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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Cruz, Lies, Unlike-ability, and Unfit To Be President!

     "If it talks like a duck, and walks like a duck, well it's a duck", as they say. The same can be said of, "if it talks like a prick and walks like a prick, it's probably a prick."The prick of whom I am speaking, is the winner of the Iowan Caucus, Senator Ted Cruz. Jason Zengerle of GQ, has been quoted as saying,"Cruz has become the most despised man in the U.S. Senate". As the campaign for the republican nomination of the Presidency has now officially begun, it is becoming clear as to why the Senator is the most despised man in the U.S. Senate. Senator Cruz won the Iowa Caucus, but his win was one of lies, and deceit. While in Iowa, the Cruz campaign engaged in what can be deemed as dirty, and deceitful politicking. The Cruz camp sent out a legally shady voter violation mailer, and then followed up with false rumors that opponent Ben Carson was dropping out of the presidential race. The allegation came from none other than an angry Ben Carson, on "Fox and Friends", Tuesday morning. The Cruz camp is said to have told Carson supporters in Iowa to should caucus for Cruz, as their candidate was no longer in the race. Ben Carson's wife Candy, confirmed the false reports as she herself had witnessed the deceitful activity taking place. While Carson's campaign is understandably unhappy with the lie that Carson was dropping out of the race, Trump supporters are intensely disgruntled, and disheartened with the use of dirty politics.Then again let's consider the man behind the dirty politicking, as we are dealing with the most hated man in Washington, and that man is Sen. Ted Cruz.
        Sen.Ted Cruz has earned his title of the "most despised man in the U.S.Senate" for a reason, and we the people and the voters are learning why, and learning fast. We are also learning why we can not have a man like Ted Cruz as President. Former Republican Presidential nominee, Bob Dole in an interview with The New York Times was quoted as saying,  "I Question his allegiance to the party", I don't know how he's going to deal with Congress, nobody likes him. The Republican party would fare better if Donald J. Trump were the nominee, and that the Republicans would suffer cataclysmic and "wholesale losses." Those are harsh words, but then as so it seems harsh words are said from virtually everyone in Washington, when speaking of  Sen.Ted Cruz. The various opinions of Senator Cruz are anything but complimentary, in fact they are downright blunt, and extremely negative, but then politics is not a game of niceness. Former President, G.W. Bush in an interview in October said, "I just don't like the guy."  Senator John McCain was quoted calling Cruz, "the distinguished wacko bird", and worse. John Dickerson of "The Slate", was quoted as saying "They don't keep Senate records about this kind of thing, but it's likely that no senator has created as many enemies in his party in as short a time as the junior senator from Texas."  Radio personality Rush Limbaugh, shared his opinion of Cruz in saying that "While many others have no doubt, come to the Senate in the past as a springboard to the presidency, it's hard to recall someone who has created as much controversy within his own party." The list of Cruz haters goes on, but Republican Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio perhaps summed up Ted best in the latest Republican debate, "This is the lie that Ted's campaign is built on...that he's the most conservative guy, and that everyone else is a RINO (Republican in Name Only) The truth is Ted, throughout this campaign, you've been willing to do or say anything in order to get votes."  That statement says it all, "you've been willing to do or say anything to get votes."
      America can not afford another chameleon of a President. America has heard it all before from a man named Barrack Obama. Obama said what he needed to say to get the votes and he won. While Senator Cruz appears to be guilty of the same, I and others firmly doubt that Sen. Ted Cruz would win the Presidency. Ted Cruz is not a likable candidate, and while Cruz supporters say this isn't a popularity contest, it is. The fact is whomever is nominated needs to be likable, and they also need be trust worthy as to receive the majority of the vote, and that man is not Ted Cruz. Orin Hatch the senior most republican in the senate, is quoted as saying, "I think we'll lose if he's our nominee." Hatch went on to say the following if Cruz were to become the republican nominee," There's a lot of people who don't feel he can appeal to people across the board, for us to win we have to appeal to the moderates and independents. We can't just act like that only one point of view is the only way to go. That's where Ted is going to have some trouble."
      Call me what you will, but one can not help but to look at a man and his history.  Senator Ted Cruz is a man that has a lot of enemies, and few friends. Not one Senator has endorsed Cruz for the Presidency, not a one. Perhaps those in the Tea Party will say it's due to Cruz standing up to the establishment, and fighting for our rights, and they could be correct. On the other hand if a man has no friends to aid him in getting what he wants done, that's a problem, and a big one at that. I can't help but think that some members in Washington might go against the Senator out of spite and hate, even if the attained goals are the same. For one to get what they want in Washington, America needs a leader that is likable, and a leader that is also respected. Without respect, and likability, it's real difficult to get things done. With Ted Cruz's history in Washington a Cruz Presidency could be an all out war.
    While likability is important I believe trust is of even more importance to the American people. While I as a Conservative would like to believe all of the Republican candidates are trustworthy, Ted Cruz has been proven not to be. In the last republican debate, the controversial and biased moderator Meghan Kelly caught the Senator in not one lie, but many of his lies, and had video by which to back up her accusations. Sarah Palin who had formerly endorsed Cruz when he ran for the position of Senator of Texas, has instead endorsed Donald Trump, showing America that she is not behind Cruz for the presidency. Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol Palin, tweeted that Senator Cruz was, "arrogant, a typical politician, and a flip flopper". 
      Flip flopper? You bet. Recently in an appearance on Chris Cuomo's New Day aired on CNN, Arkansas Republican, and former GOP presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee was quoted as saying that Ted Cruz was a non stop flip flopper, and that Cruz was a candidate that seemed to change his stances on issues for various audiences. Huckabee explained that when a candidate shifts positions so frequently it raises the issues of whether or not voters can trust that person. " When people change their views depending on geography of where they happen to be, if they say one thing in Manhattan and another thing in Marshalltown, Iowa, that's when you start wondering whether you can trust them." Huckabee further expressed Cruz's inability to be a leader. "When a person changes views time after time and is always moving with the political wind vane, when a person is a thermometer instead of a thermostat, that person is not a leader, and, no, you can not trust them." Mike Huckabee also went on to explain Cruz's flip flopping in great detail. "Ted Cruz has changed his positions on ethanol, immigration, H-1B visas. He's changed it on whether marriage is a state or a federal issue. He's changed it on whether he's going to be a real champion for religious liberty or whether that's going to be way down the road and it's not important."
       Not important? Cruz's habitual flip flopping is important and it's been noticed by many. Former Republican Presidential candidate, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has also come out  against Sen. Cruz.  In an interview on Fox News' "Fox and Friends", Paul accused Cruz of creating "false narratives." "I guess the problem with his authenticity is that he is now saying he was never for amnesty. I think Ted wants to have it both ways, but he also wants to accuse everybody else of not being as pure as he is, but in reality I think he's creating a false narrative.
         "False narratives", indeed, and the voters must not fall for the Texan Senator's "false narratives", lies, and deceit. In my opinion Ted Cruz is not a man of the people. A man of the people stays his course, doesn't flip flop, doesn't cheat, and doesn't lie. Senator Cruz lied in the Iowa caucuses with his phony mailing, and false statements regarding fellow candidate, Ben Carson, and the country is forewarned. If a man will go to one state and lie to the people, what's to stop him from doing the same in New Hampshire, New York, Maine and the rest of the country? Nothing, absolutely nothing. The truth is Senator Ted Cruz's record appears to be one that we the American people can not trust, and can not ignore. 
           Senator Ted Cruz, in my and many, many others' opinion is a man that is unfit to be President should he be so lucky to be President. America can not take a chance with a man as controversial, and hated as Sen. Cruz. While Cruz has apparently relished being the most hated man in the Senate, I for one am not impressed. It is true that America needs a strong leader, but America does not need a belligerent leader. America also does not need a leader that is unable to get along with others. America needs a leader that can unite not just his own party, but both parties, and that is only attained by gaining the respect of others. Sen.Ted Cruz does not have the respect of the colleagues in his own party, let alone the Democratic party. America is in trouble and America doesn't have time for belligerence, and self righteousness. America doesn't have time for a leader that yells and throws tantrums when not getting his way. America needs a leader who will have the capability to unite not only the political parties in this country, but the people in this country as well. America  needs a leader that can regain the respect of other nations and the capability to renew foreign relations gone bad. That man is not Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz is not likable. If American politicians have not been able to embrace Sen. Ted Cruz, then how in the hell will anyone else? America needs a leader that is respectable, trustworthy, likable, and able to work with others, from both America and abroad. I fail to believe that leader will be Sen. Ted Cruz.
    It is my hope that leader who will rebuild our economy, and military will be Donald Trump. With Trump being a successful business man, building a multi-million dollar empire, I have confidence he will be more than able to fix our broken economy. I also have the confidence that Trump will be capable to work with others in Washington to attain the goals he so desires. I believe Donald Trump can do this because both Rick Santorum, and Mike Huckabee joined Donald Trump in his event to raise money for America's Veterans. That event proved Donald's likability, and his talent to persuade others to work with him to get a job done. As Trump's campaign has progressed, Trump's likability and strength as a politician has only gotten better. America has a great leader, they just need to look. They need to heed the warning of Senator Cruz's record in Washington, and lies in Iowa, and look to see that America needs the leader we have in Donald Trump. 
(c)Sean Bianca 2016

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