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Friday, February 26, 2016

Cuban Tag Team Fails!

       Donald Trump the Republican Presidential candidate, everyone loves to hate, won this week's Nevada Caucus in a landslide. To be exact, Trump won 45.9% of the vote, picking up 14 Delegates. Senators Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz came in second and third. Rubio received 23.9% of the vote, and Cruz received 21.4% of the vote. Suffice it to say that Trump walked away with Nevada without much of a fight. While Trump supporters were positively elated, Rubio, Cruz, the media, and the GOP were less than thrilled. As Trump has only grown in popularity, his opposition from everyone and anyone not in his court has grown as well. That opposition was all too apparent in last night's final debate prior to Super Tuesday.
   The Republican's final debate was held in Senator Ted Cruz's home state of Texas, and while the playing field may have been his own, the stage was not. The stage yet again belonged to the Republican front runner, Donald J. Trump, but not without an all out attack by what could be deemed as the "Cuban Tag Team". Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz premeditated last night's attack on Trump, and it went down as predicted by the pundits. It was said by virtually every news network that this final debate before Super Tuesday would be a blood bath, and was an attempted bloodbath that failed miserably.  Rubio, a man I once respected and previously supported lost my respect as he repeatedly broke the rules agreed upon prior to the debate. Rubio continuously interrupted Trump to no end, leaving watchers in a stupor as to what was being said. In addition to the annoyance of Rubio's interruptions viewers were subject to a "planted" screeching woman in the crowd which was equally as irritating. Having lived in Miami I know the Cubans well, and in my opinion Rubio did not make the Cubans proud. As Rubio mouthed off loudly, I couldn't help but be reminded of the loud boisterous Cubans in Hialeah, Little Havana, and Calle Ocho. Rubio was anything, but presidential. Cruz somewhat held back, as Trump shut the Tea Party Senator down by responding to one of many of Cruz's attacks with "You get along with nobody. You don't have one Republican - you don't have one Republican senator, and you work with them every day of your life, although you skipped a lot of time. These are minor details. But you don't have one Republican senator backing you; not one. You don't have the endorsement of one Republican senator and you work with these people. You should be ashamed of yourself." Those words left Cruz  without much to say in defense, but then a defense was not of Cruz's game plan as he simply rode on Rubio's coat tails with little one two punches atop of Rubio's tedious attacks. The script was pre- written as it was the two Cubans against the leader of the pack. 
    As the debate seemed all too pre-planned as an all out assault on Trump, spectators were occasionally reminded of two other candidates in the race, third place candidate, Ben Carson, and fourth place Governor Kasich. The poorly run debate might as well have been a court room with Trump on trial, as every other question was directed at Trump. It was as if Trump were being interrogated, although when one is being interrogated on the stand, one is given a chance to speak, and a chance to be heard. Neither Rubio, nor Cruz cared to allow Trump to speak as their mission was to destroy Trump with their pre-meditated game plan. 
      As the "Cuban tag team" concluded the debate with a handshake and laughs, it was clear to all just what the two men had attempted to accomplish. The two Cubans had yes indeed succeeded in being rude, obnoxious, and calculating, but had failed in discouraging Trump's supporters from voting for him. As the debate came to a close it was disappointing at best. Donald Trump was attacked, by the "Cuban Tag Team" and moderators, Ben Carson was all but ignored, and Kasich was a temporary distraction at best. Everyone lost in this debate, but Trump. Trump was a class act. Trump was ambushed and handled it with sophistication and maturity. I don't think many people could have done the same. It takes a man of great control to not lose his cool as a short man with a false smile repeatedly interrupts one while one is speaking. I myself would have thrown a punch, but then again poise and dignity are of great importance for one running for President. Donald Trump did just that. Donald Trump answered the questions, kept his cool, followed the rules, and was just as a President should be. The "Cuban Tag Team" failed at taking down Trump. The two Cubans have been in Washington, and have had their chance to make a difference without success. All of the politicians in Washington have failed. The politicians have failed the people, as they have done nothing we the people have sent them to Washington to accomplish. These men work for us, and yet they have done nothing, but talk. Well I and millions of Americans are tired of politicians talking and delivering nothing. Our military has been reduced, our borders are none, jobs have been lost, health care and social security are a joke, and our debt is out the door. The "Cuban Tag Team", and Washington have had their chance to change America for the better and they have failed. I believe Donald Trump will not just talk the talk, but walk the walk, and why? Because Donald J. Trump is NOT a career politician, he is an American, that just like you or I ,is frustrated with the direction our country is headed. An American that has the mindset of the millions of disgruntled Americans, will get the job done. I know as if I had the chance, I myself would make America great again, but if not I who better than Donald Trump? Donald Trump will do as I and millions of Americans would like, he WILL make America great again! 
(c)Sean Bianca 2016

Thursday, February 25, 2016

While Trump's Winning The Media And GOP Are Losing!

          "How can Trump be stopped?" "What can be done to decapitate Trump's campaign?" 'What will it take for another candidate to beat Donald Trump?" Day after day, all day long, the media is a buzz with endless chatter on the various ways one might take down Trump, and my reply is why? Why does the media feel a need to report on not Trump's impressive wins, but his opponent's losses. Since when did coming in second ,and third place take precedence over first? Since when did someone not even in second or third place take precedence over first? Since when did a person coming in first place be treated like a person with the plague? Since Donald J. Trump took over as the Republican Presidential front runner nominee, that's when.
         As Donald Trump has continued to rise in the polls and win not just one state, but three, the media has become increasingly critical, and ridiculously silent on much of the goings on within the Trump campaign trail. Fox News, the supposed conservative network has been disappointing to say the least.The network has discounted Trump's wins as they were nothing much at all while glorifying Marco Rubio's second place finish with bells and whistles. At times Fox in particular has all but completely ignored Trump. Fox has chosen to interview the likes of Jeb Bush who has since dropped out, Ben Carson, who clearly has little chance at being the nominee, and second place finishers, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz. While Fox may have a hankering to hear words of wisdom from fallen and failing candidates, I and many others would rather not. What viewers want to hear is Trump! Viewers want to hear from Trump, about Trump and anything and everything about Trump.
         These days if one has a desire to hear the successes of Trump's winnings one must watch CNN, or MSNBC. While the other networks may clearly support the left, they at least are somewhat reporting on Trump, but with an agenda, an agenda to stop him and stop him fast. One news anchor reported on Trump voters standing in line in South Carolina, his mission was clear. "Take Trump down!" With every civilian the news anchor interviewed, he attempted to bait the person into saying something negative about Trump. Much to his chagrin he failed miserably, and therefore ended his interview with various Trump voters, proving that there's just no stopping voters for Trump.
         There's no stopping Trump due to Trump being unstoppable. While the media is mocking Trump, the people of this country are not laughing. While the media bashes Trump, the people are not listening. The people are not listening due to the people being angry with how this country has fallen in stature, trade, prosperity, and economics. The GOP and their conservative cronies can criticize Trump till the cows come home and it won't matter in the least. The people have had it with career politicians doing much ado about nothing. The people see greatness in the making in electing Donald Trump. While the media may not see it, nor want to see it, they have no choice. The media and republican parties can do what they may as to destroy Trump, but they will not succeed.
          While Trump's winning, the media, and GOP are losing, and losing big. No one cares to hear a thirty minute speech from a second or third place finisher. No one cares to hear the media constantly bring a person down who has worked hard, run a clean campaign, and succeeded. The media I have no doubt is hoping for an upset as to jump on Trump and interview him at length after a loss. Sad that the media has little time for Trump as a winner, but has all the time in the world and then some after a loss. After Trump's second place finish in the Iowa Caucuses, the media was all a buzz. That second place loss may as well have been the end of the world, while Rubio's second place finish in New Hampshire was reported on as if it were the second coming of Christ. Always a double standard for Trump and one that seems to get only more biased with time.
         In 1982 Don Henley had a song called "Dirty Laundry" and it is so apropos to the media's mistreatment of Donald Trump. "Kick em when their up, kick em when their down". So fitting to this election season. America has greatness in the making and unfortunately the media and the Republican party can't see it. While they may refuse to see greatness in the making, and may want to bring Trump down, we the supporters of Trump care not. We know what we have in our chosen candidate, Donald Trump whether the media and Republicans wish to see it or not. we know America has our new President in Donald J. Trump!
(c)Sean Bianca 2016

