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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Ivanka Trump owes Roy Moore an apology

Friday, December 8, 2017


  "Build that wall", President Trump said. "Build that wall", we, the people, chanted. "Build that wall", is most probably, the single most important campaign promise President Trump made. It is at present, a campaign promise that the President has failed to make a reality. While there is still time, Americans don't have that time. Kate Steinle ,tragically murdered in July 2015, certainly doesn't have that time. Others murdered by illegal immigrants don't have that time. Americans don't have that time, as Americans are at risk of being murdered, raped, and or assaulted by illegal immigrants being protected by America's sanctuary cities every day. Sanctuary cities, providing a sanctuary for illegal immigrants are anything, but a sanctuary for hard working Americans. 

   Sanctuary Cities are havens for illegal immigrants who are sponging off the hard working American people of the United States. They are cities harboring illegal immigrants who crossed the U.S. border illegally. Let me emphasize that again. Illegal immigrants who entered the U.S. illegally are given asylum in America's "Sanctuary Cities". Thanks to the Democrats and some Republicans, America is rewarding  people who are illegal. Illegal immigrants across America are being rewarded for breaking the law . They are rewarded and they are given housing in "Sanctuary Cities".  "Sanctuary Cities", cities protecting people who entered the U.S. illegally, and broke the law. Illegal immigrants who broke the law and they are being allowed to live in "Sanctuary Cities" without the threat of being arrested and deported. These people are being given housing, medical care, and food at the expense of the American people after they have broken the law and entered our country illegally. I challenge any American to enter another nation "illegally". Many Americans would never live to tell of their attempt at crossing most borders illegally, yet America accepts illegal immigrants regularly. America accepts them without any knowledge of who they are accepting. 
    Suffice it to say, a good many illegal immigrants whom we, the American people, are paying for are nothing, but a bunch of low life criminals who hate and resent Americans. One look at a protest against President Trump says it all... Mexicans holding Mexican Flags while burning the American flag. Many of these people are here not for an opportunity to be an American, not for their love for America, but for an opportunity at free housing, medical care, food, and an opportunity to take or steal from the American people whom they so abhor.

     Jose Garcia Zarate, who last week was acquitted of first degree murder, was an illegal immigrant. He was deported 5 times. He was convicted of 7 felonies. He was to be turned over to ICE just prior to his shooting and killing Kate Steinle in July 2015. Had California complied with federal immigration regulations and turned Garcia Zarate over to ICE, Kate Steinle would still be alive. Instead, California cared more about the welfare of an illegal thug than the lives of the legal citizens in California. California and their liberal open borders policy killed young Kate Steinle, and it is apparent from last week's verdict that California doesn't care. 

   How Garcia Zarate was acquitted is a mystery. Or is it? California is a "Sanctuary State". Translation, California cares more about the rights of illegal citizens than it does of legal citizens. Then again, is it legal citizens, or is it White citizens that California fails to protect? In another words, had Kate Steinle not been a beautiful young White girl, would the jury still had come back with a verdict of "not guilty"? I think not. Had Kate Steinle been any other race, but White, I strongly doubt the jury would have acquitted Kate Steinle's killer. 

    While campaigning, the President spoke of the importance of closing America's borders, deporting illegal immigrants, building a wall, and ending DACA.  At present, more illegal immigrants are picked up inside the U.S. than just outside America's borders, deportations are down since the President took office, the wall has not yet been started, and there is doubt that the President will follow through on his campaign promise to end DACA.

  The President must end DACA. The President must build a wall. The President must follow through on promises made to the Angel Moms who supported the President on the campaign trail.The President must not succumb to the wishes of Democrats and their desire to destroy this nation. The President must not forget Kate Steinle. Kate Steinle deserves to have her death matter. Kate Steinle was an innocent victim in a Sanctuary City. She was a legal American killed by an illegal immigrant who never should have been in the U.S. in the first place. Unfortunately, due to the Democrats' desire for open borders and appearing to be good Samaritans, Kate Steinle is dead. 

  If POTUS fails to build the wall, America will receive more thugs like Jose Zarate Garcia. With 6 states deeming their states "Sanctuary States", and several cities across the U.S. deemed, "Sanctuary Cities", Americans are at risk. Americans are at risk, as thanks to the former administration, America is safer for illegal immigrants than its own citizens. Illegal immigrants have no respect for the laws of the United States. America, we are in dire straits. We are in danger as our country is no longer the America in which we once felt safe. With 22 states having Sanctuary Cities, and 6 states deemed complete Sanctuary States, America may never be safe again. America needs President Trump to honor his promises, as Mr. President, the lives of Americans are in serious danger and it is only you who can help this once great nation not only be great again, but safe again. Mr. President, Americans have run out of time and we are pleading with you to, "BUILD THAT WALL"!
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017

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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Tax Dollars To Pay For Training Our Congressmen And Senators How To Be Gentlemen


    It has been said that when every great nation's morals fell, so too did the nation. If true, America is headed for a fall. When a nation's leaders have no concept of right from wrong, the nation is without accountability, and without a a value system of worth, a nation is in serious danger of complete collapse.  Sadly, this is true of our government at present. In the past few weeks there have been  allegations without evidence against Judge Roy Moore of Alabama, allegations with proof of sexual misconduct by Senator Al Franken, and allegations of sexual misconduct with proof against Congressman John Conyers. As so it would seem, Judge Roy Moore appears to have been a victim of a political hatchet job by the Democrats in the eleventh hour of the race to the Senate. However, Senator Franken and Congressman Conyers appear to be a very different story. Franken and Conyers already in the Senate and Congress are as so it would seem,  two immature imbeciles unable to control "it", unable to keep their pants on, and unable to keep their hands off of co-workers. While it would be nice to think Franken and Conyers are an isolated incident, a slush fund of hush money could prove Capitol Hill to be rampant with Congressmen and Senators unable to keep their pants on. 

     It's a sad day in America when men whom we've elected to make all important decisions in matters of State are running around dropping their trousers and showing their goods. Then again, America asked for this. When America allowed former President Clinton to remain in office after the Monika Lewinsky scandal, America condoned the poor, classless behavior of our president, setting a precedent. Both Democrats and Republicans alike gave Bill Clinton a pass and gave all men in America a pass as well. Bill Clinton the president of the United States was guilty of sexual misconduct with a White house Intern, and both Republicans and Democrats allowed Clinton to get away with it. Bill Clinton should have been forced to resign and yet he remained in office. He remained in office and women on Capitol Hill were left vulnerable to future sexual harassment. 

     Have no fear, for the house has come up with a solution for men behaving like teenage boys who just discovered, "it". Yesterday, the House okay-ed anti-harassment training for all on Capitol Hill. While anti harassment training seems to be a necessity at present, it is at the same time quite pathetic. It's pathetic in that our nation's leaders at the age of forty plus need training on how to keep their pants on,  keep their hands to themselves, and how to behave like gentlemen. As a tax paying citizen I personally have difficulty wrapping my head around the fact that my tax dollars will be used to training men on Capitol Hill how to behave like grown men. By the age of 40 if a man doesn't know how to behave like a gentleman then he certainly doesn't belong on Capitol Hill. 

   For years Americans have questioned the failure of our lawmakers to get things done and now it is apparent why nothing gets done on Capitol Hill . If men elected to Congress and the Senate are running around dropping their trousers and grabbing women in the work place, it's clear these men have their minds elsewhere. As so it would seem, these men elected to office that have sex on the brain 24/7 are far too preoccupied to get anything regarding matters of State accomplished. It is evident that these men in Congress and the Senate do not need training on how to behave like respectable human beings, they instead need some serious sex addiction therapy. 

   Tax dollars to be used for training our nation's leaders to behave like gentlemen? No! Hard working Americans do not want to pay for such ridiculousness. If our lawmakers don't know how to behave by the age of 40, they deserve to be fired, lose their positions of power, and they deserve to lose their big fat paychecks. Bottom line, Americans do not want lawmakers who are unable to keep their hands to themselves, their little willie in their pants, and their minds off of sex long enough to accomplish important matters on Capitol Hill. Hard working Americans deserve more. They deserve more than what they've gotten, they deserve men, they deserve real men, they deserve respectable men that have their minds on matters of State and not matters below the belt. With that being said, Americans vote NO on their tax dollars being used for training our lawmakers to be gentlemen.
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 

Friday, November 24, 2017

Restoration Weekend 2017, Let Freedom Ring


 "We're going to run as nationalists, and populists, and conservatives against against an incompetent and corrupt elite, a set of globalists."- Steve Bannon
   "Freedom"is a state of which millions of Americans have taken for granted. "Freedom", is a state of which is currently being threatened. Sadly, Americans have never thought twice about the possibility of losing their freedom. They haven't thought about it, as Americans have never had to think about the possibility of losing their freedom. Why think about something that you "know" will always be there? Why think about something you've never been without?  Unfortunately, when America elected Barrack Obama as their 43rd and 44th President, America began losing their freedom. How did Americans lose their freedom? Simple, they voted for Obama. They voted for Obama's agenda. They voted for "hope and change". They got"change", but they lost hope and they began to lose their freedom. They voted for the far left's agenda. They voted for agenda that takes away freedom and takes away hope. They voted for "change", when America, the greatest country on earth, was not in need of change. It was in need of a leader that would carry out the American Dream. 

     The first implication that America was losing its freedom was when Obama care was forced upon the American people. Americans were told they had to buy Obama care, and if they didn't, they would be forced to pay a fine. While Obama care is against the Constitution, Obama care is regrettably still a part of our lives. Millions of Americans whom should have had a choice in whether or not to pay for health care are now forced to to pay for health care. If they do not, Americans are forced to pay a fine. Hence, Obama care is unconstitutional. It is unconstitutional to force Americans to buy something they do not want, yet somehow Obama care has not been deemed "unconstitutional" by the courts. The courts who are by law required to carry out the laws of the constitution, at present, appear to not be carrying out the laws of the constitution. 

    "Freedom", by definition, is the power or right to speak, act, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. During the 2016 presidential election, Americans learned of their loss of freedom of speech.How did we lose this right? We lost this right during last year's presidential election when ANTIFA, the Democrats, and Hillary's supporters intimidated Trump supporters outside Trump's rallies with fear based tactics. Tactics such as hitting, spitting, kicking, and punching due to Trump supporters failing to think exactly as the left thought. Frighteningly, the lefts failure to respect the thoughts and choices of others sounds remarkably similar to the religion of Islam. Perhaps that explains the desire of liberals to have more Muslims in the U.S. Liberals and Muslims could be one in the same in some ways, one being that the left has zero tolerance for the opinions, wishes and thoughts of others. That being said the lefts attempts to intimidate the right is just another example of America losing their freedom, but the left didn't stop at that. No, the left then further took away the freedom of Americans when they began silencing conservatives through social media. Social media, an innovative  way of networking, communicating, interacting with others,  and sharing one another's thoughts suddenly became policed and censored. Many frustrated users chose to drop off social media all together. Who could blame them? Why be a part of a social media outlet that has the power to censor your content?  Those who opted to stay on social media regularly encounter daily frustrations with what is deemed unacceptable posting or tweeting. Trouble is, what liberals deem as"acceptable", is a far cry from what conservatives deem as "acceptable". Apparently, one is unable to express the vision of Islam as stated in the Quran, but one is able to place pornographic, and graphic material on social media. One is also able to use obscenities and threaten another's life if they are a liberal, as again that is acceptable material, but attempt to point out the truth about Islam, and the truth about the left and one is suspended from various social media sites for days, weeks or permanently.

    Our freedom is slipping away, and if we don't fight for it, our freedom will be lost for forever. Our freedom must never be lost, and with the help of outspoken Americans both inside and outside of mainstream media, we can win against the fight to take away our freedom. That fight was fought just this past weekend at the Restoration Weekend event . Four days of conservatives speaking without censorship from the left on what actions Americans must take as to keep our country from slipping away. The Speakers were highly intelligent, articulate, well informed, well versed, relentless, and convincing. They were relentless in that they showed Americans what it is to be an American and what it is to have freedom, and what it is to be a patriot. They did this by standing up, and speaking up, actions every patriot in America should take as well.

   David Horowitz, founder of the Freedom Center ,who held the event planned an impressive line up that was not to be missed. Steve Bannon, Ann Coulter, Monica Crowley, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Mark Steyn, Jesse Waters,  Milo Yiannapoulos, and more. Men and women using their voices as to promote and further the "make America Great Again agenda" of which President Trump campaigned. Upon listening to each and every speaker, what they had to say was music to the ears of every conservative. However, not every speaker was as upfront and blunt as the next. Steve Bannon who exudes pure brilliance and recently resigned from the administration was present to receive the Annie Taylor Courage award for his work in fighting the war against the left in his fight for a nationalist agenda. Steve Bannon, the mastermind behind the Trump campaign, called President Trump, "an American hero". However, Bannon, at the same time, stated that we had gotten, "off the mark" in our agenda and in the division of the Republican party. Unfortunately, that getting "off the mark", begins in the White House. It's difficult to carry out a nationalist and populist agenda when the President's cabinet consists of former Wall Street executives and globalists, including the President's daughter and son-in-law. Bannon stressed the importance of the party being united and the fight for our country's freedom being threatened by the opposition. An opposition that seems to have a desire to destroy the greatest country on earth, America. Bannon not only spoke on the fight conservatives had ahead of them, but how the Middle East is as dangerous as it's ever been with threats from Hezbollah, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran and Persia. Bannon called Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan the most dangerous man on earth, and told all in attendance of China's declaration that the war against the U.S. is over. Bannon didn't read a bed time story to those in attendance. He spoke the truth. The truth is that the freedom of America is being threatened both from the inside of our nation and outside as well.        

 Jesse Waters and Monica Crowley were fantastic Trump cheerleaders, with their supportive and complimentary speeches for the President. Anyone listening knew that Waters and Crowley would not be holding the President accountable, but then fake news and critics are forever holding the President accountable. Dr. Sebastian Gorka who just recently resigned from the Trump administration spoke on the value of Trump being elected and was a wealth of knowledge and more. Mark Steyn, always entertaining, mocked the left and expressed his disappointment in both Steve Bannon and Dr. Sebastian Gorka now working outside the White House and not inside, He stated he felt far better with them both working inside, and I had to agree. The always controversial Milo Yiannopoulos was as always, humorous, blunt, and forthright on his opinions of the left, stating the best way to fight the left is "with laughter and war".   While Milo was about laughter, Ann Coulter was downright brutal on her assessment of the president .  Coulter called the Trump presidency out on its failure to follow through on the platform on which it ran. Coulter was on point in her assessment of the President. In so many words, she expressed how the President has too many ex-Wall Street hot shots on his cabinet, she expressed her disappointment with the wall not being built, our military still being sent into unnecessary conflict, Dreamers possibly not being deported and more. Ms. Coulter applauded the President on accomplishments executed, however,  Coulter also stated that any other Republican would have done the same. Suffice it to say, Ann Coulter isn't impressed. Upon asking Ms. Coulter if she thought we'd been had by the President or had someone gotten to him she did not think we, the people, who had voted for him had been had. She felt the President wanted to be liked to the detriment of the agenda for making America great again. 


   Restoration Weekend 2017 was a weekend about freedom. It was a weekend to inspire all in attendance to stand up and fight for our freedom, as our freedom is at risk. It's at risk from the left, from the establishment, and from the outside as well. Restoration Weekend was a weekend for conservatives to learn of the threats to our freedom and to celebrate our freedom. Every speaker spoke at length on the left, their desire to destroy the greatest country on earth, radical Islamic terrorism, and more. Sadly, those in opposition to the nationalist and populist agenda were those whom should have been in attendance. The opposition, however, refuses to listen to the right, and they refuse to allow the right the freedom to share the truth. The truth, being our freedom being at risk, but then it is they who have taken away the freedom as to share the truth. That being said, we as conservatives must stand together and unite and fight for the freedom for which our ancestors fought and so enjoyed.

(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

America Does Not Care About Hillary!

       It is said that men never grow up, and unfortunately, our President proves this point beautifully to a fault. Just when America thinks President Trump is "Presidential", the President does something to completely contradict the President being "Presidential". Case in point, the President is again attacking last years losing candidate, Hillary Clinton. Why? Why, after a little over a year is the President doing this? Perhaps someone needs to tell the President that he beat Hillary in last year's election. Perhaps someone needs to tell the President that not only did he beat Hillary, but that he is the President. Yes, President Trump is our 45th President and with that comes responsibility. Responsibility, meaning that a President should not engage in childish disputes with anyone, let alone, the likes of Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is the most politcally corrupt candidate in history. That being said, Hillary  is not worth the President's time and she's certainly not worth America's time. 
     Frankly, the only tweet I and much of America want to see regarding Hillary, is a tweet saying, "lock her up". The President led the nation in chorus chanting, "lock her up", and therefore, the nation wants to see Hillary locked up! The nation does not care to see frivolous, mean spirited tweets against Hilary. The nation wants to see Hillary in handcuffs and hauled off to jail. The nation also wants to see the President for whom they voted, and not just another politician, or even worse a man that still thinks he's in High School trading idiotic insults with a candidate that lost and is irrelevant.

   The election is over and the much of the nation is still very much behind the President. However, we are behind the man for whom we voted, not for the puppet that sometimes takes the President's place. Nor does the nation want a man that continuously deflects the press away from current heated issues by tweeting insults with a failed candidate. Hillary does NOT matter, Mr. President. Unless Hillary is taken away to a jail cell, America does not care about Hillary. America cares about tax reform. America does not care about Hillary. America cares abut repeal and replace. America does not care about Hillary. America cares about staying out of unnecessary wars, and on the campaign trail so too did the President. America cares about job creation, and thankfully since the President was elected, jobs are being created. America cares about the threat of radical Islam and the safety of our nation. America does not care about Hillary. America cares about the fact that the religion of Islam, a religion that preaches killing those from other religions, is the fastest growing religion in America today. America does not care about Hillary. America cares about ending the Dreamers program, and the deportation of everyone protected by DACA. America does not care about Hillary. America cares about the opioid crisis taking place at present. America does not care about Hillary.  America cares about the threat of North Korea, Iran, and other nations that pose a threat. America does not care about Hillary. America cares about the importance of our children learning the history of America instead of the history of the Mid-East and Africa. America does not care about Hillary. America cares about a presidential cabinet that now mimics a Goldman Sachs office. America does not care about Hillary.  No, America does not care about Hillary. Hillary Clinton was the most unlikable and corrupt politician that ever ran for the presidency. Therefore, America does not care about Hillary losing presidential election of 2016. What America cares about, are the issues on which the President campaigned!

   Frankly, I  hoped to never see, nor hear from Hillary again, after the 2016 presidential election. Unfortunately, thanks to Hillary being the first loser to ever want to remain in the limelight, her existence is still very much present. Hillary is nightmare that never ends. As life imitates art, Hillary is the villain that never gets caught. She is always there, and just when one thinks shes's disappeared for good, she pops back up on Twitter or in a mall touting her self proclaimed brilliance. Hillary is anything, but brilliant, nor is she ever again fit to run for any office of the land. That being said, why must the President even taunt Hillary with running for the presidency again? Why, is perhaps the President is steering America away from what's truly important as to buy time on serious issues. Sadly, America doesn't have time. America does not have time for a President trading High School insults to a candidate who lost a year ago. Hillary Clinton is irrelevant, and with one tweet at a time, the President is making Hillary very much relevant, and that makes Americans mad. Americans are mad, as America doesn't have time for  un-Presidential childishness. Not when day by day,  month by month, year after year, we are losing our country one day at a time. Mr. President, America does not care about Hillary!
(s)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2017