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Friday, January 29, 2016

Trump Takes Action And Wins!

          It's been eight long years of Barack Obama. Eight long years of overspending, dramatic military cut backs, scandal on top of scandal, over taxation, and lies. Eight years of Republicans allowing President Obama to literally get away with murder, and we the people have had enough! We the people of the United States of America want action. We've been told by the Republicans that they would repeal Obama Care and they have failed. We've been told by the Republicans that they would prosecute Hillary Clinton for her wrongdoings in regards to Benghazi, and they have failed. We've been told the Republicans would impeach President Obama for treasonous  activity, and they again failed. Time and time again we the people have been told of the actions that our Republican elected officials would take, and they have taken little to NO action. Due to our party's inability to take action, Obama and his administration have been able to get away with stripping Americans of their liberties bit by bit. Americans have had enough of politicians not taking action, which is precisely why I, and a good majority of Americans are standing with Donald J. Trump.
        Donald Trump stands up for what he believes in, and takes action when necessary, and that is one of many reasons why I stand with Trump. Case in point, last night's Fox News/Google Debate. Fox news insulted GOP front runner Donald Trump and Trump in turn told Fox that he would not be doing their debate. Trump instead organized a last minute event to raise money for Veterans, a charity that he has passionately spoken about in every debate, every campaign speech, and nearly every interview. Not surprisingly the critics, other candidates, and much of the media criticized him, and predicted that this would be the end of his reign in the race for the republican nomination of President.
         One doesn't become a billionaire by being ignorant, and that is certainly true of Trump. Trump's not participating in the last GOP debate prior to the Iowa caucuses was the best move he could have made. In not going to the debate Trump won, and Fox News lost. Trump showed America that he means what he says. If Trump says he is or is not going to do something, he means it. Fox news learned and the people learned. We all learned that in Donald Trump we have a man who will take action. Trump doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk, and that is why so many Americans are standing behind him. Americans want a President that will stand up for them, and stand up for America, not back down and apologize for America as our current President has done so many times.
        Not backing down is one of the qualities I so admire in Mr. Donald Trump. Fox news right up to almost 9 p.m. attempted to get Trump back into the debate, and without success. Trump had planned an event and was not about to break his commitment, and he was smart. He was smart as there was much more going on with this last debate than we the people could have known. Fox News had a plan and that plan was to take both Trump, and Cruz out of the race, and make their golden boy shine. That golden boy of whom I am speaking of is former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush. 
         Jeb Bush with only 4% of the voters  supporting him, proves the people do not want him as the Presidential nominee. However Jeb Bush appears to be the chosen candidate of Fox News, and quite possibly the old establishment , the Republican Party. While being at the bottom of the pack would make most candidates drop out of the race, Bush has remained in the race for the long haul. Bush has also suddenly gained an all new, somewhat false confidence that has been absent until of recent. I believe he is confident as he knows that he is the man many in Wall Street, and many in favor of a dreamed border-less globe want as their candidate for the Presidency. As reported in Breibart News, Rupert Murdoch, the Fox News chairman, is also co-chairman of the Partnership for a New American Economy, one of the most powerful immigration lobbying firms in the country. Murdoch and a New American Economy are pushing an open borders agenda. Everything makes sense once filling in the blanks. Fox doesn't want Trump, as Trump's campaign threatens Murdoch's desires for a continuous flow of cheap immigrant labor with his closed borders policy and wish for a wall. Bottom line Murdoch wants Bush first, and Rubio second, as they are the two men that will aid Murdoch and a New American Economy in their agenda of what they want.
     While average Americans were clueless of the goings on between  Fox News and Trump, Trump knew full well what was going on. Trump won last night. Trump stood his ground when disrespected by Fox News, and did not show up at last night's debate. Trump had his own event, and was accompanied by two other Republican Presidential candidates, Mike Huckabee, and Rick Santorum .Both of whom in the past have won the Iowa caucuses. Having Huckabee, and Santorum by his side was the best campaign move Trump could have made. Trump's not debating accomplished much for Trump. Around six million dollars was raised by Mr. Donald Trump, and his friends for the vets, and Trump was able to avoid being attacked and made to look bad in Fox News' debate.Trump came out on top. How could he not? Trump himself even donated one million dollars of his own, and showed America ,and Iowans that he will not back down. Trump proved he will always stand up for what he believes in, and that is the character in a leader I so miss. I want a candidate that believes in America, does not apologize for America, and will forever stand up for America. That leader is Donald Trump! 
(c)Sean Bianca 2016

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dirty Politics And The Media

       Politics is a dirty business, no ands, ifs or buts about it, and the race for the republican nomination of who will run for President is getting as nasty as nasty can get. From the get go the Republican party has made no secret of their distaste for the now Republican front runner Donald Trump. The GOP wanted Jeb Bush, and much to their chagrin Jeb was not the candidate that they had hoped. As Jeb failed, the GOP then turned their sights on the golden boy of the party, Senator Marco Rubio, but he disappointingly failed to beat both of  their enemies. Enemy number one, Donald Trump, and enemy number two, Ted Cruz. Frustratingly the last two candidates the Republicans wanted as their nominee for the Presidency are on top, with little hope for either candidate of their choice. That being said begins the chess game of how to win in the game of politics.
        How do you win in politics? You win by playing dirty, and you win by scheming, something Donald Trump a political newcomer is learning, and learning fast. While America is scratching their heads over why Fox news would choose Meghan Kelly to moderate the final debate prior to the Iowas caucuses, Fox news was quite possibly scheming to aid their chosen candidate in rising to the top. A reporter continuously showing a biased opinion against one particular candidate should NOT be a moderator in a Presidential debate. Fox wanted ratings, Fox wanted a fight, and Fox may quite possibly have hoped their debate consisting of a cat-fight with Kelly and Trump would help Senator Marco Rubio in the polls. 
         Seem far fetched? Yes indeed it does, but it doesn't when you learn that the executive in charge of the Fox News/Google Debate has a daughter who just happens to be a senior executive for Senator Marco Rubio's campaign. In knowing this I can't say I blame the Republican front runner for not participating in the debate. Why walk into a debate with the knowledge of a plan to make one fail? It appears this debate is a debate with an agenda. The agenda is one to destroy the candidates that don't fit into the Republican's "Stepford like" model of what their perfect candidate should look like and to catapult their perfect "Stepford like" candidate to the top. The Republicans don't like Trump, and they don't like Cruz, the Republicans want who they want.
      Who do the Republicans want? They want Marco Rubio and if he doesn't pan out there is talk they will bring Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney into the race. Maybe the Republicans want who they want, but what happened to who the people want as President of the United States? The people of the United States of America have tired of being lied to and pushed around. The people are disappointed in the Republican party. The people have elected a Republican majority into both the House and the Senate and they have been let down. The people have not been let down once, or twice, but several times. The people want Donald Trump. The people want a man that is not politically correct. The people want a man that will stand up for them, speak for them, hear them, and defend them. Fox news and the Republicans may scheme and dream, and engage in dirty politics till the cows come home, and the people will still stand behind the GOP front runner, Donald Trump!
(c)Sean Bianca 2016

No Trump, No Debate!

