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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Mr. President, May I remind you...


 Mr. President, with all due respect, I'd like to remind you of one of your most important campaign promises. Mr. President, you pledged that if elected you would, "repeal and replace Obamacare with something much better". In fact, Mr. President, you pledged this campaign promise, not once, not twice, but several times over.  You pledged to "repeal and replace" Obamacare. When campaigning, Mr. President, you never once said you would simply "dress up" Obamacare and call it something anew. Not once did you mention higher premiums, gigantic medicaid cuts, or an age tax increasing their healthcare premiums by 800%. Not once did you, Mr. President, mention you would allow states to do away with the essential healthcare protection benefits section. Not once, Mr. President, did you mention that you would not repeal and replace Obamacare, but dress it up, rename it as so it could provide higher tax cuts for millionaires, billionaire, insurance companies and drug companies. Not once, Mr. President, did you mention the newly proposed healthcare bill would do nothing to benefit Americans making under 200k and decimate the American healthcare system. Not once did you, Mr. President, tell Americans that you had no intention of helping them be able to afford healthcare. Not once did you, Mr. President, tell Americans watching the many presidential rallies that you had no intention of fully repealing and replacing Obamacare. 

    Did you lie Mr. President? Did you lie to the millions of Americans who supported and voted for you? Did you lie or did you just not think repealing and replacing Obamacare was all that important? Shame on me, I suppose, as I thought you realized the severity of repealing and replacing Obamacare. As you, Mr. President, and all of Washington knew Obamacare was imploding, forgive me as I was under the impression you did know the urgency and severity of repealing and replacing Obamacare. Why, Mr. President, you yourself even had a plan of your own. Mr. President you even published a seven-point healthcare reform plan. Your plan actually repealed Obamacare. Your plan broke down state barriers that prevented the sale of health insurance across state lines that made the health insurance of individuals premium insurance payments fully tax deductible. Mr. President, your plan was supposed to provide more affordable healthcare for Americans. Mr. President, your plan was to provide higher quality healthcare for Americans. Perhaps you've forgotten your jabs at Obamacare. Let me refresh your memory, as I remember your jabs quite well. I remember, as I was a victim and felt the pain of being under the dreaded Obamacare. I laughed as you joked to those at a rally held sometime last year. Mr. President, you said that one would have to be dying as to reap the benefits of Obamacare. In all seriousness, I thought I might die just signing up for Obamacare. I'm quite sure some did. 

   Mr. President, I am sorely disappointed in you at present. The newly proposed healthcare bill is not the plan you touted as your seven point plan. The newly proposed bill does not lower healthcare premiums. The newly proposed healthcare bill does not provide higher quality care for the American people. Mr. President, the newly proposed healthcare bill does not benefit the American people making under 200k. It benefits the millionaires, and billionaires, insurance, and drug companies. Mr. President, the newly proposed healthcare bill benefits the very people that you said your plan would not benefit. Why, Mr. President, your seven point healthcare plan was to benefit the millions of hardworking Americans that so desperately needed a break and tax benefits. Mr. President, I ask, how can you endorse the newly proposed healthcare act that is opposed by even those in your own party? The Donald Trump I voted for would call out this plan for what it is. the Donald Trump I voted for would tell Republicans to rewrite the bill until the bill was a truly new bill. The Donald Trump I voted for would advise the Senate to work day and night until they came up with a bill that truly replaced Obamacare with a better healthcare plan. The Donald Trump I voted for would tell the American people that this newly proposed healthcare bill would decimate an already failed healthcare system. The Donald Trump I voted for would have looked at the newly proposed healthcare bill and said to the senate, "you're fired". Mr. President, the man I voted for would have looked out for the American people , the people who supported and voted for you. Mr. President, the people have spoken and the people can speak again. We, the people, voted for a man that said he would "repeal and replace" Obamacare. We, the people, did not vote for a man that said dress up and change the name of Obamacare. Mr.President, just as we the people voted for you in 2016, we can just as easily not vote for you in 2020. Mr. President, it is my hope that I will be again voting for you in 2020. Mr. President, I must remind you, "repeal and replace"!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2017

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Islam And Liberalism

     "And kill them (the unbelievers) wherever you find them , and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers." - The Koran

   "They've marched, they've bled - yes, some of them have died. This is hard. Every good thing is. We have done this before. We can do this again.- Former U.S. Attorney General, Loretta Lynch-February 2017

 "What we've got to do is fight in Congress, fight in the courts, fight in the streets, fight online, fight at the ballot box, and now there's the momentum to do this." - Tim Kaine Jan. 2017

   An Islamist following the Koran has zero tolerance for those following other religions. A liberal who is a member of the Democratic party has zero tolerance for those of the opposing party. An Islamist believes he  must slaughter anyone and everyone who does not believe as he. A liberal belonging to the Democratic party apparently also believes those in opposition to his party should be killed. This fascist behavior was shown this week when a Bernie Sanders supporter, James Hodgkinson from Illinois made the decision to be a political terrorist. This past Wednesday, during a Congressional Baseball practice in Alexandria Virginia at Eugene Simpson Stdium Park, a mass shooting was conducted by Hodgkinson. Hodgkinson, a disgruntled Bernie supporter let off 50 shots, injuring one city police officer and critically injuring another. House Majority Whip Republican Steve Scalise from Louisiana was shot in the hip and sustained multiple injuries to his hip, pelvis and internal organs. While the prognosis is good, the recovery will be long. Thankfully, no one was killed as the outcome could have been far worse had it not been for the presence of the security detail for Rep. Steve Scalise. But, for the presence of Capitol Police the gunman, Hodgkinson, was shot and killed.

  Later on that day, Congress took to the floor as to speak out for unity. Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi even went so far as to say that she prayed for not only former President Barrack Obama, but the President and his family as well. For a moment I'm quite sure most of America  went into cardiac arrest at Nancy Pelosi's kind words. The trouble is, it's too little, too late. It's too late as the Democrats have been encouraging violence since President Trump took to the campaign trail. Numerous reportings and tapes were leaked of people being paid to attack Trump's supporters. Innocent people supporting the President were beaten up and harassed at the hands of those on the left. Surprisingly, no one was killed. I can't help, but wonder if a Trump supporter had been killed by a thug from the left, if they would have done a happy dance and jumped for glee. 

    Islam and Liberalism are really quite alike. Neither Islamists nor liberals want anyone believing any way other than their way. Frighteningly, liberals appear to have been listening to their leaders' calls for violence and bloodshed. This was proven this past week. While the shooter is said to have acted alone, one can't help but question his acting alone. The shooter somehow, some way knew of the Congressional Baseball practice early Wednesday morning. How? The Congressional Baseball practice was not common knowledge. That being said, the shooter may have not acted alone. The shooter also carried a list of Republican Congressional members in his pocket. The purpose is unknown. Could it have been an assassination list? We'll never know, although it's been recently reported that there have been numerous threats to Republican congressman showing the threat of political terrorism is real.

