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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Can't "Trump" Trump!

       Recently my choice for the Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump has been a bit of a disappointment. While I like many Americans have been entertained by Trump's antics, I have had enough. Let's just say that I was unimpressed with Trump's performance in the second republican debate. While CNN's format and questioning was that of a Jerry Springer show, Trump fed into the ridiculousness of the debate with his lack of knowledge and childishness. I guess Trump lost me in a big way with his knowing very little in the area of foreign policy. While Marco Rubio, and Carly Fiorina had clearly done their homework and studied up on foreign policy, Trump clearly had not. I thought Trump appeared ignorant and I was disgusted, and annoyed. Trump is a smart man and why he had not studied and learned about every possible issue going on with world affairs inside and out is a complete mystery to me. To be quite honest this man that I thought had the fire and fight to win the presidency made me ask the question, "does this man really want the nomination?" 

      Yes, Trump does really want the nomination and he proved it with his revealing his tax plan. Just when I thought Trump was on his way out he finally came out and did something intelligent. Trump didn't just talk the talk, he walked the walk. Trump's proposed tax plan will bring relief to thousands of Americans. Trump's plan is in fact geared towards making America great again, as goes Trump's slogan. The plan provides relief to the middle class, will simplify the tax code giving Americans less headaches,will grow the economy, and will not increase America's deficit nor our debt. 

     Finally Trump gave Americans something more than mouthing off. Americans are angry at Washington and Americans liked Trump's passion, frustration, and honesty, but after the last debate I think Americans were concerned. Americans were left scratching their heads wondering if Trump actually knew what he would do if he were elected as President. Americans wanted more than a man that sounded as intelligent as the,y standing at a bar discussing domestic and world affairs. I honestly thought I could have performed better than Trump did at the last debate, but his tax plan has hooked me yet again. Trump is a businessman and he may not know all of the names of every world leader from here to Timbuktu, but he does know how to make money, and be a success. Knowing that, I have no doubt that Trump would indeed help all Americans be a success.

       Republican candidates beware, you "can't Trump Trump", I don't believe that there is another candidate running that can "trump" Trump's tax plan or Trump's ability to make money and help others do the same. Trump is the only candidate that has been dissected inside and out as he has, and it's been unfair, but Trump has handled it, and handled it well. No other candidate has had to prove that he could do better than our current President. That being said, I think just about any republican candidate could do better, but America doesn't just want better, America wants "great". While I've had my moments of doubt with Trump, I am again enthused and optimistic. Unlike any other candidate Trump had had to prove himself and he has with his tax plan and a good one at that. I do believe Trump can and will make America great again. While I think Trump has areas he needs to study up on, I have full confidence that  if elected President ,Trump will have a cabinet that will brief him and educate him on what he knows not. Being a sharp business man I have no doubt that Trump will surround himself with the most qualified cabinet this country has ever seen. I don't see Trump hiring friends just to win a popularity contest. I see Trump hiring knowledgeable, qualified individuals to the appropriate positions. While Trump may have taken a step back Trump's tax plan has shown, that you can't "trump", Trump!

For More information on Trump's tax plan:

Sean Bianca


Saturday, September 19, 2015

I'm Already Sick Of That Face!

          Shortly before the republican party's second debate, republican candidate Donald Trump again got himself into a heap of trouble with a comment he made in a Rolling Stone magazine article. "Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next President." Ouch, the comment that made headlines, stirred criticism, and caused controversy. How dare a man criticize a woman's looks everyone said. Well, I have to disagree. After the press reporting Fiorina as the second debate's winner, I have seen enough of this woman's face to last me a lifetime. I don't know about anyone else, but frankly I'm already sick of Fiorina's face! Not only am I sick of her face, but I am sick of her bitchy demeanor, her lack of a personality, her lack of charisma, and I am really sick of her voice. I can't believe with all the millions she walked away with from Hewlett Packard that she couldn't find a better Dentist!. Trump said to look at that face, well listen to that voice! The woman whistles with every word due to her false teeth. Imagine if you will, that face and that voice for the next four years! 

      That face, how dare Trump criticize another woman's face, said everyone in the know. In the know? I think not. What Americans did not know, was that in the 2010 race for the Senate, Ms. Fiorina criticized her opponent Barbara Boxer's hair, "God what is that hair?' So yesterday!" I had to laugh as I hadn't noticed Ms. Fiorina's hair, style, and appearance being out of the pages of Vogue. For that matter, I don't think that there are many female politicians winning any beauty contests lately. Let's face it Hillary isn't a real looker, now there's a face!

    Well, let's talk about more than Fiorina's face, let's talk facts. Carly Fiorina has never held public office, and with the American voters that may well be a good thing, and then again maybe not. Fiorina seems to like to boast about her being a successful CEO, and how her record proves that she is qualified, and capable to be the next president of the United States. I think not. Fiorina's record as a CEO is less than impressive. Fiorina was hired in 1999 by what critics say was a rather dysfunctional Hewlett Packard committee. They hired Fiorina without  any experience, or  any interviews. Six years later, she was fired, and titled one of the worst technology CEOs of all time. Upon hearing of Fiorina's being fired, HP's stock popped 10%, and the stock closed the day up by 7%. During the 2010 race for the Senate, in an effort to discourage voters ,the  grandaughter of HP's founder, Arianna Packard was quoted as saying that Fiorina nearly destroyed her grandfather's company. 

       Americans get fired and they're lucky to receive a petty unemployment check, Fiorina dam near destroys Hewlett Packard, costs tech workers over 30,000 jobs, and she walks away with over 100 million dollars for her short time with HP. We should all be so lucky. I don't know many Americans who have been fired that can say they walked away with even a quarter of that! Nonetheless all kidding aside this is not the woman we want for President. America has already had an inexperienced nincompoop for President and it doesn't need another. 

      That face, yes that face. That face nearly destroyed a company, and given half the chance could finish destroying this country. Bottom line, I don't like that face, that voice, that bitchy post menopausal attitude, or anything about her. While I agree with many that she won the first debate, I now have zero love for the woman. The media reported that Fiorina won the second debate, and I disagree. Fiorina was sharp, and intelligent. She made some good points, and was truly impressive on many issues, however she was to put it bluntly a bitch. Personally I think she behaved like a mad woman, and the majority of men will agree. Fiorina interrupted  just about every candidate, was stiff, rehearsed, programmed, and not appealing in the least. An occasional smile from the woman couldn't have hurt, but instead she looked bitter, nasty, and cold.All in all I was unimpressed by Fiorina, and wondered how she made it thus far.

      That face, well I'm already sick of that face, and I'm sick of the media covering the story of the spatting of the candidates, all of them. While Fiorina is quick, smart, witty, and well informed, she is not Presidential material. The republican party does not need a failed CEO, it needs a successful CEO, or an experienced politician.The republicans have lost the last two elections, and they don't want to lose this one. This election may be the most important election of our lifetime. The republicans need to choose wisely. We need a candidate that's smart, charismatic, and one that appeals to EVERYONE, and at the moment that person is Donald Trump. Donald Trump's face isn't a prize either, but it's a likable face, it's a trusting face, and it's a face I could stand to see as president. 

Sean Bianca 2015

                                       CNN REPUBLICAN DEBATE POLL RESULTS

                                                     Trump      59%
                                                     Fiorina      17%
                                                     Rubio        5%
                                                     Cruz          5%

                                                     TIME MAGAZINE
                                                     Trump       65%
                                                     Fiorina       14%
                                                     Rubio          5%

Thursday, September 17, 2015


           One big flop is how I would describe tonight's second Republican debate. While I and other American voters hoped to learn of the candidates' solutions to today's all important issues, it was clearly not going to be the forum for such a thing. CNN's moderators seemed more interested in stirring the pot having candidates attack one another, than demanding answers and solutions to questions and issues. Essentially CNN showed America that they have no clue in how to run a debate. I thought CNN created a mockery of tonight's debate and it was quite frankly a waste of my time. I don't need to watch a cat fight, I have girl friends for that, hence why I prefer men as friends. Tonight's debate I thought to be a joke and an insult to the American voter.

     CNN, the american voter does not care that Donald Trump insulted fellow candidate Carly Fiorina's face. It's last week's story and it has NOTHING to do with the issues.Upon asked how Fiorina felt about Trump's remarks she shot back, "I think women all over this country heard very clearly what Mr. Trump said." Trump condescendingly told Fiorina that she was a beautiful woman and I wanted to gag. I personally thought Trump should have just let sleeping dogs lie on that one, but Trump fed in to CNN's desire to turn the Republican debate into a bickering nightmare.

     While CNN wanted to stir trouble between Fiorina and Trump, they also threw former Florida Governor Jeb Bush up against Trump as well. Bush demanded an apology from Trump to his Mexican born wife, and Trump smartly declined as he had not insulted the governor's wife, but that wasn't all, there was more. Trump went after Bush in criticizing his brother former President G.W. Bush and the war in Iraq. Bush retorted with telling Trump that his brother G.W. kept us safe, and the audience applauded.The applause for former President G.W. Bush may well have been the biggest applause of the evening. CNN asked the candidates if they felt comfortable with Trump as President and in control of defending our country and in our relations with other countries. Fiorina refused to answer as did others not wanting to par take in the bickering arena. Clearly CNN's moderators wanted an all out attack on Trump with their questioning on how the other candidates felt about Trump as opposed to what the candidates would do for our country. Frankly I don't care how the candidates feel about Trump I want answers!

     In a nutshell I wasn't at all impressed, and I was disappointed. I hoped to know after tonight who I would choose to vote for, and I am still at a loss. I was looking forward to hearing the candidates' solutions and I heard little of the sort. I thought Trump looked to be out of place and somewhat ignorant. While I love Trump's passion I am still not sold, but don't get me wrong I think Trump would make a great President. I think that, as I give Trump credit for being a smart man, and a man that would have the best cabinet the White House has ever seen. Great Presidents have great people around them and I am quite confident Trump would not let this country down. 

   While Trump may not be completely informed on foreign policy others clearly were. Marco Rubio hands down is the candidate with the most knowledge and skills in regards to foreign policy, and would in my opinion make a spectacular President . Mark my words as I have seen Rubio in person, Rubio will undoubtedly be President someday in our lifetime. He is smart, he is charismatic, he is sharp, and he is to the point. Marco Rubio is a politician and a good one at that. Trump attempted to attack him with his absence in Washington and Rubio maturely stayed focused on the facts and his mission. His mission is to be President someday and I have no doubt that he will.

    Also impressive in foreign policy was Ted Cruz, and Carly Fiorina. I had to agree with those who thought Fiorina to be somewhat like Margaret Thatcher, but my thoughts didn't last long. Fiorina seemed to regress as the night wore on. She seemed bitter and failed to smile even once. Fiorna began to get somewhat bitchy, catty, and short as she interrupted all of the other candidates, and Governor Christie called Fiorina out on it, as he shouted out that she had interrupted every candidate on the stage and she was not going to interrupt him as well. Governor Chris Christie and John Kasich both spoke up as to steer CNN towards the questions and issues rather than a contest of insults and meaningless chatter.  Unfortunately CNN failed to present the candidates with many intelligent questions on today's important issues. The evening was a whole lot of bickering and meaningless nonsense in my opinion. I wanted to hear the candidates' platforms and I heard little of the sort. I wanted to know the candidates' solutions to the Syrian immigrant crisis, Iran, China, Russia, North Korea, Obamacare, social security, jobs, benefits for veterans, replenishing our military, the economy, and more. I and the American voters got very few answers, and a whole lot of nothing.

  All in all I thought tonight's debate to be a complete debacle. Rubio I thought won the debate. I thought Rubio's performance was outstanding. Fiorina, I gave a close second until the debate's end. Ben Carson a nice man, and in second in the polls coming in to tonight's debate seemed lost and to be, I don't know where.  While I like many of Ben Carson's views, I was unimpressed with his desire to be a man of peace when peace may not be what is needed in today's evil world. I also found him to be flat, boring, a fart in a can, and not the stuff great leaders are made of. I'm sure he may have been a fabulous surgeon with great bedside manner, but I fail to see how his lack of energy and personality can possibly catapult him into the Presidency. At the same time Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, and Rand Paul also seemed to get lost in the shuffle, and frankly I had to wonder why any of them were still there. 

             Debate number two was an all out flop in my opinion. While I thought tonight's debate would provide answers it did not, it was more of the same. In the past few weeks the media has created "The Trump Show", leaving all other candidates out in the cold. I find it amusing that the media dislikes Trump and yet they make this whole Presidential primary about Trump. They attack him and mock him and give him more air time than any other candidate. It's quite funny really. While I like Trump I also really like Rubio and hope that the next debate will bring answers to the questions Americans want answered. This next election is crucial, it's not a joke, We are living in a very unstable time and we need stability. We need a leader that can provide answers, and solutions. We need a President that understands the need to rebuild our military. A strong military results in less war and more chance for peace. We need a President that will over turn Obama care as thousands of Americans are now without healthcare due to Obama care being unaffordable. We also need a President that understands the importance of closing our borders, and keeping us safe. The 2016 election is crucial, and tonight's debate was a joke when Americans are about to make what may be the most important choice of their lifetimes. This election is no joke and I am appalled that CNN would conduct a debate in such a manner as it has. CNN should be ashamed at how they conducted the second republican debate when there is so much at stake. We have serious issues, and these are serious times. That all being said for the life of me I don't quite understand why Jeb Bush had a smirk on his face throughout most of the debate. This election is no joke and it's been made out to be just that. I've had it with grins, pouts, jabs and insults. I want and demand answers and the rest of America deserves answers, and solutions.

Sean Bianca


Friday, September 11, 2015

9/11 We Will Never Forget, Or Have We?


      It was the morning of September 11, 2001, it was a clear sunny fall day just like any other fall day in the northeast. Kids were starting school. Parents hugged their little ones as they walked out the door and went off to work. Husbands and wives discussed who would pick up the kids at school, possible dinner plans, and more. Men and women kissed their significant others, planned to meet for lunch, and said their good byes. Unfortunately 2958 of those lives on September 11, 2001 never made it to lunch, to school to pick up the kids or home. September 11, 2001 was not like any other fall day, it was most unlike any fall day. It was a day that claimed 2958 innocent lives. It was also the day that changed the lives of the families of the 2958 victims who perished, as well as every American citizen.

      Fourteen years ago today Americans learned that they were not immune to being attacked. America watched in horror as the infamous World Trade Center Twin Towers collapsed including the 47 story World Trade Center structure, and ten other buildings. Within an hour and 42 minutes Manhattan was brought to it's knees. Two planes hijacked by Al-Quaeda had flown into the North and South Towers, turning both into a fiery infernos of death. Men and women could be seen jumping to their deaths to escape the flames, and while thousands of men and women were fighting to escape the wrath of the attack, hundreds of police officers and fire fighters were rushing to enter in hopes of saving lives.  

      While Americans were shell shocked and stunned at the world famous World Trade Center being attacked, another hijacked plane crashed down on the western side of the headquarters of America's defense department, The Pentagon. Then yet another plane was to crash as well. A fourth hijacked plane originally headed for Washington D.C. crashed in Shanksville ,Pennsylvania as passengers attempted to over take the hijackers. Those passengers along with many others were heroes that day. No this day was not like any other fall day, it was a day that we Americans will never forget, or have we?

     For the families of those 2958 lives that perished, life will never ever be the same and they, I  am quite certain will never forget. Americans, most Americans will never forget 9/11/01, but disturbingly our government appears to have forgotten. Our President, his administration, and a good many democrats do appear to have forgotten the fateful day of September 11, 2001. They appear to have forgotten that Al-Qaeda  a radical Islamic terrorist group was responsible for the loss of so many innocent lives. 

   Last night the republicans were unsuccessful in blocking the recent Iran deal from being passed. This is a deal with a country that we know has complete utter hatred and detestation for our country. This is a country that has been, and is an active sponsor of terrorism, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda. ISIS, and more.  This is a country that wants to destroy us, and yet we have literally signed a deal with the devil. This country that has admitted to deploring  and wanting to destroy us, has been given in my opinion the keys to America's demise. 

    On this day we all are reminded of the most tragic event in American history. We are also reminded that it was all in the name of radical Islam that our country was attacked. And let us not forget that September 11, 2012 four Americans were killed in Benghazi, by again anti American Islamic terrorists. We are reminded that our country is not invincible,and that we are hated by radical Muslims. As I am reminded of 9/11/01, I am appalled at what our President and his moronic Secretary of State and cronies have done . In my opinion America has ignored September 11, 2001. America's government has ignored or forgotten the thousands of lives lost, the children that never knew their mothers and fathers and the mothers and fathers that never enjoyed their child's first tooth, first soccer game, and first dance. This administration has forgotten it's people, and it's people's safety with this Iran deal, and I am at a loss. While I would not wish for anyone to lose a loved one as those who lost loved ones on 9/11, I have to wonder if Obama, Kerry, Pelosi, and other supporters of the Iranian deal had lost one they loved on 9/11/01, if they would be so in support of this deal. America gained NOTHING in this deal. We didn't even demand  for the release of our four United States citizens that have been imprisoned and are daily being tortured. In looking at it how am I to think that our government would remember the victims and destruction of 9/11/01, or deaths of four Americans in Benghazi on 9/11/12 ? How could they possibly remember the past, when they can't even remember the four American prisoners being held in Iran at present? America's government has failed America in this Iran deal. In his quest for a legacy of bringing the world together, Obama has shown that he has forgotten September 11, 2001, and in his forgetfulness, Americans are at risk. America has been warned, and our leader has in my opinion put every American life at risk. It is my hope that American voters have not forgotten 9/11/01, as we must vote for a president that has not forgotten September 11, 2001, and will void the Iranian deal before it's too late. The president that will void the Iran deal is Donald J. Trump, without him I fear 9/11 will again happen. Not only will it happen again but it will be bigger, much bigger. It will be an attack like this country has never thought could happen on our shores. America must elect Donald J. Trump so that America will be safe and great again!

Sean Bianca 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Up Rise Of Lawlessness In America

       Americans' safety is at risk thanks to President, Barack Obama. I and many others believe that Obama is indeed the cause of the recent deaths of Police Officers here in America. Why do I believe this? Simple, President Obama I believe brought racism back into our society after the death in February 2012, of Trayvon Martin. Yes Trayvon Martin, a seventeen year old that had been suspended for possession of marijuana, and had been guilty of several local robberies is why I believe our President brought racism back with a vengeance to this country. While the President has said NOTHING about Kate Steinle, a wholesome innocent Caucasian woman being gunned down and killed by an illegal immigrant, he gave a full press conference for an African American . Yes a young man who was acting suspiciously, and attacked a hispanic man who was on Neighborhood watch, who also had a gun,and who was not afraid to use it. So for a punk that was not a great kid we brought back racism to America. 

         Funny though, just recently a truly good African American kid was shot and killed in the hood here in West Palm Beach, but by another African American so our President has not addressed it. That's just the point, our President does not address incidents of shootings where it's black on black, or black against white, or illegal immigrants against whites or blacks. Our President picks and chooses his crimes to comment on for his benefit and for his latest platform. Unfortunately for this country I believe we have a President that wants to bring back racial tensions and is doing one heck of a good job.

        While thanks to Obama, racism is coming back rapidly, and now hatred for Police Officers is the new pot to boil. On August 9th, 2014 a Caucasian Police Officer in Ferguson, Missouri shot and killed an African American, by the name of Michael Brown. Did the man deserve to be shot and killed? I and many others would say yes, however liberals, and our President will say no. Michael Brown was being pursued by the Officer due to his stealing, he was told to stop, he did not. Not only did he not stop for the Police Officer, but he went towards the Officer. I'm sorry but Michael Brown got what he deserved. Bottom line if you charge towards an officer you are going to be shot. Well the African community in the hood disagrees and so too does our President. The reason for Michael Brown's death was not due to his doing wrong,and yet the media and our administration turned it into an issue of race. People, this shooting had NOTHING to do with race. The shooting of this man was due to a young man stealing, disobeying a Police Officer, and then moving towards the Police Officer. I guarantee you, that I too would be shot under the same circumstances. Yes I a white Caucasian, blond woman would also be shot. Now why won't this happen to me? Simple. I won't be shot and killed by a Police Officer not because of my skin color, but because I first off, don't steal, and second, I respect Police Officers. If stopped for a speeding ticket, do I step out of the car and charge? No I pull over, stop and STAY in the car,Police Officers are in control , and that's the bottom line. Commit a crime, and one will be under their watch, black or white.

       Funny, in writing this I can't help but think how race is NOT the issue and yet I am specifying whether a person is black or white. The issue is people committing crimes and our President  is turning the issue of a crime into race, and now not only race but now hatred against cops as well.  On April 12, 2015, Freddie Gray died the day after being arrested by six Police Officers. Apparently Freddie Grey had sustained injuries while being transported in a Police Vehicle. The Officers were both black and white, but residents protested and turned Baltimore into a state of emergency, or rather a hell hole. The result, at least 250 people were arrested, between 285 and 350 businesses were damaged, fires were distinguished on 150 vehicles, and 60 structures, 27 drugstores were looted, and thousands of police and National Guard troops had to be called on for their help.  Consequently the city of Baltimore agreed to pay the family of Freddie Grey  6.4 million, a man who was rumored to have in the past purposely injured himself while in Police custody. The jury is still out on the actual cause of death and circumstances, but this nonetheless is yet another catalyst in the current war on Police Officers and white people.

      Is there a war on white people and Police Officers? Yes, and it's rampant. Just after the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the  Trayvon Martin trial, a group was formed by the name of, "Black Lives Matter". The group was formed by three black activists. The group's national awareness came about during the protests and unrest in Ferguson, Missouri in August 2014. The group is on the up rise and currently has turned it's hate not only on whites, but Police Officers as well. In early August the  group recently disrupted and took over a rally being conducted by Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders. Only days later the group also took over a rally being held by Republican candidate, Jeb Bush in Las Vegas. Most disturbingly is the recent footage of the "Black Lives Matter" group holding protests against our nation's police force chanting, "pigs in a blanket , fry em like bacon". That's right, a call for the African community to kill police officers.

   Well, it pains me to say that the "Black Lives Matter", group's call for the killing of police officers appears to be working. Just last week an off duty police officer in Texas was found murdered inside his home. Anti police slurs were written on the walls of the officer's home ,in the officer's own blood, denoting the crime to be a police hate crime. Just before the young officer's death, 24 officers had been shot and killed since January. It's unfathomable that the hatred for police has been allowed to progress as it has, and there's no need for it. This country should have respect for it's police officers that protect it's citizens and protect the law, and it's not. While every police officer may not be perfect, we the people need them and we need to respect them. Unfortunately when a nation has a President that fails to step up to the plate, and display respect for it's nation's Police force, so too does it's people as being shown at present. After the first shooting of a police officer, Obama should have given a press conference on the wrongness of killing a police officer, and yet he did not. No, 24 police officers have been shot and killed, and our president has said NOTHING! It's unforgivable and people have noticed. Not only has this nation's citizens noticed, but the law enforcement officers of this country have noticed as well.

        Yes, the police officers in America have in deed noticed that Obama has not come out in support of them in wake of the high rate of officers having been killed. On Monday, his highness, Obama was to give a Labor Day speech in front of hundreds of dignitaries, government officials, and locals as well. Well, the president had to cancel, and why? Well there is a saying, "don't bite the hand that feeds you", and apparently Obama hasn't heard that. While Obama has not come out in support of our nation's Police officers, the Police officers of New England failed to come out for Mr. President Obama. Yes, the New England Police Benevolent Association called for a boycott via written statement by Jerry Flynn, a Lowell Mass. Policeman serving as executive director of the association. He wrote, “Our members are enraged at his lack of support of law enforcement. It’s clear that he has an agenda and unfortunately, the police are not part of his agenda.” Flynn also referenced that eight police officers had been killed in a nine day period, and how not a word had been said by President Obama. Obama was apparently furious at the Police not coming out for his Labor Day Speech. I say, should he really have been surprised?
      While I find it amusing that the police officers association of New England boycotted Obama's Labor Day speech, I also find it troubling. Sheriff David Clarke an African American Sheriff has come out time, and time again against Obama and his lack of support for this nation's law enforcement community, as well as racism. Just recently on Sean Hannity, Sheriff David Clarke said, "75 percent of the problems today in the Black community are self inflicted...the other 25 percent are inflicted by the Democratic party with their modern liberalism, which is conduct without borders." The Sheriff also stated that the good people in American ghettos are ignored because of "blowhards" who blame all problems on racism, and I agree. However not only is it the blowhards that blame their problems on racism, but a president as well. 
     As America does not have a leader defending it's police force, we the citizens are inevitably going to be at risk. If not now, I fear soon. With the rapid rate police officers are being killed, enrollment in the force is at an all time low, and I am not surprised, but concerned. I would also not be at all surprised to see officers not jumping to a call for help as police officers are a target. There was a time when an officer said "freeze" and people stopped, today that's not the case. Today criminals have little to no respect for police officers, and "freeze" means nothing as these thugs do as they please. I fear America is headed for a state of lawlessness with recent events. In my opinion everyone of a sane state of mind would be well advised to purchase a gun, as there may come a time when it will save one's life. If America does not have a president to defend and speak up for it's law enforcement, America is in dire straits. I don't know about my readers, but I know what I'm gonna do....I'm going to buy a gun!
Sean Bianca 2015






Tuesday, September 1, 2015

So Hate Me I'm Pro-Life!

         As of this very second there have been 1682.7 abortions in the United States today. If that figure doesn't bother you, I feel sorry for you. I personally have a problem with it. How is it that in the year 2015 we have such a high number of unwanted pregnancies? Are people that stupid, and that careless? How in the name of God can Americans be okay with this? If the number of as now 1693.2 abortions having been performed today didn't bother you, perhaps the number of 728,605.7 abortions having been performed this year will touch you in a slight way. Frankly my latest blog on anchor babies and abortions gave me a whole new awareness of abortions. I found the facts to be horrifying and barbaric. What I found even more horrific was the fact that many Americans seem perfectly okay with abortions, and I have to wonder how?

       Abortion is murder and there are NO ifs, ands, or buts about it. I get it, women feel that it's their body and they can do what they want with their body. However when a baby is conceived it is no longer just their body, they have someone else's body within them. It's murder. If a woman chooses to kill someone it's murder, how is that different with an unborn child? Many women feel that because the child is unseen it can not feel, think again. Some experts feel that an unborn baby can feel pain as early as eight weeks. An Associate Professor of Neurobiology and Anatomy at the University of Utah, Maureen Condic, Ph.D. who is also a published scientist and whose works have appeared in a wide range of peer-reviewed journals spoke at a hearing on a proposed bill that would ban late term abortions nationwide. As Maureen Condic, Ph.D. is an expert on human embryonic development she informed committee members that unborn babies did indeed have the capacity to feel pain as early as eight weeks. She stated that "the earliest rudiment of the nervous system forms by 28 days (four weeks) after sperm-egg fusion. At this stage the primitive brain is already "patterned": i.e. cells in different regions are specified to produce structures appropriate to their location in the nervous system as a whole," she told law makers. To read more please go to the attached website:
  Unfortunately many women will not read the facts on abortion, or will not care about the facts on abortion. Women still feel it's their right, and their body. Women will say, "well you can't tell me not to have sex!" Well they are absolutely right, then again with the lack of respect men have for women today, it wouldn't hurt for women to keep their legs closed! I'm sorry but seriously? How does a woman get pregnant with today's awareness, and abundance of preventing pregnancy How? While I personally don't condone teenage girls having sex, I am well aware that modern mothers are taking their daughters for birth control. I am also aware of schools handing out condoms, and birth control to teenagers. With the ever so popular "Planned Parenthood", women whom are of the economically challenged sort are able to obtain birth control as well. Not only can women easily obtain birth control, but men can easily purchase condoms. I mean they sell condoms at the gas stations for Pete's sake! As much as I know men despise using condoms, coming across a random used condom on the street, or beach tells me men do in fact still use them. With that all being said, why does America, and the world for that matter. have a need for abortions?
   There's little to no need for abortions and that's the truth. While yes it's my opinion it's the truth. I do agree with a woman having an abortion in cases of rape, and incest. I also agree with aborting an unborn child in the case of the mother's health being in danger, or the unborn baby possibly being severely deformed, ill, or otherwise. What I do not agree with, is killing an unborn baby just because it was a fling, or it's inconvenient. I agree 100% with my great grand mother. She said, "if a woman can take the time to lie down and do it she can very well take the time to lie down and have it!" She was right. While some women will say, "it was a different time and sex was different", I say, is it really? Perhaps the fact that women have sex before marriage is different, the fact that a woman can get pregnant from having sex without birth control or protection is not. What's different is people's values. 
    Abortion is NOT birth control. I once met a man whose wife had had four abortions.  I'm sorry, but there's no need for that. If you can't afford a child, or you're not ready for a child, then don't have sex without birth control. It's that simple. I've heard of some women not wanting to have a man's child with whom they were involved. What? Excuse me, but if a woman's birth control fails, and she does not want to have a man's child with whom she is having sexual relations then what on earth is she having sex with him for? The fact is birth control is not one hundred percent. I get it, life is not that simple, and it's not all black and white, but we are talking about murder. I myself was extremely relieved to have not gotten pregnant by my now ex husband, however the possibility was always there, and I was wrong to continue my relationship with my now ex husband feeling the way I felt about him. Bottom line, if one feels repulsed at the thought of having a child with someone, here's a tip, "don't have sex with that person and that goes for both men and women!"  As for teenagers getting pregnant, I believe it's due to mothers saying "oh here's the pill, now go and have fun honey!" While I get everyone not waiting till marriage to have sex, I do not understand young teen girls having sex. Teenage girls are too young to handle what goes with having sex, it's far too emotional. Not to mention the fact that I am guessing teenage boys lack the know how on how to be real Casanovas in the bedroom.  
        I guess in looking at the number of abortions, I became more aware of our morals and values as a society. The fact is the bulk of society has lost it's way. We have no morals and values. How can anyone say they are a moral, and upstanding individual when at the same time they are jumping into bed with anyone, and anyone. How can anyone say they have values when they are so callous as to not take birth control, and instead just have an abortion? How can anyone say they are not a barbaric person, when they wait as long as twenty plus weeks to have an abortion? The fact is, our society has lost it's morals and values, and is completely unfazed by the consequences. Two thousand, seven hundred and forty one abortions and counting should not have taken place today, and should not be taking place. We are not animals, we have control and it wouldn't hurt for a good many to use it. We are not in the fifties, and like it or not sex is out in the open. Birth control is within every one's grasp, and therefore I ask why? Why the high number of abortions? With now 2750.2 abortions taking place today, we have in fact as a country lost our way. While I am not a Church going Jesus nut, I am religious, and feel that America has changed, and not for the better. Perhaps it's time to bring "God" back into our lives, reread the ten commandments, and revisit what a moral and good human being is about.  Like it or not, America was and always will be it's best when "God" is present, and with that I say, "so hate me, I'm pro-life!"
Sean Bianca 
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