that we the people of America and our choices are of little to no concern of our parties. Never in my life have I been so disheartened, with my political party, our election process, and our country, as I am today. Today the Iowa Caucuses will kick off the race for the Presidency, and as I watch and hope for my chosen candidate, Donald J, Trump to come out on top, I am also left with the worry of if he wins will it be enough?
         Will it be enough for Donald Trump to win the Iowa caucuses and the majority of the country's primary elections? Some say not. Some say there's so much more than we the people know of the presidential race. Some say it all comes down to money, and money is what is of the utmost importance to the politicians of today. Who can be bought, and who can do what specific people want done. Who can be bought? Hillary, Bush, and a good majority in Washington, from what has been said. Word on the street is the Republicans and Democrats want who they want, and who they want is Hillary or Bush, as they can be bought by Wall Street, and be used for certain people's certain agendas such as open borders.
         The fact is while the Republican party has been given a lift with the excitement that Republican Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump has provided, the  Republicans are anything but happy. The Republicans wanted Bush, and much to their chagrin Bush failed at winning over the people. He instead appeared to be a washed up has been politician. Well, while I and other Trump supporters thought Bush would be done, the GOP had other ideas. Those ideas we Americans will be sure to put to rest with the nomination of Donald Trump, but will that be enough?
      With the last Republican debate much was revealed. It was revealed that Fox News had a plan, and that plan was was to destroy everyone on the debate stage, but Jeb Bush, and it worked. This last debate was not a debate, it was an assault. It was an attack by Meghan Kelly, Chris Wallace, and Brett Baier. The Fox News debate was unlike any other debate I have seen. The debate seemed more like that of a prosecution, a prosecution on the candidates in contention for the Presidency. The debate made Ted Cruz, a former debate champion, look the worst he has looked, with Rubio not too far behind. The debate showed various video clips of the candidates and how they have flip flopped their various stands on certain issues. Jeb Bush was untouched. Jeb Bush was made to look good, and I had to admit that yes he did have the best showing of all, but then , that is how it was meant to go down. Jeb also performed well as his nemesis, Donald Trump was not present. Fox news applauded Jeb's performance, and today is still applauding his performance. Excuse me, but I want a President that can speak well and think quickly when in the company of his friends, or his foes. That man is not Jeb Bush. With Jeb Bush at around one percent in the polls many are at a conundrum as to why anyone cares what Jeb Bush is doing. The truth is no one cares what Jeb is doing, but the GOP and Wall Street, and so the corruption is revealed.
    Corruption, it's real and it's of real concern. The best thing Donald Trump did was not attend the last Republican debate. Trump did what a smart man should have done, and had the other candidates been smart, they would have done the same. As it happens and has recently been reported, Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch and Karl Rove have joined forces to destroy Mr. Trump. The reason being is controversial Murdoch needs Jeb Bush to pass his TPTA deal which would control 40% of global mfg. Not only would Jeb aid Murdoch with his needs for Wall Street, but Bush would also preserve Murdoch's true liberal agenda. According to various reports Murdoch wishes to preserve Obamacare, wants promotion of Common Core education standards, and wants an open border, and the granting of amnesty to all illegal immigrants. Clearly Trump opposes all of these views. Not only does Trump oppose the wishes of Murdoch, Wall Streeters, and some bought Republicans, but Trump has his own money and can't be bought!
      Trump can't be bought, and that is precisely why I ,and so many Americans are standing with him, and want him as President. As money appears to be what has corrupted Washington, it is clear why the Republicans have not been successful in opposing our President. I can't help but wonder, were votes bought? Were decisions bought? We the people elected a Republican majority to both the Senate and Congress and yet nothing has been accomplished! We have had more scandals with this Presidency than any other, and yet nothing has been done, why? Why, is perhaps a good many of the people we elected may have  had their own monetary motives. Be it pay offs, Wall Street incentives, or certain needs, our politicians have let us down, and we the people are now taking a stand in standing with an anti-establishment candidate. That candidate is Donald Trump, and my fear is the Republicans will not allow Donald Trump, if nominated, to be the Presidential nominee of the Republican party.
      In an interview with Neil Cavuto, on the Fox Business Channel, former N.H. Governor Judd Gregg, stated that the nomination of Donald Trump or Ted Cruz by New Hampshire was not likely. Gregg went on to say that a Republican brokered convention would elect a proper Republican nominee, such as Jeb Bush, or John Kasich. How this is possible I am not quite certain, but if this is true, Donald Trump I hope will run as an independent. As a long time Republican it pains me to say how disappointed I am in my party, and in Fox News. We the people of the United States want Donald Trump as we truly believe Donald Trump will, "make America great again". We the people want freedom, we want the opportunity to work, prosper, and be rewarded, and not penalized. For eight years those who have sponged off the system have been rewarded and those who have worked hard, have been penalized, and that is not the American way. For eight years we have lost respect and strength as a nation, and we need a leader to lead us back to greatness. We also need a leader to keep us safe and take a stand of not allowing those who threaten us into our country until it is safe to do so. We need a leader who will rebuild our military and take care of our veterans, men who have fought for our liberties and our beliefs. Perhaps Wall Street and others are driven by money as we all may be, but at what cost? All the money in the world is of no use if our country is unsafe. Safety, and what is best for our nation is what is most important, and I believe in Donald Trump. I believe Donald Trump will be the leader and protector that we as a nation have needed for quite some time. While the GOP may be driven by money and have their motives, I and other Trump supporters have motives as well. We will get Donald Trump elected as President of the United States.
(c)Sean Bianca 2015

               Neil Cavuto Interview with Gregg   

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