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Monday, December 18, 2017

Being single and going solo is going to cost you

Friday, December 8, 2017


  "Build that wall", President Trump said. "Build that wall", we, the people, chanted. "Build that wall", is most probably, the single most important campaign promise President Trump made. It is at present, a campaign promise that the President has failed to make a reality. While there is still time, Americans don't have that time. Kate Steinle ,tragically murdered in July 2015, certainly doesn't have that time. Others murdered by illegal immigrants don't have that time. Americans don't have that time, as Americans are at risk of being murdered, raped, and or assaulted by illegal immigrants being protected by America's sanctuary cities every day. Sanctuary cities, providing a sanctuary for illegal immigrants are anything, but a sanctuary for hard working Americans. 

   Sanctuary Cities are havens for illegal immigrants who are sponging off the hard working American people of the United States. They are cities harboring illegal immigrants who crossed the U.S. border illegally. Let me emphasize that again. Illegal immigrants who entered the U.S. illegally are given asylum in America's "Sanctuary Cities". Thanks to the Democrats and some Republicans, America is rewarding  people who are illegal. Illegal immigrants across America are being rewarded for breaking the law . They are rewarded and they are given housing in "Sanctuary Cities".  "Sanctuary Cities", cities protecting people who entered the U.S. illegally, and broke the law. Illegal immigrants who broke the law and they are being allowed to live in "Sanctuary Cities" without the threat of being arrested and deported. These people are being given housing, medical care, and food at the expense of the American people after they have broken the law and entered our country illegally. I challenge any American to enter another nation "illegally". Many Americans would never live to tell of their attempt at crossing most borders illegally, yet America accepts illegal immigrants regularly. America accepts them without any knowledge of who they are accepting. 
    Suffice it to say, a good many illegal immigrants whom we, the American people, are paying for are nothing, but a bunch of low life criminals who hate and resent Americans. One look at a protest against President Trump says it all... Mexicans holding Mexican Flags while burning the American flag. Many of these people are here not for an opportunity to be an American, not for their love for America, but for an opportunity at free housing, medical care, food, and an opportunity to take or steal from the American people whom they so abhor.

     Jose Garcia Zarate, who last week was acquitted of first degree murder, was an illegal immigrant. He was deported 5 times. He was convicted of 7 felonies. He was to be turned over to ICE just prior to his shooting and killing Kate Steinle in July 2015. Had California complied with federal immigration regulations and turned Garcia Zarate over to ICE, Kate Steinle would still be alive. Instead, California cared more about the welfare of an illegal thug than the lives of the legal citizens in California. California and their liberal open borders policy killed young Kate Steinle, and it is apparent from last week's verdict that California doesn't care. 

   How Garcia Zarate was acquitted is a mystery. Or is it? California is a "Sanctuary State". Translation, California cares more about the rights of illegal citizens than it does of legal citizens. Then again, is it legal citizens, or is it White citizens that California fails to protect? In another words, had Kate Steinle not been a beautiful young White girl, would the jury still had come back with a verdict of "not guilty"? I think not. Had Kate Steinle been any other race, but White, I strongly doubt the jury would have acquitted Kate Steinle's killer. 

    While campaigning, the President spoke of the importance of closing America's borders, deporting illegal immigrants, building a wall, and ending DACA.  At present, more illegal immigrants are picked up inside the U.S. than just outside America's borders, deportations are down since the President took office, the wall has not yet been started, and there is doubt that the President will follow through on his campaign promise to end DACA.

  The President must end DACA. The President must build a wall. The President must follow through on promises made to the Angel Moms who supported the President on the campaign trail.The President must not succumb to the wishes of Democrats and their desire to destroy this nation. The President must not forget Kate Steinle. Kate Steinle deserves to have her death matter. Kate Steinle was an innocent victim in a Sanctuary City. She was a legal American killed by an illegal immigrant who never should have been in the U.S. in the first place. Unfortunately, due to the Democrats' desire for open borders and appearing to be good Samaritans, Kate Steinle is dead. 

  If POTUS fails to build the wall, America will receive more thugs like Jose Zarate Garcia. With 6 states deeming their states "Sanctuary States", and several cities across the U.S. deemed, "Sanctuary Cities", Americans are at risk. Americans are at risk, as thanks to the former administration, America is safer for illegal immigrants than its own citizens. Illegal immigrants have no respect for the laws of the United States. America, we are in dire straits. We are in danger as our country is no longer the America in which we once felt safe. With 22 states having Sanctuary Cities, and 6 states deemed complete Sanctuary States, America may never be safe again. America needs President Trump to honor his promises, as Mr. President, the lives of Americans are in serious danger and it is only you who can help this once great nation not only be great again, but safe again. Mr. President, Americans have run out of time and we are pleading with you to, "BUILD THAT WALL"!
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017

1. California
4.New Mexico

4.District Of Columbia
14..New Mexico
17.New York
19.Rhode Island


Saturday, December 2, 2017

Tax Dollars To Pay For Training Our Congressmen And Senators How To Be Gentlemen


    It has been said that when every great nation's morals fell, so too did the nation. If true, America is headed for a fall. When a nation's leaders have no concept of right from wrong, the nation is without accountability, and without a a value system of worth, a nation is in serious danger of complete collapse.  Sadly, this is true of our government at present. In the past few weeks there have been  allegations without evidence against Judge Roy Moore of Alabama, allegations with proof of sexual misconduct by Senator Al Franken, and allegations of sexual misconduct with proof against Congressman John Conyers. As so it would seem, Judge Roy Moore appears to have been a victim of a political hatchet job by the Democrats in the eleventh hour of the race to the Senate. However, Senator Franken and Congressman Conyers appear to be a very different story. Franken and Conyers already in the Senate and Congress are as so it would seem,  two immature imbeciles unable to control "it", unable to keep their pants on, and unable to keep their hands off of co-workers. While it would be nice to think Franken and Conyers are an isolated incident, a slush fund of hush money could prove Capitol Hill to be rampant with Congressmen and Senators unable to keep their pants on. 

     It's a sad day in America when men whom we've elected to make all important decisions in matters of State are running around dropping their trousers and showing their goods. Then again, America asked for this. When America allowed former President Clinton to remain in office after the Monika Lewinsky scandal, America condoned the poor, classless behavior of our president, setting a precedent. Both Democrats and Republicans alike gave Bill Clinton a pass and gave all men in America a pass as well. Bill Clinton the president of the United States was guilty of sexual misconduct with a White house Intern, and both Republicans and Democrats allowed Clinton to get away with it. Bill Clinton should have been forced to resign and yet he remained in office. He remained in office and women on Capitol Hill were left vulnerable to future sexual harassment. 