      Des Moines Iowa is the place and the FOX NEWS/Google GOP debate stage is set. The American Anthem will be sung, and the spotlight will shine. The spotlight will shine on the eight Republican Presidential candidates that are to be in the main debate of interest. Only seven of the candidates will be in attendance, and be participating in the long awaited Iowan debate. The Republican front runner, Donald J. Trump will not be participating in tomorrow night's debate as a matter of principle, and one of which many Americans agree. Not surprisingly Trump is taking heat for his decision to withdraw from the debate. Trump's decision is not a poor decision, but a smart decision, and smart decisions are the making of leader and a strong leader at that.
    Without the leading candidate you don't have a debate. No Trump, no debate! In my opinion Fox news attempted to gain viewers in their choosing Meghan Kelly to be one of the moderators in tomorrow night's debate, and they failed. They failed miserably as Donald Trump "trumped" Fox news, and pulled out. In choosing Kelly they knew that viewers would be sure to tune in as one would have to have lived under a rock to not know of the feud between Kelly and Trump. Kelly started this feud, and Kelly and her network appear to want to continue the feud, but Trump is bowing out. In Fox's first debate Kelly was not a moderator, she was a prosecutor. A moderator questions, a moderator does not lend opinions ,nor attack. Kelly did just that, and who's to say that she would not be guilty of the same again? 
       In the first Fox News debate, Fox news reporter Meghan Kelly posed Trump with a rather sexist question at the beginning of the night, and one many were up in arms over. Not only did Kelly pose Trump with a question that was one of controversy, but she offered a rather cocky attitude and got overly involved as well. A moderator is only meant to moderate ,and question, not show favoritism and interject a commentary. The exchange went as follows, Kelly: "Mr. Trump, one of the things people love about you is you speak your mind and you don’t use a politician’s filter. However, that is not without its downsides, in particular, when it comes to women. You’ve called women you don’t like “fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals.”"Your Twitter account…" Trump:: 'Only Rosie O’Donnell." Kelly: "No, it wasn’t. Your Twitter account…"  "For the record, it was well beyond Rosie O’Donnell." Trump: "Yes, I’m sure it was." Kelly: "Your Twitter account has several disparaging comments about women’s looks. You once told a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees. Does that sound to you like the temperament of a man we should elect as president, and how will you answer the charge from Hillary Clinton, who was likely to be the Democratic nominee, that you are part of the war on women?" Trump then answered: "I think the big problem this country has is being politically correct. I’ve been challenged by so many people, and I don’t frankly have time for total political correctness. And to be honest with you, this country doesn’t have time either. This country is in big trouble. We don’t win anymore. We lose to China. We lose to Mexico both in trade and at the border. We lose to everybody. And frankly, what I say, and often times it’s fun, it’s kidding. We have a good time. What I say is what I say. And honestly Meghan, if you don’t like it, I’m sorry. I’ve been very nice to you, although I could probably maybe not be, based on the way you have treated me. But I wouldn’t do that.But you know what, we — we need strength, we need energy, we need quickness and we need brain in this country to turn it around. That, I can tell you right now." The exchange was not one of a typical debate, it was a biased moderator with a mission to destroy a candidate. The same occurred in the last Presidential election between then Governor Mitt Romney and current President Barrack Obama. Moderator Candy Crowley cut Romney off in an exchange regarding Benghazi. Romney wrongly backed down. Had Crowley allowed Romney to further discuss the wrong doings of the Obama administration with Benghazi, Romney might have been the President today, he did not and we have paid the price with the re-election of Barrack Obama.
       In knowing the animosity that Meghan Kelly had for Donald Trump I feel Fox News should have back tracked in their choosing Kelly to moderate. Repeatedly Kelly has continued her distaste for the front runner in her show "The Kelly File",  and therefore I feel Kelly should not have been chosen to moderate the final debate prior to the Iowa caucuses. I myself can't help but wonder if the all knowing, ball busting Kelly has her own political motives. Kelly herself identifies as an Independent, and has admitted to voting for both Democrats and Republicans.While an Independent should have an unbiased opinion, Kelly has time and time again unleashed her opinion on Trump as well as the network. Upon hearing the news of Trump's withdrawal from the debate a  Fox news spokesman then released the following statement to The Business Insider, "We learned from a secret back channel that the Ayatollah and Putin both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes president — a nefarious source tells us that Trump has his own secret plan to replace the Cabinet with his Twitter followers to see if he should even go to those meetings." 
      While Fox News may have thought they would bait the leading candidate into participating in their debate Trump is standing his ground. Trump is a man who speaks the truth, and speaks his mind. Trump is without filters and therefore Trump not attending the Fox News channel's debate is the most intelligent move Trump could have made. Sometimes, less said or nothing said is best said. While Fox news assured Trump that he would be treated fairly there's no guarantee. There's no guarantee that Kelly will not unleash her sharp tongue. For Trump to attend the Fox News debate would be  likened to entering the lion's den. All in all Fox News chose to stand by Kelly and they can have Kelly, and with their choice they will suffer the viewership of millions of viewers.
     We all make choices, Fox News made theirs, and Trump has made his. Donald trump will be hosting his own event on possibly another network to raise money for Wounded Warriors. In Trump not participating in this final debate prior to the Iowa caucuses he has left Fox News with a wet noodle. Personally I think it's great. The Republicans have voiced their dislike for Trump, Fox news has disrespected Trump and therefore you get what you get. Perhaps America needs a good sampling of an election without a candidate with the passion and leadership of Trump. The debate will consist of seven candidates, five of no interest, two in contention, and an absence of a true leader. No Trump, No debate!
(c)Sean Bianca
  As a footnote a former President also boycotted a debate his name was President Ronald Reagan. 
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Monday, January 25, 2016

What Difference Does It Make?

     Shock, horror, hatred, detestation, and sorrow. Those were the emotions I felt as I sat motionless for two hours in a movie theater watching the movie "13 Hours" . The film is the controversial true story of the events that took place in Benghazi, Libya on September 11th 2012. The film is two hours long, a mere fraction of the thirteen hours that the Americans were under attack. Thirteen hours of gunfire, and short range missiles at both the U.S. Consulate, and U.S. CIA Annex, and no help was given from our country. Calls were made throughout the night begging for help from both the Consulate, and the Annex, and Hillary, Obama, and his administration watched. They watched in real time and gave no help. Not one F-16, not one Black Hawk, nothing. The men involved were far safer in the war on Iraq than in Benghazi. No help at all was given, and I for one am ashamed to be an American.

   I am ashamed as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and President Barrack Obama watched our men fight and die from an unmanned drone in real time. How? How is it possible that both Obama and Hillary could sit and watch Americans under attack for 13 hours and do nothing? Not only did the President and Secretary of State do nothing, but they gave orders not once, not twice, but three times to "stand down", and not fight. Had the men that both died and survived not disobeyed orders to "stand down", not one American, stationed in Benghazi would have survived. 

   As I sat and watched the gut wrenching film I felt sheer hatred and shame. I felt hatred for both the President and the former Secretary of State. I felt shame as my country failed the men who endured the horrific attack. My country failed these men, as these men never should have been stationed in Benghazi, Libya in the first place. While every other country had left Libya due to the country being "unstable", and "unsafe", America stayed. America stayed and went so far as to send Ambassador, Christopher Stephens to Benghazi. America stayed as Obama, Hillary and this administration wanted to show Americans and the world that terrorism no longer existed. 

