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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Cyber Bullying commentary by Sean Bianca

Friday, November 25, 2016

Obama, Just Go Away!

     Would someone please tell President Obama that he will soon no longer be America's president? From all appearances, it would seem that Barrack Obama is somewhat in denial. The outgoing president stated that he would not stay silent during President Elect Donald Trump's presidency. Apparently, unlike former presidents who have said little to nothing on the sitting president's policies, Barrack Obama plans to be anything, but silent.  President Barrack Obama plans to voice his opinion on the various goings on in the current administration and their actions. The question is, will anyone care? I tend to think not. I guess from my perspective, America spoke on November 8th. They spoke by using their right to vote, and they voted for Donald J. Trump. Had America cared what Obama thought, they would have voted for former Secretary Hillary Clinton. America did not. America did not vote for 4 more years of Obama. America voted for Donald J. Trump. Therefore, I am in a bit of a stupor as to why Obama would possibly think anyone in America would care about what he has to say. 

    I personally don't give one iota about what our lame duck president Barrack Obama has to say.  I didn't like anything Obama had to say as a sitting president, and I certainly won't care what he has to say as a former president. In fact, if I had to guess, most of America would like to see Obama just go away into complete obscurity. Unfortunately, with the Obama's purchase of a multi million dollar home in D.C., Obama seems to be bound and determine to be a part of the Washington political scene. Why Obama is so intent on remaining in D.C. as to watch every move President Elect Donald Trump makes is beyond me. Seriously, Barrack Obama worked as little as he felt he could get away with, without being noticed. Well, America did notice. America noticed when they had a president that chose to play golf shortly after an American had been be-headed. America noticed their First Family jet setting around the world on the dime of the taxpayers. America noticed when President Obama was missing during the 13 hours of the attack on Benghazi. America has had a president for the past 8 years that has done nothing to better the United States. America has had a president that has instead done everything in his power to destroy the United States. With Obama's disastrous "Obama Care", failure to defeat ISIS,  promotion of cop killing, his terrifyingly generous "Iran deal" and his encouragement of division in America, one really has to wonder. One has to wonder about the judgment of our "lame duck" president. Was it Obama's being "lame" or was it Obama's plan to destroy America as we have known it? Whatever the case may be, I for one don't give a damn what our outgoing president has to say.

     President Obama needs to just go away and stay away. Some time ago it was reported that Obama has purchased a home in Dubai. I think a good many Americans wish that he and his family would go to his palatial home in Dubai, and stay there. Since Obama took office he has done nothing, but apologize to the world for America and all that America has done to make it great. Well, thanks to Obama America is no longer the great nation it once was. We can only hope that President Elect, Donald Trump will follow through with his promise in making America "great again". Considering Obama has been quite effective in destroying America, I think he and his family would be best to leave. Considering Obama has such an affinity for Muslims, Dubai should be heaven on earth for the president. Just how the president can afford both a home in both Dubai and D.C. is a mystery to me as it should be to most Americans. Most presidents are far from being "well off"when they leave the presidency. Obama seems to have defied the norm. Then again, the Clintons left the White House dead broke and at present have a worth of over 200-300 million. For our sitting president to have the means to acquire a home both in Dubai and Washington D.C., I suspect the Clinton Foundation may have been quite generous to our president.

    President Obama, please, America begs of you to just go! Seriously, America clearly sent you a message on November 8th which you seem to be ignoring. America is over your "hope and change" ! America voted for Donald J. Trump, as they do not like what you've done these past 8 years. America wants "real change". America wants change for the better, not for the worse, and you Mr. President, have given America change for the worse and a divided America. America is done with you and your policies Mr. President. America can not wait for the day when President Elect undoes every last executive order you've signed. Take a hint Mr. President, America wants new blood,not old blood. America voted for Donald Trump, and America does not care to see you, nor do they care to hear from you. Therefore Mr. President, I suggest you leave the Oval Office and never look back. I also suggest you keep your nose out of the affairs of state as former Presidents have in the past. You had your chance Mr. President, and you did everything you could and more to destroy a once great nation. Your services and input are not wanted nor are they needed. America is done with the old and looking forward to the new. America is looking forward, not backwards. America is again hopeful with a future with Donald J. Trump as their next president. We are hopeful that he will make America great again!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016
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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Loathing The Protestors!

