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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Jeb's Failed "Proven Record"!

     Jeb Bush's "proven record" as a two term Governor of Florida has earned him fifth place in the polls in his own state. Jeb has only earned four percent of the confidence of voters in his own state, and he's boasting of his "proven record"? That "proven record" was one of tax policies favoring the wealthy corporations at the expense of a declining middle class, fiscal irresponsibility proving costly for the state, a failure to create jobs as promised, a failed policy to privatize veteran's health care, reforms on schools, and support for common core deeming it as particularly damaging, causing a down swing in morale among Florida's best teachers, and a decline in Florida's academic ratings. Bush's "proven record" also is one of his support for an unsuccessful bill allowing illegal immigrants to be issued driver's licenses, and a "proven record" of his inability to work with those in his own party. That's some "proven record", I hate to imagine what Jeb's "proven record" would do to an entire country!
      While Jeb's record in Florida has not been one to boast of, neither is his use of "eminent domain". In the last Republican debate on Saturday night, Jeb attacked fellow candidate and front runner Donald Trump, on his use of eminent domain. The former Governor failed to mention his attempted use of eminent domain, and his family's use of eminent domain. Jeb himself attempted to use the bill against a disabled navy seal for an environmental project back in 2005. Bush's family on the other hand was successful in their use of "eminent domain". Back in the 1990s when the family owned a part of the "Texas Rangers", the family used the bill to build a parking lot for the Texas Ranger's baseball stadium. While Jeb himself was not successful in his attempted use of eminent domain, Jeb clearly understands the benefits to both the developer and the owner of the property desired. "Eminent domain" is necessary and is monetarily beneficial to all in most instances.
      When scrutinized, Jeb's "proven record" as the Governor of Florida is less than impressive. Jeb's family is also less than impressive as well. While every family has at least "one" black sheep of the family, Jeb appears to have a whole flock of black sheep in his family. Not just one family member has had a run in with the law, all of Jeb's immediate family members have had run ins with the law. In 1999 Jeb's wife Columba, failed to claim $19,000. in clothing, and jewelry to customs when arriving at the Atlanta airport upon her return from a trip in Paris. Apparently Columba had over indulged in her shopping spree, and didn't want her husband to know. She paid a hefty fine and was in the spotlight for days. Also in the spotlight ,was Jeb's daughter. Noelle Bush was arrested in January of 2002 for attempting to fill a phony prescription for Xanex. The crime carried a  maximum penalty of five years in jail, and a $5000. fine but with no known previous criminal record the Bush daughter was released without having to post bond. However Noelle Bush went on to violate the rules of the program that she was meant to complete, landing her in jail in July of 2002. Sadly Noelle Bush's troubles did not end there. While Noelle was in a rehab facility in October of 2002, she was found to be in possession of crack. She was sentenced to ten days in prison and has admirably appears to have overcome her troubles, and is currently employed by her father. Last but not least is Jeb's son, John. John was arrested in 2005 in Houston, Texas for both public intoxication and resisting arrest. Suffice it to say I have to ask how can a man run a successful country if a man can not run his own family? As the troubles of Jeb's family are to be pitied, those troubles are also a concern of some voters, as it's just more of Jeb's "proven record".
        America doesn't need Jeb's "proven record". This is a man that did not flourish as a Governor, and he won't fourish as a President. Jeb's support for common core would be a nationwide educational disaster instead of a just a Floridian educational disaster. Jeb's vague views on immigration are not what America needs in a time of terrorism, and time of America not helping it's own. Jeb's failure to create jobs in Florida while Governor will not help the America's unemployed. Jeb Bush has had a disaster of a family, a disastrous plan for education, failed plans for creating jobs, proven leniency on immigration, and tax policies hurting the middle class. Jeb Bush has spent over 100 million dollars in negative ads against his former friend and fellow candidate Marco Rubio, and the Presidential front runner, Donald Trump. One hundred million and Jeb is still not out in front? The last thing America needs is Jeb's "proven record". 
(c)Sean Bianca

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