    It was 2012 and President Obama was up for re-election. Nothing was going to stand in the way of Obama being elected to a second term. Osama Bin Ladin had been killed, and Obama and Hillary wanted Americans to believe the world was again safe. Ambassador Stephens was sent to Libya as to put on a facade of Libya being a safe place. It was a facade, and it was one that both Obama and Hillary weren't about to compromise, even if it meant the loss of American lives. The facade cost four Americans their lives. The fact is had both Obama and Hillary not been so intent on fooling the American public prior to the 2012 Presidential election, those four Americans might well be alive today. Instead our President, Hillary Clinton and this administration did nothing. Hundreds of emails were sent from Ambassador Christopher Stevens, and the Annex of possible unrest in the region in the days prior to the attack, and they were ignored. They were ignored as Obama and Hillary could not have attention drawn towards Benghazi. Had military support been sent prior to the attack, Americans and the world would know the truth. The truth that Benghazi, Libya was not a success,and was not safe, in fact it was one of the most dangerous places on earth. It was yet another nation fallen to terrorists and rebels.

     "Thirteen Hours", was literally thirteen hours, of bloodshed and horror." Thirteen hours". is a mere two hours for the viewer. For two hours one sits in disbelief that two of the people responsible for the tragedy remain unscathed. President Obama, and Hillary both lied to the families of those who perished. They lied to the American people as well. We the American people were told the attack was due to an anti-Islamic video. The families of those who perished were told by Hillary Clinton herself that the attack was due to an anti-Islamic video. Ms. Secretary Clinton told one family that they would find the person responsible for the video. Clinton lied. As discovered in Ms. Clinton's emails, Ms. Clinton had told her daughter and others that the attack was indeed an Al-Qaeda like group terrorist attack. Hillary Clinton lied. Ms. Clinton looked into the faces of the families of four men that could have been saved. and lied. She told them the attack was due to an anti-Islamic video knowing all the while that the attack was a terrorist attack. Not only did Hillary lie to the families of those who died in Benghazi, but she also failed to mention that she, Obama, and the State Department, watched their loved ones die. They stood and watched, and did nothing. They did nothing as that would have interfered in the facade of a peaceful Benghazi. Hillary Clinton lied, Obama lied,and neither of them has been made to pay the price.

   Imagine having lost a son, husband, father, or friend in a country having no meaning to those who died. Imagine then having the knowledge that your loved ones died due to a President, and Secretary of State having an agenda. That agenda was to be re-elected, and nothing was to get in the way. Sending military air-support would have interfered with the Obama administration's facade of terrorism being wiped out. Thirteen hours of fighting off terrorists, thirteen hours of calls for help, and no help was given. For thirteen hours Obama and Hillary both watched and did nothing. Nothing, and so I am ashamed to be an American. I am ashamed as all those in the military have a saying that, "they shall leave no man behind", and our President and Hillary both left all of our Americans behind.

    While I sat and watched the film "Thirteen Hours" I had one emotion that took over all other emotions I may have had. I felt hatred. I felt hatred as I couldn't help but think that America has been infiltrated. We have been infiltrated by both a man and woman that have no conscience. Not only do this man and woman have no conscience but they have no concept of right from wrong. The man and woman of whom I am speaking are President Obama, and Democrat Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. How else can one explain Obama and Hillary both lying to the families of those who perished in Benghazi? Obama and Hillary not only lied to the families of those men, but stood alongside those families as the caskets of their loved ones arrived back here in the U.S.. Obama spoke of those who died with empathy and compassion while  knowing that he and his agenda were the cause of deaths of those Americans. It is disgusting, It is disgusting that Obama today remains the President of the United States. What's even more disgusting is the fact that Hillary Clinton is running for President herself. In my opinion both the President and Hillary should be tried for their crimes.For thirteen hours our Americans were left to fend for themselves while our President, and Secretary of State did nothing, they watched, and they should be prosecuted. Obama and Hillary might as well have stood alongside the terrorists with guns themselves, as they just stood and watched.

     They watched, four Americans died, and somehow both Hillary and Obama are both untouched. America and Washington have failed to do right by the families of the men who died in Benghazi. America has failed in prosecuting both Obama and Hillary for the deaths of ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. America has failed these men, in that America should have not left these men behind in not lending support .America has also failed in that the team investigating Hillary Clinton failed to prosecute Hillary Clinton. Former President Bill Clinton recently came out in defense of his wife, and commented on the eleven hour hearing that  poor Hillary was made to endure by the Benghazi investigation team. Excuse me? Perhaps the Former President, and Hillary should be sent to Benghazi, Libya and be forced to endure 13 hours of attacks themselves. I am sickened at the fact that President Obama, and Hillary are allowed to be free. I fear America has been infiltrated by a government of corruption like this country has never seen. While Obama and Hillary stood and watched the men in Benghazi fight ,and die from an unmanned drone up above, we the people were lied to and are again being told more lies. While Hillary Clinton has stated "13 Hours" is untrue, the men who lived it beg to differ. Hillary is lying to Americans, and it is every American's duty to watch this film and learn the truth. Americans need to learn the truths of the 13 hours our Americans were made to endure at the hands of both President Obama and Hillary Clinton. Those hands are bloodied as they just stood and watched.And let none of us forget Hillary Clinton's famous words, "what difference does it make?"
(C)Sean Bianca 2016
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Friday, January 22, 2016

Jeb Can't Fix It!

         He was tall, handsome, charismatic, and when he walked into the room everyone present knew a man of substance was in their presence. The man of whom I am speaking is one of the Republican Presidential candidates. His name is Jeb Bush. When running for the position as Governor of the state of Florida, Jeb was at the top of his game. I was in attendance at both rallies and dinners, and was in awe of this man. Jeb owned the stage. Jeb owned the masses. Jeb knew the issues, knew how to fix things, and all who voted for Jeb had the utmost confidence in him as their Governor. Everyone loved "Jeb". I believe everyone also believed that Jeb would one day be elected President of the United States.Everyone was wrong and sadly everyone but Jeb now knows that Jeb will never be President.

       Jeb Bush will never be elected President, as the Jeb of today is not the Jeb of yesterday. The Jeb of today lacks passion, lacks confidence, lacks conviction, and lacks what it takes to be elected President. Why Jeb is no longer the man of yesterday is a mystery to me, but it can't be denied. In debates Jeb stutters, and stammers as he struggles to take a stand on issues he appears to know, but then answers in what appears to be a seemingly a questionable state. Watching the Jeb of today is pure pain. The Jeb of long ago was strong and respectable, not weak, and desperate. Jeb has been mocked by the late night comedians, the critics, and worse the other candidates. He's been described as a wallflower, and the description is all too accurate. The Jeb of yesterday was a man for whom I campaigned. I endlessly donated hours of my life for a man that I believed in, and wanted as Governor of my State. That man lost my support early on in this election, and has now lost the last of any respect I once had for him.

      Disrespect, disappointment, and disgust are the emotions I now have for Jeb Bush. In his quest to become the Republican nominee, he has attacked his former friend and colleague, Senator Marco Rubio. Jeb has spent 20 million dollars alone in attack ads against Rubio. Twenty million dollars spent on an attempt to destroy an opponent that he once mentored? It's a disgrace. Both a disgrace to Jeb and to his family. 

