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Friday, June 1, 2018

The Trump Effect

   "Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president? -Donald Trump on presidential candidate, Carly Fiorina

    "I never attacked him on his looks, and believe me there's plenty of subject matter there."-Donald Trump on presidential candidate, Rand Paul

  "He put glasses on so people think he's smart. People can see through the glasses. --Donald Trump on presidential candidate, Rick Perry

  Whatever happened to people having manners? Whatever happened to people being nice? Whatever happened to people having respect for one another? Whatever happened to people having respect for the opinions of others? Whatever happened to people debating with facts and feelings without insulting one's looks, size, and intelligence? Whatever happened to adults behaving as civilized adults and not uncivilized adolescents? What happened, was Donald Trump. 

   Donald Trump is what happened to America. Donald Trump ran for the presidency and suddenly a man being a bully was a good thing. Why, Donald Trump being a bully wasn't just viewed as a good thing, it was viewed as a great thing. It was entertainment. America actually viewed and applauded a grown man behaving like a child. America watched and applauded a grown 70 year old man spew insults at other candidates. Debate after debate, America watched in hopes Donald Trump would call another candidate a name, mock, and or imitate another candidate, and or insult another candidate's looks, intelligence, and or personality. America loved it. America downright thrived on it, myself included. Looking back, I am in disgust. I am in disgust with myself and all that approved of such mean, classless, immature behavior. Behavior that should have been criticized and punished was instead applauded and rewarded.

     America rewarded Donald Trump alright. America elected him as their 45th president. America rewarded a man that was a bully. America condoned and rewarded a man that insulted the looks, intelligence, and personality of other candidates. Interestingly enough, while Donald Trump mocked the appearance of Republican candidates, he never insulted the appearance and size of his opponent, Hillary Clinton. In looking back, I am quite appalled that Donald Trump would have had the audacity to attack the other candidates on their looks and size. While Donald Trump said there was plenty of subject matter in speaking of Rand Paul's looks, I have to wonder if Mr. Trump has taken a good look in the mirror. While some 30 years back, Mr. Trump may have been a dashing young man. At present, Rand Paul is by far better looking and in better shape. For that matter, the majority of the candidates were in better shape than Donald Trump. I'm quite surprised the other candidates did not comment on Donald Trump's looks and weight as I hate to say it, but there's plenty of subject matter there. Apparently, the other candidates were above stooping to Donald Trump's level and chose instead to debate on the issues and facts. While those candidates should have been respected, admired, applauded, and rewarded, those candidates were not. Those candidates lost and Donald Trump became our president, and thus came to fruition the "Donald Trump effect".

 "You're a c you next Tuesday." Translation," you're a "cunt."  "You're an old hag." "You're a bimbo." "You're a bitch." You name it, I've been called it. I've been called every name in the book by amusingly, those who at one time praised , admired, and applauded me and thought I was some kind of wonderful.  I was wonderful as long as I wrote in favor of the President. I was wonderful until I wasn't so wonderful. I was no longer wonderful once I dared to speak up and hold our newly elected President accountable. How dare I speak up when I noticed Wall Street very much in the White House?  How dare I speak up when more troops were placed in Afghanistan? How dare I speak up when Obamacare was not repealed and replaced but instead funded with Trump signing the Omnibus bill? How dare I speak up when a ban on big game trophy hunting was lifted? How dare I speak up when Hillary was not locked up or even so much as subpoenaed?  How dare I speak up as not one brick has been laid on the wall with that big beautiful door? How dare I speak up as the tax cut has been proven to not be much of a tax cut at all for those in need? How dare I speak up and say, "America isn't great", as gas and food prices continue to  rise? How dare I speak up as health insurance premiums have become virtually unaffordable for many? How dare I speak up as the Trump administration moves to lift the ban on extreme hunting tactics? How dare I speak up as the president actually takes the time to have a meeting with Kim Kardashian on prison reform? Bottom line, when it comes to Trump supporters,  how dare I speak up at all? Yes, how dare I speak up unless it is to praise and worship the anointed one, President Donald Trump? 

   Speak up in favor of the President, Trump supporters think you are the most beautiful intelligent person on the planet. Speak out against the President, and you are a vile human being. Hence, the "Trump affect".  Having written over 300 blogs in support of the President, I myself experienced great flattery. I had more proposals than one could imagine. However, while the right adored me and wanted to court me, many on the left wanted to kill me. If the left didn't want to kill me, there were thousands of others spewing disgusting comments and insults. As a Trump supporter, I thought the left to be vile, disrespectful, and disgusting. The truth was, the left was disgusting. They were disgusting for behaving as uncivilized human beings. They were disgusting for trying to bully me into not using my freedom of speech. Unfortunately, the Trump supporters proved me wrong. They proved me wrong once I decided to use my freedom of speech as to hold the president accountable. Trump supporters, as well, became disgusting. While I have experienced the mean, cutting, and vulgar comments due to my holding the President accountable, I have noticed political commentator, Ann Coulter, too has suffered mean comments as well. Ann Coulter, unlike so many political pundits on the right has both applauded and critiqued the President and she has suffered for it. Has she really suffered?Doubtful. However, anytime Ms. Coulter decides to speak out against the President, Ms. Coulter has a full thread of vulgar comments and insults. Many comments consist of expletives showing the intelligence of these people is not all that high. The comments also are a display of the lack of respect many Americans have for others and it's really quite sad. However, we asked for it. President Donald Trump set the tone. He set a tone that it was okay to mock, insult, and disrespect others and America bought into it. America bought into it and we at present have the "Trump effect".

    Trouble is, the "Trump effect" has spread nationwide. On almost a daily basis, America is aghast at the meanness of others. Really? Why? We asked for it. We voted for it. We said it was okay for grown ups to disrespect and be mean to others when we elected Donald Trump. The trouble is, now individuals in the President's family and administration are now being mocked, imitated, taunted, and insulted. I suppose with the "Trump effect", you get what you ask for. Sadly, while our President has built a career on being a bully, our beautiful and intelligent First Lady is doing everything in her power to stop it. She is to be applauded. Unfortunately, her husband has set the tone. The tone being the "Trump effect". The "Trump effect" which has hurt this nation greatly. The nation has been hurt greatly, and the "Trump effect" is now dividing my party. The trouble is, Trump supporters are now attacking those in their party that dare not be enthralled with the President. The trouble is America has become a bunch of bullies. Americans, both conservative and liberal have become  just like their President, a bully. With that being said, America is not great. America is not great when it becomes okay to call any man or woman names. America is not great when it becomes okay for adults to insult and mock one another. The "Trump effect" is not okay. The "Trump effect" needs to stop. It needs to stop and Americans need to respect the opinions of one another and debate one another on the issues and on facts. The fact is, if one can't debate without insulting another, then one clearly can't handle the debate. If we are to make America great again and become a nation that's united, then we need to develop a respect for one another, and a regard for one another's feelings and opinions. The bottom line is, America can never be great again under the "Trump effect". 
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2018
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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Has @realDonaldTrump Forgotten America First?