Friday, February 19, 2016

Why Trump?

       In 1980 America elected one of the best, if not the best Presidents in American history. That man was Ronald Reagan, a lifelong liberal Democrat who had switched parties in 1962. Ronald Reagan was not a career politician, he was a former Hollywood actor turned politician. While working as an actor Reagan served as a union leader for The Screen Actors Guild. He went on to serve the state of California as their 33rd Governor from 1967 through 1975. Reagan easily beat out the incumbent President Jimmy Carter in 1980, and went on to serve as America's oldest President from 1981 through 1989. Reagan's accomplishments are still spoken of today. Reaganomics spurring economic growth, declaring war on the drug trade, increased military spending thus making America stronger, and his part in ending the cold war. I don't think there is an American alive today that doesn't remember Reagan's famous words to Mikhail Gorbachev, "tear down this wall!" When President Ronald Reagan left office he had an approval rating of sixty-eight percent, one of the highest ratings in this modern era, and forever left a mark in history of true greatness that has since been lost.
          America's greatness is no longer, and that is thanks to our nation electing the wrong man to lead our country. While former President Reagan may have been our greatest President, Barrack Obama is undeniably our worst. Our debt has increased under Obama more than any other President in history, our security is at risk, our military has been cut back drastically, our healthcare is a disaster, our Veterans have been forgotten, the middle class has been left behind, and the American dream is all but lost. America is broken, and America needs not just any man, but the right man to next lead our country. I and thousands of Americans believe that man is Donald J. Trump.
    Trump! Why Trump? I am asked by non supporters again and again, and I tell them that he IS simply the right man, and the only man for the job. America can not afford mediocre, America needs greatness, and I and thousands of others see greatness in Donald J.Trump. Trump is smart, strong, sharp, and sensitive. Not only is he all that but he is charismatic, likable, and incredibly charming, but what's more is he is I believe the only man that can make this country great again.
   Many non Trump supporters are in a stupor over the the whole  "Trump Phenomenon". They call Trump's supporters "brain dead", "stupid", and worse. Be careful  at whom you thrown stones I say. I am not stupid, I am not a follower, and I am not uninformed. I am a conservative voter that did not jump on the so called "Trump Train" with ease. I was a fan of Senators Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz. I was a volunteer who campaigned for former Governor Jeb Bush when he ran for Governor. I liked Chris Christie, but could not forget "the hug", briefly liked Carly, and even had a soft spot for both Kasich and Carson. Who was I going to support people asked, and I honestly thought it would be Rubio or Cruz, but something happened, "Trump" happened.
     I say "Trump" happened as that is just what took place. Debate after debate, interview after interview, I watched all of the candidates. One by one I eliminated the candidates. I researched the candidate's records, and I observed the candidate's carefully, and in the end there was no doubt who my chosen candidate would be. Donald Trump it was to be and who it should have always been. The truth is for years I have listened to Mr. Trump call in to Fox And Friends and have been quite impressed. Time and time again I wished that Donald Trump were our President. Repeatedly Trump would express his marvel at the ineptness and stupidity of our government, and I concurred. What Mr. Trump said out loud, I and thousands of Americans thought. The trouble was as Americans we didn't have a voice that mattered, or a voice that would be heard.  Americans sent Republicans to Washington and they got nothing in return. Americans like myself lost faith in the politicians. as well as faith in our system. Americans felt helpless until Donald Trump.
   "We should have taken the oil in Iraq", he would say, "they're rapists, drug dealers and murderers, when Mexico sends us immigrants they're not sending their best, "close the borders, and build a wall" he would exclaim. "You have to die to use your deductible" in explaining "Obama Care" he would say. "I'd bring back water boarding and do a whole lot worse" he blurted out while critics gasped. "They're chopping off Christian's heads", he would say in defense. What Trump said America thought, and America finally had a voice that could be heard. Not only did people feel they would have a voice in Trump, but they also feel they have a leader in Trump. A leader doesn't negotiate with terrorists, and unlike Obama, America knows that Trump will not negotiate with terrorists. America also knows that Trump knows the importance of a strong military, and that he will begin to restore our military so that we may again be a force of which to be reckoned. ISIS may not be afraid of Obama, but they will be with Donald Trump. I have confidence in Donald Trump in that he will search and destroy ISIS, and other terrorist groups that dare to threaten the Unites States. With Trump's bluntness of keeping all Muslims out of the U.S. until America can figure out how to properly vet them, Americans feel secure that we will be safer for it. As Trump has repeatedly spoken of "building a wall" as to keep immigrants from pouring in on the Mexican border ,Americans can breathe a sigh of relief as to not have to pay for even more benefits for illegal immigrants. Not only can Americans be happy about not having to pay taxes providing for even more non US citizens but Americans will no longer lose jobs to non citizens, and even more importantly Trump will aid in creating jobs. As a savvy businessman Trump will no doubt rebuild our economy. With Trump's tax plan Americans will again be able to reap the rewards of hard work . More importantly Trump will put non working Americans back to work with his plans of bringing businesses that have moved abroad back to America, thus creating jobs for Americans. All in all Trump will "make America great again"!
      "Trump" happened, and I believe it is a good thing. When America elected former President Reagan, America had no idea the greatness that was to be bestowed upon them. I believe the supporters of Donald Trump see the same greatness in Trump. Americans have had a President that has lied, let them down, and at times even betrayed them. Americans elected a Republican majority to both the Senate and Congress and saw that nothing got done. Obama, his administration and Hillary have succeeded in stripping away the rights of Americans bit by bit, and Americans are angry. Americans are frustrated with sending politicians to Washington that do nothing due to having to cater to their lobbyists who have backed them to earn their places in Washington. Trump has his own money and therefore has to answer to no one. Americans like that, and they like that a lot. Not only that , but Trump is likable and funny and Americans plain just like Donald Trump. Americans want a man that will lower taxes, create jobs, replace Obama Care, take care of our vets, make us safe, and make us great again. That man is Trump. If elected President, Donald Trump will make America great again.
(c)Sean Bianca 2016

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Not Even Cold....

