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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Where"s Our Sanctuary?

     Prior to July 1st, 2015, many Americans had never heard of the term, "sanctuary city". July 1st, 2015 virtually every American knew the term, "sanctuary city", as a 32 year old woman was shot in the back and killed while walking on Pier 14 in San Francisco with her father. Kate Steinle was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times prior to the day of the shooting. Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez was later arrested and charged with murder. Kate Steinle, an American, was killed in San Francisco, California, a "sanctuary city" that may well have been a sanctuary for Lopez-Sanchez, but was anything, but for Kate Steinle. Lopez-Sanchez was proof that President Trump was right. "When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best."

   No, when it comes to illegal immigrants, Mexico is not sending their best, and for that matter, neither is any other country. When it comes to illegal immigrants, America is dealing with the worst of the worst, and Americans are suffering for it. Americans are suffering at the hands of illegal immigrants who are being harbored in "sanctuary cities". While the left seems to want to turn all of America into a "sanctuary" for all, I ask, where's the sanctuary for Americans?

    Just last week a 14 year old, ninth grade girl was raped and sodomized by two illegal immigrants in Rockville, Maryland, at Rockville High School. The two men were ages 17 and 18 years old. They took turns raping and sodomizing the young girl in the bathroom of the school. Both young men were apprehended by Federal Border Agents and were set for deportation proceedings. Instead of being deported the two men were allowed to go live with relatives in Maryland. Two illegal immigrants, a sanctuary city, and the life of a 14 year old forever ruined. A life of a 14 year old ruined by two illegal immigrants. Two illegal immigrants who are being now defended by the Superintendent of the school system in saying that the sex had in the bathroom of the school was "consensual". I can assure Dr. Jack Smith the sex was not "consensual". No 14 year old girl would consent to have sex and be sodomized by two men anywhere anytime. May I add no young girl would ever consent to have sex with a vile sleazeball illegal immigrant!

   Where's our sanctuary? Apparently, Americans have no sanctuary. Days after the Rockville, Maryland rape, the state of Maryland voted to become a sanctuary state. Governor Larry Hogan stated that he would veto Maryland becoming a sanctuary state. By Maryland taking such an action they have completely condoned the raping of the young Rockville, Maryland teen. Maryland might as well just make a statement that illegal immigrants can get away with anything and they will do not much of anything, as they are a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. 

  Is America a sanctuary for illegal immigrants and a living hell for its citizens? Apparently so. Horrific crimes by illegal immigrants are committed regularly and still the left defends illegal immigration. It's disgusting and unconscionable how the left can continue their desire to continue with sanctuary cities and sanctuary states. While the left is so hell bent to protect the rights and aid illegal immigrants, I ask what about the rights, and safety of Americans? How dare the left look the other way on the crimes of illegal immigrants! Do Americans not matter? Do the lives of innocent Americans not matter? While illegal immigrants continue to flee to sanctuary cities in search of a better life, the lives of Americans are being permanently destroyed. Another life should never ever again be permanently destroyed due to an illegal immigrant being harbored in a sanctuary city. It is time to end all sanctuary cities once and for all. Until every sanctuary city is abolished in the United States, I ask, where is our sanctuary?
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL BLOG 2017
#endsanctuarycities #women4trump #RockvilleMd #RockvilleMdrape


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Espionage, Hillary, Obama, Clapper And Brennan

      Americans have tired of mainstream media, their continuous lies, and their playing the American people for fools. All Americans are not fools and they want real news. Americans have had enough of the alleged collusion between Russia and President Donald Trump. Americans have had enough as it didn't happen. A congressional panel found "no evidence" to suggest that there was a collusion between Moscow and Donald Trump. "No evidence" and yet the Democrats still seem to want to blame President Trump's winning the election on the Russians. The Russians had absolutely nothing to do with the Presidential election of 2016. However, it's a great distraction on the true deception in Washington.

   Deception in Washington, where to begin? All indications point to Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Clapper, James Comey, and John Brennan. While the Democrats are playing the fake Russian card, it is clear they are attempting to distract the media from the truth. The truth? The truth that Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama appear to be in violation of the espionage act. As many may recall in the second debate, President Donald Trump exclaimed "you'd be in jail". He made the statement in response to Hillary Clinton stating, "it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country".  Well, perhaps the Democrats are afraid President Donald Trump just may do that. He may do this as it seems without a doubt that Hillary Clinton and former President Obama did in fact violate the espionage act with Hillary's use of a "rogue server". Hillary used a server, that did not have an "ATO"; translation, "authority to operate". When Hillary used this server she put the security of our nation at risk. While the Democrats are concerned with President Trump and his alleged collusion with Moscow, Hillary and Obama both communicated using a server that could have been easily hacked by  Iran, China, North Korea, Israel, Russia, and anyone under the sun! If anyone were guilty of giving information to the Russians ,it was Hillary and Obama. Obama is as guilty as Hillary in that he knew she was using a rogue server, with the very first email Hillary sent using the Rogue server. In fact, Obama even went so far as to use a pseudonym to communicate with Hillary Clinton as he clearly knew the server did not have the authority to operate. That being said, both Hillary and Obama are guilty of violating the espionage act and they should be held accountable. 

   Not only should Hillary and Obama be held accountable, but so too should James Clapper, Obama's former Director of National Intelligence, as well as his Central Intelligence Agency Director, John Brennan. Former NSA/CIA whistleblower, Dennis Montgomery, has claimed that both Clapper and Brennan were using a super computer system named, "The HAMMER", as to collect illegal and unconstitutional data, harvesting, and wiretapping. The HAMMER was installed in what some speculate as to be a secret CIA-NSA operation in Ft Washington, Maryland. While THE HAMMER could access the emails, bank accounts, and phone calls of millions of innocent Americans, it has been discovered that it was used to access the accounts of Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, 156 other judges, and then presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump. 

   Yes, President Trump's allegations that he was wiretapped by Obama and his administration are true. In fact, Larry Klayman, the attorney for whistleblower,  James Montgomery, claims that James Clapper and John Brennan particularly targeted Donald Trump "a zillion times".  The President was wiretapped "a zillion times" and FBI Director, James Comey, states that there is no evidence to prove the President was ever wiretapped? He lied, and it wouldn't be the first time someone from an intelligence agency has lied under oath, and I have a hunch it won't be the last.  In a previous hearing, James Clapper testified under oath that the NSA and other intelligence agencies including the CIA were not collecting massive amounts of telephonic and internet metadata on hundreds of millions of citizens. Edward Snowden proved otherwise and Clapper has yet to be prosecuted for committing perjury. It's no coincidence that Clapper resigned on November 17th, 2016, shortly before the inauguration of President Trump. 

   Our President is being lied to, our intelligence is attempting to undermine him, and it must be investigated. James Comey and any other Obama holdover can not be trusted. Americans had eight years of a government that promised transparency and got anything, but transparency. We, the people ,had a government that was in breech of security, in violation of the espionage act and it's time to hold the former administration accountable. If the former administration is not held accountable and prosecuted, we are a nation without law and order. President Trump, in order to protect Americans, must investigate further into his and others being wiretapped, and he must fire all that are holdovers from the Obama administration. James Comey and others are loyal to a fault to Obama and Hillary Clinton, and they will stop at nothing to protect them. Over 32,000 emails were deleted and they can be easily found by the NSA in Ft. Mead. We, the people, elected President Trump and we, the people, deserve a President that is able to operate without being wiretapped and spied on by Obama and his shadow government. President Trump will do all in his power to keep our Americans' security safe, but will be unable to do his job if he is being undermined by those who are guilty of breaking the law... 
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017
#TheHammer #firecomey #arrestObama #arrestHillary




