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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Colorado The USA No More, This Is War !

         This past Friday, July 12, 2019,  war was declared in Aurora, Colorado. War was declared as more than 2000 protesters stormed and protested outside an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility. The protesters not only protested outside the ICE facility, they took down the American, Colorado, and Geo Flags and replaced them with two anti-police flags and  a Mexican flag. The Mexican flag flew from the flag pole that just moments before had held an American flag was a profound moment to most onlookers. It was a profound moment as the Mexican flag flying above an American city was an eerie sight . The American flag being taken down sent a message. The message was that our law enforcement officers nor our country's flag deserved respect. However, much more than that, the message was loud and clear that war had been declared on America. Aurora, Colorado in the good ole U.S.A. had been invaded, and taken over. 

     Never in my lifetime did I ever imagine that my country, the greatest and most powerful country on earth would ever be in such turmoil. Never in my lifetime did I ever think that I would see the day when people would be able to cross our borders and enter our country illegally and be given an opportunity to stay. Never in my lifetime did I think that I would see the day when the American flag could be replaced by another country's flag without any serious consequences. Never in my lifetime did I ever imagine that I would have to write a blog as to save the freedoms my country had given to me that I had so enjoyed. 

    Unfortunately, due to the failures of past administrations, over 10.5 million undocumented immigrants currently live here in the U.S. These are a group of people whom we know nothing about. These are a group of people that have crossed our borders illegally. That being said, over 10.5 million people in this country are criminals. They are criminals in that they broke our laws when they entered our country illegally. While some people may not find 10.5 million law breaking people living among us concerning, a good many Americans do find it concerning. They find it concerning as that it's over 10.5 million people that have not been vetted by our government. This means we could well have over 10.5 million people that could carry diseases,  be rapists, murderers, drug dealers, crooks, gang members and or sex traffickers living among us. This means America has been invaded and a silent war has been declared and we are being attacked from within. While some Americans might see a Mexican flag replacing the American flag as no big deal, let me be clear, that it is a very big deal. 

   Friday's protest was in response to the news that ICE raids targeting undocumented immigrants would begin on Sunday, July 14th. The purpose of the raids was to target those undocumented immigrants that were court ordered for deportation. Every undocumented immigrant that was to be picked up by ICE had been court ordered to be deported. Court ordered for deportation means that for whatever reason the courts decided that these individuals were not acceptable for our society. These individuals in danger of being deported  were actually set for deportation weeks ago, but at the request of  Speaker Nancy Pelosi the deportations were delayed. Weeks ago, Senator Tom Cotton stated in an interview, "If the U.S. cannot deport even illegal aliens with final deportation orders, who can be deported?" That's a question that should be asked of every legal American that chose to protest and or agreed with the protesters last Friday in Aurora, Colorado.

   Friday's protest in Aurora, Colorado was a disappointment in more ways than one. It was a disappointment in that our flag was so easily disrespected and replaced. It was a disappointment in that it was able to happen at all. Lastly,  it was a disappointment in that  some of those persons responsible for taking the American flag down were quite possibly "legal Americans". Yes, legal Americans at the urging of the extreme liberal left, chose to take a Friday afternoon to storm and protest outside an ICE facility. Legal Americans ignorant enough to buy into the left's lies regarding illegal immigrants being separated from their children, living in squalor and in cages and or so called concentration camps were involved in joining the outrageous protest last Friday. Apparently, many of the protesters were from The Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition as well as other non-violent groups . The groups were all taking part in a Facebook organized national campaign called, "A March To Close The Concentration Camps". Unfortunately, the peaceful march began to get violent as a group known as "The Denver Communists " joined the march creating a frenzied and dangerous situation for all involved. 

   What happened last Friday in Aurora, Colorado was un-American, it was uncivilized, and it was simply unacceptable. The whole fiasco was a reflection on our country. Our country is divided and it is divided in a way its never been before. Our country is divided, in that our own politicians are creating discontent among Americans, and for what? They are creating discontent for a group of law breaking individuals that have not all been separated from their families, nor treated poorly, nor kept in cages, nor kept in concentration camps. Our country is divided due to the left's lies, deceit, and failure to protect Americans from the very people they so desperately choose to defend. Our country is also divided for a group of people that choose not to look up and respect the American flag and all for which it stands,  but a group of people that choose to raise their own Mexican flag in place of our own. Thankfully, at days end last Friday in Aurora, Colorado the Mexican flag was taken down, and the American flag was again raised signaling that the Americans won the war on that day and that never will there come a day when Americans will tolerate the American flag being dis-respected. 

