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Monday, August 14, 2017

Save The Elephants!

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The Left's Refusal To Learn From The Past

     America, the home of the brave and the home of the "free", sadly, is no longer "free". America is no longer "free" when Americans no longer have the freedom to express how they truly feel. Social media outlets such as Face book and Twitter now censor and take down content that they deem unpleasing, while the left wing media prints only what favors and hides the corruption and deception of the left. As our freedom of speech is violated daily on social media, it is violated as well on the ground. Unfortunately,  freedom of speech is more often than not lost by those on the right.

    When did America become like a third world country with widespread violence, protests, and chaos? When did America become so filled with hate that America could easily be seen as being on the brink of a civil war? America became a hellhole of hate and violence the day Hillary Clinton lost and the Democrats didn't get their way. Yes, the left lost and seven months later the left is continuing their kicking, screaming, crying, and punching, literally. Almost weekly there are protests and rallies taking place across America, and it's America's freedom of speech that allows Americans to take to the streets as to protest or throw a rally. However, as so it would seem, whenever the right takes to the streets, violence occurs, and that violence is not usually instigated by those on the right, but by those on the left. Never at a women's march or a leftist protest are there bus loads of conservatives to be seen spending their time at a rally of protest of the other side. Never are their people from the right found that have been paid to punch, hit, or intimidate those on the left at a leftist march. Yet, time and time again billionaire Globalist George Soros is the majority of the time found to be paying people to attack those on the right at right wing rallies and protests, leaving many on the right with a loss of their freedom of speech. 

   Two days ago in Charlottesville, 3 people were unnecessarily killed. One woman was mowed down by a car driving through rally goers and two policemen were killed in a police helicopter crash. Why? Why is because the left has a need to erase the past, their past. Across the south are a little over 700 Confederate statues and monuments, statues, and monuments that much of the left wants removed. While Europe values their history be it good or bad, the left here in America has a desire to destroy our history. While the left seems to have a desire to erase history, the right has a desire to preserve and learn from history. Furthermore, one has to ask the question, aren't there better ways to spend tax dollars than on the taking down of Confederate statues and monuments? With our nation's roads, bridges, railroads, and airports in decline, one would think the priority of necessity over a simple want due to dislike would come first. With many of our vets in need, one would think tax dollars could be better spent towards them. With the mentally ill unable to work and take care of themselves and living on the streets, one would think their care would take precedence over the taking down of statues the left sees as racist and or offensive. One would think many issues would take precedence over the taking down of over 700 statues and monuments, but the left feels differently. The left prefers to waste tax dollars taking down Confederate statues that remind them of the hate in their party. The left prefers to waste tax dollars to replace Confederate statues with whatever they feel non offensive than to use tax dollars for good. The left prefers to waste tax dollars erasing a part of American history over leaving history alone as so the future may learn of the hate and bigotry of the past. 

    Saturday was to be about "Unite the Right's"  rally to save the Confederate statue of General Robert E. Lee. It was about Americans wanting to preserve their history, our history. Unite the Right had a permit and the rally was peaceful until it wasn't. Busloads of people from the radical leftist group Antifa and Black Lives Matter arrived in Charlottesville to wreak havoc on the peaceful rally being held. Antifa is the same group that was largely responsible for the violence this past spring in Berkeley. Antifa is nothing, but a bunch of radical left wing thugs who use violence and intimidation to advance their beliefs, while Black Lives Matter is an anti-White hate group. Both groups were mainly responsible for Saturday's violence. It has also been reported that billionaire Globalist George Soros was also behind the violence ensued as well. That being said, yesterday the left stole freedom of speech from the right.

   The left seems to routinely take it upon themselves to steal the right's freedom of speech and if it continues, it's the beginning of the end for America as a free nation. While yes, there were racist groups from the right at Saturday's rally, and they are to be condemned, the original attendees and organizers of Saturday's rally had a permit and were peaceful. They were non-violent. The rally for Unite The Right held in Charlottesville never had to turn chaotic and deadly. When Antifa, and Black Lives Matter arrived and attacked those they opposed, the police did nothing. It has been reported the police stood and watched. They stood and watched the violence and allowed the freedom of speech of Americans be taken away. For that, America should weep. America should weep as the left is taking over America if incidents such as Charlottesville continue to take place. America needs to stop the protesting, stop the rallies, stop the hate. America needs to step back and say, "enough". America needs to unite, for if we don't, our nation is sure to fall. With that, I have to say it was the left's piece of history that the left so badly wants to destroy; that piece of history of a time of bigotry from the left. Yesterday added another piece of hate and bigotry to our nation's history. Yesterday was another day of hate and bigotry from the left showing that the left refuses to learn from their failures of the past. 

(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017

Sunday, August 13, 2017

The OTHER Five ►San Antonio monument protest

My point was, why are we wasting tax dollars to take down pieces of our history. Tax dollars that could help the less fortunate on the left , tax dollars that could be used for our Vets, the mentally ill, the truly poor in need who can not work, our roads, our schools, our bridges, and so on. It seems like a waste of time and money to take down monuments that remind us of the past. We must never forget the tragedies of the past, for if we do, we will not learn from the past as to not repeat it. For the record, the monument being protested was of Robert E. Lee, a Democrat who was one of the few that opposed slavery, but far be it for the left to point out facts!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Candidate arrested defending monuments- Interview

America being taken over by the Swamp!

   America is in danger. America is in serious danger. Our President is in danger.  Our President is in serious danger.  America and President Trump are under attack by the globalists, the socialists, the elitists, and the establishment, and they will stop at nothing to accomplish their goal. Their goal is to remove President Trump from office and to destroy everything and anything of which America was made, and they have successfully worked their way right into the White House and the President's administration. In fact, the Deep State is in the President's administration.

   As reported by Roger Stone, who has been a confidante to the President, a best selling author, and correspondent for Infowars, National Security adviser, General H. R. McMasters is one of the leakers. In fact, McMasters is not just one of the leakers, he is one of the primary leakers of all of the goings on within the walls of the White House. McMasters, as according to sources of Roger Stone, is an operative for the billionaire, globalist, socialist, George Soros. The Israeli government and Israeli intelligence have intercepted email correspondence between McMasters and George Soros informing Soros of all goings on within the White House and the President's administration. Roger Stone has double checked his information with two separate sources high up in Israeli's intelligence and has no doubt he can confirm this with the Israeli Ambassador to the United States. That being said, if this is true, which by all accounts it appears to be, General McMasters is one of the primary leakers to the press, as George Soros has ties to all of mainstream media. 

  Being National Security Adviser, General McMaster's ties to George Soros is deeply disturbing. It should not be all that surprising. Apparently, as early as this past May, the President and McMasters were seen clashing. As the pick of McMasters was pleasing to the Washington establishment, it was not a pick pleasing to the President. In essence, the President was said to be experiencing buyers remorse as the two clearly have different visions for the nation. McMasters is everything the President campaigned against, while the President is everything McMasters is not. One vast difference between the two which many feel is unacceptable is McMasters dislike of calling out Islamic terrorists as "radical Islamic terrorists". In fact anyone using that rhetoric under McMasters is likely to be reprimanded or even fired, a sharp difference indeed, between the President and his National Security Adviser.  It has been reported that the two have even been seen sparring in front of White House Staff, as McMasters has repeatedly attempted to undermine the president and has failed to allow the President the opportunity to ask questions. McMasters has even gone so far as to lecture the President. Many feel McMasters is attempting to trick the President into steering the nation in a direction that was everything the President campaigned against. 

  McMasters has to go. He is the swamp, and a question that has to be asked is why did the President invite the swamp into the White House? McMasters removed Chief Strategist, and Nationalist, Steve Bannon from the National Security Council.  McMasters also just recently removed several National Security Council staffers hired by former National Security Adviser, Mike Flynn. Those just recently removed from their positions were allies to White House Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon, pro- America first, and loyal to the President. Essentially, staffers having the agenda of making America great again, and staffers not likely leaking info to outsiders have been removed. The question is why? The next question is why is the President allowing this to take place?

  The Deep State is in the White House, and the question is who in the White House can be trusted and who can not? Apparently, it's anybody's guess. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear the President's Generals can be trusted. As it is now pretty apparent National Security Adviser is of the Deep State, so too may be General John Kelly, and National Defense Secretary, "Mad DogyMattis. While many thought the appointment of General Kelly as Chief of Staff was a good move, it is now seen as a not so good move. General Kelly may not be a smart move by the President, as Kelly appears to have more power than anyone should have over the President. by all accounts Kelly apparently has isolated the President, and has full control of the President. While someone overseeing and approving the President's tweets was seen as a positive action, Kelly's controlling who and what the president sees is clearly a negative action. It has been reported that the President is not allowed to see anything reported by news sources such as Drudge, Breibart, and Infowars as any info seen by the President might spark what General Kelly sees as an unwanted reaction. What is going on? What is going on is the President is being handled as some sort of bumbling idiot that is being handled by these 3 generals. Three Generals that do not have the best interests of the President at heart. Three Generals that do not have the best interests of the nation at heart.

   The President is far from being an idiot and the President is far from being okay with a person on his staff refusing to say "radical Islam".  The President is also far from okay with having someone beneath him tell him who he sees, to whom he speaks, what he tweets, what he reads, and what he hears. With that being said, America has to ask, just what is going on? Where is the President for whom we voted? It has been rumored that there is a coup to remove the President from office, and having three Generals on staff may not be a wise choice by the President, but then were these three Generals the President's choice? Did he have a choice? Something's going on and America is at risk. When an anti-establishment President endorses a man like Luther Strange, a RINO who opposes all the President is about, one has to ask, just what is going on? When a President, President Trump keeps a man on staff who tells his staff they may not use the words, "radical Islam", one has to ask, just what is going on? When a President who was strong willed and won an election being whom he wanted to be and not what others wanted him to be is being told what to do and say, one has to ask, just what is going on? What's going on is one of three things and none are what we who voted for this man want to hear. Number one, the swamp has lured the President in and he can't get out. Number two, the President and or his family have been threatened in some way, or number three, we've been hoodwinked and the president is a fraud. I fail to believe President Trump is a fraud. Therefore, it's one of the other two, and that is deeply disturbing. It's deeply disturbing as I hope I'm wrong, but if our President has been compromised in some way, our country and its values have been lost.  With God's help, I hope our President can make this once great nation great again.
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017