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Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Trumpettes Are Talking "Trump"!

   "He is a highly principled man of his word, he is the most down to earth, honorable man, you can trust him."- Toni Holt Kramer, Trumpettes Global Founder and National President

"Love him, or hate him, Trump is the candidate for the job, and the only candidate for the job.Trump is the man that will create jobs, rebuild the middle class,secure our borders, and Trump has the strength and courage needed to stand up to ISIS, Iran, Russia, and North Korea.  Trump will make this country great again!"-Sean Bianca Lee, GOPGIRL BLOG, Blog Writer and Founder.
   "Behind every great man is a great woman", is a saying that through history has been time and time again proven true. The same can be said of Donald Trump, however, when it comes to campaigning, Mr. Trump has not just one woman, but a team of women by the name of "The Trumpettes", behind him. The "Trumpettes" are women from coast to coast,  and from north to south. "The Trumpettes", are the women of this country standing firmly behind Donald Trump. "The Trumpettes" are America's homemakers, America's professionals,  they are teachers, they are healthcare workers, they are socialites, and they are the housekeepers of the socialites. These are the women of America.  "The Trumpettes" are women from various backgrounds, blue collar workers, and white collar workers,  some privileged, and some under privileged. They shop from Neiman's and Saks to Marshalls and T.J. Max. They are the "Trumpettes", and they are  strong women with one common goal, and that goal is to make sure that Donald Trump is the next President of the United States of America. "The Trumpettes" know Donald J. Trump, will, "make America great again"!
        "The Trumpettes " is a Florida born organization, founded by Toni Holt Kramer that has become a nationwide phenomenon. The idea of "the Trumpettes" came to Kramer as she and her female friends were all talking about the America of today and how Americans were not better off but worse off than yesterday. These women talked and their talk turned to Trump as they all knew he would make America better today.  "Trump". As women love to talk, Kramer created the group so everyone would be talking "Trump". The truth is women near and far are talking "Trump"! We have homemakers talking "Trump" to their friends, socialites talking "Trump" to their husbands, and housekeepers, a manager of Wal Mart talking "Trump" to her co-workers, and friends, as well as a tennis pro and blogger talking "Trump" to her students, co-workers, and friends. These women know how to talk and they are talking, "Trump"!  They are talking "Trump", because they all know he is the right candidate and the only candidate for the job as the next President of the United States of America.
           "The Trumpettes" are women that feel strongly about Donald Trump. The Trumpettes believe in Donald Trump and his ability to lead America to a better future. "The Trumpettes", like the majority of Trump's supporters, appreciate Trump's honesty, and his lack of being "politically correct". They like that he has his own money and that he has to answer to no one. They feel America will always know where they stand with him. "The Trumpettes", like many Americans are frightened for their safety. These women know the fear of their friends as well as the fear of many Americans. With ISIS, Al Qaeda, Iran, North Korea and others being a constant threat these women want a President that they know will rebuild our military and keep America safe. These women know if Trump says he will do something, he will do it. Trump says he will build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out, they know he means it. Trump says he will keep Muslims out until America can figure out how to properly and effectively vet them, and again they know he means it. Trump wants to repeal and replace Obama Care so Americans don't die waiting for health care, and he means it. Likewise when it comes to creating jobs and rebuilding our economy they know Trump will succeed. Being a successful businessman, "The Trumpettes" know Trump has the capability to turn our economy around.  Donald Trump is a businessman that has been up and down in his field  to become one of the most successful men in America. "The Trumpettes" and many Americans know Donald Trump as a sharp businessman and he will do the same for America. America is down, and America needs a businessman like Trump to bring this country's economy back up again. As many of today's Presidential candidates have never really held a job in the corporate world, these women and  many Americans know Trump is what America needs to create jobs turn it's economy around, and make for a better future for all. 
          "The Trumpettes" are the women of America talking "Trump". These women are spreading the word that Trump is what this country needs. They are spreading their belief in Trump near and far as they are confident that Donald Trump is the only candidate for the job as President of the United States of America.
(c)Sean Bianca2016

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