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Sunday, October 8, 2017

The Deadliest Shooting In U.S. History

Thursday, October 5, 2017

There’s Something About Vegas...

Things Just Don't Add Up In Vegas...

      The suspect is down. No, police have the suspect in custody. No, the suspect committed suicide. There are multiple shooters. No, there was only one shooter. The Las Vegas Attack was an attack by ISIS. The shooter had been radicalized. No, the shooter had no connections to ISIS and was not radicalized. No, authorities got it wrong, the shooter may have indeed been radicalized and had ties to ISIS. The shooter possibly had mental issues. No, the shooter was a normal low key guy who never could have committed such a heinous crime. Nope, the shooter was somewhat disturbed.  The shooter may have run into financial difficulties from gambling. No, the shooter was financially comfortable as he was worth millions. The shots came from the 32nd windows, both windows at opposite ends at the same time, wow what long arms this man must have had. Summary of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and FBI investigation ? A fairy tale of a massacre in Las Vegas. 

      The trouble is the fairy tale of a massacre as written by the FBI and the Las Vegas Police Department appears to be a web of lies and deception. Unfortunately for the FBI and the  LVMPD, Americans are not quite as stupid as they had wrongly assumed. Apparently, our government thinks Americans are complete morons, as only complete morons would believe the fairy tale that has been told to the American people regarding the Mandalay Bay Massacre in Las Vegas. The fairy tale has become an utter joke as the FBI and LVMPD have gone back and forth contradicting one another with their statements. Perhaps the contradictions are so obvious, because the authorities conducting the investigation of the deadliest gun attack in U.S. history are lying to Americans. If the authorities aren't lying, they certainly appear to be lying. They appear to be lying as even they themselves seem to not know truth from fiction. That's the trouble with lying. The more one lies, the more one can get caught. The fact is, the truth can't be challenged, because it's the truth, and Americans aren't seeing, nor are they hearing a whole lot of truth from authorities in the investigation of the Mandalay Bay massacre.  

    It's rather difficult to hide the truth at present.With everyone having the capability to video and live stream tragedies with their cell phones as they happen, the truth is difficult to hide. For example, the mainstream media and authorities would like Americans to believe that the shooter, Stephen Paddock, acted alone and conducted the shooting from the 32nd floor, but that appears to be incorrect. In observance of several videos, shots were fired from about the 10th floor. Authorities would also have the general public believe that Stephen Paddock acted alone. However, when viewing videos, shots appear to be being fired by several guns at the same time. Furthermore, people attending the concert have claimed that there were most definitely multiple shooters. Some concert goers have even said shots were fired from more than one building. If there aren't enough discrepancies with what people video taped, what is being said by authorities continuously contradicts what authorities have said in previous statements. All in all the American people may never know the truth behind the Mandalay Bay massacre.

    What is the truth behind the Mandalay Bay massacre? The truth is the American people may never know the truth behind the Mandalay Bay massacre. What we do know is that there are a lot of unanswered questions. Like,why did the brother of the shooter, Stephen Paddock, change his story on his brother? In the first interview his brother seems to be shocked his brother could have committed such an act of violence, but in the next interview the brother appears to not be at all surprised. His brother  changes his tune and appears to feel Stephen Paddock could have in fact committed a massacre killing 59 and injuring over 500 others. Another question is why are authorities claiming the shooter committed suicide, after they said a suspect was down? Why are they claiming the shooter on the 32nd floor committed suicide when the face of the dead man appears to not match the face of Paddock? The killer, Paddock, appeared to have a tattoo of the number 13 on his neck and had somewhat of a puffy face. The corpse on the 32nd floor does not have that tattoo. Why was ISIS discounted less than 12 hours after the massacre to only be a possible motive soon after? How, why, where, what? A lot of questions and a lot of vague answers, and Americans should be asking why.

    Why? Why, only hours later did Democrats,  Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and others jump on the gun control issue? They couldn't even wait for the deceased to get cold, nor could they wait for the blood on the streets of Las Vegas to dry. They say timing is everything, and the timing of the tweets and Democrats was just plain insensitive, and twisted. If I didn't know better, the Democrats'  statements were rehearsed and calculated in order to go after their agenda for gun control. Then again, who was Stephen Paddock? Was he really a millionaire gambler with a penchant for firearms and violence ? Was Stephen Paddock radicalized by the Islamic State? Was Vegas a fast and furious operation gone wrong? Was Paddock an undercover FBI agent? Was Paddock the only shooter? Were there 7 shooters as reported early on? Were there shootings at several other hotels in the area ? Was there a shooter in the crowd of the country music festival concert? Were there shooters on the 29th, 32nd, and 35th floors of the Mandalay Bay? If shots were only fired into the crowd at the concert being held, why were people told to stay in their rooms and kept in underground hallways for several hours until the police could catch as many shooters as possible? Why were there men standing in the crowd as if the chaos and carnage around them didn't exist? What's what? Who's who? What is going on? What is going on is terrorism took place at Mandalay Bay and we may never know who the terrorists are that committed the second deadliest massacre in U.S. history. Was it Antifa? George Soros? ISIS? The Deep State?  The Hillary Clinton cartel? The establishment? The Illuminati? Who is really to blame for the  Mandalay Bay massacre, and will they strike again? The fact is, we as Americans are being misinformed. We are being misinformed by everyone in mainstream media and in law enforcement. We are being misinformed, and Americans should be concerned as to why. The why may be that there is something so disturbing that if Americans knew the truth they would rise up. Americans attempted to rise up in voting for a non establishment candidate, Donald Trump. Unfortunately, the establishment may be more powerful than our President, and it may be too late for anyone to be successful in making America great again. 
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017

#PrayforLasVegas #MandalyBayMassacre #LasVegasMassacre #MandalayBayCoverUp

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The NFL Can Go To Hell ! Las Vegas Massacre


   Approximately 22,000  Jason Aldean concert goers in Las Vegas, Nevada stood for our nation, Sunday, October 1st. They stood with pride. They stood singing, "God Bless America", with glee. As "God Bless America" played on, 22,000 people stood   holding their lighted cell phones in unity. They stood as Americans. They stood as patriots.They didn't kneel in protest, they didn't lock arms in defiance. No, they did not. Sunday evening, 22,000 Americans stood together and showed the nation what it is to be a patriot and what it is to have pride in one's country. They showed all watching what patriotism looks like. When speaking of the crowd, John Rich, one of the performers of the group Big and Rich, stated, "That's America standing in that crowd". 

   America was indeed standing in that crowd. Americans of all ages, races, and religions stood in that crowd. Americans stood together in a venue of  patriotism, joy, celebration, and happiness unknowing of the evil lurking from up above. Up above on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, pure evil sat and waited, and executed one of the most heinous crimes in American history. How ironic that just shortly after the crowd of patriots sang our national anthem, multiple shots were fired making 22,000 Americans victims in what only can be described as terrorism on American soil.  The shooting lasted all of 10-15 minutes. In those 10-15 minutes over 500 people were injured and another 59 were dead. While no one can possibly know the fear and terror people felt during the attack, one can only imagine that those 10-15 minutes seemed like an eternity, an eternity of a living hell, a living hell here on earth. What should have been a fun, joyous occasion turned into a horrific tragedy no one present will ever forget. 

