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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Islam, The Religion of "Peace"?

    Since September 11, 2001 there have been 30,673 attacks on both American and foreign soil. Does anyone know this to be true? No. The fact is virtually no one knows the truth of terrorism as it exists today. No one knows. No one knows as mainstream media fails to report the truth on how often terrorism is taking place today. Mainstream media has had widespread coverage of the latest terrorist attack in Paris on Tuesday. However, they have reported little of anything of  the 144 Islamic attacks in the past 30 days. In the past 30 days, 1233 people have been killed and another 1071 people have been injured in 21 countries. A one life lost to the religion of Islam is too many in 30 days. One thousand-two-hundred thirty-three lives is simply unacceptable. 

   Has terrorism become acceptable? If it has not, why has America and the rest of the world not declared war on terrorism? Perhaps due to many persons and nations not wanting to call out the true cause behind terrorism for fear of being politically incorrect, we are unable to wage war much less defeat terrorism. It's time to call out the religion of Islam for what it is. The religion of Islam is in the opinion of many, synonymous with terrorism. Former President Barrack Obama would say time and time again that the religion of Islam was the religion of "peace". How can a religion be one of "peace" if  it is a religion that has zero tolerance for those belonging to other religions? How can a religion of "peace" order its followers to subdue people of other religions or kill them? How can a religion of "peace" be one of peace if it refuses to co-exist with other religions? How is a religion a religion of "peace" when their bible, the Quran, contains some 500 verses that speak of their God, Allah's, hatred for non-Muslims? How can a religion of "peace" not give the same rights to women as it gives to men? How can a religion of "peace" allow men to beat their wives for disobedience? How can a religion of  "peace" condone the taking of women as sex slaves? How can a religion of "peace" allow the raping of non-Muslim women? How can a religion of "peace" condone the killing of gay men and women? How can a religion of "peace" condone "Jihad", the calling for a holy war as to spread the religion of Islam? How can a religion of "peace" be one of peace when it encourages terrorism in the name of its God, "Allah"? How can a religion of "peace" be not a facilitator of democracy? I ask, how can a religion of "peace" be a religion when its belief system is one of widespread violence?

   The religion of Islam is not the religion of "peace". The word Islam does not mean peace as so many many Muslims would have westerners believe. The word Islam is synonymous for submission or for surrender. The religion of Islam is not a religion of "peace". It is  instead the religion of terrorism. It is a religion in which its goal is to convert or assassinate all non-believers all over the world. It is a religion that has throughout history attempted to crucify all non-followers and has nearly succeeded. It's prophet, Muhammad, organized 65 campaigns against non-Muslims, ordered the execution of 50 individuals, and the slaughter of several hundred tribesman in one day. Before Muhammad's death, he lived to see the religion of Islam wage war against Christians, Jews, Persians,  and polytheists which included millions of Hindus. As the war against those of various religions waged on, Buddhists and Zoroastrians were soon to be included. Let it be said, the so called religion of "peace" is not at all a religion of "peace". It is a violent religion of slavery, torture, blood and suffrage. It is a religion that's war on all non-believers lasted over four decades. By the time of the Crusades when the Europeans began fighting back, the Muslims had taken over two thirds of the Christian world at the hands of their swords. The religion of "peace" had conquered from Syria to Spain and well across North Africa. The caliphate nearly took over the world and failed. Today the caliphate is again attempting to take over the world and if we aren't careful, the caliphate will win.

     In 2001 America was attacked on 9/11. If one uses the date of 2001, non-Muslims or infidels have been being attacked for 16 years. We the infidels never had to fall prey to the caliphate. Had the leaders throughout Europe, Africa, and America closed their borders, terrorism at the hands of  Muslims might never have happened. Unfortunately, our leaders failed to heed the lessons of the past. Both Europe and America have opened their arms to Muslims and both have paid a dear price with the loss of lives. Lives that could have been saved had our leaders learned from the past. The caliphate lasted four decades until the Europeans fought back. If one takes 9/11 as the first terrorist attack of which it is not, we will have been fighting terrorism for 16 years. Then again, America had a president in Barrack Obama that refused to wage war against terrorism. Barrack Obama refused to name Islam as the enemy. We could never defeat the enemy, as both America and Europe refused to name the enemy. America fought back with the election of President Donald Trump. France is now fighting back in their attempt to elect Marine LePen as their next president. Marine LePen is France's last hope just as President Trump is America's last hope. 

    Islam is not a religion of "peace". It is anything but a religion of "peace". Islam wants to kill us and in knowing this, our nation's borders must be closed as to ensure the safety of Americans. Europe must do the same. With 49-51 Muslim nations around the world, Muslims can find places of solace and acceptance of their Muslim ways. The war against non-Muslims began some 16 years ago, and it will continue until the end of time. The war need not continue if all Muslims are banned from entering all non-Muslim nations. Then again, we have allowed non-Muslims into our lives and for that we are now forever in danger. The question is when and where will there be another attack? Tag, who's next to be attacked by the religion of "peace"?
(c)Sean Bianca, GOP GIRL 2017  

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Silent "Issue" That Must Come To An End!

    A young girl in Egypt is told it's a special day. She is told the day is for her, and for her alone. She is dressed in a party dress. She is excited and hopeful as to what the day will bring. What the day will bring, will be the end of her genitalia as how she was born. It will be the end of this little girl ever experiencing any sexual pleasure.  She will be one of an estimated 3.3 million girls that are the victims of female genitalia mutilation (FGM) each year. She will under go one of the most horrific procedures that ever could possibly be performed on a woman. For this young girl, she will have her procedure in the comfort of her own home with her mother and father watching. The doctor is not a doctor at all. He is known as the "Genital Barber". Just prior to the procedure, the young girl's smile will turn to a frown. Her giggles will turn to tears. She will be propped up on a table. Her legs will be placed up in the air, and spread apart. The "Barber" will then take an un-sanitized knife and cut the little girl's clitoris.  No anesthetic is given to ease the excruciating pain the child is forced to endure. The child will scream a blood curdling scream and sobbing will follow. She will then quite possibly have her labia lips sewn shut and she is given cotton to place in her panties. The child is clueless as to why this day that was to be so special has gone so terribly wrong. The parents feel no compassion as they watch. They are smiling. They are gleeful. They have fulfilled their barbaric religious or cultural custom. They have taken away their daughter's libido until the end of time. 

   While many Americans know nothing of female genitalia mutilation, others know of it, but believe it to be something that happens in other parts of the world. Female genitalia mutilation, the altering and or cutting of the female genitals is largely prominent in the Islamic community. An alarming 98% of all Somali girls and 87% of all Egyptian girls have been forced to endure the barbaric, unsanitary, deplorable procedure. Tragically, with the influx of Muslims, female genitalia mutilation is now occurring right here in the United States. Consequently, Minnesota has the largest Somali immigrant population in the U.S.  Just last week, the FBI arrested Dr. Jumana Nagarwala for performing female genitalia mutilation on girls ages 6-8 at her Livonia, Michigan office. The FBI investigation revealed that Nagarwala had performed FGM as far back as 2005. 

      The victims who were responsible for the arrest of Dr. Nagarwala told authorities they were going on a special girls trip when they instead went on a trip to see the doctor in Detroit, Michigan. The women described the procedure as it feeling as though they were getting shot. They were told the procedure was to get the germs out. They wrongly were led to believe the procedure was for their own good. It was instead one of the most heinous crimes one could ever imagine.  Shockingly, Dr. Nagarwala will face charges of only 5 years imprisonment for each count of FGM.

   FGM is a topic unknown to most. It is a topic of which most would rather not have any knowledge. It is an almost forbidden conversation. It is a virtual silent atrocity. It is an atrocity that has tripled here in the U.S. in 25 years on girls and women ages 14-49. While FGM is prohibited in many states, it is surprisingly only a crime in 26 states. The states of CA,TX, NY, NJ, MD, and VA.  are most at risk.  The cities most highly impacted with the most women impacted by FGM are New York City and Washington D.C..  Minneapolis came is third with its high Somali population. A shocking estimated number of 513,000 girls and women are  victims of FGM here in the United States, up from 167,000 in 1997. 

    No girl, teenager, or woman should ever be a victim of female genitalia mutilation. There is no valid reason for such a horrible procedure to ever be performed. The procedure is a sick barbaric custom and nothing more. There are no health benefits whatsoever from the procedure. In fact, the procedure has been proven to cause health problems. Immediately following the procedure, many girls and women go into shock, have intensive bleeding, experience bacterial infections and damage to the surrounding tissue. Thereafter, girls and women are prone to recurrent bladder and urinary tract infections, cysts, infertility, as well as complications during intercourse and childbirth. Severe psychological trauma is also many times experienced by victims of FGM. 

    Female genitalia mutilation must come to an end, and the only way to stop it is to bring awareness. Only by bringing awareness to female genitalia mutilation can we bring an end to such an atrocity. While unpleasant, FGM must be an issue that we as Americans bring to the forefront. FGM is an issue that seems lost in the mountain of issues and concerns brought to Washington. It's up to the people to make FGM an issue in Washington.  Washington Congresswoman Elizabeth Scott has been one woman that has brought the issue of FGM to the forefront. In 2015 it was Congresswoman Scott who introduced the Female Genitalia Mutilation Bill. While the Congresswoman is to be applauded, she can not do it alone. It's up to people like us to spread the word so that no small girl, teenager, nor woman is ever subjected to such a horrific atrocity ever again. Together we can be the voice and make a difference in the fight against FGM!
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017
#FGM #endfemalegenitaliamutilation

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Trump's Taxes Are Irrelevant!

   This past week thousands of protesters took to the streets nationwide to protest the President not revealing his tax returns. What this proved I'm not so sure.  Then again it did prove a couple of things. It proved  that clearly these people have nothing better to do with their lives. It proved that these people must not work a 40-60 hour week, because if they did, one can be sure they sure as heck wouldn't spend their rare free time protesting. Why these people felt a need to protest I'm not so sure. Other than to create havoc and mayhem, nothing was accomplished. If these people did feel they accomplished some earth shattering feat, I'd love to know what it was. Did President Trump release his previous tax returns due to thousands of people protesting? No, and I have to ask just what would it matter if the President did release his tax returns? What affect would the President's tax returns have on them? The President was a successful businessman prior to taking office, He's rich. No, he's not just rich, he's incredibly wealthy. If he paid less taxes than these people think he should have, it was a thousand times what these people paid, I'm quite sure. Other than that, when Rachel Maddow thought she had found the golden carrot with Trump's 2005 tax return, America and mainstream media were surprised to discover the president had paid far higher taxes than most in his same tax bracket. In fact, it was revealed that the President paid $38 million on on his $150 million income. Trump paid at a rate of  25% which, while not the highest rate at 35% but higher than many critics of Trump. He paid more than the former the former Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney a critic of the President paid only 14%. He also paid more than MSNBC (Comcast) which paid 24%, Obama who paid 19% and Bernie Sanders who paid only 13%.

    Why protest? I have to ask? I also have to ask these same people if they ever protested Hillary Clinton's not revealing her deleted emails? For that matter, did these people ever demand a record of how much money was actually donated from the Clinton Foundation? The answer is a big fat no. Bottom line, these protesters need to get a life, or do something more valuable with their free time . Instead of protesting, these same wonderful people could volunteer at a homeless shelter, an animal rescue facility, a hospital for vets, or a home for the elderly. They could even be a "Big Sister", or "Big Brother" to a child who has no guidance, but no, the protesters would rather "protest". Frankly, I believe the protesters are to be pitied. How miserable must the lives of these people be, as to spend their free time marching the streets about something that has no and will have no affect on them at all? Furthermore, how selfish is a group of people if they would prefer to spend their free time protesting over volunteering and doing good? The protesters need to shut up, put up , get jobs, and actually pay taxes. I'm quite sure many have not and get a life . America has had it with protesting and the protesters need to accept President Trump as their President and move on. The Republicans moved on and won after 8 years of Obama, and we didn't carry on one bit. Perhaps the Democrats could learn from the Republicans. The Democrats have a choice, accept the president with class and dignity or protest with lunacy? Democrats which will it be? 
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017

Monday, April 17, 2017


    Remember when President Donald J. Trump was just "candidate", Donald J. Trump? Remember when Donald J. Trump cared about the average every day American and not the top one percent? Remember when Donald J. Trump cared about the small businesses and less about big corporations? Remember when Donald J. Trump spoke of a tax plan that would aid in bringing back the middle class? Remember when Donald J. Trump cared about the middle class? Remember when Donald J. Trump had leanings more to the right and nationalism, than to left and globalism?  Remember when Donald J.Trump spoke out against the establishment, the Goldman -Sachs Executives, globalists, and neo-cons? Remember when Donald J. Trump criticized Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen by calling her a political hack, who kept interest rates low as to help the Obama administration, and accused her of creating a false market? Remember when Donald J. Trump named China as a currency manipulator, and said NATO was obsolete? Remember when Donald J. Trump was against Obama getting involved in the war in Syria?  Remember when the Trump campaign was in serious danger of losing, but then due to the hiring of Kellyanne Conway as his campaign manager,  and Steve Bannon, as chief executive officer,  he turned around and won? Remember Donald J. Trump the candidate, was the candidate that appeared to be as important to many as the second coming of Christ? 

   I do remember the candidate, Donald J. Trump, and from what I am seeing of President Donald J. Trump, I am somewhat confused. While strides to make America great again are being taken, I am seeing an administration that is looking more and more like that of a Democratic administration and not a Republican administration. In fact, President Donald J. Trump's administration could be likened to that of what I envisioned would be a Hillary Clinton administration. I didn't vote for Hillary Clinton. I voted for Donald J. Trump and the platform on which he ran.  I also didn't vote for the president's daughter, Ivanka, nor did I vote for the president's son in-law, Jared Kushner. At present there is chatter the two think they are the real "first couple".  Hearing this is concerning to many. Jared Kushner a now senior adviser to the president, is a Democrat  who contributed $100,000 to Democrats. To name a few, Hillary in 2000, Chuck Schumer, and Cory Booker.  Kushner also contributed to the campaigns of Democrats that supported Obama on granting temporary legal status to millions of illegal immigrants in 2014. Not to mention, that Jared's father, Charles, supposedly admired by the president, served two years in prison for income tax evasion, illegal campaign contributions, and witness tampering. It is believed that Jared Kushner can not possibly share the same views as Steve Bannon, a real conservative who once had the president's ear. Nor can First Daughter Ivanka have the same views as Steve Bannon.  The candidate, Donald J. Trump ran on a Steve Bannon agenda, and that was the agenda so many Americans embraced. It was an agenda of "America First". It was an agenda of new political order. It was an agenda against Goldman Sachs being in charge of our nation's economics. It was an agenda against the globalists. It was a nationalist economic agenda. It was a conservative agenda. It was the agenda of Donald J. Trump. Is it the agenda of President Trump? When mainstream media and  more and more Democrats, as well as  those in opposition to the President, are applauding the President instead of critiquing the president, one has to think twice.

   Today the nationalist economic agenda of Donald J. Trump appears to be nothing, but that of a distant memory. Just recently, the liberal  based Politico publication named President Trump, "Donald Rodham Clinton". As his cabinet appears to be looking more and more "Clintonian", it's hard to argue. Another publication stated that having Kushner and Ivanka at the helm of the administration would ensure they would carry the "Clintonian torch".  It's hard to defend the President's cabinet, as his cabinet is consisting of the very people whom he spoke out against.  Just to name a few, the President once against Democrat,  Janet Yellen serving another term as Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve, the President is now said to be  considering her serving another term.  Gary Cohn, the president's chairman of the National Economic Council was not surprisingly brought in by the President's  Democrat son in-law Jared Kushner. Cohn, a Democrat is the former Chief Operating Officer and president of Goldman-Sachs. Cohn chiefly reflects the socially liberal and economically conservative views of Wall Street power brokers. Steve Mnuchin, the Secretary of Treasury, is a hedge fund man who before working for George Soros' funded One West Bank worked for Goldman-Sachs. Mnuchin is said to have contributed to both Hillary Clinton's senate and presidential campaigns. Dina Powell, the U.S. Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategy, brought in by First Daughter, Ivanka,  is  yet another Goldman Sachs alumni. Powell was president of the Goldman-Sachs Foundation. Powell may well be a registered Republican is said to be for globalization. Let it also be noted that Powell replaced K.T. McFarland a person far more qualified for such a position with her vast experience as a Fox News Security analyst, and extensive resume working for former Republican presidents. K.T. McFarland has been moved to the position of Ambassador to Singapore. While it is believed by some that McFarland was not a good fit for the her position. others are not surprised with the departure of like minded former National Security Adviser, ousted, General Mike Flynn. Flynn's replacement is presently H. R. Lt. General H.R. McMaster, who is said to have interventionist leanings to the left. Leanings to the left seems to be a good thing in the Trump administration.

    Perhaps the demise of the Bannon-Trump agenda was Steve Bannon being on the cover of Time magazine on February 13th. Time magazine titled the cover, "The Great Manipulator", Steve Bannon, Chief White House Strategist. While one may not be a fan of the liberal based mainstream media, one has to give credit to Time magazine for being a great manipulator themselves. In essence, Time magazine quite possibly manipulated the President. As it has been rumored that President Trump likes to keep all magazines in which his puss graces the cover, he may well have felt one upped by Steve Bannon. Steve Bannon gracing the cover could have been the final straw, as there was much talk that Bannon was the actual president ,and Trump was merely a puppet. While it is doubtful that such is true, mainstream media may well have played a part in the changes in the Trump agenda. Well not just mainstream media, as son in-law Jared Kushner and First Daughter Ivanka are also said to have a desire for the removal of Bannon.

     The removal of Steve Bannon, a man who was so  instrumental in the success of Trump's campaign could possibly be coming sooner than later. Just last week Bannon has lost his position on the principals committee of the National Security council. A man that was once the President's right arm was just recently snubbed publicly by the president. In a recent exchange with New York Post columnist, Michael Goodwin. Trumps exact words when asked about Steve Bannon were as follows, "I like Steve, but you have to remember he was not involved in my campaign until very late. I had already beaten all the senators and all the governors, and I didn’t know Steve. I’m my own strategist and it wasn’t like I was going to change strategies because I was facing crooked Hillary."  The President's statement certainly took any and all credit away from Steve Bannon. The fact is, while President Trump had a great deal of support at the time, his numbers were also falling prior to Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway. The Bannon, Trump, Conway, and General Flynn team was a winning team. It was their vision, their agenda, and their strategy that won the presidency. Unfortunately, with Jared and Ivanka said to be in charge of hiring, the MAGA Trump agenda will be sure to be lost. 

   It is said that in competition that one should always change a losing game and never change a winning game. When President Trump won, he won with a winning team. It was a team that vowed to "Make America Great Again". It was team that cared about small businesses, and creating jobs. It was a team that cared about the middle class by lowering taxes. It was a team that vowed to repeal and replace the inevitably imploding Obama Care.  It was a team  that vowed to block the influx of unvetted Muslim immigrants. It was a team that vowed to wage war on the terrorist group ISIS. It was a team that didn't believe in unnecessary wars. ( Bannon is said to have not recommended the air strike in Syria) It was a team that vowed to close America's borders, and build a wall. It was to be a big wall with a big beautiful door. It was a team that heard the people and it was a team that said what the people wanted to hear.

   "You can't always get what you want", was the song played at the President's rallies, and perhaps such is true. America wanted a president who would go after and defeat ISIS, and President Trump proved he will in dropping the MOAB (mother of all bombs) on ISIS in Afghanistan just last week after an American green beret had been killed. Defeating ISIS is indeed what I and America wanted out of the Trump administrtion. However,  many of the changes within the Trump administration are not what I and many conservatives wanted. I voted for and wanted President Trump and First Lady Melania in the White House. I also voted for the Bannon Nationalist agenda. I did not vote for Jared Kushner and Ivanka. Had Jared and Ivanka been listed in the Republican primary, I would not have voted for them. Their ideology is not of which the Trump campaign ran.  As it appears with infighting that Kushner is pushing Bannon out, the nationalist ideology may well be lost, but then "you can't always get what you want", or is it, "you can't always get everything you want?
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017

#KeepBannon #MAGA

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Syria Airstrike, Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down?

        Last week as the President was being served a "beautiful piece of chocolate cake", the United States launched an air strike on a Syrian airbase in response to a chemical weapons attack as ordered by Bashar Assad. Finally, America had a President that didn't mince words, walked the walk, and didn't just talk the talk. President Obama drew his infamous "red line" against Assad and failed to follow up. In doing so, America appeared weak. America's words meant nothing. President Trump's air strike spoke volumes, but in hindsight, was it smart?

     Was it smart to get involved in a nation that is a hot mess of war, turmoil, confusion and strife? Was it smart when it is Assad who is protecting the Christians in Syria? Was it smart when it is Assad who is fighting and winning a war against ISIS? Was it smart when it put our poor relations with Russia to an all time low? Was it smart when it heightened and strengthened the relations between Syria, Russia, and Iran? Was it smart when it is still questionable as to whether or not it was in fact Assad who ordered the chemical weapons attack? Was it smart when it has been reported that the President launched the air strikes due to the First Daughter, Ivanka, and chief adviser urging him to do so? It has been reported that First Daughter Ivanka,, was deeply moved by the images of the children suffering from the affects of being attacked by the sarin gas attack, and therefore she wanted her father to take action. Perhaps the First Daughter should know that worldwide on a daily basis, children are being tortured, and massacred. Would she then want the President to declare war on all those persecuting children? Was the air strike on Syria smart when there are conflicting reports of Assad being framed in the past for using chemical weapons against his own people? Was it smart when it appears no one is 100% certain without a shade of doubt that Assad was the one responsible for the sarin gas attack? Was it smart?

   Was the air strike against Syria smart? I honestly don't know. What I do know from being in touch with a Syrian who is in the Kurdish army is that he, a Kurd, could care less about those affected by the Sarin gas attack. In fact, the young soldier referred to those affected as, "Arab pigs".  Who's who? What's what? Who are the good guys? Who are the bad guys? Which team are we on? Do we even know the good team from the bad team? The fact is, I have doubt that anyone really knows. If a Kurdish Syrian soldier doesn't care about those who were victims of the sarin gas attack, why do we? While no one could watch the images of the violent affects of sarin gas on babies, women, men, and children without compassion, it's not our problem. Harsh as it may sound, it's the truth. 

   The fact of the matter is, the Middle East has been turned into hell hole of no return. It is my belief that the Middle East will be fighting until the end of time. A 19 year old Syrian Kurd is fighting with America against ISIS day after day, month after month. While other 19 year olds are going to school, going to movies, playing football, baseball and chasing girls, this young man is fighting. He is fighting ISIS at present. His life is killing the "Arab pigs". He posts pictures of his ISIS captives that one knows will soon be killed. He shows video of shooting ISIS multiple times after the "Arab pigs" are already dead. He fights alongside friends and loses some along the way. He hopes one day America will intervene and remove Bashar al-Assad. He fights for his freedom against the "Arab pigs". Who is he? He is good I am lead to believe, so who were the people struck by the sarin gas attack? They were "Arab pigs" according to the Syrian Kurdish soldier. Were they ISIS followers? Do we know? Can we know? Who is this Kurdish soldier? Is he Muslim? Is he Christian? No he is not. He is Jewish. He is Jewish, yet he wants  Kurdistan to take over all of Syria and move to Israel. Israel is predominately Jewish, yet he refers to them as the "Arab pigs". Who's who, what's what, is from all indications anybody's guess.

    They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. The stabilization of any country we have attempted to aid has failed, and it has failed miserably. While there's talk of  National Security Advisor, L.T. Gen. H. R. McMaster placing 150,000 troops in Syria, the President says he has no plans of getting involved in Syria. Let us hope the President doesn't change his mind as he has on several statements made. The fact is, America can not and should not get involved in the war in Syria. We can not get involved in a region that is forever at war with one another. The war between those of various religions and beliefs will never be solved. While it is disturbing to watch the continuous attacks on innocent civilians, it's not our problem. 

    America appeared strong with its air strike against Assad, but what if anything did it accomplish?  A week later at least 110 people, many of them innocent children, were killed in a suicide attack near Idlib, Syria. It intensified already tense relations with Russia and Iran. It gave a  false hope to the civilians in Syria that America would rid them of Bashar al-Assad. It showed the world President Trump is unafraid to use weaponry to show America's strength. Was the air-strike on a Syrian air-base that was left operable a smart move? I'm not so sure.It's one of a conundrum that's for certain. What I am certain of, is that it's a war America should never be in and it's a war no one will ever win. It's a war that if declared, could well lead to WW III ,and that's a war, let us pray will never be.
(C) Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017
#saringasattack #basharalAssad #USAirstrikeagainstSyria