   The call for violence from the left must come to an end. Repeatedly, the Democrats are making inflammatory remarks against the President and repeatedly the behavior is accepted. Whether it's the former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, calling for bloodshed or washed up pop star, Madonna, saying she's" thought and awful lot about blowing up the White House", or comedian, Kathy Griffith holding a fake decapitated President Trump bloody head, it's got to stop. It's got to stop before it's too late. As eventually there will be a day when a gunman is successful in his mission to kill Republicans, and if that day comes, the blood will be on the hands of the left. 

  Liberalism is becoming as evil as the religion of Islam. It's as evil, as it condones the bullying and killing of Republicans. It's evil, as it is non- accepting of anyone having any other beliefs other than the belief system of liberalism. In knowing this, it has become clear as to why liberals are so dead set against a ban on Muslims. Why, they are almost one in the same. It is said that birds of a feather flock together, and if such is true, heaven help us as the left seems all too intent on the destruction of a nation of capitalism and freedom. Islam and liberalism; will it be our demise or will President Trump keep his campaign promise and ban Muslims before the two ban together and America is lost forever?
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2017


Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sharia Law In The USA Today

    To have child is to be graced with the greatest gift on earth. To have a child and watch it endure pain and suffering is to experience hell on earth. Unfortunately, for one couple in Twin Falls, Idaho, they were blessed with a little girl, and they were also cursed with having to watch their little girl suffer horribly. Last April, a five year old girl was raped by 3 Muslim boys in Twin Falls, Idaho. The details of the vile crime are somewhat vague, as it all depends on who is reporting. What is known is that the three boys are ages 14, 10, and 7. It is also known that the three boys are Muslim, and they are from Iraq and Sudan. What is also known is that the three boys got away with the crime as the three were given probation, and they were not found guilty of rape. They were found guilty of sexually lewd conduct. Last I heard, sodomy and oral sex were considered sex. Then again, the judge must have been a liberal, as thanks to former President Bill Clinton, oral sex is not considered "sex". 

   Perhaps the three boys in Twin Falls were not really guilty of any crime at all. After all, under the religion of Islam, Muslims are allowed to rape non-Muslim women. Did all three boys actually rape the young girl? Only the boys, the 5 year young girl, and everyone who watched the video one of the boys took, know for sure. The general public will never know, as mainstream media sure as heck won't report the whole truth. Far be it for the public to know the truth, as the media wouldn't want the public to know that Muslims raped a young girl. No, the media must protect the Muslim immigrants as the Muslims in this country are far more important than an American born young child. Why, Twin Falls was just following status quo for how this country has been more apt to defend Muslims and other immigrants than to defend helpless Americans.

    When the story in Twin Falls first broke, it was reported that the young girl was raped at knife point. Later the knife was taken out of the report. It was also reported and not denied that the entire atrocity was on video as the boys recorded their conquest. On the video, supposedly the child is sodomized, urinated on , and oral sex is forced by the youngest boy. All the while, the other boys are explaining the how to's of sex and and cheering as well. As to whether or not it was one boy that actually took part in the raping, we may never know. We may never know, as last week the Judge on the trial, Judge Borreson, issued a gag order barring everyone in the court room from speaking about the trial.  The victim's attorney, Mathew Staver stated, "It's unconstitutional for the judge to do that. There are gag orders that can be put on people during a jury trial, or if it's a minor they can prohibit you from mentioning the name of the minor, but they can't gag you after the fact. This is public at this point. This judge, it just seems like he's forgotten about the First Amendment in this case. He has no authority to do this, he can't hold someone in contempt to keep them from speaking out about their displeasure with the case after the fact." Case in point, Sharia Law is in America.

    Any child being sexually assaulted and raped is horrific,and it is a crime. It is a crime that deserves jail time.  Likewise, America's judicial system protecting the perpetrators in such a lewd disgusting crime is a crime in itself. What's also a crime is that the victim's lawyer is facing contempt charges due to a benign comment he made to the Idaho Statesman in regards to the victim's parents' displeasure with the verdict. Another crime is that the three Muslim immigrants who had been in the U.S. for two years were treated more like victims than the victim herself. The five hour trial consisted of a pity party for the three boys labeled as "victims". Janice Kroeger, the senior prosecuting attorney, who was trying the boys, appeared to be trying the victim's mother instead. The prosecutor seemed more interested in hearing from a therapist for the 3 boys than hearing from the victim's parents. The three boys presented as victims supposedly were doing well in school. The boys were praised and the court room even heard how smart they were. The three boys were even said to be suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Well, doesn't it suck to be them? Gee, how do they sleep at night? Meanwhile, the real victim, young Jayla, whose name was never used unless used by the mother, has suffered dearly. The young child now wets the bed, has bad dreams, and other issues as well. Some reports claim the child is a special needs child, which if true, makes the attack all the more bothersome.

    What has happened to America? What has happened to our judicial system? What has happened to our values? Liberalism. Liberalism is what's happened to America, and if we don't act fast, our country will be lost forever. When a young child is raped and a judge issues only probation as the sentence, America is lost. When a judge issues an unconstitutional gag order, America is lost. When a judge is more afraid of offending Muslims than sentencing three sexual  predators with the raping of a three year old girl, America is lost. When a victim and her family are treated more like the criminals than the true criminals, because they are Muslim, America is lost. When mainstream media continuously protects and defends and wants not to offend Muslims and other illegal and legal immigrants regardless of their being criminals, America is lost.  When a president of the United States is unable to ban persons belonging to a organization that want to kill us, America is lost. When Sharia Law takes over Twin Falls, Idaho, America is lost. 
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2017



Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Caliphate Is Among Us...

      Since September 11, 2001 there have been 30,959 Islamic terrorist attacks worldwide. On an almost daily basis there is bloodshed somewhere in the world. The world watches in horror at the television as they watch people that have fallen victim to bombings,  stabbings,  beheadings, and or shootings. The world watches and says, "oh how horrific, and how tragic" and then the world walks away and goes on with life. The world goes on with life until yet another terrorist attack occurs and the world repeats the same rhetoric and does nothing. We do nothing, our leaders do nothing, and the enemy is left to continue in their mission of killing. Their mission is killing all non-believers of the religion of Islam. Sadly, terrorism has become an acceptable way of life. The terrorists are winning, the infidels are losing. We are losing as we have become desensitized to terrorism. In the past, our leaders would take action. They would deport people from coming into their countries. Our leaders would use bombs and or air strikes to send a message to those nations sponsoring and or harboring terrorists. Our leaders would even impose sanctions against those countries where terrorists had been citizens. However, at present we are unable to take the various actions against terrorists and terrorist harboring nations as we had in the past. It's hard to take action and drop a bomb on the enemy when our leaders have invited the enemy right into our very own backyards. Not only have our leaders opened our borders to the enemy, but our leaders have set the enemy free, time and time again. We are losing the war against terrorism and the caliphate is winning, as we the people have become complacent with lackluster do nothing leaders to protect us against the enemy. The caliphate is among us, it is alive and well, and it is watching and waiting to attack the god ole U.S.A.