Monday, March 20, 2017

Palm Beach And The President Trump Predicament


     Prestigious Palm Beach, Florida, once considered the playground for the rich and famous, is at present dying a slow death, and they want the President to pay for it. As preposterous as it sounds, such seems to be the case. With the news that President Trump was visiting Palm Beach for the fifth time since he took office, a Palm Beach County commissioner, suggested that Palm Beach make Mar-a-lago pay for the President's visits. Apparently, the county has asked the federal government to reimburse them and they have heard nothing. One Palm Beach county commissioner, a Democrat,  claims to have a solution. His solution; make Mar-a-Lago pay. Making Mar-a-Lago pay is ludicrous in that already the President pays somewhere between one and three million dollars in yearly property taxes to the county of Palm Beach. Not to mention, the mere fact that Palm Beach, Florida has the President of the United States in their town, thus bringing much needed business back to a place that was nearly finished. 

   Palm Beach, Florida has been all but forgotten by the rich and famous. While Palm Beach has been fortunate to have a good many hedge funders and celebrities, Palm Beach is at the same time is still recuperating from the wrath of Bernie Madoff. Bernie Madoff may well have single handedly destroyed Palm Beach, and Palm Beach appears to want to charge unwarranted taxation on President Trump. With the county of Palm Beach facing a $40 million deficit, it's no wonder the county wants to charge the President, but it's unfair and it's wrong. Not only is it wrong, but in my opinion, Palm Beach is discriminating against the President. The county is discriminating against the President as never before has Palm Beach County requested a President to pay for extra costs incurred due to a president's visits. Nowhere is it written that Palm Beach county billed the federal government for President John F. Kennedy's visits. Palm Beach instead, rather liked the fact that JFK chose to visit Palm Beach. In fact, Palm Beach would tout the fact that JFK and his family were in town at "The Winter White House"in Palm Beach, Florida.

  Unfortunately for President Trump, Palm Beach is not touting Mar-a-Lago as the "Winter White House", nor is it touting and glorifying the fact that President Trump is regularly in town. The fact is, Palm Beach hasn't liked the President from the day the President arrived in Palm Beach, Florida. In fact, the town of Palm Beach has pretty much despised the man. How fitting that President Trump has become the President and leader of the free world.  Perhaps it was Trump's accusation that the town of Palm Beach discriminated against Mar-a-Lago for its allowing Jews and African Americans into the club. Yes, that's correct, the man that's been deemed a racist by the left was the same man that went against Palm Beach protocol and allowed Blacks and Jews into his club while other clubs disallowed Blacks and Jews. Nonetheless, if it weren't Trump's accusing Palm Beach of discrimination, perhaps it was the President's lawsuits against the county of Palm Beach for the destruction of his property due to planes flying overhead repeatedly, or perhaps it was the American flag. Trump's infamous American flag at Mar-a-Lago, was deemed an "eyesore" by many Palm Beachers. President Trump's American flag made headline news back in 2006. The town fined the President $1250 per day for the flag remaining on the Mar-a-Lago property. Apparently the flagpole used by Mar-a-Lago was seen as too high. Eventually, the President dropped the lawsuit and the town also waived the fines incurred by the President, but not without stipulations. As per a court ordered mediation, Trump was ordered to donate $100,000. to Veterans charities, shorten the flag pole by 3 feet, and allow out of town enrollees membership into the club. As for the pesky problem of planes flying over Mar-a-lago, well, President Trump solved that problem and dropped that lawsuit when he was elected president. Mar-a-Lago is officially a "no fly zone" when the President is in town. Suffice it to say, there has never been any love lost between Palm Beach, and President Trump. Then again,  there are thousands of Palm Beachers that love President Trump. However, there are a fair number of Democrats in Palm Beach county that dislike the President intensely, and they plan to stick it to him any which way they can. Palm Beach sounds frighteningly similar to Washington D.C. 

