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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


     The Presidency, no doubt has got to be one of the most stressful jobs if not the most stressful job one could possibly imagine. However it is a job that one holds for all of four years, and if re-elected eight years. The Presidency is not a job that one will hold for a lifetime, therefore it is our hope that whomever is our President ,will be able to handle the trials, tribulations and pressures of being President. It is in my and many others' opinion that Obama is shall we say "tired" of being President. Obama is well known in Washington for showing up to work around 10 or 10:30 in the morning , if at all. Not only does Obama go into work later than any other President, but he fails to be present for all necessary security briefings. Many times the President not only fails to show up for security briefings, but he fails to read the reports on our national security briefings as well. One has to wonder did Obama miss the memo the day the late Ambassador Chris Stevens begged for more military assistance in Benghazi? It's no secret that someone failed miserably in protecting our Americans in Libya, was it Obama himself that denied more military protection due to failing to read an important briefing? Sad to think that four Americans could have been saved had they had a President that truly cared.
        Unfortunately for Americans it appears that Obama well enjoys the limelight, and the celebrity of being President, but does not enjoy the actual "work" that being President entails. Obama has played golf more than any other President. Obama has hobnobbed with starlets more than any other President. Obama has even taken Air Force One for recreational basketball games with friends. It's quite evident that Obama does enjoy being President, but it appears Obama does not enjoy the work it takes to be President. In the first Presidential debate, it was more than evident that Obama did not care to be there.Obama acted lax, tired and uninformed. It is in my opinion that if I were an Obama fan I would have been somewhat disenchanted with my choice. Lucky for Obama he woke up in the next two debates but came off as arrogant, callous, argumentative and all too aggressive. As Obama's record is hardly anything to be arrogant about one would think he would be somewhat humbled. 
         America needs a President that truly cares about the country and not only wants to be President, but wants to attack the job of being President and doing the work of a President. With unemployment on the rise, poverty at an all time high and the threat of terrorism, we need someone that's up to the task. Obama   is more than up to the task of being President if it involves  hanging  out with the likes of Beyonce and JayZ. However Obama does not appear to be up to the task of being President if the job involves important issues such as protecting our men overseas and devising a plan for how to fix the economy.Four years ago Obama declared that America needed a "change", and four years later it is clear that our country again needs a "change". America needs Mitt Romney!

Friday, October 19, 2012


          Earlier this week Governor Romney and President Obama faced off in the second of three Presidential debates held before November's election. The first debate was won hands down by Romney. Romney was sharp, dignified, intelligent, and informative about the Obama years. Obama on the other hand looked half dead, not coherent, and in a fog. Good thing for the President that he woke up for the second debate. Instead of being out of it and ignorant Obama came out aggressive, almost too aggressive and angry. Romney was also more aggressive but still respectful of Obama's time and space. Obama continuously invaded Romney's space and was quite disrespectful to Romney. As par for the course, the moderator Candy Crowley was a liberal. I have yet to comprehend the hows and whys of every debate moderator being a liberal. Not only do I have a lack of understanding in how this happens, but why do the Republicans allow this to happen? 
         Candy Crowley was most definitely the worst moderator I and others have ever witnessed. Ms. Candy interrupted Mitt Romney twenty eight times. The President was only interrupted nine times. Not only were interruptions unfair, but the questions chosen were unfair as well. Audience members wrote questions of which Candy Crowley was able to choose and approve. It would seem to me that questions should be approved by both liberals and conservatives. As if the interruptions and questions weren't biased enough, moderator Candy Crowley crossed the line as she herself aided the President with an incorrect fact during the debate. When a question concerning whether or not the President had deemed the attack in Benghazi a terrorist attack, Candy interrupted Romney by saying the President had indeed called the attack an act of terrorism. Candy Crowley was incorrect. Around midnight after many viewers had gone to bed, Ms. Candy released a statement that she was wrong with her facts. The President did not come out the day after the Benghazi attack with a statement in regards to it being due to terrorism. No it took Obama 14 days to admit Benghazi was indeed an act of terrorism. 
           The last four years have been that of  "The Obama Show" and frankly I'm growing tired of it. The media has protected this President long enough. It's time Americans see this man for what he is. Heck this is a man that cant even fight his own battles. Romney didn't have the help of a moderator during these two debates. Romney hasn't had the help of the press to paint a pretty picture. Romney is what he says he is, plain and simple.  I personally have had it with the liberal media kissing the President's derriere. Haven't you?

Thursday, October 18, 2012


        One of the biggest White House cover ups is taking place and the media seems to have conveniently "missed" it. It has come to light that Obama and his staff either do not care to be informed of the goings on with our consulates around the world or they are not receiving the information. Whichever the case may be, it's a rather serious issue that should have fellow Americans in an uproar. It now has come out that our Americans in Libya requested more military protection and for whatever reason, did not receive more military  protection. The end result? Four Americans were murdered and important documents were stolen. Documents that reveal the identities of undercover Libyans that were aiding Americans. I ask, why is this not being reported on the front page of every newspaper in the U. S.? I also ask why is this not a topic on every news station both local and national? The answer is simple, Obama is a Democrat and the majority of the media is run primarily by democrats. 
       Now, let's imagine if the act had happened under a Republican, how would the media have handled the crisis in Benghazi? The crisis in Benghazi would be on the front page of every newspaper and be being reported on, on every local and national news network. Seriously, our Ambassador and three other Americans are brutally murdered and the press is okay with this? I don't believe one needs to be a genius to see that there was a major screw up within the Obama administration. The U. S. consulate had been attacked twice before this year. Our Americans were requesting more military personnel and were denied. Why?  Americans were killed and quite possibly those Libyans that were  aiding us have been killed also, due to the callousness, and carelessness of this administration.Like it or not the Obama administration has blood on their hands in my and many others' opinion. These deaths were unnecessary.
          Perhaps our President should act more like a Commander in Chief than a Commander in Speeches. Speeches much a do about nothing.The day after the attack Obama gave a speech in the Rose Garden not mentioning one single word of how the attack was due to terrorists. No, Obama would like Americans to think terrorism is a thing of the past, of which it is clearly not. Obama blamed the attack on a short anti- Muslim film. Presently as he has looked like a fool not calling the Benghazi attack a terrorist attack, he is now saying he mentioned terrorism in general in his Rose Garden speech. However, in Obama's speech the President was very specific in blaming the attack on the anti-Islamic film.  Upon watching the Rose Garden speech Obama mentioned nothing of Benghazi being a terrorist attack. America, Obama and his administration are lying in my opinion. One has to wonder why when the British and the Red Cross had left Benghazi due to safety issues did we leave our consulate so poorly protected? One has to ask if the President will lie about Benghazi what else will he and has he been lying about? 

Friday, October 12, 2012


          Joe Biden, the king of gaffs has given more laughs to Republicans and more embarrassing moments to Democrats, however last night Joe took the cake. Vice President Biden was in my opinion a disgrace to the Democratic party. Joe Biden made more facial expressions than Jim Carey in the mask. Biden was as disrespectful as one could possible be from beginning to end. When Paul Ryan was speaking of the four Americans brutally murdered in Libya Biden had a grin on face. During periods of Paul Ryan speaking on important issues such as the state of our economy Biden went into stitches. Really? I was not aware that the state of our economy was a laughing matter.Many times I wondered if the Vice President had something wrong with him as there was little rhyme or reason to his laughing. 
         All in all I personally can not begin to fathom what Biden had to say as I was far too fixed on his looking like he belonged in the nearest insane asylum. Paul Ryan on the other hand was mild mannered, polite, and appeared to be a sane intelligent person. Paul Ryan portrayed what a President should be if needed to step foot in the position of President. Joe Biden looked like the farthest thing from a President as he smirked, grinned, laughed, shook, interrupted and acted like a complete fool. In my opinion Paul Ryan won the debate with intelligence, class and facts. Joe Biden on the other hand came off as nothing more than an old crazy fool!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


        It is of my opinion that many voters are complete idiots. I seriously think that this country should force all voters to take a ten or 15 question, questionnaire on just who and what the issues are in the upcoming election. If voters were forced to take such a test, my guess is  that many would fail. Howard Stern recently conducted a survey of how much or how little voters knew about our President, Vice President, as well as Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his VP pick Paul Ryan. Many of the voters questioned did not know that Joe Biden was our Vice President. Many voters did not know that Obama was decreasing our military and was for abortion. Many voters thought Obama was a Mormon and said it was okay, and that religion wasn't an issue. Yet when people thought Romney was a Muslim which he is not, they were against him. Interestingly enough many of the random people questioned, agreed with the ideals and values of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Yet due to being clueless about any of the candidates and issues they will make a wrong choice come this November by voting for Obama even though they agree with Romney and his ideals.Sadly America has complete imbeciles making the important decision in who will be running our country these next four years. Proudly I know the issues and know what I stand for. I believe in Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as they will defend the Constitution and all that made this country great. 

Monday, October 8, 2012


     As an author to GOP GIRL BLOG I made it a point to attend a rally for Mitt Romney. Port St. Lucie, Florida was the location for yesterday's rally. A town known for it's abundance of  senior citizens was filled with men and women of all ages and races. Over 15,000 people showed up in support of Governor Mitt Romney. It was a pleasure to see families show up with 3 to 4 generations in support of Romney. It was also a pleasure to see that it was not an issue of race as there were many African Americans in the crowd. Another point of interest was that this crowd was filled with people of all economic backgrounds. In observation of the rally's parking, the lot was filled with just as many pick up trucks and Toyotas as Mercedes and Bentleys, proving republicans are not just the rich. No, yesterday's rally was a crowd of people who share the same values, hopes and dreams for this country. We the people believe in the preservation of the Constitution of United States. We the people know what made this country great and it should not be "changed". We the people in yesterday's crowd were there in support of a man that will preserve this country's constitution.  We the people were there in support of a man that we believe will head this country in a right path. We the people, rich, poor, black, white, young, old, employed and unemployed, all share the belief that Governor Mitt Romney will make an outstanding President and will not let us down.
      As Romney and his wife took the stage the crowd went wild. Mitt Romney showed the  poise, class, charisma, and intelligence of a President. His wife Anne stood by his side showing the class and elegance of a First Lady. Mitt Romney was energetic, and caring as he spoke of real life stories of fellow Americans. Mitt Romney spoke against our current Administration but was not cut throat and nasty. Mitt Romney didn't have to be nasty against his opponent  Obama, as Obama's poor showing of President is all that's needed to show that America needs a change. America needs Governor Mitt Romney to aid us through these troubled times. We need a President that truly cares about his country and it's people, not a President that hobnobs with starlets soon after Americans have been killed overseas. America needs a President that will keep our country safe. Obama has his own agenda and it's not the best agenda for America.
       Port St. Lucie , Florida was an hour drive which myself and friends  thought was well worth the trip. We and others believe Mitt Romney will be our next President. For myself, I found Mitt Romney to be a welcomed change from President Obama. Mitt Romney reminded me of former President Ronald Reagan. It was quite refreshing as I have likened President Obama to someone from the hood with his arrogance, unfriendly strut, and phony accents. It was also refreshing to see a man with warmth in eyes as opposed to Obama who has cold uncaring , and distrusting eyes. The rally for Romney was exciting and invigorating, as everyone in attendance was there in support of a man whom they believe will take their country in the right direction.The rally for Romney convinced me and friends even more that he is the right choice and the only choice for President.
(c) Sean Bianca 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012


     Last night's debate was that of a boxing match. The gloves were off, or were they? Punches were indeed thrown by none other than Governor Mitt Romney.  The President may have thrown a few punches himself, but the President was clearly no match for the Governor. President Obama was downright knocked out! How sweet it was. 
        The Governor was confident, and personable. He was poised, and showed true class. Mitt Romney looked and acted as a President should. Mitt Romney showed his intelligence in his knowing the facts and being well prepared. In observance one was able to see just how and why the Governor has been so successful in business.Mitt Romney answered questions looking between the moderator, and the President  in the eye. Romney showed that he will get the job done. Romney showed the American people that he does care about 100% of the American people as he shared real stories of fellow Americans whom have lost their jobs, homes and are in need.  Romney attacked Obama with the facts. The facts that the President has had four years to fix the economy and create jobs and yet he has not. The Governor stated how the President's way has further destroyed the economy and caused unemployment to rise. The governor was not afraid to mention the President's failed policies. Mitt Romney was on his game making the President look like an untrained has been. How sweet it was!
       The President came out looking ever so pompous and was humbled quite early on in the debate. The President was cocky yet stood at the podium with one knee bent looking as if he were at a local bar at five o'clock. The President side stepped questions with answers that had little or nothing to do with the issues. Obama's head hung down much of the night never looking at Romney, while being attacked left and right. The President came in to last night's debate like an athlete without a plan or conditioning. In fact Obama disrespected the American people with his laissez faire attitude. He appeared to not really  want to be there. In my opinion Obama showed little respect for  the position of being President, and the American people with is lack of preparation. Last night the President didn't even have much respect for himself. Obama acted like that of a loser. About the only thing the President did have going for him last night was his ability to make faces while the Governor threw zingers in attacking the President's poor record. To put it bluntly the President didn't have game. In fact it wasn't a game at all, it was a blow out. 
         Oh how sweet it was, to observe our ever so pompous President get knocked out of the ring. The President looked anything but presidential. The President looked unprepared, weak, beat, and just plain stupid. For Republicans the night brought new life and hope to the party. For Democrats and the liberal media, it brought a new awakening. The liberal media and Democrats now know their man can be beaten and is vulnerable. The truth is Obama and his administration have had four years to fix this economy and make this country for the better and they have not only failed, but made things for the worse! Mitt Romney showed America last night that he is a man that if elected President will make this country  for the better. Last night was just the beginning of Mitt Romney showing this country just what he is made of . Last night America saw the real Mitt Romney, not the Mitt the liberal media would like Americans to see, the real Mitt. The real Mitt shows up when needed. The real Mitt knows facts. The real Mitt cares about all Americans, and preserving our country's constitution that made this country grand. Last night's debate? Oh how sweet it was!
(c)Sean Bianca 2012

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


    As per a conversation the other day I was told that I should be a Democrat and want Obama to win! Seriously? I think not. I was given this advice as I am not the social norm of a republican. Why? Could it be that I am not making six figures plus a year? Could it be that I am a woman? Whatever the case may be I will never become a Democrat. I am not about to convert to the Democratic party due to my financial situation or due to my being a woman. I may not be a millionaire, but I don't believe taxing the wealthy up the ying yang is fair or helps our economy. The wealthy help our economy by spending and donating money where they want it to go, not where our Government wants its to go. Why should anyone help fund some poor person that continues to have children and work the government's system? Let's face it there's a reason poor people have an army of kids,they're working the system.Why should anyone pay for some homeless druggie to have health care? Personally I think all people on welfare and governmental aid programs should be drug tested prior to receiving their government checks.Perhaps I sound callous, but I do not believe in handouts. Hand outs do not motivate anyone to excel and that is what this country used to be about. I believe we work hard and those that do well will give back. The rich may give back in their lavish purchases of Chanel, Prada,and so forth but the rich are creating jobs. If the rich shop, the stores benefit by this in needing more sales professionals. If the rich vacation, and dine out, again more employees are needed. If the rich donate to various organizations, we are that much closer to finding cures for horrible diseases. It was reported as to how little Mitt Romney paid in taxes, but it was not highly publicized that Mitt Romney made over 4 million dollars in donations. Bottom line the rich replenish our economy if able to keep more of their hard earned money. I may not be rich, but I do know what works and Obama's way has hurt our country's economy more than any other President. Rich or poor I will not convert to being a Democrat and I am proud to be a republican.
   As for my being a woman, I am against abortion. If women in third world countries have brains enough to use protection our country can too as well. Bottom line, abortion is murder. I go back to my Great Grand Mother's line where if a woman can take the time to "do it" she can dam well take the time to have it! Granted there are exceptions. If a woman's health or if the baby's health are in danger I do feel terminating the pregnancy is necessary. In the case of a rape I also feel an abortion is necessary, but an abortion should not be another form of birth control! It's sick, it's archaic and it's downright wrong. It is said that when a nation's morals are gone the nation will fall shortly after. In history every great nation that fell, their morals had fallen and God was forgotten.
      Convert to a Democrat? Never. In my experience Dems are, hardheaded liberals with little to no values. Have I friends that are Dems? Of course, but they are in my opinion just plain pigheaded and obnoxious. Anyone with any sense should see that capitalism works, and socialism does not. Capitalism is what made our country a great nation. That and a strong military. Already, our country is being attacked. Why? Simple. Our enemies know Obama won't do anything. Mark my words if Obama is re-elected this country is going to hell in a basket. Unemployment will continue to rise, more attacks on Americans will ensue and our deficit will continue to sky rocket. By 2016 this country may well not be recognizable. Already it has been reported that the pool in front of The Washington Monument is a green mess. Already parks around America are becoming overgrown. Already cities are going bankrupt and without funds to keep up roads , governmental buildings and such.  What more do people need to say we need real "change"? We need a "change" alright, we need a "change" in who we have running our country. We need a man that knows economics, knows the importance of a strong military and knows the need in strong values as well. What America needs is Mitt Romney.
(c) Sean Bianca 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012


       A cover up with in our government? Really? Yes really. It is now becoming quite evident that The Obama administration knew from the get go that the attack on our consulate and four murdered Americans was indeed a terrorist attack. The truth is the Obama administration has wanted Americans to believe that the threat of Al Quaeda is not, now that Bin Ladin is dead. The truth is Al Quaeda is very much a threat and killing our American men. To date some 2000 Americans have been killed in Afghanistan alone. The President of Afghanistan has said that Al Quaeda is very much still in existence and on the rise. Obama and his administration has known and knows that Al Quaeda is a threat but appears to want to cover it up. This administration in my opinion has blood on their hands. Our Americans were placed in harms way with armed guards without bullets and Americans should be asking not how did this happen but why did our administration ever allow this to happen. Obama came out apologizing for an anti- Muslim film said to be the cause of such unrest, when we now know that he appeared to know dam well that the attack was a terrorist attack. This administration is lying to the American people. This administration is lying as to be re-elected this November. Does America want an administration that lies about the security of our nation? Wake up America, before it's too late. America needs a government that will be upfront and forthright to guide us through these still troubled times of terrorism. America needs Mitt Romney!
(c) Sean Bianca GOPGIRL BLOG 2012