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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Why Every Woman Should Support Trump!

    "Donald Trump hates women"; it's been said by all those opposing the republican presumptive presidential nominee, and it's time to put it to rest. Donald Trump DOES NOT HATE WOMEN! Having never personally met Mr. Trump, many would say how could I possibly make such a statement? Easy, because I know men who hate women, and Donald Trump is not a man that hates women. In fact, Donald Trump is just the opposite. He is a man that loves, supports, and appreciates women. Such has been shown again and again by the women who surround Donald  Trump both in business and family.
     While Donald Trump's having many women in high executive positions in his corporations is a well known fact, it is not that of which tells me of Donald Trump's respect and admiration for women. It is the relationship between Donald Trump and his two daughters, Ivanka and Tiffany, that tell me of Trump's relationship with women. If Donald Trump were not a loving and supportive father, his daughters would not have the high respect for him that has been shown. His daughters would also not be the successful and confident women that they are today. Show me a woman without confidence, I'll show you a critical father that only pushed that woman down. Show me a confident woman, and I'll show you a father that only expressed praise and support for that woman. Donald Trump's daughters are proof that he is not at all a woman hater. His relationship with his daughters can not be denied nor debated.
    "Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters Devotional" is a newly released book by Meg Meeker, MD. that goes into detail of the impact a father has on his daughter and her success. Ms. Meeker's book is that of a self help book to every father of a daughter in which it teaches men how to be the father they need be as to have a young girl that will grow into a strong woman. Clearly Mr. Trump was not in need of such a book as he did quite well on his own, having two beautiful, intelligent, strong daughters. Having known several women who did not have supportive fathers, I know this to be true. Bottom line, Donald Trump's falsely reported "hate for women" is a liberal tactic and nothing more.
     Some would beg to differ, as it is true that at times Donald Trump has made unfavorable remarks about certain women. Trump has indeed called Rosie O'Donnell a "fat pig", and well if the shoe fits... The fact is Rosie O'Donnell is fat, obnoxious, classless, loud mouthed, and not what I call a lady that deserves my respect much less Donald Trump's. Let's call it like it is. Trump has also been quoted as calling women "gold diggers" and the fact is gold diggers are a dime a dozen depending upon where one lives. Trump has been guilty of saying many unkind things to certain women. However, many times Trump's comments were well deserved. Mr. Trump was also a younger and immature man at the time. I'm quite certain if the media dissected every man in Washington's rhetoric when speaking about women the media would have a field day. In speaking of the elephant in the room with the number of affairs and sexual liaisons occurring in D.C., I hardly think our politicians have the mouths of choir boys. 
     As a woman, I care not of what Mr. Donald Trump has said about certain women. I am in agreement that the women he has targeted or spoken of have deserved what he has said. What matters most is the fact that Donald J. Trump has given women in his company the opportunity to excel, and that the women whom are closest to him are strong, successful, and moral women. Hillary Clinton may say what she will of Donald Trump, but it fails to compute. Many years ago prior to Trump's running for the presidency I was taken aback by something Trump's daughter Ivanka said. In so many words, she stated that she knew no matter how important a business meeting her father was having, she could talk to her Dad. She could even call him if he were meeting with the president. She as his daughter could interrupt any meeting if she needed her father. Nothing was more important than his children. That spoke volumes to me, and should speak volumes to others. Any woman struggling with her decision for whom she should vote, need not look further; the answer is Donald Trump.
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