    Concert goers describing the massacre in great detail, spoke of people running, but not knowing where to run nor hide. They spoke of bodies falling and not getting up. They spoke of people in wheel chairs being pushed over. They spoke of those having fallen out of their wheel chairs crawling in desperation of safety. They spoke of  heroic men standing and running towards the shots instead of running away from the shots. They spoke of others stopping to aid those in need. One man shot in the stomach had friends attempting to help his lifeless body. Lifeless bodies of which there were many. Lifeless bodies lay in pools of blood. Pools of blood of lives taken all too soon.  While some passerby's stopped to cover the bodies with their own clothing, others chose to shut the eyes of the dead. Other concert goers choosing not to be heroic fearfully just ran for their lives. They ran only to be trapped by fencing without any exit. Many concert goers desperately jumped the prison like fencing. They ran only to have shots continue and stop some of them as well. They ran until they hoped they'd be safe. They ran until they could run no more. They ran because they wanted to live. 

     America, the home of the free and the home of the brave, is free no more. Americans are no longer free if they are in fear for their lives every time they step out their front door. Americans are no longer free if they are unable to enjoy the freedom to go where they choose. Movie theaters, sports venues, concerts, festivals,  amusement parks and so on. We, as Americans, are no longer free when we are unable to freely and fearlessly enjoy the luxuries we once enjoyed. We, as Americans, are no longer free if when we are standing tall, but forced to kneel for fear of being killed. Sunday and Monday, American football fans viewed several NFL football players  kneeling both here and abroad for our national anthem. Sunday evening  22,000 Americans at a concert stood tall for our national anthem. They stood tall and why? They stood tall, because they respected the flag and all for which it stands. It stands for our military that through the test of time has stood to fight for our freedom. It stands for our nation's police officers who keep our cities safe. It stands for our nation that was built on faith, unity, and justice for all. It does not stand for righteous, self entitled over paid athletes with a big fat chip on their shoulders who don't appreciate the freedoms they now enjoy; freedoms they have been able to enjoy thanks to our military and police officers. Freedoms that slowly seem to be slipping away right before our eyes. Perhaps in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, NFL football players kneeling in the wake of this tragedy, will think twice before kneeling. After all, the freedom the NFL disrespects will soon be lost by them as well if we as a nation do not come together, which is precisely why if players on the field are unable to stand for our National Anthem, the NFL can go to hell! 
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017
#LasVagasMassacre #MandalayBayMassacre #BoycottTheNFL #LasVegasStandsTall


Thursday, September 28, 2017

NFL Players, "You Should Abide By Your Own Rules"!


 Imagine if our soldiers had taken a knee and failed to stand up to defend our country and our freedoms. Luckily, our soldiers did stand up to fight. They stood up, they fought, and that is why today Americans are able to have the life they have today. That life today that includes football. That life today that is now a life of freedom. Unfortunately, this past weekend several football teams showed their lack of gratitude for their freedom by not standing up for the American flag and National Anthem.

    Interestingly enough, all players failing to stand up for the National Anthem should be fined and or suspended. All players taking a knee should be fined as players are fined and or suspended for being guilty of several violations. These violations are listed in the Official NFL Game Operational Manual. This manual  states that players must stand on the field while the National Anthem is being played.  Players must stand at attention during the Anthem. Players must face the flag and refrain from talking during the National Anthem. Players must also hold their helmets in their left hand. Furthermore, players can be fined for dancing in the end zone. Players can even be fined for praying on the field. Ask Tim Tebow, he received that fine. Meanwhile, players across the country that failed to go out on the field for the National Anthem were not fined. Players on the field that kneeled and or didn't face the flag also were not fined. Why? Why was not one NFL player fined and or suspended for failing to respect our nation's flag? Why was not one NFL player fined and or suspended for failing to do what the NFL's own game operational manual demands of its players? 

   The NFL failed our nation this past weekend. The NFL also failed the American people. The NFL failed to discipline their players this past weekend and they will no doubt suffer the consequences. The consequences being that ticket sales will soon go down and television ratings will drop as well. I can't help, but wonder just how long it will take these self entitled dumb oaf football players to figure out that their taking a knee was a bad idea. It may be too late for these men. It may be too late. It may be too late for these men who have disrespected our flag and it maybe too late for football. Then again, I challenge  the NFL that they stand up to the football players and owners that refused to stand for the flag by fining and or suspending each and every one of them. Fine these self entitled dumb dumbs and donate the money to charity. I'm quite sure the victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria could use some help. I'm also quite sure the NFL players could use a little discipline. After all, NFL players really should abide by their own rules, don't you think?
-Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2017


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Rush Limbaugh Show PODCAST - September 26 - 2017 Thank You Rush!

 Sean Bianca as a caller at 53:30 
     She's a blogger with a voice and he's a conservative talk radio show host . He's not just any radio talk show host, he's Rush Limbaugh, better known as just plain "Rush". With a weekly audience of approximately 13.25 million listeners, Rush has proven himself throughout the test of time. Proven himself, has he ever. Rush is currently one of the highest paid people in U.S. media. With his wit, sarcasm, and knowledge, I personally have been a fan since I was in High School, and can recall his show very well. I can recall it, as back then in the old days, circa 1984,  Rush's show was televised. Rush on the radio is super, but Rush televised is spectacular. Rush televised was all the more entertaining as Rush's expressions when making talking points and digs at this politician or that one were priceless. I really miss that, but today as a caller, I felt like a teenager as Rush responded to my call with his amusing sarcasm. It was the same sarcasm I heard as a teenage girl and it was the same sarcasm that would be directed at my call. My call regarding NFL football players was heated, and it was blunt. It was also a call that prompted Rush to ask me if I would like an I-phone 8 or 8 plus. I must admit, as I have never won anything substantial, I was rather taken aback, and perhaps my reaction was not one of gratitude. With that being said, I would like to thank Mr. Rush Limbaugh as I am truly thrilled about the I-phone 8 plus! Rush mentioned that I didn't seem excited and I was stunned. Frankly, he was right. However, if Rush had offered me a job on the air, he would have most definitely heard this political blogger,  vlogger , and fan get excited. The truth is, at this time of political turmoil and strife, I am thankful, very thankful. I am thankful for men like Rush Limbaugh that give millions of Americans like myself the opportunity to use our voices. Without conservatives like Rush and others in the U.S. media, the voices of Americans would never be heard, and for that we all should be thankful. I know I am. 
 Thanks Rush ! 
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL
#RushLimbaughShow #RushLimbaugh #IPhone8Plus #BoycottThe NFL

