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Friday, February 26, 2016

Cuban Tag Team Fails!

       Donald Trump the Republican Presidential candidate, everyone loves to hate, won this week's Nevada Caucus in a landslide. To be exact, Trump won 45.9% of the vote, picking up 14 Delegates. Senators Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz came in second and third. Rubio received 23.9% of the vote, and Cruz received 21.4% of the vote. Suffice it to say that Trump walked away with Nevada without much of a fight. While Trump supporters were positively elated, Rubio, Cruz, the media, and the GOP were less than thrilled. As Trump has only grown in popularity, his opposition from everyone and anyone not in his court has grown as well. That opposition was all too apparent in last night's final debate prior to Super Tuesday.
   The Republican's final debate was held in Senator Ted Cruz's home state of Texas, and while the playing field may have been his own, the stage was not. The stage yet again belonged to the Republican front runner, Donald J. Trump, but not without an all out attack by what could be deemed as the "Cuban Tag Team". Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz premeditated last night's attack on Trump, and it went down as predicted by the pundits. It was said by virtually every news network that this final debate before Super Tuesday would be a blood bath, and was an attempted bloodbath that failed miserably.  Rubio, a man I once respected and previously supported lost my respect as he repeatedly broke the rules agreed upon prior to the debate. Rubio continuously interrupted Trump to no end, leaving watchers in a stupor as to what was being said. In addition to the annoyance of Rubio's interruptions viewers were subject to a "planted" screeching woman in the crowd which was equally as irritating. Having lived in Miami I know the Cubans well, and in my opinion Rubio did not make the Cubans proud. As Rubio mouthed off loudly, I couldn't help but be reminded of the loud boisterous Cubans in Hialeah, Little Havana, and Calle Ocho. Rubio was anything, but presidential. Cruz somewhat held back, as Trump shut the Tea Party Senator down by responding to one of many of Cruz's attacks with "You get along with nobody. You don't have one Republican - you don't have one Republican senator, and you work with them every day of your life, although you skipped a lot of time. These are minor details. But you don't have one Republican senator backing you; not one. You don't have the endorsement of one Republican senator and you work with these people. You should be ashamed of yourself." Those words left Cruz  without much to say in defense, but then a defense was not of Cruz's game plan as he simply rode on Rubio's coat tails with little one two punches atop of Rubio's tedious attacks. The script was pre- written as it was the two Cubans against the leader of the pack. 
    As the debate seemed all too pre-planned as an all out assault on Trump, spectators were occasionally reminded of two other candidates in the race, third place candidate, Ben Carson, and fourth place Governor Kasich. The poorly run debate might as well have been a court room with Trump on trial, as every other question was directed at Trump. It was as if Trump were being interrogated, although when one is being interrogated on the stand, one is given a chance to speak, and a chance to be heard. Neither Rubio, nor Cruz cared to allow Trump to speak as their mission was to destroy Trump with their pre-meditated game plan. 
      As the "Cuban tag team" concluded the debate with a handshake and laughs, it was clear to all just what the two men had attempted to accomplish. The two Cubans had yes indeed succeeded in being rude, obnoxious, and calculating, but had failed in discouraging Trump's supporters from voting for him. As the debate came to a close it was disappointing at best. Donald Trump was attacked, by the "Cuban Tag Team" and moderators, Ben Carson was all but ignored, and Kasich was a temporary distraction at best. Everyone lost in this debate, but Trump. Trump was a class act. Trump was ambushed and handled it with sophistication and maturity. I don't think many people could have done the same. It takes a man of great control to not lose his cool as a short man with a false smile repeatedly interrupts one while one is speaking. I myself would have thrown a punch, but then again poise and dignity are of great importance for one running for President. Donald Trump did just that. Donald Trump answered the questions, kept his cool, followed the rules, and was just as a President should be. The "Cuban Tag Team" failed at taking down Trump. The two Cubans have been in Washington, and have had their chance to make a difference without success. All of the politicians in Washington have failed. The politicians have failed the people, as they have done nothing we the people have sent them to Washington to accomplish. These men work for us, and yet they have done nothing, but talk. Well I and millions of Americans are tired of politicians talking and delivering nothing. Our military has been reduced, our borders are none, jobs have been lost, health care and social security are a joke, and our debt is out the door. The "Cuban Tag Team", and Washington have had their chance to change America for the better and they have failed. I believe Donald Trump will not just talk the talk, but walk the walk, and why? Because Donald J. Trump is NOT a career politician, he is an American, that just like you or I ,is frustrated with the direction our country is headed. An American that has the mindset of the millions of disgruntled Americans, will get the job done. I know as if I had the chance, I myself would make America great again, but if not I who better than Donald Trump? Donald Trump will do as I and millions of Americans would like, he WILL make America great again! 
(c)Sean Bianca 2016

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