   Today a terrorist attacked a police officer in Paris outside the Notre Dame Cathedral. As the terrorist bashed the police officer in the head with a hammer he exclaimed, "This is for Syria". The man had two kitchen knives and other weapons with him as well. Paris is said to have been under high security as there have been a string of Islamic extremist attacks in recent years. Several attacks, several dead, several injured and France has yet to begin deporting Muslim refugees. France also has yet to close its borders. France instead chooses to live by the liberal mindset of open borders and reap the consequences of widespread terrorism. Far be it for France to close its borders and protect the people of France. Far be it for France to deport people who are in their country illegally or have over stayed their visas. Far be it for French authorities to go into the Muslim neighborhoods they fear and arrest, jail, and deport every suspected terrorist. No, France would prefer to be politically correct, light candles and place flowers at various terrorist attack sites, and walk away saying, "oh how tragic".

     Just days ago, on June 3rd, Great Britain experienced its third terrorist attack since March 22nd on the London Bridge.  All three attacks have resulted in a total of 34 people having been killed and another 196 have been injured by people whom authorities deemed as suspicious long before they conducted their various attacks. Within not just days, but hours, authorities in Great Britain were successful in locating those responsible for the attacks. In this latest attack 3 of the persons guilty of the attack were known to authorities, but authorities did nothing. In essence, the British authorities appear to be quite useless in their fighting terrorism. It has been reported than Britain's authorities have some 20,000 persons that are suspected of having jihadi affiliations. However, only 3000 are currently being investigated.  In knowing this, I can't help, but wonder just what the hell were the authorities waiting for? If authorities can quickly identify the perpetrators involved in the attacks, why can they not pick up and arrest suspected terrorists before they kill the people of Great Britain? The fact is, the British authorities could arrest those suspected of being terrorists, but they won't. They won't as God forbid they insult a Muslim. It's far better to have people die and suffer than to insult a Muslim. While one would think it would be better to be proactive and save lives than to be lackadaisical and lose lives, those in authority beg to differ. Then again, they have no choice as they have elected a Muslim Mayor who was sworn in on the Koran and hopes another Muslim will follow in his footsteps. London's Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan, has in the past told the people of London to accept terrorism as a part of living in a city, and indeed they have. The people of London have accepted terrorism as a part of life, and they are allowing the caliphate to win.

    While the people of Great Britain may be accepting of their new way of life, filled with turmoil, death, and destruction, the people of the United States never will. Imagine if you will, if after 9/11 Mayor Giuliani had told the people of New York City to "accept terrorism". The people of New York would have been up in arms. The people across the United States would have been up in arms as well. The people wanted revenge, and former G.W. Bush gave them just that when he invaded Iraq. Whether one agrees or disagrees with the former president's decision, at the time all of America was happy with the decision to go to war. Americans would never have accepted terrorism as a way of life. Unfortunately, due to our leaders, Americans I fear may have no choice, but to accept terrorism as a way of life. 

    America's leaders have failed the people of the United States. They have failed the people as they have failed to do anything and everything to keep Americans safe. Between the years 2009 to 2013 the U.S. issued 680,000 green cards to persons from Muslim majority countries.  In comparison Washington D.C. has a population of 660,000. While the number 680,000 is somewhat frightening, even more frightening is the fact that the U.S. has brought in 1.5 million Muslims into our country since the passage of the refugee act of 1980. That being said, former presidents, Carter, Reagan, H.W. Bush, Clinton, G.W. Bush, and Barrack Obama are responsible for the influx of Muslims into our nation. 

    The caliphate is among us, and it is in my opinion, only a matter of time before it strikes here in the U.S. With some 24 known jihadist training camps spread here across the U.S., the threat of an attack similar or worse than 9/11 is eminent. It's not a matter of will another 9/11 happen, it's a matter of where and when will it happen? Tragically, the U.S. could have prevented the U.S. from having any future terrorist attacks after 9/11. Just as Great Britain could have been pro-active and possibly stopped every terrorist attack that's taken place of recent, our own intelligence could also have been and could be pro-active against persons wanting to commit terrorism. Our leaders in the past have failed us by allowing anyone into our country with any smidgen of a trace of being a terrorist. Of course a smidgen is nothing when one takes into consideration that the Obama administration allowed Muslim refugees into the U.S. without any vetting. Moderate vetting is bad enough, but no vetting is simply unacceptable. No doubt the allowance of barely vetted and non vetted Muslim refugees will be the death of many. The caliphate is among us...

   The caliphate is among us, and what Americans can do to fight or stop it, is a mystery. Millions of Americans voted for President Trump as he campaigned on banning Muslims, and that was music to the ears of the Trump supporters. Unfortunately, President Trump attempted twice to issue a travel ban on individuals traveling from terrorist sponsoring nations and was blocked by the court system. As our court system seems to be more concerned with offending people of another religion than respecting the constitutional rights of the President, I am quite disappointed. I am disappointed in that our court system has failed to respect the law and the President. I am disappointed that our court system has failed the people of the U.S. Our court system has failed to allow the President's travel ban to stand while the countries of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Libya, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Bahrain, and the Maldives have banned those persons coming from Qatar to enter into their countries. It is a sad day when Muslim nations can issue a ban on Muslims from a certain country, but the United States can not. While the travel ban will be taken to the Supreme Court sometime in October, much time will have passed. Much time equals more persons from nations that should have been banned from entering our country.  Thanks to our lawmakers in Washington failing to respect the president, the caliphate is not only upon us, but it is rapidly metastasizing until it is successful in taking away our way of life and our lives. The caliphate is among us...
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2017

*As a footnote, President Trump could have taken the very first travel ban to the SCOTUS and won as Ruth Ginsberg would have had to have recused herself for her inflammatory remarks against the President.



Friday, June 2, 2017

An American President And The Quran

     "And kill them (the unbelievers) wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it, but if they do fight you, slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers."(Sura 2. Verse 191) Quran

   "Drive them out. Drive out the terrorists. Drive out the extremists. Drive them out of your places of worship. Drive them out of your communities. Drive them out of your holy land and drive them out of this earth."-President Trump 5/21/17 Saudi Summit

    Last week the 4th circuit court of appeals upheld the block on the second travel ban ordered by President Trump. A little over a week ago, the president gave an all historic speech to leaders from 55 Muslim majority nations. Disturbingly, the Presidents speech was very much like a page out of the Koran. Those who follow the Koran are told to drive the non-believers out. Followers are also told to slaughter all non-believers as well. That being said one can't help, but be somewhat concerned at the rhetoric used in the Presidents speech. Perhaps the speech writer was attempting to imitate the Koran. The Koran should never be imitated by a Christian or non-believer. The Koran which tells its followers to kill all non-believers should never be flattered in any way. Using verbiage from the Koran gives far too much credibility to a publication that spews hatred for infidels and disrespect for women. The Koran has no place in the lives of non-Muslim Americans. The Koran should have no place in the speeches of our president.

