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Monday, December 9, 2019

Washington Doing Much About Nothing


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     There's been a trend in Washington and it's a trend that seems to never come to an end. It's a trend of America's lawmakers doing much about nothing. While the majority of the blame should be placed more on Democrats than Republicans, it's neither here nor there. The bottom line is, is that nothings getting done. Nothings getting done largely due to our Democratic lawmakers' refusal to accept that Donald J. Trump is our president. Not only are the Democrats refusing to accept that they lost the presidency in 2016, but they are spending every second and every hour of their time fighting to have the President removed from office. Essentially, the Democrats have lost their minds and in the process, they are wasting time and money. The money of hard working Americans, many of whom voted for the president. Money that is being used on one bogus investigation after another into the president's affairs as to impeach him and remove him from office. Why? The answer is simple, because the Democrats simply refuse to accept that Donald J. Trump won the presidential election in 2016.

   Washington doing much about nothing perfectly describes our government at present. America is in limbo thanks to the Democrats.  Our government spent some $32 million and nearly two years on a witch hunt as they attempted to prove that President Trump colluded with the Russians as to win the 2016 presidential election. Well hallelujah, after all was said and done and the infamous "Mueller report" came out, no collusion was proven. Supporters of the president celebrated and non-supporters sulked, but it was finally over. The vendetta against the president was finally over and for a brief moment America could finally move on and work on making America great again. Wrong. On September, 24, 2019 house Speaker Nancy Pelosi initiated an impeachment inquiry against President Donald J. Trump, and again, Washington became about Washington doing much about nothing. 

  I think it's wonderful that America's $1.067  trillion deficit has no affect on America's lawmakers. Over a trillion dollar deficit and Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her fellow constituents feel free to continue to waste the hard earned tax dollars of Americans on yet another bogus investigation into the president. Frankly, I don't care what the president did or didn't do that may or may not be lawful or unlawful. Suffice it to say, most if not all of Washington is corrupt and anyone who says otherwise is living in a bubble. The bottom line is, nothing is getting accomplished, and nothing that is being done at present in Washington is helping Americans.  Approximately 44 million Americans myself included, are without health insurance, yet Speaker Pelosi would rather investigate and attempt to impeach the president. Over a million veterans suffer from mental illness, yet Speaker Pelosi and others would prefer to remove the president from office. America's losing its middle class as the middle class is in need of real tax cuts, yet Speaker Pelosi would prefer to waste tax dollars on her hatred for the president. The rate of suicide has risen to an all time high, yet it's more important to go after the president. America has over one million MS-13 gang members dealing drugs,  killing, raping, and torturing innocent victims, yet it's more important for Speaker Pelosi to focus on her hate for the president. America has an opioid crisis with some 10.3 million Americans misusing prescription opioids, and approximately 130 people dying per day due to overdosing on opioids, and yet Speaker Pelosi and others would prefer to spend their time on ousting the president. This past March more than 76,000 illegal immigrants crossed into America proving that America's borders are not secure, yet impeaching the president is more important. Over 11 million illegals are presently living in America, yet Speaker Pelosi, and her colleagues would prefer to concentrate on how to get rid of the president once and for all.  In a nutshell, America has been and is in limbo at present thanks to the Democrats doing much about nothing. The Democrats are doing nothing, but wasting time and money. They're wasting time and money, and it's all for nothing. It's all for nothing, because if the House does vote to impeach the President at the investigation's end, the Senate, held by Republicans will more than likely not vote to impeach the president. That being said, the whole impeachment proceeding is all for nothing. It's all for nothing, yet it's at the cost of the lives of Americans.

   Americans with health problems without health insurance don't care about the Democrat's vendetta against the president. Likewise, the family that lost their son or daughter to an MS-13 gang member, doesn't care about the ongoing impeachment proceedings against the president. Furthermore, the veteran suffering from mental illness could give a tiddly doo if the president is guilty or not guilty of quid pro quo. Many Americans if asked don't even know the definition of "quid pro quo". Americans from both sides of the aisle have had it . They've had it with the Democrats wasting their tax dollars on one wild goose chase after another . The bottom line is nothing is being done at present to help Americans, in fact it's hurting Americans ! Over 32 million was spent on the Mueller report and boy that $32 million sure could have paid for lower healthcare premiums, or it sure could have gone towards building the wall as to secure our borders or perhaps gone towards paying off our deficit. Instead, over $32 million has been spent and millions more will be spent on a wasteful stunt by Speaker Pelosi and others on a wild goose chase to oust President Trump, and in the meantime the Democrats are doing what they do best. The Democrats are wasting money and wasting time, placing America in limbo as Washington is yet again, doing much about nothing.



Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Let's Hold Everyone Accountable!

Let's Hold everyone accountable! 

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a video pushing clean energy and son, Paul Pelosi Jr. giving a promotional statement. 

                        Former Vice President Brags about firing Ukrainian prosecutor.
   “For a while, the President has tried to normalize lawlessness. Now, he is trying to make lawlessness a virtue.”  “The White House letter is only the latest attempt to cover up his betrayal of our democracy, and to insist that the President is above the law.”
“This letter is manifestly wrong, and is simply another unlawful attempt to hide the facts of the Trump Administration’s brazen efforts to pressure foreign powers to intervene in the 2020 elections.  Despite the White House’s stonewalling, we see a growing body of evidence that shows that President Trump abused his office and violated his oath to ‘protect, preserve and defend the Constitution. Mr. President, you are not above the law. You will be held accountable.”- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in response to President Donald Trump refusing to comply with an impeachment inquiry.

      On January 20th 2017 Donald J. Trump became the 45th president of the United States. On that same day nearly the entire Democratic party lost their minds. So much so that the Democrats were responsible for wasting between $32 and $35 million on a wild goose chase to find that President Trump was not guilty of Russian collusion. September 24th House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced an impeachment inquiry of President Trump. Without even having read the official transcript of a July phone call between the Ukraine President Volodyomyr Zelensky and President Donald Trump, the Speaker had the president guilty of withholding $400 million in military aid as an implied bribe for information regarding former Vice President Biden's son, Hunter Biden. Presently, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is imploding at the President's refusal to comply with the impeachment inquiry. The Speaker just recently stated that the President has been unlawful, has hidden facts of the President's administration pressuring foreign nations to intervene in the 2020 elections while also accusing the president of violating his oath to protect, preserve and defend the Constitution. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made clear that the President would be held accountable.

       While I think every president of the United States should be held accountable for his actions, I and millions of Americans believe that every man and woman that serves this country in any capacity should be held accountable. Unfortunately, our government has not held all who have served this nation accountable and in the process many people have died in the process of attempting to hold those crooked, accountable while others have prospered and gone on unscathed. With the amount of corruption on both sides of the aisle in this country one would think we lived in a banana republic. The truth is America is being run like a banana republic and Americans have suffered in the process. The fact is, if one works in Washington they can literally get away with murder and not be held accountable. While the Democrats feel confident in their whistle blower Ukrainian investigation, Americans feel quite uneasy. Americans feel uneasy as it would seem that a full fledged investigation should be conducted on all those involved in the whistle blower investigation as well. As so it happens not just the President has had an interest in the Ukraine. 

      Let's hold everyone accountable Madame Speaker! Let's start with you and your son. Apparently House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's son Paul Pelosi Jr. may well have used her position to benefit financially. In 2017 Paul Pelosi Jr. traveled to the Ukraine on the pretense of discussing a youth soccer partnership program with the Ukrainian government. However, Paul Pelosi Jr.'s interest was not just in soccer . Pelosi Jr. was a board member of Viscoil and he also served as an executive at its related company NGRLAB which conducted energy business in the Ukraine. In fact, the House Speaker even took part in her son's promotional ads. That all being said, I do believe that an investigation is in order on the affairs of the House Speaker.

    While Americans would like to hold the House Speaker accountable, Americans would also very much like to hold former Vice President and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden accountable. One would think the House Speaker would have herself suggested a full blown investigation into the former Vice President and his son, Hunter Biden. While President Trump asked the Ukrainian President for information regarding the former Vice President, the truth is  there did in fact seem to be corruption involving the former Vice President. V.P. Biden himself once bragged about how he threatened to pull $1 billion in loan guarantees from the Ukraine if the Ukrainian government did not fire the prosecutor investigating the Ukrainian gas company, Burisma. Burisma was paying the Vice President's son, Hunter Biden, who had little to no experience, $50,000. a month to merely serve on the board. With that being said, Americans would like the former Vice President held accountable. 

   While Americans are holding the President, the House Speaker, and the former Vice President accountable, Americans would also like to hold Senator Mitt Romney accountable as well. While Senator Romney is quick to attack the President, he's not so quick to attack the former Vice President. Perhaps due to his own ties to the Hunter Biden Ukrainian scandal. Did the Senator too have an involvement with Burisma? Perhaps. Mitt Romney's former national security adviser to his failed 2012 presidential campaign, Joseph Cofer Black, presently sits on the board of  directors of Burisma. Burisma, the same Ukrainain gas company that paid Hunter Biden some $50,000. a month. As so it would seem the Ukraine and all those who are connected should be held accountable.

   Oh what a tangled web they weave in Washington. Democrats, Republicans, who can Americans trust? As so it would seem most of Washington is corrupt and no one is held accountable. Americans have seen a lack of accountability in Washington ever since the Clintons took office. President Trump vowed to lock her up on the 2016  campaign trail and he failed to follow through with locking her up. Unfortunately for the president, his failure to lock Hillary up and his failure to investigate several in opposition to him, has cost him and the American people. As the President fails to investigate those against him, the opposition is continuously building cases to impeach him and while his impeachment may never come to fruition, wasted time and money is coming to fruition. Time and money better spent. Americans have tired of wasted tax dollars for wild goose chases and senseless investigations. Americans want the real corruption to stop as so real work can be done. Real work that will help the American people. So let's hold everyone in question accountable, move on, and work on making America great again!
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2019







Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Proof: President Trump Is Clearly Not Racist!

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         Let's make America racist again should be the campaign slogan for the Democrats' campaign in 2020. Why, if one could actually sit through last weeks Democratic debate, our racist, White supremacist president, and racism against Blacks and Hispanics seem to head the top of the Democratic party's concerns. Not once did I hear a one Democrat speak of the racism that goes in reverse. That is the racism that goes against Whites, which is far more prevalent today than anyone will ever know as the media would never dare to report that Whites are discriminated against more often than one might think.  Not too long ago I wrote a blog on the hoax of White supremacy and while I hate to beat a dead horse and engage again in this discussion I will engage. I will engage simply because the Democrats are beating the racism card to death and it's time to put it to rest once and for all.

     I will again repeat that our President is not a White Supremacist nor is he a racist. He may not appear to like animals, but a racist he is not. Under the presidency of Donald Trump, the unemployment rate of African Americans has fallen to an all time low. Under the presidency of Donald Trump, Blacks have had more jobs created and been given more opportunities that have in turn created flourishing economies in the African American communities than under any other administration. In addition to Trump's helping the Black community prosper economically, Trump passed the historic bi-partisan, "First Step Act". This piece of criminal justice reform once supported by the floating teeth wonder boy, Vice President, Joe Biden, eases sentences for non violent crimes with racially motivated longer term sentences. This piece of legislation has enabled criminals to have their sentences re-evaluated and lessened.  Once re-evaluated, many of these criminals have been reunited with their families. And there's more from our White Supremacist president that was not mentioned by the Democratic Cuckoos nest. President Trump and his administration have made fighting for historically Black Colleges and Universities a major priority. In fact, the Trump administration appropriated more money in one year to HBCUs than any other president. The president has also at the request of community leaders taken steps to establish the president board of advisors on HCBUs. Last, but not least, under the presidency of Donald Trump and his administration, opportunity zones have been created for the African American communities. Opportunity zones encourage investments into less advantaged or disadvantaged communities. Opportunity zones affect approximately 1.4 million minority households, households that were forgotten repeatedly by previous administrations. That all being said, I have to ask, just how our president a racist? 

   Some critics of the president have lambasted the president on his being racist against not only Blacks, but Hispanics as well. The president's critics and opponents go back to Trump's speech on the campaign trail back in 2016 where he called Hispanics, "rapists and murderers". The president also said he was sure that some of them (illegals) were good people. It has been reported and rumored that the president's golf courses have in past years and possibly at present, employed illegal Hispanic workers. Furthermore, the Hispanic American unemployment rate as with Blacks is at an all time low.  Under the presidency of Donald Trump, DACA, the infamous dreamers' program that Trump vowed to end on the campaign trail is sadly still going strong. According to the Supreme Court, the president has every right to end the DACA program and he has not yet done so. Deportations? Well, in last weeks debate, former Vice President Biden was questioned by CNN's Jorge Ramos on the some three million deportations conducted under the Obama administration. Ramos: "Then you served in an administration that deported 3 million people, the most ever in U.S. history. Did you do anything to prevent those deportations?I mean you've been asked this question before and refused to answer, so let me try once again. Are you prepared to say tonight that you and President Obama made a mistake about deportations? Why should Latinos trust you?"In so many words, the former Vice President failed to answer the question. Perhaps his false teeth prevented him from coming up with a believable answer. Then again, what could the former Vice President say? The truth is, the number of deportations was a whopping 3,080,195 under the Obama administration. Surprisingly, the Obama administration had the most deportations in U.S. history. CNN's Jorge Ramos was correct. Former President G.W. Bush had 2,012,539 deportations, and former President Bill Clinton had a total of 869,646 deportations. President Donald Trump our racist, White supremacist president has deported approximately 295,364 illegal immigrants, the least deportations of all.  For those that voted for the President on his tough stance on illegal immigration, deporting all illegals, and ending DACA, they have to be sorely disappointed. On the other hand, for those illegals that have not yet been deported and are reaping the benefits of being an illegal being housed, fed, and treated medically, those illegals have to be quite happy. That being said, just how is President Donald Trump a racist?

      The fact is, the president is not a racist, but due to the Democratic party having no merit on which to run they have no cards to play.  If the Democrats ever had a playbook, they've lost it. The bottom line is, when the Democrats have nothing, they pull out the racist card. The racist card guarantees animosity, envy, anger, and division, and that is why the Democrats play that card every time. Well, I for one have tired of the racist card. The truth of the matter is, African Americans and Hispanic Americans receive more government assistance than White Americans . Through affirmative action African and Hispanic Americans receive jobs and scholarships due to their race whether they are qualified or not. African Americans have their own colleges. Good God, if a White college were ever to attempt to open its doors to Whites only there would be riots no doubt. Today there are over 200 African American magazines, yet not a one White only magazine. There are Latino magazines, but again not a one White magazine. 

  Today, Americans are the minority in many cities throughout America, and in these cities trust me, there is racism against Whites, yet, Whites say nothing. Whites say nothing, as it wouldn't be "politically correct". Well, I'm White, and I have been the victim of racism on multiple occasions since moving to South Florida from the Northeast. When I lived in Miami, I heard Spanish more than I heard English. I was many times treated like a second class citizen as I was White. Like so many White Americans, I said nothing. I eventually moved north and found less racism from Hispanics, but more from African Americans.  I myself had never been racist. While I had experienced racism living in Miami from Hispanics, I at the same time had many, many close friends who were Hispanic. As a twenty something, one of my closest Miami girlfriends was Black.  Some, thirty years later, and over a thousand miles away, we're still in touch, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I knew every Black guy that played on a certain college football team and I loved those guys. They were my friends and if I were ever in a dark alley I'm quite sure they would have stood up for me. From the time I was a child I looked at people as people, not as color. Sadly, the Democrats starting with former President Barack Obama have tried to change Whites and Blacks from being equal, treating one another with respect, and being friends to instead inciting hate against one another and attempting to make Blacks and Whites enemies.  America has overtime bent over  backwards in every which way to please the African American community and now the Hispanic American community as well, while at the same time America seems to have forgotten the White Americans. Just as African and Hispanic Americans deserve to be treated fairly, White Americans too, deserve fair treatment and it's time White Americans speak up. 

    Let's make America racist again! That's the big play by the Democratic party. While I do not foresee the racism card working for the Democrats in 2020, I do see the card working against Americans as a whole. With both the African and Hispanic American communities doing well under President Trump, the Dem's will most likely not win in 2020. However, the racist card will cause friction between the various communities. It started under Obama and the Dems are continuing the Obama racist legacy to divide and conquer, and while it won't work in 2020, it may well work in the future. As Americans, we must try and respect each other and treat each other how we would like to be treated as so we can make America united again, not racist again!
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL BLOG 

As a footnote, our so called racist administration is in the process of passing a statute forgetting natural born and legal Americans. America is now attempting to pass a bill known as S386 giving over 300,000 low wage Indian workers high tech jobs ensuring them all a fast track to a green card. Again, I have to ask, just how is President Trump a racist? Please call your local Senator today and ask them to vote NO on S386. 

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Insensitivity, Dorian, And HAARP

Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.
—Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, April 28, 1997

We're moving on to other ways of managing the ionosphere, which the HAARP was really designed to do, to inject energy into the ionosphere to be able to actually control it. But that work has been completed.
—David Walker Walker, SES Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Science

One last dinner out before Dorian stepping out from hurricane shutters. Fortunately, South Florida was lucky. Shirt, Skirt, belt-Sandros Paris, Shoes and Handbag-Chanel

        At this very moment, people are presently suffering from the effects of hurricane Dorian. At this very moment as the rest of us are in air conditioned homes, offices, and places of business, people in the Bahamas are greatly suffering. There is no air conditioning. There is no cold water. For many, there is little to no food. For others, they could care less about food as they've lost a loved one or loved ones. Many have lost pets. For those of whom still have homes still standing, they are victims of looting. Along with the wrath of a natural disaster comes the loss of law and order. There is no law and order in the Bahamas. There is looting, there are shootings, there is mayhem.  Most all residents in the Abacos and Bahama Islands have lost all they own including their homes. For most all those who permanently reside in the some 700 islands in the Bahamas, their lives are forever changed, some all but completely destroyed.      

Forgive me for stating what needs to be said. Much of mainstream media has a sensitivity chip missing, including the president for whom I voted. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was disappointed that the president was tweeting about "lame stream media" during the wrath of Dorian. How about the lame stream president that tweets about the media and their "fake news" as people are suffering? The president's tweets during Dorian were immature, childish,  annoying, insensitive, and anything, but presidential. The same can be said for the Democrats as well who have had very little if anything to say regarding the hurricane and its damage. The Democrats don't care about the hurricane as it has nothing to do with their true agenda of destroying America.    Of course, at present much of mainstream is "lame stream" as they've done little reporting on those affected and about to be affected by Hurricane Dorian. While the news must go on, unless a war is breaking out, the world should be concerned with the devastation caused and being caused by Dorian. Unfortunately, our society today is a selfish one, and apparently many people would prefer to hear the never ending whining tweets from the president and or the continuous defenses by the Fox news correspondents and political pundits that worship the president. Others care not to see the devastation caused by Dorian as they feel those who choose to live in the Bahamas are somewhat deserving of the destruction, death, and devastation. No one deserves the devastation of a hurricane, no one. Sadly, much of mainstream and America has a sensitivity chip missing. 

 Hurricane Dorian's wrath hit the Bahamas September 1st, and remained for almost 48 hours. Imagine, 48 hours of sheer hell. For the some 300,000 people in those islands that stayed, these people suffered miserably. The sound of winds 185+ is like that of a freight train coming through one's home. Such was the description by all those that endured the effects from Hurricane Andrew including myself. Andrew was close to a category 5. While the sound of the storm is deafening, the rising waters forcing those in their flooding homes to their attics is life threatening. For those unable to cut their way out of the rooftops, they surely drowned. One man interviewed described watching his wife drown. He was able to swim out to his boat and managed to survive. He was the lucky one. Then again this man is left with the memory of watching his wife drown, but some would say he deserved it. He chose to live and stay in the Bahamas. It can not be stressed enough that no one deserves to suffer as the people are suffering at present in the Bahamas. One report during the storm stated that a woman in an animal rescue facility had died along with the 250 dogs that were kept at the rescue facility. It has been reported that 21 deaths have been officially reported, yet that number is most definitely sure to rise.  With the Bahamas Prime Minister, Hubert Minnis describing some areas as "decimated", the death toll I fear will be much much higher than twenty. The truth is, the actual number of deaths from Hurricane Dorian will never be known. It was reported that there were 44 deaths caused by Hurricane Andrew, but those of us in Miami Dade county knew there were many more deaths. The general public would never know of the undocumented migrant workers that were killed by Andrew, but those of us in Miami, we knew. We knew because we could see the fires at night, and we could smell the death, we knew.  

 While life goes on for the rest of us, for those presently in the Bahamas, life is a daily struggle. For those that endured Hurricane Dorian, they endured what could be described as nothing short of a living hell. It was a storm that many say is unprecedented. Storms just don't stall and sit still for 48 hours. Many experts say what took place in the Bahamas was not mother nature. Many civilians, scientists, and ex military members say Dorian was not "natural" at all . In fact, "Dorian" was anything, but natural. That being said, could Hurricane Dorian's path been stalled and manipulated by man?  On more than one occasion the president was said to have remarked on "nuking" and or "manipulating" hurricanes. Just recently, the president called his being quoted as saying he could nuke hurricanes as "fake news". However, with Dorian's South Florida path diverted from Trump's palatial Winter White House, and the surrounding areas, it sure makes one wonder. Governments manipulating the weather is nothing new. Why wouldn't the president use every resource available to him as to steer a monster hurricane away from his beloved Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida? It's no secret that the Chinese have for years studied on how man could manipulate the weather. In fact, some conspiracy theorists have gone so far as to say the Chinese actually caused Hurricane Dorian in retaliation against Trump for his trade war against them. Other conspiracy theorists say Hurricane Dorian was created as to take the focus off the fact that Jefferey Epstein was likely murdered in his prison cell. The fact is, we do have the technology to manipulate the weather. The Department of Defense has been long involved with a program called HAARP which was patented in 1987. HAARP is as defined by Wikipedia as "the High Frequency active Auroral Research program, which is a research program designed to study the ionosphere of the earth and it's effects on communication. The HAARP facility taken over by the U.S. Air Force in 2015 is a large radio transmitter and antenna stationed in Alaska. Not only does the U.S. have the technology, but the Air Force has admitted that HAARP can indeed control the weather. That being said, it would have been nice had Dorian been stalled prior to hitting the Bahamas, or was the storm too far to stop before the Bahamas? 

       Whatever the case maybe, Dorian was more than likely not mother nature at work. Storms just don't stop and hover for approximately 48 hours. Tragically, Dorian is not yet done with its wrath. Dorian is steadily moving up the east coast with strong winds and tornadoes destroying everything in it's path. Over 200,000 people are without power at present .That being said, mainstream media should be mainly reporting on the Hurricane and it's damage. For the rest of us, we could at a bare minimum say a prayer for all those affected and being affected by Dorian. Although myself, and my home state of Florida escaped the worst of Dorian, the coastline, and treasured sea turtle nests have been ravaged by the storm, a storm that took so much and is continuing to take. With that being said, we who were not affected by Dorian can all be thankful, very thankful. We must at the same time be sensitive to the fact that someone right now at this moment is suffering the loss of a family member, close friend, family pet, pets and home. Be compassionate, as one day it could be you. 

(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2019

The Calm after the storm taken at sunset 9/4/19

Where to Donate to Help those affected in the Bahamas:

For more information on HAARP :

Monday, August 26, 2019

Yes America There Is In Fact Reverse Discrimination In America!

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    Reverse discrimination across America is more prevalent than Americans know. Of course Americans are oblivious to the extent of reverse discrimination taking place due to no one daring to report on it. Well, in my opinion it's high time reverse discrimination be brought to the surface. Instead of pushing reverse discrimination under the rug, it's time Americans reveal the truth that's been pushed under the rug for far too long. It's time White people had a voice, and a voice that's unafraid to speak the truth.  Reverse discrimination is happening across America in our school systems, on our roadways, in our court rooms, and in the workplace as well as numerous other areas. While discrimination against anyone is unacceptable, discrimination in this country is not only against minorities. Minorities that in the not too distant future may well soon be the majority.  

    Case in point, just recently I had the unfortunate experience of being discriminated against, along with my mother. I was discriminated against in my ever so humble opinion, by a Black, female, police officer. After having been involved in an accident with a driver driving on the wrong side of the road, without any lights on, doing about 40-50 mph in a parking lot no less, I had the unfortunate luck to get a Black supremacist police officer. Upon the officer's arrival, I was treated as if I were a second class citizen despite the fact that the other driver had just plowed through my car and just missed nearly seriously injuring or killing my mother who was on the passenger side. The officer refused to speak to me who she deemed 100% at fault due to having been the driver coming from the stop sign, or my mother, the passenger. We were both told to wait at the car as she wanted to talk to the other driver, a Hispanic man, first. I wondered at the time if the officer thought the other driver were Black as he was rather dark complected and in the dark he was even darker.  The other driver who appeared to want take off from the scene of the accident, was stopped by a mere flat tire. The driver was some 20 feet from the point of impact which made me wonder if he would have stopped had it not been for his flat tire. I might add that the other driver appeared to be stoned as he seemed to be in a bit of a fog after ripping the entire front of f of my car off my car. His exact words as he hopped out of the car  were, "What happened?" "What happened?" I exclaimed. "You plowed through my car in a parking lot!" That's exactly what took place. The man in a private parking lot, without speed limit signs seemed to think the street on which he was flying was his own private drag strip. Where most parking lot accidents are mere fender benders due to the low speed limit, costing drivers $300. or less, my accident is now close to $5000.! Upon looking at the car one would have thought I was in the middle of a major car crash on a major freeway doing 80 plus. I instead, stopped at a stop sign, inched slowly forward, the rest is history. One never in a million years would have thought upon observation of my vehicle, that I was in a parking lot accident. 

   Unfortunately, not only did I have the misfortune of being involved in an accident, but I also had the misfortune of having a specific Black female police officer who clearly in my opinion did not like Whites. From the moment this woman stepped out of the car this woman had contempt for both my mother and myself. The officer barely got out the words, "is everyone okay", before informing me that she would not speak to me until she had spoken to the other driver first. The officer declared the accident 100% my fault due to my having a stop sign, despite the obvious evidence that the other driver appeared to be driving recklessly. The officer did not do much of any investigation and she did not so much as even look at the point of impact of the accident. Had the officer done an ounce of investigation or just taken a look at the point of impact, she first, I would have thought to  have deemed the other driver as driving recklessly.  Valid points to my defense should have been made had either of the two officers I was assigned actually looked at the accident for any length of time. Number one, from the amount of visible damage done to my car,  the car was clearly going at a high rate of speed. Number two, the other car was on the wrong side of the road as shown by the point of impact and skid marks, and number three, the car had no lights on which the driver stated were on at the time of the accident. The officer also, had she had an ounce of objectivity, would have noticed that the other driver seemed higher than a kite. Another officer, who also failed to do any investigating whatsoever thought something was up with the other driver, but thought it was merely the driver's low command of the English language. Please! The driver's English was just fine. He had a rather thick accent, but he could speak English. While yes, I did have a stop sign which I stopped at, I was not able to see the other driver as he was driving without lights, on the wrong side of the road, and at a high rate of speed. Unfortunately for me, the officer failed to put any fault on the other driver, leaving me with a nice deductible which I must pay when my car is finally ready. My car, which was utterly trashed in a parking lot by a man who was driving without any lights on the wrong side of the road, going at a high rate of speed was not even so much as reprimanded by either officer. No, the other driver was rewarded instead, with flirtatious chatter from the Black female officer.

     In a nutshell, I was White and I got a Black officer that appeared to not be a fan of White people. That being said, just what is she doing working in a predominately White area? I honestly feel that if Black officers dislike and resent White people, they should put themselves in predominantly Black areas. Likewise, if there are White officers that are racist against Blacks or Hispanics, they should be placed in predominantly White areas. Instead, I feel as though both White and Black police officers that hold resentments for races other than their own, use their positions to stick it to the other races. It's a power trip, and it's unfair and unjust for whatever race is being discriminated against at the time. That being said, people are using their positions to discriminate against certain races, it happens all too often, and it happens not only to Blacks and Hispanics, but to Whites as well,  but no one wants nor dares to talk about it. 

    Reverse discrimination is not only happening with people using their positions to inflict their power against Whites, but it is happening with employment. I ask, what is the ratio of White government workers to other races? On my own observation, it's at a rate of one White person to 4 or more Blacks or Hispanics. In fact, if I had to guess the ratio may be the same if not more in a good many positions nationwide. While I have nothing against Blacks and Hispanics working, it would be nice to see just one or two White people when I go to a store, Doctor's office, government office or anywhere for that matter. In observance, I have to ask, do White people work anymore? I honestly don't think so .When the Democrats accuse President Trump of  lying about his being responsible for the low unemployment rate among Blacks, I can tell you they are dead wrong! They are dead wrong when I see a heck of a lot more Blacks and Hispanics working than Whites.

    While reverse discrimination in this country is very much taking place in America there is also another form of discrimination in this country that no one is addressing. Discrimination against Americans by legal immigrants is yet another form of discrimination in this country that is hurting all races of Americans. The discrimination of which I am speaking is discrimination by those from other countries that choose not to hire Americans in positions, but persons from whatever country the employer is from or employers wishing to get cheap labor. Immigrants are coming to America, setting up businesses, and discriminating against Americans. They are instead hiring workers from throughout Europe, Russia, as well as South Africa and various South American countries. While I don't begrudge legal immigrants as I encourage legal immigration, it is unfair for these people to migrate to America and only help and employ their own or those of whom they can pay on the cheap as to save money. There has to be some sort of a system where Americans are given some precedence over those who will work for anything as they are in search of the golden green cards to America. 

   Discrimination in America against anyone is unacceptable. However, reverse discrimination in America is now getting more and more prevalent. In fact, if an honest survey were ever conducted, I wouldn't be at all surprised to find that Whites are discriminated against more today than that of any other race. Reverse discrimination is never talked about and it's high time Whites were told that it's okay to come out and say that yes reverse discrimination in America exists. Whites have been keeping quiet about being discriminated against and it's time Whites used their voices and voiced their displeasure at being discriminated against. Blacks, Hispanics and other ethnic groups sure haven't had any problem with speaking out about their feelings of being discriminated against in America, why should we White people not speak out as well? The fact is, everyone, White, Black, Hispanic, Chinese, Indian, or whatever one is, should speak out against being discriminated against. After all, we are all Americans and as Americans we must come together as a people under one nation. That is one nation under God as we are all the children of God who holds no discrimination.

(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL BLOG 2019 #reversediscrimination #Whitesupremacyisahoax

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

No Alyssa, Abortion Is NOT Birth Control, Nor Is It Health Care!

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       "In 1993, I had two abortions."- Alyssa Milano in her latest podcast "Sorry Not Sorry".

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     Never in my life did I ever think one would brag or broadcast that they had an abortion, let alone brag about having two abortions. However, we apparently live in an age where having an abortion is not something of which one is ashamed, nor do we live in an age where having an abortion is something of which one wishes to keep private. No, we instead live in an age where one having an abortion is somewhat of a badge of honor for those on the left. We also live in an age where some people are only too happy to boast of their killing their unborn children. 

   Just recently, actress and left wing activist Alyssa Milano confessed that she had two abortions in one calendar year, 1993. She stated that the having the abortions was "absolutely the right choice" for her at that time. Milano had the two abortions after getting pregnant despite taking birth control pills, or so she says. Apparently, the abortions were, "not an easy choice", but in her own words she stated that she was , "not equipped to be a mother and so I chose to have an abortion." Milano went on to say, "it was the absolutely right choice for me," and added that the abortions were, "something that I needed-like most healthcare is." Milano then went on to say how had she not killed her two unwanted children or rather had she not had her two unwanted children aborted, she would not today have her two beautiful children, nor would she be the mother she is today. Essentially, Milano applauds herself that due to her two abortions her children, "have a mother who was so very, very ready for them." 

   Well by golly, I think America should applaud Alyssa Milano on her murdering or aborting her two unwanted, unborn children. Even better, maybe Alyssa Milano should be nominated for the Pulitzer Peace Prize for such a noble act. Seriously America, are we not better than this? Have we no morals? Apparently not. There was a time when women who accidentally got pregnant would go away, have the child and give it up for adoption or keep it themselves. Those who chose to have abortions, would go off secretly to have the abortion, and would keep it to themselves. In the old days, women were guilt ridden, saddened, and ashamed at having first gotten pregnant while unmarried and second killing their unborn child. There was a time when women would not tell a soul that they'd gotten pregnant and had an abortion . Women looked at abortion for what it was, murder.  Not today. Today, women have abortions just as easily as they get botox and fillers. Women today, have abortions without blinking an eyelash. With some women having not one, or two, but, three, four or more abortions, abortion has become almost a form of birth control for some. Well, as Alyssa Milano so eloquently put it, her abortions were a form of healthcare. 

  No Alyssa, abortion is not birth control, nor is it health care. Abortion is the killing of the unborn. There's no nice way to candy coat it. Abortion is murder. Life begins at conception and there is no argument that can say that abortion is anything, but murder. While it is unfortunate that countless women become pregnant with unwanted children, it's a fact of life. If a man and woman have sexual intercourse, a woman can in fact become pregnant. Newsflash, women are made to have babies, it's a part of a woman's anatomy. It's not rocket science, it's fact. Women know that if they fail to take birth control or fail to have their partner use protection, they can get pregnant. Women also know that birth control and condoms are never 100% effective. Women know the risks. I have zero sympathy for the young girl or woman that has an unwanted pregnancy. As a woman, you know the risks of having sex. That being said, perhaps if a woman is not ready to have a child, she should not engage in sex. That being said, if the thought of having a child with a man makes one vomit then one probably should not engage in sex with that man.  As my great grand mother always said, "if a woman can take the time to lie down and do it, she can take the time to lie down and have it." My great grandmother couldn't have said it any better. To this day, I think of my great grandmother's words as profound. The bottom line was, her era was not in favor of abortion. Abortion was looked at as amoral and taboo. My great grandmother's era was an era of real morals, and real values. Sadly, today those morals and values are now lost. 

   No Alyssa, abortion is not birth control, nor is it healthcare. Abortion is the result of a woman not wanting to do the right thing in having a child. A child that was conceived by in most cases, two consenting adults that knew the risks. A child, that while unwanted by the mother, could be wanted, loved, and cherished by another. There are too too many women and couples today that cannot have children that want children desperately. Not to mention, that when a child is conceived, a child was "meant to be" conceived. If we are a nation under God, then we know that a child would not be conceived if it were not meant to be conceived. Sadly, as this blog has been written on this day, 2438 abortions have been conducted in the United States with the number increasing by the second. Worldwide, 1, 545, 522, 567 and counting, abortions have been conducted since 1980.  If these statistics don't sicken you, they should. The statistics of abortions should put all who condone abortions to shame. While I have empathy and agree with those of whom have had abortions due to rape , incest, or those having abortions due to health risks whom are forced to have abortions, I have zero empathy for those having abortions due to a mere, "oops I got pregnant" moment. No, America, no Alyssa, abortion is not birth control, nor is it healthcare, it is murder. 

(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL BLOG 2019

#abortionismurder #prolife #abortionisnothealthcare 

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Yes America, Tucker Was Correct, White Supremacy Is A Hoax!

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                  "This is a hoax, just like the Russia hoax, it's a conspiracy theory used to divide the country and keep a hold on power, that's exactly what's going on." -Tucker Carlson, host of "Tucker Carlson Tonight"

     Yes, America, White Supremacy is a hoax. White Supremacy is a hoax brought to America by the left. Beginning with former President Barack Obama the Democrats have done their best to incite racism and hate among Americans. The former president was the single most divisive president of our time and the Democratic party is continuing Obama's legacy of instigating racism and division throughout America. Unfortunately for the left, their attempting to brainwash Americans with the hoax of "White supremacy" is failing. It is failing, because it just isn't true.

    Three days after the El Paso shooting where 22 people were killed and another 24 people were injured, Fox News' own Tucker Carlson stated that the left's claims of "White supremacy" being one of America's biggest issues of concern was a hoax. Apparently, Tucker Carlson's telling the truth did not go over well with Fox News and their sponsors. Two days later, Tucker followed in the footsteps of so many other Fox News correspondents before that had dare to report the truth and their biased opinions with an early vacation. Tucker's early vacation is said to be due to his paid ads plummeting. Apparently, sponsors did not approve of Tucker's claim that White supremacy is a hoax. How dare Tucker Carlson speak the truth!

 While critics of Tucker Carlson will maintain that the El Paso shooter was a Trump supporting, White supremacist that disliked Hispanics, that just isn't true. The truth is, that the El Paso shooter actually blamed President Trump for a spike in work visas and doubling the guest work visas this summer. He labeled both Republicans and Democrats as sellouts on many issues. The shooter did in fact use some racist language against the Hispanic community, but while also voicing his hatred for average Americans  and calling for a decrease in the American population. The shooter whom mainstream media portrayed as a "Trump supporter" stressed the environmental aspects of his motivations, even naming Al Gore's climate documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth". The shooter blamed corporations for the destruction of the environment and indirectly blamed the Trump administration for the fresh water being polluted by farming and drilling operations. The shooter also promoted the far left's policies, such as universal health care and a universal income. Nothing in the document written by the El Paso shooter proves that the El Paso shooter was a White Supremacist, nor does the document prove that President Trump's policies were the motive behind the shooting.

   White supremacy in America is without a doubt a hoax. America has bigger issues today than White supremacists terrorizing Americans. In fact, where should I begin with the issues in America today? Perhaps health care? At present there are approximately 44 million Americans without health care.  This means 44 million Americans are not getting the proper health care needed to both prevent sickness and disease and cure their sicknesses and diseases. Perhaps the opioid crisis in America? Every day, more than 130 people overdose and die from opioids, including prescription pain relievers, heroin, and fentanyl. Perhaps the suicide rate in America? The rate of suicide is up 33% since 1999. In fact, America's suicide rate is the highest it's been since World War II. Lack of health care, opioid addiction, and suicide in America are by far, bigger issues that need some serious attention, yet the left wants to tell Americans that "White Supremacy" is America's biggest issue today.

   Hogwash! At present, Whites are discriminated against more than Blacks and Hispanics in many areas of the country. What White person ever gets hired because he or she is "White"? Not a one. What White student ever gets into a school or University because he or she is "White"? Not a one! What schools in America are for Whites only? Not a one? However, there are Black community colleges across America. How many magazines are there for "Whites" only? Not a one. Yet, there are countless magazines for Black people in America. Ebony, Upscale Magazine, Sister Sister, African American Golfers Digest, and Black Bride and Groom Magazine, just to name a few. Imagine if America had magazines for White people only? Seriously. Imagine a White Golfer's Digest, or an Ivory Women's magazine for White women only. The left would self destruct. Imagine, if ever a college, magazine or anything ever dared to limit their consumers to "Whites" only. That being said, I and many Americans have tired of the "White Supremacy" blame game. Are there some White supremacists in America? Sure there are. However, are there are also Black supremacists in America? Of course there are. I have a hunch we have a past president and his first lady to name two. Are there Hispanic supremacists in America? Yes, America has those too.

  The fact is, America until the end of time will always have people that hate other races than that of their own. Racism and White supremacy is not what has caused every mass shooting in America. Bad people caused each and every mass shooting in America. Bad people do bad things and they will continue to do bad things. In 2015 a Muslim couple shot and killed 14 people in San Bernardino, California. They were not White supremacists. In 2016 a Muslim man went into a gay nightclub and shot and killed 49 people. He was not a White supremacist. He was a Muslim that hated gay people. In 2017, 58 people were shot and killed in Las Vegas. The shooter was not a White supremacist. In 2018 a White student shot and killed 17 people. White supremacy was again not the reason for the shooting. White supremacy is not the cause of the majority of mass shootings in America, and for the left to blame White supremacy is just preposterous. 
  Yes America, Tucker Carlson was right. White supremacy in America today is a hoax. It is a hoax, and it is a hoax contrived by the left to divide, conquer, and control America. The left does not want a unified America. The left does not want an independent America. The left does not want a joyous, content, nor a prosperous America. The left wants Blacks and Hispanics hating Whites, and Whites hating Blacks and Hispanics. Prior to former President Barack Hussein Obama, I liked people as people and not color.  I never thought, "what a nice Black man or woman". I thought, "what a nice man or woman". However, today mainstream media continuously speaks of "Blacks, Hispanics, and Whites". Today, race is in the news 24/7, and it is purposeful. It is purposeful in that the left wing media wants to brainwash Blacks and Hispanics. They want to brainwash them into thinking that all White people in America that aren't Democrats are bad and are White supremacists. That just isn't true. For the record, it is the Democrats that started slavery and would still today have slaves if it weren't for the Republicans who freed them. Then again America, are Blacks and other minorities really free that follow the Democrats, or are they still slaves to the left? Again, the left has created this "White supremacy" rhetoric as to divide, conquer, and control America. Yes America, Tucker Carlson was correct, White supremacy in America today is a hoax! 

(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2019 #Whitesupremacyisahoax #Whitesupremacyhoax #TuckerCarlson #PresidentTrump