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

NFL Player Entitlement Mentality

     It's September's end, the leaves are turning, the kids are back in school, and football season is upon us. Football season for most American men is a tradition that is just as important if not more important than Christmas. Unfortunately, thanks to the self entitled, stupid professional football players, football season is over for many. It's over thanks to NFL football players and coaches refusing to stand for the National Anthem due to their dislike for the president.While these professional athletes could voice their  sentiments concerning the president in a variety of ways, they instead have chosen to disrespect our nation's flag and National Anthem. In disrespecting the flag and our National Anthem, these men are disrespecting the men and women who have fought for the freedoms these self entitled NFL Football players so enjoy. 
 -Sean Bianca GOP GIRL BLOG 2017

Saturday, September 23, 2017

"The Art Of The Deal"


   It was a hot humid day in South Florida and yet thousands of Floridians stood in line for just over four hours in the hot sun for a chance to see one man. That one man was Donald J. Trump. That one man was not just any man. That one man was "the man". And "the man" was for many, America's last hope. "The man" gave not just South Floridians hope for America and a better future, but that one man gave millions of Americans hope for a better future for America. How did that one man do it? He did it as he knew how to appeal to the masses.. He was a showman. He was sharp, he was charismatic, he was funny, and he was, after all, a master manipulator. As many many successful businessmen are master manipulators, this one appeared to be as well.  As a helicopter flew over the crowd's heads, the crowd knew greatness had arrived, or so they thought. As I stood and watched in awe, the loudspeaker announced, "allow me to introduce the next President of the United States "! The crowd cheered, clapped, pumped their fists into the air, and shouted with glee. It was a moment. It was a moment in time like I'd never imagined, nor will I ever forget. As tears welled up in my eyes I felt honored to be a part of such an event. It was an event that was unlike any political rally I'd ever attended. There was an excitement in the crowd unlike excitement I'd ever seen at a political rally, but then again it was that man or "the man", and "the man" created an energy that one would think only the second coming of Christ could create. Then again, for many of these people, Donald J. Trump might as well have been Christ. 
   How did he do it? The answer is simple. Donald J. Trump, now President Trump said everything a good many Americans wanted to hear. Candidate Trump said the words, "America first", "radical Islam", "radical Islamic terrorism", "repeal and replace", "lower taxes", "lock her up", "deport all illegal immigrants", "no more DACA", "build that wall", "drain the swamp", and "make America great again". Yes, candidate Donald J. Trump was calculating, manipulating, smooth, and smart. Candidate Donald J. Trump was good, he was very good. He was everything and more than his supporter's expectations. Candidate Donald J. Trump was the non-politician politician . Candidate Trump was America's savior, or so we thought. 

  As so it would seem, America has not gotten the complete agenda on which Candidate Trump campaigned. In fact, America hasn't even gotten a good portion of the agenda on which Trump campaigned. At present many Americans are seeing that "candidate Donald Trump" and "President Trump" are two very different people or are they? To be quite honest, I'm not quite sure and I don't quite know what to think. Was America hoodwinked? Has the establishment and the swamp worn President Trump down? Has President Trump been threatened? If one goes by history, President Trump has lied in his lifetime. Be it business dealings, his personal affairs, and financial affairs, the President has not appeared to live the life of a choirboy. I guess I have to admit that if a man can lie to a wife with whom he had three children, why would he not lie to an entire nation? 

   Ask die hard Trump supporters about the President seemingly not being the same man he was while on the campaign trail, and they will answer, "fake news". Well, that doesn't answer the question. However, President Trump has much of his base trained well. In fact, much of the so called "Trump Train" appears to be brainwashed. 'Fake news" is all that zombified Trump supporters can say when they can't back up their savior in chief, President Trump. Why just recently an actual campaign text was sent to my phone from the campaign asking for $2. donations to build the wall and Trump supporters cried out "fake news". Sadly these people actually believe it. The fact is, President Trump has trained his base to say "fake news" to the point that now when there is "real news"that is unfavorable towards the president, they don't believe it, because he has trained them to cry out, "fake news". The whole "fake news" play is really quite brilliant, I must admit. Unfortunately for President Trump, the words, "fake news", will only work for so long and it appears the President will need to look into his campaigning playbook for another play, because more and more Americans aren't buying the President's tweets and lines.

      Angry, disappointed, disillusioned, and disgust... Those are the emotions I personally feel when I look at the president. While I will give credit where it's due, there is much for President Trump to explain, like why is the campaign asking for Trump supporters to donate $2. towards a wall when the President said Mexico would pay for it? Why has President Trump just recently stated that "the wall can wait" when the wall was one of the single most important campaign promises?  Why did President Trump certify the Iran deal back in July when "Campaign Trump" said he would tear it up? He said it was "deeply flawed" and the "worst deal ever". Why has the President softened on Muslims coming to the U.S. when "campaign Trump" said he would ban all Muslims until there was a strict enough vetting system? Why has President Trump honored an agreement orchestrated between Australia and Obama accepting over 1000 Syrian refugees from Australia's detention centers? "Candidate Trump" said it was a bad deal while campaigning. Why has President Trump said he has no plans to leave NAFTA when "campaign Trump" said he would leave NAFTA?  Why has President Trump had second thoughts on deporting so called "dreamers" in Obama's DACA program when "candidate Trump" said he would deport them all? In fact, "candidate Trump promised the Angel Moms, (mothers of those killed by illegal immigrants) that if elected, he would deport all illegal immigrants. Why has President Trump sent thousands of more Americans into Afghanistan when "campaign Trump" said that we would not be sending more Americans into endless, needless wars? Why has President Trump appointed a cabinet of ex-Goldman Sachs executives when "campaign Trump" said he would not have Wall Street in the White House? Why does President Trump have a cabinet of liberals and globalists, including his daughter, and son-in-law when "candidate Trump" had surrounded himself with nationalists? For that matter, I have to ask if the President who ran on a nationalist agenda is even still a nationalist himself? To be quite honest, at present, I don't quite know what to think of the President. What I do know is President Trump is not "candidate Trump". Then again, was he ever?

    It is my hope that President Trump will surprise me and be the man for whom I once had such admiration and respect. It is my hope that President Trump will come through for his supporters and honor all or most of his campaign promises. While it is true that many of the Republicans in Washington have failed the President miserably, the President has in turn failed the people whom supported him both inside and outside the White House.  Former Chief Strategist and adviser to the President, Steven Bannon, a true nationalist who was a  staunch supporter of the President, is no longer a member of the President's cabinet. Why? Bannon, an integral part of the Trump team, was the MAGA agenda. He was what made the President the President, and yet he was recently fired or he recently resigned. Whichever the case my be, Bannon being out is not a good sign if one is for a nationalist and MAGA agenda. That being said, Bannon is not the only nationalist to have recently left the White House. Former Deputy Assistant to the President, Sebastian Gorka, has also recently resigned or been fired from the White House. Americans should not be surprised as Gorka too is a nationalist and a supporter of the MAGA agenda on which the President campaigned. Both men claim to have resigned, and both men claim that they will be more useful outside the White House. Perhaps the two true nationalists will be more conducive to the President outside the White House in a way they could not within the White House walls. They now both are speaking up when the President veers away from the agenda of making America great again. In doing so, they are keeping the President accountable. Both men have revealed that there are members of the President's staff that are steering the President away from a nationalist and make America great again agenda. With a White House full of globalists, one should not be surprised that the President is getting further away from the agenda that will make America great again.