   Some may defend the President on his verbiage used to the Muslims in attendance of the Saudi Summit.  They may say perhaps it is wise to use the same verbiage with Muslims from the Koran as it will be familiar and it will speak to them. Others like myself are deeply concerned. It is bothersome that an American President would use such verbiage as it is not the President's own words. Not only are the words not those of our American President, but they are the words of a religion that hates all infidels. They are the words from a publication that instructs its followers to slaughter us. While I don't blame the President for his Koranesque speech, as it was a speech writer that chose rhetoric from the Koran, I do blame the president for not questioning the speech he was given to deliver. President Trump ran on being American. He ran on being pro-American. He ran on being a Christian. He ran on being openly Christian. He ran on not allowing thousands of Islamic refugees continuing to come into our country. Forgive me if hearing verbiage from the Koran out of an American presidents mouth is a bit bothersome. With a globalist daughter and son-in-law, one can't help, but wonder, is the president's tune changing ? That being said, I'll let you be the judge on an American President and the Koran.
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Deal With The Devil ?

      " President Trump's speech was written by Westerners, delivered by a westerner and based on a faulty western premise, namely, that radical Muslims can be persuaded to abandon their goal of establishing a worldwide caliphate. It is a central theological principle of Wahhabism, an austere form of Islam based on a literal interpretation of the Koran, which Saudi Arabia has for years promoted in children's textbooks, in mosques and through its media.No reporter asked the central question that should have been put to Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir during his press availability with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson: Since Saudi Arabia's domestic and foreign policy is based on a theological worldview, have those views changed and if so, how did that "revelation" come to you?"-Cal Thomas, Tribune Content Agency

      Islam is the religion of "peace",  our former President Barrack Obama would exclaim. No, Islam is not the religion of "peace". Islam is far from it. Islam is the single most violent religion in the world. Anyone who would care to debate this fact would be hard put to defend the religion of Islam as a religion of peace. That is anyone who is actually educated on the religion of Islam. One can not defend what simply is. What is, is that Islam is the religion of evil. Evil in its purist form. Islam is evil in that it demands its followers to kill all infidels. That being said, I have to ask, did President Trump just sign a deal with the Devil?"

   A deal with the Devil may have very well been made last week in Saudi Arabia. While President Trump's visit and speech was historic, it could also be detrimental to the safety of our nation. From all appearances the President's trip looked to be a smashing success. The King of Saudi Arabia literally rolled out the red carpet for the President, a sharp contrast from when the King refused to greet former President Barrack Obama on his last trip to Saudi Arabia . King Salman not only went to welcome and greet President Trump upon his arrival to Saudi Arabia, but he also presented the President with the kingdom's top civilian honor collar of Abdulaziz Al Saud. What followed was the great Saudi Summit of the President and leaders from 55 Muslim nations. It was a meeting of the minds.  While in attendance at the Saudi Summit, the President gave an amazing speech to the 55 Muslim leaders on uniting to defeat terrorism.  In reference to defeating terrorism, the President used these harsh words in his speech, "Drive them out". In addition to impressing the Muslim world, and gaining their respect, the U.S. and Saudi Arabia signed one of the biggest weapons deals in history. The President's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, negotiated a $110 Billion arms deal that could well increase up to $350 billion. The billion dollar arms deal will supply Saudi Arabia with planes, ships, precision bombs, fighter jets, combat ships, tanks, and a sophisticated radar system devised to shoot down ballistic missiles. While the deal is worth billions to the U.S. in the creation of jobs and revenue, is it worth the price? The price by way of lives lost. Suffice it to say, Saudi Arabia will have more than enough fighter power to destroy us all. Unbeknownst to most, Obama had already negotiated a $115 billion arms deal.  To be exact, the Saudis will soon have over $225 billion invested in their military under a possible false pretense of a need for protection against Iran and other Muslim nations they deem as a threat to their welfare.

    Was the Saudi-U.S. deal a deal with the Devil? A deal with the Devil it may in fact be. With 15 of the 19  9/11 hijackers being from Saudi Arabia, it's no wonder that may Americans are concerned. The truth is, Americans with any knowledge of the missing 28 pages from the 9/11 report are terrified of the recent Saudi deal. They are terrified as the missing pages are said to have stated that some of the 9/11 hijackers were in contact with and received money from persons in the Saudi government. One can't help but wonder if the President would have even traveled to Saudi Arabia, much less signed a billion dollar arms deal had he himself read the missing 28 pages of the 9/11 report. I think not. 

     The fact is, Saudi Arabia is not a so called "conservative" Muslim country as much as they and the liberal based media would like to have others think.. Saudi Arabia is quite the opposite. They throw gay men off buildings, treat women as second class citizens, chop people's hands off  for stealing. Not to mention that Saudi Arabia  has promoted and follows Wahhabism, a vile, and austere form of Islam which is based on a "literal" Interpretation of Islam . This form of Islam believes in the goal of worldwide caliphate, and it is what has been and is taught in children's textbooks, and mosques. In knowing this, westerners have every right to be in fear of Saudi Arabia one day having over $200 billion of military capability in their possession.
     Did the President just sign a deal with the Devil? Perhaps not, but all indications point to possibly yes. Saudi Arabia, a country that has been suspected of being behind the biggest terrorist attack to ever hit the U.S. ,will soon have weapons of mass destruction that could be death of us all. It is my hope that I will be proven wrong. It is my hope that the U.S. truly has a friend and ally in Saudi Arabia. If  I and other skeptics are not wrong, it could be the end of the world as we know it. Then again with people in fear of leaving their homes for fear of a possible terrorist attack, the world has ended from how our forefathers had known it. That being said, our forefathers and previous leaders had the know how on how to protect our nation from those who care to harm us. They gave the President the power to ban all those who could be a threat to our people. Our liberals in our courts have defied this and our President seems to be now befriending those who want to kill us in an effort to be accepted and liked. Perhaps the President's possible deal with the Devil is not really of any relevance. It may be of no real relevance when the Devil  and the caliphate our now just a step out everyone's front door...

(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017.



Thursday, May 25, 2017

From Saudi Success To Mayhem In Manchester


    May 21st 2017 was truly a historic day. It was a historic day due to President Trump's deliverance of his speech in Saudi Arabia to leaders from some fifty Muslim Nations. The President's speech was the essence of which great leaders are made. Shortly after the President's speech, the United Arab Emirates' foreign minister, Anwar Gargash, tweeted "Bravo President Trump". He also described the speech as "effective and historic". "Effective and historic", it was indeed. President Trump dared to say what no other had. In an effort to bring 50 Muslim nations together against terrorism, the President offered his thoughts on how Muslim leaders might aid in the fight against terrorism. "Drive them out of your places of worship. Drive them out of your communities. Drive them out of your Holy Land. And drive them out of this earth."