    The fact is, nothing good has ever come from the U.S. intervening in the Mid East, and nothing good will ever come from U.S. intervention in the Mid East. Yet the President seems to have an overwhelming desire to continue doing what hasn't worked in the past. I believe the definition of insanity is one doing the same thing again and again with the expectation of different results. That being said, America's leaders have displayed complete insanity in continuing to intervene in the Mideast.  Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen have all been complete disasters and surprisingly, our President appears to have forgotten.

  Afghanistan, is as of today no better off than it was back in 2001. America however, is worse off than it was in 2001, thanks to getting involved in Afghanistan. Thousands of American lives have been  lost, and a trillion dollars in military spending has been added to America's deficit. Iraq, another disaster, is sadly worse off today than it was in 2003 , and it's been even more of a disaster than Afghanistan. America was successful in removing the tyrannical and vicious dictator, Saddam Hussein, but the outcome was even worse. With the removal of Saddam, the end result was the terrorist group ISIS, a highly dysfunctional sectarian government, over 1.4 million Iraqis killed, the loss of over 4400 American lives and over $1.1 trillion spent. With Afghanistan and Iraq being epic failures, one would have thought America might have learned its lesson, but America did not. No, America just could not stand by and do nothing. America got involved in Libya and the removal of Muammar Qaddafi. As bad as Qaddafi was, the people of Libya were better off under his regime than the current regime. The result has been another disaster, and a government equivalent to the failed state of Somalia. Another utter disaster of America's failed intervention was Yemen. Yemen brought years of drone warfare, and the government take over of Houthi rebels . All in all, America's intervention in foreign wars has brought nothing but added chaos, lives lost, and trillions of dollars spent, and for what? 
      Nothing good came from America intervening in wars that weren't America's to fight. Nothing! At a rally held by then presidential candidate, Donald Trump, Trump stated that America had spent $6 trillion on wars in the Mid East. Trump claimed that we could have rebuilt our country twice, had we not spent $6 trillion on wars abroad. Unfortunately, a good many Americans voted for Trump on that issue alone. While the actual number is somewhere around $5.6 trillion, it's not far from Trump's $6 trillion figure. That's an outrageous amount of money spent for wars that weren't ours to fight and wars that brought even more conflict and disaster to the region. That's also an outrageous amount of money that as Trump stated on the campaign trail could have been better spent right here on our own country. While $5.6 trillion spent is a high price to pay for unnecessary wars, one can't place a price on the loss of American lives. Over 12,000 Americans have been killed fighting wars that weren't ours to fight, and over 900,000 more have been wounded due to war injuries as well. Not to mention, the high suicide rate among those who've served. Those who've served in wars that again weren't ours to fight.  
   "America first", is the phrase the presidential candidate, Donald Trump used again and again. "America first" and "make America great again" were the two slogans Trump supporters had drilled into them at Trump's presidential rallies. Donald Trump, the candidate, was America's answer. Finally, America had a man that intended on placing "America first". After years of senseless spending, if elected, Donald Trump would be the president that would rebuild America and not partake in wasteful spending abroad. Not only would Donald Trump rebuild America, but he would be the president that would "make America great again". "Make America great again" was THE slogan that helped Donald Trump get elected. The slogan was perfect, and it was convincing. In fact, Trump even went so far as to run a campaign ad exposing the deterioration of America's infrastructure and the rebuilding of America's infrastructure. It was one of the greatest campaign ads ever run, and it worked. Donald Trump was elected president.
  Unfortunately, Donald Trump, the presidential candidate and President Donald Trump appear to have two very different agendas. Donald Trump as a private citizen relentlessly tweeted against U.S. involvement in Syria. Trump as a presidential candidate campaigned on staying away from foreign intervention. Trump as president has done the polar opposite. Last April President Trump informed President Xi Jinping of China of a US cruise missile attack on Syria as he spoke of, "the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake you've ever seen". The attack was in response to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's using chemical weapons to kill helpless babies, women, and children. Political commentator, Ann Coulter ,tweeted that the President had ordered the air strike due to the urging by First Daughter, Ivanka. The attack was criticized by many. Many, that thought President Trump would be different from his predecessors, in that President Trump as a candidate had campaigned against US foreign intervention. 
   There is no doubt that Donald Trump, the president, is very different from Donald Trump, the candidate. As president, Donald Trump clearly wanted to prove a point to Assad that he, unlike former President Obama would not draw imaginary red lines in the sand. President Trump executed military action, unlike Obama who threatened military action but failed to execute military action. Unfortunately, President Trump forgot the base that helped him get elected in doing what Obama failed to do . President Trump forgot his base and forgot the platform on which he ran, of "America first". 
  April 7th, a chemical weapons attack took place in Syria. In response, the President warned of a possible attack. Upon hearing this I couldn't help but think back to Donald Trump, the candidate who again and again stated that he would never announce a military attack. He preferred the element of surprise. Then again, Trump's warning gave several political commentators the opportunity to plead with him on reasons to stay out of Syria. Fox News' Laura Ingraham, explained to her audience why the president should not attack Syria. Ingraham explained how Assad as bad as he was, did protect Christians and had been successful in fighting ISIS. Fox News's Tucker Carlson tweeted, "Assume Assad used chlorine gas. Is it worth starting a war? Overthrowing Assad results in chaos. Thousands die. We might see the genocide of one of the last Christian communities in the Mideast. Does it make us safer? Region more stable? How did regime change in Iraq and Libya end up?" Pat Buchanan, political commentator and  former adviser to U.S. Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan also advised against the air strikes in addition to several others. 
   Despite the pleading from the pundits, April 14th, President Trump announced that the U.S., Great Britain, and France launched air strikes against Syria in response to a chemical weapons attack that took place on April 7th. The air strike targeted Assad's facilities that developed and produced chemical weapons. While the air strike proved to be a success it was not deemed a success with the President's base. Social media outlets, Facebook and Twitter ,were abundant with comments on what happened to America first, what happened to Donald Trump the candidate, who vowed to refrain from foreign intervention? In addition to Trump's base being disappointed in the President, many political commentators were disappointed as well. Political commentator,  Ann Coulter retweeted several anti-air strike tweets including one tweet consisting of Professor Jeffrey Sachs explanation on why Trump should not intervene in Syria. The controversial Trump supporter Alex Jones expressed his disapproval of the President's actions against Syria as well as Roger Stone. Conservative Michael Savage of the Savage Nation tweeted on how there was no proof the chemical attack was led by the Syrian army and "why only women and children shown in the propaganda pics?" As outraged as Michael Savage was on Trump's lifting the ban on big game trophy hunting, he was even more outraged over Trump's air strikes. Flamboyant, gay, conservative political commentator, and author, Milo Yiannopoulos was clearly disgusted in the President's actions. Yiannopoulos posted on instagram, "more pointless f-g foreign wars #noSecondTerm", and Info Wars' Paul Joseph Watson tweeted, "attacking a foreign nation that has not attacked or threatened America is globalist intervention. This is not America first. This is not what Trump was elected for." 
   No, foreign intervention was not why Trump was elected. Trump was elected on NO MORE FOREIGN INTERVENTION, NOT MORE FOREIGN INTERVENTION! Unfortunately, the president has forgotten the platform that got him elected, but the voters haven't forgotten what got him elected. What got him elected was "America first". Last week's air strikes was not putting America first. America has been involved in 4 wars in the Mideast since 9/11 and nothing good has come from any of those wars. The fact is, the Mideast is a hellhole of disaster and chaos. America's involvement only brings more disaster and chaos as well as money spent that America doesn't have to spend and the loss of innocent lives. While the chemical attack is unacceptable and horrific, it's not our problem. It's also not America's duty to police the world. Horrible atrocities are taking place worldwide. Every 56 hours a White South African farmer is killed, yet the President does nothing. Who is the President or America to choose who's lives we value more? The fact is, the President ran on less foreign intervention and he needs to stay on course.  Perhaps the President would be well advised to go back and read the platform on which he ran. The platform on which the president as a candidate ran is very different from the platform the president appears to be following. That being said, the President himself is very different from the candidate for whom America voted. America voted for, "America first". America voted for Donald Trump, the candidate. Last week's air strikes are not the actions of Donald Trump the candidate whom America elected. America has instead, gotten President Trump who appears to have forgotten, "America first".
(c)Sean Bianca 2018