      President Trump had a tough road to the White House. Everyone was up against him, and he was forced to fight at every turn, and the President is still forced to fight. However, the President knew this when he ran for the presidency. He knew it wouldn't be easy. He knew almost everyone in Washington was against him. For that I can cut some slack. Has the President done some good things? Yes, he has indeed. He has brought jobs back to America, he has appointed a conservative to the Supreme Court, he has cut down illegal immigration, and he has been successful in attacking ISIS. However, many promises are being forgotten or broken. Perhaps the President has tired of the fight against the establishment, but the President needed to be ready for the fight. In regards to the travel ban, it has been said that the initial travel ban was written in haste and the second one wasn't much better. I elected a man whom I thought would surround himself with the best. The travel ban is again being revised and has been a ban full of gaps that has been easily chipped away by the federal courts. Why? I expected more out of those who are employed by the President. In regards to health care, again, this was done in haste and without a plan. While the Republicans failed to come up with a plan Dems would approve of, the President failed to ask the Republicans if they had a plan that they knew would pass. The President also somehow forgot his own health care plan as proposed on the campaign trail. The President can blame Republicans for this one without a doubt, then again was "repeal and replace" a line? Was "lock her up" just a line? Americans have yet to see Hilary Clinton be locked up or be served a subpoena.  Was it all a line? Were we all played? Were we all played and are the Democrats and Republicans in this together? As the President seems to be flip flopping on a daily basis, one has to wonder. While many have said that the President needs to reach across the aisle, I have to ask if he ever really was on the right side of the aisle? With Democrats seemingly getting more of their desires met than Republicans, it makes one wonder. Then again, is this all a game? Is Trump the savior being beaten down by the big bad boys in Washington or is he really is working with the big bad boys? I wonder. If one thinks about it, a strategy of a hero like Trump being beaten down could be a good one for keeping the people in line. We, the people, without a savior like the President, would erupt at a possible amnesty agreement, but not if the president makes a deal, a deal that will be advantageous to everyone, but the people who voted for him. That being said, if the President has played us all, it certainly has been the epitome of the "art of the deal". 
-Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Forgotten Americans

   On September 6, 2017 Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful Atlantic storms of the century, hit the U.S. Virgin Islands. Striking the islands as a category 5 storm, its ferocious winds of 185 mph and rising waters virtually annihilated the inhabited islands of St. Croix, St. John, St. Thomas, and surrounding islands. Reports from the island speak of total devastation in many places. With an infrastructure that's been destroyed, impassable roads, a non-existent power grid, the U.S. Virgin Islands are in dire need of help. While FEMA and various agencies have jumped into action for those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Floridians hit by Irma, the U.S. Virgin Islands has not received the same help provided to others. Floridians residing in the Florida Keys and other areas affected by Irma have also received immediate assistance from government agencies. The question is why has the U.S. Virgin Islands been forgotten?

   Why has the U.S. government not loaned a helping hand to those affected by Irma in the U.S. Virgin Islands? While the U.S. Virgin Islands are not attached to the mainland of the United States, the U.S. Virgin Islands are very much so a part of the United States. Perhaps the President could show those in the islands affected by Irma some hope with a visit to the islands ravaged by last week's storm. The people of the U.S. Virgin Islands have a long, tough road ahead of them as they rebuild their homes and communities. The U.S. Virgin Islands will likely take months or possibly even years to rebuild, and these fellow Americans need our help, and they need it now. With that being said, let's forgo that next overpriced lunch or dinner, and give to those in the U.S. Virgin Islands in need, as to let them know that we here in America have not forgotten our fellow Americans.


Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Wrath Of Harvey And Irma Leaves Its Victims Forever Changed...


  Imagine leaving your home and wondering if your home would still be intact when you returned. On August 23rd 1992 I walked out my front door, turned around, looked at my home, and asked God to protect my and my parents' dream home. As it turned out, even God could not protect and save our home. With shutters and protective glass on every window including the front doors, our home could not survive the wrath of Hurricane Andrew. In fact nothing was able to withstand and survive Hurricane Andrew. 

   Hurricane Andrew was the most destructive hurricane to hit the state of Florida. Andrew was the costliest and strongest hurricane to hit the United States, until it was surpassed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. With sustained winds of 165 mph and tornadoes causing winds over 265 mph, Hurricane Andrew destroyed 63,500 homes and damaged more than 124,000 other homes. Damages from Andrew cost $26.5 billion and left 65 people dead. It is suspected many more people died in the path of the storm, but were illegal, undocumented farm immigrants. The smell of death was in the air for months to come. It was rumored that late at night the bodies of the undocumented deceased farm workers were being burned, and in the darkness of the night and not a light in sight, a large fire could be seen in the distance.We knew the rumors were true. We felt it, we smelled it, we  knew. Hurricane Andrew's fury was felt by all in Miami-Dade County. 
Two and a half story shutter failed and was completely open. This was taken after the shutter company came to repair all destroyed shutters.

  Those of us who were directly affected by Andrew will be the first to say that nothing can prepare one having one's home destroyed. Upon my return to my home, I observed neighbors walking aimlessly back to their homes in a state of shock. One man sobbing held a painting he'd found among the rubble. As I walked up to my home I was greeted by my car that had been thrown to the end of my driveway. The car was picked up and had a hundreds years old large Ficus tree uprooted and dumped atop of it. I entered my home through the living room windows thats shutters had been blown open, and then what I saw was horrific. My home was destroyed. A two and a half story windows shutter had failed and allowed the storm inside my home. Once the winds entered they had to escape, blowing our roof in places and blowing glass doors and windows apart. Tables, chairs, and other furnishings were tossed around like children's toys, and water was everywhere. Living close to the ocean brought fish, and crabs into our home adding to the already deplorable stench of spoiled food, molding walls, mildew, and rain water. In addition to fish and crabs, a ten foot salt water crocodile had been displaced by the storm and was now residing in our canal in back of our home. Our home although still standing appeared to have been hit by a bomb. Our neighbors homes looked much the same. My next door neighbor literally had a hole 6'x8' in the side of his concrete home from an object having been catapulted through it. The window above the hole was still intact. Suffice it to say, every home in my neighborhood was destroyed and uninhabitable for the next one to three years. 
Window on far right was left open without the shutter that was never found.

Tile went through shutter, and was found embedded in a solid wood bureau.

  The days after the storm brought news media helicopters waking us up as they did fly overs to show America those of us hit by the storm. The media was in awe of the boats thrown around my neighborhood. Neighbors found other neighbors boats in their swimming pools and in the mangroves across the way. As the media found the wrath of Hurricane Andrew intriguing, those of us hit by the storm struggled to save belongings before ceilings collapsed and before clothes, books, and pictures could be over taken by mildew. We tore out smelly carpeting, dumped storm water out of dishes in cabinets, and packed up everything undamaged as to move out of our destroyed home. Our destroyed home took six years to rebuild. 