    While the ads against Rubio were nasty and bitter, and indicative of a Politician going down, but fast, the ads were nothing of what they have become. Desperate. The latest ads the Jeb Bush campaign have begun running are one of complete desperation. One ad is one in which the former First Lady Barbara Bush makes a cameo, and states why she thinks her son would make a great President. While I like the former First Lady, I find her being in her son's ad for President rather lame. Of course Barbara Bush thinks her son would make a good President, it's her son. Then again the former First Lady was once quoted as saying that this country had had enough Bushs. 

    I agree with what the former First Lady said, the country has had enough Bushs. I liked and supported both Bushs and did at one time hope Jeb would run for the Presidency. I feel if Jeb wanted to run it should have been immediately after his brother. While the Bush name was not popular I think Jeb could have overcome the blemished Bush name. Jeb should have run when he was fresh and still very much involved in politics. Jeb is washed up and bitter and it shows. It really shows in his latest attack ad against republican front runner Donald Trump.

    In my opinion Jeb Bush has sunk to a new low with his ad campaign against Trump. The ad depicts a 2016 Presidential election where Hillary Clinton defeats Donald Trump. The ad ends with " DON'T PANIC, It's not too late to change the future, vote for Jeb." The ad is vicious, it is bitter, and it is completely classless. I think Jeb is showing his true colors, and I for one am not impressed. I am not impressed and I am disappointed. I am disappointed in a man for whom I was once in awe. In my opinion Jeb along with our current President is in another world, a world of fantasies and a world of their own. Jeb needs to accept that he is no longer a contender for the Republican nomination of President. Jeb is finished, and Jeb should accept his defeat and withdraw from the race, as it is fact that "Jeb can't fix it!"
(c)Sean Bianca


Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Seed Of Evil

    One man, one woman, one mission. On December 2nd the deadliest U.S. terrorist attack since 9/11 occurred in San Bernardino California, leaving 14 people dead and 21 injured. The perpetrators? One man and one woman. One man and one woman with a mission, a mission to carry out their mission of jihad in the killing of non Muslims. Why? How and why does a young married couple go from being a family with a six month old baby girl to become cold blooded killers, committing a crime leaving them dead? How does an American born Muslim man decide to leave his moderate Muslim belief system for a more radical form of Islam, killing co-workers and friends? Not only that, but how and why does a young woman leave behind her six month old child to whom she just gave life?

       Syed Rizwan Farook, a 28 year old American born Pakistani Muslim lived a relatively normal, modest American Muslim life. It was a life of work, play, and prayer. Farook worked for the San Bernardino Department of Health and was described as polite,never exhibiting any animosity towards others. Farook took part in prayer twice daily at The Islamic Center of Riverside, and traveled to Saudi Arabia several times. In 2013 Farook traveled to Saudi Arabia to complete Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. Like most modern men, Farook participated in online dating and it is said that it is there that Farook met his future bride and partner in crime.

       Tasheen Malik was her name, the woman and quite possibly the mastermind behind America's latest deadly terrorist attack. Tasheen, a Pakistani who lived most of her life in Saudi Arabia, was the woman who seemingly lured American born Farook into a life of radical Islam and death. Tasheen, 29 years old, was smart, very smart. With the click of a mouse, I believe Tasheen knew exactly how she intended to commit and complete Jihad. Tasheen's sites were on America, her mission was to kill non Muslims, and online dating was her gate way into America. The plan was simple. Tasheen cleverly joined an online dating site, she then chose a man, seduced him into her world, made him fall in love, and obtained her k-1 fiance' visa, gaining entrance into America. 

    On August 16, 2014, Tasheen Malik married Syed Farook in Riverside, California. The couple soon after conceived a child. In early 2015, Farook's co-workers thought kindly enough of the couple to throw them a baby shower. A baby girl was born, a baby girl that will never know the gentle touch of her mother's hand, nor the security of her father's arms. A baby girl was born, to a young couple who cared more about their mission to kill non Muslims than to live a life with their child. How? How could a couple be so cold and inhuman as to leave a child without parents? 

    As many have wondered how a woman could leave a child to whom she just gave birth, others have wondered how a woman could possess such power over a man to have him kill co-workers and friends. Some have said Farook was a weak man, others have said it was his intent all along. I disagree. As more and more evidence comes to light, it seems doubtful that Farook ever really was a Muslim of moderate Islamic faith. According to the Italian newspaper, La Stampa, Farook's father was quoted as saying that Farook was a devout Sunni Muslim, who all along appeared to have a bit of an obsession with al-Baghdadi and ISIS. Farook's father later denied his statements. With the knowledge of Farook's radical views, the coercion of a woman with even more radical views seems rather obvious. Then again how could a man allow a woman to have the conviction as to have him turn on his friends and kill them?

     Is it possible that one woman could be so powerful as to reform a man born in the U.S. living a normal modernized lifestyle into a Jihadist fighter? It's quite possible indeed if the woman is of the most radical form of the Islamic religion and if the woman is the face of evil. As there are conflicting reports of Malik's Islamic faith, it is known that Malik did enroll in an eighteen month long Quranic studies course consisting of women choosing to learn a more conservative version of Islam.  Malik had also studied in Multan, a city of jihadist activity. One can only guess that Malik's radical views were planted there in Multan. Views so radical that she would one day murder some 14 people and leave a child behind to whom she just gave birth. 

     It is known that Tasheen Malik took a pledge to the Islamic militant group, "ISIS", and in knowing her allegiance, the attack in San Bernardino seems rather clear. What is unclear is how Malik's husband could carry out such an attack. Then again perhaps not. The truth is I don't think Farook was up for the task of killing Innocent lives, and certainly not the lives of his friends. I believe the fateful day of December 2nd played out quite differently from how it was scripted. In fact I believe December second was a day many lives may have been spared, as December second may have been a far bigger attack than what took place.

    On the morning of December second, Farook and Tasheen left their six month baby girl with Farook's mother. The two claimed they had a doctor's appointment. The young couple dropped off their baby daughter, said their good byes and later carried out the country's deadliest terrorist attack since September 11th. While Malik I believe was intent on her mission to kill non-Muslims, Farook may have not been so inclined. The FBI discovered some 19 pipes in which to make bombs and 12 pipe bombs, bombs that were never used for the attack In San Bernardino. As the couple had a deposit made into their bank account of 28,000 dollars, one has to assume that something big was planned, something so grand, that Farook may not have been able to bring himself to execute it.

    Execution of killing innocents is a difficult task for most, then again give a man a reason to kill and the act of killing doesn't seem difficult after all. Make a man angry, give him a motive, and the execution of innocents becomes rather simple. Two weeks prior to the shooting, Farook was believed to have been in an online Facebook argument with a Jewish co-worker regarding the not so peaceful religion of Islam. Bingo, a motive was had. In assuming Farook was not up to the random task of killing many innocents on a large scale attack, Farook was so inclined once angered by a co-worker. Once angered, Farook then informed his wife he was ready for their jihad to take place, but when and where? 

       December second was the day, Farook's place of work was the place, and a Christmas party was the venue. December second was the date of Farook's work Christmas party with Christians and Jews. December second became the day a young man would kill friends and co-workers and leave a daughter behind. December second was the day a young woman would kill those who showered her with baby gifts and leave a child behind.