  As so it would seem, President Trump accomplished the impossible. He had proven himself to be successful in convincing some 50 Muslim leaders that together we could defeat terrorism. Only days after the President's all historic speech against terrorism, yet another horrific terrorist attack was to take place. On Monday, May 22nd, a suicide bomber attacked the Manchester Arena where an Ariana Grande concert was taking place. A total of 22 people were killed, most under the age of 16. The youngest, was a girl of only 8 years old. Another 59 people were said to be injured. Unbeknownst to many, the Manchester bombing was the 30,874th attack, since September 11th 2001. The attack showed the world that the caliphate is winning the war against the infidels. The Manchester bomber's goal was to kill as many people as possible. He was successful. He was also successful in overshadowing the Saudi Summit where President Trump had made history. Sadly, it made it almost insignificant. Perhaps the Manchester bomber's purpose was to do more than kill innocents. Perhaps his purpose was to show the world that President Trump's all historic speech against terrorism may have well been ever so powerful and moving, but it was also ineffective. The Manchester bomber showed the world, terrorism is winning.

      Radical Islam is winning. The infidels are losing. When we are no longer to live our lives for fear of a terrorist attack occurring, the terrorists are winning. Exactly one day after President Trump's  anti terrorism speech was given, another deadly terrorist attack took place. Hours prior to the Manchester Arena attack, warnings were given on Twitter by at least two separate  accounts. If Muslims predominately are a peaceful lot, why is that not one Muslim came forward with the information of the warnings? For that matter, if the intelligence of the U.K.were worth a grain a salt, why did they not pick up on the chatter of an impending attack? Then again, the liberal leaders probably would not want to offend the Muslim community. Yes, I suppose it's far better to watch children die and suffer than to be politically incorrect and arrest a possible terrorist or terrorists. The Manchester bomber was on a watch list.He had traveled to Libya and stayed for three long weeks. He was a soldier of ISIS. He slipped right through the cracks and was able to conduct his jihad. Evidently, the intelligence for the U.K. failed to "watch" the 22 year old Manchester bomber. Suffice it to say, the families and victims of the Manchester Arena attack should have one hell of a lawsuit against their government. Their government failed to protect them. Their government failed them. 

    The fact of the matter is, everyone's government is failing to protect them. Last June, Omar Mateen shot and killed over 100 people in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. The attack could have been and should have been prevented. Mateen had been investigated by the FBI. Mateen had been interviewed by the FBI twice. Mateen had also pledged his allegiance to ISIS. Our government failed all those affected by the Orlando shooting, just as the Government of the U.K. failed those affected in the Manchester bombing. With some 700k people on the terror watch list here in the U.S. we the people have to ask just what in hell are authorities waiting for? Another 9/11? An attack worse than 9/11? Just what will it take?

   It is my fear that the flood gates of hell have been opened. Who opened them? Our leaders. Our leaders opened the gates of hell and they are to blame for every terrorist act that is and has been committed. Since 9/11/01 there have been 30,881 terrorist attacks we know of to date. In the last 30 days there have been 165 Islamic terror attacks in some 25 countries, killing 1008 people and injuring another 1041 people. We are not winning the war on terrorism. We are not even close to winning the war on terrorism. We are in fact losing the war on terrorism.

  While the President's speech on defeating terrorism in Saudi Arabia gave hope to those leaders in attendance and many who watched in awe, it did not reach out to those Muslims who have a desire to kill non-Muslims. The reality is, the world has changed, and not for the better. Leaders around the world have literally opened the gates of hell with their open borders and the people have died and suffered for it. America voted for President Trump on his campaign promise to closing our borders and keeping radical Muslims out of our country. Lest President Trump not forget his campaign promise with his new found admiration and respect for Muslim leaders who seem to also want to defeat terrorism. It is radical Muslims who want to kill us. It is radical Muslims who set out to steal the show out from under President Trump. It is radical Muslims who turned the media's attention away from the success in Saudi Arabia to the mayhem of death and violence in Manchester. 
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL BLOG 2017

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Liberal Lunacy In America!

     With the election of President Trump, millions of Americans again had hope. They had hope for the creation of jobs. They had hope for the repeal and replacement of Obamacare. They had hope for lower taxes for all. They had hope for a massive wall with a big beautiful door aiding in the  closing of our borders. They had hope for the banning of persons that could be deemed a threat to our nation. They had hope for better deals on trade, hope for a stronger military, and hope for better care of our nation's veterans. With the election of President Trump, millions of Americans not only hoped, but truly believed that America would be "great again". 

    Unfortunately, what those who supported president Trump never planned on was the "liberal lunacy" in America. "Liberal lunacy" is the unfathomable condition from which a good many of America's liberals suffer.  It is a condition which no sane person can comprehend. It is a condition in which one wants for the total destruction of the United States. "Liberal lunacy" is a condition which is truly a conundrum. Why liberals suffer from this is the million dollar question, but it is the only explanation for the various actions taken by the left, be it mainstream media, the Democrats in Washington, and the liberal lunatics taking to the streets to protest every other weekend of their seemly nonexistent lives. "Liberal lunacy" could well be the demise of the United States as we have known it to be.

   Why? Why does it seem that the liberals in this country have a mission to destroy everything about America that has made America great? Furthermore, why do liberals seem to have a mission to make America unsafe? Since the President has taken office, he has literally been stalled and or stopped from taking various actions as to improve the state of the nation. Virtually every move this President has made has been analyzed and critiqued ad nauseam. Never before has a president been so dissected be the press. Never before has a president been so lied about to the people by the press. It's been utter lunacy. From the stalled confirmation of several cabinet appointees to the halt on the travel ban, the left has been the Achilles heel of our president to a fault. Why, I'm not quite certain. One thing of which I am certain is that the liberal lunatics in our country have an overwhelming desire to prevent this President from making America great again.

   Is it that the liberals in America are that ignorant? Is it that the liberals in America are that naive? What is it that has made the left so intent on making America unsafe? What is it that has made the left so bound and determined to have a desire to watch a President fail as to destroy their own nation? The religion of Islam is a threat to the United States of America. There are no ifs, no ands, nor buts about it. The religion of Islam, if truly followed, does not allow for other religions. Its followers must convert others or kill them. It's that simple. President Trump has now attempted twice to ban not all Muslims from coming into the country, but those coming from terrorist sponsoring nations from coming into the country. The left has halted both travel bans. Why? President Trump has a duty to protect this nation, and the liberals are preventing him from doing so. The liberals protested the President's travel bans across the nation. They accused the president of being racist. President Trump was not being racist. President Trump was doing exactly what we elected him to do. We elected President Trump for many reasons. One reason was to keep our nation free from terrorism. It is the constitutional right of every president to ban whomever he or she deems a threat to the nation and its people. Those persons belonging to the religion of Islam are a threat to this nation. They are a threat, as their religion tells them to kill whomever they can not convert. To say the president's travel ban is unconstitutional is just plain wrong. To oppose President Trump's travel ban is to aid the terrorists in their mission to kill the infidels. To oppose the President's travel ban is to ensure that America will never be safe again.

    One look at Europe and its open borders and all can see the results of open borders. Widespread crime and terrorism has occurred with the allowance of Muslim immigrants. Countries once charming are now anything but charming. Countries once graced with serenity are now graced with widespread violence. It didn't have to be that way. It didn't have to be that way, but it is. Thanks to liberal minded leaders who cared more about political correctness and humanitarian charity, than they cared about national security,  several European countries are at risk. They are at risk, because they chose to put their countries at risk. To allow parts of Paris and London to be so dangerous that law enforcement officials are too afraid to enter is insane. It is insane and it is liberal lunacy. Liberal lunacy has spread to America. While America has not reached a point of no return like much of Europe, we are coming close. Each day the travel ban is at a halt, more and more persons from terrorist sponsoring nations and nations with persons carrying diseases are being allowed into our country. It is my belief that if any American contracts a disease from an immigrant allowed in during this time, the left is to blame. The left is also to blame if any American is killed in a terrorist attack caused by an immigrant who entered the U.S. from a country named on the now halted travel ban. Let it be said that the blood of any American killed by a person from a country placed on the travel ban  carrying a disease is on the hands of the left. Likewise, the blood of any American killed in a terrorist attack led by a person allowed in to this country during the halted travel ban will be on the hands of the left. 

  The  likely appeal of the travel ban will most definitely not reach the Supreme Court until sometime in October. During this time more and more possible terrorists and or immigrants carrying deadly diseases are being allowed into the country. I suppose the liberal lunatics are celebrating each day the travel ban is not in place. Ironically, the very people that Muslims detest and want to kill are the liberals protesting across America. Muslims have zero tolerance for homosexual men and lesbian women. Muslims have zero tolerance for men and women without values who choose to dress provocatively and behave promiscuously. Gays have already been targeted in America by Muslims. Be it a mass shooting in Orlando, Florida or an honor killing by a woman's father, gays have been killed by Muslims. One can't help, but wonder if the liberal lunatics would continue to celebrate the halted travel ban if they themselves were targeted by a Muslim allowed in to the U.S. during this time. One also can't help, but wonder if the liberal lunatics would still celebrate President Trump's travel ban being halted if they themselves or a family member or friend were killed in a terrorist attack here in America. Whatever the case, it's the liberal 9th circuit court of appeals that will decide the immediate fate of this halted travel ban. The ninth circuit court of appeals has a duty to carry out the constitution, and not reinstating the travel ban as issued by the President, they are failing to do their job. Their job is to follow and enforce the constitution of the United States. Unfortunately, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals appears to have chosen to stand with all liberal lunatics in their destruction of the United States. 

   While the halt on the travel ban is deeply disturbing, the angst and opposition to a wall at America's border is equally disturbing. With the expansion of the violent gang, MS-13, and dangerous illegal criminals,  Americans are at risk. America needs the wall. America needs the wall, period. America needs the wall to keep America safe, and America's liberals want to stop the wall from ever being built. Again, what is it that the liberals want? Apparently, they want the United States to be as unsafe as any 3rd world country. Again, it's liberal lunacy. It's lunacy in that our tax dollars are paying for illegal immigrants health care, housing, food, and education. Illegal immigrants that came to the U.S. illegally are criminals. Just the mere fact that these people came into the U.S. illegally makes them a criminal. Criminals are bad people. Criminals do bad things. Immigrants that come to the U.S. legally are good people. Good people do good things. Good people try to be productive as to make a better life for themselves and their family. Good people do not sponge off of the system. Good people do not kill, rape, and steal. While there may well be some good illegal immigrants, illegal immigration is against the law and those coming into the U.S. need to be stopped. Americans with half a brain do not wish to continue to pay for sanctuary cities. Americans with any sense do not want to continue paying for people that are not willing to put in the work to become American citizens legally. American citizens that do not suffer from liberal lunacy may not mind paying taxes for our own, but do not want to pay taxes for those who are not our own. Paying for illegal immigrants is not in line with "making America great again".

    Liberal lunacy in America must come to an end. How to end it, with millions of liberal lunatics residing in the United States is a mystery. With America's school systems preaching liberal lunacy, America's youth is being taught the liberal mindset that will surely destroy our country. If the youth cares not to follow their professors liberal mindedness, their idols in Hollywood will most likely appeal to them. Liberal lunacy is being brainwashed into America's youth and the only ones who can stop it are the sane individuals that lean to the right or care not to follow anyone in particular. Liberal lunacy will be the demise of this country if Americans don't wake up. 

  It is my fear that as to not be destroyed by the left's liberal lunatics, President Trump is softening to some of the left's desires. While illegal immigration has been at an all time low under President Trump, there are to date no plans for the building of the wall. On the campaign trail, President Trump vowed to do away with the Iranian agreement. To date, the agreement still stands. While on the campaign trail, the President also said he would not continue Obama's illegal amnesty DACA program. To date, it continues. On the campaign trail, the President vowed to ban all Syrian refugees from coming into America. Today, the President's daughter said, "we need to rethink the Syrian refugees".  We do not need to "rethink" the Syrian refugees. We need to keep them out of our country. Too much leniency from our President will likely aid in destroying America. Leniency is not what Americans voted for when voting for President Trump. Americans who voted for our President wanted what President Trump campaigned on, not the lax, politically correct globalist ways of the left.

   Let's leave the ways of the liberal lunatics to the left. The liberal lunatics want open borders, leaving Americans unsafe. The liberal lunatics want the taking in of thousands of Syrian refugees that can not possibly be properly vetted, leaving Americans unsafe  The liberal lunatics want liberal  funding for illegal immigrants, again leaving Americans unsafe. The liberal lunatics want a decrease in our military, again leaving Americans unsafe. The liberal lunatics want to keep a health care system that will soon implode, leaving millions of Americans uninsured without health care, again leaving Americans unsafe. Liberal lunatics want for some unknown reason to destroy our country, and at present the only hope America has, is President Trump.President Trump must not cave to the liberal lunacy in America. President Trump must follow the course, the course on which he campaigned to make America great again.

(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL BLOG 2017


Media blacking out fact that Immigrants Carrying Tuberculosis, Measles

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Refugees' Diseases May Kill Us All!

     President Trump vowed to make America prosperous again. President Trump vowed to make America safe again. Millions of Americans voted for the President due to his campaigning on his making America safe again. Sadly, President Trump has attempted to make America safer, but has been prevented from doing so by the left. With two travel bans halted, one still in the courts, thousands of persons from terrorist harboring nations continue to enter the United States. Many Americans may be concerned by who's coming into our country in regards to the safety of our country. Those Americans have every right to be concerned. The fact is, thanks to the Obama administration, America is not safe, and President Trump may be too late as to ever be able to follow through on making America safe again.

   America can not possibly ever be safe again when thousands of unvetted refugees have been allowed to enter our country. While the motives of refugees is questionable, and terrorism is a valid fear, there is more to fear than terrorism from the refugees. America can not possibly ever be safe again when thousands of refugees who have not been vaccinated against life threatening diseases and viruses have been allowed into our country. The safety of our nation's people has been put at risk and President Trump can do nothing to rectify it. The President can not fix the fact that tuberculosis and measles are now again prevalent among us in various parts across the nation. The president can not fix the fact that refugees infected with diseases and viruses once nearly eradicated have been brought back into the U.S.  Refugees carrying whooping cough, the measles, tuberculosis, diphtheria, AIDS, HIV, and various other diseases have been allowed into the U.S. The president can not possibly make America safe again when Barrack Obama did everything he could to make America unsafe. With the resettlement of 70,000 refugees annually in the U.S. for the past three decades, the safety of Americans is an utter impossibility. 

   Health officials in Minnesota, where a large number of Somalis have been resettled, have reported the largest outbreak of measles in 30 years. Due to a large number of  anti-vaccination Somali immigrants, a large number of young children have contracted the disease. The measles, a virus rarely seen in American born citizens, is highly contagious. The sometimes deadly virus spreads through the air when a person coughs or sneezes. The disease lingers giving the infected person plenty of time to pass the virus on to others. While Minnesota seems to have the highest outbreak of the measles, there have been in total 14 states that have seen the active virus.

      Even more concerning than the measles is the outbreak of tuberculosis across the nation. In 2016, 1 out of every 5 refugees in Minnesota tested positive for tuberculosis. For the first time in 23 years TB has been on the increase. In 2016, four states; California, Florida, New York, and Texas had more than half of the nation's TB cases. Tuberculosis is not just contagious. It is highly contagious, as it is an airborne disease that is spread when someone coughs or sneezes. TB claims 1.5 million lives worldwide yearly. The disease has surpassed HIV as the leading cause of death by diseases worldwide. While treatable, if caught early, the cost can be outrageously high. The cost can average from $17, a whopping $430,000. depending on the resistance of the disease to the drugs given. With a deficit of $20 trillion, former President Obama had no business accepting a one refugee that could have been a carrier of any disease and or virus. With millions of Americans in dire need of medical care, the acceptance of refugees carrying diseases was unfair, unjust, and unacceptable.

    President Trump wanted to make America safe again. President Trump is too late. He's too late as 3 million refugees have been resettled in the U.S. since Congress passed the Refugee Act of 1980 under former President Jimmy Carter. While the government would like to have Americans believe that a strict screening process has been in place, such just isn't the case. Several refugees, upon being a medical screening, tested positive for various diseases and they were still given the right to enter the U.S. America is not safe and it has not been safe for quite some time. America is not safe due to our leaders. Leaders whom we the people elected to keep us safe did not. Our leaders have failed us. Whether one is a Republican, Democrat, Independent or Socialist one has to be angry. We have to be angry in that the leaders whom we have depended upon to have our backs did not. The fact is America is not safe and it's too late for America to ever again be safe. While in theory, President Trump vowing to make America Safe again, sounded good at the time. It's just not possible. America's safety has been compromised and there's no turning back. Sadly, due to previous leaders and circumstances, President Trump can never fulfill on his campaign promise to make America safe again. We are not safe.
(c)Sean Bianca 2017 GOP GIRL
#MakeAmericaSafeAgain #TB #turberculosis



Sunday, April 30, 2017

MS-13: Why We Need The Wall NOW!

     It is said that timing is everything. Timing is indeed everything. One can be at the right place at the right time or at the wrong place at the wrong time. Unfortunately, last September two teenage girls happened to be at the absolute most wrong place at the wrong time. As two young girls ages 15 and 16 were walking down the street in one of the girl's neighborhoods, two juvenile MS-13 gang members happened to be cruising in their car in search of rival gang members to kill. Unfortunately for the two young girls, upon their being spotted, a call was placed to another gang member resulting in an order for the two young girls to be killed. The first to be killed was bludgeoned to death with both baseball bats and machetes. The young girl's body was utterly unrecognizable. The second girl attempted to make a run for it, but was unsuccessful. The gang brutally murdered her as well. Two young girls, their whole lives ahead of them, ended all too soon at the hands of the most dangerous gang in not just the United States, but the world.

    Just last week, on April 13th,  four young men's bodies between the ages of 16-20 were recently discovered in a Long Island park. Their bodies were found mutilated, as the four young men appeared to have been hacked to death with machetes. The bodies were so badly mutilated, local authorities wouldn't allow family members the opportunity to see their lost loved ones. Suffolk County  Police have linked the murders to MS-13. The quadruple massacre of four young men is one of a long string of homicides that have taken place in the past 18 months. The four young men were 20 and under. Two were cousins. One of the cousins had gone to visit his grandmother for Easter. He was from Florida. He and the others were at the wrong place at the wrong time. The gang's intention was to kill only one person that night. They instead killed four. 

   In 2005 National Geographic named MS-13 the most dangerous gang in the world. MS-13, also known as "Mara Salvatrucha", has been present in Long Island for over  decade. For whatever reason, the gang has become more active and violent in 2016. In the past 16 months a total of 15 people have been murdered, eight of them were high school students. In March, Suffolk  County police arrested at least 31 MS-13 gang members. Ten of those that were arrested were illegal, thirteen were said to  be extremely violent. Long Island has become for lack of a better term, a "mecca" for MS-13. Due to some 4000 immigrants, all unaccompanied minors , Long Island has been turned into a playground for the group MS-13.

   Attorney General Jeff Sessions called MS-13, "one of the gravest threats to America's safety". He once considered naming the group a terrorist organization. The group currently has 6000 members across 46 states and is supported by more than 70,000 worldwide. The gangs strongest presence is in El Salvador and Central America.  America can thank former President Obama for the growth of MS-13. Three years ago the Obama administration looked the other way and allowed tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors from El Salvador and Central America into the U.S., placing Americans in grave danger as the gang prey on young immigrants without the direction of a parent or guardian. Unfortunately, the Obama administration failed to do much of anything to fight and rid the nation of MS-13. As of five years ago, the administration cared not to work with the FBI to go up against the gangs allowing the gang to further metastasize. 

   The international criminal gang  first originated in the U.S., in Los Angeles, and has spread like wildfire. MS-13 currently has its heaviest presence in Los Angeles, California and the San Francisco Bay area as well throughout California. The gang also maintains a heavy presence in Washington D.C, the metropolitan areas of Fairfax county Virginia, Montgomery County, Maryland, Prince George's County, Maryland, Queens, N.Y., Long Island, N.Y., Newark, N.J, Plainfield, N.J., Jersey City, N.J., Plainfield, N.J.,  Elizabeth NJ,  as well as , the Boston, Massachusetts area, Charlotte, N.C. and Houston , Texas as well as Miami,Florida. MS-13 has also made its way up to Ontario and Toronto, Canada as well. 

   MS-13 has been a threat to Americans for quite some time. In fact, for far too long of a time. The gang consisting of mostly Salvadorans and Central Americans has been in existence since the 1980s.  Members of the gang can be distinguished by their bodies and faces being covered in tattoos. Although, as their tattoos have become their trademark, more and more members are now refraining from sporting tattoos. The gang is said to even have their own sign language. The gang is infamous for their use of violence and a subcultural moral code that consists of merciless revenge and cruel retributions. The gang's horrific killings are like no other that law enforcement authorities have ever seen.  

