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Sunday, December 25, 2016

America Has Been Blessed!

    For eight long years America has lived under what has seemed like that of a "black cloud'. America has been oppressed. America has been divided. America has been weak, and America has been a country without hope and opportunity. America has also been a country without "Christmas". Well,this past November 8th, Christmas came early for Americans. Christmas came early, as America elected Donald J. Trump as their next president. Number 45 to be exact. In all sincerity, since Donald J. Trump has been elected as our next president, it has truly seemed like Christmas every day. Not only has it seemed like Christmas, but it is Christmas. It is Christmas Day and we have been again allowed to say the words, "Merry Christmas", without feeling as though we've just committed a crime. For eight long years Americans have been too afraid to say, "Merry Christmas", as to not offend anyone. America has had a president that's been so afraid of offending Muslims that he's offended Christians in the interim. How refreshing is it to again have a Christian as a president! How great is it to have a president that will again allow God into America. Perhaps America will again be blessed having a God fearing, worshiping man as president. America has had a president for eight years that has not attended church, and has attempted to take God out of our lives, and our country has suffered. Seeing our future president standing at a podium with the words, "Merry Christmas USA", while on his victory tour was truly a sight to behold. It sent a message to Americans, that Christians will no longer be second class citizens under President Elect Donald Trump. It sent a message of hope, serenity, and spirituality.

   The black cloud of gloom and doom under Obama has been lifted. America has been saved. On this Christmas day I truly feel our country is blessed to have a strong leader of faith. Last night I attended church where our president elect was attending as well. As the our future president walked in to take a seat in the pew with his beautiful wife, Melania, church goers stood in their honor. Not only did the church goers stand, but they gave the President elect a standing ovation with cheers and clapping. Upon seeing our next president take his seat in church, I was in awe. I was in awe as the man America has elected has an aura of no other. It is an aura of greatness, an aura of a great leader. America has been blessed with the election of 2016. America again has a man who will apologize no more for America, nor for Christianity. America has a president who will unite our once great nation and not divide the nation. America again has hope for greatness and prosperity. Thanks to President Elect Donald Trump, it is again Christmas, and America is blessed!
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2016
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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

America Again Has "Hope" With President Elect Donald Trump!

     "We are feeling what not having hope feels like".-Michelle Obama 

   In a recent interview conducted by Oprah Winfrey, First Lady, Michelle Obama expressed that she thought the the United States was entering a time of hopelessness. Allow me to enlighten the First Lady on hopelessness. Hopelessness is what Americans have been feeling under her husband, President Barrack Obama. Hopelessness is Americans losing their jobs due to large companies leaving the States as to find cheaper labor. Hopelessness is Americans not being able to afford healthcare as their premiums have tripled and quadrupled under the affordable Obama Care. Hopelessness is the middle class being all but a distant memory. Hopelessness is working two, three, or more jobs and still not making ends meet. Hopelessness is when Americans feel they can no longer rely on police officers as America has nearly become a country of lawlessness. Hopelessness is when America's president stands with the very group that calls for the killing of police officers. Hopelessness is having a president that has more sympathy for those who break the law than those who obey the law. Hopelessness is having a president that refuses to stand up to the terrorists as well as a president that refuses to defeat the terrorists. Hopelessness is having a president that apologizes for America and refuses to stand up for America. Hopelessness is having a president that cares more for illegal immigrants and unvetted refugees than for his own people in need. Hopelessness is and has been America under the leadership of President Barrack Obama.

   While Michelle Obama feels America is in a state of hopelessness, I and millions of Americans finally, for the first time in long time again have hope. With the election of President Elect Donald Trump, millions of Americans feel as though a gigantic weight has been lifted from atop of them. For eight years Americans have been in somewhat of a depression under President Obama. President Obama promised "hope and change" for America, and Americans received anything, but hope from Barrack Obama. Unfortunately, Americans did receive "change" from Obama. "Change" that was unwanted. "Change" that was to the detriment of virtually every law abiding, tax paying American.Under Barrack Obama, Americans have been held back and oppressed. Americans have for eight long years been in a state of shock and dismay as they watched the fall of their once great nation. 

   Thanks to America electing President Elect Donald Trump, Americans again have "hope", and will soon have "change". That "change" will be America again being the America our forefathers envisioned. We will again be a "free"America. We will again be an enterprising America. We will again be a prosperous America. We will again be a stronger and a safer America. Thanks to President Elect Donald Trump, we will again be "America", and America will be great again!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 
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Monday, December 12, 2016

What Next Dems? Aliens?

     Just in, Nancy Pelosi claims aliens were responsible for President Elect Donald Trump's win. Apparently aliens have a vested interest in America's election. Sound ridiculous? Well it ought to, as it's completely false. It's as false as Hillary's campaign blaming James Comey for Hillary's losing the election due to his reopening the email investigation. It's as false as Jill Stein's claiming that numbers for President Elect Donald Trump were incorrect. It's also as false as fake news being the cause for Trump's win as the failed presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, would like Americans to believe. The fact is aliens did not cause Hillary Clinton to lose, just like the Russians, James Comey, and alleged fake news did not cause Hillary Clinton to lose the election of 2016. The fact is the Democrats lost the  2016 presidential election, and they have no one to blame, but themselves and their chosen flawed presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

   Yes, the Democrats lost this election all by themselves and they have no one to blame, but themselves. They chose a candidate who will no doubt go down as the most corrupt presidential candidate in history and they paid the price. They paid the price with losing their bid for the White House. The irony of it all is, had Hillary been a Republican with the same scarred political career, she wouldn't have even been allowed to run. Had a Republican been guilty of using an unsecured server sending and receiving classified material they NEVER would have been allowed to run for the presidency. Had a Republican been guilty of receiving monies for profit from terrorist nations, they NEVER would have been allowed to run for the presidency. Had a Republican's negligence caused four men to die in Benghazi, they NEVER would have been allowed to run for the presidency. Had a Republican not been able to pass a basic FBI background check due to their carelessness they NEVER would have been allowed to run for the presidency. The fact is had ANY Republican been guilty of a fraction of what Hillary Clinton was guilty of, they'd have been likely prosecuted and sitting in prison. Instead, Hillary Clinton got away with murder and she was allowed to run for the presidency. Is there any doubt why the Democrats lost?

   Enough! Never in my lifetime have I witnessed an election where the losing candidate, and it's party were unable to accept the results. Former failed presidential candidate Al Gore was bad enough. America thought they'd never hear the end of Al Gore, and oh how America couldn't wait to see the end of boring Al Gore. Al Gore was much like Senator Ted Cruz, a man gone insane over his having to come to terms with the fact that he would likely never ever be president of the United States. However, the Democrats turned the other cheek, accepted the loss, and let Al Gore go mad. Not this time. This time around, not only is the failed presidential candidate being unaccepting of the loss, but the entire Democratic party, and liberal media is also being unaccepting as well. Lest me not forget the establishment Republicans that seem to also be unaccepting of the 2016 presidential election results. The fact is, is that Democrats, establishment "never Trump" Republicans, mainstream media, and political pundits are still discussing how President Elect Donald Trump should not be president, and it's ludicrous! 

    Frankly, I find it somewhat disconcerting that we have such a bunch of whiny losers running our government. No wonder the country has been going to hell! Get some backbone, people! Grow up and face the music. Donald Trump is our next president. President Elect Donald Trump did not win due to James Comey's re-opening of the email investigation. Hillary committed a crime and while James Comey and our FBI may have not held Hillary accountable, America did. He also did not win due to fake news. The fact is the supposed "fake news" reported more "real news" than mainstream media. Mainstream media was in Hillary's back pocket and they did all they could to hide the truth about Hillary from Americans. While mainstream media may have thought they were real smart in their attempts to fool the people of this great nation, they only fooled themselves. The people didn't  believe the Hillary Clinton fairy tale and they proved that with their votes. President Elect Donald Trump also did not win due to the Russians hacking our election or leaking intel to Wikileaks. All indications seem to point to our own intelligence leaking intel to Wikileaks. It is said they they feared Hillary Clinton would be the demise of our nation as we have known it. Lastly, President Elect Donald Trump did not win the election due to voter fraud. If anything, Trump's numbers will only go higher if recounting were to take place nationwide. Thanks to Green Party presidential candidate, Jill Stein, Trump's number did just that. They went up over 150 votes in Wisconsin. Millions of dollars wasted and Trump still came up the winner, because he is the clear winner. Seriously, did the Democrat really think Hillary could win the election with only all of maybe 200 people showing up at her rallies? President Elect Donald Trump had thousands of people showing up for his rallies. With that being said, it's time for the political pundits who were wrong, the mainstream media who were wrong, Hillary Clinton, the Democrats, the "never Trump" Republicans, (John McCain, Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, John Kasich, and Jeb Bush) to accept their president. They must accept President Elect Donald Trump as their president, shut up, shape up, be men or ship out. There's a new president in town. His name is Donald J. Trump and he's going to make America great again. He already is!!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016 
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Monday, December 5, 2016

Jill Stein, Give It Up!

  It is said that everyone at some point receives 15 minutes of fame. I believe this past week marked the Green Party presidential candidate, Jill Stein's 15 minutes of fame. At present, Ms. Stein received quite a bit more than 15 minutes. She instead has received more air time and publicity post election than in her entire political career. Prior Jill Stein's recount request, millions of Americans knew little if anything about Jill Stein. Presently, millions of Americans not only know of the Green Party candidate, they despise her. Most Americans wish the silver haired menopausal mad woman would just go away. Unfortunately, Jill Stein's disappearance seems highly doubtful. Personally, I would think the Green Party candidate would want to fade away into obscurity. Having received a mere 1% of the popular vote in the presidential election, one has to wonder just why one would want to place themselves in the limelight. Not only has Jill Stein catapulted herself into the limelight, but she intends on catapulting herself front and center in front of Trump Tower sometime tomorrow. It is highly doubtful that President Elect Donald Trump will listen as the Green Party candidate rants on fair elections in America.

  In as little as a few days, Jill Stein raised upwards of $6 million in her quest to demand a recount in the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. That's more money than the Green Party candidate was able to raise in the entire year prior to her election. In fact, she failed to raise even a million dollars for her failed presidential campaign. Sadly, the money has not surprisingly been all for nothing. Dec. 3 Stein withdrew her request for a recount in Pennsylvania as she was unable to raise the one million dollar bond that was required. Word has it that the Hillary camp has already explored the possibility of the election being incorrect, and their findings were null. As Stein has appeared to run out of donors for her worthless cause, the Clintons no doubt were behind the recount. Sadly, the millions of dollars Stein raised in her quest to change the results of the election was raised in vain. Jill Stein proved herself to be nothing more than another cry baby liberal that didn't get their way. Millions of dollars raised for what? For a post menopausal mad woman that has clearly lost her mind, the failed presidential candidate that hails herself to be the "Green Party" candidate could have done so much with the millions she raised and instead she might as well have just thrown the money down the toilet. Not to mention the millions in tax payer dollars that could have gone for far better purposes than a woman's insane demands. 

   President Elect Donald Trump is, no ifs, ands, buts about it, our next president. Jill Stein and the rest of the whiny American liberals need to grown up and accept the results of this year's presidential election. The Republicans didn't get their way eight years ago, and the Republicans stayed silent. The Republicans four years ago lost an election that was theirs for the taking and they again stayed silent. The Republicans didn't whine, they didn't protest, they didn't loot, and they didn't riot. The Republicans accepted their losses and vowed to win the next presidential election. The Republicans nominated a man whom they felt would make their party proud and that he did. With that being said, Jill Stein best take her sorry defeated self home and accept the results of this years presidential election. America has spoken, America has been heard. America has a new president in President Elect Donald Trump!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2016
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