        Was a child left behind or was it a "seed" that was left behind? I believe Tasheen Malik fully executed her plan to the finish, even in the leaving of a child in this world behind. Tasheen had a desire to commit Jihad and to execute it in America. Tasheen was successful. Tasheen also gave birth to a child, thus planting a"seed" of evil to perhaps carry out a legacy of the parents she never knew. Some will say, it's a child, it's an innocent. I say it's a seed, it's a seed of evil. Evil, I believe is in one's make-up. Evil isn't taught, evil is in one's blood. While this child born of two killers could quite possibly become a law abiding, moral, empathetic person if raised by Christians or Jews, the outcome is quite doubtful. It is more than likely the child will be placed with family or persons of Islamic faith. Tasheen Malik was a woman with a mission, and her mission's complete with the conception of a child and a "seed". The "seed" of evil is now forever among us all. 

Sean Bianca Lee



Monday, January 18, 2016

Debates And Time

       What black is to white, what hot is to cold, what north is to south, that is how one at present could describe politics in 2016. What Republican is to Democrat, total opposites without any commonalities whatsoever. The two parties could not be any more further apart on the importance on the issues, nor the issues. After watching the first of this year's Republican, and Democratic debates I was left to wonder if the candidates from both parties were campaigning for the presidency of the same country, as clearly the issues of importance to the Democrats are not the same issues of importance as to the Republicans. All in all the Presidential race of 2016 is sure to be one hell of a fight and a fight that Americans won't want to miss! 

       While the first Republican debate of 2016 consisted of young men having a vision for a better, and safer America, the Democratic debate was none of the sort. The Democrats' first debate consisted of the geriatric set wanting more of the same or for better words, "Obama, Term number 3." The two debates could not have been any more different. While anyone of the Republican candidates would make an excellent President capable of doing good, the same could not be said of the Democrats. God help the USA if a democrat were to win the Presidency, as I do believe four more years of Obama would do this country in!

    Speechless. There are no words to describe the frustration felt by the majority of Americans after viewing the first Democratic debate of 2016. With the evening's first question you could have heard a pin drop in a room full of disgruntled Americans. Lester Holt asked the three Democratic candidates to complete a sentence, and the answers were mind boggling. "In my first 100 days in office, my top three priorities will be--fill in the blank." Not one answer included "national security", "terrorism", or revamping "Obama Care". No, self proclaimed socialist, Bernie Sanders spoke of ending the decline of the middle class, making the wealthy pay higher taxes, health care for everyone, and raising the minimum wage. Hillary Clinton not too different from her counterpart, stated how she would focus on creating jobs in clean and renewable energy, building on Obama's health care plan,equal pay for women's work, and bringing the country together. Slightly different, but not too far from his competitors, the virtual unknown, Governor O'Malley stated how he would raise wages,would create a plan for clean energy, and create jobs. 

   ISIS, national security, nor building our military, was not in one of the Democratic candidates' top three priorities. Clean air, isn't going to matter a damn if America is unsafe having ISIS enter our country by way of allowing thousands of Syrians to take refuge in America. Higher minimum wages will be of no importance if we are nuked by Iran, nor will taxing the wealthy help the free loaders of America, if America is being attacked by North Korea. Bottom line if this country fails to rebuild it's military, and take a vow to destroy ISIS, and other terrorist groups nothing will matter.

    Maybe the Democrats like the President still see ISIS as the "JV Team" and maybe the Democrats see Iran and North Korea as being little of a threat, but the Republicans certainly do not agree as keeping America safe, tearing up the Iran agreement, and defeating ISIS, are of the utmost importance to the Republicans. As national security is of major importance to most Americans, Republican American businessman Donald Trump was the big winner. While the Democrats and some Republicans were in an outrage over Trump coming out saying that if elected President he would ban all Muslims from entering the U.S. temporarily, most of America was in agreement. Debate moderator, Maria Bartiromo asked Trump if he would "rethink" his position. Trump without hesitation, Trump replied, "no". Trump clearly getting better with time shot back with why he would not "rethink" his position, and stated how we needed to stop being "Politically correct". Although impressed with Trump's answer I was disappointed in his not mentioning the number of rapes committed by Syrian immigrants across Europe. Nonetheless Trump gave the people what they wanted and that is that he clearly will do anything and everything in his power to keep America safe, even if it takes be politically incorrect and disliked to accomplish it.

   Practice makes perfect and while Hillary Clinton may be well seasoned in debating, Trump is coming into his own. Donald Trump is only getting better as shown in the first Republican debate of 2016. While Trump showed his inexperience in previous debates he showed his ability to be a fast learner with his continuous engagement, and quick responses in this last debate. In exhibiting Trump's transition from debate novice, to debate professional, America has a man that if elected President, will only get better, not worse with time. The same however could not be said of some of the other candidates up on the stage who would do us all a favor by just dropping out of the race all together.

     The clear winners of the Republican debate were Donald Trump, and Marco Rubio. Ted Cruz usually impressive was out debated by both Rubio and Trump. In a rather humorous exchange between Trump and Cruz over Cruz's birthright eligibility Cruz out "Trumped" Trump. The tables turned however when Cruz delivered a rather politically incorrect statement against New Yorkers." And — you know, the concept of New York values is not that complicated to figure out."  Trump's response was profound as he spoke of the people of New York and the tragedy of September 11th. The next day Cruz was brilliant with his  backhanded apology to the people of New York, but it was too little too late and he had been clearly Trumped by Trump.

    Marco Rubio always a world of knowledge was consistent in his performance and quick as well. Rubio went after Governor Chris Christie with facts that Christie denied  and that were later proven to be true, such as his support for Planned Parenthood, and common core. Although young,but mature beyond his years Rubio expressed his lack of amusement with the Cruz and Trump birth issue squabble, by saying, "I hate to interrupt this episode of court tv." Rubio focused on the issues at hand with strong and convincing statements, such as,  "And when I’m president, we’re not just going to have a president that gives a State of the Union and says America is the greatest country in the world. When I’m president, we’re going to have a president that acts like it." Rubio also had no trouble going after Hillary Clinton as he added to Bush's attack on the Democratic front-runner by saying,  "She wouldn’t just be a disaster, Hillary Clinton is disqualified from being commander in chief of the United States." 

 The clear losers of the Republican debate were Jeb Bush, Ben Carson and Chris Christie. Jeb's one bright moment came when he described a Hillary Clinton presidency as a "national security disaster". Jeb continued his momentary greatness by saying, "If she gets elected, her first 100 days, instead of setting an agenda, she might be going back and forth between the White House and the courthouse. We need to stop that." Unfortunately Jeb's performance only got worse.  As Jeb tried desperately to engage , crying out " I heard my name called, " and only followed with what seemed to be awkward stuttering responses, one had to think that Jeb should have stayed in retirement and out of the political forum. Watching Jeb in this last debate was more painful than watching a train-wreck.  Jeb was in his prime as the Governor of Florida and although highly intelligent and full of great ideas, the man appears lost and out of sorts while on stage. This is not the Jeb of long ago and I for one would prefer to remember the Jeb of the past, and not watch the washed up politician at present. Jeb would be doing himself and his family a favor if he would just concede and drop out of the race all together. Something tells me Jeb is in for the long hall and the pain for Jeb supporters will only continue.