   The night of Hurricane Andrew meteorologist, Brian Norcross, told listeners that life would never be the same for those affected by Hurricane Andrew. He said there would be divorces, there would be suicides, and there would be widespread depression. He was correct. What he failed to mention was that there would be financial ruin, strife, and stress. While the agony of losing one's home to a natural disaster is more than one can bare, the fight one has to put up against one's insurance company and greedy contractors can be even worse. 

  Unfortunately, along with catastrophic disasters come insurance companies that don't want to pay and refuse to pay. Along with non-compliant and ruthless insurance companies are scam artists and greedy contractors. People from near and far prey on desperate people . Some contractors licensed and unlicensed took deposits from several people and skipped town, never to be heard from again. Other contractors spreading themselves too thin took money and were unable to fulfill their obligations in a reasonable time frame. Then there were the contractors that did the work but scraped corners and failed to build as according to new post Andrew building code. Andrew brought out some of the best in people and some of the worst in people.

   For those affected by a catastrophic natural disaster, life will never be the same. I've seen grown men cry, and I've seen women stand strong. I've witnessed generosity,  I've witnessed greed, and I've witnessed corruption. It's true, life never was the same. For those affected by Harvey, my heart goes out to them. For those that will be affected by Hurricane Irma, my heart goes out to them as well. For mainstream media, catastrophic natural disasters are only of interest for as long as the story is fresh and hot. Once another story becomes hot, mainstream media and the rest of the nation forgets those affected by devastation of yesterday's storm. Unfortunately, for those affected the wrath of yesterday's storm, the anguish lives on. With that being said, be thankful for your roof overhead, and say a prayer for those affected by Harvey and Irma, as well as those soon to be hit with Irma's fury. 
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL2017

"The Five" has a sensitivity chip missing amidst widespread disaster

   *Please note that I am not seated next to a genuine ivory tusk. It is faux ivory as I am an advocate for the saving of elephants as well as all wildlife. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Save The Elephants!

Please donate if you can! 

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Two Tails Ranch

The Left's Refusal To Learn From The Past

     America, the home of the brave and the home of the "free", sadly, is no longer "free". America is no longer "free" when Americans no longer have the freedom to express how they truly feel. Social media outlets such as Face book and Twitter now censor and take down content that they deem unpleasing, while the left wing media prints only what favors and hides the corruption and deception of the left. As our freedom of speech is violated daily on social media, it is violated as well on the ground. Unfortunately,  freedom of speech is more often than not lost by those on the right.

    When did America become like a third world country with widespread violence, protests, and chaos? When did America become so filled with hate that America could easily be seen as being on the brink of a civil war? America became a hellhole of hate and violence the day Hillary Clinton lost and the Democrats didn't get their way. Yes, the left lost and seven months later the left is continuing their kicking, screaming, crying, and punching, literally. Almost weekly there are protests and rallies taking place across America, and it's America's freedom of speech that allows Americans to take to the streets as to protest or throw a rally. However, as so it would seem, whenever the right takes to the streets, violence occurs, and that violence is not usually instigated by those on the right, but by those on the left. Never at a women's march or a leftist protest are there bus loads of conservatives to be seen spending their time at a rally of protest of the other side. Never are their people from the right found that have been paid to punch, hit, or intimidate those on the left at a leftist march. Yet, time and time again billionaire Globalist George Soros is the majority of the time found to be paying people to attack those on the right at right wing rallies and protests, leaving many on the right with a loss of their freedom of speech. 

   Two days ago in Charlottesville, 3 people were unnecessarily killed. One woman was mowed down by a car driving through rally goers and two policemen were killed in a police helicopter crash. Why? Why is because the left has a need to erase the past, their past. Across the south are a little over 700 Confederate statues and monuments, statues, and monuments that much of the left wants removed. While Europe values their history be it good or bad, the left here in America has a desire to destroy our history. While the left seems to have a desire to erase history, the right has a desire to preserve and learn from history. Furthermore, one has to ask the question, aren't there better ways to spend tax dollars than on the taking down of Confederate statues and monuments? With our nation's roads, bridges, railroads, and airports in decline, one would think the priority of necessity over a simple want due to dislike would come first. With many of our vets in need, one would think tax dollars could be better spent towards them. With the mentally ill unable to work and take care of themselves and living on the streets, one would think their care would take precedence over the taking down of statues the left sees as racist and or offensive. One would think many issues would take precedence over the taking down of over 700 statues and monuments, but the left feels differently. The left prefers to waste tax dollars taking down Confederate statues that remind them of the hate in their party. The left prefers to waste tax dollars to replace Confederate statues with whatever they feel non offensive than to use tax dollars for good. The left prefers to waste tax dollars erasing a part of American history over leaving history alone as so the future may learn of the hate and bigotry of the past. 

    Saturday was to be about "Unite the Right's"  rally to save the Confederate statue of General Robert E. Lee. It was about Americans wanting to preserve their history, our history. Unite the Right had a permit and the rally was peaceful until it wasn't. Busloads of people from the radical leftist group Antifa and Black Lives Matter arrived in Charlottesville to wreak havoc on the peaceful rally being held. Antifa is the same group that was largely responsible for the violence this past spring in Berkeley. Antifa is nothing, but a bunch of radical left wing thugs who use violence and intimidation to advance their beliefs, while Black Lives Matter is an anti-White hate group. Both groups were mainly responsible for Saturday's violence. It has also been reported that billionaire Globalist George Soros was also behind the violence ensued as well. That being said, yesterday the left stole freedom of speech from the right.

   The left seems to routinely take it upon themselves to steal the right's freedom of speech and if it continues, it's the beginning of the end for America as a free nation. While yes, there were racist groups from the right at Saturday's rally, and they are to be condemned, the original attendees and organizers of Saturday's rally had a permit and were peaceful. They were non-violent. The rally for Unite The Right held in Charlottesville never had to turn chaotic and deadly. When Antifa, and Black Lives Matter arrived and attacked those they opposed, the police did nothing. It has been reported the police stood and watched. They stood and watched the violence and allowed the freedom of speech of Americans be taken away. For that, America should weep. America should weep as the left is taking over America if incidents such as Charlottesville continue to take place. America needs to stop the protesting, stop the rallies, stop the hate. America needs to step back and say, "enough". America needs to unite, for if we don't, our nation is sure to fall. With that, I have to say it was the left's piece of history that the left so badly wants to destroy; that piece of history of a time of bigotry from the left. Yesterday added another piece of hate and bigotry to our nation's history. Yesterday was another day of hate and bigotry from the left showing that the left refuses to learn from their failures of the past. 

(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017

Sunday, August 13, 2017

The OTHER Five ►San Antonio monument protest

My point was, why are we wasting tax dollars to take down pieces of our history. Tax dollars that could help the less fortunate on the left , tax dollars that could be used for our Vets, the mentally ill, the truly poor in need who can not work, our roads, our schools, our bridges, and so on. It seems like a waste of time and money to take down monuments that remind us of the past. We must never forget the tragedies of the past, for if we do, we will not learn from the past as to not repeat it. For the record, the monument being protested was of Robert E. Lee, a Democrat who was one of the few that opposed slavery, but far be it for the left to point out facts!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Candidate arrested defending monuments- Interview

America being taken over by the Swamp!

   America is in danger. America is in serious danger. Our President is in danger.  Our President is in serious danger.  America and President Trump are under attack by the globalists, the socialists, the elitists, and the establishment, and they will stop at nothing to accomplish their goal. Their goal is to remove President Trump from office and to destroy everything and anything of which America was made, and they have successfully worked their way right into the White House and the President's administration. In fact, the Deep State is in the President's administration.

   As reported by Roger Stone, who has been a confidante to the President, a best selling author, and correspondent for Infowars, National Security adviser, General H. R. McMasters is one of the leakers. In fact, McMasters is not just one of the leakers, he is one of the primary leakers of all of the goings on within the walls of the White House. McMasters, as according to sources of Roger Stone, is an operative for the billionaire, globalist, socialist, George Soros. The Israeli government and Israeli intelligence have intercepted email correspondence between McMasters and George Soros informing Soros of all goings on within the White House and the President's administration. Roger Stone has double checked his information with two separate sources high up in Israeli's intelligence and has no doubt he can confirm this with the Israeli Ambassador to the United States. That being said, if this is true, which by all accounts it appears to be, General McMasters is one of the primary leakers to the press, as George Soros has ties to all of mainstream media. 

  Being National Security Adviser, General McMaster's ties to George Soros is deeply disturbing. It should not be all that surprising. Apparently, as early as this past May, the President and McMasters were seen clashing. As the pick of McMasters was pleasing to the Washington establishment, it was not a pick pleasing to the President. In essence, the President was said to be experiencing buyers remorse as the two clearly have different visions for the nation. McMasters is everything the President campaigned against, while the President is everything McMasters is not. One vast difference between the two which many feel is unacceptable is McMasters dislike of calling out Islamic terrorists as "radical Islamic terrorists". In fact anyone using that rhetoric under McMasters is likely to be reprimanded or even fired, a sharp difference indeed, between the President and his National Security Adviser.  It has been reported that the two have even been seen sparring in front of White House Staff, as McMasters has repeatedly attempted to undermine the president and has failed to allow the President the opportunity to ask questions. McMasters has even gone so far as to lecture the President. Many feel McMasters is attempting to trick the President into steering the nation in a direction that was everything the President campaigned against. 

  McMasters has to go. He is the swamp, and a question that has to be asked is why did the President invite the swamp into the White House? McMasters removed Chief Strategist, and Nationalist, Steve Bannon from the National Security Council.  McMasters also just recently removed several National Security Council staffers hired by former National Security Adviser, Mike Flynn. Those just recently removed from their positions were allies to White House Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon, pro- America first, and loyal to the President. Essentially, staffers having the agenda of making America great again, and staffers not likely leaking info to outsiders have been removed. The question is why? The next question is why is the President allowing this to take place?

  The Deep State is in the White House, and the question is who in the White House can be trusted and who can not? Apparently, it's anybody's guess. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear the President's Generals can be trusted. As it is now pretty apparent National Security Adviser is of the Deep State, so too may be General John Kelly, and National Defense Secretary, "Mad DogyMattis. While many thought the appointment of General Kelly as Chief of Staff was a good move, it is now seen as a not so good move. General Kelly may not be a smart move by the President, as Kelly appears to have more power than anyone should have over the President. by all accounts Kelly apparently has isolated the President, and has full control of the President. While someone overseeing and approving the President's tweets was seen as a positive action, Kelly's controlling who and what the president sees is clearly a negative action. It has been reported that the President is not allowed to see anything reported by news sources such as Drudge, Breibart, and Infowars as any info seen by the President might spark what General Kelly sees as an unwanted reaction. What is going on? What is going on is the President is being handled as some sort of bumbling idiot that is being handled by these 3 generals. Three Generals that do not have the best interests of the President at heart. Three Generals that do not have the best interests of the nation at heart.

   The President is far from being an idiot and the President is far from being okay with a person on his staff refusing to say "radical Islam".  The President is also far from okay with having someone beneath him tell him who he sees, to whom he speaks, what he tweets, what he reads, and what he hears. With that being said, America has to ask, just what is going on? Where is the President for whom we voted? It has been rumored that there is a coup to remove the President from office, and having three Generals on staff may not be a wise choice by the President, but then were these three Generals the President's choice? Did he have a choice? Something's going on and America is at risk. When an anti-establishment President endorses a man like Luther Strange, a RINO who opposes all the President is about, one has to ask, just what is going on? When a President, President Trump keeps a man on staff who tells his staff they may not use the words, "radical Islam", one has to ask, just what is going on? When a President who was strong willed and won an election being whom he wanted to be and not what others wanted him to be is being told what to do and say, one has to ask, just what is going on? What's going on is one of three things and none are what we who voted for this man want to hear. Number one, the swamp has lured the President in and he can't get out. Number two, the President and or his family have been threatened in some way, or number three, we've been hoodwinked and the president is a fraud. I fail to believe President Trump is a fraud. Therefore, it's one of the other two, and that is deeply disturbing. It's deeply disturbing as I hope I'm wrong, but if our President has been compromised in some way, our country and its values have been lost.  With God's help, I hope our President can make this once great nation great again.
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

John McCain's Vengeance On The American People


   One must always watch one's tongue prior to lashing out at another. Why? The answer is rather simple. One never knows when they may someday need that person. Unfortunately, for President Trump, he needed John McCain. He needed John McCain's vote for skinny repeal. Sadly, President Trump's infamous insult may well have helped cost the American people the vote on Friday's skinny repeal vote. Senator John McCain, who the President said was only a hero due to being caught, cast the vote that cost skinny repeal from going forward. One can't help, but wonder if John McCain's failure to vote for skinny repeal was McCain's way of getting back at the President. McCain just out of surgery, made it back to Washington just in time to take his revenge out on the President with his vote of "no" on "skinny repeal". The trouble is, McCain didn't really hurt the President at all. No, the President was disappointed, but it was the American people who were hurt in the crossfire between the President and John McCain. 

   The President tweeted that the Republicans look like fools and that they were wasting time by  preserving a filibuster. Many Americans are in complete agreement. The Republicans do look like fools. In fact, to the majority of the American people, the Republicans don't just look like fools, they look like a bunch of do nothing, pompous imbeciles. With all due respect, the Republicans are an utter embarrassment to the Republican party. They are an embarrassment due to their complete inability to come up with a replacement for Obamacare. The Republicans had seven years to work on a plan, and yet they did not. Exactly what the Republicans have been doing these past seven years is any body's guess. As so it would seem, the Republicans appear to have taken an seven year hiatus. In their hiatus, the Republicans appear to have forgotten what it is to be a Republican. They forgot why they were elected, picked up their paychecks, and kissed the feet of former President Obama. With the Republicans failure to fight Obama, they failed the American people and did nothing. If the Republicans accomplished anything other than bowing down to Obama, Americans would love to know.  They sure as heck didn't work on an acceptable and successful health care replacement for Obamacare. They did not as they never thought in a million years that they'd have the chance to propose a new and improved health care bill. The Republicans were losers, and they had planned on losing again in 2016.The Republicans never thought a Republican, let alone Donald J. Trump, would win the 2016 Presidential election. The Republicans planned on losing and therefore the Republicans failed to have a plan in place to replace the imploding Obamacare. 