(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2019


Monday, July 15, 2019

Americans Last , S.386

   This past Wednesday the House of Representatives passed H.R.1044. H.R. 1044, the Fairness For Highly-Skilled Immigrants Act passed, placing low wage graduates from India first, and Americans last. The House passed H.R. 1044 using a procedure called, "suspension of rules" which is a procedure typically used for passing controversial bills. That being said, H.R. 1044 is not only controversial , it is highly controversial. While Americans may have expected H.R.1044 to pass in the Democratic majority run House, Americans should be disappointed that Republicans in the House also voted in favor of a bill forgetting "Americans First". 

   As early as tomorrow, the Senate will vote on S.386, otherwise known as The Fairness For Highly skilled immigrants Act. Disappointingly, just as the House had several Republicans that supported the bill, the Senate also has several Republicans supporting the bill. Sen. Rand Paul, for one who introduced the Believe Act stands in support of the bill. Sen.Rand Paul's "Believe Act"is yet another program helping low wage skilled workers obtain green cards leading to permanently residing in the U.S. 

  Conservative Americans are being let down by the Republicans whom were voted into office and it's time for conservatives to stand up and use their voices to tell Washington that we the people are not accepting Republicans putting highly skilled low wage workers from India or any other country first and middle class American graduates last. Republicans we placed in Washington are letting us down and it's time to take to the phones and tell them to vote "NO" on S. 386!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2019 

For a list of Republicans voting "yes" on H.R. 1044 click here:

For more information on H.R. 1044 and S.136 click here: 

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

H.R.Fairness 1044 , Anything But Fair!

    The house is set to vote on H.R. 1044, also known as "The Fairness  for Highly Skilled Immigrants Act" sometime later today. The bill  is anything, but fair. The bill is nothing more than a fast track green card give away program for approximately 300,000  low wage high tech college graduates from India and their families. The bill expands incentives for millions of India's college graduates to join the U.S. H-1B and OPT job outsourcing programs. The bill, if passed will take away jobs from middle class American graduates as well as graduates from other countries as well, further complicating our nation's immigration problems. 

   It should be of no surprise that the bill's chief sponsor is Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Kamala Harris . The bill is also being backed by the immigration lawyer that helped Sen. Chuck Schumer another Democrat, write the disastrous "Gang of Eight Amnesty in 2013".  The bill is against putting Americans first as it mostly hurts white-collar suburban voters. Unfortunately for Americans, the bill if passed will likely be signed by the President. The bill will be signed as two of the president's top advisers, son-in-law, Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka, are in favor of the bill. The bill is against one of the many of the President's campaign promises of placing Americans first in more ways than one. The bill not only takes away jobs from Americans, but it hurts the American economy as well. Money earned by Indian workers rarely goes back into America's economy. It is a well known fact that the majority of money earned by workers from India is sent back to family members in India. Not only does the bill take away from America's economy, but the bill is also yet another way of Democrats getting votes. Immigrants from India that so choose to go on to become American citizens almost always vote the Democratic ticket . 

  The  H.R. 1044 Fairness Act for Highly Skilled Immigrants is anything, but fair. The bill is unfair to Americans . The bill is unfair to other immigrants. The bill is unfair period.  The bill is a lose lose for America. The bill stinks through and through, and the bill must be stopped. Americans concerned must call their Congressmen and women today and tell them to vote "NO" on H.R. 1044! 
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2019


Monday, July 8, 2019

Make America Patriotic Again !

  It is nearly a week since the President's July 4th Salute to America parade and critics are still voicing their complaints. Personally, I truly believe whether one loves, hates, or feels nothing towards the President, the parade should have been watched by all. While many will disagree with me, I feel the parade was a great event for America and for Americans. The Salute to America parade was not about our political parties. The parade was not about Black or White. The parade was not about rich or poor. The Salute to America parade was about America, our independence, Americans, and about the men and women who fought for our right to be free today. It was also about saluting the men that will today fight for our freedom and to give them a chance to show America how proud we are to have the men and women in our military today. The parade was not about President Donald Trump. The parade was not the parade of partisanship, narcissism, racism, nor was it a prelude to martial law as Democrats had so feared. The Salute to America parade was about patriotism and nothing more. 