   I despise every protester in America today. I despise them as they have taken away from my being over joyed with glee about my choice for president winning the 2016 election. Not to mention the other 66,221,880 Americans who voted for President Elect Donald J. Trump. How dare the protestors ruin a joyous time for so many! How dare they, when the Democrats have won the last two presidential elections. Were the Republicans angry that they lost? You bet! Did we feel in 2012 that the election was "rigged"? You bet! It was proven after the election that there were numerous "dead people" voting. Did the Republicans protest ? No, the Republicans stayed silent. It was proven after the fact that people had voted several times. Did the Republicans protest? No, they stayed silent! It was proven that the votes from the soldiers overseas were not counted. Did the Republicans protest? No, they stayed silent! It was proven that thousands, if not more, illegal immigrants voted in the election. Did the republicans protest? No, they stayed silent. Looking back, I am now in somewhat of a quandary as to why Mitt Romney did not challenge the election result, but then again it was "gutless Mitt". Nonetheless, regardless of all of the corruption that took place in the 2012 election, the Republicans not once took to the streets and protested, rioted, and looted. Have I made my point?

    What to make of it, I'm not quite sure. Is it that the Democrats are a bunch of selfish, entitled, classless cry babies? Is it that the Democrats are a bunch of free loading, potheads? Is it that George Soros has again paid thugs, homeless, and mentally ill people to protest? Perhaps all of the above. Whatever the case, they are a menace to our society. They are a menace to our society, as they are doing nothing to help a situation that can not be changed. They are destroying businesses, causing traffic, and disruption nationwide. They are doing this, because they didn't get their way. What I find extremely amusing, is the fact that 62% of the protesters arrested failed to even vote! No doubt, those who failed to vote were most probably getting high or sleeping off a coke binge. The reality of it is, I'm quite sure the protesters are not members of the work force, as if they were they would not be protesting. No one with a 9-5 job would want to waste their free time protesting! With that being said, I have zero respect for the protesters! 

    I have to ask, just what in the hell are the liberals protesting? What? That Hillary Clinton received the popular vote and not the electoral college vote? Well, that's debatable. It has just come out that one million illegal immigrants voted in the 2016 election. In that case Hillary Clinton received 61,413,443 votes and not 62,413,443 votes. America also is clueless as to how many votes for Trump were not counted. I know of one person who's vote ended up in a person's handbag and not in the voting machine. Therefore, it's debatable as to what the popular vote actually should have been. It was also reported that several machines were not working for Trump votes. However, the reality of it is, it's all neither here nor there as Donald J. Trump is our 45th president, and all Americans need to shut up and move on!

   No one cared when the Republicans lost and no one cares that the Democrats have now lost. What I resent is that I am unable to keep my Trump/Pence bumper sticker on my car. Why? I am in fear of being either beaten up or having my car vandalized. I resent that I can not wear my Trump hat at work. Why? I might offend some people. I resent that I can not wear my hat everywhere in public. Why? Again I might offend people or have someone take a slug at me. While I am not allowed to have signs in my neighborhood, I do know of someone who did. After the election his sign had "die" written on it. Isn't that a bit harsh and mean spirited?  It sucks. It sucks, that due to the other side being whiny losers that I and others are not free to be happy about Donald J. Trump winning the 2016 election. So I say, congratulations, left, you did it. You have somewhat accomplished raining on the Trump parade. However, the fact of the matter is, President Elect Donald J. Trump won 306 electoral votes and Hillary Clinton lost, having only 232 electoral votes. While we Trumpsters may not be able to publicly show our glee, we need not. After 8 long miserable years, we won. Donald J. Trump is our 45th President, and for that I am forever thankful and joyous, as God answered our prayers.
(c)Sean Bianca 2016 GOPGIRLBLOG

Friday, November 11, 2016

A Message To The Protestors!