Monday, March 12, 2018

Make Big Game Trophy Hunting Illegal Again!

It is said that an elephant never forgets, and unfortunately for the elephant, the cliche' is quite true. In fact, when an elephant is killed the family members will grieve for quite some time. It has been reported that elephants will visit the graves of their dead family members for years on end. As elephants are known to be highly intelligent and sensitive, elephants have been spotted weeping tears of sorrow, just as humans weep at the loss of their loved ones. Elephants not only grieve their lost loved ones, but they have been spotted covering the corpses with branches and carrying the tusks to another location. The death of an elephant is terribly traumatic for their families, but even more so for the young babies. Just as a human baby can not survive without his or her mother, an elephant baby cannot survive without it's mother unless rescued. All elephants under the age of two do not survive the death of their mothers, unless they are rescued. Even when rescued most orphaned elephants do not survive. The elephant calves have been known to cry for months on end and are forever traumatized by the killings of their Mums. With this knowledge I ask, how can anyone promote or approve the killing of elephants?  
  In the early 1900s there were approximately 10 million elephants in Africa. Presently, there are a mere few hundred thousand. That number is quickly declining as approximately 100 plus elephants are killed daily. African elephants are currently protected under the Endangered Species Act as elephants are considered "vulnerable". "Vulnerable" is another way of saying that the species is somewhere between near threatened and endangered. In fact, elephants are listed as an endangered species on the International Union For Conservation of Nature's Red List of the conservation of animals. In other words, if our leaders don't take action to save the species, the African Elephant will no doubt become extinct. 

  Just last week, Fish and Wildlife made the decision to lift the Obama-era ban on the import of elephant trophies under the Endangered Species Act.  The decision was made due to the Obama administration's failure to follow the precise letter of law when creating the regulation banning big game trophies. Due to the idiocy of the Obama administration, the NRA and the Safari Club filed a lawsuit against Fish and Wildlife asking for the allowance of importing trophies on a case by case basis. Whether it's a case by case basis or the allowance of all trophies, the end result is the same. The end result is more elephants are killed and the species is not preserved as hunters and Fish and Wildlife would like to have people believe. 

   The fact is, allowing hunters to hunt the species legally does not save the species. While hunters would have the uninformed believe trophy hunting raises money for conservation, that just isn't the case. The fact is, the non-hunting tourists make-up 99% of the tourism economy. While only a very small fraction of hunting money actually benefits conservation. Hunters will also preach that hunting aids in keeping the populations at healthy levels. Wrong. Hunters many times choose to target the larger genetically strong individuals which results in a weakening of populations. Also of note when the larger male elephants are killed, the younger males often go on a rampage of attacking humans as they have no father figures and they view their society as in complete collapse. Evidence of hunting failing to aid in controlling the population levels has already been seen in Tanzania where lions have been over hunted. Hunters also many times kill the young leaving less of the species to reproduce. Hunters will also claim that trophy hunting creates jobs and money for the surrounding communities. Wrong again. Only 3% of monies from trophy hunts actually goes to the local communities. As many of the countries suffer from widespread corruption there is no guarantee as to where the money is dispersed. Furthermore, the allowance of big game trophies opens the door and encourages canned hunting. Canned hunting, big game trophy hunting, both should be banned once and for all. 

   As President Trump's campaign slogan was "make America great again", I am calling for the President to make big game trophy hunting illegal again. While at present the elephant is now a target for big game hunters, there is talk that lions are next on the Trump administration hit list. While many unknown supporters and non-supporters of President Trump tweeted angrily at the President's decision to lift Obama's ban on big game trophy hunting, there were famous supporters in angst over the decision as well. Long time Trump supporter, Laura Ingraham tweeted, "I don't understand how this move by @realDonaldTrump Admin will not INCREASE the gruesome poaching of elephants." Ingraham also tweeted a picture of the President's son, Eric holding an elephant tail in which she wrote, "Please @realDonaldTrump stick with your good instinct on this. We do NOT want to reward animal poaching. You will alienate independents & conservationists!" Stacy Dash, another Trump supporter who's presently running for Congress tweeted, "This entire practice needs to be banned @POTUS Please lead the world in eliminating these hunts and the ivory trade."

     An elephant never forgets, and with all due respect our President needs to know that many supporters will never forget this decision to overturn the ban on big game trophies. The decision to allow the import of elephant trophies is a poor decision, not to mention a heartless decision. With a population in the hundreds of thousands down from 10 million, this earth just can not afford the promoting of killing a species we are in danger of losing. For that matter this earth can not afford to lose a one of many species of animals. For imagine a world without the sound of the trumpet of an elephant, the roar of a lion, the "hoo hoo", of an owl , the tweet of a bird, the bark of a dog or the meow of a cat. For that is the world our generation is fast on the track to leaving future generations. I don't know about anyone else, but a world without the beauty and sounds of domestic and wild animals would be a pretty sad world at that. As the President has been tackling making America great again, the President needs to make big game trophy hunting illegal again.
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2018

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Liberal Circus In Parkland

   Last week, America mourned with the students, teachers, coaches, and families of those killed and affected by the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida. This week, America watches the students and teachers affected by the Parkland School Shooting in utter disgust and amazement. America is disgusted by the liberal circus taking place in Parkland, Florida. Instead of mourning, students and teachers are marching and protesting for more gun control. Instead of mourning after attending funerals,  students were seen smiling, laughing, yelling, and being joyous and carefree as they boarded buses to take to Tallahassee in their quest for more gun control. Instead of mourning the dead who weren't even cold, students and teachers took part and are taking part in a liberal circus as to further the left's agenda for more gun control. 

     Forgive me for losing sympathy for those affected by the Parkland school shooting. Instead of mourning, students teachers and family members of the victims are using one of the world's deadliest school massacres to achieve the left's desire for more gun control. Have these people no shame? Seventeen dead and all these people can think about is gun control? Seventeen dead, and not one person in Parkland is up in arms at the failure of the FBI to act on threats by the perpetrator, Nikolas Cruz? Seventeen dead, and not one student, teacher, coach, or parent is asking why the FBI did nothing when they were warned not once, but twice about Nikolas Cruz. One would think there would be at least one person speaking out against the FBI and demanding for the FBI to be held accountable. One would think at least one person would be calling for the firing and or resignations of every person that failed to act on serious threats made by Nikolas Cruz. 

    In September 2017, the FBI was told of a comment posted by the Parkland shooter, Nikolas Cruz,"I'm going to be a professional school shooter". Cruz didn't post "I'm going to be a rock star". Cruz posted, "I'm going to be a professional school shooter", and the FBI did nothing. Apparently, the FBI claimed they couldn't identify who made the statement. In January 2018 Cruz made a death threat that was missed by the FBI. Apparently the FBI received the tip of the death threat this past January, but due to an office error or possibly due to complete incompetence,  the FBI failed to act. Did the FBI fail to act or did the FBI choose to look the other way? Whichever the case, the FBI failed at their duty to protect the victims of the Parkland school shooting. Yet, not one parent, teacher, coach, or student can be heard publicly speaking out against the FBI. No, instead of  mourning and directing anger at those who could have taken actions to prevent the Parkland school shooting, the people of Parkland are dancing to the beat of the left and marching and protesting for more gun control. 

     More gun control would not have prevented the Parkland school shooting or any other mass shooting that has taken place and may take place in the future. Why? The answer is simple. Evil people commit evil acts and nothing the left does or says will change that outcome. With a black market spanning from West Palm Beach, Florida to New York, to L.A., criminals are able to purchase any automatic, semi-automatic, or assault weapon they desire. Gun control will not stop all mass shootings and mass killings. While some criminals might be less inclined to purchase an arsenal with stricter gun laws, it will not deter a killer from killing. Imagine if Nikolas Cruz had rented a semi-tractor trailer truck. Cruz could have killed twice or three times as many people, and would the left thenhave called for tractor trailer truck control? 

     The Parkland school shooting is not due to a lack of more gun laws. The Parkland school shooting is due to the failure of the FBI and the local authorities ability to act on tips received. Local authorities were called to the home of Nikolas Cruz some 35 times and not one arrest was made. The FBI was given everything, but a play by play game plan by Cruz, and they chose to look the other way or ignore it. All in all, the local authorities failed and the FBI failed. Yet, the  parents and children of Parkland, Florida are feeding into the left's political agenda of more gun control, and it's disgusting! 

    Frankly, it is vile that the  left's political agenda of gun control, and  their challenge against the second amendment has taken precedence over the fact that seventeen people died in a horrible tragedy. Sadly, the left's agenda for more gun control appears to be more important than honoring those who perished at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Sadly, the left's agenda for gun control is more pertinent than grieving the young lives that were lost. Sadly, the   smiles, laughs, and cheers of the survivors as they charge Tallahassee have rapidly replaced the tears of loss, sadness, and pain of the funerals held this week. Sadly, instead of respecting and grieving the dead, Parkland has chosen to play a part in the liberal circus for more gun control. That being said,  all of America should look at themselves, put aside their selfish political agendas, and say a prayer for those lost in the Parkland Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. 
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2018
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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Parkland, POTUS And The Blame Game!

  This past Wednesday, Valentine's Day to be exact, the Devil's presence was felt in Parkland, Florida. The Devil and his face of evil was in the form of a nineteen year old by the name of Nikolas Jacob Cruz. Nikolas Cruz, a nineteen year-old with a history of violence, walked in to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and committed the deadliest school shooting in the U.S. in five years. Cruz walked into the school and opened fire as he stormed through five classrooms and the hallways. Seventeen people were killed, another 15 were injured, and hundreds of students and teachers fled the scene of the deadly attack. Sadly, the Parkland shooting could have been prevented. Despicably, the Parkland shooting is being blamed on our President. 

      While the left looks to blame the President for the latest shooting massacre, the country needs to ask why did the FBI do nothing to stop Nikolas Cruz after having been warned not once, but twice that he had threatened to carry out a school shooting? While the left looks to blame the President for Parkland, the country needs to demand tougher laws on individuals with a history of animal abuse and the killing of innocent animals. The fact of the matter is, any child or adult that commits heinous acts against animals will more than likely move on to humans. Case in point, Nikolas Cruz, who had a history of abusing animals, did just that. Nikolas Cruz not only beat and tortured animals, but he used small animals for target practice. FBI experts claim anyone torturing and using small animals regularly for target practice will likely go on to bigger things. Nikolas Cruz did just that. Cruz in the past used squirrels and chickens for target practice, target practice for more violence to come. Target practice for Parkland.

     Parkland is not the fault of the President. Parkland is not the fault of guns. Guns will always land in the hands of evil persons that choose to kill. While the left would like to tell the people the taking away of our second amendment rights would solve all future mass killings, they are misguided and just plain wrong. With an over abundance of a black market spanning from West Palm to L.A., evil people will always find a way. Parkland is not at all the fault of guns. Parkland is the fault of the FBI who had everything but a written out play by play of Cruz's planned massacre on February 15th, 2018. Parkland is the fault of the local authorities who reportedly were called to the home of Nikolas Cruz some 35 times for violent behavior and never carried out an arrest. Parkland is not the fault of the President. Parkland is the fault of the FBI, local authorities, and whomever said to not pay attention to the warnings of Nikolas Cruz. 

   Parkland, sadly could have and should have been prevented. We the people need to demand answers. We the people need to demand answers as to who was behind the FBI doing nothing when warned about the threats of Nikolas Cruz. We the people need to demand our schools are made as safe as our court houses and government buildings. We the people need to demand armed undercover protection in our nation's schools. We the people need to stand up and fight as to keep our second amendment rights. As history has proven, the disarming of the people has almost always resulted in the mass genocide of the people. Parkland could have been prevented. It could have been prevented, but not by President Trump, but by the FBI. The FBI blew it. They dropped the ball, they know it, and they've admitted to it. Parkland was not the fault of the President. Parkland was nothing more than another Orlando massacre that also could have and should have been prevented by the FBI. There's a history. That history is with the FBI. Parkland is not the fault of the President, nor the fault of guns. The question is who is really at fault regarding Parkland? Perhaps we the people should take a look to the left...

 (c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2018


Tuesday, February 6, 2018

GOP GIRL, Banned From Twitter!

 Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.- First amendment as adopted in 1791

   "Well then, you must be doing something right", said  the world re-known gay conservative provocateur, Milo Yiannopoulos.  Upon meeting Mr. Yiannopoulos late last fall, I informed him that I has just recently been suspended for 14 days on Twitter. While I was personally offended and angered, Mr. Yiannopoulos thought it was just grand. At the time he himself had been permanently suspended from Twitter for repeated violations of the so called rules of Twitter. I too,  have now been permanently suspended from Twitter for supposedly violating their terms of service. 

    It is a sad day when a female blogger not using profanity, not posting nudity, and not promoting terrorism is permanently suspended from Twitter.  What did I post that led to my first suspension? I tweeted words from the Quran . Words preaching the killing or conversion of all non-Muslims. Apparently Twitter deemed my tweet hateful conduct. As to avoid another suspension I stayed away from tweeting on the religion of Islam. While Twitter has been known to allow terrorists to tweet anti-Christian tweets it was clear one could not tweet much of anything in relation to the religion of Islam. 

   Upon being suspended from Twitter for 14 days, I was somewhat proud. I was proud in that I was being told repeatedly that I was of relevance. Followers of mine informed me that if I weren't relevant and making a difference, Twitter wouldn't care. Being told I was relevant and making a difference on Twitter was a huge compliment I must admit. As a hard working woman, I unlike so many on Twitter, did not have the time to tweet 24/7. However, when I had the time my tweets were making somewhat of an impact. I was followed by Fox's Sean Hannity, and various political authors, and even a world re known geo-political analyst. Some followers had made various guest appearances on Fox News and CNN. I was followed by several military commanders and lieutenants.  I was even blocked by the infamous Linda Sarsour, the Arab American political activist who is most famous for her role in organizing the Women's March. While I was at only just over 7000 followers, I was relatively new on Twitter and clearly making an impact. I was making an impact with my tweets as well as tweeting my blog which was also gaining relevance in the world of Twitter. 

   Sadly, my relevance on Twitter has come to an end. It has come to an end as Twitter has decided to permanently suspend my account, @GOPGIRL13. As so it would seem, the reports of Twitter discriminating against conservatives is indeed "real news". Shortly after Milo Yiannopoupolos was suspended, He told the Washington Times that "Twitter has confirmed it self as a safe Space for Muslim terrorists and Black Lives Matter extremists, but a no go zone for conservatives."With my recent suspension, Twitter does indeed appear to be catering to the left, and all who have a desire to destroy America.

  While I was not told exactly what tweet or tweets caused my suspension, I have little doubt that it was anything compared to the vicious tweets tweeted by both celebrities and common citizens. Repeatedly, tweets mocking the President, his family and other conservatives were allowed on Twitter. Repeatedly, tweets with excessive profanity were allowed on Twitter. Repeatedly, nudity was allowed on twitter. Repeatedly, pornography was allowed on twitter. Repeatedly, violence and threats were allowed on Twitter. Repeatedly, Muslims were able to tweet their anti-American tweets.  Repeatedly, Twitter allowed liberals to tweet anti-Christian, anti-pro life, and anti-conservative viewpoints, while Twitter repeatedly suspended people like myself for simply tweeting our conservative, right wing viewpoints and or opinions. 

    I, Sean Bianca of @GOPGIRL13, did nothing wrong. I did nothing hateful, nor did I discriminate against anyone on Twitter. I can't say the same of trolls on my feed that threatened, mocked and bullied me.  My only mistake was that I was honest. I was honest with my opinions and with my research. I suppose Twitter would have adored me had I worn a pussy or vagina hat atop my head. I suppose Twitter would have loved me had I incited a riot and or protest against The President, and or those on the side of the right. I suppose Twitter would have been honored with my presence had I been one of the many women who participated in the Women's March.  I suppose Twitter would have embraced me had I posted pictures of my hooha and my breasts. I suppose Twitter would have loved me had I tweeted mean, hateful, and obnoxious comments on the Twitter feeds of the First Lady, Sarah Huckabee, the President, Vice President, and others. I suppose I'd today still be on Twitter had I not been an outspoken conservative with a blog that told the truth. I suppose I'd today still be on Twitter had I not been a conservative making a difference with my voice. Unfortunately, I chose to use my voice and I chose to believe I had the right to use my voice. I believed I had that right, as in accordance with the First amendment,  I should have well had the right to speak my opinion. My opinions that were in fact making an impact.  

    My impact will no longer be felt on Twitter, and with their low level of standards perhaps it is for the best.  Frankly, I wear my suspension as a badge of honor. In all honesty I don't think it's worth the time as Twitter is somewhat of a farce. I have no doubt that George Soros has a payroll for trolls on Twitter. Soros trolls that are most likely paid to spy on conservatives while pretending to be right wing Trump fans. How else could anyone with half a brain and a job tweet some 24 hours a day and attain over 150k followers ? Answer, they couldn't. That being said, proves my point that Twitter appears to be a liberal publication with paid trolls lurking about looking for conservatives to shut down. The left has a mission and that mission is one of complete destruction to our nation, and if we aren't careful we will lose our rights and our country forever. We on the right must make sure our freedoms are never taken. Unfortunately,  with the growing number of conservatives being suspended by Twitter, our freedom of speech, an all important form of freedom could well be the start of the demise of our nation . 
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL




Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Roses, Liberals And Losers

       Congratulations are in order to both Hollywood and and the music industry. They have both successfully ruined the enjoyment many Americans experienced from watching the various awards shows for their industries. They have accomplished this by mixing their liberal beliefs with entertainment, thus taking the entertainment out of the equation.  Last year the NFL football league ruined football, America's favorite pastime, by their disrespecting the American flag by taking a knee. This year's Grammy's awards program was ruined with a single white rose. 

      Well, it wasn't just a single white rose, but it was the dozens of entertainers at the Grammys donning white roses that put a damper on the celebrations and goings on at the Grammys. That, and how could one forget the various celebrities including the 2016 losing Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, reading excerpts from the infamous anti-Trump book, Fire and Fury? All in all, the Grammys should have been renamed," Roses, Liberals, And Losers". 

   Roses, I haven't seen so many white roses in one room other than at a wedding or at a funeral. It was quite amusing. It was amusing as the reason behind the white rose was just laughable. The white rose was to show the solidarity of the music community against sexual harassment and assault in the workplace. Pardon me while I take a moment to choke on that statement. Pardon me if I find this whole, white rose, #metoo , #timesup movement laughable. It's laughable as where was all the concern when sexual harassment was taking place within Hollywood, and the music industry ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty years ago? We know it went on. We know it went on as only just  now are people within the entertainment industry speaking out. Question. Why didn't anyone speak out sooner? Answer, because as so it would seem everyone that is now speaking out chose not to speak out. That's right. They chose not to speak out as they knew they'd never make it to the big time if they did speak out. They had a choice, and they chose fame and fortune over integrity and self respect. Those who may not have had a choice and were sexually assaulted and forced to have sex or do unpleasant gestures also had a choice. They could have chosen to report the assailant or assailants to authorities, but they did not. Again, for all the men and women who said nothing until now, as so it would seem, they all chose celebrity status and wealth over scruples and modesty. 

   Sexual harassment in the workplace has been taking place for years. Hollywood's casting couch has also been taking place for years. Unfortunately, no one in Hollywood cared until someone decided to stand up and blow the whistle on the sexual prowess taking place in Hollywood. God forbid someone actually be guilty of going along with the sexual escapades as to further one's career. Nooo. Who would admit to that? Who would admire an actor, actress, singer or songstress that laid on their back in hopes of the achievements of being rich and famous? No one, and that is precisely why it was easier for these celebrities to band together and launch their woe is me campaigns of #metoo and #timesup a to say "I was assaulted too". 

   I'm sorry if I have a hard time feeling sorry for celebrities that only some 20 years later decide to come out against the sexual harassment they were made to endure. Forgive me for not playing the violins. You'll also have to forgive in in failing to respect the likes of Miley Cyrus who only just a couple of years ago paraded around on a stage twerking in a bra, panties and a strap on. Miley Cyrus wasn't impressive then and she wasn't any more impressive writhing around on the piano in a ball gown as Elton John played and sang along, all the while in front of a single white rose. 

   If the Grammy's white rose theme of solidarity against sexual harassment and sexual assault weren't enough to make Americans turn off the Grammys, seeing the likes of Hillary read from, "Fire and Fury", surely was enough to make Americans turn the channel. Why? Why was Hillary at the Grammys? Does the woman have no pride? While I supported and voted for President Trump, the election of 2016 was really Hillary's for the taking, and she lost! Hillary had mainstream media and both the Democratic and Republican establishments helping her and she still lost! With that being said, why does she insist on continuing to place herself out in the limelight? Perhaps if the woman lost a good 30-40 lbs, had a face-left, and hired a stylist, one might see why she'd want to be at a worldwide affair. A new Hillary flaunting her new look would make an ounce of sense. It could be Hillary's way of saying. "look at me, I may have lost but I look a heck of a lot better than Trump", but no. No, Hillary instead is just as dowdy, just as heavy, just as dumpy, and just as unlikable as the day she lost the presidency. Therefore, why does the woman not just put herself out to pasture and enjoy being a grandmother? One might think Hillary might want to enjoy being a grandmother before possibly being carted off to jail, but that's another blog.

   White roses, #metoo,  and # timesup at the Grammys were completely unequivocally inappropriate. It was inappropriate as Americans care not to hear the liberal viewpoints of celebrities. Not to mention celebrities such as Jay Z who had a criminal past. While Jay Z may think it's cool to brag of his knowledge of budgets through his past crack drug dealing days, Americans do not share his sentiments. Americans have no interest in the opinions of celebrities who are out of touch with average hard working Americans.  If celebrities were in touch with the American people, they'd have started the #metoo and #timesup movements long ago. While thousands of American women chose not to endure sexual harassment in the workplace and said something, celebrities took it and said nothing. While the women who spoke up may have seen their careers end in financial ruin, celebrities laid on their backs and watched their bank accounts and fame sky rocket. Celebrities can't open their legs for twenty years, say nothing, and now suddenly cross their legs and say  #metoo or #timesup . The fact is, Americans don't care about solidarity against any issue while watching the Grammys or any awards show for that matter. Americans also don't care to see a former presidential candidate at the Grammys. When Americans turn on the Grammys or any other awards program they want entertainment.  Sunday night's Grammy Awards was anything, but entertainment. It was nothing more than roses, liberals and losers. Unfortunately, the biggest losers Sunday night were not the celebrities preaching their political beliefs, but the people who chose to tune in to hear good music and be entertained. The people who looked forward to seeing who wore what, lost Sunday night. The people who looked forward to hearing good music lost . Americans wanting to escape the realities of a nation politically torn, lost.  Roses, liberals, and losers may well be an ongoing tinseltown theme. If so, it will surely be the demise of awards shows , and in looking back, America will be better for it!
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2018  


Thursday, January 25, 2018

Mr. President, Americans Have Dreams Too...

          "We will immediately terminate President Obama's two illegal executive amnesties in which he defied federal law and the constitution to give amnesty to approximately 5 million immigrants." - Donald Trump at  campaign event August 2016

   On November 2016, I voted for Donald J. Trump. I voted, as I had confidence that Donald J. Trump would not be just another politician. I voted for a Donald J. Trump that would not go back on his campaign promises once elected. I voted for a Donald J. Trump that would put America first. I voted for a Donald J. Trump that would truly make America great again. As a presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump promised to end DACA as well as deferred action for parents of Americans and lawful permanent residents. As a presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump told supporters that he would build a big wall with a big beautiful door and that Mexico would pay for the wall. As a presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump stated that he would end chain migration and or a way to stop an immigration visa lottery program. At present, President Donald J. Trump has not gone back on his word, hence, the recent shutdown of the government. 

    The recent shutdown of our government can be blamed on the Democrats and five Republicans. They own it.  Democrats and Republicans chose to place more importance on illegal immigrants than the legal citizens of the United States. "Dreamers", apparently are "first" with Democrats and Republicans, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Rand Paul, Jeff Flake, and Mike Lee Dreamers being first last week was loud and clear to the people of the United States.

    Personally, if I hear the word, "dreamers" one more time, I may vomit. To hear the Democrats and liberal mainstream media talk, one would think "dreamers" were cute little babies and toddlers running around helplessly in their diapers. They're not! While  mainstream media and Dems such as Senator Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi do everything, but play the violins in their attempts to have Americans feel sorry for these "dreamers", dreamers are NOT innocent little children whom Americans should feel sorry for and want to coddle. Pardon my coldness, but I feel more sorry for hard working Americans like myself who are having difficulty keeping up with all too high health insurance premiums. Those in the Senate wanting DACA to continue were up in arms at the thought that some 800,000 to 1.8 million "dreamers" would lose health insurance. Excuse me, but I have to ask, what about the many more legal American tax paying citizens that have lost or are losing their health insurance? Forgive me if I sound callous, but I don't give a hoot about the health care or any care for that matter for "dreamers".

  First and foremost, let it be known that most "dreamers" are not poor little innocent children.  "Dreamers" are not children at all. "Dreamers" are teenagers and adults between the ages of 15 to 36. Many of these so called "dreamers "come from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. The majority of these "dreamers" reside in California, Florida, Texas, and New York. "Dreamers" are again not innocent young children. Many aren't so innocent at all. Statistics show that "dreamers" commit crimes at twice the rate of young legal Americans. That being said, why do we want them here? Does America not have enough of its own criminals? Why must we allow illegal aliens the privilege of staying in our country, only to have them add to our law breaking population? Not to mention that dreamers are costing taxpayers, millions. In fact, DACA could cost Americans not millions, but billions, $26 Billion to be exact. That's $26 billion that could go towards veterans in need, America's homeless, our health care system that's failing miserably or it could go towards making America great again. With America's roads, bridges, train tracks, and airports in dire need of repair, America just can not afford to pay for "dreamers".

    Americans have dreams too. However, as so it would seem, the dreams of Americans are of no concern to lawmakers in Washington. Lawmakers in Washington with an overwhelming desire to continue DACA should place Americans first, and not "dreamers" first. As it has been reported that a significant number of terrorists entered the U.S, on a basis of chain migration, Americans should be concerned with lawmakers putting the safety of Americans at risk. Is the safety of legal American citizens not more important than close to one million illegal immigrants? 

  The time has come to place America first, not illegal immigrants first. Americans voted for President Trump as immigration was a huge issue on the campaign trail. In fact, the candidate, "Donald Trump", made immigration a huge issue on the campaign trail. Rally after rally, the President had "Angel Moms" and "Angel Dads" speak on his behalf. Men and women told their stories of how their sons and daughters were murdered by illegal immigrants. The President would follow up the tearful stories by telling his crowd he would "build that wall", he would end DACA, and  he would deport all illegal immigrants. In turn, the crowd would chant, "build that wall"! Suffice it to say, Americans who voted for President Trump, want him to "build that wall", end DACA, and deport all illegal immigrants. 

   If President Trump fails to stick to his campaign promises of ending DACA, ending chain migration,ending the visa lottery system and  deporting illegal immigrants, and building a wall, he will be a one term President. Americans have tired of our government placing more importance on the lives of illegal immigrants than the lives of legal American citizens. While many in Washington were up in arms over President Trump asking why people from "shit hole", or "hellhole" countries wanted or needed to come here, many Americans were in agreement. The fact is, many people from countries that are complete "hellholes" have dreams, not of coming to America as to build a career, and lead a successful and prosperous life. No, many of these people from "hellhole" countries have dreams of sponging off the American welfare system, taking out their hatred for Americans on innocent Americans by way of committing crimes, and turning America into a "hellhole" much like their home country. 

   The bottom line is, Americans who voted for the President don't want DACA recipients here, and Americans must hold President Trump accountable. Americans didn't vote for "Amnesty Don". Americans didn't vote for "DACA Don". Americans voted for an "anti-amnesty Don". Americans voted for an "anti-dreamer Don". Americans voted for an "America first Don".  America has tired of "dreamers", and if "dreamers" are good, honest individuals, they can come back to America legally. If "dreamers" don't want to go through the American immigration system legally, than we don't want them here. Chances are they have nothing to add to our society. Furthermore, why must the honest immigrants go through a long difficult process of citizenship if they could have just hopped over the U.S. border illegally and been given amnesty instead? The fact is, it's not fair. Becoming a legal American citizen is a lengthy, difficult, and costly process, as it should be. Americans don't want just anyone coming into our country. Americans who have been victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants never should have been put in the position of being a victim of a crime committed by an illegal immigrants. Americans whom have been murdered by illegal immigrants never would have been murdered had America not had such a lax legal immigration system. Americans who have voted for President Trump want the President to stand by his campaign promises as just as "dreamers" have dreams, Americans feel for the lives lost due to illegal immigrants. They had dreams too....
(c)GOP GIRL ,Sean Bianca



Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Light Is Lost

                                                                                                                                                                         This time last year I was over the moon with joy. I had tirelessly written blogs, done videos , volunteered at campaign headquarters making calls, as well as attempting to convince anyone who had crossed my path to vote for Donald J. Trump. Donald Trump won the election.  A man for whom I had the utmost admiration and respect had beaten the odds and had succeeded in becoming the 45th president of the United States. I admit it, I was starstruck. I was in awe of this man who was anything, but politically correct. Donald J. Trump was the candidate that America so desperately needed. He was the answer to our prayers after eight long torturous years of Barrack Obama. Trump bluntly told Americans that he would deport all illegal immigrants. He vowed to end DACA and amnesty for illegals. He vowed to stay out of unnecessary wars. He said the words former President Barrack Obama refused to say, "radical Islamic terrorism". He stated that the White House would not consist of Wall Street executives. He vowed he would,  "repeal and replace Obama Care".  He told Americans he would cut taxes, bring jobs back to the U.S., put Hillary Clinton in jail,  rebuild our military, and he would put America first. He vowed to "make America great again, and safe again",  In essence, Donald J. Trump was a hero to all those who voted for him. In fact, to see a Trump rally, one would have thought they were seeing a real life hero. Donald Trump was a showman. He was a rock star. To some, I believe they thought Donald Trump was like seeing the second coming of Christ.

      A year later, I know that President Trump is not the second coming of Christ. In fact, the President is far from being "Christ like". A year later, the President unfortunately has disappointed me like most politicians. I am reminded of a saying that has fit just about every man I've ever thought was the greatest gift to the earth. "The light I loved in his eyes was merely the sun shining through a hole in his head. Oh, how appropriate that saying has been for a good many men whos path I have crossed. Sadly, that saying fits the president at present. 

   Just as many relationships sour, my sentiments on the President have soured. They have soured as I feel somewhat let down, and had. I feel had in that the President seems to have forgotten what got him elected. One of the components that helped get Donald J. Trump elected was Steve Bannon . In fact, I chose to vote for the President as I thought Steve Bannon would be an integral part of the president's administration. Bannon was not. A man whom I thought to be a genius that would help guide the President towards the nationalist agenda of which Donald Trump campaigned left the president's administration shortly before the end of the president's first year. Steve Bannon stated when he left that he could help the President more from outside the White House than from inside, and who could blame him? With the President having former Wall Street executives in the White House, and a globalist left leaning daughter, Ivanka, and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, involved in the administration as well, the principles of  MAGA seemed to be slipping further and further away. One couldn't blame Steve Bannon for leaving.  Steve Bannon, a nationalist, gave Donald Trump the platform on which he ran. Steve Bannon was whether the President wants to admit it or not, an integral part of getting the President elected. 

     It was reported that while in the White House, Steve Bannon had a chalkboard on which he would check off what issues were being accomplished that were of the "Make America Great Again" agenda. With Bannon gone, it is certain this list no longer exists. While the President has indeed accomplished quite a lot in his first year of the presidency, he has only signed 96 bills  into law, less bills than former presidents Nixon, Carter, Reagan, H.W. Bush, Clinton, G.W. Bush, and Obama signed into law. Furthermore, the president is moving further away from the principles of making America great again.  The President no longer says the words "radical Islamic terrorism". The President is not staying out of unnecessary wars. In fact, the president just placed more troops in Afghanistan. Repeal and replace will not take place this year, the tax cut is slim to none for the middle class, yet quite advantageous to the top 4% , and business owners. "Massive" tax cuts for all? Well, that's a matter of opinion, but tax experts claim it's barely there cuts for those who need those cuts the most. By the year 2027 the tax cut will have helped and will continue to help the wealthiest 4 percent. By 2027 the  "massive tax cut" will no longer help the middle class. The Wall has not been built, nor has it been started. Disappointingly, the president is considering letting Dreamers stay as a bargaining tool with the Democrats to get his wall. Perhaps someone should remind the president that he promised the Angel Moms who campaigned with him that he would end DACA and deport dreamers. As of recent, it is said the wall will take 10 years to build which is truly maddening as Rome was said to be built in 491 days . I guess I'm befuddled as surely a former builder of the president's magnitude could build a wall in under ten years. Then again, did the President ever really intend to build that wall or did it just sound good at the time? 

     If the election of 2016 were held today, would I vote for Donald J. Trump? Absolutely. Why? Because I detest Hillary Clinton that much. In 2016 I voted for the President because I admired the President that much. While I knew the President was inexperienced in political affairs, I felt secure in that I just knew Donald Trump would put together the most highly qualified cabinet this country had ever seen. Steve Bannon, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, and Mike Flynn, just to name a few. All three of those men  are now gone from the administration, and they were all important components that contributed towards the agenda that would make America great again. Those men are gone from the White House administration, and I fear so too is much of the agenda on which Trump campaigned.

    One can't help, but wonder if Time Magazine was conducive in pushing Steve Bannon out of the White House. As the left hates Steve Bannon, placing Bannon on a magazine cover a month into the presidency was brilliant move. The President's ego may have gotten the better of him as to hurt the agenda of making America great again. Far be it for President Trump to put his ego aside and give Steve Bannon the credit he so deserved. Soon after the article, Bannon's importance in the White House was slim to none. As it was rumored that the president's daughter, Ivanka, and her husband, Jared, disliked and butted heads with Steve Bannon, their importance within the administration was placed higher than Bannon's. Steve Bannon, the man that helped develop the concept behind MAGA and a man with a lifetime of experience in the world of politics was demoted, while two complete political novices and liberals were promoted. This I believe was the beginning of the end of President Trump following through on keeping his campaign promises.

    Chris Matthews once stated that he had a thrill that ran down his leg over Barrack Obama, and for myself, if I ever had that thrill for the President, that thrill is gone. Perhaps it was the tweet where he attempted to have his followers feel sorry for dreamers. Perhaps it was his refraining from saying the words, "radical Islamic terrorism". Perhaps it was the massive tax cut that is anything, but massive. Perhaps it was the President's lifting the ban on big game hunting, which has now been halted but is rumored to be again lifted. Perhaps it's surrounding himself with liberals and globalists that oppose everything that I as a voter voted on. Perhaps it's the fact that Wall Street is very much inside the White House administration. Or perhaps it's hearing true accounts of people who have been burned by the president in business or the people whom have been cast aside after their usefulness in getting the president elected ran out. Whatever it is, that "thrill" is gone and as the saying goes, "you can't reheat a cold souffle'".

      Steve Bannon and Donald Trump are to put it mildly, at odds.With the release of the new controversial book on the president, "Fire and Fury", it's no wonder the two are on the outs, yet Steve Bannon still speaks highly of the president.  While Steve Bannon may have wrongly attacked the president's family, I believe he did so in frustration. I believe Bannon was frustrated at the president moving further away from draining the swamp, placing America first, and keeping his campaign promises. Bannon stated publicly that Ivanka Trump was dumb as a brick. As many in the fashion industry have said that Ivanka was clueless on how to run a company, one could tend to see Bannon's disgust with her holding such a high position within the administration. Not to mention that she is against much of what the platform of making America great again stands. Without any of the people who believed in the conservative MAGA agenda, the president's values appear to be changing.  Ivanka Trump, an independent, who could not vote for her own father in the primary, never should have been a part of the president's administration, nor should her liberal husband, Jared Kushner.  Bottom line, neither should ever have had a place on the president's cabinet as their views are not in line with the agenda on which President Donald Trump campaigned. At present, the President sees Steve Bannon as the enemy instead of an ally. With knowledge of the newly released book the President shot back and blamed Bannon for the loss of the Alabama seat in the Senate. Perhaps the President should look at daughter Ivanka for that one. Who could forget Ivanka's statement on Judge Roy Moore weeks before the election? "Hell has a place for those that prey on children", Ivanka stated in an interview. Even after it was known that evidence against Roy Moore was forged, Ivanka never retracted her statement. That statement helped Roy Moore lose the Alabama seat in the Senate, not Steve Bannon.  The President also stated that Steve Bannon lost his mind when he was supposedly fired . If such is true, why then did the President have Steve Bannon to his palatial winter White House, Mar-a-lago ,just last week? If one truly feels one has lost their mind, one surely wouldn't have that person to dinner. 

 One will never know what truly went down last week between the President and Steve Bannon behind closed doors. With the President clearly leaning more and more towards not putting and end to DACA and giving amnesty to dreamers, the president appears to be leaning more and more towards his former Democratic political affiliation. I didn't vote for a Democrat. I voted for a Republican who was anti-establishment and politically incorrect. I voted for a man who aligned himself with Steve Bannon.  Steve Bannon's principles and values were what the agenda of making America great again was built on and apparently the president has forgotten that. Like that relationship that sours over the man with whom one was once so infatuated, my infatuation and admiration for the president is all but a distant memory.  I as a voter have not forgotten the principles behind the agenda for making America great again,  and sadly the light I once saw in the President's eyes has been lost. Support our president? I will, yet I have to admit the light is lost. 

(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2018

#FireandFury #SteveBannon #EndDACA