   Sadly, many Americans either chose not to tune in to the Salute to America parade or were unable to watch the parade even if they had so desired. I for one would have liked to have seen the parade and the President's speech live on July 4th. Unfortunately, I was at a restaurant in Palm Beach, Florida (the President's Winter White House Hometown) that had televisions, but the establishment chose to not tune into the parade. Baseball was being shown instead. As I voiced my complaint to my friend about the parade not being shown, I was told by him that baseball was what Americans wanted to see. He also said in so many words that people wanted to get away from politics and escape on July 4th and that for many Americans baseball was what a good many Americans wanted to see on this Independence Day. Well, THIS American did not care about watching baseball. THIS American wanted to be able to see the Salute to America parade live, as while baseball was what meant patriotism to some, the parade meant patriotism to a good many other Americans, myself included. The parade that consisted of a non-partisan speech by the President, the military band, the military, fly overs and more, was in my oh so humble opinion the only way to have experienced real patriotism this past July fourth. 

   Those who did not tune in to the parade live or recorded missed a truly spectacular affair. I myself was skeptical I admit. I was concerned at the wasteful spending. I worried that the President would turn the Salute to America speech into a Salute to Donald Trump and vote for me in 2020 speech. I was concerned that the military tanks and fly overs would make America too militant and too much like that of a communist nation, but then my opinion changed. My opinion changed as I watched the parade I felt real pride in our nation, and our military. I also felt good that Americans were able to in person salute our military and pay them the respect they so deserve. I also felt truly patriotic as I listened and sang along to the song "I'm Proud To Be An American". In no way did I feel the Salute to America parade was about anything, but America, America's independence, and Americans. The Salute to America parade was about  patriotism and being proud to be an American.   
(c) Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2019 

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Is Trump Really A Republican?

  "If the U.S. cannot deport even illegal aliens with final deportation orders, who can be deported?" - Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) during an interview with fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace

     In 2016 I voted for Donald J. Trump. Not only did I vote for him, but I campaigned for him. I tirelessly wrote over 300 blogs in support of a man whom I believed would be different from other politicians. I believed Donald J. Trump would not only say what his supporters wanted to hear, he would actually do what he said. I believed he would keep his word. I believed I elected a man that was not just another politician. I believed I elected a man that was not just another politician because he was a businessman and not a career politician. Unfortunately, the man for whom I voted appears to have learned from the best in Washington. After all, he was close friends with Bill and Hillary Clinton...

   Last Saturday, approximately twelve hours before the predawn raids were to occur on some 2000 families living in the U.S. illegally, President Trump tweeted that "at the request of the Democrats, he would be delaying the illegal immigration removal process. The illegal immigration process is otherwise known as "deportations". At the request of the Democrats? Seriously? With all due respect, why is my president doing anything "at the request of the Democrats"? Furthermore, President Trump ordered the delay after a phone conversation with Speaker Pelosi, or "Nancy" as President Trump so endearingly calls her at present. Apparently, Donald and "Nancy" spoke for more than ten minutes. In that 10 minute conversation, "Nancy" asked the President if he would hold off on the raids. Speaker Pelosi called the raids "heartless" and tweeted that families belong together. What's even more "heartless" is that Speaker Pelosi and her colleagues fail to have the same compassion of any of he family members of some 4000 people killed by illegal immigrants in violent killings in the past two years. 

   Sadly, our President seems to have forgotten his campaign promise of taking a tough stance on illegals and enforcing the laws of deportation. That being said, I have to ask just what in hell is our government doing with our tax dollars? How nice that our tax dollars have gone towards paying court costs for each and every illegal immigrant that appears in court to then have that illegal ordered to be deported, but then later given the ability to stay until further notice. Am I missing something? Last Sunday, Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas asked a very good question when he looked at Kerry Sanders and said, "If the U.S. cannot deport even illegal aliens with deportation orders, who can be deported?" I agree with the Senator! Who can be deported if those court ordered to be deported are not? Answer? No one! Congratulations MAGA cultists, you elected a man who will do little to nothing to deport illegal immigrants nor will he do anything to discourage illegal immigrants from continuing to cross our borders illegally! 