     MS-13 at present is a greater threat than ISIS to America and its people.The gang's criminal activities include, drug trafficking, robbery, larceny, contract killing,human trafficking, extortion, murder, illegal immigration, prostitution, money laundering, human trafficking,  kidnapping people,  racketeering,  and arms and people smuggling. Suffice it to say the members of MS-13 are the most violent gang this country has had to date. President Trump has deemed MS-13," public enemy number one". Thankfully, America now has an administration that has vowed to take a more aggressive approach in actively going after gang members, arresting them, and removing them from society. Whether it be through deportation or incarceration, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is determined to take MS- 13 off the streets of America. 

   President Trump vowed to make America great again and safe again as he campaigned from coast to coast. A good part of making America safe again was his talk about a wall. It was to be a wall with a big beautiful door. America needs that wall. America needs that wall as to keep terrorists from entering our country by way of Mexico. America also needs that wall as to keep violent criminals out. Violent criminals are coming across the Mexican- U.S. border every day, and it has to stop. While President Obama cared not about the safety of Americans, President Trump does care about the safety of Americans. Unfortunately, President Trump has Congress preventing the President from being able to fulfill his campaign promise of building a wall. While the President can only do so much it's up to the American people to call their Congressmen and tell them to build the wall. Senator Ted Cruz has brilliantly suggested the funding for the wall could come from some $14 billion in assets seized from drug kingpin El Chapo Guzman. The Cruz act nicknamed the "El Chapo Act", would relieve tax payers of any cost for the building of the wall, as Mexico's paying for the wall at Trump's insistence is unlikely. The "El Chapo Act" would build the wall and aid in keeping drugs out, illegal immigrants out, terrorists out, and violent gang members out. No American deserves a violent death like those who were killed by the gang MS-13. America needs the wall and the wall will aid this administration in making America safe again. 
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017
#MAGA #BuildThatWall #MS-13



Sunday, April 23, 2017

Islam, The Religion of "Peace"?

    Since September 11, 2001 there have been 30,673 attacks on both American and foreign soil. Does anyone know this to be true? No. The fact is virtually no one knows the truth of terrorism as it exists today. No one knows. No one knows as mainstream media fails to report the truth on how often terrorism is taking place today. Mainstream media has had widespread coverage of the latest terrorist attack in Paris on Tuesday. However, they have reported little of anything of  the 144 Islamic attacks in the past 30 days. In the past 30 days, 1233 people have been killed and another 1071 people have been injured in 21 countries. A one life lost to the religion of Islam is too many in 30 days. One thousand-two-hundred thirty-three lives is simply unacceptable. 

   Has terrorism become acceptable? If it has not, why has America and the rest of the world not declared war on terrorism? Perhaps due to many persons and nations not wanting to call out the true cause behind terrorism for fear of being politically incorrect, we are unable to wage war much less defeat terrorism. It's time to call out the religion of Islam for what it is. The religion of Islam is in the opinion of many, synonymous with terrorism. Former President Barrack Obama would say time and time again that the religion of Islam was the religion of "peace". How can a religion be one of "peace" if  it is a religion that has zero tolerance for those belonging to other religions? How can a religion of "peace" order its followers to subdue people of other religions or kill them? How can a religion of "peace" be one of peace if it refuses to co-exist with other religions? How is a religion a religion of "peace" when their bible, the Quran, contains some 500 verses that speak of their God, Allah's, hatred for non-Muslims? How can a religion of "peace" not give the same rights to women as it gives to men? How can a religion of "peace" allow men to beat their wives for disobedience? How can a religion of  "peace" condone the taking of women as sex slaves? How can a religion of "peace" allow the raping of non-Muslim women? How can a religion of "peace" condone the killing of gay men and women? How can a religion of "peace" condone "Jihad", the calling for a holy war as to spread the religion of Islam? How can a religion of "peace" be one of peace when it encourages terrorism in the name of its God, "Allah"? How can a religion of "peace" be not a facilitator of democracy? I ask, how can a religion of "peace" be a religion when its belief system is one of widespread violence?

   The religion of Islam is not the religion of "peace". The word Islam does not mean peace as so many many Muslims would have westerners believe. The word Islam is synonymous for submission or for surrender. The religion of Islam is not a religion of "peace". It is  instead the religion of terrorism. It is a religion in which its goal is to convert or assassinate all non-believers all over the world. It is a religion that has throughout history attempted to crucify all non-followers and has nearly succeeded. It's prophet, Muhammad, organized 65 campaigns against non-Muslims, ordered the execution of 50 individuals, and the slaughter of several hundred tribesman in one day. Before Muhammad's death, he lived to see the religion of Islam wage war against Christians, Jews, Persians,  and polytheists which included millions of Hindus. As the war against those of various religions waged on, Buddhists and Zoroastrians were soon to be included. Let it be said, the so called religion of "peace" is not at all a religion of "peace". It is a violent religion of slavery, torture, blood and suffrage. It is a religion where war on all non-believers lasted over four decades. By the time of the Crusades when the Europeans began fighting back, the Muslims had taken over two thirds of the Christian world at the hands of their swords. The religion of "peace" had conquered countries from Syria to Spain and well across North Africa. The caliphate nearly took over the world and failed. Today the caliphate is again attempting to take over the world and if we aren't careful, the caliphate will win.

     In 2001 America was attacked on 9/11. If one uses the date of 2001, non-Muslims or infidels have been being attacked for 16 years. We the infidels never had to fall prey to the caliphate. Had the leaders throughout Europe, Africa, and America closed their borders, terrorism at the hands of  Muslims might never have happened. Unfortunately, our leaders failed to heed the lessons of the past. Both Europe and America have opened their arms to Muslims and both have paid a dear price with the loss of lives. Lives that could have been saved had our leaders learned from the past. The caliphate lasted four decades until the Europeans fought back. If one takes 9/11 as the first terrorist attack of which it is not, we will have been fighting terrorism for 16 years. Then again, America had a president in Barrack Obama that refused to wage war against terrorism. Barrack Obama refused to name Islam as the enemy. We could never defeat the enemy, as both America and Europe refused to name the enemy. America fought back with the election of President Donald Trump. France is now fighting back in their attempt to elect Marine LePen as their next president. Marine LePen is France's last hope just as President Trump is America's last hope. 

    Islam is not a religion of "peace". It is anything but a religion of "peace". Islam wants to kill us and in knowing this, our nation's borders must be closed as to ensure the safety of Americans. Europe must do the same. With 49-51 Muslim nations around the world, Muslims can find places of solace and acceptance of their Muslim ways. The war against non-Muslims began some 16 years ago, and it will continue until the end of time. The war need not continue if all Muslims are banned from entering all non-Muslim nations. Then again, we have allowed non-Muslims into our lives and for that we are now forever in danger. The question is when and where will there be another attack? Tag, who's next to be attacked by the religion of "peace"?
(c)Sean Bianca, GOP GIRL 2017  

For information on all and any terrorist attacks throughout the world: