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Monday, May 30, 2016

The True Meaning Of Memorial Day

       Since 1775 an estimated 1.8 million Americans have given their lives for the United States. Today we remember these men on Memorial Day. It is a day for those who have lost loved ones in war to remember. In remembrance many visit the graves of those lost and place flowers as to never forget, never to forget the bravery of America's brave young men. Unfortunately while Memorial Day weekend is a rather somber weekend for some, it is for the majority of Americans nothing more than a three day weekend,and an excuse to eat, drink and be merry. 
        As the true purpose of Memorial Day weekend is to remember those fallen heroes, many Americans are appalled by our current President's actions these past few days. Friday, Obama became the first sitting U.S. president to visit Hiroshima, Japan. In a historic visit, Obama laid wreaths at a cenotaph dedicated to bombing victims. During his visit the president apologized for the murder of a young Japanese woman killed by a U.S. marine, spoke of a nuclear free world, and offered his condolences for those lost in Hiroshima, with the dropping of the atomic bomb. Not surprisingly condolences were not given by the Prime Minister of Japan for those Americans killed in Pearl Harbor.
      While the Japanese people were quite supportive of President Obama's visit, many Americans were not so enthralled. Perhaps it was due in part to the president's lifting the arms embargo on Vietnam just days prior, thus destroying any leverage that the United States had on Vietnam and abuse. How nice that while the president talks of a Nuclear free world he is giving others the ability to obtain nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons are an inevitable component in today's world and the United States needs a president that knows it. President Harry Truman's decision to drop the atomic bomb was not an easy one, but a necessary one to bring an end to the war. Shortly after the bombing of Hiroshima, Japan surrendered, and the World War II was ended.
     A strong military makes for a strong nation, and a safe nation. With Obama as president our military has been depleted and our members of the military have been treated poorly. That being said makes one think of the expense of America's president and his family going abroad to both Vietnam and Hiroshima to offer condolences for those lost in previous wars. Surely the money would have been better spent on our own military, both inactive and active in the service. America doesn't need a president offering condolences and apologies, America needs a president that respects and supports it's military. America doesn't have this at present. Sending America's troops into dangerous parts and ordering them to "stand down", does not make for a strong leader, and it not does it make for a leader that cares for it's men in service. Men in the military today are dying in part to this president's inadequacies. Perhaps Obama might be better off as to to spend his time figuring out how to keep our men currently serving America safe, rather than jet setting off to visit other countries as to offer up his condolences, and arm dangerous nations. This Memorial Day weekend is indeed a somber weekend. It is somber as this very weekend men in the armed forces are risking their lives. Sadly as Americans across the country will today be enjoying barbecues and not remembering those fallen heroes, and the true meaning of "Memorial Day", men in the military will today be in combat. They will be in combat and they will be risking their lives so that we may continue to be free. On this "Memorial Day", I urge all Americans to step away from their barbecues and say a prayer for those heroes who have passed on and those heroes of today.

Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Like Your Mexican Flag? Well Get Out!

    Smoke grenades, rocks, bottles, and burning shirts were thrown by protesters at Police Officers and their horses outside of a Donald Trump rally late Tuesday night in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Sadly no action to protect the horses was taken. While Police Officers sprayed tear gas at the protesters wearing masks, the horses were unprotected. How any human being can throw anything at another human being is bad enough, but to be cruel to a helpless animal is pure evil and savagery. Tuesday night's violent protest gave Trump supporters and non-supporters all the more reason to support and vote for Donald Trump.
         The protesters were nothing more than thugs out for attention and out for a good time. Many were scrawny, shirtless, pathetic excuses for human beings yelling profanities and flipping the bird to the television cameras. I'm quite sure if one had asked any one of the protesters just why they were there, they wouldn't have had a clue. While the male protesters were a sight to behold the female ones weren't much better. One woman stuck her rear end up in the air at a police officer and twerked about, appearing to be anything but a class act. It was quite special. Those who weren't giving news crews the finger and yelling profanities were carrying the Mexican flag. Not one American flag was held proudly by the protesters except for one which was burned, but there were several Mexican flags. Upon seeing the Mexican flags I became incensed with anger. How dare these immigrants come to our country, riot, throw fire bombs, rocks, and bottles at law enforcement horses, Police officers, and reporters, and hold their Mexican flags!
       Like your Mexican flag so much? Well, then get the hell out of our country and go back to Mexico! How dare these barbarians come to our country take our jobs, accept welfare, government housing and assistance, and riot! How dare they! Get out and stay out! America has no need for such classless, unappreciative, disgusting thugs! While there are Mexicans that have come to America for a better life, these particular hellions were clearly here for a free ride, a free ride that we Americans are subsidizing.
       Sadly little opposition to the protesters was taken. Thanks to Governor Susana Martinez, little was done against the protesters. As officers were bullied,somewhat many officers appeared apprehensive to take any real action. Was an order given for the officers to "stand down"? I wonder. As a result several officers were injured, and the Albuquerque Police Department's horses were subjected to animal cruelty. Obama's done a good job in that America's police officers are too afraid to take any real action against citizens for fear they will be prosecuted and sued. Shockingly officers essentially did little to protect themselves or the horses as all hell broke loose all around, and for what? For the chance to yell at the media and voice their disapproval of Donald Trump. The funny thing about it is the immigrants that protested were further evidence that Mexico doesn't send their best. These heathens were not Doctors, lawyers, or Rhode Scholars, they were punks. They were punks that probably are drug dealers, rapists, murderers, criminals, and drug addicts. These people were not grateful Mexicans living the American dream as many Mexican-Americans are, no they were immigrants unhappy that America has had enough of ungrateful illegal immigrants.
       The violent protest in Albuquerque never should have escalated to the point that it did. With over 500 protectors, I have to ask just where was the National Guard? Not only do I question why the National Guard wasn't called in, but why was hardly anyone not arrested during the protest? Everyone of the protesters should have been arrested and thrown in jail! Instead little force was taken, law enforcement horses were abused, and the protesters walked away burning both American and Pro-Trump flags as they laughed all the way home. 
   Susana Martinez should step down as governor as she has no business being a governor. Just because her chosen candidate Senator Marco Rubio failed to be the republican presidential nominee does not give her the right to fail to do her job as governor. Clearly Ms. Martinez wanted no part of greeting the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, and clearly she had no plans to take any action to make his rally problem free. If I had to guess Ms. Martinez wanted tonight's protest to get out of hand, and that it did. Unfortunately, Ms. Martinez's failure to prevent and control the situation gave Americans all the more reasons to not want Mexican illegal immigrants in our country, and all the more reason to want Donald Trump for President. Maybe the Mexicans like their flag, well we Americans like our flag, and that is why we are now taking a stand and electing a man that also likes the American flag, will keep the illegal immigrants out and make America great again!
Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016

Monday, May 23, 2016

The Future Of America Is All Up to YOU!

         At present, some polls are showing the republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump and the democrat presidential front runner Hillary Clinton in a dead heat. Other polls show Trump with somewhat of a substantial lead against Hillary. However, if disgruntled republicans fail to vote or vote for a possible third party candidate, Hillary will no doubt be the next president of the United States. We can not, I repeat can NOT allow this to happen. The ramifications of a Hillary Clinton presidency could well be catastrophic. Hillary Clinton would be a continuation of the Obama agenda, and that my friends, will be the end of America as we know it. 
         America can not afford four more years of an Obama agenda and those of us with the knowledge of this, must do the right thing. We must get out the vote, implore others to get out the vote, and vote for Donald Trump. Donald Trump; love him, hate him, despise him, or deplore him is America's ONLY hope! The future of this country for both us, our children, and grand children lays on us, and if we fail to elect Trump as President we may have just put a bullet in the America our forefathers had envisioned and built.
      Our founding fathers built an America that was the home of the free and the home of the brave. Bit by bit we are losing our freedoms with a government  that is all too involved in our lives. With the government now involved in our health care, we have had a taste of socialized medicine and it's been both unaffordable and disastrous. Americans who once  could afford health care now are unable to afford health care, while illegal immigrants and the unemployed receive health care for nothing. While Obama's "Obama Care" is bad enough, Obama has also forced his wishes and desires where he has no place. Our government has no business telling states how to run their schools. I am speaking of Obama's latest order instructing schools to allow transgender individuals to enter the bathroom of their choosing. While the bathroom order was down right maddening, the First Lady removing certain foods on the school menu is equally maddening. Our government has no place in our children's schools.
     While losing our freedoms is frightening at best, America no longer being the home of the brave is even more so. Our President ordering our military to "stand down until attacked" has been the death of many men. Obama is essentially killing our men as he sends our men to various countries of unrest and gives orders to not shoot unless shot at, putting our men in harm's way. It's bad enough that Obama sends our men with too few men and little artillery, but even worse that Obama instructs our men to be defensive instead of offensive. Not only are our men told to "stand down" but our men are not even allowed the element of surprise as our government routinely drops leaflets warning of our upcoming bombings to residents with an ISIS presence. Hence, why we hear of killing one key ISIS player here and there and not an entire ISIS army. Could this explain why we are not "winning" against ISIS?
     We must elect Trump to the White House, and if we don't, the fall of America may be imminent. Hillary will not do away with Obama care. Hillary will not rebuild our military and ensure our safety. Hillary will not build a wall, much less keep illegal immigrants out. Hillary will not repair our economy, but will further destroy it. Hillary will not take care of our veterans and senior citizens. Hillary will not do many things this country needs and more. Hillary will keep Obama care to the demise of thousands of Americans. Hillary will raise taxes on everyone, thus destroying the middle class. Hillary will raise the minimum wage leading to the failure of many small businesses. Hillary will continue to defund our military at a time in which a strong military is essential. Obama has already decreased our military to where it's been said that if we were attacked today, we could NOT defend ourselves. It's also been stated that we could not lead a full fledged attack on ISIS if we wanted to lead an attack of the total destruction to ISIS. Hillary will allow thousands more Syrian immigrants into America leading to the possibility of terrorist attacks. Hillary will take away our guns. Hillary will take many actions, and not a one will be for the betterment of America.
       America needs Trump, and Americans need Trump. We need Trump as we need someone that will rid us of all Obama has done to the demise of a once great nation. Many Trump haters have said that they just won't vote, or they'll write in a candidate in of their choosing. Doing either will be a vote for Hillary. Take that action and the blame of the destruction of American will lay on YOU. I ask, will you be able to live with yourself if America's economy completely collapses due to a Hillary Presidency? Will you be able to have a clear conscience if your family is killed in a terrorist attack due to more Syrian immigrants being allowed in our country? Will you be happy when your college graduate son or daughter is unable to find employment due to a failing economy? The repercussions of a Hillary Presidency could be all out disastrous for our country. This election may well be the most important election of our time and to not vote is to destroy this once great nation.
    Hate Trump? Fine, but is your hate worth the destruction of America? I say not. Give Trump a chance, and you may well be pleasantly surprised. At the very least, Trump has let all Americans know where he's stood and where he stands. Unlike any other politician he's been outspoken and politically incorrect. We know with Trump we will not have more Muslims allowed in this country, a practice which was done under former President Jimmy Carter. We know Trump will not take away our guns. We know Trump will improve our economy and create jobs, and we know Trump will be proactive and attack ISIS and any one else that threatens our safety. With Trump, what we see, what we hear, is what we get. Without Trump, we have Hillary, the President from hell who will lie, cheat and steal from the American people. This election lays on each and every one of us, and we as Americans must elect Donald Trump to ensure our freedoms, our safety and make America great again!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2016

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Trump And Taxes

    The sun was shining, the sky was blue, the intracoastal was within view. It was a beautiful day at a local park where I agreed to give a man a tennis lesson. Unfortunately for my student and I, our peaceful, pleasant day was somewhat disturbed by the sound of two shirtless, shoe-less, homeless men yelling the f-bomb every second word. While the profanity was obnoxious the need for one man to yell his plans to use the facility to take a whiz was all the more so. The homeless men were quite obviously higher than a kite, not working, not looking for employment, but able to live, and enjoy themselves doing nothing more than mouthing off about a whole lot of nothing. Moments later, the two men were joined by a rather robust woman on a bike whom the men called, "Baby cakes". "Baby cakes" was not much better than her two male friends. She was also not working, not looking for work, but able to sit with the two dodos and enjoy her day. There is no doubt in my mind that these people are able to survive, get high, and enjoy life due to the liberal agenda. The liberal agenda of rewarding those who choose to not work, not look for work, but instead get high, and do a whole lot of nothing. Well that whole lot of nothing is America's tax dollars at work.
       America's roads and bridges are in need of repair, our parks are debilitating,  our air force is being forced to fly older planes, our military is being cut back, our borders are unsecured, and our taxes are being used on homeless people getting high. Not only are these homeless people higher than a kite, but they are enjoying life. They are enjoying life as they are able to spend their days at the beach, park, or wherever they please, at the expense of you and me! It's maddening. Not only is it maddening, but it makes April 15th, AKA "tax day" downright painful! 
       While taxes are a hard bit to swallow, taxes are even more hard to swallow when one is able to view just where their taxes are going. While under Republican Presidents, I was confident that my tax dollars were being used for the better, I can not say I have the same sentiments at present, nor do many other Americans. In fact a former Obama supporter told me that her taxes had skyrocketed under Obama, and she was none too pleased as she was under the higher income bracket. Being of a much higher income than myself this woman informed me that she and her husband much preferred donating to the charities of their choosing than paying higher taxes where the government chose the charitable causes. Being quite philanthropic this couple did more than their fair share of donating. However after Obama became President their donating was not as frequent as they felt they were donating to the Obama fund for the lazy. 
      Turns out the Obama fund for the lazy is a fund that many Americans are having a difficult time accepting. Go figure that the Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump has been quote as saying that he tries to pay as little in taxes as possible. Can anyone blame him? Perhaps if Americans saw their tax dollars being used to secure our borders Americans would not feel pain when writing a check for their year's taxes. Or perhaps if Americans heard all welfare recipient's were being be forced to take drug tests prior to receiving government aid, they'd not feel resentment at those receiving handouts. Or perhaps if those on welfare and receiving child support from the government were forced to clean park bathrooms and pick up garbage from our streets, Americans would be more supportive of the government. Or perhaps if Americans saw their tax dollars go towards taking care of our veterans or the building of new planes and military equipment Americans would not be resentful of their too high taxes. Too high taxes and no results are what Americans are seeing and what Donald Trump is also seeing. Frankly I don't blame Donald Trump as I and thousands of other Americans have had it with too high taxes, and not enough results. And sorry if I fail to see the good that my tax dollars are doing in supporting  homeless, shirtless, shoe-less, jobless crackheads.
           I don't care about Donald Trump's tax returns, and neither should anyone else. Americans know Trump is worth millions or billions, who cares? What does it matter what Donald Trump has made? While it is true that presidential candidates have routinely produced their tax returns, it is not as if Trump is the only candidate to fail to produce his tax returns. Former Presidents Gerald Ford, and Theodore Roosevelt also at times failed to produce their returns as well. 
      While Trump has been criticized that he has not produced his tax returns he has stated his reason for not, was due to being audited. While under audit one should not reveal their tax returns and therefore his reason should be understood, but who cares? To be perfectly honest, Donald Trump could pay zero taxes and I would still support him. If life were fair, none of us should be paying taxes for a President that has delivered zero to America, and it's citizens. Give me a President that keeps illegals out, prevents terrorists from entering our country, keeps our military funded as so it will protect America, creates jobs, and devises a health care system that is as affordable to those who work as those who don't, and I'll write my checks for my taxes happily. Unfortunately such has not been the case. I have faith that Donald Trump will keep us safe, protect our borders, take care of our veterans, rebuild our military, and create jobs. It is the issues that I care about. It is the issues that Americans care about. It is the fact that America is falling and falling fast that scares myself and other Americans, and if we don;t elect the right person to the White House this November we may never be able to come back. I want America to be "great again", and therefore, I want Donald Trump to be the next President of the United States!
Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016


Sunday, May 15, 2016

Why Every Woman Should Support Trump!

    "Donald Trump hates women"; it's been said by all those opposing the republican presumptive presidential nominee, and it's time to put it to rest. Donald Trump DOES NOT HATE WOMEN! Having never personally met Mr. Trump, many would say how could I possibly make such a statement? Easy, because I know men who hate women, and Donald Trump is not a man that hates women. In fact, Donald Trump is just the opposite. He is a man that loves, supports, and appreciates women. Such has been shown again and again by the women who surround Donald  Trump both in business and family.
     While Donald Trump's having many women in high executive positions in his corporations is a well known fact, it is not that of which tells me of Donald Trump's respect and admiration for women. It is the relationship between Donald Trump and his two daughters, Ivanka and Tiffany, that tell me of Trump's relationship with women. If Donald Trump were not a loving and supportive father, his daughters would not have the high respect for him that has been shown. His daughters would also not be the successful and confident women that they are today. Show me a woman without confidence, I'll show you a critical father that only pushed that woman down. Show me a confident woman, and I'll show you a father that only expressed praise and support for that woman. Donald Trump's daughters are proof that he is not at all a woman hater. His relationship with his daughters can not be denied nor debated.
    "Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters Devotional" is a newly released book by Meg Meeker, MD. that goes into detail of the impact a father has on his daughter and her success. Ms. Meeker's book is that of a self help book to every father of a daughter in which it teaches men how to be the father they need be as to have a young girl that will grow into a strong woman. Clearly Mr. Trump was not in need of such a book as he did quite well on his own, having two beautiful, intelligent, strong daughters. Having known several women who did not have supportive fathers, I know this to be true. Bottom line, Donald Trump's falsely reported "hate for women" is a liberal tactic and nothing more.
     Some would beg to differ, as it is true that at times Donald Trump has made unfavorable remarks about certain women. Trump has indeed called Rosie O'Donnell a "fat pig", and well if the shoe fits... The fact is Rosie O'Donnell is fat, obnoxious, classless, loud mouthed, and not what I call a lady that deserves my respect much less Donald Trump's. Let's call it like it is. Trump has also been quoted as calling women "gold diggers" and the fact is gold diggers are a dime a dozen depending upon where one lives. Trump has been guilty of saying many unkind things to certain women. However, many times Trump's comments were well deserved. Mr. Trump was also a younger and immature man at the time. I'm quite certain if the media dissected every man in Washington's rhetoric when speaking about women the media would have a field day. In speaking of the elephant in the room with the number of affairs and sexual liaisons occurring in D.C., I hardly think our politicians have the mouths of choir boys. 
     As a woman, I care not of what Mr. Donald Trump has said about certain women. I am in agreement that the women he has targeted or spoken of have deserved what he has said. What matters most is the fact that Donald J. Trump has given women in his company the opportunity to excel, and that the women whom are closest to him are strong, successful, and moral women. Hillary Clinton may say what she will of Donald Trump, but it fails to compute. Many years ago prior to Trump's running for the presidency I was taken aback by something Trump's daughter Ivanka said. In so many words, she stated that she knew no matter how important a business meeting her father was having, she could talk to her Dad. She could even call him if he were meeting with the president. She as his daughter could interrupt any meeting if she needed her father. Nothing was more important than his children. That spoke volumes to me, and should speak volumes to others. Any woman struggling with her decision for whom she should vote, need not look further; the answer is Donald Trump.
Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016

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Obama, Stay Out Of The Bathroom!

   Friday the thirteenth our Dictator, Barrack Obama, and his administration issued a directive to public schools across the United States that they provide transgender persons access to bathrooms of their choosing. If schools fail to follow Dictator or President Obama's directive they will face losing federal funding. To put it bluntly, Barrack Obama is "blackmailing" our schools! An issue that should be a state issue has been turned into a federal issue. Not surprisingly, conservatives and school administrators are none too pleased, and I and thousands of Americans agree. 
    The fact that such a directive has been issued is an outrage. First and foremost, what a school's policies are should be a state issue. Secondly, a policy such as this is a gold mine for perverts, not to mention a policy that is a policy that is to say the least, a bit offensive to both little girls and boys. Actually it's a policy that if issued nationwide to all businesses is in my opinion unacceptable and offensive. Bottom line is, if a person is issued a birth certificate as a certain sex, they should adhere to that sex when using a bathroom facility,
     While a transgender person might  be offended at the fact that I and thousands of other Americans are incensed by them being allowed to use the restroom of the opposite sex, I think they should take into consideration of  what they are asking of others. Many transgender persons have had surgery for only a portion of their bodies, and therefore they are still very much the sex of which they were born. A small girl or boy should not have to be subjected to a child being in their locker room or rest room that is not of the same sex as they are below the waist. I for one do not care to walk into my gym locker room and see a woman walking through with breasts and a penis. Likewise, that person would be just as offensive to males as well. While I am being blunt, the truth has to be said.
      The whole transgender issue is an issue that frankly should be at the back of the list in important issues for our president. Unfortunately, Obama has made it an issue that is now at the forefront. ISIS is on the rise, illegal immigrants are killing and raping our citizens, heroin is killing our citizens, our military has been depleted to a point where we can possibly not protect ourselves, and President Obama issues a transgender directive in the middle of the night. Seriously? I wish the President had been so quick to act in the middle of the night while our men were being killed in Benghazi in 2011.
      I suppose a president has his priorities... As it has been reported many times that Michelle Obama was born a man, perhaps that would explain Obama's being so quick to defend the transgender community. Several reports have noted that there is no evidence of Michelle Obama ever being pregnant nor giving birth to the President's two daughters. Truth or fiction? The truth may never be known. However, the fact is, we have a president that has acted without the approval of Congress to control our public schools.
    Allowing transgender children or adults into our rest rooms is not going to bode well with anyone with half a brain. As children and teenagers are not at all ignorant, boys more than girls will use this directive to their advantage. When a young girl is raped by a boy or a woman is raped by a man using the girls' or ladies' rest room as their own or a young boy is fondled by an older girl or woman, perhaps the democrats will think twice. Then again, will they say the young child asked for it? 
    When the presumptive nominee of the Republican party, Donald J. Trump, was asked about Obama's transgender directive, he answered as a president, not a dictator should have. He answered that the transgender bathroom issue should be a "state decision". What Trump didn't say was that it was an issue that should not even be an issue of worth to be discussing, but I will! With this country's multiple problems and a debt of over 19 trillion, I think we have more important issues to deal with at hand. Luckily for America, in seven months we will have a new president, Donald J. Trump, that will take on America's real issues, will stay out of children's bathrooms, and will "make America great again!"
Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016

To see videos re. Michelle Obama being a man click below:

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Trump's Our Guy, Get Over It!

    The votes have been counted, the people have spoken, Donald J. Trump is the presumptive Presidential nominee for the Republican party. Last week Trump took Indiana winning 57 delegates, and 53.3% of the voters giving him the path to victory. With Senator Ted Cruz only winning 36.7% of the votes the Senator surprised many in suspending his campaign after losing the primary. Not surprisingly, Governor John Kasich followed the next day in suspending his campaign as well. While Trump's competition accepted their defeat and suspended their campaigns, many key Republicans appear not to be suspending their public opposition for the presumptive nominee.
     "Get over it!" Yes, I said it. I've had it with Republican establishment key players and old cronies alike, "get over it!" The bottom line is, because of the failure of Republicans to be successful in campaigning, the Republicans have lost the White House not once, but twice! Shame on the Republican party. Because of the Republican party, and their lack of being competitive, we have had Barrack Obama, a possible, impostor as our President. Had you the Republican party done half of what you have done in attempting to stop Trump into stopping Obama, we might not have had Obama, a possible traitor as President! Had you Mr. Mitt Romney taken the white gloves off, and been half as nasty towards Obama in your Presidential campaign as you have been towards Mr. Trump, you quite possibly would be running for your re-election as President, at present. Let me add that had the Republicans been ever so zealous in their fight against Obama care, as they have been in their feeble attempts to stop Trump, we might not have Obama care, and oh let us not forget Hillary. Had you, Mr. Trey Gowdy and all of the Republicans on the Benghazi committee, been at all competent in you're going after Hillary for Benghazi, we today would not have a Hillary running for the Presidency. 
     "Get over it!" Donald Trump is the choice of the Republicans today, and he is the voice of the thousands of Americans myself included, that have tired of the Republicans failing to get the job done. Yes, "get over it", to the Speaker of the House, Mr. Paul Ryan, and others who have voiced their distaste and disapproval of Mr. Trump. All of you, who signed a pledge to support the nominee of the Republican Party, I say "get over it, and shame on you, as you are a disgrace!" Not only are you all a disgrace, but you are failures, as you have failed us the American People. We the people who have cast our ballots, and elected Mr. Trump as the Republican Presidential nominee, have elected him, as he is our voice, our voice that has not been heard. He is also the voice of those of us that are afraid of allowing Muslims into our country without a more intense way of vetting these people. Donald Trump is the voice of the middle class that YOU, the Republicans, and Democrats alike have forgotten. He is the voice of the military, and veterans that YOU, the Republicans, and Democrats have forgotten. He is the voice of the people that have lost jobs due to the failures of our government stopping companies from leaving the U.S.. Donald Trump is the voice of Americans that are living pay check to paycheck, as they are paying too high taxes. Too high taxes rewarding those benefiting off the government, in their receiving government handouts.Donald Trump is the voice of the people who have tired of a seemingly crooked government and want the transparency that was once promised by President Barrack Obama. The promise that was never delivered. Donald J. Trump is the will and the voice of the people who elected him, and I say "get over it, and embrace our candidate!" I also say for the fate of this nation, a nation in danger of collapsing, you best support him.
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Letter From A Soldier

  Dear Mom and Dad,
      First and foremost, I love you and Dad more than you'll ever know. I guess I thought I better get that out first. Sorry, but I'm calling out the elephant in the room. I honestly don't know if I'll ever see you all again. Lying here in my tent is surreal, real surreal. I mean the guys and I have a lot of time to think. Too much time to think! In fact the more time I have to think, is just more time I have to think about the things I wish I'd done, said, hope to say, and hope to accomplish. I guess in my situation those feelings are normal, but at the age of 42 it's scary, dam scary.
    Speaking of scary, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I'm scared. Enrolling in the Military seemed like a good idea at the time. With Dad, and Grandpa having served, I felt like it was my duty, but it was a different time when Dad and Grandpa served. Back when they served, America was a country that cared about it's military personnel, and their welfare. They had Presidents that gave it's military what it needed in terms of weaponry, manpower, and support. They had a leader in a President, not a follower, not a surrender-er. They had Presidents that wanted America to win, and gave orders to do all that was necessary to win. Now we have a President that sends us in after telling it's enemies we're coming, and tells us to "stand down", until it's too late to protect ourselves, our men, and anyone else for that matter. Never have I felt so vulnerable as I do now. Never have I felt so fearful, as I am now. 
     It's  horrifying, really horrifying what's taking place. Americans that care to listen and learn more about Benghazi, think Benghazi is a real tragedy, and rare occurrence. Benghazi was a real tragedy. Rare occurrence it was not. What Americans don't know, is that Benghazi happens quite regularly. In talking with the guys, I just learned of an incident that occurred not too long ago, in Afghanistan. This guy I with whom I served in Iraq was killed. I really, really liked that guy. He was a cool guy. We spoke of playing golf the next time we were both off duty, and back home. Poor guy didn't have a chance. He and two other guys were up against about a hundred men, and enemy fire. Apparently they knew it was coming, and they asked for support some 22 times. That support never came until it was too late. Frankly I'm surprised the other two men weren't killed as well. It's tough when I hear those stories because I can't help but wonder when it will be me?
    What the hell am I here for anyway? Thanks to this administration and a Commander In Chief in name only, our work in Iraq was all for not. ISIS formed due to this administration leaving Iraq so soon. What we have now in this region, is a hell hole of evil, greed, and death, and I am now in this hell hole. The difference is when I was in Iraq I was one of 166,000 troops, today I am one of 250 troops. Word has it that ISIS has around 80,000 troops. Basically we're sitting ducks over here and for what? For what purpose am I and the other men here, other than to serve as a prop for our President. What? So he can tell the world that he tried to do something to save the Syrian people? While I have compassion for these people being persecuted by both ISIS and Asaad, I can't help but think that this is a war that is not ours to fight. If I must fight this war than for the love of God, let me have a President that provides me with the necessary manpower and support. I instead have a President that warns the enemy of our coming. Had we come into Syria with first an air campaign annihilating the enemy, I would feel more secure. Instead I am here in a tent asking why? 
         Why I'm here, is I am a man of honor and I will do what is expected of me to serve my country. While I miss you, Dad, and Charlie horribly, it is all of you that keep me going. If I close my eyes and let my mind wander, I can almost feel as though I'm eating your famous prime rib in the kitchen with you and Dad, and  Charlie is curled around my feet at the kitchen table just hoping for a nibble. Wow this is hard, but then nobody ever said life was easy. 
       Looks like I'm being summoned to start my day guys. Big hug for you and Dad. And  Mom, and please give Charlie a belly rub for me, and tell him I'll be back playing ball soon. You can also tell Dad I intend to kick his butt on the links. For now I'll have to be satisfied with kicking some ISIS butts! 
          Love you guys!
       Writer's note: This is a fictional letter that I am quite certain is written every day by our young men in the military. The man mentioned in my letter whom was killed in Afghanistan, is a real soldier who's death was told to me by a family member just recently. Unfortunately it is true, back up was requested 22 times, and it never came. I am told by men in uniform, that Benghazi is now a regular occurrence under the current administration. It appears neither Obama nor Hillary care about our military's safety by repeatedly failing to back them up after being asked for help. 
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Thank You Indiana!

   The votes in Indiana have been counted, the people have spoken, and the outcome has been decided. With 53.3%  of Republicans supporting Trump, Trump won the state of Indiana. The Hoosier state did well by Trump insuring Trump the Republican nomination for President, and in turn forcing Senator Ted Cruz out of  the race. While it appeared the Senator might not go away gracefully, and quietly, he did just that. Ted Cruz receiving only 36.6% of the votes delivered a rather lengthy concession speech stating that it was time for him to drop out of the race for the Presidency. The Senator never once congratulated Trump, nor did he mention his name. Ted instead told his supporters that the voters had chosen another path, that path being Donald J. Trump. 
      Trump on the other hand could not have been more gracious in his victory speech. Not only was the businessman turned politician gracious on his win in Indiana, but he was incredibly complimentary when speaking of his fallen opponent Ted Cruz. In fact I personally thought Trump was a bit over complimentary when speaking of his defeated opponent. Had the tables been turned I seriously doubt Ted Cruz would have been even a quarter as complimentary towards Trump. Considering Cruz had engaged in dirty politicking from the start of the campaign till the bitter end. Cruz was hardly deserving of Trump's kind words, but then one has to wonder if this is the start of Trump's being "Presidential"?
       In Trump's victory speech he vowed to unite the Republican party and how better then to start with a former enemy, and opponent? Trump's other opponent, Governor John Kasich received only a mere 7.6% of the votes in Indiana, yet he has failed to concede and drop out of the race. One can only guess as to the whys of Kasich remaining in the race. While both Cruz and Kasich had hoped for a contested convention, their hope is not feasibly possible. The people of this country have spoken, and the majority of the people have chosen Donald J. Trump. The people of this nation have tired of Politicians doing nothing and want a man of the people to take action and do something! Not once did I ever hear exactly what Senator Ted Cruz or Governor John Kasich would hope to accomplish for our country and it's citizens, not once! Trump on the other hand had a platform and stuck to that platform. When Donald J. Trump states that he intends to "Make America Great Again", I believe him, and apparently most Republicans believe in him as well.
   While Trump may not accomplish everything he wants for this country I do believe he will accomplish a good many of those things. After eight years of Obama this country is broken, and in need of a leader, a real leader. Trump's platform has been set, as he wants to "Make America Great Again", and I believe he will if given the chance. With a rapidly declining middle class , a disastrous health care system, an insufficient Military, a country without borders, and a country that fails to take care of it's veterans, and instead rewards illegal immigrants, we have a country that is broken. If Donald J. Trump were to fix a quarter of America's problems we'd be better for it. With that being said, I say "thank you Indiana", in doing your part in electing Donald Trump so that he may begin his path to the White House, and "make America great Again"!
(c)Sean Bianca, GOPGIRLBLOG 2016

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Politicians Gone Mad!

   A while back on late night television there was a film appropriately names. "Girls Gone Wild". It was a film consisting of young, innocent or not so innocent, college girls, and their exploits during Spring Break while heavily intoxicated. The film was I assume distasteful, but entertaining to some. Today we could have a film named. "Politicians Gone Mad" , as the campaign trail of 2016 has been one of utter denial, insanity and complete craziness.
     It's been a long road for the Republicans, and clearly one that has taken it's toll on the candidates. Seemingly normal individuals have appeared to have transformed into complete sociopaths while on the campaign trail. Just last week Senator Ted Cruz actually announced his pick for his Vice-Presidential running mate. The announcement seemed rather odd considering Cruz had just lost five of five states, in last Tuesday's primary. Not only did the Senator lose, but he lost big. The Senator came in third, that is dead last in four of the five states. In one of those five states, the Senator came in second. All in all as of last Wednesday, Cruz had lost his chance for being selected as the Republican Presidential nominee. With no mathematical chance of winning the nomination many of the pundits expected the Senator to drop out, but no, he didn't drop out, he instead announced his running mate. 
      Who does that? Who in their right mind announces their running mate when they have just basically lost the whole kitten caboodle? Ted Cruz, that's who, but you've got to hand it to him, he stole the spotlight from the Republican front runner Donald J. Trump! In announcing Carly Fiorina as his running mate, Cruz accomplished his mission in stealing Trump's thunder. Not only did he steal Trump's thunder with his obvious denial of his loss, but he and Carly were the talk of the town. Talk of the town indeed as the Senator had acquired not only a running mate, but an entertainer as well. Ms. Fiorina shocked all as she took to the podium in song."I know two girls I just adore, I'm so happy I can see them more". Ms. Fiorina serenaded the Cruz supporters with her joy of being named Cruz's running mate. Apparently Fiorina has taken a liking to Cruz's daughters ,and wanted all to know how she so enjoys traveling with Cruz and his family. While some may have found the moment charming, others found it to be rather odd, as only months ago Fiorina expressed her utter distaste for the Senator. Strange bedfellows politicians make.
     While Fiorina singing was a rather peculiar campaign moment, and one in which many wondered if the woman had lost it, the  Cruz-Fiorina Campaign just got worse. While campaigning in Indiana, Senator Cruz temporarily "lost" his running mate and showed that "the show must go on". By "lost", I am referring to Fiorina's falling and disappearing from the podium into the abyss upon announcing the Senator to a crowd in Indiana. Ms. Fiorina went down, and Senator Cruz appeared to carry on with a business as usual attitude ,as he failed to aid the fallen Fiorina. Cruz instead went on to shake hands and chat with supporters on stage. Later on Trump spoke about the unfortunate incident. He stated to a crowd of supporters that even he would have helped her!
     While the past week's events have not been kind to Senator Cruz, the events seem to not to phase the Senator in the least. In fact the man appears to be more confident than ever. While campaigning in Indiana, Cruz took the initiative to confront a group of Trump supporters. In an attempt to gain their support Cruz asked them to name what they liked about Trump, and then proceeded to interrogate them. The Trumpsters called him "lying Ted", and then informed him that they didn't want him. Ouch! Never in my life have I ever seen a candidate harass another candidate's supporters, but then never in my life have I seen a candidate refuse to accept his having lost. Never have I witnessed such utter insanity. The Ted Cruz campaign could be appropriately named, "Politicians Gone Mad"!
      While the events of the Cruz campaign have been all be it humorous, and entertaining, it's high time it come to an end. If all goes well today, Donald J. Trump will win Indiana and will be well on the path to winning the nomination and knocking Cruz out of the Presidential race. Then again I and others have no doubt that Cruz will not take another loss lying down. Cruz will no doubt instead make an appearance stating that he is the clear winner and that he has chosen his cabinet when he receives the nomination. Nomination for the nearest loony bin perhaps, but not the Presidential nominee. In a script from what could be "Politicians Gone Mad", Senator Ted Cruz may have to be taken away in a straight jacket ,as it appears we have a candidate that has been on this campaign for far too long. Ted Cruz may not like the defeat he has incurred by Donald Trump, but it is the reality of the present. The reality is Donald J. Trump looks be the Republican Presidential nominee and it's high time Senator Ted Cruz accept his loss, pack his bags, and go home. Donald J. Trump is the choice of the people as the people know he is of sound mind, and he will in fact make America great again!
(c)Sean Bianca, GOPGIRLBLOG 2016