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Monday, December 28, 2015

Poor Hillary, Think Again!

        If memory serves me correctly, I can recall a First Lady named Hillary Clinton standing by her man, former President Clinton, after being publicly humiliated by a rather infamous affair with a young intern. That young intern was Monica Lewinsky, and her getting frisky with the former President with a cigar in the Oval office was infamous. A good majority of women would have thrown their husbands out and never looked back, not Hillary Clinton. No the former First Lady chose to look the other way and stand by her man. While some women would have had far too much pride to accept such behavior and public humiliation, Hillary took it in stride and stayed married to her man and to this day continues to look the other way as her husband strays. Say what you will, but this is a woman with a long resume of being disrespected by a man, not a woman for one to have sympathy for over a lewd remark made by a political opponent. Poor Hillary, think again.

         Hillary Clinton can not have it both ways, but then again she is a democrat. Democrats seem to have an uncanny way of taking any and every situation to benefit them. Democrats are the worst of the politicians, they are chameleons. They become who they need to be to gain the confidence of a particular audience. That audience at present is women for Hillary Clinton. Hillary is playing the sexism card and it's quite unattractive. Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump made some rather distasteful remarks regarding Ms. Clinton's lengthy bathroom break and Hillary jumped on it as an attack on women and how Mr. Trump had disrespected her. Perhaps one would feel sorry for Mrs. Clinton had Mr. Trump been the first man to disrespect her, but the woman has wealth of experience in being disrespected by her own husband on a rather regular basis. I have difficulty in having sympathy for a woman being mocked and disrespected by a political opponent that allowed her husband to cheat again and again. I also have difficulty with a woman playing the sexism card that has been nothing but a first class cold hearted,conniving, lying bitch.

        Poor Hillary? Think again! Who can forget those famous words. "What difference does it make?" Hillary's famous line at a Senate committee hearing regarding Benghazi in January 2013. Well Hillary, it made a big difference to the four American men who lost their lives in Benghazi, and their families. Any woman that could make such a callous, heartless statement regarding such a tragic event such as Benghazi is not the average woman. In fact with Hillary's lack of empathy for the families of those who perished in Benghazi, I have to wonder if Hillary is a woman at all. She certainly is not the nice, sweet, demure woman she would like women to think she is. She is nothing of the sort. This is a woman that should never ever play the sexism card. The sexism card only is viable if a woman is a nice, sweet, feminine woman. Hillary is anything but. Hillary has lied again and again to the American people, has been mysteriously linked with her husband in numerous mysterious deaths of individuals crossing the Clintons, has been known to engage in business with a possible terrorist, and is likely responsible for the deaths of four Americans. Poor Hillary? I think not. Hillary Clinton is a woman that is nothing more than an operator with an agenda, her agenda. Hillary Clinton is hardly a representative for the American woman. Any woman that can condone the horrific selling of baby parts, and partial term abortions as performed by Planned Parenthood is no typical poor woe is me woman. This is a woman that is perfectly capable of taking whatever is thrown her way, She is a woman that wants to be the first woman to be President, and she will stop at nothing to get it, even play the card of the poor victimized woman. Hillary wants respect? Well, If Ms. Clinton cared about respect from men then she would not have stayed with her forever straying husband, Bill Clinton, would not have lied to the American people, would not have failed miserably at her duties as Secretary of State, and would truly care about the lives of the American people. Poor Hillary? Think again, poor America if this woman is elected President!
(c)Sean Bianca 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Demise Of America

       Is the demise of America eminent or can it be stopped? History tells us that all great nations fall, and it is becoming more and more evident that America is indeed headed for a fall, if not sooner than later. In accordance to the experts the seven signs of a failing nations are the decline of a culture's family, education, the greed in pleasure seeking, a failing economy, too large of a government, and a weak military. Unfortunately America appears to have all seven components of a declining nation and the question is not will America fall, but when?

     How did we get here? How did America go from being a "super power", respected and feared by all, to a nation respected and feared by no one? The people of the United States that's how. The people of the United States are the cause of the demise of America. America's citizens were ignorant, greedy, uninformed, over confident, and amoral, thus causing America's demise. 

    There is no excuse for ignorance and yet I believe a good majority of this nation is ignorant. If America's people had been informed and knowledgeable, they never in a million years would have voted Barrack Obama in as President. Americans looked at a Obama and believed his misleading rhetoric of "hope, and change". Americans didn't ask just what that "hope and change" meant, they just happily and stupidly believed and trusted him and voted for him. Another man by the name of Fidel Castro ran a quite similar campaign also promising, "change". The Cuban people got what they asked for alright. They got change, they lost all their freedoms. Americans today are also losing there freedoms. Americans got change alright, they got the loss of many freedoms once enjoyed, and all too large of a government running their lives.

    Greed, I believe greed is what drove thousands of voters to cast their ballots for Barrack Obama, a man that single handily is destroying America. Obama promised freebies, and the masses that never before voted did, in their desire for something for nothing. Obama's freebie programs promised everything and more to those who couldn't earn it, and frankly didn't deserve it. One could say the derelicts of America's society of which there are many voted Obama in as to ensure a "free ride".

   While it would be easy to blame the unemployed and lazy on voting for a man that may well be a key player in the destruction of America, such is not the case. The truth is even the seemingly intelligent voted for Barrack Obama. It is a mystery as to why the educated and more knowledgeable voted for Barrack Obama. As I believe George W. Bush will undoubtedly go down as one of America's finest Presidents, Americans thought differently causing many to vote for a democrat. The choice of Barack Obama was undeniably a choice that has caused America's greatness to falter.

   Regrets, oh I'm sure there are many regrets with the American people. Americans today are anything but satisfied with their current government, and they have no one but themselves to blame. Americans have become overconfident and to a fault. By over confident, I am speaking of Americans no longer needing "God". That's right Americans have become so perfect that they no longer have a need for religion, and that my friends is undeniably the number one reason for a nation's failure to succeed and prosper. Americans have become amoral, gotten further and further away from God, and religion, and are paying the price, a big price. 

    Terrorist attacks on our own soil, costing the deaths of thousands of Americans is a hefty price for Americans. "God Isn't Fixing This" was on the cover of The Daily News after the shooting in San Bernardino, California. No God can not "fix" radical Muslims and their need to kill the infidels, but then again hasn't America abandoned God? With President Obama's anti Christian views and policies, America has distanced itself from the very being that helped America attain it's super power status. "In God We Trust" was printed on our currency, our laws were based on the ten commandments, and we abided by them, or at least we tried. We don't even try anymore. Prayer has been stricken from schools, morals are a rarity, the ten commandments have been taken down from court houses and saying, "Merry Christmas" has become as offensive as a four letter curse word to some. "Where Was God"? Not here in America, The Daily News is correct. You can't shut the door on "God" and then get angry when he fails to show up. God's not showing up because America hasn't wanted nor needed him. We reap what we sow and as Americans have become liberal and amoral and unresponsive to God and religion, God has become unresponsive towards us, and I do blame the liberals and their wayward ways for the current state of our nation.

    If it weren't for the liberal feminists, America would be a whole lot better off. In the 1960s bleeding liberal, Gloria Steinem lead women to believe women could do anything and everything men could do and more. Women could have sex before marriage, have abortions killing the Innocent, and get out of the houses and join the work force just as the men. In the beginning women thought it to be the best thing since sliced bread, until they didn't. The cold hard truth was and is men that sleep around will always be studs and women will always be sluts. Women may have thought they had the right to have pre marital sex, but all that followed was a loss of respect for women. Men no longer had to get married to get the girl and therefore the sanctity of marriage was lost. 