    While Palm Beach has visions of the President paying for his continued visits to Palm Beach, Palm Beach needs to take a reality check. The reality of it is, prestigious Palm Beach is not so prestigious anymore.  In observance, a town that was once a town for the rich and famous to shop, dine, and play, is currently a town where the rich seem to come to shop little, dine on the cheap, and die.  Worth Avenue, once known as the "Rodeo Drive" of the south is now a dead zone. The once all exclusive shopping district is not so exclusive at present. A street where women could be seen in the finest designs, now is a street in which women are in yoga pants, bathing suits, and tunics. Worth Avenue was once a street where men and women donned their finest threads. The finest threads are seen no more. No, Worth Avenue is no longer that all exclusive street where the rich and famous shop and dine.  The fact is, Worth Avenue is no longer of much "worth" anymore. 

   Palm Beach is a thing of the past, and with the help of President Trump, Palm Beach could well become a thing of the present. Palm Beach was done until the election of President Trump, and Palm Beach is now making a comeback thanks to President Trump. The President is putting Palm Beach back on the map as a place to be. While the President may well be costing Palm Beach county taxpayers extra money, Palm Beach is also receiving more revenue than ever. People want to be where the President is. Currently, that place is Palm Beach and the county should relish it. Palm Beach county should be grateful for the President's visits, as it's bringing in more revenue. Much needed revenue.  Palm Beach should be honored that the President wants to continue to visit Palm Beach and say nothing. In a town where the average age is 67, women outnumber men, and it's socially acceptable to discriminate against Blacks, Jews and other minorities, a President's presence should be seen as a blessing and not a hardship. Whether Palm Beach likes it or not, Palm Beach needs President Trump, and if Palm Beach is lucky, perhaps President Trump can make Palm Beach great again, as he makes America great again!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL BLOG 2017 
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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Make America Respectful Again!

   There once was a time when men treated women like ladies and behaved like gentlemen. There once was a time when women behaved like ladies that deserved being treated as such. There once also was a time when presidents and their wives were respected and honored. Whatever the party affiliation was of the President and his First Lady, Americans had the utmost respect for the office. Americans behaved as civilized human beings. Americans did not riot, beat people to a pulp, or behave as barbarians as seen in third world countries. No, Americans were better than that. Americans are no more, better than that. 

    Americans today are no better than those seen rioting in third world countries. In fact, Americans are worse. Americans are worse than that. As Americans, liberal Americans are a civilized people gone mad.  Liberal Americans have gone mad due to the candidate of their choosing not being elected to the presidency. For eight years Republicans were unhappy, to say the least, with the leader of their country. Barrack Obama was  deemed the "Anti-Christ" by many Republicans. Republicans despised Obama's face, his voice, his failure to ever once utter the words, "radical Islam", and most of all, his policies. Republicans despised Barrack Obama. Yet, they respected the highest office in the nation, sat back and did nothing. American Republicans did nothing and disappointingly, Republicans in Washington did nothing as well. No, Republicans did nothing, but wait till 2016 to hopefully win the presidency. 

    Republicans did just that. They won the presidency and the Democrats went insane. Literally, Democrats in this country have gone mad. Every week a protest, uprising, or all out riot seems to takes place. Rioting, mass destruction of private property, elderly men being pepper sprayed, as well as male and female supporters of America's president being beaten to a pulp. Grown men and women behaving like thugs and barbarians, yelling obscenities, and insults at our current president and his wife. It's ludicrous, it's disrespectful, and it's just plain wrong. However, worse than America's liberals behaving foolishly and barbaric, is a washed up aging Madonna threatening to blow up the White House, or failing rapper Snoop Dog shooting a,"clownlike",  President Trump in his latest video. As if shooting the President weren't bad enough, rapper/actor, Bow Wow, tweeted the following to the President, "Ayo, @realdonaldtrump shut your punk ass up talking shi?aboutmy uncle @SnoopDog before we pimp your wife and make her work for us". Nice class act those rappers are. It's a shame America doesn't have more rappers on the airwaves. I'm sure America would be at a loss without these great talents. No, I think not. 

   Americans need not much of an imagination to know that if a White celebrity had threatened Barrack Obama, or First Lady, Michelle. He or she would have been arrested without question. Yet, President Trump and First Lady Melania are threatened and no consequences are inflicted whatsoever. It's an outrage, but then the values in this country are all but a distant memory. President Trump and First Lady Melania are America's first couple and Americans need to respect the office and keep their mouths shut. Americans have a president that is doing the best possible job he can, as to make this country great again and safe again, and the lack of respect is disgusting. While President Donald Trump may not have been everyone's choice, he is the president, and Americans need to rally around him, and give him the support he so deserves. Likewise, the First Lady also deserves to be treated with respect as well. While perhaps many Americans have lost their morals and values, Americans can always find those morals and values, and most importantly Americans can find somewhere in their hearts the ability to find respect for our newly elected president. America, let's show the world we're better than those living in third world barbaric countries. Let's not only aid President Trump and First Lady Melania in making America great again, but let's make America "respectful" again!

(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL BLOG 2017 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Liberal Women And Their Stupid Protesting!

    March 8, 2017 marked International Women's day, and "a day without women day". While International Women's day was a day of which I had no familiarity, "a day without women", was even more so a day in which  I also had little familiarity. Nonetheless, both days made headline news and why I'm not quite sure. "A day without a woman", was nothing more than liberal women whining and marching yet again, because Hillary is not their president. It was another anti-Trump day in which women across America failed to show up at work to prove a point. The point that these women were attempting to prove was that women are desperately needed in the workplace. Then again, the thousands of women that failed to show up for work as to prove a point that they are so desperately needed ,may well have proven to their supervisors that they aren't really needed after all.

   "A day without a woman" was, in my opinion, extremely irresponsible and childish. Schools had to close down due to women teachers taking the day off. Parents who worked and chose not to partake in "A day without a woman" were forced to find childcare and were unable to do so, leaving them to have to take the day off from work as well. "A day without a woman" was a day of which liberal women should be ashamed. Liberal women as to prove a point that they are needed and essential to the workplace celebrated this day with glee. Personally, I feel the women should have felt ashamed. These women took the day off from their responsibilities in the workplace. They then proceeded to wear red as to prove solidarity. They took to the streets and marched. They apparently shopped at only small businesses owned by women . Exactly what "a day without a woman accomplished, I'm not quite sure. What I am sure of, is America does not need the likes of liberal women. For that matter, America does not need the likes of liberal men either. Making America great again would be an easy task if America had a lifetime without liberals.

  Oh, how pleasant life would be without the annoyance of liberals in the workplace or any place. It is my and many many other Americans' hope, that today America has heard the last from liberals protesting day after day, week after week. America needs to aid the president in his quest to "make America great again". President Trump can't possibly "make America great again" without the help of civilians. America needs to stop protesting and do more as to make this country great again. How do we do this? We start by ceasing all protests and marches. We also patronize our businesses run by all Americans, and we show up for work. We show up for work regardless of our race, party affiliation, or displeasure with our chosen president. Today's "a day without a woman day" was absurd. If employers are forced to pay employees who don't show up  for work, because they are protesting President Trump, they should not be forced to pay employees who fail to show for work. Many football and baseball fans may not show up for work come Monday morning. They may claim a "my team didn't win today" day. Sound ridiculous? You bet. It's as ridiculous as a "a day without a woman day". Well, my team did win today, and it's winning every day. My team is "Team Donald Trump", and he's winning in spite of the liberals. With that being said, there is no need for me to protest, march, or do much of anything, but be an upstanding American citizen. It's a shame the left can't do the same. 

(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL BLOG 2017
#adaywithoutawoman #women4trump


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Obama Gate, Enemy of the State


How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!- Donald J. Trump on Twitter
Inauguration day was the last day America saw the now former President Barrack Obama in the public spectrum. Not a word has been uttered publicly by the former president. In fact the former president has been suspiciously quiet. A man who repeatedly mocked now President Trump on national television has been silent since the day President Trump was sworn in as America's 45th president. Barrack Obama who stated on Jimmy Kimmel that he laughed "most of the time" upon seeing Donald Trump on television has said nothing. I can recall when Barrack Obama proceeded to joke on Jimmy Kimmel by reading a tweet by the now President, "President Obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States." Obama went on to respond, "Really? Well @realdonaldtrump, at least I will go down as a president." Well, Obama was wrong. Donald Trump will also go down as a president. The difference is President Trump will no doubt go down as one of the best presidents, if not the best president in U.S. history. Obama I believe will go down as the worst and most treasonous president in U.S. history. Hence, why not a peep has been heard from the former president ?While Obama's silence has been a blessing to the nation, Obama's silence has been with reason. Could it be possible treason?

Obama's silence has been with reason. As many suspect, former president Barrack Obama has set up that of a shadow government to undermine President Donald Trump. For every step the President takes forward, he is forced to take two steps backwards. Cabinet confirmations have been lengthy and tiresome, leaks from the White House have taken down one cabinet member, and false allegations regarding the Trump campaign being involved with Russia have taken precious time from pressing issues in need of being addressed. Not to mention that no sooner after the President delivered what many thought to be the best speech in American history, the Democrats attacked Attorney General Jeff Sessions with false ties to Russia. In the history of the United States there has not been a more tumultuous transition from one administration to another. I and many others believe, the chaos occurring within our government is due to the former president.

The time has come for President Trump to fight back against Barrack Obama and his army partaking in the take down of President Trump. While the President has had nothing concrete to go after the former president for, he has more than enough evidence at present to turn the tables on the Democrats and former President Barrack Obama. On Saturday, March 4th President Trump tweeted, "How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy." Wiretapping a presidential nominee is no doubt as bad if not worse than the Nixon Watergate scandal that led to former President Nixon's resignation. If what President Donald Trump alleges is true, America has a former president meddling in state affairs , and attempting to completely undermine the U.S. government.

On Sunday's Fox and Friends Weekend Edition, conservative radio talk show host, Mark Levin stated that the evidence was overwhelming that the Obama administration wiretapped then presidential nominee, Donald Trump and his campaign. Overwhelming indeed. Especially when the New York Times printed an article on January 19th, stating the following;"The F.B.I. is leading the investigations, aided by the National Security Agency, the C.I.A. and the Treasury Department’s financial crimes unit. The investigators have accelerated their efforts in recent weeks but have found no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing, the officials said. One official said intelligence reports based on some of the wiretapped communications had been provided to the White House." Despite this article being printed the day prior to the inauguration, the former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper denied on Sunday's "Meet The Press", that any wiretapping on President Trump and his associates ever took place. He lied. If he didn't lie, he was a pretty poor excuse of a Director of National Intelligence if he were indeed clueless on the wiretapping that took place. Of course, James Clapper is from the Obama administration. Therefore, it should be of little surprise that he would fail to tell the truth.

   As if it isn't bad enough that the former Director of Intelligence, James Clapper, appeared to lie to the American people on the wiretapping scandal, FBI Director, James Comey, asked officials to deny Trump's wiretapping allegations. James Comey, a holdover from the Obama administration, needs to go. Comey proved his loyalties last year as he announced every reason why Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted for her use of an unsecured email server and negligence with classified materials, then stated that he did not recommend prosecution. It's no surprise that James Comey would be against any investigations into his former superiors' possible wiretapping President Trump and his associates. Frankly, America doesn't care what James Clapper or James Comey has to say. America wants answers and they want answers now. 