   I suppose it should be of no surprise that the President has continuously caved to the Democrats in regards to illegal immigration. After all, the President was a longtime Democrat and his two closest advisers, daughter Ivanka, and son-in-law, Jared Kushner were also longtime Democrats. Jared, a longtime registered Democrat switched his party affiliation just prior to the 2018 midterm elections. Ivanka Trump, also a longtime registered Democrat, registered as an independent just prior to her father's entering the presidential race in 2016. Stupidly she forgot or was not aware that in order to vote for her father in the primaries she had to be a registered Republican. Ivanka claimed she registered as an independent as her political views were not the same as her father's. Suffice to say, with both Jared and Ivanka leaning more to the left than the right with their longtime affiliation with the Democratic party, and their desire for open borders, as well their past donations to the Democrats their desires are not in align with the desires of Republicans. Having two former Democrats advise the president who was also once a longtime Democrat is truly frightening. It is frightening as America is being invaded by illegal immigrants and nothing is being done to stop the invasion nor discourage the invasion.

  The fact is, the number of migrants attempting to cross our borders is rising not decreasing. More than 300,000 migrants have been detained by U.S. Border Control agents since March. In May more than 144,000 migrants were stopped at the border, a 32% increase from April. In fact, the highest number of migrants in the past thirteen years were stopped at the border in May. CBP Commissioner John Sanders who has just recently stepped down from his position made the following statement, "We are in a full blown emergency, and I cannot say this stronger; The system is broken." The system is broken? You think? With more than 680,000 migrants caught crossing our nation's border in the past eight months I'd say the system is broken and pretty much beyond repair! 

      "Make America great again", was the President's infamous campaign slogan, How can America ever be great again? How can America ever be great again when daily America is being invaded by people that want not a better life? These people want to destroy our lives. America, we are losing America right before our eyes. We are being taken over and nothing is being done to stop it. Egopas Texas is receiving three to five hundred illegals a day that are being released by the U.S. border patrol. Del Rio Texas is getting between 140 to 160 illegals while Uvalde, Texas is getting between 20- 30 people a day. Uvalde, a town of 17,000 does not have the resources to handle 20-30 people a day. The Mayor of Uvalde recently explained how illegals come off of the trains going through town. These are illegals with charges against them. One rancher stayed up all night long with a shot gun in case an illegal who'd threatened to come back later to kill him returned. Another man in Texas sits poolside with a shotgun as so his grandchildren can swim safely in case an illegal immigrant who isn't caught by authorities tries to harm them. Recently, the president threatened to dump illegals in West Palm Beach , Florida and several other towns  across the U.S. that voted Democrat as to punish these areas. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis temporarily stopped the dumping of the illegals. DeSantis stated the state was not equipped for three to five hundred illegals being dumped into tent cities across Florida on a daily basis until further notice. For that matter America does not have the ability and resources to equip these illegals coming into America. 

 The mass illegal immigration into America is a serious problem and no one , not even our beloved President Trump who vowed to be tough on illegal immigration is doing anything to stop it. The president is not even doing anything to get rid of those that have been through our justice system and have been court ordered to be deported! MAGA cultists who would sooner die than say anything against the president believe the president has a plan. Well if he has a plan it sure would be nice if he put it into action. However, the President a former Democrat seems to be leaning more and more left as he gains compassion for families affected by illegal immigration. As harsh as this may sound, I don't care about families that came here illegally. These people broke the law. These people should not be given five star treatment. These people should all be deported. Millions of foreigners have come to live in America and they came legally. They came legally and they have every right to stay. Those persons coming illegally should not be allowed to stay. Illegal immigration is costing Americans $116 billion per year! With that being said, what happened to America first? That $116 billion sure could pay for health care for the millions of legal Americans that don't have health care. That $116 billion sure could help our Veterans that are unable to work and are in need. That $116 billion sure could help rebuild our infrastructure and environment that is rapidly deteriorating across America. That $116 billion should be used for making America great again. Instead, it is being used as to destroy America as tent cities pop up across America with illegals defecating in the streets. I didn't vote for this and neither did any other conservative. While many conservatives are speaking up and tweeting to the president on his new softer side, others fail to say anything at their displeasure with the president's recent change of heart. To my fellow conservatives, I say that if we fail to use our voices and speak up to the President and hold him accountable, who will? The Democrats certainly won't speak up as Nancy Pelosi and all of the Democrats are quite pleased. The bottom line is, we as conservatives must hold even President Trump accountable. If we fail to do so I fear he will forget what got him elected and lean to the left. Then again, was the president ever really a Republican? 

(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2019



Monday, February 4, 2019

Americans, You Are Part Of The Problem!