    As marriage was no longer valued so too was the family network. Along with the women's movement came a loss in values and family. Women being homemakers raising their children were thought to be brainless and useless, while those were the most important women of our time. Stay at home mothers were the ones who raised the children, gave them values and taught them manners and how to behave in society. Women being at home were a staple in maintaining the importance of family. Today that is lost. Today many women pass children off to daycare centers, or nannies from foreign countries with a third grade education at best. Morals, religion, and family is no longer to taught to these children of today and it shows. Many children today have no appreciation for  the importance of family. Not surprisingly the loss of the family network is yet another sign of a nation about to crumble.

     At one time American children had the option for a moment of silence or prayer when at school. Today American children no longer have that privilege. Thanks to the liberals prayer in schools was axed taking "God" out of our schools. One can't help but wonder if pushing "God" out of America's schools has had an affect on our children's safety. Along with no longer having prayer in the schools, many educators have abolished America's children from reciting the pledge of allegiance to our flag. Back in my day America's children were taught to have pride in our country and all it stood for. Today we have a President that has taught Americans to be ashamed by America and all it's stood for. While thousands of Muslim children are put into Jihadist training camps in the mid east promoting the religion of Islam and all it's glory, American children are taught nothing of pride in their country as well as nothing of religion. The lack of educating our youth to have respect and pride in our nation is yet another reason for the decline of America.

       It is said that all great nations are doomed to fail and America is at an all time low. We no longer have the country our forefathers built. We've lost our way with the abandonment of religion, and greed. While the mass has become pleasure seeking citizens looking for quick satisfaction, sexually and monetarily our economy has fallen. Americans in search of happiness through material items have only caused a failing economy, hence another component of a nation headed for destruction.

    With our failing economy our military has been decreased and become weaker than just prior to World War II. At a time when America is in need of a strong military we are without. Thanks to our peace loving President, America 's military is at an all time low, leaving us vulnerable to terrorist groups such as ISIS, Al Qaeda and more. Our President could not have America in a worse position militarily.

     Like the Romans, Americans are too headed for a fall. Americans have lost their way. Religion has been abandoned, the educating of America's youth to have pride in their nation is non existent, our economy is out of control with an over 18 trillion dollar deficit, and our military is no where's near sufficient for the safety of Americans. America's upcoming election is no doubt the most important election of it's time. Without proper leadership, America's safety, and economic security is at risk. Americans must choose a President that has America's best interests at heart. Americans need a Leader not a figurehead or a dictator. Americans need a President that will bring back the importance of having family, and having pride in our country and all it's stood for. Americans need a President that will give back Americans the freedoms they have lost, and a President that rewards the hard working and not the lazy. Above all America must elect a President that will stop being politically correct and will do anything and everything within his or her power to keep this country safe. America is in serious trouble, and if America's people aren't careful the America we once knew may be an America of the past, and yet another great nation fallen.

(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL BLOG 2015




Monday, December 21, 2015

Hillary's Greed And Terrorism

        Imagine a Presidential candidate that lied to the American people in an effort to cover up the truth as to have her party win the Presidential election. Also imagine a Presidential candidate that failed to answer emails from the Pentagon causing the deaths of four Americans. And imagine a Presidential hopeful that used an unsecured email server giving every other country possible access to top secret government emails. If the very thought of a Presidential candidate guilty of such things frightens you it should, and that candidate is Hillary Clinton.

       Hillary Clinton is running for President, and I for one am at a conundrum as to how? Most employees doing wrong are fired, and not rewarded. Apparently the wrongdoings of Ms. Clinton as Secretary of State are of no importance to the American people. It's really not quite clear as to why. Just this week it was revealed that Ms.Clinton as Secretary of State received emails from the Pentagon regarding Benghazi. The Pentagon needed the Secretary's okay to deploy military support to those Americans in need in Benghazi. The Pentagon never received an okay. Four men died as a result of Ms. Clinton's failure to do so. Apparently American Democrats have no problem supporting a woman who was undeniably the worst Secretary of State this country has ever seen, and the cause of four American deaths.

    There is something seriously wrong with this country and it's much more than a treasonous President. We have a woman running for President that lied to the American people as to somewhat manipulate an election, costing the lives of four Americans. I can't help but wonder how the media and American people would react if Hillary were a Republican. I am quite sure there would be civil unrest in both the media and the people. There isn't a chance in hell that the media, the people, and Washington would allow a Republican guilty of the same to run for President. Apparently if one is a Democrat one can get away with anything, even receiving funds from the enemy.

     Greed, the number one component of Hillary Clinton. Ironically Hillary talks a great blame game on the rich and how they must pay while she herself is wealthier than most and gets away with paying little through loophole after loophole. Hillary voices her sympathy for the poor and middle class, while she knows neither. No what Hillary Clinton knows is money and power and she will stop at nothing to achieve both, even the accepting of monies from possible terrorists, such as Boko Haram.

    While serving as Secretary of State Ms. Clinton failed to name Boko Haram as a terrorist group. Boko Haram, the Nigerian Islamist terrorist group is considered by some to be even deadlier than ISIS. Boko Haram, in their quest to over throw the Nigerian government and create an Islamic State, has taken part in multiple bombings, killings, and assassinations. The group is perhaps best known for their abduction of 276 school girls from their dormitory in 2014. Being a woman one would expect Hillary to have empathy for the young women abducted and have nothing but hate towards the perpetrators, but such was not the case. 

     For Secretary Clinton, money is everything and such is proven by The Clinton Foundation accepting between one and five million dollars from Nigerian businessman and philanthropist, Gilbert Chagoury. Chagoury, a man with a checkered past has been linked to the terrorist group Boko Haram, guilty of money laundering as well as being placed on the United States' "no fly list". Pretty serious accusations, but apparently unimportant as Hillary seems to be able to get away with just about any wrong doing of which she has been guilty. Nonetheless it is a fact that Hillary Clinton will do anything for anyone, even terrorists and thugs. Hillary covered up for Boko Haram and if it's in her best interest Hillary will par take in a cover up again and has. In knowing Hillary's history I have to ask, would you trust America's security with Hillary? Would you trust the destruction of ISIS in Hillary's hands? I know I wouldn't as it is more than evident that Hillary Clinton will stop at nothing to get what she wants, even dealing with terrorists. Hillary CLinton is an an extension of the corrupt Obama administration, and if America elects Ms. Clinton, ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Quaeda and other terrorist groups will continue to grow.  
(c)Sean Bianca




Friday, December 18, 2015

America, The Home Of The Illegal and Legal Immigrants!

      Again the people of the United States have been let down by Washington. The people of the United States elected the Republicans to office and the people have gotten nothing. The Republicans have again and again sold we the people out to Obama and his cronies, and this latest sell out is the sell out that may destroy America. The Republican Congress just passed an enormous spending bill which Obama gleefully signed before anyone could take action to stop it. The newly signed Omnibus Bill will defy every Americans wishes that voted for a Republican Congress. Hence why the people are against career politicians and hedging their bets on the likes of political newcomer, Donald j. Trump.

      They say "ignorance is bliss", and such is true in this newly appointed bill. The Omnibus bill will inevitably quadruple legal immigration leaving thousands of Americans jobless. The Republican led Congress is set to send a four fold increase to quite possibly the most controversial foreign worker program in the history of the United States.The end result will be higher unemployment and lower wages for Americans. Americans, real natural born Americans will be jobless and barely making ends meet thanks to the GOP.