   America deserves to know the truth. Our President deserves to know the truth. More importantly, the truth must be found if we are to have a government that can do its job in running this nation. Congress needs to investigate  the wiretapping allegations and get to the bottom of what is what. Either we have a former president playing games with his shadow government trying to just disrupt our newly elected president, or we have a former president that is an enemy of the state. If Barrack Obama is in fact attempting to undermine our government, he should face consequences for his actions. If it is not the doing of the former president, the perpetrator or perpetrators must be apprehended, and held accountable. Americans have had enough of corruption in Washington. That's why we voted for President Trump. We voted for the President so we could have a president that would concentrate on America first, and Americans first. Unfortunately, President Trump is unable to work on America first, Americans first, and making America great again. He's unable, if he is dealing with a previous pesky president and his quest to prevent President Trump from making America great again. How low has the former president gone, President Trump asks? The former president, I believe, is the lowest of lows as I truly believe he is an enemy of the state.

(c)Sean Bianca 2017 GOP GIRL BLOG
#ObamaGate #Wiretapping #MAGA

Sunday, March 5, 2017

A New Chapter Of American Greatness!

 "A new chapter of American greatness is beginning."- President Donald J. Trump."

      A new chapter of American greatness is indeed beginning. American greatness is taking place due to our newly elected president, President Donald Trump. A chapter of America being a leader and not a follower is beginning. A chapter of America having borders as to keep Americans safe is beginning. A chapter of America fighting the war on drugs as opposed to aiding those partaking in the drug trade is beginning. A chapter of our military being appreciated and being given the resources so desperately needed is beginning. A chapter of our roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, and railways being rebuilt is beginning.A chapter of the creation of tens of thousands of jobs is beginning. A chapter of our inner cities being not neglected, but nurtured and coddled is beginning. A chapter of America draining the swamp of crooked politicians as to make room for honest men is beginning. A chapter of America defeating ISIS and other terrorist groups ridding our nation of terrorism once and for all is beginning. A chapter of America being strong again, prosperous again, and safe again is beginning. A chapter of America being "great again"is beginning. 

   As a new chapter of American greatness begins, it begins with our newly elected president. President Donald Trump proved himself to be the great leader he was born to be. America witnessed greatness as they heard their president give his first major speech as president. Any honest American will agree that President Trump gave the most riveting speech of our time if not all time. Why even the President's harshest critics could do nothing but applaud and praise our newly elected president. CNN's Van Jones made the following statement; "he became President of the United States in that moment, period." He went on to state that if President Trump could find a way to consistently perform as he did at the joint address, the President would remain in office for eight years. Fox News' Chris Wallace essentially reiterated what Van Jones said shortly after the President's speech by saying, "Tonight Donald Trump became the President of the United States". Longtime Trump critic, Charles Krauthammer, said the President's speech was, "without doubt the best speech he ever gave".  No American could deny Tuesday night that America had made the right decision in electing Donald Trump as their 45th President.

    While most applauded the President as he gave his most historic speech ever, others held their heads down in disgust or in shame. Senator Nancy Pelosi sat looking as if she'd been sucking on a prune as President Trump announced the creation of tens of thousands of new jobs. Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz looked none too happy as well. Not surprisingly, many of the Democrats both male and female refused to applaud the President despite the President's stellar performance. Sadly, many Democrats refused to stand or applaud the families of those killed by illegal immigrants as well as a widow of a soldier killed in the line of duty. Unfortunately for the Democrats, they may well have finished destroying their party. The party showed themselves to be a party of people caring not about the people of this great country, but instead about themselves and their own agenda. The Democrats failed to applaud as clearly they would sooner see Americans unemployed and struggling under their agenda than to see Americans prosper and succeed under president Trump. As President Trump closed his speech, Americans knew they had not only a great leader in their newly elected President, but also a great man who truly wants to do good for our nation and its people. A new chapter of greatness indeed has truly begun...

(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017
#jointAddress #MAGA #women4trump