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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Landslide Victory For Trump!

          The votes have been counted, New Hampshire has spoken, and it is official, Donald J. Trump has been declared the winner for the candidacy of the Republican nominee for President. While Cruz just barely beat Trump in Iowa with questionable numbers, Trump beat everyone not just by a little, but by a lot. Trump won in a landslide. Rick Lowry, of The National Review, called the last night's victory, a "huge victory" and stated that there was a massive gap between Trump and the other candidates in the race. With 35% of the Republican voters for Trump, it was clear that Trump was the winner. While the Trump team was confident that Trump would take New Hampshire, the numbers out performed Trump's expectations. 
    With 92% of the votes having been counted, Trump received 92,417 of the votes or 35% of the votes. Second place John Kasich received 41,813 or 16% of the votes. In third place was the Iowa Caucus winner, Ted Cruz receiving, 30,416 or 12% of votes. While Cruz and Trump may have been only 4.5  percentage points apart  in Iowa, there was  a 24 percentage point spread between Trump and Cruz in New Hampshire. Placing in fourth was former Florida Governor Jeb Bush ,with 29,186,or 11% of the votes while Jeb's former friend, and colleague Sen. Marco Rubio place fifth, with only 27,411, or 11% of the votes. New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie placed in sixth with 19,544, or only 8% of the votes. Suffice it to say Trump annihilated the rest of the pack in the New Hampshire primary, while the pack is spinning in an all out mess of a race for third and fourth place positions, 
      After winning the New Hampshire Primary, Trump gave a gracious, sincere, and appreciative 15 minute speech, in which he congratulated the Democratic winner, Bernie Sanders. While he congratulated Sanders it was not without telling voters of Sanders' plans to "give away the country". Kasich gave his own victory speech in which he announced he would be the next President. With only 16% of the voters in N.H. in his court, the Governor from Iowa has some catching up to do. Then again Jeb Bush the candidate running more negative ads than any other candidate, claimed his fourth place finish had "reset the race". The former Florida Governor is said to  be planning a "scorched earth attack on opponents,  John Kasich, and Marco Rubio. 
       Trump won last night's primary without question, and without any real challenge. New Hampshire voters spoke. The Trump supporters were of every imaginable group possible. They were voters of all levels of education, every race, religion, and every income. The voters cast their ballot,s and their ballots "spoke" to not only the Republicans, but the country. The voters are angry at our government, and the direction  of which our country is headed. While Trump was widely criticized for calling a ban on all Muslims coming into our country until they could be properly vetted, 64% of the voters in New Hampshire were said to support Trump's position. While the country's safety was of primary concern to the voters of New Hampshire, Trump won on virtually every other topic as well. Economy, education, health care, benefits for Veterans, you name it, the people want Trump. New Hampshire has spoken and New Hampshire wants Donald J. Trump for President, as they know Trump will "make America great again"!
(c)Sean Bianca
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