          Only hours had passed when President Barrack Hussein Obama appeared on every one's televisions to say that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had been found dead of supposed natural causes. The honorable Judge was not even half cold, and Obama just couldn't wait to tell the American people of the Judge's passing, and of his plans to appoint another Judge to replace the longtime member of the high court. Justice Scalia, the leading conservative voice for the high court was suddenly found dead and our President literally could not wait for the man to be put in the ground before announcing that he would find his replacement in the next couple of weeks. It takes a special someone to be as cold and unfeeling as Obama. A husband, and father of nine children is pronounced dead, and instead of Obama getting on the airwaves to express his sympathies to the family at their time of loss, Obama is telling the country of his joy in finding a liberal replacement to the high court. Personally I find Obama's actions, classless, tasteless, disrespectful, and downright suspicious.
        When the news first broke of Justice Scalia's passing, the reports claimed that the cause of death was a heart attack, but it was then it was later denied. Not only was the alleged heart attack denied, but the cause of death would forever remain a mystery, as the Judge's body was quickly embalmed. While the speed in which the Judge was embalmed was alarming, the fact that no autopsy was performed is even more so. One would think that the family would have liked to have known the exact cause of death of the Judge. Then again perhaps the family has been told to accept the Judge's passing at face value and move on, but how?
       How can anyone, family, friends, colleagues, move on without knowing the truth behind Justice Scalia's death? No toxicology test was done to know if perhaps the Judge was poisoned with a substance that could produce a heart attack, or stroke. This would not be the first time a high profile person suddenly passed on from a stroke or heart attack. While early reports stated that the cause of death was a heart attack,  the Presidio County Judge stated that Scalia died of "natural causes". "Natural causes" ? Who is to say? The owner of the ranch where Scalia was staying told reporters that the Judge had a pillow over his head. Rather odd I'd say. Not many people dying of a stroke, or heart attack place a pillow atop of their head, but the truth may never come out. The truth behind Justice Scalia's death most probably will never come out. No autopsy, no checking for a petechial hemorrhage, and no checks on his eyes, or lips, for poison, nothing. The Judge was not even cold, his death unknown, and plans in Washington were being made for a new Justice of the Supreme Court to be appointed.
       Rather apropos timing is what I would call Scalia's sudden death. Had Obama not been so quick announce his plans for a new Supreme Court Justice one might just believe Judge Scalia's untimely death. While Obama's coming out in almost a celebratory fashion to voice his plans of nominating a replacement is downright sick, it is also against our country's tradition for an outgoing President to nominate a Supreme Court Justice during an election year. In eighty years an outgoing President has not selected a nominee for the Supreme Court. Yet our President, who seemingly beats to his own drum, intends on doing just that. This President has again and again broken rules, and abides by few, and while the republicans claim they will block any nominee who Obama nominates, I fear they will back down.
   The republicans have controlled both the House and the Senate, and to date have done nothing to go up against our tyrant of a President. Hence why Americans are angry. If the republicans fail to stop Obama from the nomination of a replacement for Judge Scalia during this election year, they will have disrespected a Judge that served conservatives well. The republicans will also have yet again failed the American people. Judge Scalia deserves more than a President that comes out moments after his death to announce his plans of a replacement. Judge Scalia appointed by former President Reagan served the high court for nearly thirty years, and was a true defender of the Constitution. The Judge's passing is convenient, as had he lived he would have quite possibly decided the following cases, one person, one vote, affirmative action, public union dues, abortion, and Obama Care. Judge Scalia was the conservative voice republicans needed in the Supreme Court. He will be missed. Judge Scalia and his greatness can never be replaced, but he must not be replaced before the election of a new President, defying a tradition of eighty years. Obama's desire is to have a liberal majority in the Supreme Court and the Republicans must do all in their power to make certain this does not happen. As the confirmation of a fifth liberal to the Supreme Court would be the death of this country's laws, and bylaws. Prior to Justice Scalia the Supreme Court was dead even. Four Liberal Judges, and four conservative Judges, it was an even playing field as well it should be. America can only hope that the Republicans listen to the anger in the American people, and defend their desire to have a replacement for Judge Scalia not chosen until after the election. Judge Scalia deserves that from Republicans in Washington, and Americans deserve that from Republicans in Washington. It was said today that Obama had a target in Judge Scalia, and his target is now deceased. While that target has been hit, I call on Republicans to hit Obama back and NOT give Obama his wish to have a liberal majority in the Supreme Court!
(C)Sean Bianca 2016


Saturday, February 13, 2016

The New Jayvee Team, America!

