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Thursday, February 25, 2016

While Trump's Winning The Media And GOP Are Losing!

          "How can Trump be stopped?" "What can be done to decapitate Trump's campaign?" 'What will it take for another candidate to beat Donald Trump?" Day after day, all day long, the media is a buzz with endless chatter on the various ways one might take down Trump, and my reply is why? Why does the media feel a need to report on not Trump's impressive wins, but his opponent's losses. Since when did coming in second ,and third place take precedence over first? Since when did someone not even in second or third place take precedence over first? Since when did a person coming in first place be treated like a person with the plague? Since Donald J. Trump took over as the Republican Presidential front runner nominee, that's when.
         As Donald Trump has continued to rise in the polls and win not just one state, but three, the media has become increasingly critical, and ridiculously silent on much of the goings on within the Trump campaign trail. Fox News, the supposed conservative network has been disappointing to say the least.The network has discounted Trump's wins as they were nothing much at all while glorifying Marco Rubio's second place finish with bells and whistles. At times Fox in particular has all but completely ignored Trump. Fox has chosen to interview the likes of Jeb Bush who has since dropped out, Ben Carson, who clearly has little chance at being the nominee, and second place finishers, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz. While Fox may have a hankering to hear words of wisdom from fallen and failing candidates, I and many others would rather not. What viewers want to hear is Trump! Viewers want to hear from Trump, about Trump and anything and everything about Trump.
         These days if one has a desire to hear the successes of Trump's winnings one must watch CNN, or MSNBC. While the other networks may clearly support the left, they at least are somewhat reporting on Trump, but with an agenda, an agenda to stop him and stop him fast. One news anchor reported on Trump voters standing in line in South Carolina, his mission was clear. "Take Trump down!" With every civilian the news anchor interviewed, he attempted to bait the person into saying something negative about Trump. Much to his chagrin he failed miserably, and therefore ended his interview with various Trump voters, proving that there's just no stopping voters for Trump.
         There's no stopping Trump due to Trump being unstoppable. While the media is mocking Trump, the people of this country are not laughing. While the media bashes Trump, the people are not listening. The people are not listening due to the people being angry with how this country has fallen in stature, trade, prosperity, and economics. The GOP and their conservative cronies can criticize Trump till the cows come home and it won't matter in the least. The people have had it with career politicians doing much ado about nothing. The people see greatness in the making in electing Donald Trump. While the media may not see it, nor want to see it, they have no choice. The media and republican parties can do what they may as to destroy Trump, but they will not succeed.
          While Trump's winning, the media, and GOP are losing, and losing big. No one cares to hear a thirty minute speech from a second or third place finisher. No one cares to hear the media constantly bring a person down who has worked hard, run a clean campaign, and succeeded. The media I have no doubt is hoping for an upset as to jump on Trump and interview him at length after a loss. Sad that the media has little time for Trump as a winner, but has all the time in the world and then some after a loss. After Trump's second place finish in the Iowa Caucuses, the media was all a buzz. That second place loss may as well have been the end of the world, while Rubio's second place finish in New Hampshire was reported on as if it were the second coming of Christ. Always a double standard for Trump and one that seems to get only more biased with time.
         In 1982 Don Henley had a song called "Dirty Laundry" and it is so apropos to the media's mistreatment of Donald Trump. "Kick em when their up, kick em when their down". So fitting to this election season. America has greatness in the making and unfortunately the media and the Republican party can't see it. While they may refuse to see greatness in the making, and may want to bring Trump down, we the supporters of Trump care not. We know what we have in our chosen candidate, Donald Trump whether the media and Republicans wish to see it or not. we know America has our new President in Donald J. Trump!
(c)Sean Bianca 2016

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