     Neurosurgeon, Ben Carson was equally as desperate as he stated that he should be able to participate in discussion due to one of the candidates making a statement using the verbage "everybody". True the word "everybody" was used, but America didn't care to hear from the rapidly dropping Ben Carson. One fact was true and that was that Carson admitted at one point that if not called upon he might fall asleep, I had to laugh as I thought the man was asleep not just in Thursday's debate, but in all of the previous debates. As members of Carson's staff have one by one left the campaign, Carson is another Presidential candidate that America would desperately like to see go away.

     I for one would like to see not just several of the Republican candidates go away, but all of the democrat candidates as well. Hillary the clear winner outsmarting Bernie Sanders in Sunday's Debate, would be four more years of Obama. Another four years of Obama like policies and we may not have a country. Hillary has been proven to be a liar, has put America's security at risk, has cost the lives of four Americans, and is the worst possible choice for this country. The United States needs a Ronald Reagan and not one Democrat can compare to the leadership Reagan gave this country. While even the worst of the Republicans could no doubt do better for this country than Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, I believe Donald Trump is the best man for the position of President of the United States at this time. America is angry, America is afraid, and America needs strength, conviction and leadership. Donald Trump is getting better and better with time, and Donald Trump should be the next President of The United States.
(c)Sean Bianca 2016

Friday, January 15, 2016

America's Allies, Where Are They?

   "Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone". Such a profound statement and one to be all oh so true. The same could be said of, "stand strong, stand proud and the world stands with you, cower away, be weak, and helpless,and the world cares not." Such has been shown this past week. Just prior to President Obama giving his fairy tale of a State of the Union address to the nation, 10 American sailors were taken hostage along with two U.S. Navy vessels by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Our President who seems to have fabricated his own little perfect world of unicorns, rainbows, good tidings, and fairy dust, said not one word of the American sailors that had been captured by Iran. Not one word was mentioned, not one. One word was not uttered of the two ships being seized, and 10 Americans being held by Iran.Of course not, as that might have blemished the President's controversial "Iran deal" that he boasted of in his speech. What America's allies and many Americans see as quite possibly the biggest dark horse in American history, Obama sees as a stepping stone to World Peace and America's greatness. No not one word was said by the President, and likewise not one word was said by any of America's allies either. Frankly I don't blame America's allies for not speaking out. Why if America's own President doesn't care about his Navy and his men why should the rest of the world? Better yet hasn't America asked for this? 

    Not one ally has spoken out against Iran and their violating the Geneva Convention in capturing America's ten sailors, and why would they? America's signing of the Iran deal sent a message to its allies, and a strong one at that. America sent the message that it condones terrorism and stands with the terrorist state. America also showed that it's inferiority to Iran by signing a deal without the demand for the release of four Americans currently held in Iranian prisons. America chose to do a deal with the devil, therefore America has lost the respect and compassion from its allies that are at present seriously considering who their alliance should lay. 

    While it was bad enough that America's ten sailors were held captive and its two ships were seized, matters only got worse. Iran completely humiliated America with the public humiliation of the ten sailors who were caught. Ten sailors were videotaped on their knees with guns to their heads. The one American woman was made to cover her head with a scarf. While the ten Americans were instructed to act happy, one of the sailors was made to apologize to Iran. Despite the American sailor's explanation of having mechanic troubles, the Americans were to express their apologies. Seizing the two ships having mechanical difficulties, and the capturing of the ten American sailors was a gross violation of the laws of the Geneva convention. However when dealing with Iran, laws and doing right by another country mean nothing. Iran beats to its own drum, and Iran can do no wrong with President Obama. Iran seemingly could blow up the planet and Obama would still say his deal of the century handing Iran $150 billion of sanction monies, and getting away with murder and the holding of four American prisoners was a good thing. In knowing that, why would any ally of America's have anything to say of America's ten sailors being held captive? 
 Video of sailors

  Thankfully Iran released the ten American sailors the next day, and our pussy of a Secretary of State,John Kerry thanked and apologized to the Islamic State of Iran. Iran violates the laws of the Geneva Convention and Kerry apologizes? WHAT? Iran publicly humiliates our ten sailors captured and he apologizes to Iran? Yes that is what our Secretary of State just did. John Kerry might as well have just gone on the air and told the world, "America is at your beck and call, Iran, bend over? Sure, why not?" The President's ignoring the ten captured sailors in his State of the Union was bad enough, but Secretary John Kerry's apology to Iran was just disgusting. Had the Secretary of State and this President had any backbone they would have told Iran of their wrongdoings, and penalized Iran with NO "Iran Deal"!

   It's no surprise America's allies stood silent as Iran walked all over America and humiliated it's navy. America has zero respect from it's enemies, and has rapidly lost any respect it may have had from it's allies. In the President's address to the nation he spoke of ISIS as "fighters on the back of pickup trucks and twisted souls plotting in apartments or garages", he went on to say that America nor it's allies had been attacked. Apparently the President had forgotten the 132 people killed in Paris by ISIS, one posing as a Syrian refugee. I'm quite sure France had little sympathy for America having ten of it's sailors captured. I'm also quite certain that not one of our allies gives a dam about America as Obama has helped create ISIS, the Syrian refugee crisis and is creating a monster in Iran by handing over 150 billion dollars to a country that has killed thousands and is a terrorist state! 

  While many Americans were horrified at Iran's detention of ten American sailors at the Iranian military base on Farsi Island in the Persian gulf the rest of the world wasn't at all surprised. America's getting into bed with Iran has sent a message to both our enemies and our allies. America has shown it's weakness in not standing up to Iran, ISIS and other enemies. Former President Ronald Reagan was one of the best if not the best Presidents in history,and he earned the respect of the world with his actions. President Reagan said " Of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong" and he was correct. America is no longer strong. Reagan also said, "we will always remember. We will always be proud. We will always be prepared, so we will always be free." Thanks to our President and Secretary John Kerry, America can no longer be proud. America has failed it's allies with it's actions, such as the Iran deal and it's condoning of Iran's continued bad behavior. America has demonstrated it's weakness with this administration's inability to stand up to it's enemies and desire to befriend them. America's allies have nothing to say when America is taken advantage of, as without a strong leader America is on the heels of destruction. The world is with America when America is strong, the world doesn't give a dam about America, when America is weak. America is not strong, it is weak. America is not respectable, it is laughable. America is to be pitied, and the pitied stand alone. America's allies, where are they? They are watching, they are watching and waiting, for the America of late to elect a new leader and rise, rise in standing as so they may again stand by our side.
(c)Sean Bianca 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The State Of B.S. Address To The Nation

Florida Senator Marco Rubio at the President's last State of the Union Address to the Nation

       America's "liar in chief" never failing to disappoint with his web of lies was in fine form at what will be thankfully, this President's final "State of the Union" address to the nation. After watching the utter abomination, both the pundits and Americans were left to scratch their heads in disgust at the President's lies and deception. Going in to Tuesday's address to the Nation, 76% of Americans were polled as dis-satisfied with Obama's performance as President, and yet the President took to the podium with an arrogance of that of either a narcissist, sociopath or both. Republican Presidential candidate, and Senator Ted Cruz called the President's state of the union address to the nation, a "state of denial".Fellow Republican contender, Governor Chris Christie commented that Obama's speech was more of Obama's "story telling". The Governor also stated that his children's bed time stories were less fictional than the President's speech. Jeb Bush although lagging in the polls for the Republican Presidential nomination, sounded quite Presidential as he tweeted about the President's speech. "It appears Obama is still under the impression ISIS is the JV team." "Next President must understand the enemy and the threat." Jeb went on to say, "Safer?" "ISIS on the rise, North Korea testing nukes." "Syria in chaos."" Taliban on march". "This President is living in a different world." Jeb's fellow Floridian Republican Presidential contender, Senator Marco Rubio was in what seemed to be pure pain as he was in attendance and watched the President's speech live. Not nearly as eloquent with his words, leading Republican Presidential contender, Donald Trump called Obama's address to the nation, "really boring." While in agreement with all of Obama's critics no one seemed to call the President's, State of the Union address to the nation for what it really was, complete bullsh?t!

     It's not quite clear what America was a spectator to, as Obama spewed out lie upon lie. Were Americans watching a President in complete denial, a possible sociopath, a man who is completely insane, a man with an accomplishment of destroying a once great nation, or all of the above? What was clear was that the President's speech was nothing more than lies and a man who is is awe of himself and talks as to hear himself speak. The President boasted of the economy, how far we had come and how much better off we were from when former President G.W. Bush left office. Really? Are you sure about that Mr. President? Before you leave office you will have accumulated more debt than any of the other Presidents combined. That's right when Obama leaves office this country will have 19 trillion dollars of debt. While the nation's deficit is troubling, the true state of the nation's people is even more troubling. The number of Americans on food stamps in January 2009 was 31.90 million, as of November 2015 it was up to 45.36 million. That is a 42% increase in persons on food stamps. The number of Americans on the poverty level in 2008 was 29.2 million, and as of 2014 it rose to 46.65 million. Home ownership in 2008 was at 67.5 percent in the fourth quarter, and in the third quarter of 2015 it dropped to 63.7 percent. The median household income has gone from $56,957 in January '09 to $56,746 in November 2015, and the labor participation rate has hit a 40 year low. In January '09 the labor participation rate was at 65.7 percent and in November it dropped to 62.5 percent. Are these the statistics of a booming economy and a great nation? I think not. Under President Obama we've become a nation where those that are lazy and receiving government handouts are rewarded ,and success is punished and discouraged.

   While the President's lies in regards to the economy were disturbing, even more disturbing was hearing the President dismiss ISIS and other terrorist groups. Without fail Obama did not call out the terrorist groups for what they are, radical Islamist terror groups, but he did call the groups out for being, "killers and fanatics". What rhetoric, I'm sure ISIS, the Taliban and others were oh so hurt by the President's words. While only a few months ago Obama was mocked for his statements of calling ISIS, "the JV team", and saying America had ISIS "contained" Obama again dismissed the terrorist group. Obama stated that we had not been attacked nor our allies. Really? Tell that to the fourteen people just recently killed in San Bernardino, California, and tell that to the 132 people killed in Paris, France in November 2015 making it the worst atrocity in Europe since Adolf Hitler. How quickly the President forgets the threat of our enemies, but then again in the President's address to the nation it was clear that Obama had little regard for our enemy in ISIS and other terrorist groups. 

     Obama forever protective of the Muslim faith attacked the Republican front runner Donald Trump with his statements on politicians speaking out against Muslims. “When politicians insult Muslims, when a mosque is vandalized, or a kid bullied, that doesn’t make us safer. That’s not telling it like it is. It’s just wrong,” Obama said. “It diminishes us in the eyes of the world. It makes it harder to achieve our goals. And it betrays who we are as a country.” The President always protective of Muslims, but never once protective of Christians or Jews showed the nation to whom is alliance lies. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich tweeted, "As President Obama defends Muslims and Mosques he is watched by two Nuns whose religious liberty he threatens. No word about Christian beheadings." That's right not one word of the beheadings of Christians in Obama's State of the Union Address to the Nation, not one.  Not one word of America's ally, Jordan having their pilot burned to death in a cage either, not one. Not one word of the torture ISIS has inflicted upon Christians, or beheadings as that would be truth, and truth was not to be of any part of this President's final State of the Union . The truth is our President played golf shortly after an American journalist was beheaded, but our "liar in Chief" was sure to leave that out as the truth hurts. The truth really hurt for four Sailors whose boat was seized and whom were captured by Iran shortly before Obama's State of the Union address to the nation,  and again it was left out as that was the true State of the Union.

    The truth does hurt which is why our President told nothing of the truth of the State of the Union. The truth is Obama helped create ISIS with his abandoning Iraq and allowing ISIS to expand and become the fastest expanding terrorist group in the history of the world. The truth is also that Obama created the Syrian refugee crisis as he failed to keep his word when he drew his red line in the sand with Syria. Asaad usedchemical  weapons and America did nothing, and Obama tauts America as a country with more respectability and higher standing than when he took office? Think again! America is a joke, as America's red line means nothing. Obama did nothing for the Syrian people now fleeing the country and now he plans on taking them in? It's too late Mr. President you failed, you let the people down and now with the threat of ISIS coming in with the Syrian refugees America can not take that chance. Not only did you let the people of Syria down, but the Iraqis. More truth is that by America leaving Iraq too soon, the cities of Mosul, Fallujah, Ramadi, and Takrit were taken by the likes of ISIS that YOU Mr. President created. Want more truth? How about the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, and the prisoners you left in Iran while you signed a deal giving a nation of terrorists the sun, moon and the stars? Or perhaps you'd like to speak of the soldiers you've put in harms way with no back up and left to die?Let's talk about America's open borders, the IRS and Planned Parenthood  scandals.the rapidly  failing Obamacare, and it's website that failed to ever operate. Truth? Want more truth? How about the fact that race relations are the worst they've been in 20 years, that both you and your First Lady have caused with you allegiance to Al Sharpton and praise for those rioting against whites in the hood? Let's also talk about the Ukraine and Crimea, or perhaps we can talk about the vets that you boasted of their good fortune and your respect in your fairytale?

Pure disgust on the joint Chiefs of Staff
 It takes balls to speak of how well our country takes care of it's vets when it's been none of the sort. It really takes balls to speak of members of the military while they sit straight ahead in front of one. Obama stood and spoke of our highly regarded military and their good fortune as the joint Chiefs of Staff sat in disgust. One man in particular looked as if were about to implode on the spot. Obama spoke of how our military was the strongest in the world but made no mention of his cutbacks or the fact that our army is the smallest it's been since before WWII or that our navy is the smallest it's been since WWI. That's truth.The truth is thanks to President Obama this country is at it's most vulnerable point at a most dangerous time. The truth is Obama has put America's safety in danger.

     President Obama's last State of the Union Address to the nation was really nothing of a surprise. It was an academy award winning performance of a sociopath capable of no wrong, and in denial of the facts of his failures. While Obama's ability to deliver his lies with strength was impressive his conviction was not. I was not impressed by the President's last State of the Union as it was not a State of the Union. It was a state of bullsh?t and nothing more. No truth,no compassion, only lies, deception and further evidence of a man that has not had America and it's people 's best interests in mind, but only his own. I and America can breathe a sigh of a relief as this was Obama's last State of the Union address to the Nation. We may all hope for a better and safer America, and a President of integrity and valor to deliver America's next State of the Union address to the nation.
(c)Sean Bianca 2016


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

"Screw You America", Obama's Upcoming State Of The Union Address

       Obama's long awaited final State of the Union Address, will be given tonight or rather the "Screw You America, I've destroyed America"speech will be given tonight. Why anyone even watches the State of the Union, is a mystery as America's "Liar In Chief" is just full of complete nonsense. Why listen to a man that has lied  again and again? Not only does the man lie, but he has done nothing to better this country, nothing, but of course the President will tonight speak out of his derriere and create a fairy tale on how much good he has done for this country, a fairy tale to no one , but for himself and his followers.

