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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Manchester Bombings Could Have Been Prevented!

GOPGIRL Blogged on Seth Rich Las August, Remember?

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Liberal Lunacy In America!

     With the election of President Trump, millions of Americans again had hope. They had hope for the creation of jobs. They had hope for the repeal and replacement of Obamacare. They had hope for lower taxes for all. They had hope for a massive wall with a big beautiful door aiding in the  closing of our borders. They had hope for the banning of persons that could be deemed a threat to our nation. They had hope for better deals on trade, hope for a stronger military, and hope for better care of our nation's veterans. With the election of President Trump, millions of Americans not only hoped, but truly believed that America would be "great again". 

    Unfortunately, what those who supported president Trump never planned on was the "liberal lunacy" in America. "Liberal lunacy" is the unfathomable condition from which a good many of America's liberals suffer.  It is a condition which no sane person can comprehend. It is a condition in which one wants for the total destruction of the United States. "Liberal lunacy" is a condition which is truly a conundrum. Why liberals suffer from this is the million dollar question, but it is the only explanation for the various actions taken by the left, be it mainstream media, the Democrats in Washington, and the liberal lunatics taking to the streets to protest every other weekend of their seemly nonexistent lives. "Liberal lunacy" could well be the demise of the United States as we have known it to be.

   Why? Why does it seem that the liberals in this country have a mission to destroy everything about America that has made America great? Furthermore, why do liberals seem to have a mission to make America unsafe? Since the President has taken office, he has literally been stalled and or stopped from taking various actions as to improve the state of the nation. Virtually every move this President has made has been analyzed and critiqued ad nauseam. Never before has a president been so dissected be the press. Never before has a president been so lied about to the people by the press. It's been utter lunacy. From the stalled confirmation of several cabinet appointees to the halt on the travel ban, the left has been the Achilles heel of our president to a fault. Why, I'm not quite certain. One thing of which I am certain is that the liberal lunatics in our country have an overwhelming desire to prevent this President from making America great again.

   Is it that the liberals in America are that ignorant? Is it that the liberals in America are that naive? What is it that has made the left so intent on making America unsafe? What is it that has made the left so bound and determined to have a desire to watch a President fail as to destroy their own nation? The religion of Islam is a threat to the United States of America. There are no ifs, no ands, nor buts about it. The religion of Islam, if truly followed, does not allow for other religions. Its followers must convert others or kill them. It's that simple. President Trump has now attempted twice to ban not all Muslims from coming into the country, but those coming from terrorist sponsoring nations from coming into the country. The left has halted both travel bans. Why? President Trump has a duty to protect this nation, and the liberals are preventing him from doing so. The liberals protested the President's travel bans across the nation. They accused the president of being racist. President Trump was not being racist. President Trump was doing exactly what we elected him to do. We elected President Trump for many reasons. One reason was to keep our nation free from terrorism. It is the constitutional right of every president to ban whomever he or she deems a threat to the nation and its people. Those persons belonging to the religion of Islam are a threat to this nation. They are a threat, as their religion tells them to kill whomever they can not convert. To say the president's travel ban is unconstitutional is just plain wrong. To oppose President Trump's travel ban is to aid the terrorists in their mission to kill the infidels. To oppose the President's travel ban is to ensure that America will never be safe again.

    One look at Europe and its open borders and all can see the results of open borders. Widespread crime and terrorism has occurred with the allowance of Muslim immigrants. Countries once charming are now anything but charming. Countries once graced with serenity are now graced with widespread violence. It didn't have to be that way. It didn't have to be that way, but it is. Thanks to liberal minded leaders who cared more about political correctness and humanitarian charity, than they cared about national security,  several European countries are at risk. They are at risk, because they chose to put their countries at risk. To allow parts of Paris and London to be so dangerous that law enforcement officials are too afraid to enter is insane. It is insane and it is liberal lunacy. Liberal lunacy has spread to America. While America has not reached a point of no return like much of Europe, we are coming close. Each day the travel ban is at a halt, more and more persons from terrorist sponsoring nations and nations with persons carrying diseases are being allowed into our country. It is my belief that if any American contracts a disease from an immigrant allowed in during this time, the left is to blame. The left is also to blame if any American is killed in a terrorist attack caused by an immigrant who entered the U.S. from a country named on the now halted travel ban. Let it be said that the blood of any American killed by a person from a country placed on the travel ban  carrying a disease is on the hands of the left. Likewise, the blood of any American killed in a terrorist attack led by a person allowed in to this country during the halted travel ban will be on the hands of the left. 

  The  likely appeal of the travel ban will most definitely not reach the Supreme Court until sometime in October. During this time more and more possible terrorists and or immigrants carrying deadly diseases are being allowed into the country. I suppose the liberal lunatics are celebrating each day the travel ban is not in place. Ironically, the very people that Muslims detest and want to kill are the liberals protesting across America. Muslims have zero tolerance for homosexual men and lesbian women. Muslims have zero tolerance for men and women without values who choose to dress provocatively and behave promiscuously. Gays have already been targeted in America by Muslims. Be it a mass shooting in Orlando, Florida or an honor killing by a woman's father, gays have been killed by Muslims. One can't help, but wonder if the liberal lunatics would continue to celebrate the halted travel ban if they themselves were targeted by a Muslim allowed in to the U.S. during this time. One also can't help, but wonder if the liberal lunatics would still celebrate President Trump's travel ban being halted if they themselves or a family member or friend were killed in a terrorist attack here in America. Whatever the case, it's the liberal 9th circuit court of appeals that will decide the immediate fate of this halted travel ban. The ninth circuit court of appeals has a duty to carry out the constitution, and not reinstating the travel ban as issued by the President, they are failing to do their job. Their job is to follow and enforce the constitution of the United States. Unfortunately, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals appears to have chosen to stand with all liberal lunatics in their destruction of the United States. 

   While the halt on the travel ban is deeply disturbing, the angst and opposition to a wall at America's border is equally disturbing. With the expansion of the violent gang, MS-13, and dangerous illegal criminals,  Americans are at risk. America needs the wall. America needs the wall, period. America needs the wall to keep America safe, and America's liberals want to stop the wall from ever being built. Again, what is it that the liberals want? Apparently, they want the United States to be as unsafe as any 3rd world country. Again, it's liberal lunacy. It's lunacy in that our tax dollars are paying for illegal immigrants health care, housing, food, and education. Illegal immigrants that came to the U.S. illegally are criminals. Just the mere fact that these people came into the U.S. illegally makes them a criminal. Criminals are bad people. Criminals do bad things. Immigrants that come to the U.S. legally are good people. Good people do good things. Good people try to be productive as to make a better life for themselves and their family. Good people do not sponge off of the system. Good people do not kill, rape, and steal. While there may well be some good illegal immigrants, illegal immigration is against the law and those coming into the U.S. need to be stopped. Americans with half a brain do not wish to continue to pay for sanctuary cities. Americans with any sense do not want to continue paying for people that are not willing to put in the work to become American citizens legally. American citizens that do not suffer from liberal lunacy may not mind paying taxes for our own, but do not want to pay taxes for those who are not our own. Paying for illegal immigrants is not in line with "making America great again".

    Liberal lunacy in America must come to an end. How to end it, with millions of liberal lunatics residing in the United States is a mystery. With America's school systems preaching liberal lunacy, America's youth is being taught the liberal mindset that will surely destroy our country. If the youth cares not to follow their professors liberal mindedness, their idols in Hollywood will most likely appeal to them. Liberal lunacy is being brainwashed into America's youth and the only ones who can stop it are the sane individuals that lean to the right or care not to follow anyone in particular. Liberal lunacy will be the demise of this country if Americans don't wake up. 

  It is my fear that as to not be destroyed by the left's liberal lunatics, President Trump is softening to some of the left's desires. While illegal immigration has been at an all time low under President Trump, there are to date no plans for the building of the wall. On the campaign trail, President Trump vowed to do away with the Iranian agreement. To date, the agreement still stands. While on the campaign trail, the President also said he would not continue Obama's illegal amnesty DACA program. To date, it continues. On the campaign trail, the President vowed to ban all Syrian refugees from coming into America. Today, the President's daughter said, "we need to rethink the Syrian refugees".  We do not need to "rethink" the Syrian refugees. We need to keep them out of our country. Too much leniency from our President will likely aid in destroying America. Leniency is not what Americans voted for when voting for President Trump. Americans who voted for our President wanted what President Trump campaigned on, not the lax, politically correct globalist ways of the left.

   Let's leave the ways of the liberal lunatics to the left. The liberal lunatics want open borders, leaving Americans unsafe. The liberal lunatics want the taking in of thousands of Syrian refugees that can not possibly be properly vetted, leaving Americans unsafe  The liberal lunatics want liberal  funding for illegal immigrants, again leaving Americans unsafe. The liberal lunatics want a decrease in our military, again leaving Americans unsafe. The liberal lunatics want to keep a health care system that will soon implode, leaving millions of Americans uninsured without health care, again leaving Americans unsafe. Liberal lunatics want for some unknown reason to destroy our country, and at present the only hope America has, is President Trump.President Trump must not cave to the liberal lunacy in America. President Trump must follow the course, the course on which he campaigned to make America great again.

(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL BLOG 2017


Media blacking out fact that Immigrants Carrying Tuberculosis, Measles

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Refugees' Diseases May Kill Us All!

     President Trump vowed to make America prosperous again. President Trump vowed to make America safe again. Millions of Americans voted for the President due to his campaigning on his making America safe again. Sadly, President Trump has attempted to make America safer, but has been prevented from doing so by the left. With two travel bans halted, one still in the courts, thousands of persons from terrorist harboring nations continue to enter the United States. Many Americans may be concerned by who's coming into our country in regards to the safety of our country. Those Americans have every right to be concerned. The fact is, thanks to the Obama administration, America is not safe, and President Trump may be too late as to ever be able to follow through on making America safe again.

   America can not possibly ever be safe again when thousands of unvetted refugees have been allowed to enter our country. While the motives of refugees is questionable, and terrorism is a valid fear, there is more to fear than terrorism from the refugees. America can not possibly ever be safe again when thousands of refugees who have not been vaccinated against life threatening diseases and viruses have been allowed into our country. The safety of our nation's people has been put at risk and President Trump can do nothing to rectify it. The President can not fix the fact that tuberculosis and measles are now again prevalent among us in various parts across the nation. The president can not fix the fact that refugees infected with diseases and viruses once nearly eradicated have been brought back into the U.S.  Refugees carrying whooping cough, the measles, tuberculosis, diphtheria, AIDS, HIV, and various other diseases have been allowed into the U.S. The president can not possibly make America safe again when Barrack Obama did everything he could to make America unsafe. With the resettlement of 70,000 refugees annually in the U.S. for the past three decades, the safety of Americans is an utter impossibility. 

   Health officials in Minnesota, where a large number of Somalis have been resettled, have reported the largest outbreak of measles in 30 years. Due to a large number of  anti-vaccination Somali immigrants, a large number of young children have contracted the disease. The measles, a virus rarely seen in American born citizens, is highly contagious. The sometimes deadly virus spreads through the air when a person coughs or sneezes. The disease lingers giving the infected person plenty of time to pass the virus on to others. While Minnesota seems to have the highest outbreak of the measles, there have been in total 14 states that have seen the active virus.

      Even more concerning than the measles is the outbreak of tuberculosis across the nation. In 2016, 1 out of every 5 refugees in Minnesota tested positive for tuberculosis. For the first time in 23 years TB has been on the increase. In 2016, four states; California, Florida, New York, and Texas had more than half of the nation's TB cases. Tuberculosis is not just contagious. It is highly contagious, as it is an airborne disease that is spread when someone coughs or sneezes. TB claims 1.5 million lives worldwide yearly. The disease has surpassed HIV as the leading cause of death by diseases worldwide. While treatable, if caught early, the cost can be outrageously high. The cost can average from $17, a whopping $430,000. depending on the resistance of the disease to the drugs given. With a deficit of $20 trillion, former President Obama had no business accepting a one refugee that could have been a carrier of any disease and or virus. With millions of Americans in dire need of medical care, the acceptance of refugees carrying diseases was unfair, unjust, and unacceptable.

    President Trump wanted to make America safe again. President Trump is too late. He's too late as 3 million refugees have been resettled in the U.S. since Congress passed the Refugee Act of 1980 under former President Jimmy Carter. While the government would like to have Americans believe that a strict screening process has been in place, such just isn't the case. Several refugees, upon being a medical screening, tested positive for various diseases and they were still given the right to enter the U.S. America is not safe and it has not been safe for quite some time. America is not safe due to our leaders. Leaders whom we the people elected to keep us safe did not. Our leaders have failed us. Whether one is a Republican, Democrat, Independent or Socialist one has to be angry. We have to be angry in that the leaders whom we have depended upon to have our backs did not. The fact is America is not safe and it's too late for America to ever again be safe. While in theory, President Trump vowing to make America Safe again, sounded good at the time. It's just not possible. America's safety has been compromised and there's no turning back. Sadly, due to previous leaders and circumstances, President Trump can never fulfill on his campaign promise to make America safe again. We are not safe.
(c)Sean Bianca 2017 GOP GIRL
#MakeAmericaSafeAgain #TB #turberculosis