      While Americans being left jobless is disturbing at best, it's really just a mere hiccup compared to America being left unsafe due to the components of the newly passed bill. The Omnibus bill gives Obama carte blanche to allow hundreds of thousands of refugees into our country. This means the thousands of phone calls from Americans to their law makers begging for the dis allowance of hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees was futile, and useless.  While five of the wealthiest countries in the mid east refuse to take ANY Syrian refugees due to possible terrorists being allowed in as well, the United States intends on welcoming them in with open arms. Thank you Paul Ryan and Congress, you quite possible signed a deal leading America to it's demise! Obama can now bring in as many refugees as he pleases, and Americans will have to pay for it. Hard working Americans will be contributing their tax dollars to immigrants that will be the recipients of unlimited welfare and entitlements. This newly passed bill will guarantee that at least 170,000 green card, refugee and asylum approvals will be issued to immigrants from Muslim countries in the next 12 months.In essence Americans will be losing jobs, and paying for the welfare of the people who want to kill them. Thank you GOP!

    While we the people will be struggling with unemployment and living in fear thanks to the allowance of hundreds of thousands of immigrants, we also will be philanthropic as well. America may have a trillion dollar deficit but Congress just approved more than $897 million worth of support for Mexico and Central America. While the people of America want our borders closed to illegals the omnibus includes some  750 million dollars in order to implement the , "United States Strategy for Engagement in Central America," So with approximately a billion dollars given to Mexico and Central America, we are giving money to and rewarding the very countries flooding our country with these illegals. Why isn't that just wonderful? I can not begin to express my gratitude to my Republican led Congress. 

   Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and the Republicans have shown their disregard for the American people, and frankly it's vile. This omnibus does nothing for Americans, and everything for legal immigrants and illegal immigrants, and I'd like to know why. I'm sure the family of Kate Steinle would like to know why. In July, American born Kate Steinle was killed by an illegal immigrant in a Sanctuary city. Republican law makers attempted to pass "Kate's Law" which would imprison illegals returning after being deported for a minimum of five years. Republicans failed to get "Kate's Law" passed, but they got the omnibus passed. A bill that will fully fund "Sanctuary Cities" providing relief and welfare to illegal immigrants. How? How can Paul Ryan and Republicans be so callous as to not fight for Kate Steinle, and every other American killed by an illegal benefiting from Sanctuary cities? Are the lives of real natural born Americans that meaningless? Are the lives of people crossing our borders and sponging off Americans all the more meaningful? Where is the logic? 

      There is no logic, no logic at all for the failure of Congress to listen to the desires of the people. Repeatedly the Republicans on Capital Hill have failed us, and hence why the likes of Donald Trump is in the lead for the upcoming Presidential election. Not too far away is the fiery Ted Cruz who has attempted to carry out the desires and needs of the people. Five billion dollars in tax credits is what we the people have paid to illegal immigrants having American citizen children. Five billion is what this omnibus will continue to fund to illegals. Senator Ted Cruz led the fight to close the five billion dollar loophole and the democrats shut him down. While Cruz fought for the people, Speaker Paul Ryan claimed the omnibus as being a "big win".

    "Big win"? I don't think so. What I think is it's a big loss to the American people. The American people elected a Republican led congress and they caved to the Democrats and let the people down. Thanks to the Omnibus, Americans are less safe, more in debt, and let down by a government that they elected. In this newly passed bill giving Obama the sun, moon and stars, Americans have lost. Americans had hope in their elected law makers, they also had faith, and that hope and faith is now lost. Thanks to this bill being passed, the American people know they are of no worth to their elected officials. With the omnibus American people know that they can no longer trust their government, nor rely on their government to do what's best for them. Americans have been let down,and America has been let down.America is no longer a home to the people as we have no worth nor say. Our government has failed us and America is now the home of the illegal and legal immigrants!

Sean Bianca 

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

CNN Debate

      "But I will tell you, I am totally committed to the Republican Party. I feel very honored to be the front runner. And I think I’ll do very well if I’m chosen. If I’m so fortunate to be chosen, I think I’ll do very well.Polls have come out recently saying I would beat Hillary. I will do everything in my power to beat Hillary Clinton, I promise you." Those were the words from Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump at last night's debate. Words of passion, real passion. Words from a man that truly wants to be the next President of the United States. Those were not the words coming from a career politician schmoozing the Republican party, those were the words from a man that wishes to win the republican nomination and will be honored if nominated. This is not a man that should be overlooked by the Republican party as he has won the hearts, and minds of the people, the people of the United States Of America.
        Not winning the hearts and minds of the people were several republican contenders on stage, most noteably Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, and Jeb Bush. While Carson seems to be a nice man, politics seems out of his league. Carson began his opening statement with a moment of silence for those that perished in San Bernardino using his little air time to pay his respects. Carson's continuous chatter of medical jib jab leave one to think his heart may not be into being the next President. Carly Fiorina , the lone woman on stage again seemed, cold, bitter and like a mother hen as she scolded both Trump and Bush as they squabbled. With Fiorina's pint sized cross I frankly was confused as to if she was running for office or off to Nun's retreat. Jeb, while always knowledgeable, sadly appeared to be a has been. Although Jeb had many great points, and on many issues performed well, his weak attempts at attacking Trump left him looking pathetic and done. The following exchange between the two was while entertaining also sad if one was a supporter of Bush. "You’re never going to be president of the United States by insulting your way to the presidency.Trump, "well, let’s see. I’m at 42, and you’re at 3. So, so far, I’m doing better." Bush," Doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter." Trump." So far, I’m doing better. You know, you started off over here, Jeb. You’re moving over further and further. Pretty soon you’re going to be off the end…"
    CNN's Republican debate was in deed a debate where some shined more than others. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie did particularly well as he shared his frustrations with the failings of republicans in both the Senate and Congress. Christie made many strong points and most definitely had his finest hour. Marco Rubio as always performed well, but was disappointing on immigration. Ted Cruz a pro at debating was strong but disappointing as well. Cruz wanting more time on a particular issue, interrupted the moderators and refused to back down. Cruz seemed belligerent and pig headed in showing his true colors leaving one to ponder just how he would relate to other world leaders. Rand Paul left me with the same sentiments, while Kasich just seemed to fade in the background. Then again with nine candidates on the stage it's difficult for anyone not to fade , unless of course one is front runner, Donald Trump.
     Donald Trump while not the best debater I felt had his best debate thus far. Trump came out on top, as did Ted Cruz. As the security of America is the number one issue in most American's minds, America's safety was often discussed. Quite honestly all of the candidates with the exception of Rand Paul appeared to be quite strong in homeland security. All of the candidates seemed to agree that ISIS need be defeated for our country to feel safe. Trump and Cruz seemed to have stronger views than others. All in all anyone watching with half a brain on function would have to admit that anyone on last night's debate stage would be better than Hillary or any other Democrat as the next President. Republican candidates all have one goal in common, and that is to win the bid for the White House and keep America safe and free from fear. Donald Trump, however is the only candidate that has taken a vow to not only make America safe again, but to make America great again!
(c)Sean Bianca 2015


Sunday, December 13, 2015

Why An American Muslim Melting Pot Is Not!

      Muslims and Americans, Americans and Muslims, can the two co-exist? Why not? For years America has been one enormous melting pot. It's been a concoction of Christians, Jews, Baptists, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists, and Agnostics, and America has seemingly existed quite well for some time. As America has been a country of numerous religions, it's also been a country with a large amount of immigrants fleeing from various countries with totalitarian and threatening administrations, and civil wars. America has almost always opened it's doors as America has been compassionate and giving and been the first country to welcome those wishing to leave their homelands. However America at present can no longer be the Mothering nation offering asylum to all those in need. America just can't take that chance as I believe an American Muslim Melting pot is a not.