     While Americans were enjoying hot dogs, chicken wings and football on Superbowl Sunday, North Korea was busy launching a satellite. This satellite capable of threatening satellites of other countries is of major concern to many. North Korea's launch of a satellite came just days after launching a long range missile prompting Japan to impose sanctions. The sanctions placed a ban on shipping from North Korea to Japan, as well as a ban on Pyongyang's nationals from entering.  While the long range missile and satellite launches are troubling, North Korea is also at present detaining a University of Virginia college student from Cincinnati. The student was detained in Pyongyang, on January 2nd after being accused of a "hostile act". The hostile act of which the North Korean government is speaking, is the government's accusation, that young Otto Warmbier was allegedly carrying out a hostile act against the "DPRK", also know as the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea. Sadly there is no telling how long the young American will be held, as a 62 year old American has been held since last October. With this administration's obvious inability to negotiate with other countries in demanding the release of American prisoners, there's no telling how long the two men will be held. Regretfully America has lost much of it's credibility, if not all in terms of America's being that of a strong and respectable nation, America is the new Jayvee team!
          Not too long ago Obama referred to ISIS as the "jayvee team". America had ISIS under control, ISIS was "contained" and ISIS was of little concern. ISIS was the "jayvee team". The "jayvee team" showed Obama they were clearly the varsity team in November 2015 with their attack in Paris. The attack resulted in the killing of 130 people, dozens seriously injured, and another 368 people left injured. ISIS clearly was not the "jayvee team", as the world already had a "jayvee" team in America.
        America is the new "jayvee team". Any country that negotiates with terrorists is not a country of strength, it is a country of weakness and the rest of the world knows this. When Secretary of State, John Kerry sat down and negotiated a deal with Iran without demanding the release of American prisoners  first, America displayed it's weakness. Furthermore, when America had several of it's sailors captured by Iran last month, Iran displayed their disrespect for America. To make matters worse Secretary of State, John Kerry apologized to Iran, and thanked them for their hospitality as well. Leave it to John Kerry to represent the United States in such a fine fashion. While the sailors were released and unharmed,  just this past week Iran posted videos and pictures throughout the country, and on the Internet of the sailors crying. To make matters worse, a parade mimicking the sailors in Tehran was held as well. America has become a joke. A nation that was once feared, and respected by all, is respected and feared by no one, as America is the new "jayvee team".
       America has failed, and failed miserably. America is no longer the most respected and feared nation it once was. America signed a deal with the devil in signing the deal with Iran and giving them access to over 150 billion dollars. That is a large chunk of change to just hand over without the enforcement of legitimate sanctions of any sort. Iran, a nation that has been a sponsor of terrorism for over 35 years, has been given the ability to literally blow America, and the rest of this world off the face of this earth. America signed this deal without first demanding the release of five Americans held by Iran. While America  had the upper hand in the holding of 150 billion Iranian dollars, and could have demanded the release of it's Americans held in prison, America failed to use it. Instead America was made to sign an utter abortion of a deal before obtaining it's 5 Americans held captive. America was forced to  release 7 Iranian prisoners that had violated sanctions as to have the five Americans released. After the prison exchange took place Obama sung praises, as if he had just accomplished a glorious feat. Five innocent Americans in exchange for seven Iranians guilty of sanction violation crimes? America didn't accomplish anything, it lost. America is no doubt the new "jayvee team".
         America is at it's most vulnerable, at a most dangerous point in in history. While ISIS beheads and tortures Christians and others, America's President condemns the use of water boarding, and continues his quest of closing our prison in Guantanamo Bay. While North Korea, Iran, Russia and China continue to build their military, we continue to tear down our own. While Al Qaeda, ISIS and other terrorist groups continue to metastasize like a cancer, and expand throughout the mid east and Europe, exterminating thousands, we continue to warn them of our bombings and carry out meaningless attacks. While Russia, North Korea, China and Iran are becoming nations to fear and respect, we are becoming a nation that is neither. America is the new "jayvee team". Former President G.W. Bush, and V.P. Dick Cheney stated that America would never negotiate with terrorists, and America was better for it. By negotiating with Iran, and allowing ISIS to grow and prosper Obama has put America and it's people in a most vulnerable position. Americans traveling abroad are no longer safe. Every enemy of America now knows that they may too capture Americans as it will insure the release of their own prisoners held by America. Americans are no longer safe here at home as we no longer have a President that stands with Americans but against them instead. Obama has shown his allegiance not with Americans, but Muslims near and far instead. America is no longer a country of  pride, strength and courage, but instead a country of modesty, insecurity, weakness, and fear. America has fallen and without the right leader, I fear it will not get up. America is the new "jayvee team".
(c)Sean Bianca

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Landslide Victory For Trump!

          The votes have been counted, New Hampshire has spoken, and it is official, Donald J. Trump has been declared the winner for the candidacy of the Republican nominee for President. While Cruz just barely beat Trump in Iowa with questionable numbers, Trump beat everyone not just by a little, but by a lot. Trump won in a landslide. Rick Lowry, of The National Review, called the last night's victory, a "huge victory" and stated that there was a massive gap between Trump and the other candidates in the race. With 35% of the Republican voters for Trump, it was clear that Trump was the winner. While the Trump team was confident that Trump would take New Hampshire, the numbers out performed Trump's expectations. 
    With 92% of the votes having been counted, Trump received 92,417 of the votes or 35% of the votes. Second place John Kasich received 41,813 or 16% of the votes. In third place was the Iowa Caucus winner, Ted Cruz receiving, 30,416 or 12% of votes. While Cruz and Trump may have been only 4.5  percentage points apart  in Iowa, there was  a 24 percentage point spread between Trump and Cruz in New Hampshire. Placing in fourth was former Florida Governor Jeb Bush ,with 29,186,or 11% of the votes while Jeb's former friend, and colleague Sen. Marco Rubio place fifth, with only 27,411, or 11% of the votes. New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie placed in sixth with 19,544, or only 8% of the votes. Suffice it to say Trump annihilated the rest of the pack in the New Hampshire primary, while the pack is spinning in an all out mess of a race for third and fourth place positions, 
      After winning the New Hampshire Primary, Trump gave a gracious, sincere, and appreciative 15 minute speech, in which he congratulated the Democratic winner, Bernie Sanders. While he congratulated Sanders it was not without telling voters of Sanders' plans to "give away the country". Kasich gave his own victory speech in which he announced he would be the next President. With only 16% of the voters in N.H. in his court, the Governor from Iowa has some catching up to do. Then again Jeb Bush the candidate running more negative ads than any other candidate, claimed his fourth place finish had "reset the race". The former Florida Governor is said to  be planning a "scorched earth attack on opponents,  John Kasich, and Marco Rubio. 
       Trump won last night's primary without question, and without any real challenge. New Hampshire voters spoke. The Trump supporters were of every imaginable group possible. They were voters of all levels of education, every race, religion, and every income. The voters cast their ballot,s and their ballots "spoke" to not only the Republicans, but the country. The voters are angry at our government, and the direction  of which our country is headed. While Trump was widely criticized for calling a ban on all Muslims coming into our country until they could be properly vetted, 64% of the voters in New Hampshire were said to support Trump's position. While the country's safety was of primary concern to the voters of New Hampshire, Trump won on virtually every other topic as well. Economy, education, health care, benefits for Veterans, you name it, the people want Trump. New Hampshire has spoken and New Hampshire wants Donald J. Trump for President, as they know Trump will "make America great again"!
(c)Sean Bianca

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Jeb's Failed "Proven Record"!

     Jeb Bush's "proven record" as a two term Governor of Florida has earned him fifth place in the polls in his own state. Jeb has only earned four percent of the confidence of voters in his own state, and he's boasting of his "proven record"? That "proven record" was one of tax policies favoring the wealthy corporations at the expense of a declining middle class, fiscal irresponsibility proving costly for the state, a failure to create jobs as promised, a failed policy to privatize veteran's health care, reforms on schools, and support for common core deeming it as particularly damaging, causing a down swing in morale among Florida's best teachers, and a decline in Florida's academic ratings. Bush's "proven record" also is one of his support for an unsuccessful bill allowing illegal immigrants to be issued driver's licenses, and a "proven record" of his inability to work with those in his own party. That's some "proven record", I hate to imagine what Jeb's "proven record" would do to an entire country!
      While Jeb's record in Florida has not been one to boast of, neither is his use of "eminent domain". In the last Republican debate on Saturday night, Jeb attacked fellow candidate and front runner Donald Trump, on his use of eminent domain. The former Governor failed to mention his attempted use of eminent domain, and his family's use of eminent domain. Jeb himself attempted to use the bill against a disabled navy seal for an environmental project back in 2005. Bush's family on the other hand was successful in their use of "eminent domain". Back in the 1990s when the family owned a part of the "Texas Rangers", the family used the bill to build a parking lot for the Texas Ranger's baseball stadium. While Jeb himself was not successful in his attempted use of eminent domain, Jeb clearly understands the benefits to both the developer and the owner of the property desired. "Eminent domain" is necessary and is monetarily beneficial to all in most instances.
      When scrutinized, Jeb's "proven record" as the Governor of Florida is less than impressive. Jeb's family is also less than impressive as well. While every family has at least "one" black sheep of the family, Jeb appears to have a whole flock of black sheep in his family. Not just one family member has had a run in with the law, all of Jeb's immediate family members have had run ins with the law. In 1999 Jeb's wife Columba, failed to claim $19,000. in clothing, and jewelry to customs when arriving at the Atlanta airport upon her return from a trip in Paris. Apparently Columba had over indulged in her shopping spree, and didn't want her husband to know. She paid a hefty fine and was in the spotlight for days. Also in the spotlight ,was Jeb's daughter. Noelle Bush was arrested in January of 2002 for attempting to fill a phony prescription for Xanex. The crime carried a  maximum penalty of five years in jail, and a $5000. fine but with no known previous criminal record the Bush daughter was released without having to post bond. However Noelle Bush went on to violate the rules of the program that she was meant to complete, landing her in jail in July of 2002. Sadly Noelle Bush's troubles did not end there. While Noelle was in a rehab facility in October of 2002, she was found to be in possession of crack. She was sentenced to ten days in prison and has admirably appears to have overcome her troubles, and is currently employed by her father. Last but not least is Jeb's son, John. John was arrested in 2005 in Houston, Texas for both public intoxication and resisting arrest. Suffice it to say I have to ask how can a man run a successful country if a man can not run his own family? As the troubles of Jeb's family are to be pitied, those troubles are also a concern of some voters, as it's just more of Jeb's "proven record".
        America doesn't need Jeb's "proven record". This is a man that did not flourish as a Governor, and he won't fourish as a President. Jeb's support for common core would be a nationwide educational disaster instead of a just a Floridian educational disaster. Jeb's vague views on immigration are not what America needs in a time of terrorism, and time of America not helping it's own. Jeb's failure to create jobs in Florida while Governor will not help the America's unemployed. Jeb Bush has had a disaster of a family, a disastrous plan for education, failed plans for creating jobs, proven leniency on immigration, and tax policies hurting the middle class. Jeb Bush has spent over 100 million dollars in negative ads against his former friend and fellow candidate Marco Rubio, and the Presidential front runner, Donald Trump. One hundred million and Jeb is still not out in front? The last thing America needs is Jeb's "proven record". 
(c)Sean Bianca

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Trumpettes Are Talking "Trump"!

   "He is a highly principled man of his word, he is the most down to earth, honorable man, you can trust him."- Toni Holt Kramer, Trumpettes Global Founder and National President

"Love him, or hate him, Trump is the candidate for the job, and the only candidate for the job.Trump is the man that will create jobs, rebuild the middle class,secure our borders, and Trump has the strength and courage needed to stand up to ISIS, Iran, Russia, and North Korea.  Trump will make this country great again!"-Sean Bianca Lee, GOPGIRL BLOG, Blog Writer and Founder.
   "Behind every great man is a great woman", is a saying that through history has been time and time again proven true. The same can be said of Donald Trump, however, when it comes to campaigning, Mr. Trump has not just one woman, but a team of women by the name of "The Trumpettes", behind him. The "Trumpettes" are women from coast to coast,  and from north to south. "The Trumpettes", are the women of this country standing firmly behind Donald Trump. "The Trumpettes" are America's homemakers, America's professionals,  they are teachers, they are healthcare workers, they are socialites, and they are the housekeepers of the socialites. These are the women of America.  "The Trumpettes" are women from various backgrounds, blue collar workers, and white collar workers,  some privileged, and some under privileged. They shop from Neiman's and Saks to Marshalls and T.J. Max. They are the "Trumpettes", and they are  strong women with one common goal, and that goal is to make sure that Donald Trump is the next President of the United States of America. "The Trumpettes" know Donald J. Trump, will, "make America great again"!
        "The Trumpettes " is a Florida born organization, founded by Toni Holt Kramer that has become a nationwide phenomenon. The idea of "the Trumpettes" came to Kramer as she and her female friends were all talking about the America of today and how Americans were not better off but worse off than yesterday. These women talked and their talk turned to Trump as they all knew he would make America better today.  "Trump". As women love to talk, Kramer created the group so everyone would be talking "Trump". The truth is women near and far are talking "Trump"! We have homemakers talking "Trump" to their friends, socialites talking "Trump" to their husbands, and housekeepers, a manager of Wal Mart talking "Trump" to her co-workers, and friends, as well as a tennis pro and blogger talking "Trump" to her students, co-workers, and friends. These women know how to talk and they are talking, "Trump"!  They are talking "Trump", because they all know he is the right candidate and the only candidate for the job as the next President of the United States of America.
           "The Trumpettes" are women that feel strongly about Donald Trump. The Trumpettes believe in Donald Trump and his ability to lead America to a better future. "The Trumpettes", like the majority of Trump's supporters, appreciate Trump's honesty, and his lack of being "politically correct". They like that he has his own money and that he has to answer to no one. They feel America will always know where they stand with him. "The Trumpettes", like many Americans are frightened for their safety. These women know the fear of their friends as well as the fear of many Americans. With ISIS, Al Qaeda, Iran, North Korea and others being a constant threat these women want a President that they know will rebuild our military and keep America safe. These women know if Trump says he will do something, he will do it. Trump says he will build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out, they know he means it. Trump says he will keep Muslims out until America can figure out how to properly and effectively vet them, and again they know he means it. Trump wants to repeal and replace Obama Care so Americans don't die waiting for health care, and he means it. Likewise when it comes to creating jobs and rebuilding our economy they know Trump will succeed. Being a successful businessman, "The Trumpettes" know Trump has the capability to turn our economy around.  Donald Trump is a businessman that has been up and down in his field  to become one of the most successful men in America. "The Trumpettes" and many Americans know Donald Trump as a sharp businessman and he will do the same for America. America is down, and America needs a businessman like Trump to bring this country's economy back up again. As many of today's Presidential candidates have never really held a job in the corporate world, these women and  many Americans know Trump is what America needs to create jobs turn it's economy around, and make for a better future for all. 
          "The Trumpettes" are the women of America talking "Trump". These women are spreading the word that Trump is what this country needs. They are spreading their belief in Trump near and far as they are confident that Donald Trump is the only candidate for the job as President of the United States of America.
(c)Sean Bianca2016

Saturday, February 6, 2016

We Need A Leader Not A Preacher!

          "(Trump) is a successful executive and entrepreneur, a wonderful father and a man who I believe can lead our country to greatness again,"-Jerry Falwell Jr. 