     Have no fear, for the house has come up with a solution for men behaving like teenage boys who just discovered, "it". Yesterday, the House okay-ed anti-harassment training for all on Capitol Hill. While anti harassment training seems to be a necessity at present, it is at the same time quite pathetic. It's pathetic in that our nation's leaders at the age of forty plus need training on how to keep their pants on,  keep their hands to themselves, and how to behave like gentlemen. As a tax paying citizen I personally have difficulty wrapping my head around the fact that my tax dollars will be used to training men on Capitol Hill how to behave like grown men. By the age of 40 if a man doesn't know how to behave like a gentleman then he certainly doesn't belong on Capitol Hill. 

   For years Americans have questioned the failure of our lawmakers to get things done and now it is apparent why nothing gets done on Capitol Hill . If men elected to Congress and the Senate are running around dropping their trousers and grabbing women in the work place, it's clear these men have their minds elsewhere. As so it would seem, these men elected to office that have sex on the brain 24/7 are far too preoccupied to get anything regarding matters of State accomplished. It is evident that these men in Congress and the Senate do not need training on how to behave like respectable human beings, they instead need some serious sex addiction therapy. 

   Tax dollars to be used for training our nation's leaders to behave like gentlemen? No! Hard working Americans do not want to pay for such ridiculousness. If our lawmakers don't know how to behave by the age of 40, they deserve to be fired, lose their positions of power, and they deserve to lose their big fat paychecks. Bottom line, Americans do not want lawmakers who are unable to keep their hands to themselves, their little willie in their pants, and their minds off of sex long enough to accomplish important matters on Capitol Hill. Hard working Americans deserve more. They deserve more than what they've gotten, they deserve men, they deserve real men, they deserve respectable men that have their minds on matters of State and not matters below the belt. With that being said, Americans vote NO on their tax dollars being used for training our lawmakers to be gentlemen.
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 

Friday, November 24, 2017

Restoration Weekend 2017, Let Freedom Ring


 "We're going to run as nationalists, and populists, and conservatives against against an incompetent and corrupt elite, a set of globalists."- Steve Bannon
   "Freedom"is a state of which millions of Americans have taken for granted. "Freedom", is a state of which is currently being threatened. Sadly, Americans have never thought twice about the possibility of losing their freedom. They haven't thought about it, as Americans have never had to think about the possibility of losing their freedom. Why think about something that you "know" will always be there? Why think about something you've never been without?  Unfortunately, when America elected Barrack Obama as their 43rd and 44th President, America began losing their freedom. How did Americans lose their freedom? Simple, they voted for Obama. They voted for Obama's agenda. They voted for "hope and change". They got"change", but they lost hope and they began to lose their freedom. They voted for the far left's agenda. They voted for agenda that takes away freedom and takes away hope. They voted for "change", when America, the greatest country on earth, was not in need of change. It was in need of a leader that would carry out the American Dream. 

     The first implication that America was losing its freedom was when Obama care was forced upon the American people. Americans were told they had to buy Obama care, and if they didn't, they would be forced to pay a fine. While Obama care is against the Constitution, Obama care is regrettably still a part of our lives. Millions of Americans whom should have had a choice in whether or not to pay for health care are now forced to to pay for health care. If they do not, Americans are forced to pay a fine. Hence, Obama care is unconstitutional. It is unconstitutional to force Americans to buy something they do not want, yet somehow Obama care has not been deemed "unconstitutional" by the courts. The courts who are by law required to carry out the laws of the constitution, at present, appear to not be carrying out the laws of the constitution. 

    "Freedom", by definition, is the power or right to speak, act, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. During the 2016 presidential election, Americans learned of their loss of freedom of speech.How did we lose this right? We lost this right during last year's presidential election when ANTIFA, the Democrats, and Hillary's supporters intimidated Trump supporters outside Trump's rallies with fear based tactics. Tactics such as hitting, spitting, kicking, and punching due to Trump supporters failing to think exactly as the left thought. Frighteningly, the lefts failure to respect the thoughts and choices of others sounds remarkably similar to the religion of Islam. Perhaps that explains the desire of liberals to have more Muslims in the U.S. Liberals and Muslims could be one in the same in some ways, one being that the left has zero tolerance for the opinions, wishes and thoughts of others. That being said the lefts attempts to intimidate the right is just another example of America losing their freedom, but the left didn't stop at that. No, the left then further took away the freedom of Americans when they began silencing conservatives through social media. Social media, an innovative  way of networking, communicating, interacting with others,  and sharing one another's thoughts suddenly became policed and censored. Many frustrated users chose to drop off social media all together. Who could blame them? Why be a part of a social media outlet that has the power to censor your content?  Those who opted to stay on social media regularly encounter daily frustrations with what is deemed unacceptable posting or tweeting. Trouble is, what liberals deem as"acceptable", is a far cry from what conservatives deem as "acceptable". Apparently, one is unable to express the vision of Islam as stated in the Quran, but one is able to place pornographic, and graphic material on social media. One is also able to use obscenities and threaten another's life if they are a liberal, as again that is acceptable material, but attempt to point out the truth about Islam, and the truth about the left and one is suspended from various social media sites for days, weeks or permanently.

    Our freedom is slipping away, and if we don't fight for it, our freedom will be lost for forever. Our freedom must never be lost, and with the help of outspoken Americans both inside and outside of mainstream media, we can win against the fight to take away our freedom. That fight was fought just this past weekend at the Restoration Weekend event . Four days of conservatives speaking without censorship from the left on what actions Americans must take as to keep our country from slipping away. The Speakers were highly intelligent, articulate, well informed, well versed, relentless, and convincing. They were relentless in that they showed Americans what it is to be an American and what it is to have freedom, and what it is to be a patriot. They did this by standing up, and speaking up, actions every patriot in America should take as well.

   David Horowitz, founder of the Freedom Center ,who held the event planned an impressive line up that was not to be missed. Steve Bannon, Ann Coulter, Monica Crowley, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Mark Steyn, Jesse Waters,  Milo Yiannapoulos, and more. Men and women using their voices as to promote and further the "make America Great Again agenda" of which President Trump campaigned. Upon listening to each and every speaker, what they had to say was music to the ears of every conservative. However, not every speaker was as upfront and blunt as the next. Steve Bannon who exudes pure brilliance and recently resigned from the administration was present to receive the Annie Taylor Courage award for his work in fighting the war against the left in his fight for a nationalist agenda. Steve Bannon, the mastermind behind the Trump campaign, called President Trump, "an American hero". However, Bannon, at the same time, stated that we had gotten, "off the mark" in our agenda and in the division of the Republican party. Unfortunately, that getting "off the mark", begins in the White House. It's difficult to carry out a nationalist and populist agenda when the President's cabinet consists of former Wall Street executives and globalists, including the President's daughter and son-in-law. Bannon stressed the importance of the party being united and the fight for our country's freedom being threatened by the opposition. An opposition that seems to have a desire to destroy the greatest country on earth, America. Bannon not only spoke on the fight conservatives had ahead of them, but how the Middle East is as dangerous as it's ever been with threats from Hezbollah, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran and Persia. Bannon called Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan the most dangerous man on earth, and told all in attendance of China's declaration that the war against the U.S. is over. Bannon didn't read a bed time story to those in attendance. He spoke the truth. The truth is that the freedom of America is being threatened both from the inside of our nation and outside as well.        

 Jesse Waters and Monica Crowley were fantastic Trump cheerleaders, with their supportive and complimentary speeches for the President. Anyone listening knew that Waters and Crowley would not be holding the President accountable, but then fake news and critics are forever holding the President accountable. Dr. Sebastian Gorka who just recently resigned from the Trump administration spoke on the value of Trump being elected and was a wealth of knowledge and more. Mark Steyn, always entertaining, mocked the left and expressed his disappointment in both Steve Bannon and Dr. Sebastian Gorka now working outside the White House and not inside, He stated he felt far better with them both working inside, and I had to agree. The always controversial Milo Yiannopoulos was as always, humorous, blunt, and forthright on his opinions of the left, stating the best way to fight the left is "with laughter and war".   While Milo was about laughter, Ann Coulter was downright brutal on her assessment of the president .  Coulter called the Trump presidency out on its failure to follow through on the platform on which it ran. Coulter was on point in her assessment of the President. In so many words, she expressed how the President has too many ex-Wall Street hot shots on his cabinet, she expressed her disappointment with the wall not being built, our military still being sent into unnecessary conflict, Dreamers possibly not being deported and more. Ms. Coulter applauded the President on accomplishments executed, however,  Coulter also stated that any other Republican would have done the same. Suffice it to say, Ann Coulter isn't impressed. Upon asking Ms. Coulter if she thought we'd been had by the President or had someone gotten to him she did not think we, the people, who had voted for him had been had. She felt the President wanted to be liked to the detriment of the agenda for making America great again. 


   Restoration Weekend 2017 was a weekend about freedom. It was a weekend to inspire all in attendance to stand up and fight for our freedom, as our freedom is at risk. It's at risk from the left, from the establishment, and from the outside as well. Restoration Weekend was a weekend for conservatives to learn of the threats to our freedom and to celebrate our freedom. Every speaker spoke at length on the left, their desire to destroy the greatest country on earth, radical Islamic terrorism, and more. Sadly, those in opposition to the nationalist and populist agenda were those whom should have been in attendance. The opposition, however, refuses to listen to the right, and they refuse to allow the right the freedom to share the truth. The truth, being our freedom being at risk, but then it is they who have taken away the freedom as to share the truth. That being said, we as conservatives must stand together and unite and fight for the freedom for which our ancestors fought and so enjoyed.

(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

America Does Not Care About Hillary!

       It is said that men never grow up, and unfortunately, our President proves this point beautifully to a fault. Just when America thinks President Trump is "Presidential", the President does something to completely contradict the President being "Presidential". Case in point, the President is again attacking last years losing candidate, Hillary Clinton. Why? Why, after a little over a year is the President doing this? Perhaps someone needs to tell the President that he beat Hillary in last year's election. Perhaps someone needs to tell the President that not only did he beat Hillary, but that he is the President. Yes, President Trump is our 45th President and with that comes responsibility. Responsibility, meaning that a President should not engage in childish disputes with anyone, let alone, the likes of Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is the most politcally corrupt candidate in history. That being said, Hillary  is not worth the President's time and she's certainly not worth America's time. 
     Frankly, the only tweet I and much of America want to see regarding Hillary, is a tweet saying, "lock her up". The President led the nation in chorus chanting, "lock her up", and therefore, the nation wants to see Hillary locked up! The nation does not care to see frivolous, mean spirited tweets against Hilary. The nation wants to see Hillary in handcuffs and hauled off to jail. The nation also wants to see the President for whom they voted, and not just another politician, or even worse a man that still thinks he's in High School trading idiotic insults with a candidate that lost and is irrelevant.

   The election is over and the much of the nation is still very much behind the President. However, we are behind the man for whom we voted, not for the puppet that sometimes takes the President's place. Nor does the nation want a man that continuously deflects the press away from current heated issues by tweeting insults with a failed candidate. Hillary does NOT matter, Mr. President. Unless Hillary is taken away to a jail cell, America does not care about Hillary. America cares about tax reform. America does not care about Hillary. America cares abut repeal and replace. America does not care about Hillary. America cares about staying out of unnecessary wars, and on the campaign trail so too did the President. America cares about job creation, and thankfully since the President was elected, jobs are being created. America cares about the threat of radical Islam and the safety of our nation. America does not care about Hillary. America cares about the fact that the religion of Islam, a religion that preaches killing those from other religions, is the fastest growing religion in America today. America does not care about Hillary. America cares about ending the Dreamers program, and the deportation of everyone protected by DACA. America does not care about Hillary. America cares about the opioid crisis taking place at present. America does not care about Hillary.  America cares about the threat of North Korea, Iran, and other nations that pose a threat. America does not care about Hillary. America cares about the importance of our children learning the history of America instead of the history of the Mid-East and Africa. America does not care about Hillary. America cares about a presidential cabinet that now mimics a Goldman Sachs office. America does not care about Hillary.  No, America does not care about Hillary. Hillary Clinton was the most unlikable and corrupt politician that ever ran for the presidency. Therefore, America does not care about Hillary losing presidential election of 2016. What America cares about, are the issues on which the President campaigned!

   Frankly, I  hoped to never see, nor hear from Hillary again, after the 2016 presidential election. Unfortunately, thanks to Hillary being the first loser to ever want to remain in the limelight, her existence is still very much present. Hillary is nightmare that never ends. As life imitates art, Hillary is the villain that never gets caught. She is always there, and just when one thinks shes's disappeared for good, she pops back up on Twitter or in a mall touting her self proclaimed brilliance. Hillary is anything, but brilliant, nor is she ever again fit to run for any office of the land. That being said, why must the President even taunt Hillary with running for the presidency again? Why, is perhaps the President is steering America away from what's truly important as to buy time on serious issues. Sadly, America doesn't have time. America does not have time for a President trading High School insults to a candidate who lost a year ago. Hillary Clinton is irrelevant, and with one tweet at a time, the President is making Hillary very much relevant, and that makes Americans mad. Americans are mad, as America doesn't have time for  un-Presidential childishness. Not when day by day,  month by month, year after year, we are losing our country one day at a time. Mr. President, America does not care about Hillary!
(s)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2017

Saturday, November 4, 2017

White Genocide !


  At present, every 56 hours a White man or woman is killed, up from every 130 hours only a few years ago. They are not always killed humanely. Some are attacked with a machete and mutilated. Some are beaten to a pulp. Some are tortured in ways that would sicken most. The women are sometimes killed in a most horrific way. They are killed by the assailant placing a shot gun up the woman's private parts and then shot. The women are also raped, tortured, and mutilated as well. The children of these men and women are at times killed. Children are sometimes boiled alive, decapitated, and stabbed to death. The evil perpetrators have been known to place babies in microwave ovens. Upon reading the horrific atrocities described, one might think they were reading about the terrorist groups, ISIS or Al-Qaeda with their barbaric ways. One might also think they were reading of such atrocities in the Mid-East. No, it is not the Mid East. It is South Africa, and these are South African Blacks who are committing these hellacious acts. These are South African Blacks who are murdering South African farmers today as we speak. Sadly, much of the world has been kept in the dark about the White genocide taking place today in South Africa.

    Why has Mainstream Media ignored the modern day genocide of the White man? Don't White lives matter? Apparently not to those of whom make up mainstream media. I can't help but think of just how the media would behave if Blacks were being killed in South Africa by Whites. Why, it would be a media frenzy. The media would report on how White supremacy was taking place in South Africa. Well, it is the Black supremacists who are guilty in this instance. Just this year alone, 70 White South African farmers have been murdered in 341 attacks on farms. Isn't that newsworthy? Isn't the fact that a South African farmer is 4.5 times more likely to be murdered than an average South African newsworthy? Or, isn't the fact that a South African farmer is 3 times more likely to be murdered than a South African police officer newsworthy? Unfortunately, mainstream media has shown they care not to report on the genocide of Whites in South Africa. In fact, mainstream media has made it clear that they choose not to report on much of anything taking place against Whites in South Africa.

   Perhaps the media's refusal to report the genocide of Whites is due in part to the South African government's refusal to admit there's a problem. While mainstream media has reported some on the murder and eviction of Whites in Zimbawee, mainstream has reported even less on the murder and eviction of Whites in South Africa. I suppose mainstream cares not to admit that ever since the Black take over in 1994 by the African Black Congress, the country has been turned into a virtual hell hole. South Africa at present has one of the highest violent crime, murder, rape, and AIDS infection rates in the world. The White South African farmers are the most vulnerable to being murdered, tortured, and raped, however Whites in Johannesburg aren't much safer. Johannesburg has a murder rate of about 500 per month. Women living in South Africa are particularly unsafe. South Africa has been called the rape capital of the world. Statistics show of the reported and admitted rapes that every 23 seconds a woman is raped and every 30 minutes a small child is raped. The Black folk believe raping a virgin will cure them of AIDS and HIV, leaving children even more in danger. All in all, South Africa has been all, but destroyed by Black supremacists, and the media is silent. 

      The media is silent. I suppose, as it wouldn't be politically correct to say the killing of Whites was racially motivated. It also wouldn't be politically correct to say the country of South Africa was a civilized nation under the rule of White men. It also wouldn't be politically correct to say the country is now an uncivilized barbaric nation run by animals. Perhaps it's time the media started to be politically incorrect and spoke up and actually reported on the genocide of Whites in South Africa. While the South African government chooses to keep the genocide of Whites in South Africa secret, America does not have to keep the genocide of Whites in South Africa a secret. The fact is, the Blacks in South Africa who do not agree with their government's position on staying silent on the murder of Whites want help. They want help as they know their nation is suffering dearly. Their nation is suffering and the rest of world is turning a blind eye. That blind eye must open. It must open to this White genocide, because just as Black lives matter, White lives matter. Not only do White lives matter, it's time to say, "all lives matter".
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017 




Wednesday, November 1, 2017

America May Never Be Safe Again...

     Remember the morning of September 11th, 2001? I do. That morning is forever emblazoned in my memory. I and millions of Americans watched in horror as our nation was attacked. When the first plane hit the World Trade Center, I and I'm quite sure millions of other onlookers thought something had gone very wrong. We certainly didn't think America had been attacked, but then there was the second tower, and after that, the Pentagon. Three airplane accidents? Was it possible that three planes could be sent so off course or be experiencing technical difficulties? No, it was not possible. It was not possible at all. In fact, the cause of the three planes crashing was the result of what we as Americans thought could never be possible. America had been attacked. America had been attacked on its own soil. Not only that, but America had been attacked with its own airplanes by radical Islamic terrorists. The attack cost over $10 billion in infrastructure and property damage, took 2996 lives, and injured over 6000 others. The attack was the single deadliest incident for fire fighters and police officers in the United States. The attack showed all Americans that America was not invincible. In fact, we were quite vulnerable. 

     September 11th, 2001 was a wake up call for America. It was a wake up call that America chose not to take. Since September 11th, a steady influx of Muslims has entered the U.S.. In fact, as of 2015 the U.S. was reported as allowing a quarter of a million Muslim immigrants into the U.S. a year, leaving America even more vulnerable to terrorist attacks. We are vulnerable, as Muslims are followers of a religion that does not allow for other religions. If evidence is needed, all one needs to do is open the Quran. Muslims are not allowed to befriend non-Muslims. They are instructed to convert or kill all non-believers. That being said, there really is no such thing as a "moderate Muslim". While on the campaign trail, President Trump would speak of "radical Islamic terrorism", yet radical Muslims and plain everyday Muslims are really one in the same. The difference, I suppose, could be those who kill and those who have not yet killed. Suffice it to say, the religion of Islam is a religion in which the motive is to covert or kill all, until the religion of Islam takes over the world. 

    Yesterday, eight people were mowed down and killed by a Muslim man from Uzbekistan in New York City driving a rented truck. Sayfullo Saipov, 29  years old, entered the country through the "diversity visa lottery program". The program allows immigrants into the U.S. coming from countries with lower rates of immigration. Why? I must ask, why must we allow people from countries who sponsor terrorism into our country? Furthermore, one would think that whoever was the genius allowing  Sayfullo into the U.S. would have thought twice upon hearing a man's name that means "sword of Allah". Apparently not, and Americans can thank our previous administrations for every death that has occurred by a terrorist attack since September 11th, 2001. 

   While September 11th, 2001 was a day Americans said they'd never forget, many Americans have. We know this to be true in that our leaders in Washington have failed to keep us safe. While one would have hoped that the U.S. would have tightened our immigration laws after September 11th, as so it would seem, our laws have been loosened. Our laws have been loosened and more and more terrorist attacks are taking place, and guess what? Americans are becoming desensitized to it. While we once were shocked and horrified, many Americans are now becoming accustomed to terrorist attacks. Never, ever should we as Americans become okay with terrorism in our country, yet it's happening. It's happening, as those on the left have insisted on lax immigration laws allowing terrorists to come into our country. They have allowed terrorists into our country and they have brought terrorism into our lives. 

  As a child I heard of random suicide bombers in Israel and in the Mid-East. I thought, how lucky am I to be an American. How lucky am I that I never have to fear an attack at a mall, concert, nightclub, restaurant, sports venue, or church. Yes, as a child I was lucky, however, thanks to the liberals and their desire for open borders and immigration of persons wanting to kill us, I am no longer lucky. No American at present is as lucky as we were as children. Personally, I am angry at the fact that the front line is the moment I step out my front door. I am angry as those who are and have been in office have caused my country to no longer be safe. I'm angry and so should every other American be today. America is no longer the great nation it once was, and it may never be again. It may never be as today the religion of Islam is the fasted growing religion her in the U.S.. It's the fastest growing religion, and it's a religion that does not allow for other religions. We are no longer safe, and I blame every liberal and open minded globalist on the right for our being unsafe. It is they who've invited terrorism into our country. It is they who have the blood of all killed by terrorists on their hands. It is they who've insured that despite the efforts of President Trump, America may never be safe again or great again. 
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017

Thursday, October 5, 2017

There’s Something About Vegas...

Things Just Don't Add Up In Vegas...

      The suspect is down. No, police have the suspect in custody. No, the suspect committed suicide. There are multiple shooters. No, there was only one shooter. The Las Vegas Attack was an attack by ISIS. The shooter had been radicalized. No, the shooter had no connections to ISIS and was not radicalized. No, authorities got it wrong, the shooter may have indeed been radicalized and had ties to ISIS. The shooter possibly had mental issues. No, the shooter was a normal low key guy who never could have committed such a heinous crime. Nope, the shooter was somewhat disturbed.  The shooter may have run into financial difficulties from gambling. No, the shooter was financially comfortable as he was worth millions. The shots came from the 32nd windows, both windows at opposite ends at the same time, wow what long arms this man must have had. Summary of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and FBI investigation ? A fairy tale of a massacre in Las Vegas. 

      The trouble is the fairy tale of a massacre as written by the FBI and the Las Vegas Police Department appears to be a web of lies and deception. Unfortunately for the FBI and the  LVMPD, Americans are not quite as stupid as they had wrongly assumed. Apparently, our government thinks Americans are complete morons, as only complete morons would believe the fairy tale that has been told to the American people regarding the Mandalay Bay Massacre in Las Vegas. The fairy tale has become an utter joke as the FBI and LVMPD have gone back and forth contradicting one another with their statements. Perhaps the contradictions are so obvious, because the authorities conducting the investigation of the deadliest gun attack in U.S. history are lying to Americans. If the authorities aren't lying, they certainly appear to be lying. They appear to be lying as even they themselves seem to not know truth from fiction. That's the trouble with lying. The more one lies, the more one can get caught. The fact is, the truth can't be challenged, because it's the truth, and Americans aren't seeing, nor are they hearing a whole lot of truth from authorities in the investigation of the Mandalay Bay massacre.  

    It's rather difficult to hide the truth at present.With everyone having the capability to video and live stream tragedies with their cell phones as they happen, the truth is difficult to hide. For example, the mainstream media and authorities would like Americans to believe that the shooter, Stephen Paddock, acted alone and conducted the shooting from the 32nd floor, but that appears to be incorrect. In observance of several videos, shots were fired from about the 10th floor. Authorities would also have the general public believe that Stephen Paddock acted alone. However, when viewing videos, shots appear to be being fired by several guns at the same time. Furthermore, people attending the concert have claimed that there were most definitely multiple shooters. Some concert goers have even said shots were fired from more than one building. If there aren't enough discrepancies with what people video taped, what is being said by authorities continuously contradicts what authorities have said in previous statements. All in all the American people may never know the truth behind the Mandalay Bay massacre.

    What is the truth behind the Mandalay Bay massacre? The truth is the American people may never know the truth behind the Mandalay Bay massacre. What we do know is that there are a lot of unanswered questions. Like,why did the brother of the shooter, Stephen Paddock, change his story on his brother? In the first interview his brother seems to be shocked his brother could have committed such an act of violence, but in the next interview the brother appears to not be at all surprised. His brother  changes his tune and appears to feel Stephen Paddock could have in fact committed a massacre killing 59 and injuring over 500 others. Another question is why are authorities claiming the shooter committed suicide, after they said a suspect was down? Why are they claiming the shooter on the 32nd floor committed suicide when the face of the dead man appears to not match the face of Paddock? The killer, Paddock, appeared to have a tattoo of the number 13 on his neck and had somewhat of a puffy face. The corpse on the 32nd floor does not have that tattoo. Why was ISIS discounted less than 12 hours after the massacre to only be a possible motive soon after? How, why, where, what? A lot of questions and a lot of vague answers, and Americans should be asking why.

    Why? Why, only hours later did Democrats,  Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and others jump on the gun control issue? They couldn't even wait for the deceased to get cold, nor could they wait for the blood on the streets of Las Vegas to dry. They say timing is everything, and the timing of the tweets and Democrats was just plain insensitive, and twisted. If I didn't know better, the Democrats'  statements were rehearsed and calculated in order to go after their agenda for gun control. Then again, who was Stephen Paddock? Was he really a millionaire gambler with a penchant for firearms and violence ? Was Stephen Paddock radicalized by the Islamic State? Was Vegas a fast and furious operation gone wrong? Was Paddock an undercover FBI agent? Was Paddock the only shooter? Were there 7 shooters as reported early on? Were there shootings at several other hotels in the area ? Was there a shooter in the crowd of the country music festival concert? Were there shooters on the 29th, 32nd, and 35th floors of the Mandalay Bay? If shots were only fired into the crowd at the concert being held, why were people told to stay in their rooms and kept in underground hallways for several hours until the police could catch as many shooters as possible? Why were there men standing in the crowd as if the chaos and carnage around them didn't exist? What's what? Who's who? What is going on? What is going on is terrorism took place at Mandalay Bay and we may never know who the terrorists are that committed the second deadliest massacre in U.S. history. Was it Antifa? George Soros? ISIS? The Deep State?  The Hillary Clinton cartel? The establishment? The Illuminati? Who is really to blame for the  Mandalay Bay massacre, and will they strike again? The fact is, we as Americans are being misinformed. We are being misinformed by everyone in mainstream media and in law enforcement. We are being misinformed, and Americans should be concerned as to why. The why may be that there is something so disturbing that if Americans knew the truth they would rise up. Americans attempted to rise up in voting for a non establishment candidate, Donald Trump. Unfortunately, the establishment may be more powerful than our President, and it may be too late for anyone to be successful in making America great again. 
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The NFL Can Go To Hell ! Las Vegas Massacre


   Approximately 22,000  Jason Aldean concert goers in Las Vegas, Nevada stood for our nation, Sunday, October 1st. They stood with pride. They stood singing, "God Bless America", with glee. As "God Bless America" played on, 22,000 people stood   holding their lighted cell phones in unity. They stood as Americans. They stood as patriots.They didn't kneel in protest, they didn't lock arms in defiance. No, they did not. Sunday evening, 22,000 Americans stood together and showed the nation what it is to be a patriot and what it is to have pride in one's country. They showed all watching what patriotism looks like. When speaking of the crowd, John Rich, one of the performers of the group Big and Rich, stated, "That's America standing in that crowd". 

   America was indeed standing in that crowd. Americans of all ages, races, and religions stood in that crowd. Americans stood together in a venue of  patriotism, joy, celebration, and happiness unknowing of the evil lurking from up above. Up above on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, pure evil sat and waited, and executed one of the most heinous crimes in American history. How ironic that just shortly after the crowd of patriots sang our national anthem, multiple shots were fired making 22,000 Americans victims in what only can be described as terrorism on American soil.  The shooting lasted all of 10-15 minutes. In those 10-15 minutes over 500 people were injured and another 59 were dead. While no one can possibly know the fear and terror people felt during the attack, one can only imagine that those 10-15 minutes seemed like an eternity, an eternity of a living hell, a living hell here on earth. What should have been a fun, joyous occasion turned into a horrific tragedy no one present will ever forget. 

    Concert goers describing the massacre in great detail, spoke of people running, but not knowing where to run nor hide. They spoke of bodies falling and not getting up. They spoke of people in wheel chairs being pushed over. They spoke of those having fallen out of their wheel chairs crawling in desperation of safety. They spoke of  heroic men standing and running towards the shots instead of running away from the shots. They spoke of others stopping to aid those in need. One man shot in the stomach had friends attempting to help his lifeless body. Lifeless bodies of which there were many. Lifeless bodies lay in pools of blood. Pools of blood of lives taken all too soon.  While some passerby's stopped to cover the bodies with their own clothing, others chose to shut the eyes of the dead. Other concert goers choosing not to be heroic fearfully just ran for their lives. They ran only to be trapped by fencing without any exit. Many concert goers desperately jumped the prison like fencing. They ran only to have shots continue and stop some of them as well. They ran until they hoped they'd be safe. They ran until they could run no more. They ran because they wanted to live. 

     America, the home of the free and the home of the brave, is free no more. Americans are no longer free if they are in fear for their lives every time they step out their front door. Americans are no longer free if they are unable to enjoy the freedom to go where they choose. Movie theaters, sports venues, concerts, festivals,  amusement parks and so on. We, as Americans, are no longer free when we are unable to freely and fearlessly enjoy the luxuries we once enjoyed. We, as Americans, are no longer free if when we are standing tall, but forced to kneel for fear of being killed. Sunday and Monday, American football fans viewed several NFL football players  kneeling both here and abroad for our national anthem. Sunday evening  22,000 Americans at a concert stood tall for our national anthem. They stood tall and why? They stood tall, because they respected the flag and all for which it stands. It stands for our military that through the test of time has stood to fight for our freedom. It stands for our nation's police officers who keep our cities safe. It stands for our nation that was built on faith, unity, and justice for all. It does not stand for righteous, self entitled over paid athletes with a big fat chip on their shoulders who don't appreciate the freedoms they now enjoy; freedoms they have been able to enjoy thanks to our military and police officers. Freedoms that slowly seem to be slipping away right before our eyes. Perhaps in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, NFL football players kneeling in the wake of this tragedy, will think twice before kneeling. After all, the freedom the NFL disrespects will soon be lost by them as well if we as a nation do not come together, which is precisely why if players on the field are unable to stand for our National Anthem, the NFL can go to hell! 
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017
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Thursday, September 28, 2017

NFL Players, "You Should Abide By Your Own Rules"!


 Imagine if our soldiers had taken a knee and failed to stand up to defend our country and our freedoms. Luckily, our soldiers did stand up to fight. They stood up, they fought, and that is why today Americans are able to have the life they have today. That life today that includes football. That life today that is now a life of freedom. Unfortunately, this past weekend several football teams showed their lack of gratitude for their freedom by not standing up for the American flag and National Anthem.

    Interestingly enough, all players failing to stand up for the National Anthem should be fined and or suspended. All players taking a knee should be fined as players are fined and or suspended for being guilty of several violations. These violations are listed in the Official NFL Game Operational Manual. This manual  states that players must stand on the field while the National Anthem is being played.  Players must stand at attention during the Anthem. Players must face the flag and refrain from talking during the National Anthem. Players must also hold their helmets in their left hand. Furthermore, players can be fined for dancing in the end zone. Players can even be fined for praying on the field. Ask Tim Tebow, he received that fine. Meanwhile, players across the country that failed to go out on the field for the National Anthem were not fined. Players on the field that kneeled and or didn't face the flag also were not fined. Why? Why was not one NFL player fined and or suspended for failing to respect our nation's flag? Why was not one NFL player fined and or suspended for failing to do what the NFL's own game operational manual demands of its players? 

   The NFL failed our nation this past weekend. The NFL also failed the American people. The NFL failed to discipline their players this past weekend and they will no doubt suffer the consequences. The consequences being that ticket sales will soon go down and television ratings will drop as well. I can't help, but wonder just how long it will take these self entitled dumb oaf football players to figure out that their taking a knee was a bad idea. It may be too late for these men. It may be too late. It may be too late for these men who have disrespected our flag and it maybe too late for football. Then again, I challenge  the NFL that they stand up to the football players and owners that refused to stand for the flag by fining and or suspending each and every one of them. Fine these self entitled dumb dumbs and donate the money to charity. I'm quite sure the victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria could use some help. I'm also quite sure the NFL players could use a little discipline. After all, NFL players really should abide by their own rules, don't you think?
-Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2017


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Rush Limbaugh Show PODCAST - September 26 - 2017 Thank You Rush!

 Sean Bianca as a caller at 53:30 
     She's a blogger with a voice and he's a conservative talk radio show host . He's not just any radio talk show host, he's Rush Limbaugh, better known as just plain "Rush". With a weekly audience of approximately 13.25 million listeners, Rush has proven himself throughout the test of time. Proven himself, has he ever. Rush is currently one of the highest paid people in U.S. media. With his wit, sarcasm, and knowledge, I personally have been a fan since I was in High School, and can recall his show very well. I can recall it, as back then in the old days, circa 1984,  Rush's show was televised. Rush on the radio is super, but Rush televised is spectacular. Rush televised was all the more entertaining as Rush's expressions when making talking points and digs at this politician or that one were priceless. I really miss that, but today as a caller, I felt like a teenager as Rush responded to my call with his amusing sarcasm. It was the same sarcasm I heard as a teenage girl and it was the same sarcasm that would be directed at my call. My call regarding NFL football players was heated, and it was blunt. It was also a call that prompted Rush to ask me if I would like an I-phone 8 or 8 plus. I must admit, as I have never won anything substantial, I was rather taken aback, and perhaps my reaction was not one of gratitude. With that being said, I would like to thank Mr. Rush Limbaugh as I am truly thrilled about the I-phone 8 plus! Rush mentioned that I didn't seem excited and I was stunned. Frankly, he was right. However, if Rush had offered me a job on the air, he would have most definitely heard this political blogger,  vlogger , and fan get excited. The truth is, at this time of political turmoil and strife, I am thankful, very thankful. I am thankful for men like Rush Limbaugh that give millions of Americans like myself the opportunity to use our voices. Without conservatives like Rush and others in the U.S. media, the voices of Americans would never be heard, and for that we all should be thankful. I know I am. 
 Thanks Rush ! 
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL
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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

NFL Player Entitlement Mentality

     It's September's end, the leaves are turning, the kids are back in school, and football season is upon us. Football season for most American men is a tradition that is just as important if not more important than Christmas. Unfortunately, thanks to the self entitled, stupid professional football players, football season is over for many. It's over thanks to NFL football players and coaches refusing to stand for the National Anthem due to their dislike for the president.While these professional athletes could voice their  sentiments concerning the president in a variety of ways, they instead have chosen to disrespect our nation's flag and National Anthem. In disrespecting the flag and our National Anthem, these men are disrespecting the men and women who have fought for the freedoms these self entitled NFL Football players so enjoy. 
 -Sean Bianca GOP GIRL BLOG 2017

Saturday, September 23, 2017

"The Art Of The Deal"


   It was a hot humid day in South Florida and yet thousands of Floridians stood in line for just over four hours in the hot sun for a chance to see one man. That one man was Donald J. Trump. That one man was not just any man. That one man was "the man". And "the man" was for many, America's last hope. "The man" gave not just South Floridians hope for America and a better future, but that one man gave millions of Americans hope for a better future for America. How did that one man do it? He did it as he knew how to appeal to the masses.. He was a showman. He was sharp, he was charismatic, he was funny, and he was, after all, a master manipulator. As many many successful businessmen are master manipulators, this one appeared to be as well.  As a helicopter flew over the crowd's heads, the crowd knew greatness had arrived, or so they thought. As I stood and watched in awe, the loudspeaker announced, "allow me to introduce the next President of the United States "! The crowd cheered, clapped, pumped their fists into the air, and shouted with glee. It was a moment. It was a moment in time like I'd never imagined, nor will I ever forget. As tears welled up in my eyes I felt honored to be a part of such an event. It was an event that was unlike any political rally I'd ever attended. There was an excitement in the crowd unlike excitement I'd ever seen at a political rally, but then again it was that man or "the man", and "the man" created an energy that one would think only the second coming of Christ could create. Then again, for many of these people, Donald J. Trump might as well have been Christ. 
   How did he do it? The answer is simple. Donald J. Trump, now President Trump said everything a good many Americans wanted to hear. Candidate Trump said the words, "America first", "radical Islam", "radical Islamic terrorism", "repeal and replace", "lower taxes", "lock her up", "deport all illegal immigrants", "no more DACA", "build that wall", "drain the swamp", and "make America great again". Yes, candidate Donald J. Trump was calculating, manipulating, smooth, and smart. Candidate Donald J. Trump was good, he was very good. He was everything and more than his supporter's expectations. Candidate Donald J. Trump was the non-politician politician . Candidate Trump was America's savior, or so we thought. 

  As so it would seem, America has not gotten the complete agenda on which Candidate Trump campaigned. In fact, America hasn't even gotten a good portion of the agenda on which Trump campaigned. At present many Americans are seeing that "candidate Donald Trump" and "President Trump" are two very different people or are they? To be quite honest, I'm not quite sure and I don't quite know what to think. Was America hoodwinked? Has the establishment and the swamp worn President Trump down? Has President Trump been threatened? If one goes by history, President Trump has lied in his lifetime. Be it business dealings, his personal affairs, and financial affairs, the President has not appeared to live the life of a choirboy. I guess I have to admit that if a man can lie to a wife with whom he had three children, why would he not lie to an entire nation? 

   Ask die hard Trump supporters about the President seemingly not being the same man he was while on the campaign trail, and they will answer, "fake news". Well, that doesn't answer the question. However, President Trump has much of his base trained well. In fact, much of the so called "Trump Train" appears to be brainwashed. 'Fake news" is all that zombified Trump supporters can say when they can't back up their savior in chief, President Trump. Why just recently an actual campaign text was sent to my phone from the campaign asking for $2. donations to build the wall and Trump supporters cried out "fake news". Sadly these people actually believe it. The fact is, President Trump has trained his base to say "fake news" to the point that now when there is "real news"that is unfavorable towards the president, they don't believe it, because he has trained them to cry out, "fake news". The whole "fake news" play is really quite brilliant, I must admit. Unfortunately for President Trump, the words, "fake news", will only work for so long and it appears the President will need to look into his campaigning playbook for another play, because more and more Americans aren't buying the President's tweets and lines.