        To discriminate is to not be American, but is one discriminating if one is in fear? Americans are in fear as Americans have been threatened by radical Muslims. Radical Muslims coming mostly from the infamous groups, ISIS and al-qaeda. Radical, is there such a category as radical Muslims? I am told there are radical and conservative Muslims, and yet in studying the religion of Islam there seems not to be such allowance for conservatism. The religion of Islam tells Muslims that the sky is the limit and anything and everything is acceptable in order to advance Islam. It is a religion that's prophet , Muhammad said several times over that he has been "ordered by Allah to fight men until they testify that there is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger."  Muhammad a man that is said to have murdered thousands of men and women who dare insult or opposed him. Muhammad, the man who Muslims are to emulate was guilty of inspiring men to kill, rape women, enslave children and behead captives. Muslim is NOT a peaceful religion. The Muslim's primary goal is to have the entire world succumb to Islam and be ruled by Shari'a law. 

       Muslim is NOT a peaceful religion, in any respect. Muslim preaches that anyone dying in executing their desire to advance Islam will be labeled as a "shahid" or as a martyr. A martyr killing for Islam will instantly attain his goal of paradise. He will be rewarded by being surrounded by "perpetual virgins" who will exist solely to satisfy his earthy needs.While Christians, Jews and other religions are taught that killing will destine them to an afterlife of hell, Islam teaches that those killing for their religion will destine them to an afterlife of paradise. In knowing this how then can we Americans embrace Muslims and allow them to enter our country. We are dealing with a religion that promotes rape, killing, and pedophilia. Again Islam is NOT a peaceful religion.

    Countries accepting Syrian and other Muslim immigrants have had horrific occurrences take place in their cities. It was reported that a young woman in the U.K. was gang-raped by 12 men, sometimes 3 men at one time for approximately seven hours. Unsurprisingly the young woman is currently in a mental institution. In Germany several young women have been raped by Syrian immigrants including a seven year old. Crime in Germany, and Denmark has risen since the allowance of several thousand Syrian immigrants. Ask citizens of those countries accepting Syrian immigrants of their thoughts on Muslims and accepting Syrian immigrants. Many are asking why they must be punished as it is the Syrian's war and not their war.

     While I am saddened that America can no longer accept everyone and anyone that desires asylum in our country I am also not an idiot. America can not take the chance in allowing any more Muslims into this country. America already is at risk. America already has had a case of an elderly woman having been gang raped by five Muslim young men just recently prosecuted. As rape is acceptable in the religion of Islam so too is murder. Recently it was reported that eighty percent of all Mosques in America promote Jihad and the killing of infidels, it is highly doubtful that there really is such a thing as "Conservative Islam". Also of note is the fact that the majority of American Muslims are in agreement that they would prefer "shari'a law" over America's laws as written by the constitution. In knowing the American Muslim's preference of which law to reside under it is impossible for Americans and Muslims to co-exist. 

        Islam is not a peaceful religion. Not one aspect of the religion is peaceful. It is a religion that kills, it's shari'a law condones killing, rape, incest, and pedophilia. While there may well be non practicing, perfectly nice Muslims, I believe they are few and far between. I believe Americans can like them, befriend them and embrace them, but I don;t believe Americans can ever really trust them. America's second most deadliest terrorist attack occurred just recently, it was an attack by an American born Muslim and his bride. Americans liked them, Americans befriended them. Americans even embraced them in throwing them a baby shower and bequeathing them gifts. Those Muslims soon after killed fourteen of them. Islam is not a peaceful religion, and an American Muslim melting pot is a not!

Sean Bianca 2015

Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Wake Up Call For The GOP!

      On December 7th, 2015 Republican candidate Donald Trump issued a statement that called for a government shutdown of Muslims being allowed to enter the United States, until extensive and proper vetting of these individuals could take place. Kaboom, Trump might has well have dropped an atomic bomb with his statement. Why Trump's statement was heard around the world and the calling for Trump's resignation from the race to the White House soon followed. Excuse me, am I missing something? Mr. Trump didn't kill anyone. Mr. Trump didn't lie. Mr. Trump wasn't responsible for the deaths of four Americans under attack in a place called Benghazi. Mr. Trump to my knowledge has done nothing wrong and yet the White House is calling for Trump to drop out of the Presidential race? Not only did the White House call for the resignation of Trump's bid for the White House, but GOP, Florida representative David Jolly called for Trump's resignation as well. Speaker of the House Republican Paul Ryan made the following statement to fellow republicans,"this is not who we are as a party or as a country." In hearing the Speaker's statement I couldn't help but wonder just who we republicans are as a party, and  who we are as a country?

      As a party in my opinion the Republicans are old, broken, tired, inconsistent, and defensive, and it's high time they change their game plan before it's too late. The Republicans have lost the last two Presidential elections due to their own stupidity, poor choices, and lack of aggressiveness. The Republicans should have won the last election in a landslide, and yet they lost. They lost due to not wanting to fight for the Presidency. Obama and his administration should have been exposed for their wrong doings in Benghazi and Mitt Romney white gloved it and said little. Benghazi was the winning card in the last election and the Republicans failed to play it. Well, Presidential candidate Donald Trump may well be the winning card and the Republicans are again not wanting to play it, and why?

       Mr. Donald Trump has hit a nerve in people, and it's about time the Republicans take note. When Mr. Trump was quoted as saying that he would ban all Muslims from the U.S., republicans went up against him and in knowing our country's laws it's a mystery as to why. Perhaps our law makers need be reminded of The Immigration And Nationality Act passed June 27, 1952. The act was passed and became Law 414 establishing both the law and intent of Congress in regards to the immigration of aliens to the United States, and it still remains in effect today. One issue of particular interest is the prohibition of entry into the US if the alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by "force, violence, or other unconstitutional means." That being said, Mr. Donald Trump, if elected President would have every legal right in his power to call for the temporary banning of Muslims from entering the United States.

    Perhaps the GOP should have listened to the people of America before passing judgement on Mr. Donald Trump, and condemning a man that has America's best interests at heart. Perhaps the GOP should do a little research into what our country stands up for, stands for, and stands against. America currently has a President that seems more focused on offending the terrorists than keeping them out. In Donald Trump America will have a President more focused on fighting and defeating the terrorists than offending them. In Trump, America will have a President that will stand up for Americans and not against Americans.

 Until the White House and press went ape over Trump's statements, temporarily  I believe a good many Americans didn't give it a second thought. In fact, the majority of Americans applauded Mr. Trump. Not only did many Americans applaud Trump,but they thought nothing of Trump's banning Muslims from coming into the United States. With some 18,000 Muslim terrorist attacks having occurred in the past ten years worldwide, Americans are afraid. They have every right to be afraid. Americans know that they have a group of radical Muslims in ISIS and al-Qaeda that want to kill them. Most people get defensive and are afraid when they are informed that someone wants to kill them. Not only are Americans afraid, but they are angry. Americans are angry that they have a government that seems to not want to admit to having an enemy in radical Islamists, does little to investigate immigrants from the Mid-East, and has done little to nothing to protect them. 

     The Republican party, what can be said ? Can anything be said? Since the Republicans have had control of both the Senate and the House nothing has been done. Americans have seen a President and administration with many lies, much corruption, and little transparency. Americans are angry, and yet Americans have not had anyone to speak up and fight for them. Many Americans are scratching their heads over just how Barack Obama has remained in office and not been impeached. With a Republican controlled Senate and Congress it's a bit of a conundrum. Former President Richard Nixon was ousted for far less. Many Americans are also asking how former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is still in the Presidential race. This weeks latest email findings of Hillary Clinton confirmed that Secretary Clinton failed to give the order for military support during the attack of Benghazi. The Pentagon waited for clearance of deployment of their planes to aid those killed in Benghazi and no word of deployment  was given. No clearance was given by Madame Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton. Hillary and the Obama administration both were responsible for the deaths of four men in Benghazi as well as a cover up to ensure the re-election of President Obama. The Republicans know this and yet I have not heard one republican nor Democrat call for her to drop out of the Presidential race. Not one!

 GOP, while you call for Trump to drop out of the Presidential race may I remind you, Mr. Donald Trump didn't kill anyone, Mr. Trump didn't lie to anyone and Mr. Trump didn't violate the constitution. Mr. Trump wants to make America safe in the temporary banning of Muslims from our country, as it is clear that our country at present is not safe. If the GOP is not in agreement with Trump and the majority of America's people, the people will not stand with the GOP. The GOP has failed republicans in their lack of going up against Obama and his policies, as well as their failure to fight for the people. The Republican party needed a wake up call and I believe Trump is it. American's want a party that will stand up for them and not wither in defeat. Americans want what they want, and they want America safe, and if Trump can make this country safe and great again the republicans will win again.


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Carter Forced 15000 Iranians Out, Any Questions?

    Never in my life did I ever conceive that I would say that former President Jimmy Carter did something of worth during his Presidency. Never, until today. As yesterday was a media frenzy over Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump's stand on the banning of Muslims from entering the U.S. until further notice, I have now changed my opinion of Former President Jimmy Carter. I not only have a new opinion of the former President, but I have a new found respect for a man I believed to be one of the worst Presidents in the history of the United States. I have changed my opinion and gained a new found respect for a man I once deplored. I've changed my opinion due to learning that the former President, banned all Iranians from entering the United States during the Iranian Hostage crisis.Not only did the President ban Iranians from entering the States, but he deported some 15000 Iranians, 7000 were found in violation of their visas.

     While the former President's handling of the hostage crisis was less than stellar, the President's actions to keep the homeland safe were extraordinaire. During the Iranian hostage crisis, President Carter issued a number of orders putting pressure on Iran, including the banning of Iranians from entering the United States. Iranians were banned from entering the U.S. unless they could prove they had a medical emergency, or were in opposition of the Shiite Islamist regime. That all being said I have to ask why is the White House attempting to disqualify Mr. Trump from participating in the Presidential election? I'd also like to ask, why are the Republicans up in arms over Trump's statement regarding the dis-allowance of Muslims from entering the country? Perhaps the White House, Democrats, and Republicans need be reminded of former President Carter's policies.

     Former President Jimmy Carter banned Iranians from entering the United States, and the republicans, and democrats said nothing. Donald Trump threatens the  banning of Muslims from entering the country if elected President, and he's being touted as the new Hitler and as a fascist . Trump is not a fascist, he's hardly Hitler, and he's not a man that the republican party should denounce as a Republican Presidential candidate. Donald Trump is an American that has an agenda as President to keep this nation, and it's people safe. I for one am relieved to have a candidate that will do whatever it takes to keep this country safe! America has an enemy in radical Islam, and unfortunately it is becoming more and more clear that the majority of Muslims do inevitably progress from being moderate Muslims, to radicalized Muslims. While America has always been a country to aid those in need, and in need of a safe haven, America has also been attacked on it's own soil. America has been attacked not once, not twice, but several times. If America doesn't change it's policies, America will be attacked again, and it won't be another 9/11, or a San Bernardino. I believe the next attack, or attacks on America will be on a much larger scale, and if America doesn't have a President strong enough to stand up to our enemies, and strong enough to enforce unpopular policies, it may be too late. Former President Jimmy Carter didn't take that chance, and Mr. Donald Trump won't take that chance, and I for one want a President that won't take any chances with American lives.
Sean Bianca


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Biggest Threat To National Security ......

       National Security, what is the greatest threat to national security? Is it "ISIS"? Is it guns, or is it climate change? Most Americans will say "ISIS", and they wouldn't be at all challenged as to why. Ask our President and he will say "climate change" and guns. I disagree with both Obama and Americans. In my opinion, Obama is America's greatest threat to national security.

       Last night our President , Barack Hussein Obama addressed the nation in response to the San Bernardino shooting, killing fourteen people at a Christmas party. The President's response personally made me puke. Fourteen Americans shot and killed, and America has a President that cares more about not wanting to offend Muslims than the Americans who lost loved ones in last weeks shooting. Obama's speech mentioned "Muslim, or Muslims" more than any other speech given by any American President. What I'd like to know is why was there not one mention of the fact that two Muslims killed, Christians, and Jews at a Christmas party? How about some sympathy for those who lost their loved ones, and those present at the San Bernardino shooting, due to "radical Islam"? How about some concern that Americans attempting to enjoy themselves at a Christmas party were attacked? I heard NO sympathy for those affected by this latest attack. None. I heard nothing from America's President is what I heard, which is precisely why I feel the greatest threat to America is Barack Obama.

       America is in trouble, serious trouble. When a nation has a President that refuses to do everything possible to protect it's people, it's a serious problem. The FBI released information that the couple guilty of executing the San Bernardino attacks were Muslim. The FBI also released information that the female pledged her allegiance to the radical Islamist militant extremist group,"ISIS". Evidence showed that the male involved was most likely also one of radical Islamic faith. One doesn't have to be a brain surgeon to figure that he also was with ISIS as well. Our Commander In Chief as of last night did not choose to admit that the couple involved was with a terrorist group as Obama would like America to think that America is safe and not at risk. Remember Obama just last week proclaimed "climate change", to be the biggest threat to national security and not "ISIS". "ISIS". is a threat to national security and it's becoming more and more clear that America has a President that refuses to admit it. More concerning is that America has a President that refuses to defeat it.

    Last night Americans wanted more Mr. President. Americans wanted to hear a President that would admit that radical Islam was the basis of this recent terrorist attack. Americans wanted to hear a President that would deliver a message to terrorists, that America would find them and defeat them. Americans wanted to hear a President with a plan of attack against ISIS and other terrorist groups. America wanted to hear our President say that America's borders are officially closed to those from Syria and other Muslim countries until further notice, as radical Islam is the root of all terrorism. America wanted to hear a President that would put the fear of God and America in the terrorists and all those thinking of joining terrorist groups, as to ensure America's safety. America heard nothing and they got nothing. When former President Ronald Reagan addressed the nation, America felt as though they had a leader, and a Commander In Chief with a plan, and with zero tolerance for terrorists. When former President  H. W. Bush spoke to the nation, again we knew we had a President that would do everything in his power to keep America safe, and his son G.W. did as well. Under G.W. Bush America was safe post September 11th. America was safe as America had a leader that cared more about the safety of Americans than the offending of Muslims.

     The biggest threat to national security I feel is America's President. America does not have a President that shows compassion and empathy for Americans. The President advised Americans to not be in fear. It's too late. Thanks to you Mr. President people are in fear. They are in fear every time they're in a crowded restaurant, mall, concert or athletic stadium. They are in fear as you Mr. President have done nothing to have Americans feel otherwise. They are in fear and they are angry. Never in our lifetime has our country seen anything like the situation at present. Never has America had a President with more sympathy toward it's enemies than its people. America's security is at risk as America's biggest threat to security is it's President, and  God help us before it's too late.



Sunday, December 6, 2015

They're Here.......

      They're here. Who's here? ISIS, that's who. "ISIS", or as our President prefers to say, "ISIL". "ISIS", the  Wahhabi/Salafi jihadist extremist militant group, that is the most violent, and dangerous terrorist group to date is now here in America. In 2014 Obama told the press that ISIS  was the "JV" team. Not too long ago The President came out and made the statement that ISIS was "contained", and that the United States had things under control. Well, America is NOT fine, ISIS is NOT contained, and America does NOT have anything under control, it has things anything, but under control. In fact America is at the most vulnerable position in which it could be, thanks to our leader, who isn't a leader at all for this country. Our President is a President in name only, as he sure as hell is not leading nor protecting this country.

     Shortly after Obama spoke to the press on how ISIS, was "contained", a massacre occurred in Paris killing 132 people, and injuring 350 more. Obama then came out and told Americans to go shopping,and be not in fear, as ISIS was nothing to worry about as ISIS wasn't here in America. Well, Mr. President, they are here, and that's  thanks to you, your administration, and your failing policies. December 2, 2015 the second most fatal terrorist attack since 9/11, was executed on American soil in San Bernardino, California. Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, a married couple, shot and killed 14 people, and injured 21 others at A Christmas party, at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California, United States.

    Tragically a terrorist attack has just occurred on American soil, and I have no doubt that it won't be the last. This won't be the last because America does not have a President that cares about the safety of Americans. America has a President that went into hiding when the FBI discovered that the San Bernardino shooting was indeed due to terrorism. From day one this President  has refused to utter the words "radical Islam" and refuses to blame all the world's terrorist attacks on "radical Islam".The President also refuses to defeat it, and Americans need to take a real hard look at why?

     Not more than two weeks ago the President mocked republicans for being against the bringing in of some 250,000 Syrian immigrants. Obama said that republicans were afraid of a bunch of women and orphaned children. Well maybe that's because republicans have done their homework and know full well that women terrorists can be sometimes more dangerous than the men because they are women. For the record a female radial Islamic terrorist was involved in the Paris massacre, and a woman was also involved in the San Bernardino shooting. Tasheen Malik, a 27 year old Pakistani woman, with a six month old daughter on a fiance passport was one of the shooters in this latest attack. Yes Mr. President your'e dam right republicans are afraid of women and children and they have every right to be.

     Women, men, children, I don't care what they are, if they are a Muslim and if they are of the Islamic religion, a seemingly violent religion, which seems to progress to a more radicalized form of the religion, they are a risk for America. Unfortunately we have a President that doesn't see things that way. Obama would rather take action in the taking away of guns of innocent people, thus violating the second amendment than call out radical Islam for what it is, and defeat it. According to former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, Obama has put this country at risk more than any other President in the history of the United States. Our military has been reduced to nothing, our handling of terrorist manuals have been destroyed and we have a President that is doing nothing to change his strategy,or lack of against ISIS. Speaker, Gingrich recently stated that he expected more attacks on America and so many that eventually America will not have the resources to deal with the attacks and recover. He also said he would not be at all surprised if an American City was attacked and destroyed. Most worrisome was the Speaker's concern that the terrorists would quite possibly use chemical weapons on Americans in the near future. The bottom line given by Speaker Gingrich, is America is in trouble and it's thanks to our President, Barrack Hussein Obama. 

     Maybe our President won't say it but I will, radical Islam is what is behind terrorism, and anyone who can't admit it, is either in total denial or is one of them and needs to be looked at and investigated closely. America is NOT safe and America needs to take action and I believe that means our republican politicians going after Obama. Obama is not protecting this country and someone needs to find out WHY? Obama is way too close with the Muslim Brotherhood, and appointing a man with close ties to Arafat as Czar of ISIS is downright frightening! Obama and Hillary now want to take away the right for Americans to own guns while they go no where without an armed bodyguard. I dare both Obama and Hillary to walk the streets of the U.S.A., and to go shopping, and dine in a mall without their armed body guards before they dare take away the guns of the people! Something tells me neither one would take that bet . The bottom line is ISIS is here and every day we take a step out our front door we are at risk. ISIS will again attack, the question is when and where?


Monday, November 30, 2015

An Enemy Among Us!

         America no doubt has an enemy in ISIS, and other Islamic extremist terrorist groups, but America also has an enemy like this country has never seen. America's enemy is a man, one man. He pretends to be one of us. He pretends to protect us. He pretends to care for us. Then again he hasn't pretended much at all. America's enemy has been clear in his mission. America's enemy has been honest all along. America's enemy really hasn't done much at all to fool us, but America has chosen to be fooled and not see it's enemy. America's enemy is the worst enemy of all. America's enemy is from within, and I believe America's enemy is our current President. America's enemy number one is not ISIS nor Al Qaeda, America's enemy in my opinion is President Barrack Hussein Obama.

         I called it, many of the critics called it. Those of us with any measure of intelligence called it. Those of us that felt we knew that America had an enemy in Barrack Obama also couldn't fathom something so inconceivable could actually happen in our lifetime. Many of us knew Obama was a Muslim, Many of us knew Obama hated America, capitalism, and all it stood for. Many of us joked that Obama would be inaugurated and reveal that he was a Muslim that was now our leader. We joked, but never in our wildest dreams or rather nightmares did we actually think that it was the truth. Just recently our President, advised Americans to learn at least one verse of the Koran, as to save one's self from death for being a Christian, if in a situation of being executed. If I've shocked you, it's true, but I suppose if some 250,000 Syrian immigrants arrive on our soil, Americans may in deed be at risk for being Christian, Jewish, or otherwise. Americans being told to learn the Koran? Never has a President advised Americans to learn verses from a religion of not one's own. America now has a President attempting to inadvertently convert it's citizens from Christianity and Judaism, to Islam. America's President is in fact a Muslim, and a Muslim that is now coming out to America. Those of us that feared the unthinkable were right. Never did we as Americans actually believe that we would be destroyed from within. The fact is America is being destroyed from within, and more and more high ranking intelligence agents, critics, and high ranking officers are beginning to speak out against Obama, and his deception to the American people.
     The writing is and has been on the wall. We may well have a President that along with ISIS, and AL Qaeda plans to destroy America and the free world as we have known it. Some would say that those of us that feel this way are insane, others would agree. How else can one explain a President never calling out the terrorists for what they are? How else can one explain a President that looked the other way and failed to aid Ambassador Christopher Stephens, and three other Americans, subsequently resulting in their deaths?  How can one explain the evidence that Obama may well have been a key player in the kidnapping and killing of     Ambassador Christopher Stevens along with three other Americans?  How else can one explain a President aiding ISIS in allowing them to form, and expand by having Americans abandon and leave Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria? How else can one explain a President not listening to his military commanders, and aides upon their advising him to set up a no fly zone in Syria ? How else can one explain a President that plans on having over 250000 Syrian immigrants relocate to America after radical Muslims have attacked Paris? How else can one explain a President that refuses to stand with France in their fight against ISIS? How else can one explain the under-funding of the FBI? The FBI is so under funded that it lacks the resources to investigate and go after the activity of Islamic activity currently taking place in all 50 states.Lastly how in the name of God can one explain a President that has had the ability to destroy ISIS in as little as 3-4 months, but has refused to do so?

       I do believe we have an enemy within us and he is Barrack Obama. By pulling American troops out of Iraq sooner than was recommended, Obama created the ISIS that we know today. By refusing to listen to his military, ISIS has been allowed to metastasize, like a cancer. Barrack Obama aided ISIS in becoming the most feared, and evil terrorist group of our time, and I ask why? Why has a man again, and again ignored the the advice of high ranking admirals, and officers in how to effectively attack, and beat ISIS? My theory has been and still is that our president is one of them. Obama's being a high ranking member of the Muslim Brotherhood may have at one time seemed far fetched, but as time goes by and as Obama again and again defends Islam and never ever, utters the words, "radical Islam", frighteningly it seems to be true.

    America may well have a President that is an enemy among us. One of the highest ranking officers in the military, Admiral Lons, has accused Barrack Obama of crimes ranging from colluding with the enemy, supplying the enemy with Stinger Missiles, and treason. Treason? Yes treason, America may indeed have an impostor in the White House that is at present rapidly destroying the country our forefathers founded in the spirit of freedom, and prosperity. The America we once loved and were so proud, is rapidly headed for destruction and failure, by quite possibly a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    As more and more evidence of lies and deceit come forth concerning our president, I have wondered why few in Washington has stepped forward to indict our president for treason and other suspicious activities. Well it's difficult to convict a president if those in the know are afraid and  in danger of being terminated for coming forward and reporting acts of treason, as so many have been in the past. Some 300 top ranked Officers in the Military have been terminated by Barrack Obama, along with 3 Generals and one Admiral in an attempt to cover up Benghazi. As far fetched as it may sound, I believe Obama's being a traitor to be true. If in doubt all anyone needs is to look at the evidence, as the preponderance of evidence is upon us.

       An enemy among us is a scary theory, but one that daily appears to hold true. Barrack Obama has been enemy number one to America. He has reduced our military, and failed to effectively protect us. Newt Gingrich recently stated that Barrack Obama has put America at risk more than any other President of the United States. Barrack Obama in my and many other's opinion has been on a mission to destroy the America,  the America so many Americans have grown up with and loved. We are no longer a nation with an administration that can be trusted. We are no longer a nation that is viewed upon by others as strong. We are no longer a nation that is respected and looked up to by other nations. The United States has become a a disappointment and joke to many world leaders. The United States is no longer a leader. The United States is now not much at all. Tragically when the United States fails to lead, the rest of the world goes to hell in a hand-basket. As our President has done little to nothing against the Islamic State, countries opposing ISIS are now turning to Russia's President Vladimir Putin for guidance and help,in their quest to defeat the evil terrorist group. Russia is fast becoming the super power it once was. While America has a President that is bothered not by Americans being beheaded, and or killed by terrorists, Russia has a President that is bothered. Not only does Russia have a President that gets angry if his citizens are attacked, but Russia has a President that stands up to terrorists. Russia caused more damage to ISIS in one week with their recent attacks than America has in the past six months! The world's leaders know they can not depend on America. The world's leaders also know they can not look to America to lead. America is no longer a nation to be respected, trusted, feared, or relied upon, and why? The world's leaders know America is not the country it once was, as America seemingly has a leader that has wished to aid terrorists in destroying America, instead of defending America. America indeed has an enemy in Barrack Obama and therefore so too does America's allies.Sadly America's fate is at stake, and if those in Washington fail to speak out and take action, I fear the consequences. There is an enemy among us, and in my opinion his name is President Barrack Hussein Obama.

Sean Bianca

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

We're Next...

    "I don't think they're gaining strength,"  "What is true, from the start our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them. They have not gained ground in Iraq and in Syria they'll come in, they'll leave. But you don't see this systemic march by ISIL across the terrain." Those are the statements given by our President, Barrack Hussein Obama, on Friday the thirteenth, in an interview by ABC's George Stepanopoulos on Good Morning America. Ironically and tragically only hours later, three teams of killers connected with the so called "contained" group ISIS carried out a suicide mission in Paris, killing 132 people and wounding at least 350 more.

          Friday night in Paris was a night the people and visitors of Paris will never forget. Friday night's terrorist attack is the biggest terrorist attack in Europe, since Hitler. The most romantic city in the world was turned into a bloodbath.God fearing and loving people came face to face with the Devil. They came face to face with the face of radical Islam. Barrack Obama may not be able to say, but I will. The victims and bystanders in Paris Friday night were the result of radical Islam, the face of the Devil and the face of pure evil.People young, middle age, and old innocently enjoying a soccer game, dining in cafes, and dancing to music at a concert, were murdered by radical Islamic terrorists connected with ISIS. ISIS is not "contained".
      "Contained"? Hardly! ISIS is far from it. In fact ISIS is steadily growing and is being 
allowed to continue their mission against non Muslims, and our President and the rest of the world is not taking the measures necessary to fight it. Friday the thirteenth in Paris was an act of war, and the world needs to act, and they need to act now! Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, NOW! Unfortunately "now", just now, White House Deputy National Security Advisor, Ben Rhodes stated that the U.S. has been conducting attacks against ISIS with various air strikes. I'm not a genius, but I have a hunch our little air strikes aren't working. In fact Russia destroyed more ISIS controlled areas in Syria than the U.S. in one week than we did in the last few months. We've done NOTHING against ISIS! Nothing, and the ramifications have been catastrophic.

      After Friday's attack in Paris, Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stated that the war against ISIS was not an American fight, meaning that America must not put boots on the ground. Political critics nationwide gave failing grades to Hillary Clinton on the topic of ISIS and the Paris attack, as well as the other Democrat candidates. If America must have a Democrat as President I wish it could be Ms. Feinstein. Democrat Senator, Diane Feinstein appears to be the only Democrat with a brain on function. She "gets it". After Saturday's attack the Senator spoke in favor of upping the anti against ISIS. Feinstein called the President, "too cautious", against ISIS and stated that the air strikes were clearly not sufficient and it was time to bring the war to them. 

    America must take action, but I fear it's already too late. In fact I know it's too late. The terrorists have already won. How have the terrorists won? They've won as no one will ever feel completely "safe" again. Most of the world from now on will be in fear every time they step out of their homes. People are now fearful of dining out, going to movies, attending concerts, sporting events, shopping malls, and stepping on to an air plane. The attack in Paris will not be the last attack by ISIS. I believe we're next, and it's only a matter of time. It's not a matter of pondering the thought of an attack in the United States, it's a matter of when and where? The attack on 9/11 demonstrated that America was not immune to a terrorist attack. Post 9/11 under George W. Bush, I felt safe. Whether you agreed with the war in Iraq or not, America was better for it. America had  president that's every waking moment was on the safety of America. America had a leader in G.W., a leader that called out radical Islam for what it was, "the face of evil". America had a President that let the terrorists know that he would stand up against them for the good of his country and it's people. America no longer has that in it's President. America has a President that is "cautious" against ISIS and other terrorist groups. America has a President that thinks that he has ISIS "contained" by conducting half assed air strikes. America has a President that golfs, vacations, attends the theater, and enjoys fine dining in times of despair. America does not have a President that cares for his country and it's people. America does not have a President that is a leader whom can be depended upon. America has nothing.

      While America is in need of a leader that will stand up against terrorism America instead has a President that welcomes terrorism. Thanks to Obama America will have 10,000 Syrian immigrants. While 10,000 may seem like a lot , it's actually nothing compared to the some 250,000 that John Kerry, and Obama have agreed to take in. There are conflicting reports as to whether or not the first 10,000 have already arrived. I do know already scattered across the United States, of several Syrian families that have set up, and relocated in our country. ISIS out right stated that it intends to use the refugee crisis as a means to enter and destroy our country. If I've learned one thing in life it's that if someone tells you that they are going to do something, they usually do it. Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump came out recently stating that allowing the Syrian immigrants in the U.S. would be like letting the Trojan Horse in, but that these Syrian Immigrants would make the Trojan horse look like peanuts. Well people the Trojan Horse has already arrived and it's been here for quite some time.

      We're next. I have no doubt that we're soon to be attacked.One of the suicide bombers in Paris was not a Syrian immigrant that was taking refuge in France, but a Greek citizen and member of ISIS. With several Syrian families already residing across the U.S. we are already at risk, but we have been for quite sometime. According to the FBI, America has Jihad terrorist cells in virtually every single state in the United States. In knowing that I ask why have we done nothing? October 31st A Russian plane was brought down by ISIS killing 224 people. Thursday, November 12, a double suicide attack was carried out in Beirut killing 43 people, and Friday the thirteenth, Paris had multiple attacks killing 129 people, ISIS is not contained. ISIS is the face of evil as former President G.W.Bush said. ISIS is like a cancer that is metastasizing faster than ever, and I fear if we don't have a President that takes a stand against it, America may be gone forever, that is the America you and I have known. 

    America is already a different country from the one I remember as a child. As a child I never lived in fear, today parents of children live in fear every day they send their children to school. As a child I never heard of school shootings conducted by ISIS sympathizers such as those in Oregon and Sandy Hook. As parents of small children live in fear, I also live in fear. I live in fear as I truly wonder if a grocery store I frequent will be a target for a suicide bomber, or possibly a movie theatre which I no longer attend, or a football game, or concert. Thanks to ISIS, AL Quaeda, other terrorist groups and an inadequate President I live in fear. I live in fear as we are next....


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Hell Has A Place For Those Behind Benghazi!

          September 11, 2012 was the day both Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton, and President Barrack Obama guaranteed their places in hell. On that tragic day, Islamic militants attacked America's diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya. Four Americans were unnecessarily killed on the evening of September 11th 2012. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, U.S. Foreign Service Management Officer Sean Smith, and two CIA contractors, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty were killed on that fateful night.

  How these men died was horrific. How our President, and Secretary of State allowed this tragedy to take place is even more horrific. Three mortars hit the CIA Annex, killing one of the men instantly. He was the lucky one. One of the men bled to death, another suffered horribly ,as his leg held on by a thread, and Chris Stevens was said to be tortured, and dragged through the streets of Benghazi. Four Americans perished, 10 were injured and little was done to help.The question is why? Not only why, but how did this happen? How did America fail to secure the compound in Benghazi? Not only how did the state department fail to protect our compound and men, but why did the White House and Hillary Clinton lie about the circumstances surrounding the attack?Since 1979 this country has not had an ambassador killed, and as America knew of the dangers in the mid east, how did our State department allow this tragedy to happen?

       How our Government allowed the attack in Benghazi to happen is really quite simple. Greed, and power, that's how. After Obama and his administration had boasted that terrorism was a thing of the past with Bin Laden dead and gone, they were not about to admit to the American people that they were wrong. Why admitting that terrorism was not a thing of the past could quite possibly have lost them the  2012 election, and so they lied. Obama, Hillary, Susan Rice, and everyone in the White House lied. They lied to the American people in telling them that attack of our compound in Benghazi was not due to terrorism, but due to an anti-Islamic film. Our government knew the attack was not due to an anti-Islamic film. Barrack Obama knew that the attack was not due to an anti Islamic film. Hillary knew the attack in Benghazi was not due to an anti-Islamic film. Everyone in the White House knew the attack in Benghazi was not due to an anti-Islamic film, but due to terrorism. Our government LIED to the American people when they knew full well that Benghazi was without a doubt premeditated terrorism. Not only did our government know Benghazi was an act of terrorism, but they knew in advance. With the knowledge this administration had, those four Americans that perished never should have been in Benghazi, and the key players, Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton, and President Barrack Hussein Obama have blood on their hands.

      It's now three years late,r and the Benghazi hearing has been had. After extensive investigating, questioning ,and an over eleven hour hearing we learned that hell most definitely has a place for Madame Secretary, and our President. While Hillary and the democrats walked away gloating and joyous, the republicans walked away discouraged, beaten, and bewildered. Emails showed that Ambassador Chris Stevens had sent a cable as early as two months prior to the attack saying that they were in danger. Not only was a cable sent two months prior to the attack, but emails showed that there were OVER 600 requests for additional security for the compound in Benghazi! Over 600 requests for additional security and Ambassador Stevens received nothing! Hillary claimed in her testimony that they did the best they could with the intelligence they had. Well, this administration's "best" wasn't good enough. This country's "best" cost four men their lives, and why? Greed. 

       Four Americans doing service for their country died unnecessarily due to Obama's quest for a second term as President, and for Hillary's position as well. This administration had lied to the American people in saying that terrorism no longer was a threat. Obama and his administration wanted the mid east to be a success story when it was anything but a success. Terrorism was still very much a threat, but if Obama and his cronies could keep the American people fooled into thinking that they had rid the world of terrorism, they had the 2012 election in the bag. Due to Obama and Hillary's greed they ignored all requests for help and did absolutely nothing. In fact even during the attack, independent contractors nearby that could have helped Ambassador Stevens, and the others were told to "stand down". Another words they were told to stand by and do NOTHING. Those men ignored the "stand down" orders and did the best they could, to no avail.Sadly had Obama, Hillary, and the State Department not told those men to "stand down", Ambassador Stevens and the others might be alive today, but Obama, and Hillary did NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING. Several critics have noted that upon hearing of the attack in Benghazi, air support most definitely could have saved the lives of Ambassador Stevens and the others, but again America did nothing.

     Obama, Hillary, and the State department did nothing as it was better to lie than tell the truth and possibly lose the upcoming Presidential election. After the attack Americans were told that the attack was due to an anti-Islamic video to place blame on anything other than terrorism. Madame Secretary Hillary knew damn well that the attack was not due to an anti Islamic film as she sent emails to family members that the attack was due to terrorism. Not only did Hillary tell her family that the attack in Benghazi was due to terrorism, but she also told the President of Egypt that the attack was due to terrorism. Hillary LIED. Obama LIED. This administration lied, They lied to the American people, while they knew that Benghazi was a terrorist attack, Not only did they know that Benghazi was a terrorist attack but they also knew that they could have prevented the attack from happening in the first place. It was more important to paint a picture of a Mid East fairy tale, than to save the lives of four Americans. Obama, Hillary and this administration has blood on their hands, and for that I hope there's a place in hell for Hillary, Obama and all involved. Four men died due to this administration's lies, and how the American people can even begin to support our President is a mystery. While America is forced to continue to accept a liar of a President for the remainder of the President's term, America does not have to continue on this path of acceptance of lies and deception. Four families lost loved ones on September 11, 2012, and four men lost their lives on September 11, 2012. Those families can not get their loved ones back, those men can not get their lives back. Justice has not been served to Obama, Hillary and all who were involved in the failure to protect those men, and while justice may never be served by our government justice can be served by the people. We the people can demand transparency by our government. We the people can demand  the truth from our government. As I believe hell does have places for Hillary Clinton, and Barrack Hussein Obama, I do not believe that the White House has a place for Hillary. We the people must vote a conservative into the White House and serve justice to Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty. 
Sean Bianca 
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