     Obama's leadership has been nothing short of an all out nightmare. America's respectability is down to an all time low, the market is about to take a complete nose dive, Obama Care is a complete failure and abomination, our Veterans have been all but abandoned, racial discrimination has returned with a vengeance, the safety of America is questionable, and ISIS and other terrorist groups are expanding throughout the Mid East,Europe, and will soon be coming to America. I'm quite sure the truths of the "state" of our nation will not be told. America will instead watch Obama polish the turd of the America he has destroyed.

  Tonight's State of the Union will be much more of the same, although I detect somewhat of a "screw you America" in the President's speech tonight. In a recent gallop poll, 60% of Americans oppose Syrian refugees relocating to America, but clearly the desires of Americans are of no interest to our President. At tonight's State of the Union, Obama will have a Syrian immigrant as his guest. Rafaai Hamo, a native Syrian now living in Detroit with his family, will be in attendance as Obama's propaganda for the allowance of thousands more Syrians into this country. While this man and his family are to be pitied as our the thousands of other Syrian immigrants fleeing ISIS and war, America can not take the chance of allowing any more of these people in to our country. What is happening to the Syrians is tragic, however ISIS has warned the world of their intent to destroy Europe and America by way of phony Syrian passports, and America must listen to what it's enemy has pledged. Five of the wealthiest nations in the Mid East have listened and they have closed their borders to all Syrian refugees. If our President had been a man of valor, and been a man who truly cared for his country and it's people Obama would have already done the same. Obama has not, and as a result we already have allowed far too many Syrians and other Muslims from the Mid East resulting in death.

    "Screw you America", has been Obama's message to America, and will again be in tonight's speech. Obama will say it with conviction, and will say it with kindness, but Americans have learned the truths of Obama's Presidency and have suffered as well. Thousands of Veterans are waiting forever and a day for healthcare and benefits that they never see. Thousands of other Americans are without healthcare as they can not afford the plans they were told they could keep but could not ,as their premiums have skyrocketed, and changed. Other Americans opted to not pay for health insurance as the penalty was less than the supposed affordable premiums.Racial tension is higher than ever thanks to Obama and his ties to Al Sharpton, and lack of distaste for hate crimes against whites as well as blacks. Respect for Police Officers is at an all time low and Obama has done nothing but encourage the hood in hate for the  Police Officers and the law. The truths of a failing America are endless, but America will here nothing of truth from this President, and I believe Obama's candy coating of his corruption is why Americans are so disheartened with the America of today. America is also discontented with this country and it's government as it elected Republicans to both the Congress and the Senate as to prevent this President from further destroying this country, and they have failed. Americans have been beaten by Obama and this administration. It is my belief that with this President's last State of the Union address we will all a  have a sigh of relief as it will indeed be this President's last lying "Screw You", State of the Union Address .
(c)Sean Bianca 



Sunday, January 10, 2016

Obama, "Liar In Chief"!

         "If you like your plan, you can keep it", Obama's most infamous lie in regards to his now rapidly failing "Obama care". Lies, that's the one thing our current President can be relied upon to give Americans, lies and more lies. Funny thing though, the lies keep coming and somehow President Barrack Hussein Obama continues to get away with it, but at what cost? At the cost of American lives, that's the cost, and yet no one in Washington nor the media seems to give a dam.

        Early this past Tuesday, January 6, 2016 one special forces operator was killed in Afghanistan, two others were injured after being attacked in Marjah, Afghanistan by Taliban fighters. Several others were trapped and fighting for their lives. This might come as a surprise to the average American, as just a year ago our Commander In Chief, Barrack Obama declared that combat operations in Afghanistan were over. The war in Afghanistan is far from over, it's still very much in the present for the men and women fighting for their lives at this very moment in Afghanistan. That's right, men and women that our government deployed to Afghanistan are fighting a war which Obama has told the American people is no longer happening. Tell that to the 22 men killed in combat in Afghanistan last year, and to the first man killed this year in combat. Tell that to the family members of those killed in combat in Afghanistan. Obama will tell America, his military, and the whole world that a war that is still very much going on today is over, because he is a liar, he is America's "Liar In Chief" and our government, our people, and the media continue to let this man get away with lying again, and again. 
       "Liar In Chief" that's what Obama is to this country, and a very good one indeed. This is a man that has an agenda and it is I believe to destroy this country. This man has no regard for our people nor our military. I can recall another lie, the video tape of the Benghazi scandal. Obama, and Hillary Clinton again lied as to not have to admit to the American people that terrorism was still very much present in Libya and the Mideast. Obama, and Hillary Clinton not giving United States Ambassador Christopher Stevens, and his men at our embassy the protection and extra help that they had requested in some 900 plus emails, the end result was that they died. Four men died horrific deaths of which The White House will never divulge. Four men died not of smoke inhalation, but horrific torturous deaths due to our "Liar In Chief's" lying words, and now again Obama lies. Funding has been drastically cut for our military in Afghanistan, and our Americans are being sent there to fight a war which the President is no longer recognizing, as remember he declared the war over. Why if Obama declares a war over it must be true! Think Again. 

    How sad that a special forces operator will not be given the proper recognition due to our President's lies. As Obama has declared combat operations to be over in Afghanistan, the man that perished on Tuesday will not receive the medal he so very much deserves. Our President has again and again lied to this nation. Benghazi, the IRS scandal, Obamacare, The Iran Deal and many many more. I am outraged that not one Politician has been able to lead a fight to have Obama thrown out of office. I am quite sure that if former President G.W. Bush had lied even a quarter of what Obama has, that the media and the democrats would have had his head no doubt. Obama, his lies, and the Republicans lack of being able to do anything against Obama are I believe the very reason why Republican Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump, is doing so well to date. Trump tells the truth. People may not always like what Trump has to say, but at least people know where he stands, and what he intends to do. I for one have had enough of our "Liar In Chief" for President. Obama and his lies for his agenda have cost this country the lives of men that chose to fight for our country, as well as this country's safety with the Iran Deal that many well lead to America's demise. America needs a President that tells it like it is, and has America's best interests at heart, it doesn't need another liar. Hillary Clinton if elected will be another, "Liar In Chief", she's learned from the best, and her record proves it. I believe just about any Republican running for present would be a better Commander In Chief ,than our current President. Then again, I rather like Trump, as I feel I will always know what's on his agenda, and it's one America has needed for the past eight years. America is angry with Obama's lies, America is angry with the position Obama has put it's military and this country in. America has become weak and vulnerable while Obama has lied and said ISIS was a "JV Team" and the Taliban was no longer. America needs a real "Commander In Chief", not a "Liar In Chief", and I believe with the frustration of the people of this country, America has it's next real, "Commander in Chief", in Trump!
(c)Sean Bianca 

For some 252 lies Obama has told: