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Saturday, February 13, 2016

The New Jayvee Team, America!

     While Americans were enjoying hot dogs, chicken wings and football on Superbowl Sunday, North Korea was busy launching a satellite. This satellite capable of threatening satellites of other countries is of major concern to many. North Korea's launch of a satellite came just days after launching a long range missile prompting Japan to impose sanctions. The sanctions placed a ban on shipping from North Korea to Japan, as well as a ban on Pyongyang's nationals from entering.  While the long range missile and satellite launches are troubling, North Korea is also at present detaining a University of Virginia college student from Cincinnati. The student was detained in Pyongyang, on January 2nd after being accused of a "hostile act". The hostile act of which the North Korean government is speaking, is the government's accusation, that young Otto Warmbier was allegedly carrying out a hostile act against the "DPRK", also know as the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea. Sadly there is no telling how long the young American will be held, as a 62 year old American has been held since last October. With this administration's obvious inability to negotiate with other countries in demanding the release of American prisoners, there's no telling how long the two men will be held. Regretfully America has lost much of it's credibility, if not all in terms of America's being that of a strong and respectable nation, America is the new Jayvee team!
          Not too long ago Obama referred to ISIS as the "jayvee team". America had ISIS under control, ISIS was "contained" and ISIS was of little concern. ISIS was the "jayvee team". The "jayvee team" showed Obama they were clearly the varsity team in November 2015 with their attack in Paris. The attack resulted in the killing of 130 people, dozens seriously injured, and another 368 people left injured. ISIS clearly was not the "jayvee team", as the world already had a "jayvee" team in America.
        America is the new "jayvee team". Any country that negotiates with terrorists is not a country of strength, it is a country of weakness and the rest of the world knows this. When Secretary of State, John Kerry sat down and negotiated a deal with Iran without demanding the release of American prisoners  first, America displayed it's weakness. Furthermore, when America had several of it's sailors captured by Iran last month, Iran displayed their disrespect for America. To make matters worse Secretary of State, John Kerry apologized to Iran, and thanked them for their hospitality as well. Leave it to John Kerry to represent the United States in such a fine fashion. While the sailors were released and unharmed,  just this past week Iran posted videos and pictures throughout the country, and on the Internet of the sailors crying. To make matters worse, a parade mimicking the sailors in Tehran was held as well. America has become a joke. A nation that was once feared, and respected by all, is respected and feared by no one, as America is the new "jayvee team".
       America has failed, and failed miserably. America is no longer the most respected and feared nation it once was. America signed a deal with the devil in signing the deal with Iran and giving them access to over 150 billion dollars. That is a large chunk of change to just hand over without the enforcement of legitimate sanctions of any sort. Iran, a nation that has been a sponsor of terrorism for over 35 years, has been given the ability to literally blow America, and the rest of this world off the face of this earth. America signed this deal without first demanding the release of five Americans held by Iran. While America  had the upper hand in the holding of 150 billion Iranian dollars, and could have demanded the release of it's Americans held in prison, America failed to use it. Instead America was made to sign an utter abortion of a deal before obtaining it's 5 Americans held captive. America was forced to  release 7 Iranian prisoners that had violated sanctions as to have the five Americans released. After the prison exchange took place Obama sung praises, as if he had just accomplished a glorious feat. Five innocent Americans in exchange for seven Iranians guilty of sanction violation crimes? America didn't accomplish anything, it lost. America is no doubt the new "jayvee team".
         America is at it's most vulnerable, at a most dangerous point in in history. While ISIS beheads and tortures Christians and others, America's President condemns the use of water boarding, and continues his quest of closing our prison in Guantanamo Bay. While North Korea, Iran, Russia and China continue to build their military, we continue to tear down our own. While Al Qaeda, ISIS and other terrorist groups continue to metastasize like a cancer, and expand throughout the mid east and Europe, exterminating thousands, we continue to warn them of our bombings and carry out meaningless attacks. While Russia, North Korea, China and Iran are becoming nations to fear and respect, we are becoming a nation that is neither. America is the new "jayvee team". Former President G.W. Bush, and V.P. Dick Cheney stated that America would never negotiate with terrorists, and America was better for it. By negotiating with Iran, and allowing ISIS to grow and prosper Obama has put America and it's people in a most vulnerable position. Americans traveling abroad are no longer safe. Every enemy of America now knows that they may too capture Americans as it will insure the release of their own prisoners held by America. Americans are no longer safe here at home as we no longer have a President that stands with Americans but against them instead. Obama has shown his allegiance not with Americans, but Muslims near and far instead. America is no longer a country of  pride, strength and courage, but instead a country of modesty, insecurity, weakness, and fear. America has fallen and without the right leader, I fear it will not get up. America is the new "jayvee team".
(c)Sean Bianca

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