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Friday, June 1, 2018

The Trump Affect !

   "Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president? -Donald Trump on presidential candidate, Carly Fiorina

    "I never attacked him on his looks, and believe me there's plenty of subject matter there."-Donald Trump on presidential candidate, Rand Paul

  "He put glasses on so people think he's smart. People can see through the glasses. --Donald Trump on presidential candidate, Rick Perry

  Whatever happened to people having manners? Whatever happened to people being nice? Whatever happened to people having respect for one another? Whatever happened to people having respect for the opinions of others? Whatever happened to people debating with facts and feelings without insulting one's looks, size, and intelligence? Whatever happened to adults behaving as civilized adults and not uncivilized adolescents? What happened, was Donald Trump. 

   Donald Trump is what happened to America. Donald Trump ran for the presidency and suddenly a man being a bully was a good thing. Why, Donald Trump being a bully wasn't just viewed as a good thing, it was viewed as a great thing. It was entertainment. America actually viewed and applauded a grown man behaving like a child. America watched and applauded a grown 70 year old man spew insults at other candidates. Debate after debate, America watched in hopes Donald Trump would call another candidate a name, mock, and or imitate another candidate, and or insult another candidate's looks, intelligence, and or personality. America loved it. America downright thrived on it, myself included. Looking back, I am in disgust. I am in disgust with myself and all that approved of such mean, classless, immature behavior. Behavior that should have been criticized and punished was instead applauded and rewarded.

     America rewarded Donald Trump alright. America elected him as their 45th president. America rewarded a man that was a bully. America condoned and rewarded a man that insulted the looks, intelligence, and personality of other candidates. Interestingly enough, while Donald Trump mocked the appearance of Republican candidates, he never insulted the appearance and size of his opponent, Hillary Clinton. In looking back, I am quite appalled that Donald Trump would have had the audacity to attack the other candidates on their looks and size. While Donald Trump said there was plenty of subject matter in speaking of Rand Paul's looks, I have to wonder if Mr. Trump has taken a good look in the mirror. While some 30 years back, Mr. Trump may have been a dashing young man. At present, Rand Paul is by far better looking and in better shape. For that matter, the majority of the candidates were in better shape than Donald Trump. I'm quite surprised the other candidates did not comment on Donald Trump's looks and weight as I hate to say it, but there's plenty of subject matter there. Apparently, the other candidates were above stooping to Donald Trump's level and chose instead to debate on the issues and facts. While those candidates should have been respected, admired, applauded, and rewarded, those candidates were not. Those candidates lost and Donald Trump became our president, and thus came to fruition the "Donald Trump effect".

 "You're a c you next Tuesday." Translation," you're a "cunt."  "You're an old hag." "You're a bimbo." "You're a bitch." You name it, I've been called it. I've been called every name in the book by amusingly, those who at one time praised , admired, and applauded me and thought I was some kind of wonderful.  I was wonderful as long as I wrote in favor of the President. I was wonderful until I wasn't so wonderful. I was no longer wonderful once I dared to speak up and hold our newly elected President accountable. How dare I speak up when I noticed Wall Street very much in the White House?  How dare I speak up when more troops were placed in Afghanistan? How dare I speak up when Obamacare was not repealed and replaced but instead funded with Trump signing the Omnibus bill? How dare I speak up when a ban on big game trophy hunting was lifted? How dare I speak up when Hillary was not locked up or even so much as subpoenaed?  How dare I speak up as not one brick has been laid on the wall with that big beautiful door? How dare I speak up as the tax cut has been proven to not be much of a tax cut at all for those in need? How dare I speak up and say, "America isn't great", as gas and food prices continue to  rise? How dare I speak up as health insurance premiums have become virtually unaffordable for many? How dare I speak up as the Trump administration moves to lift the ban on extreme hunting tactics? How dare I speak up as the president actually takes the time to have a meeting with Kim Kardashian on prison reform? Bottom line, when it comes to Trump supporters,  how dare I speak up at all? Yes, how dare I speak up unless it is to praise and worship the anointed one, President Donald Trump? 

   Speak up in favor of the President, Trump supporters think you are the most beautiful intelligent person on the planet. Speak out against the President, and you are a vile human being. Hence, the "Trump affect".  Having written over 300 blogs in support of the President, I myself experienced great flattery. I had more proposals than one could imagine. However, while the right adored me and wanted to court me, many on the left wanted to kill me. If the left didn't want to kill me, there were thousands of others spewing disgusting comments and insults. As a Trump supporter, I thought the left to be vile, disrespectful, and disgusting. The truth was, the left was disgusting. They were disgusting for behaving as uncivilized human beings. They were disgusting for trying to bully me into not using my freedom of speech. Unfortunately, the Trump supporters proved me wrong. They proved me wrong once I decided to use my freedom of speech as to hold the president accountable. Trump supporters, as well, became disgusting. While I have experienced the mean, cutting, and vulgar comments due to my holding the President accountable, I have noticed political commentator, Ann Coulter, too has suffered mean comments as well. Ann Coulter, unlike so many political pundits on the right has both applauded and critiqued the President and she has suffered for it. Has she really suffered?Doubtful. However, anytime Ms. Coulter decides to speak out against the President, Ms. Coulter has a full thread of vulgar comments and insults. Many comments consist of expletives showing the intelligence of these people is not all that high. The comments also are a display of the lack of respect many Americans have for others and it's really quite sad. However, we asked for it. President Donald Trump set the tone. He set a tone that it was okay to mock, insult, and disrespect others and America bought into it. America bought into it and we at present have the "Trump effect".

    Trouble is, the "Trump effect" has spread nationwide. On almost a daily basis, America is aghast at the meanness of others. Really? Why? We asked for it. We voted for it. We said it was okay for grown ups to disrespect and be mean to others when we elected Donald Trump. The trouble is, now individuals in the President's family and administration are now being mocked, imitated, taunted, and insulted. I suppose with the "Trump effect", you get what you ask for. Sadly, while our President has built a career on being a bully, our beautiful and intelligent First Lady is doing everything in her power to stop it. She is to be applauded. Unfortunately, her husband has set the tone. The tone being the "Trump effect". The "Trump effect" which has hurt this nation greatly. The nation has been hurt greatly, and the "Trump effect" is now dividing my party. The trouble is, Trump supporters are now attacking those in their party that dare not be enthralled with the President. The trouble is America has become a bunch of bullies. Americans, both conservative and liberal have become  just like their President, a bully. With that being said, America is not great. America is not great when it becomes okay to call any man or woman names. America is not great when it becomes okay for adults to insult and mock one another. The "Trump effect" is not okay. The "Trump effect" needs to stop. It needs to stop and Americans need to respect the opinions of one another and debate one another on the issues and on facts. The fact is, if one can't debate without insulting another, then one clearly can't handle the debate. If we are to make America great again and become a nation that's united, then we need to develop a respect for one another, and a regard for one another's feelings and opinions. The bottom line is, America can never be great again under the "Trump effect". 
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