       Politics, and religion, I have been told are two topics one should never discuss with others. Better advice has never been given as such has been proven true. Engage in conversation in either at a cocktail party or social venue and the evening is sure to be one of aggravation and angst. As I have never been one to always follow what I have been told I have always worn my Republican heart on my sleeve, and worn it proudly. Religion however has to me always been rather personal. While I am a Christian Protestant, I have never been one to shout about it from the roof tops. I guess for me my relationship with God has always been private, and I intend to keep it that way. Evangelical voters on the other hand appear to not share my sentiments. Evangelical voters are hard core Christians that unlike myself do shout about their Christianity to others. These people have typically had an experience where they have accepted Jesus Christ as their savior and feel it is their duty to tell others so others may achieve a closeness with God. While many of us do not feel inclined to convince others to share our religious views evangelicals do. Evangelicals somewhat remind me of Muslims in their quest to convert others to their way of thinking, which can be deemed as somewhat radical and intense. While similar, there is one big difference, evangelicals have not killed those who have not chosen to follow the Jesus Christ as their Savior's line of thinking.
      America needs a leader, not a preacher in a President. America has been fooled before and I pray it is not fooled again. In the last Presidential election Americans were fooled by Barrack Obama, as he sounded like that of a preacher while campaigning in Southern Baptist States. Obama was good, he was an actor, he was almost a clone of the Reverend Jesse Jackson, but that was not the man America elected. The man America elected who claimed to be Christian, has been said to be a devout Muslim. Obama has even at times slipped and admitted his Islamic faith. Just this week the President  visited A Mosque in Baltimore, Md. . The President denounced the anti-Muslim American rhetoric, and spoke on Islam, and it's being a religion of peace. Islam is not a religion of peace and any honest Muslim will admit it. Due to this President's continuous apologies to Muslims both here and abroad American Christians and evangelicals are more than ever looking for a President that is a Christian that they feel they can trust. Unfortunately in Americans' desire to elect a Christian as President, I feel they can easily be blinded by a Politician's preaching, and use of the Lord. 
      Just prior to the Iowas Caucuses, Senator Ted Cruz gave a speech telling the voters to "awaken the body of Christ". "Awaken the body of Christ'? Don't make me puke! America needs a President that will protect our country, gain the respect of other nations, rebuild our economy, create jobs, repeal Obama Care, and take care of our Veterans. America does not need a Preacher, preaching his faith. Americans do not need a President reciting various lines from the bible. Americans have Ministers, Pastors, Reverends and Rabbis to Preach, and lead them in their faith. Americans do not need a "want to be", Pastor or Preacher, they already have them, and they need to remember that. 
   Americans do not need a President preaching to them, and telling them how to find the Lord or Christ. Americans need a President that will take action and do the job Americans hire him to do. Americans have not had that in Barrack Obama. Americans had a man that did what he had to say and became what he needed to become, to attract the voters and it worked. I see this same strategy in Senator Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio as well. A preacher of a President will not get the job done. A leader gets will get the job done. I believe we have a true leader in Donald Trump. While Trump is Christian, he is not attempting to portray the embodiment of a Priest or the Pope. With Trump America always knows where they stand. Trump is never politically correct, nor does he mince words. Trump says what he means, does what he says, and gets the job done, and that my friends is what America needs in it's next President. America doesn't need a Preacher it needs a leader that will get the job done!
(c)Sean Bianca 2016

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Cruz, Lies, Unlike-ability, and Unfit To Be President!

