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Friday, March 4, 2016

A Letter To The National Republican Committee

Dear Mr. Chairman Reince Preibus, and all Members of the National Republican Committee,
           I am writing this letter as a plea for you to put an end to your mission to stop Donald Trump from being the Presidential nominee for the Republican Party. Today's anti-Trump speech given by the 2012 Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney was classless, vile, and disappointing. As I watched the defeated candidate I couldn't help but think where was this fire, and fight against President Obama? Mitt Romney lost an election that was his for the taking in 2012. America was displeased with the "change" the President had provided, and the Benghazi tragedy having just taken place should have been the clincher in winning the election. Mitt Romney in my, any many other's opinion gave away the election with his unpopular choice in a running mate, a poorly run campaign, and a lackluster attempt at best at defeating the incumbent President. Debate moderator Candy Crowley won President Obama the last election by doing what no debate moderator had ever or should ever have done. Crowley stepped into the middle of the debate and spoke for the President and Romney allowed it. Had Romney had any self respect and a back bone he would have spoken up to Crowley, said the rules of the debate were being broken and walked off the stage. Instead Romney did nothing but sat and smiled, and lost the election right there and then. For Romney to come out today and spew his meaningless opinions, and lies of a candidate that is favored by the majority of the hearts and minds of the Republicans in this nation is disgusting! Not only is Republican front-runner Donald J. Trump winning over the majority of Republicans, but he is bringing out people who have never voted, or haven't voted in years out to the polls to cast their votes. Donald Trump whether Mr. Mitt Romney approves or likes it or not, is the man the people of this country want for their President. With all due respect I am saddened by Romney's actions of today, as I was once a supporter of Romney and thought he was a man of character. Mitt Romney was endorsed and supported by Mr. Trump, and to repay Mr. Trump with this mockery is in my opinion pure evil. Mitt Romney's display of unwanted criticism of Donald Trump was nothing more than jealousy, and bitterness. I was disappointed today in not only Mitt Romney. but the Republican party as well. 
          I say shame on the establishment of the Republican party! The Republicans asked Donald Trump to sign an agreement that he would not run as a third party candidate if not the Republican Presidential nominee, which he signed, and the Republicans have done nothing, but mistreat him. Why? Because he does not fit the mold of what the old Republican cronies feel he should be? Perhaps I need remind the Republican party of the fact that the Republicans have lost the last two elections? Clearly the grand ole party has been doing something wrong or Americans would have voted for a Republican in one or both of the last two elections. The fact is until Donald Trump, the Republican party has not provided Republicans with a candidate whom Americans were enthused about. Donald Trump has brought on an enthusiasm the Republicans haven't seen in years. While the Republican party should be elated and joyous over this new found enthusiasm they are instead attempting to squash it and defeat it. In doing this the Republicans are shooting themselves in the foot and killing their own party.
       It's shameful how the party has treated Donald Trump. No other candidate has had to endure the criticism and mockery as Donald Trump. No other candidate has been ridiculed as Donald Trump. Why? Americans know why, because the Republican party's first choice is not Donald Trump. No the Republicans would prefer the likes of the failed former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, or the Republican puppeteer, Senator Marco Rubio. Those were the choices of the GOP. The Republican's last hope is Marco Rubio and he is third in the race at best. While Senator Ted Cruz is in second, the GOP is not approving of him as well. No the Republicans want Rubio. Well newsflash, the people are not enthralled with the young Senator from Florida, and why would they? Marco Rubio is nothing more than another Barrack Obama. Rubio was elected to the Senate and did nothing, but then a majority of Republicans were elected to both the House and the Senate and they have done nothing. The people of this country elected a Republican majority and yet they have done nothing to stop Obama and this administration from getting everything and anything they've wanted done. That is why the people are behind Donald Trump! 
       The people of this country want Donald Trump, as Donald Trump is the voice of the people, a voice that hasn't been heard. The people of this country have been forgotten and the Republicans have cared not. As I hear of talk of a brokered convention in which the Republicans will choose who they wish to be the Republican Presidential nominee, I am sickened, and repulsed. The chatter is also of Romney being chosen as the nominee, and if he or anyone, but Trump is chosen by Republicans as the nominee, Republicans will lose yet another Presidential election. While the establishment claims they will not support Donald Trump if he wins the primary nomination, I and millions of other Americans will not support who the GOP desires as the Republican Presidential nominee, and I can guarantee it.I know this as if a brokered convention takes place the Republicans are not the party I  and others have so loved and been proud.  
         The Republicans have a real leader in Donald Trump. Trump has vowed to go to Washington and work for the people. Trump shares the anger and frustration that both the Republicans and Democrats have caused. The middle class and our veterans have been forgotten, health care is a mess, the economy is a disaster, our military is in need of rebuilding, our borders are a joke, our elected officials are failing the people, and America's standing in the world is at an all time low. If Hillary Clinton wins this election it is imminent that this country will only get worse, Government will only get bigger, taxes will continue to hike, our security will be at risk, and our people's hopes and dreams will be lost. What's more the American dream will be lost. The American dream will be lost as our freedom will have been lost. We the people are I thought the ones who decide who should be our next President, and yet the Republicans are saying not. If this is true how are the Republicans  any better than any nation run by a Dictator, or governed by communism? They are not. Then again the word is out that Republicans would prefer Hillary Clinton as President over Donald Trump as she can be bought, and she can be controlled. As Donald Trump has his own money he can not be bought, and favors will not be granted, and perhaps that is what's at stake. Are backroom deals more important to the Republicans than the people of this country? If so I say shame on you Republicans, but may I add you reap what you sow?
       In closing I again am making a plea to Republicans to stand by Donald Trump if he is elected by the majority in this Republican primary. Donald Trump is the voice of the people that make this nation, and the voice that is begging to be heard. Americans are fearful for their safety, dis-satisfied with their health care, losing jobs to companies leaving America, and even more importantly Americans are dis-heartened, and broken. Working pay check to pay check Americans are working to pay taxes and getting nothing in return. They're getting nothing as this current administration has not cared about the American people, and the American people know they have been forgotten. Donald Trump is a candidate whom Republicans should be proud. Mr. Trump is a man who understands the people of this country. Mr. Trump has caused an excitement that has long been lost in the Republican party. Perhaps Donald Trump is not the Presidential candidate whom the Republican party would want, but he's the candidate the Republican and non Republican people want. If nominated the republican party should do as they promised. The party promised to treat Donald Trump fairly as they should, and the party promised to support Mr. Trump if nominated, and they should be true to their word. The Republicans have a candidate whom they should be proud and stand behind. This is a candidate causing an excitement that should be celebrated not crushed. We the people are speaking, and if the Republican Party has any ounce of integrity they will support Donald Trump if he is in fact the candidate whom the people have chosen.
                                                        Thank you.
                                                                    Sean Bianca of GOPGIRL BLOG

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