      Angry, disappointed, disillusioned, and disgust... Those are the emotions I personally feel when I look at the president. While I will give credit where it's due, there is much for President Trump to explain, like why is the campaign asking for Trump supporters to donate $2. towards a wall when the President said Mexico would pay for it? Why has President Trump just recently stated that "the wall can wait" when the wall was one of the single most important campaign promises?  Why did President Trump certify the Iran deal back in July when "Campaign Trump" said he would tear it up? He said it was "deeply flawed" and the "worst deal ever". Why has the President softened on Muslims coming to the U.S. when "campaign Trump" said he would ban all Muslims until there was a strict enough vetting system? Why has President Trump honored an agreement orchestrated between Australia and Obama accepting over 1000 Syrian refugees from Australia's detention centers? "Candidate Trump" said it was a bad deal while campaigning. Why has President Trump said he has no plans to leave NAFTA when "campaign Trump" said he would leave NAFTA?  Why has President Trump had second thoughts on deporting so called "dreamers" in Obama's DACA program when "candidate Trump" said he would deport them all? In fact, "candidate Trump promised the Angel Moms, (mothers of those killed by illegal immigrants) that if elected, he would deport all illegal immigrants. Why has President Trump sent thousands of more Americans into Afghanistan when "campaign Trump" said that we would not be sending more Americans into endless, needless wars? Why has President Trump appointed a cabinet of ex-Goldman Sachs executives when "campaign Trump" said he would not have Wall Street in the White House? Why does President Trump have a cabinet of liberals and globalists, including his daughter, and son-in-law when "candidate Trump" had surrounded himself with nationalists? For that matter, I have to ask if the President who ran on a nationalist agenda is even still a nationalist himself? To be quite honest, at present, I don't quite know what to think of the President. What I do know is President Trump is not "candidate Trump". Then again, was he ever?

    It is my hope that President Trump will surprise me and be the man for whom I once had such admiration and respect. It is my hope that President Trump will come through for his supporters and honor all or most of his campaign promises. While it is true that many of the Republicans in Washington have failed the President miserably, the President has in turn failed the people whom supported him both inside and outside the White House.  Former Chief Strategist and adviser to the President, Steven Bannon, a true nationalist who was a  staunch supporter of the President, is no longer a member of the President's cabinet. Why? Bannon, an integral part of the Trump team, was the MAGA agenda. He was what made the President the President, and yet he was recently fired or he recently resigned. Whichever the case my be, Bannon being out is not a good sign if one is for a nationalist and MAGA agenda. That being said, Bannon is not the only nationalist to have recently left the White House. Former Deputy Assistant to the President, Sebastian Gorka, has also recently resigned or been fired from the White House. Americans should not be surprised as Gorka too is a nationalist and a supporter of the MAGA agenda on which the President campaigned. Both men claim to have resigned, and both men claim that they will be more useful outside the White House. Perhaps the two true nationalists will be more conducive to the President outside the White House in a way they could not within the White House walls. They now both are speaking up when the President veers away from the agenda of making America great again. In doing so, they are keeping the President accountable. Both men have revealed that there are members of the President's staff that are steering the President away from a nationalist and make America great again agenda. With a White House full of globalists, one should not be surprised that the President is getting further away from the agenda that will make America great again.

      President Trump had a tough road to the White House. Everyone was up against him, and he was forced to fight at every turn, and the President is still forced to fight. However, the President knew this when he ran for the presidency. He knew it wouldn't be easy. He knew almost everyone in Washington was against him. For that I can cut some slack. Has the President done some good things? Yes, he has indeed. He has brought jobs back to America, he has appointed a conservative to the Supreme Court, he has cut down illegal immigration, and he has been successful in attacking ISIS. However, many promises are being forgotten or broken. Perhaps the President has tired of the fight against the establishment, but the President needed to be ready for the fight. In regards to the travel ban, it has been said that the initial travel ban was written in haste and the second one wasn't much better. I elected a man whom I thought would surround himself with the best. The travel ban is again being revised and has been a ban full of gaps that has been easily chipped away by the federal courts. Why? I expected more out of those who are employed by the President. In regards to health care, again, this was done in haste and without a plan. While the Republicans failed to come up with a plan Dems would approve of, the President failed to ask the Republicans if they had a plan that they knew would pass. The President also somehow forgot his own health care plan as proposed on the campaign trail. The President can blame Republicans for this one without a doubt, then again was "repeal and replace" a line? Was "lock her up" just a line? Americans have yet to see Hilary Clinton be locked up or be served a subpoena.  Was it all a line? Were we all played? Were we all played and are the Democrats and Republicans in this together? As the President seems to be flip flopping on a daily basis, one has to wonder. While many have said that the President needs to reach across the aisle, I have to ask if he ever really was on the right side of the aisle? With Democrats seemingly getting more of their desires met than Republicans, it makes one wonder. Then again, is this all a game? Is Trump the savior being beaten down by the big bad boys in Washington or is he really is working with the big bad boys? I wonder. If one thinks about it, a strategy of a hero like Trump being beaten down could be a good one for keeping the people in line. We, the people, without a savior like the President, would erupt at a possible amnesty agreement, but not if the president makes a deal, a deal that will be advantageous to everyone, but the people who voted for him. That being said, if the President has played us all, it certainly has been the epitome of the "art of the deal". 
-Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Forgotten Americans

   On September 6, 2017 Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful Atlantic storms of the century, hit the U.S. Virgin Islands. Striking the islands as a category 5 storm, its ferocious winds of 185 mph and rising waters virtually annihilated the inhabited islands of St. Croix, St. John, St. Thomas, and surrounding islands. Reports from the island speak of total devastation in many places. With an infrastructure that's been destroyed, impassable roads, a non-existent power grid, the U.S. Virgin Islands are in dire need of help. While FEMA and various agencies have jumped into action for those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Floridians hit by Irma, the U.S. Virgin Islands has not received the same help provided to others. Floridians residing in the Florida Keys and other areas affected by Irma have also received immediate assistance from government agencies. The question is why has the U.S. Virgin Islands been forgotten?

   Why has the U.S. government not loaned a helping hand to those affected by Irma in the U.S. Virgin Islands? While the U.S. Virgin Islands are not attached to the mainland of the United States, the U.S. Virgin Islands are very much so a part of the United States. Perhaps the President could show those in the islands affected by Irma some hope with a visit to the islands ravaged by last week's storm. The people of the U.S. Virgin Islands have a long, tough road ahead of them as they rebuild their homes and communities. The U.S. Virgin Islands will likely take months or possibly even years to rebuild, and these fellow Americans need our help, and they need it now. With that being said, let's forgo that next overpriced lunch or dinner, and give to those in the U.S. Virgin Islands in need, as to let them know that we here in America have not forgotten our fellow Americans.