     "If it talks like a duck, and walks like a duck, well it's a duck", as they say. The same can be said of, "if it talks like a prick and walks like a prick, it's probably a prick."The prick of whom I am speaking, is the winner of the Iowan Caucus, Senator Ted Cruz. Jason Zengerle of GQ, has been quoted as saying,"Cruz has become the most despised man in the U.S. Senate". As the campaign for the republican nomination of the Presidency has now officially begun, it is becoming clear as to why the Senator is the most despised man in the U.S. Senate. Senator Cruz won the Iowa Caucus, but his win was one of lies, and deceit. While in Iowa, the Cruz campaign engaged in what can be deemed as dirty, and deceitful politicking. The Cruz camp sent out a legally shady voter violation mailer, and then followed up with false rumors that opponent Ben Carson was dropping out of the presidential race. The allegation came from none other than an angry Ben Carson, on "Fox and Friends", Tuesday morning. The Cruz camp is said to have told Carson supporters in Iowa to should caucus for Cruz, as their candidate was no longer in the race. Ben Carson's wife Candy, confirmed the false reports as she herself had witnessed the deceitful activity taking place. While Carson's campaign is understandably unhappy with the lie that Carson was dropping out of the race, Trump supporters are intensely disgruntled, and disheartened with the use of dirty politics.Then again let's consider the man behind the dirty politicking, as we are dealing with the most hated man in Washington, and that man is Sen. Ted Cruz.
        Sen.Ted Cruz has earned his title of the "most despised man in the U.S.Senate" for a reason, and we the people and the voters are learning why, and learning fast. We are also learning why we can not have a man like Ted Cruz as President. Former Republican Presidential nominee, Bob Dole in an interview with The New York Times was quoted as saying,  "I Question his allegiance to the party", I don't know how he's going to deal with Congress, nobody likes him. The Republican party would fare better if Donald J. Trump were the nominee, and that the Republicans would suffer cataclysmic and "wholesale losses." Those are harsh words, but then as so it seems harsh words are said from virtually everyone in Washington, when speaking of  Sen.Ted Cruz. The various opinions of Senator Cruz are anything but complimentary, in fact they are downright blunt, and extremely negative, but then politics is not a game of niceness. Former President, G.W. Bush in an interview in October said, "I just don't like the guy."  Senator John McCain was quoted calling Cruz, "the distinguished wacko bird", and worse. John Dickerson of "The Slate", was quoted as saying "They don't keep Senate records about this kind of thing, but it's likely that no senator has created as many enemies in his party in as short a time as the junior senator from Texas."  Radio personality Rush Limbaugh, shared his opinion of Cruz in saying that "While many others have no doubt, come to the Senate in the past as a springboard to the presidency, it's hard to recall someone who has created as much controversy within his own party." The list of Cruz haters goes on, but Republican Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio perhaps summed up Ted best in the latest Republican debate, "This is the lie that Ted's campaign is built on...that he's the most conservative guy, and that everyone else is a RINO (Republican in Name Only) The truth is Ted, throughout this campaign, you've been willing to do or say anything in order to get votes."  That statement says it all, "you've been willing to do or say anything to get votes."
      America can not afford another chameleon of a President. America has heard it all before from a man named Barrack Obama. Obama said what he needed to say to get the votes and he won. While Senator Cruz appears to be guilty of the same, I and others firmly doubt that Sen. Ted Cruz would win the Presidency. Ted Cruz is not a likable candidate, and while Cruz supporters say this isn't a popularity contest, it is. The fact is whomever is nominated needs to be likable, and they also need be trust worthy as to receive the majority of the vote, and that man is not Ted Cruz. Orin Hatch the senior most republican in the senate, is quoted as saying, "I think we'll lose if he's our nominee." Hatch went on to say the following if Cruz were to become the republican nominee," There's a lot of people who don't feel he can appeal to people across the board, for us to win we have to appeal to the moderates and independents. We can't just act like that only one point of view is the only way to go. That's where Ted is going to have some trouble."
      Call me what you will, but one can not help but to look at a man and his history.  Senator Ted Cruz is a man that has a lot of enemies, and few friends. Not one Senator has endorsed Cruz for the Presidency, not a one. Perhaps those in the Tea Party will say it's due to Cruz standing up to the establishment, and fighting for our rights, and they could be correct. On the other hand if a man has no friends to aid him in getting what he wants done, that's a problem, and a big one at that. I can't help but think that some members in Washington might go against the Senator out of spite and hate, even if the attained goals are the same. For one to get what they want in Washington, America needs a leader that is likable, and a leader that is also respected. Without respect, and likability, it's real difficult to get things done. With Ted Cruz's history in Washington a Cruz Presidency could be an all out war.
    While likability is important I believe trust is of even more importance to the American people. While I as a Conservative would like to believe all of the Republican candidates are trustworthy, Ted Cruz has been proven not to be. In the last republican debate, the controversial and biased moderator Meghan Kelly caught the Senator in not one lie, but many of his lies, and had video by which to back up her accusations. Sarah Palin who had formerly endorsed Cruz when he ran for the position of Senator of Texas, has instead endorsed Donald Trump, showing America that she is not behind Cruz for the presidency. Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol Palin, tweeted that Senator Cruz was, "arrogant, a typical politician, and a flip flopper". 
      Flip flopper? You bet. Recently in an appearance on Chris Cuomo's New Day aired on CNN, Arkansas Republican, and former GOP presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee was quoted as saying that Ted Cruz was a non stop flip flopper, and that Cruz was a candidate that seemed to change his stances on issues for various audiences. Huckabee explained that when a candidate shifts positions so frequently it raises the issues of whether or not voters can trust that person. " When people change their views depending on geography of where they happen to be, if they say one thing in Manhattan and another thing in Marshalltown, Iowa, that's when you start wondering whether you can trust them." Huckabee further expressed Cruz's inability to be a leader. "When a person changes views time after time and is always moving with the political wind vane, when a person is a thermometer instead of a thermostat, that person is not a leader, and, no, you can not trust them." Mike Huckabee also went on to explain Cruz's flip flopping in great detail. "Ted Cruz has changed his positions on ethanol, immigration, H-1B visas. He's changed it on whether marriage is a state or a federal issue. He's changed it on whether he's going to be a real champion for religious liberty or whether that's going to be way down the road and it's not important."
       Not important? Cruz's habitual flip flopping is important and it's been noticed by many. Former Republican Presidential candidate, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has also come out  against Sen. Cruz.  In an interview on Fox News' "Fox and Friends", Paul accused Cruz of creating "false narratives." "I guess the problem with his authenticity is that he is now saying he was never for amnesty. I think Ted wants to have it both ways, but he also wants to accuse everybody else of not being as pure as he is, but in reality I think he's creating a false narrative.
         "False narratives", indeed, and the voters must not fall for the Texan Senator's "false narratives", lies, and deceit. In my opinion Ted Cruz is not a man of the people. A man of the people stays his course, doesn't flip flop, doesn't cheat, and doesn't lie. Senator Cruz lied in the Iowa caucuses with his phony mailing, and false statements regarding fellow candidate, Ben Carson, and the country is forewarned. If a man will go to one state and lie to the people, what's to stop him from doing the same in New Hampshire, New York, Maine and the rest of the country? Nothing, absolutely nothing. The truth is Senator Ted Cruz's record appears to be one that we the American people can not trust, and can not ignore. 
           Senator Ted Cruz, in my and many, many others' opinion is a man that is unfit to be President should he be so lucky to be President. America can not take a chance with a man as controversial, and hated as Sen. Cruz. While Cruz has apparently relished being the most hated man in the Senate, I for one am not impressed. It is true that America needs a strong leader, but America does not need a belligerent leader. America also does not need a leader that is unable to get along with others. America needs a leader that can unite not just his own party, but both parties, and that is only attained by gaining the respect of others. Sen.Ted Cruz does not have the respect of the colleagues in his own party, let alone the Democratic party. America is in trouble and America doesn't have time for belligerence, and self righteousness. America doesn't have time for a leader that yells and throws tantrums when not getting his way. America needs a leader who will have the capability to unite not only the political parties in this country, but the people in this country as well. America  needs a leader that can regain the respect of other nations and the capability to renew foreign relations gone bad. That man is not Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz is not likable. If American politicians have not been able to embrace Sen. Ted Cruz, then how in the hell will anyone else? America needs a leader that is respectable, trustworthy, likable, and able to work with others, from both America and abroad. I fail to believe that leader will be Sen. Ted Cruz.
    It is my hope that leader who will rebuild our economy, and military will be Donald Trump. With Trump being a successful business man, building a multi-million dollar empire, I have confidence he will be more than able to fix our broken economy. I also have the confidence that Trump will be capable to work with others in Washington to attain the goals he so desires. I believe Donald Trump can do this because both Rick Santorum, and Mike Huckabee joined Donald Trump in his event to raise money for America's Veterans. That event proved Donald's likability, and his talent to persuade others to work with him to get a job done. As Trump's campaign has progressed, Trump's likability and strength as a politician has only gotten better. America has a great leader, they just need to look. They need to heed the warning of Senator Cruz's record in Washington, and lies in Iowa, and look to see that America needs the leader we have in Donald Trump. 
(c)Sean Bianca 2016

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Iowa Caucuses

         The long awaited Iowa Caucuses have officially kicked off the 2016 Presidential race, and as anticipated it was indeed one heck of a fight. Ted Cruz the Tea Party conservative from Texas, came in first earning eight of the delegates and Trump came in second earning seven. While Trump not coming out on top was disappointing for Trump supporters, the outcome is not all that important if one takes a look back into the history of the Iowa Caucuses. As stated in The Digital Journal: "History since 1976 has shown us that if the candidate is not the incumbent president, unless the incumbent President is serving his second term, if the said candidate wins the Iowa Caucus for his party, he usually does not eventually win his party's nomination and never becomes President of the United States."
"Since 1976, only two candidates who won the Iowa Caucus for their parties ever became the President of the United States. They were George W. Bush in 2000, and Barack Obama in 2008; however, had either of the incumbent presidents, Bill Clinton or President Bush, respectively, not been serving their second terms, neither Candidate Bush nor Barack Obama would have won their general elections for the President of the United States, history shows."Read more":
    As many Trump supporters were surprised with the outcome of a second place finish, I myself thought the Iowa caucuses to be a success, as if history continues to prove true Trump really didn't want to win Iowa. After the knowledge of placing second, Trump gave what I and many critics thought to be a very good admirable speech, congratulating the winner, Senator Ted Cruz, thanking his supporters, and his plans for New Hampshire. Trump's speech was short, sweet, and to the point, unlike that of his adversaries. Senator Marco Rubio who placed third, and the winner  Senator Ted Cruz, both gave speeches that were nauseatingly long. Why one would have thought they both had just won the Presidency. Cruz's speech was 32 minutes long when Fox finally had to leave as to cover the  Democrat winner's Hillary Clinton speech. Frankly I was relieved as I wondered just how much preaching from a Senator I and others could take. While it is simply wonderful that Cuban immigrants have been able to succeed and prosper as both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have, I think America has heard enough of their sob stories of their parents' struggles immigrating from Cuba. Neither one has won the bid for the Republican nomination of President, let alone the actual all important Presidency.
        The race is on, and the Republicans are a fortunate lot of voters. The Republicans have had a group of extremely capable, sharp, and knowledgeable candidates of which to choose from, while the same can not be said of the Democrats.The Democrats  have had only three candidates and the two worth mentioning aren't worth a grain of salt. The Democrats have a seventy four year old socialist  that appears to have just rolled out of his car in yesterday's clothes in Bernie Sanders, and a sixty-eight year old post menopausal lying failed  Secretary of State that faces possible indictment in Hillary Clinton. We as Republicans are very lucky, however we need to make the right choice when electing our Presidential nominee. While I feel just about all of the candidates would be far better than Obama has been or any Democrat will be, we need to elect the right person who we honestly feel will beat any Democrat running. Ted Cruz may have won Iowa, but I do not feel he will be able to win in the end. Ted Cruz is correct on many issues and yes stood up for what he believed in while serving as Senator, and I admire that, however Ted Cruz failed. Ted Cruz failed in that he was unable to convince others to work with him and join him in his fight. America is at a crucial time. America needs a man that will do everything possible to keep this country safe, a man that will be able to turn this country around economically, and a man that will be able to work with both parties to get what he wants done. I firmly believe believe that man is Donald J. Trump. 
(c)Sean Bianca 2016 


Monday, February 1, 2016

Trump For The People!

      Politics is a dirty business, a very dirty business indeed, but I and many Americans have been clueless as to how cut throat, and corrupt, politics could actually be. The corruption runs deep, so deep that we the people of America and our choices are of little to no concern of our parties. Never in my life have I been so disheartened, with my political party, our election process, and our country, as I am today. Today the Iowa Caucuses will kick off the race for the Presidency, and as I watch and hope for my chosen candidate, Donald J, Trump to come out on top, I am also left with the worry of if he wins will it be enough?
         Will it be enough for Donald Trump to win the Iowa caucuses and the majority of the country's primary elections? Some say not. Some say there's so much more than we the people know of the presidential race. Some say it all comes down to money, and money is what is of the utmost importance to the politicians of today. Who can be bought, and who can do what specific people want done. Who can be bought? Hillary, Bush, and a good majority in Washington, from what has been said. Word on the street is the Republicans and Democrats want who they want, and who they want is Hillary or Bush, as they can be bought by Wall Street, and be used for certain people's certain agendas such as open borders.
         The fact is while the Republican party has been given a lift with the excitement that Republican Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump has provided, the  Republicans are anything but happy. The Republicans wanted Bush, and much to their chagrin Bush failed at winning over the people. He instead appeared to be a washed up has been politician. Well, while I and other Trump supporters thought Bush would be done, the GOP had other ideas. Those ideas we Americans will be sure to put to rest with the nomination of Donald Trump, but will that be enough?
      With the last Republican debate much was revealed. It was revealed that Fox News had a plan, and that plan was was to destroy everyone on the debate stage, but Jeb Bush, and it worked. This last debate was not a debate, it was an assault. It was an attack by Meghan Kelly, Chris Wallace, and Brett Baier. The Fox News debate was unlike any other debate I have seen. The debate seemed more like that of a prosecution, a prosecution on the candidates in contention for the Presidency. The debate made Ted Cruz, a former debate champion, look the worst he has looked, with Rubio not too far behind. The debate showed various video clips of the candidates and how they have flip flopped their various stands on certain issues. Jeb Bush was untouched. Jeb Bush was made to look good, and I had to admit that yes he did have the best showing of all, but then , that is how it was meant to go down. Jeb also performed well as his nemesis, Donald Trump was not present. Fox news applauded Jeb's performance, and today is still applauding his performance. Excuse me, but I want a President that can speak well and think quickly when in the company of his friends, or his foes. That man is not Jeb Bush. With Jeb Bush at around one percent in the polls many are at a conundrum as to why anyone cares what Jeb Bush is doing. The truth is no one cares what Jeb is doing, but the GOP and Wall Street, and so the corruption is revealed.
    Corruption, it's real and it's of real concern. The best thing Donald Trump did was not attend the last Republican debate. Trump did what a smart man should have done, and had the other candidates been smart, they would have done the same. As it happens and has recently been reported, Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch and Karl Rove have joined forces to destroy Mr. Trump. The reason being is controversial Murdoch needs Jeb Bush to pass his TPTA deal which would control 40% of global mfg. Not only would Jeb aid Murdoch with his needs for Wall Street, but Bush would also preserve Murdoch's true liberal agenda. According to various reports Murdoch wishes to preserve Obamacare, wants promotion of Common Core education standards, and wants an open border, and the granting of amnesty to all illegal immigrants. Clearly Trump opposes all of these views. Not only does Trump oppose the wishes of Murdoch, Wall Streeters, and some bought Republicans, but Trump has his own money and can't be bought!
      Trump can't be bought, and that is precisely why I ,and so many Americans are standing with him, and want him as President. As money appears to be what has corrupted Washington, it is clear why the Republicans have not been successful in opposing our President. I can't help but wonder, were votes bought? Were decisions bought? We the people elected a Republican majority to both the Senate and Congress and yet nothing has been accomplished! We have had more scandals with this Presidency than any other, and yet nothing has been done, why? Why, is perhaps a good many of the people we elected may have  had their own monetary motives. Be it pay offs, Wall Street incentives, or certain needs, our politicians have let us down, and we the people are now taking a stand in standing with an anti-establishment candidate. That candidate is Donald Trump, and my fear is the Republicans will not allow Donald Trump, if nominated, to be the Presidential nominee of the Republican party.
      In an interview with Neil Cavuto, on the Fox Business Channel, former N.H. Governor Judd Gregg, stated that the nomination of Donald Trump or Ted Cruz by New Hampshire was not likely. Gregg went on to say that a Republican brokered convention would elect a proper Republican nominee, such as Jeb Bush, or John Kasich. How this is possible I am not quite certain, but if this is true, Donald Trump I hope will run as an independent. As a long time Republican it pains me to say how disappointed I am in my party, and in Fox News. We the people of the United States want Donald Trump as we truly believe Donald Trump will, "make America great again". We the people want freedom, we want the opportunity to work, prosper, and be rewarded, and not penalized. For eight years those who have sponged off the system have been rewarded and those who have worked hard, have been penalized, and that is not the American way. For eight years we have lost respect and strength as a nation, and we need a leader to lead us back to greatness. We also need a leader to keep us safe and take a stand of not allowing those who threaten us into our country until it is safe to do so. We need a leader who will rebuild our military and take care of our veterans, men who have fought for our liberties and our beliefs. Perhaps Wall Street and others are driven by money as we all may be, but at what cost? All the money in the world is of no use if our country is unsafe. Safety, and what is best for our nation is what is most important, and I believe in Donald Trump. I believe Donald Trump will be the leader and protector that we as a nation have needed for quite some time. While the GOP may be driven by money and have their motives, I and other Trump supporters have motives as well. We will get Donald Trump elected as President of the United States.
(c)Sean Bianca 2015

               Neil Cavuto Interview with Gregg