  Unfortunately,  the Republicans in Washington have failed the American people who put them in office. However, as luck would have it, for the American people, the American people will soon have an opportunity to fire those in Washington who have failed them. Those who have failed the American people in Washington can and will be voted out. America at present feels a well deserved sense of hostility towards many of the Republicans in Washington. However, there are three Republicans that should be singled out for their direct betrayal of the President and the American people. Senator Susan Collins of Maine, Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Senator John McCain of Arizona. It is these three Republicans who turned their backs on the American people in their votes of "no" on "skinny repeal". It is these three Republicans who have not honored the President's agenda, and in doing so, they have hurt the American people. 

     Did John McCain's bruised ego and animosity towards the President hurt the American people? Yes,  it did. With the majority of Americans paying at least $3000. more for their health care in 2017 than in 2013, Americans are being financially crucified. Hard working Americans' health insurance premiums have increased to a degree that's simply unaffordable to many, while Americans choosing not to work reap the benefits of free or ridiculously cheap health insurance premiums. Many Americans are choosing to pay the penalty for not being enrolled in Obamacare as opposed to paying for insurance they simply can not afford. Other Americans who are capable of paying the all too high premiums are unable to pay the sky rocketing deductibles. Others that have Obamacare are canceled due to providers pulling out of Obamacare. All in all, Obamacare is an utter disaster, and it's a disaster that we, the people of this once free and great nation never asked for. We, the people, never asked for Obamacare. We, the people, were lied to by former President Obama. We, the people, were told that we could "keep our plan". We, the people, were told we could, "keep our doctors". We could not. We, the people, were lied to and we, the people, are forced to buy a product we do not want. That being said, Obamacare is "UNCONSTITUTIONAL", and if Obamacare is "unconstitutional", why must we continue to abide by the rules of Obamacare? With all of the great Republicans we have elected into office that are attorneys, I have to ask, just what are they waiting for? By law, "repeal and replace" should not be a hard case. By law, Obamacare should be repealed without a vote, and the case should be closed. By law John McCain's bruised ego, and vengeance against the President should not hurt the American people at all. By law, Obamacare should again be repealed, and case closed!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2017


Thursday, July 27, 2017

Swampman Sessions????


  "Drain the swamp", was a phrase made popular by President Trump on the campaign trail. It was a phrase that was chanted nationwide. Trump supporters that had tired of the widespread corruption in Washington were invigorated by the President's chant. They were invigorated as for the first time in eight years, America had a leader that vowed to clean up Washington or "drain the swamp". America was hopeful. America was hopeful that if Donald J. Trump became President, he would do what needed to be done. Americans knew that if elected, Donald J. Trump would clean up Washington. Americans had confidence that Donald J. Trump would rid our government of taking advantage of average Americans. Americans knew Donald J. Trump would stop the stealing, payoffs, and crookery that had become the norm in Washington. Americans knew Donald J. Trump would give the country back to the people as so not just our lawmakers could prosper, but average Americans could prosper as well. Americans had confidence that if elected, Donald J. Trump would go after and jail all those who had broken the law. Americans knew Donald J. Trump would lock Hillary Clinton up!

     The day Americans had hoped and prayed for finally came. Donald J. Trump was elected and he became our nation's 45th president. Justice would be served or would it? Six months have passed since President Trump was elected and no indictments have been made, nor has anyone been locked up. Why? Why, is anybody's guess. Why, even President Trump doesn't quite know what to make of no investigations being made into certain persons and or parties. While those in Washington walk free who've seemingly broken the law, the Department of Justice is instead focused on the President and his still not yet proven collusion with Russia. Day after day, week after week, month after month, and the focus is still Russia and the President. 

   The focus today should not be on Russia and the President. The focus should be on Hillary Clinton's use of an unsecured server putting America's security at risk. The focus should be on Hillary Clinton's 33,000 deleted emails. The focus should be on The Clinton Foundation. The focus should be on Loretta Lynch's obstruction of justice. The focus should be on Hillary and Susan Rice and their roles in the Benghazi tragedy. The focus should be on Hillary's alleged lover, Huma Abedin for conspiracy and wire fraud. The focus should be on John Podesta, Hillary's campaign manager's alleged involvement in child trafficking, and pedophilia.  The focus should be on James Comey's leaking of classified information and cleaning up after Hillary. The focus should be on Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch not prosecuting those from HSBC when it was discovered they were laundering funds for drug kingpins and various terrorist groups in the Mid-East including Al-Qaeda. (An inside deal of a $2 Billion fine was made) The focus should be on some 50 plus corpses whom all had connections to the Clintons and or the Democratic party. Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas to name two.  The focus should be on former President Obama's unconstitutional collection of data on Donald Trump. The focus should be on a number of persons and that does not include President Trump. 

  One has to wonder just why has Attorney General Jeff Sessions not had the justice department investigate the widespread corruption that took place within the Obama administration. Could it be that Jeff Sessions is part of the swamp? While Sessions was one of the President's first and most loyal supporters, his unwillingness to do his job and investigate matters that should most definitely be investigated makes one wonder. It also makes perfect sense. It also makes sense, as Sessions conveniently recused himself from the Trump-Russia investigation soon after he was sworn in. While it is no secret Robert Mueller and his pro Hillary collegues on the committee are conducting a witch hunt, Jeff Sessions was the one person who could easily have fired Mueller. Sessions also could have had control over the investigation. With Sessions recusing himself from the investigation, Sessions is no longer in a position to fire Mueller which makes for a very bad situation for the President. It makes for a bad situation as the Special Counsel's investigation into the President, appears to be an attempt to pin the President for a crime or crimes of which he did not commit. 

   Is the Attorney General another Washington swampman? Nothing else can explain the Attorney General not going after Hillary and others, that should with out question be under investigation. Sessions did replace the fired FBI Director, James Comey with a close friend of the former FBI Director. Yes, the acting FBI Director, Andrew McCabe, is indeed a close friend of the fired James Comey. Not only is McCabe a friend of Comey's, but he also was the man in charge of the Clinton investigation that went nowhere fast. In fact, the investigation went nowhere. McCabe also was the recipient of $700,000. from Hillary and her representatives for his wife's political run in 2015. Suffice it to say, McCabe has close ties with the Clintons, leading one to believe that he and the FBI will not be investigating Hillary Clinton, much less anyone else within the Democratic party anytime soon. In fact, the President tweeted "drain the swamp" in reference to Andrew McCabe. Perhaps the President himself is now beginning to wonder if his Attorney General is the man whom he thought he was or a member of the swamp. Unfortunately, for the President, I believe the evidence is stacking up against the Attorney General. While Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been great on cracking down on Sanctuary cities, cutting down illegal immigration, and going after the lawless gang, MS-13, he has been useless on cracking down on those who have committed crimes against our country and are out to destroy the President. With that being said, I am led to believe Attorney General Sessions, may just be "Swampman Sessions".

(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2017

#FireJamesSessions #DrainTheSwamp #LockHerUp

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Should Muslims be allowed to be Police Officers?

If Only Corpses Could Talk Continues !

 "The Clinton Foundation, they are criminals, they are thieves, they are liars, they are a disgrace."- Klaus Eberwein, last year at a protest at the headquarters of the Clinton Foundation

"The best revenge toward your haters is to be successful"-Klaus Eberwein on Twitter, 5/17/17

    Last year I wrote a blog,  "If Only Corpses Could Talk". The blog detailed six mysterious deaths of persons who had information regarding the Clintons and or the Democratic party and the party's alleged corruption. While there have been many many more mysterious deaths of persons who had worked for and or been involved with the Clintons, I focused on the six that had occurred last year. This year there are now two more corpses whom many wish could talk. Two more corpses of men whom I'm quite sure had much to tell. Much to tell about the Clintons, the most politically corrupt couple in the history of the United States.

     On July 11, 2017 Klaus Eberwein, age 50 shot himself in a hotel room in Miami, Florida. One might believe he would do such a thing if one read the story in the liberal based, Miami Herald on July 12, 2017. The Herald spoke of how Mr. Eberwein had fallen on hard times and faced allegations of fraud and corruption. While true, Mr. Eberwein had fallen on tough times, Eberwein had openly expressed to others that he felt his life was in danger. Mr. Eberwein had been a fierce critic of the Clintons. Just last year he had called the Clintons, criminals, thieves,  liars, and a disgrace. Mr. Eberwein was due to appear in front of a Haitian Senate Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission. As he was the former Director General of the Government Economic Development Agency, also known as FAES from May 2012 - February 2015, Eberwein is said to have had knowledge on misappropriated donations from international donors for the Haitian earthquake fund through the Clinton Foundation. Misappropriated, I'd say so. In fact, only 6% of the donations actually went to various Haitian Earthquake organizations. Another 9.6% went to the Haitian government, and the remaining 89.9% or $5.4 billion are said to have gone to non-Haitian organizations. It is believed that Mr. Eberwein was a wealth of knowledge regarding the missing funds. Unfortunately, a man whom a friend deemed "in good spirits", and found Eberwein's suicide, "really shocking"  will never be able to tell what he presumed to have known about the misappropriated donations.If only corpses could talk...

   On May 14, 2017 Peter Smith, a Republican donor, operative, businessman, and critic of the Clintons was found dead. Mr. Smith had committed suicide by placing a bag with attached helium over his head. Mr. Smith left a seemingly suspicious suicide note, allegedly saying, "NO FOUL PLAY WHATSOEVER". Supposedly, also written in the note was that Smith was taking his own life due to a recent bad turn of health and a $5 million life insurance policy expiring. The note was oddly written in all capital letters. According to a Wall Street analyst who had spoken to Peter Smith the day before the supposed suicide, Smith showed no indications that he was about to take his own life. Smith's death occurred ten days prior to a Wall Street Journal article for which Smith had been interviewed. The article reported on Smith being in the middle of the Russian hackers and Hillary Clinton;s missing 30,000 missing emails of which Smith was attempting to obtain.  Smith was quoted as saying the Russian interface story "would die of its own weight". Unfortunately, Smith who had been a key source in the "Trooper-gate Scandal" findings that nearly derailed Bill Clinton's 1992 Campaign died first. If only corpses could talk...

    If only corpses could talk. What would they say? What do they know? What would they reveal? Unfortunately, there are far too many corpses of men, women, and children surrounding the Clintons. While suicide, suspicious deaths, and killings surrounding those with information regarding the Clintons could be simply a coincidence, it is simply quite suspicious. If only corpses could talk...
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2017

#SethRichCoverUp #ShawnLucas #KlausEberweinSuicide #PeterSmithSuicide 



Monday, July 17, 2017

Why Hasn't the FBI Arrested Linda Sarsour?

     If you are still paying interest then Sharia Law hasn't taken over #justsaying - Linda Sarsour on Twitter May 12, 2015

    If you are still paying interest Sharia Law still hasn't taken over America -Linda Sarsour on Twitter May 12, 2015

   You'll know when you're living under Sharia Law if suddenly all your loans & credit cards become interest free. Sound nice, doesn't it? -Linda Sarsour on Twitter May 12, 2015

  Apparently the FBI no longer takes threats on the president and his administration seriously. In the past, if a man, woman, or group called for "war" against the president, that person or group would be arrested immediately. As of today no arrest has been made.  Nearly two weeks ago Palestinian-American anti-Israel, pro-Sharia Law activist, Linda Sarsour, called for Muslims to unite and wage jihad against President Trump and his administration, and to date no action against Sarsour has been taken. Since when is it acceptable for anyone to call for a "holy war" against the president? Since when is it acceptable for anyone to call for a "holy war" against a president's administration? 

   As so it would seem if one is a Muslim they are given a free pass to threaten the president and his administration. While campaigning, President Trump said he would ban all Muslims from entering the United States. The President's sentiments have since changed. Perhaps, banning all Muslims would be extreme. Then again, there are Muslims here in the U.S. at present and around the world that believe in the caliphate and believe that Islam will one day rule the world. In knowing this, one can't help, but be alarmed when a known activist with ties to the terrorist group Hamas calls for "jihad" or a "holy war" against the president and his administration. One also can't help, but wonder why an activist with terrorist ties hasn't been arrested. Is it that the president feels obligated to not go after a Muslim, because she is a Muslim? As so it would appear, yes it is. As if anyone else, a non-Muslim were to call for a "holy war" against the president and his administration, I would guess they would surely be arrested. 

   It is concerning that the arrest of Linda Sarsour has not been made. It is concerning as one can't help, but wonder if the president and his administration are looking the other way, because Linda Sarsour is a Muslim.  As President Trump was widely criticized for his anti-Muslim rhetoric, I would hate to think that he would cave to the critics, but appearances lead one to think perhaps he is. The fact is Linda Sarsour is a known anti-Israel American-Palestinian pro-Sharia Law activist. The fact is Linda Sarsour did call for Muslims in the name of Allah to wage "jihad" against our president and his administration. The fact is Linda Sarsour should be in jail. The fact is Linda Sarsour calling for "jihad" against the president and his administration makes her a threat to the president. The fact is Linda Sarsour calling for Muslims to unite as to wage "jihad" on the president and his administration makes Linda Sarsour a homegrown terrorist and an enemy of the State. Any enemy of the State should not be tolerated. They should be arrested without hesitation regardless of their religious affiliation. With that being said, why hasn't the FBI arrested Linda Sarsour?
-Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2017
#LindaSarsour #ArrestLindaSarsour