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Monday, February 4, 2019

Americans, You Are Part Of The Problem!

     Americans, you are part of the problem with illegal immigration. Americans are a big part of the problem of illegal immigration. Why? Because Americans are hiring illegal immigrants. Approximately 8 million illegal immigrants are currently working in the United States as according to an article written for The New York Times in December 2018. That means approximately 8 million illegal immigrants are working here in the U.S., being paid in cash, and obviously not paying taxes. However, the number of illegal working immigrants could be significantly higher as researchers from both MIT and Yale universities averaged the number of undocumented illegal immigrants living in the U.S. to around 22 million in 2016. That means approximately 22 million illegal immigrants may well be working in this country. With around 22 million illegals being given work in the U.S., Americans have guaranteed that more and more illegals will continue to illegally cross the border. Americans, you are part of the problem. 

     Americans are not just a part of the problem with illegal immigration, Americans are a big part of the problem. Americans wanting cheap labor hire illegals. ICE could free up millions of jobs if they went into every upper middle class, country club community, and luxury neighborhood across the nation. ICE would no doubt be picking up every other maid, nanny, landscape worker and golf course grounds keeper across America. In arresting these illegals working, there would be between 8-22 million jobs available for legal Americans to fill. Democrats will argue that the jobs illegal immigrants fill are jobs Americans do not want. While the jobs that would open might not be six figure jobs that Americans want, the jobs would pay the bills for someone living on the street or living in low income housing that's picking up a welfare check. I guarantee if every healthy American living on food stamps and welfare were told that they had 6-8 months to find employment until their welfare checks and food stamps ran out, they would take a job currently being held by an illegal immigrant. Being a maid, nanny, crop picker, grounds keeper etc. sure beats not having any money and not being able to eat. The trouble is, our government allows people the ability to not work, pick up a welfare check, and food stamps. In 2018 approximately 40 million Americans were on food stamps, and approximately 68 million Americans are currently on government assistance. While some Americans are unable to work due to mental and or physical illness, those of whom are healthy should be given a period of time to find a job or their benefits would run out. Again, if Americans were told they would receive no government assistance, Americans would take any job that was available even if it were a job cleaning toilets, or mowing lawns. When one is on government assistance one can't exactly be above any job, as any job is better than no job and no money.

     Until Americans on both sides of the aisle, the president included, stop hiring illegal immigrants, Americans are part of the problem with illegal immigration. When an American attempts to find employment under the table for his housekeeper's children to the tune of $20. per hour, he is part of the problem. When landscaping companies hire illegal Mexicans, Hondurans, and Guatemalans to cut grass and trim bushes, they are part of the problem. When farmers hire illegals, they are part of the problem. When housewives hire young illegal immigrant women to take care of their children and think it would be cute if their kids could learn Spanish, they are part of the problem. When any American hires an illegal immigrant they are contributing to the problem of illegal immigration. If illegal immigrants were unable to get employment in America there would be no reason to come to America. Furthermore, illegal immigrants would be less likely to cross the border if they knew our government was not giving illegals assistance either. The total cost of illegal immigrants to U.S. tax payers annually is $116 billion. 

     I don't know about anyone else, but $116 billion being spent on illegal immigrants annually is extremely disturbing. There's our wall people. With $116 billion being spent annually, America could well have already built that big beautiful wall, with that big beautiful door the president has spoken of, ten times over. America instead, does not have a wall. America instead has some 22 million plus undocumented, unvetted illegal immigrants living among us costing $116 billion, whom Americans continue to enable and employ. Americans, you are part of the problem with illegal immigration.
(c) GOP GIRL, Sean Bianca 2019

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Killing Is Now Cause For Celebration

Me at two weeks. I was 71/2 months when I was born.

        "Thou shalt not kill"- Sixth commandment 

     60, 069,971 Abortions have been performed in    America since Roe vs. Wade in 1973. 

Am I cute enough to kill?
This past week has shown that America will never be great again. This past week America has shown that America doesn't deserve to be great again. How can America ever be great again when it celebrates the murdering of babies 9 months old? This past week, America hit an all time low. This past week, America not only sent a message that we are a country that condones killing, but we celebrate killing as well. America will never again be great. How can a nation be great that's morals have fallen as low as to celebrate murder? Horrifying, but true, America is presently celebrating murder. This past Tuesday, New York became the eighth state to legalize abortion up to the point of birth. Alaska, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Vermont already allowed abortions up to the point of birth. However, those states just did it more quietly than the great liberal state of New York. Upon signing the bill into law legalizing the killing of unborn babies up until birth, New York's Democratic governor ordered One World Trade Center to be lighted up pink. The brightly lit pink One World Trade Center was lit in celebration of killing the unborn.
 New York's newly passed, "Reproductive Health Act" is a disgrace to our nation. For that matter, every state that previously passed abortion up to the point of birth laws are a disgrace to our nation. While liberals will try and convince others that there are always exceptions and acceptable reasons for abortions up to the point of birth, let's be honest, there is no time when an abortion is medically necessary or acceptable at the point of where the unborn child is ready to be born. Board Certified OB/GYN , Omar L. Hamada, MD, MBA who has delivered over 2500 babies tweeted the following tweet, "There's not a single fetal or maternal condition that requires third trimester abortions. Not one. Delivery, yes. Abortion, no." With that being said, the mothers who choose to abort their babies up until the point of birth are murderers, so too are those who are involved in performing these late term abortions. 

  "Thou shalt not kill", apparently means nothing today. There was a time when people had the fear of God in them when it came to lying, cheating, stealing and certainly killing. Today however, we celebrate killing. Many who are pro-choice justify killing the unborn as they believe the unborn is not yet alive as it's unborn. While killing something one can not see comes easily to those of whom are pro-choice, the fact is life begins at conception. The fact is, an abortion causes great pain to the unborn child. While pro-choice women might like to think the younger the fetus, the lesser the pain that is inflicted, that just isn't the case. Studies have shown fetuses as young as 8 weeks can feel pain. While just a "one" unborn child being tortured and feeling pain during a late term abortion is one too many, sadly, 18,000 unborn infants killed every year in America in late term abortions are feeling great pain. Even more disturbing is the fact that roughly another 800,000 aborted fetuses feel pain in America annually. While one can not truly know the pain endured by the unborn early in gestation, we do know those babies killed in late term abortions feel tremendous pain. Late term or partial birth abortions involve tiny helpless babies being tortured. Studies have proven that those babies aborted in late term abortions do indeed feel pain. Imagine if you will, your body being ripped apart. A practice that is and has been performed by terrorists is both practiced and lawful here in the United States. These babies are literally ripped apart, limb by limb with an instrument that resembles pliers. The instrument has knife like sharp edges as to literally rip the baby apart. The Doctor inserts the instrument into the woman and pulls the live baby out piece by piece. Perhaps a leg comes out first then next an arm, or two, another leg, and then the head, and brain. When the Doctor removes the head, pieces of the babies skull come out along with the brain. As America has learned, many baby parts not destroyed are then sold. These babies are being tortured. Without having so much as basic anesthesia, thousands of babies are being tortured and murdered alive. Many of these babies could well survive outside the womb, as they are fully formed and alive. As these babies are dying, many cry and scream, but due to the amniotic fluid going over their vocal cords instead of air, the Doctors don't always hear the cries and the screams. For that matter, it's quite feasible that all of those babies being killed in a late term abortions cry and scream. I suppose not being able to hear babies scream and cry makes it easier to kill them. Unfortunately, Doctors and nurses aren't always so lucky as to not hear the children they are killing. For some of the cries from the tortured infants are quite loud and clear. America can no longer call others barbaric when it condones the senseless killing and torture of unborn children. 

    With America celebrating the murdering of babies, America has shown that it is just as vile and barbaric as various nations and terrorist groups we have in the past condemned. We have become a barbaric nation that's no longer one nation under God, but one nation under Satan. We as a nation can not condone the killing of the unborn and call ourselves "one nation under God". We as a nation can not condone the killing of the unborn and call ourselves, "Christian" or "religious". While abortion is the right thing to do in certain circumstances such as rape, incest, or health concerns, make no mistake, abortion is never an option for birth control. While abortion is murder and is just simply unacceptable, there are always exceptions, rare exceptions. However, make no mistake, there is no abortion at or after 20 weeks that is acceptable nor is the celebration of any abortion acceptable. 

   Killing is now cause for celebration? Apparently so. While Governor Andrew Cuomo celebrated the killing of the unborn this past week, others shed tears for a nation that was once under God and a nation that was once filled with people with values. America is no longer a nation of a people that are to be respected. America has become a nation without morals or values and without the fear of God of which held individuals accountable. America will never be great again. With the loss of God fearing people, our nation is doomed to fall just as the once great Roman empire. With that being said, America will never be great again as killing is now cause for celebration. 
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2019 


Sunday, January 20, 2019

Walls Are The Trend, The Shutdown Must End!

   Walls are the trend and the government shutdown must come to an end. Walls are a trend as approximately 77 walls are now bordering various countries around the world. By the end of World War II there were seven border walls and or fences around the world. When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 there were fifteen border walls and or fences around the world. Present day, there are at least 77 walls and or fences around the world. Apparently, many of the walls were erected after the September 11th terrorist attacks in 2001. While Democrats seem not concerned with illegal immigration and the safety of our nation, other countries are very concerned. Hence, the erection of walls around the world. For years various nations have realized the necessity of a wall and or fencing as to stop and or decrease illegal immigration. That being said, I have to ask, why is the idea of a border wall on America's southern border so outrageous? Furthermore, why is a border wall considered heartless and racist? I have not once heard Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer call out China, India, Israel, Northern Ireland, Finland, France, Morocco, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Brunei, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, Thailand, Austria, Greece, and Hungary for their use of border walls. Not once have I heard how heartless the Iranians are for having a wall which borders Pakistan. Not once have I heard liberal main stream media call out Russia for their electronic wall on its borders with Norway, Finland, Mongolia, and North Korea. Nor have I heard liberal lawmakers call out Austria for being racist as they are currently building a wall bordering Slovenia. The fact is, due to terrorism, and the mass immigration throughout the world, more and more countries are in the process of building walls or have already built a wall or walls. That being said, walls are the trend, and the government shutdown must come to an end.

   The government shutdown must come to an end as some 800,000  federal employees are now on involuntary leave or are forced to work without being paid. This past Friday some 800,000 federal employees went without a paycheck. If the shutdown continues, some 800,000 federal employees will miss future pay checks as well. While the United States desperately needs a wall, some 800,000 Americans desperately need their paychecks. With roughly 80 percent of American workers living paycheck to paycheck, the United States is at present, in a state of emergency. Our country is in a state of emergency as 800,000 people can not survive for very long without a paycheck. While our President, and those on Capitol Hill know not of living paycheck to paycheck, the vast majority of the country does know the struggle of living paycheck to paycheck. Some 800,000 federal employees have heating bills, school tuition, medically necessary prescriptions, health care costs, grocery bills, IRS payments, and other expenses that must be paid. Many of these people can not afford their daily and monthly expenses without their bi-weekly paychecks. As credit cards could well subsidize those who don't have the luxury of a plush savings account, it is quite likely a good many may not even own a credit card. Without the help of credit cards and paychecks, I have to ask the President and those on Capitol Hill, how do these federal employees take care of their families and survive? 

    The now 28 day government shutdown must come to an end. It must come to an end as we have a national emergency. We have a national emergency in terms of our country and its people not being properly protected. We also have a national emergency when some 800,000 federal employees are not getting paid, President Trump can end this shutdown and get his wall that he promised his supporters. How does he do that? Simple. The President can use the "nuclear option" to obtain the necessary votes to build the wall. In using the "nuclear option", President Trump would only need 51 votes instead of 60 as to have approval for the $5.7 billion for the border wall that is at this point no longer an idea, but a necessity. The border wall is a necessity when there are  between 16.5-29 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the United States. Millions of people whom our government knows nothing about are living among us. While many may well be very nice people in search of a better life, there are also a good number that resent and or despise and hate Americans, Without these people coming to America legally, Americans are at risk. The mere fact that Americans are at risk due to millions of illegal undocumented immigrants is a national emergency, and it is an emergency that must be addressed immediately. 

     Our nation's security should be more than enough of a reason for lawmakers to give in to the President and give him the wall. While many Democrats would rather die than give in to any of President Trump's demands, several American civilians have indeed died thanks to the failure of Democrats to protect Americans from illegal immigrants. One more American life being taken due to drugs being brought across the border is one too many. One more American life being taken by an illegal immigrant driving under the influence or recklessly is one too many. One more American being tortured, raped, and or murdered by an illegal immigrant MS-13 gang member is one too many. One more American life being taken advantage of and stolen from by an illegal immigrant is one too many. Illegal immigration must stop, and it must stop now. A wall is not heartless. A wall is not racist. A wall does not mean that good law abiding immigrants in search of a better life are no longer welcome to come to America legally. A wall is merely a protective measure as to ensure the safety of our nation. A wall will aid in decreasing and or stopping the continuous immigration of illegals into our country. A wall is not a bad thing. A wall is something that has been used by various nations for years. A wall is also something that is at present being used more and more. Walls are the trend Mr. President, Madame Speaker Pelosi and Mr. Schumer, and in closing the government shutdown must come to an end.
-GOP GIRL, Sean Bianca 2019  


Friday, September 14, 2018

Serena Williams, Anything, But A Role Model !

     At the age of 12, I began playing USTA sanctioned tennis tournaments. At the age of 12, I was almost forced into early retirement. I was almost forced to retire, due to my unsportsmanlike conduct in one of my first tournaments. Somehow, as a 12 year old, I got the bright idea that it was "cool" to throw a temper tantrum on court when losing. Yes, I thought I was quite the hotshot throwing and hitting my tennis rackets into the court each time I lost a point. I did this, knowing I could be penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct. I knew I could be penalized, and I didn't care. Lucky for me, I was not penalized by the tournament officials. However, I wasn't so lucky when it came to my parents. My parents were thoroughly disgusted. After watching their daughter bang the racquets they'd bought yours truly, they'd had it. Not to mention that I'd  lost a match to someone whom I should have beaten due to spending more energy on slamming my racquets than energy spent on playing the match.  My parents said, "enough". Very quickly after the match I had lost due to being a little  spoiled brat, I was informed, that if I ever threw or slammed my racquets again, my tennis career would be over. "No more racquets, no more lessons, no more fancy tennis clothes, and no more tennis tournaments". Looking back, I can't say I blame them, and it was the best thing that they could have done. It was the best thing they could have done for my character and the best thing they could have done for my game. It was the best thing, as my parents taught me how to be sportsmanlike, have proper etiquette,  how to be a lady, how to be mature, how to have class, and how to have dignity. Clearly, Serena Williams was never taught the lesson my parents taught me. Most of all, my parents also taught me how to be a gracious loser, something Serena Williams never has been.

   After that tournament where I'd been oh so cool, I made it my mission to actually be "cool". I accomplished this by emulating a player whom I had idolized, Chris Evert. Chris Evert, better known as the "Ice Princess", or "Ice Maiden". At the time of my growing up, Chris Evert represented everything a young girl playing tennis wanted to be. Chris Evert might as well have been a real Princess. She was cool, she was calm, she was poised, she was intense, she was unflappable, she was emotionless. Chris Evert was a lady. Chris Evert's on court demeanor was something of perfection. I tried my best to imitate her and I came pretty close. I could be down in a match 0-6, 2-5 and win in the third set . Three set matches were pretty routine for me. I may not have ever made it to number one in the world, but I was completely inexpressive in my matches. Nothing ever phased me, and if it did, I certainly never showed it, and I was better for it. Had Serena attempted to be more like Chris Evert, perhaps she'd be better for it as well. She'd certainly been a better role model for her daughter. I don't think any woman would have held Serena Williams up as a role model after her infamous loss to Naomi Osaka at the 2018 U.S. Open.

   Bottom line, Serena Williams is not a role model for any child. To put it bluntly, Serena is nothing more than a sore loser. Serena has played over 100 U.S. Open matches and in three matches, she threw temper tantrums yelling at officials. In those 3 matches, Serena was losing every one of them. Unlike past champions who lose, pay their opponent a compliment and say, "it wasn't my day", Serena instead always makes excuses for her losses and or throws temper tantrums. Serena got everything she deserved in the final of the U.S. Open. She wasn't wronged, because she was a woman, and she wasn't wronged, because she was Black. She was legitimately penalized for her unsportsmanlike conduct. Through the years Serena has gotten away with her various antics due to her status as a top player, and Umpire Carlos Ramos wasn't afraid to stand up to Serena. For that he should be applauded. 

     Yes, it's true some men have gotten away with saying and doing far worse than Serena. So too has Serena in the past. The fact of the matter was, her coach was coaching, and he admitted it. So much for Serena's argument that she doesn't cheat. It's rather amusing that Serena demanded an apology from Umpire Carlos Ramos when she knew darn well that her coach was signaling and coaching. I guess not only is Serena guilty of  unsportsmanlike behavior, she's also a liar. In trying to may a plea for the allowance of players having emotions and coaching being legalized in tennis, her coach proved his player was a liar. I find it interesting that Serena's coach found Serena's acting like a madwoman acceptable. While Billie Jean King and other various commentators played the woman card and claimed that men had done far worse I have to ask, does it make it right? The truth is, many men have been penalized as well for their outbursts. Many men have also gotten away with it. The bad boy of tennis from years past, John McEnroe, was even defaulted for his behavior in a match. The bottom line, unsportsmanlike behavior is simply unacceptable. Further more, women are held at a higher standard than men as they should be. Why? We're better than behaving like a bunch of uncivilized lunatics. If tennis allows women to behave as Serena did in the women's final where does it stop?Will tennis soon become like hockey and football? Will spectators bare witness to Serena punching, slapping, or kicking her opponent? Frankly, I don't  think the fans of tennis care to watch linebackers in tutus having temper tantrums. I know I certainly don't. No, tennis fans want to see professional tennis players act professional and show their craft, not show their inability to control one's temper.
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2018 

Monday, August 27, 2018

To The President's Defense

      Senator John McCain versus President Donald Trump will be no more. The fight is officially over for the war hero who survived being a prisoner of war in Vietnam for five years. McCain finally succumbed to brain cancer at the age of 81 this past Saturday, August 25th 2018. Upon hearing of the late Senator's passing, the President tweeted, "My deepest sympathies and respect go out to the family of Senator John McCain. Our hearts and prayers are with you!" The President's tweet was completely unequivocally appropriate. In fact, the President's tweet was a rarity in that it was a perfect tweet for the moment. However, others such as Brit Hume thought differently. Brit Hume tweeted, "Still not a kind word about McCain himself." To Brit Hume and all others that criticized the President on his tweet, I say "I wouldn't have expected anything more."Why? The answer is quite simple.  The President and the late Senator were arch enemies. Senator McCain fought the President at every turn. The two were not at all close, they were not bosom buddies, they weren't even friends.  That being said, the President's tweet was exactly what should have been tweeted. Had the President sung praises of the late Senator it would have been nothing, but lies. Not to mention, that had the president said anything, but mere thoughts of prayers, his words would have been taken as phony and mainstream media would have attacked the President with harsh criticism. 

   That being said, the fight is over. The late Senator's fight against the President is over. So too, should the fight be over for all Republicans who had feelings of hate and contempt for the late Senator. As Twitter and Facebook users spew words of hate against the late Senator, I say stop the hate. Senator John McCain spent the last year of his life fighting against the President, while precious time with friends and family was wasted. Then again, as so it would seem, the late Senator chose to spend the last year of his life battling the President. It would appear that's exactly how the late Senator wished to end his life. Well, his fight is over and so too is the fight against him. Let all who hate and despise the late Senator, let him Rest In Peace. The man's fight against cancer, the President, and fellow republicans with whom he disagreed is over. So too, is the fight against him as well. Let us not fight against a ghost. Let us rise above the hate, and put it to rest. I do believe we Republicans have real battles to fight against real persons and elections to win. 
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL BLOG 2018 

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Disillusioned And Scammed

        January 20th 2017 was a day I will forever remember. It was inauguration day for Donald J. Trump and I was tremendously overjoyed. I had posted some 350 plus videos and blogs in support of Mr. Donald J. Trump. I had the utmost faith in the man for whom I had chosen to  support as America's 45th president. I had the utmost confidence that Donald J. Trump was the man that was the answer to America's prayers. Our prayers were answered as Hillary Clinton had been beaten, and Barrack Obama's term had ended. January 20, 2017 was a great day for Americans, and a great day for America. America would be great again. 

  January 16, 2018 was a day I will also forever remember. It was a day in which I donated a sum of $3.00 to the President Donald Trump campaign, and was wrongly charged $250.00. I was attempting to enter a contest to dine with the president and donate to his campaign. The minimum was $3.00, and that was what I chose to donate. Upon entering my donation, the screen said, "thank you for your $250. donation. Upon seeing this across my phone screen, I nearly went into cardiac arrest. I was literally speechless. Once I was actually able to get the words out of my mouth that I'd felt I had just been scammed, I picked up my phone. I picked up the phone and I called Chase Bank as to stop the payment of $247. and approve my $3.donation.  They obliged. In addition to explaining the error that took place to my bank, I emailed the Trump campaign. I never received a response. Not only did I email the campaign, but I called the campaign office, left messages, and even called a woman whom I knew quite well  that worked closely with the president and his campaign. Not one person from the Trump campaign returned my calls, nor my emails. As I had done all I could do on my end, I hoped and assumed that Chase would resolve the wrongful donation that was made to the President's campaign. 

   March 14, 2018 I was charged the amount of $247.00. I was told by Chase that the Trump campaign had won the case in their favor. There was nothing more Chase could do. I was devastated. I was devastated as I felt scammed. Clearly, I had every right to feel that way. Not only did I feel scammed, but I felt disappointment. Disappointment, as the man for whom I had written blogs for until  2, 3, 4 and 5 am appeared to be the con artist whom I had been warned about.  Prior to the election, there were reports on Donald Trump had scammed people with his Trump University. Mainstream media also reported numerous employees and or contractors that had never been paid by Donald Trump. I had been told by many in Palm Beach, Florida, that Donald J. Trump was a scam artist. I had been told Donald J. Trump was a shrewd and unfair businessman. "He's as dirty as they come" one man exclaimed. I had also been told Donald J. Trump had  a history of using people and discarding them when they were no longer of use to him. Prior to the election, I  ignored all negativity regarding Donald J. Trump. I believed in Donald J. Trump. I not only believed in Donald Trump,I believed Donald Trump. I believed Donald Trump's word meant something. Heck, I believed his word was everything.  I  believed the Trump rhetoric, that all bad press was "fake news". Unfortunately, $250. taken out of my account that should have been $3.00 was not "fake news". It was very real. It was real that the Trump campaign had in my opinion scammed me out of $250.00. 

    After losing my case to the Trump campaign I had, shall we say, a bitter taste in my mouth.  As throughout the campaign I would blog my support for the president, I thought about blogging about how I felt I'd been scammed by the Trump campaign. However, I held back my blog on having $250. taken from my account unwillingly. I held back as I wanted to give the Trump campaign a chance to correct their mistake. Upon receiving a letter asking for money for the Trump campaign, I wrote a letter. I wrote a letter to the campaign carefully explaining what had taken place along with my banking statement. I never received a response. It was at that point that I decided to blog about my unfortunate experience. I had given the Trump campaign several chances to right a wrong and they failed to answer my emails, my calls and my letter. To say I was angry would be a gross understatement.  My anger was temporarily pacified as I was given a glimmer of hope of possibly receiving a refund. A woman from the Trump campaign asked me to call her upon my stating that I was disappointed in the President and his campaign and my being scammed on Facebook. My call was never returned.

   While I was disappointed in the President and angry , my anger intensified upon seeing more Donald Trump contests pop up on Facebook. Upon seeing a Donald Trump Facebook contest, I decided to share my negative experience with others on Facebook. I now regularly posted my negative experience with the Trump campaign. I do this as to warn others that just as I had felt I had been scammed, others too could be scammed. While the amount was $250. instead of $3.00 I suppose I should consider myself lucky that the campaign didn't take $20,000!  In a last ditch attempt to reach out to the Trump campaign I wrote a detailed letter with an explanation as to how I was wrongly charged a $250. donation. No one ever responded to my letter. I can't say I was surprised as I figured that my being scammed was just more of how Donald Trump's businesses were conducted. That being said, be forewarned when you enter a Donald Trump campaign contest, You could donate $5.00 and be in for a surprise as your screen says, "thank you for your $500. donation"! 
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL BLOG 2018



Friday, June 1, 2018

The Trump Affect !

   "Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president? -Donald Trump on presidential candidate, Carly Fiorina

    "I never attacked him on his looks, and believe me there's plenty of subject matter there."-Donald Trump on presidential candidate, Rand Paul

  "He put glasses on so people think he's smart. People can see through the glasses. --Donald Trump on presidential candidate, Rick Perry

  Whatever happened to people having manners? Whatever happened to people being nice? Whatever happened to people having respect for one another? Whatever happened to people having respect for the opinions of others? Whatever happened to people debating with facts and feelings without insulting one's looks, size, and intelligence? Whatever happened to adults behaving as civilized adults and not uncivilized adolescents? What happened, was Donald Trump. 

   Donald Trump is what happened to America. Donald Trump ran for the presidency and suddenly a man being a bully was a good thing. Why, Donald Trump being a bully wasn't just viewed as a good thing, it was viewed as a great thing. It was entertainment. America actually viewed and applauded a grown man behaving like a child. America watched and applauded a grown 70 year old man spew insults at other candidates. Debate after debate, America watched in hopes Donald Trump would call another candidate a name, mock, and or imitate another candidate, and or insult another candidate's looks, intelligence, and or personality. America loved it. America downright thrived on it, myself included. Looking back, I am in disgust. I am in disgust with myself and all that approved of such mean, classless, immature behavior. Behavior that should have been criticized and punished was instead applauded and rewarded.

     America rewarded Donald Trump alright. America elected him as their 45th president. America rewarded a man that was a bully. America condoned and rewarded a man that insulted the looks, intelligence, and personality of other candidates. Interestingly enough, while Donald Trump mocked the appearance of Republican candidates, he never insulted the appearance and size of his opponent, Hillary Clinton. In looking back, I am quite appalled that Donald Trump would have had the audacity to attack the other candidates on their looks and size. While Donald Trump said there was plenty of subject matter in speaking of Rand Paul's looks, I have to wonder if Mr. Trump has taken a good look in the mirror. While some 30 years back, Mr. Trump may have been a dashing young man. At present, Rand Paul is by far better looking and in better shape. For that matter, the majority of the candidates were in better shape than Donald Trump. I'm quite surprised the other candidates did not comment on Donald Trump's looks and weight as I hate to say it, but there's plenty of subject matter there. Apparently, the other candidates were above stooping to Donald Trump's level and chose instead to debate on the issues and facts. While those candidates should have been respected, admired, applauded, and rewarded, those candidates were not. Those candidates lost and Donald Trump became our president, and thus came to fruition the "Donald Trump effect".

 "You're a c you next Tuesday." Translation," you're a "cunt."  "You're an old hag." "You're a bimbo." "You're a bitch." You name it, I've been called it. I've been called every name in the book by amusingly, those who at one time praised , admired, and applauded me and thought I was some kind of wonderful.  I was wonderful as long as I wrote in favor of the President. I was wonderful until I wasn't so wonderful. I was no longer wonderful once I dared to speak up and hold our newly elected President accountable. How dare I speak up when I noticed Wall Street very much in the White House?  How dare I speak up when more troops were placed in Afghanistan? How dare I speak up when Obamacare was not repealed and replaced but instead funded with Trump signing the Omnibus bill? How dare I speak up when a ban on big game trophy hunting was lifted? How dare I speak up when Hillary was not locked up or even so much as subpoenaed?  How dare I speak up as not one brick has been laid on the wall with that big beautiful door? How dare I speak up as the tax cut has been proven to not be much of a tax cut at all for those in need? How dare I speak up and say, "America isn't great", as gas and food prices continue to  rise? How dare I speak up as health insurance premiums have become virtually unaffordable for many? How dare I speak up as the Trump administration moves to lift the ban on extreme hunting tactics? How dare I speak up as the president actually takes the time to have a meeting with Kim Kardashian on prison reform? Bottom line, when it comes to Trump supporters,  how dare I speak up at all? Yes, how dare I speak up unless it is to praise and worship the anointed one, President Donald Trump? 

   Speak up in favor of the President, Trump supporters think you are the most beautiful intelligent person on the planet. Speak out against the President, and you are a vile human being. Hence, the "Trump affect".  Having written over 300 blogs in support of the President, I myself experienced great flattery. I had more proposals than one could imagine. However, while the right adored me and wanted to court me, many on the left wanted to kill me. If the left didn't want to kill me, there were thousands of others spewing disgusting comments and insults. As a Trump supporter, I thought the left to be vile, disrespectful, and disgusting. The truth was, the left was disgusting. They were disgusting for behaving as uncivilized human beings. They were disgusting for trying to bully me into not using my freedom of speech. Unfortunately, the Trump supporters proved me wrong. They proved me wrong once I decided to use my freedom of speech as to hold the president accountable. Trump supporters, as well, became disgusting. While I have experienced the mean, cutting, and vulgar comments due to my holding the President accountable, I have noticed political commentator, Ann Coulter, too has suffered mean comments as well. Ann Coulter, unlike so many political pundits on the right has both applauded and critiqued the President and she has suffered for it. Has she really suffered?Doubtful. However, anytime Ms. Coulter decides to speak out against the President, Ms. Coulter has a full thread of vulgar comments and insults. Many comments consist of expletives showing the intelligence of these people is not all that high. The comments also are a display of the lack of respect many Americans have for others and it's really quite sad. However, we asked for it. President Donald Trump set the tone. He set a tone that it was okay to mock, insult, and disrespect others and America bought into it. America bought into it and we at present have the "Trump effect".

    Trouble is, the "Trump effect" has spread nationwide. On almost a daily basis, America is aghast at the meanness of others. Really? Why? We asked for it. We voted for it. We said it was okay for grown ups to disrespect and be mean to others when we elected Donald Trump. The trouble is, now individuals in the President's family and administration are now being mocked, imitated, taunted, and insulted. I suppose with the "Trump effect", you get what you ask for. Sadly, while our President has built a career on being a bully, our beautiful and intelligent First Lady is doing everything in her power to stop it. She is to be applauded. Unfortunately, her husband has set the tone. The tone being the "Trump effect". The "Trump effect" which has hurt this nation greatly. The nation has been hurt greatly, and the "Trump effect" is now dividing my party. The trouble is, Trump supporters are now attacking those in their party that dare not be enthralled with the President. The trouble is America has become a bunch of bullies. Americans, both conservative and liberal have become  just like their President, a bully. With that being said, America is not great. America is not great when it becomes okay to call any man or woman names. America is not great when it becomes okay for adults to insult and mock one another. The "Trump effect" is not okay. The "Trump effect" needs to stop. It needs to stop and Americans need to respect the opinions of one another and debate one another on the issues and on facts. The fact is, if one can't debate without insulting another, then one clearly can't handle the debate. If we are to make America great again and become a nation that's united, then we need to develop a respect for one another, and a regard for one another's feelings and opinions. The bottom line is, America can never be great again under the "Trump effect". 
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