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Saturday, February 6, 2016

We Need A Leader Not A Preacher!

          "(Trump) is a successful executive and entrepreneur, a wonderful father and a man who I believe can lead our country to greatness again,"-Jerry Falwell Jr. 

       Politics, and religion, I have been told are two topics one should never discuss with others. Better advice has never been given as such has been proven true. Engage in conversation in either at a cocktail party or social venue and the evening is sure to be one of aggravation and angst. As I have never been one to always follow what I have been told I have always worn my Republican heart on my sleeve, and worn it proudly. Religion however has to me always been rather personal. While I am a Christian Protestant, I have never been one to shout about it from the roof tops. I guess for me my relationship with God has always been private, and I intend to keep it that way. Evangelical voters on the other hand appear to not share my sentiments. Evangelical voters are hard core Christians that unlike myself do shout about their Christianity to others. These people have typically had an experience where they have accepted Jesus Christ as their savior and feel it is their duty to tell others so others may achieve a closeness with God. While many of us do not feel inclined to convince others to share our religious views evangelicals do. Evangelicals somewhat remind me of Muslims in their quest to convert others to their way of thinking, which can be deemed as somewhat radical and intense. While similar, there is one big difference, evangelicals have not killed those who have not chosen to follow the Jesus Christ as their Savior's line of thinking.
      America needs a leader, not a preacher in a President. America has been fooled before and I pray it is not fooled again. In the last Presidential election Americans were fooled by Barrack Obama, as he sounded like that of a preacher while campaigning in Southern Baptist States. Obama was good, he was an actor, he was almost a clone of the Reverend Jesse Jackson, but that was not the man America elected. The man America elected who claimed to be Christian, has been said to be a devout Muslim. Obama has even at times slipped and admitted his Islamic faith. Just this week the President  visited A Mosque in Baltimore, Md. . The President denounced the anti-Muslim American rhetoric, and spoke on Islam, and it's being a religion of peace. Islam is not a religion of peace and any honest Muslim will admit it. Due to this President's continuous apologies to Muslims both here and abroad American Christians and evangelicals are more than ever looking for a President that is a Christian that they feel they can trust. Unfortunately in Americans' desire to elect a Christian as President, I feel they can easily be blinded by a Politician's preaching, and use of the Lord. 
      Just prior to the Iowas Caucuses, Senator Ted Cruz gave a speech telling the voters to "awaken the body of Christ". "Awaken the body of Christ'? Don't make me puke! America needs a President that will protect our country, gain the respect of other nations, rebuild our economy, create jobs, repeal Obama Care, and take care of our Veterans. America does not need a Preacher, preaching his faith. Americans do not need a President reciting various lines from the bible. Americans have Ministers, Pastors, Reverends and Rabbis to Preach, and lead them in their faith. Americans do not need a "want to be", Pastor or Preacher, they already have them, and they need to remember that. 
   Americans do not need a President preaching to them, and telling them how to find the Lord or Christ. Americans need a President that will take action and do the job Americans hire him to do. Americans have not had that in Barrack Obama. Americans had a man that did what he had to say and became what he needed to become, to attract the voters and it worked. I see this same strategy in Senator Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio as well. A preacher of a President will not get the job done. A leader gets will get the job done. I believe we have a true leader in Donald Trump. While Trump is Christian, he is not attempting to portray the embodiment of a Priest or the Pope. With Trump America always knows where they stand. Trump is never politically correct, nor does he mince words. Trump says what he means, does what he says, and gets the job done, and that my friends is what America needs in it's next President. America doesn't need a Preacher it needs a leader that will get the job done!
(c)Sean Bianca 2016

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