     Eight years ago Senator John McCain lost his bid for the presidency against President Barrack Obama. Four years ago Governor Mitt Romney lost his bid for the presidency against President Barrack Obama. Was I disappointed? You bet! Was I angry? Extremely. Was I concerned for the welfare of our nation? Most definitely! Did I fear for the future of my country? Without a doubt! The fact is, I despised our current president. Everything President Obama stood for I detested. The mere sight of our president made my blood boil, and the sound of his voice drove up my blood pressure. Every speech President Obama gave, I felt anxiety. I hated his face, I hated his long pauses in between every sentence. Every action President Obama took was never one with which I agreed. My hatred only intensified each time President Obama failed to say "radical Islam" or jetted off for a play in the city or played golf after an American beheading. I won't lie, I seriously loathed everything and anything about our current president, and yet I not once took to the streets to riot or protest a man that I honestly thought would be the demise of America!

   For four nights Americans dis-satisfied with the election of Donald J. Trump have protested and rioted. Seven cities have experienced riots with people taking to the streets to show their anger at the man whom America chose to be their 45th president. Cars are being set on fire, flags are being shredded, and businesses are being looted and destroyed. Honest hard working Americans that may have even voted for Hillary are having their lively hood sabotaged thanks to selfish, bigoted, entitled Americans. Entitled Americans protesting, because they didn't get their way. Well, as the song goes, "you can't always get what you want". One protester even went so far as to defecate in the street. After doing her business, she picked her business up and smeared it on a Trump sign. Does this women seriously expect anyone to care what she thinks of the current President Elect? If so, she has a peculiar way of doing so. She instead has put herself out on display to show all of America what it is to be a Democrat.

   Millions of Republicans haven't gotten the president they wanted for eight years, yet not once did they take to the streets and protest. They didn't protest and they certainly never threatened President Obama, call for his assassination, nor did they call for a revolution. No, the Republicans instead accepted their loss, and hoped and prayed they could win the next presidential election. We did this, because we're a civilized people. We know right from wrong, and we also know that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Not once did we throw a temper tantrum, not once did we take to the streets. We instead worked hard to elect a nominee whom we hoped would win the next presidential election, and I suggest the Democrats do the same. 

     The fact of the matter is Donald J. Trump is our 45th president. Love him or hate him, he's America's president. He's America's president as we live in a democracy in which the people choose their leaders. On November 8th, the people chose their next president. The people chose a man whom they believe will make America great again. The people chose a man whom they believe will make America safe again. The people chose a man they believe will make America prosperous again. The people chose Donald J. Trump, and there is nothing any protester can do to change that. In observance of the protesters, it would appear life has not been kind. In using President Elect Donald Trump's verbiage, I say, "what have you got to lose?" If I had to guess, nothing. Therefore it is my hope that the protesting will soon come to an end so we may come together as a nation. Come together as a nation in supporting our next president, Donald J. Trump, so he may "make America great again!"
(c)Sean Bianca 2016 GOPGIRLBLOG
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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

We Did It America, Donald J. Trump Is Our President!


   We did it, America! Donald J. Trump is the elected 45th president! Donald J. Trump worked extremely hard for the people as he campaigned seven days a week, and morning to morning. He campaigned for the people. He campaigned for us, as he saw a nation fallen far from grace. He campaigned spreading his message. His message of hope. His message of strength. His message of again being "one nation under God". Donald J. Trump spoke to the people. Donald J. Trump listened to the people. Donald J. Trump was our only savior. Donald J. Trump was our only and last hope. 

   At around 2:30 a.m. the race was called for Donald J. Trump as he had received 289 electoral votes. Secretary Clinton receiving 215 electoral votes placed a call, and conceded to President elect Donald J. Trump. As tears of joy ran down my face, I realized America's prayers had been answered. Franklin Graham was quoted as saying, "when God's people pray, mountains can be moved", and he was right. In 2012, 26 million Evangelicals stayed home and failed to vote. This election was quite different, as a record number of evangelicals came out and voted. I suspect their votes went to President elect, Donald J. Trump. 

   We did it America! We used our voices, our votes, and the power of prayer to get Donald J. Trump elected as the 45th president of the United States! We proved the pundits wrong. We proved that good "trumps" evil in electing President elect, Donald J. Trump. The United States had their own "Brexit" with their election of Donald J. Trump. They said "Brexit" would never take place, but it did. Just as "Brexit" took place, the election of Donald J. Trump took place. We proved that "we the people's voice" still matters. "We the people" told Washington, "the people" want their country back. "We the people" voted and received a Republican Senate and Congress, ensuring President elect Donald J. Trump will get the job done. He will begin his work with doing away with virtually each and every executive order issued by President Barrack Obama. I suspect Obama Care will be one of the first. In many of his speeches, he would say, "I will never ever let you down", and I believe it. President elect, Donald J. Trump, I am convinced you will make America great again!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2016
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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Let's Take This Country Back!

       You could have heard a pin drop upon my hearing the news that James Comey had closed the case into the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails. Justice, where's justice? In using an unsecured server, Hillary Clinton enabled at least five of our enemies the ability to gain intelligence of our nation's most sensitive and classified material. Hillary Clinton put every American at risk with her "carelessness". The truth is Hillary Clinton's "carelessness" or "negligence" may well have been the cause of death for many, many Americans. America will never know how many deals went bad due to Hillary's "carelessness". America will never know how many Americans in combat were killed due to Hillary's "carelessness". Americans do know four Americans died in Benghazi due to Hillary's "carelessness". I suspect there have been many more lives lost, thanks to Hillary's "negligence". How could there not be? When a nation's enemies have access to a nation's military strategy, a nation's military's location, and every other sensitive piece of material, a nation is a virtual sitting duck for disaster. Clearly, Hillary Clinton cared not about protecting America's classified information. No, Hillary could have cared less about the security of our nation's most classified material. What Hillary Clinton cared about was protecting her own initiative. Her initiative of bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars through selling out the United States and its people. Hillary leveraged herself, her husband, and her family by partaking in various "pay for play schemes" as to enrich herself, her family, and her friends.

    Despicable is what Hillary Clinton is. Even more despicable is the fact that she is even able to run for the presidency. Hillary Clinton, who Rudy Guilliani claims he could convict, is guilty of around 30 crimes, but is running around free as a jay bird. Not only is she free, she is running for the presidency. Meanwhile, a man by the name of Kristian Saucier, is serving a year in prison for merely taking pictures on a U.S. submarine. Mr. Saucier is missing the first year of his baby girl's life for taking pictures as to show his family. Mr. Saucier clearly made an innocent mistake. Hillary Clinton clearly did not make an innocent mistake. Hillary Clinton was in many people's opinion using an unsecured server for one reason only. That reason was to hide her numerous wrongdoings. Pay for play, satanic rituals, involvement and support of ISIS, a massive international sex trafficking ring, the mocking of virtually all Americans and Christians. The list is endless, and yet Hillary remains free. Hillary remains free even when being so careless as to allow her maid to print classified material...

   Yes, Hillary's maid even had access to her emails. You see, Hillary has no respect for the United States nor it's people. Hillary Clinton has no respect as she has literally gotten away with every crime she has committed. She may well have even gotten away with murder, not once, not twice, but quite possibly several times over. The fact is we appear to no longer be living in a democracy. It would seem that we are living in a banana republic. While the constitution was supposed to ensure no one could get away with being lawless without answering to another branch of government, such is no longer the case. Our Department of Justice has let America down, and our F.B.I. has let America down. These departments deserve no respect, as they have betrayed the American people in allowing Hillary Clinton the ability to get away with her crimes. No presidential candidate in history has ever been under a federal criminal investigation, until Hillary Clinton, and I find that disturbing. America has a woman who could not so much as pass a basic FBI background check and no one in our justice system seems to care.

     It is my hope that the news of James Comey closing the email investigation will be of some help to Donald Trump. Today Americans learned that Hillary Clinton is above the law. While every other American is held accountable for various wrongdoings, Hillary is not. Thanks to the Clinton Foundation, Hillary is now worth over 300 million, and therefore she is able to buy her way out of any crime she commits. Most Americans do not have the ability to buy their way out of prosecution. I would think most Americans would resent that fact. I say Americans take a stand against the lawless Hillary Clinton, and vote for Donald J. Trump. Perhaps we as Americans can show the world that we will not stand for corruption. We can win this fight if we take the Trump movement all the way to the White house!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2016

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Comparing a Hillary Economy to a Trump Economy

"Weinergate" Part II

    When the FBI Director, James Comey, made the decision to re-open the email investigation case, most of America knew there had to be a damn good reason. There was. Thanks to Anthony Weiner's sexting underage girls, the FBI may have just opened the biggest scandal in U.S. history. The scandal of which I am speaking is a huge child trafficking and pedophile sex ring operating in Washington D.C. and so it would seem, Hillary Rodham Clinton and hubby Bill are the ringleaders. As stated in the Conservative Daily Post; As of November 1st, the FBI has two active investigations into the Clintons: the Clinton Foundation for “pay-to-play” schemes and Hillary Clinton sending and receiving classified emails on Anthony Wiener’s server.
A source from the FBI has indicated that a third development has been launched from the Clinton investigation that a massive child trafficking and pedophile sex ring operates in Washington, D.C.
According to these reports, there are at least 6 members of Congress and several leaders from federal agencies that partake in the pedophile ring, which they say was run directly with the Clinton Foundation as a front.
According to another source from the NYPD, investigators only became aware of the sex ring following the seizure of Anthony Weiner’s laptop.
   With over 650k emails to sort through, the FBI is attempting to get to the truth, but my fear is with millions of Americans having already voted, it may already be too late. For the past few days Hillary has had only one issue of which has been of any importance. "Vote early"! Again and again Hillary has urged voters to get out the vote and vote early. There has been zero talk of her dream of "open borders". There has been zero talk on the failed "Obama Care". There has been zero talk of strengthening our military or of plans at present and in the future for our safety. Essentially there has been zero talk on any of the issues of importance to today's voters.  Unfortunately, millions of voters have already cast their ballot for Hillary Clinton, a woman who may well be indicted and prosecuted for her wrongdoings. 
    Americans must band together and not let Hillary Clinton back in the White House. While Donald J. Trump may have his moments of lacking political correctness, he has never committed treason against his country. While Donald Trump may not be a "experienced politician", he does not have a career of 30 years of failures and and wrongdoings.Furthermore, Donald J. Trump has never ever been implicated in an international child trafficking and pedophile ring. 
   America needs to wake up and pay attention in the next coming days. While the FBI hopefully will soon break the story of the child trafficking, one must also keep their eyes glued to Wikileaks. America has a vile, amoral heathen running for the presidency, and it is the duty of every American to stop her from being our next president. Our next president must be a patriot that will stand up for America, Americans, and its children. America will do this in their election of Donald J. Trump!
Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2016 #donaldtrumpforpresident #draintheswamp #women4trump #hillaryand pedophilia

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


    Here we go again; Hillary Clinton is again being investigated by the FBI. Then again the case against the former Secretary of State was never really ever officially closed. The fact is James Comey, the Director of the FBI, never ever should have chosen not to recommend prosecution for Madame Hillary. In a recent campaign speech, Hillary stated, "Here we go again", as to tell the crowd that poor little Hillary was being victimized by a witch hunt. While Hillary may want her supporters to believe that James Comey is in the wrong in his re-opening a case that Hillary feels is a mere plot against her, that just isn't the case. James Comey  chose to re-open the case as there was enough damaging evidence against Hillary Clinton to persuade the FBI director to choose to pursue a case that clearly never should have been closed. 

    As per the Clinton playbook, Hillary has come out on the campaign trail swinging against James Comey and the FBI. That's the career long strategy of the Clinton's. It's also the strategy of the Democrats. When attacked, attack back and play the blame game. While Hillary Clinton and the Democrats might like to have the people in this country believe they are being wrongly persecuted, nothing could be further from the truth. Perhaps the Democrats should not have nominated the most politically corrupt candidate for the presidency in the first place. In the Democrats' nominating the most politically corrupt candidate in history, the Democrats have gotten just what they nominated. The Democrats nominated a criminal, and that is precisely why the Democrats now have a candidate that is in the eleventh hour of the presidential election under a federal investigation for wrongdoings. Wrongdoings as committed by Secretary Hillary Clinton. The fact is, without concrete evidence, the FBI would not have been able to obtain a search warrant, It's just not possible. The FBI can not get a search warrant without evidence of probable cause of criminality. James Comey was granted a search warrant. Therefore we know James Comey had evidence. Donald Trump is absolutely correct in his talk against his opponent, Hillary Clinton. Trump yesterday stated that "this is the biggest scandal since Watergate" and that is no exaggeration,

     "Weinergate" is no witch hunt. If Hillary or anyone else really cares to know the hows and whys of James Comey's reopening a case that was never formally closed, they can find out quite easily. In asking James Comey to produce the search warrant that was obtained, one will find out exactly what evidence has been found. There is no real mystery. Hillary Clinton, a former attorney knows this. Therefore when Hillary demands to know what the FBI has on her, she can find out quite easily. The truth is she doesn't care to know what evidence is being held or if she does she cares not to share the evidence with her supporters.It's just more of Hillary Clinton's b.s.!

    As it appeared in July that James Comey was in the bag for Hillary, one can't help but wonder just what was so damaging against Hillary that he could not look away. Deleting 33,000 emails after an indictment wasn't prosecution worthy. Mishandling classified emails wasn't prosecution worthy. Putting American lives at risk in using an unsecured server wasn't prosecution worthy, so just what was it? Apparently in the investigation of some 650k emails of the sexting Anthony Weiner, there is something that is extremely damaging to Hillary Clinton. As per a tweet on twitter, the public may know what evidence was so severe that even James Comey could not turn the other cheek and look away. In so many words, the person states that their NYPD source says the evidence is much more vile and serious than classified material on Weiner's device. Apparently the emails detail the trips made by Weiner, Bill, and Hillary on their pedophile billionaire friend's plane, the Lolita Express, otherwise known as a "flying brothel". The email also seems to tell of Hillary's well documented predilection for underage girls, and for some reason Anthony Weiner just could not part with these emails. It would appear that the FBI may have found Hillary as having an involvement with  international child enslavement and a sex ring. As so it seems Bill Clinton is not the only Clinton with an affliction towards young girls. While the media has unsuccessfully tried to keep Bill's sexcapades out of the news, they have been successful in keeping Hillary's sexcapades out of the news, until of recent.   

     Donald Trump is right when he says, "Hillary Clinton has no shame". She has no shame and furthermore she has no morals, nor values. She is simply amoral. Awhile back Hillary called all of Trump's supporters "deplorable" . I find that comment rather ironic, for it is Hillary Clinton who is "deplorable". Not only is Hillary "deplorable" she is also despicable, vile, and disgusting. Hillary Clinton is not even human. She is a complete heathen who must never be elected president. Make no bones about it, if Hillary Clinton is elected to the presidency, this country is not a country under God, but a country under Satan and a heathen who will no doubt destroy the America we have all known and loved. 
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2016