     Americans, you are part of the problem with illegal immigration. Americans are a big part of the problem of illegal immigration. Why? Because Americans are hiring illegal immigrants. Approximately 8 million illegal immigrants are currently working in the United States as according to an article written for The New York Times in December 2018. That means approximately 8 million illegal immigrants are working here in the U.S., being paid in cash, and obviously not paying taxes. However, the number of illegal working immigrants could be significantly higher as researchers from both MIT and Yale universities averaged the number of undocumented illegal immigrants living in the U.S. to around 22 million in 2016. That means approximately 22 million illegal immigrants may well be working in this country. With around 22 million illegals being given work in the U.S., Americans have guaranteed that more and more illegals will continue to illegally cross the border. Americans, you are part of the problem. 

     Americans are not just a part of the problem with illegal immigration, Americans are a big part of the problem. Americans wanting cheap labor hire illegals. ICE could free up millions of jobs if they went into every upper middle class, country club community, and luxury neighborhood across the nation. ICE would no doubt be picking up every other maid, nanny, landscape worker and golf course grounds keeper across America. In arresting these illegals working, there would be between 8-22 million jobs available for legal Americans to fill. Democrats will argue that the jobs illegal immigrants fill are jobs Americans do not want. While the jobs that would open might not be six figure jobs that Americans want, the jobs would pay the bills for someone living on the street or living in low income housing that's picking up a welfare check. I guarantee if every healthy American living on food stamps and welfare were told that they had 6-8 months to find employment until their welfare checks and food stamps ran out, they would take a job currently being held by an illegal immigrant. Being a maid, nanny, crop picker, grounds keeper etc. sure beats not having any money and not being able to eat. The trouble is, our government allows people the ability to not work, pick up a welfare check, and food stamps. In 2018 approximately 40 million Americans were on food stamps, and approximately 68 million Americans are currently on government assistance. While some Americans are unable to work due to mental and or physical illness, those of whom are healthy should be given a period of time to find a job or their benefits would run out. Again, if Americans were told they would receive no government assistance, Americans would take any job that was available even if it were a job cleaning toilets, or mowing lawns. When one is on government assistance one can't exactly be above any job, as any job is better than no job and no money.

     Until Americans on both sides of the aisle, the president included, stop hiring illegal immigrants, Americans are part of the problem with illegal immigration. When an American attempts to find employment under the table for his housekeeper's children to the tune of $20. per hour, he is part of the problem. When landscaping companies hire illegal Mexicans, Hondurans, and Guatemalans to cut grass and trim bushes, they are part of the problem. When farmers hire illegals, they are part of the problem. When housewives hire young illegal immigrant women to take care of their children and think it would be cute if their kids could learn Spanish, they are part of the problem. When any American hires an illegal immigrant they are contributing to the problem of illegal immigration. If illegal immigrants were unable to get employment in America there would be no reason to come to America. Furthermore, illegal immigrants would be less likely to cross the border if they knew our government was not giving illegals assistance either. The total cost of illegal immigrants to U.S. tax payers annually is $116 billion. 

     I don't know about anyone else, but $116 billion being spent on illegal immigrants annually is extremely disturbing. There's our wall people. With $116 billion being spent annually, America could well have already built that big beautiful wall, with that big beautiful door the president has spoken of, ten times over. America instead, does not have a wall. America instead has some 22 million plus undocumented, unvetted illegal immigrants living among us costing $116 billion, whom Americans continue to enable and employ. Americans, you are part of the problem with illegal immigration.
(c) GOP GIRL, Sean Bianca 2019

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Killing Is Now Cause For Celebration

Me at two weeks. I was 71/2 months when I was born.

        "Thou shalt not kill"- Sixth commandment 

     60, 069,971 Abortions have been performed in    America since Roe vs. Wade in 1973. 

Am I cute enough to kill?
This past week has shown that America will never be great again. This past week America has shown that America doesn't deserve to be great again. How can America ever be great again when it celebrates the murdering of babies 9 months old? This past week, America hit an all time low. This past week, America not only sent a message that we are a country that condones killing, but we celebrate killing as well. America will never again be great. How can a nation be great that's morals have fallen as low as to celebrate murder? Horrifying, but true, America is presently celebrating murder. This past Tuesday, New York became the eighth state to legalize abortion up to the point of birth. Alaska, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Vermont already allowed abortions up to the point of birth. However, those states just did it more quietly than the great liberal state of New York. Upon signing the bill into law legalizing the killing of unborn babies up until birth, New York's Democratic governor ordered One World Trade Center to be lighted up pink. The brightly lit pink One World Trade Center was lit in celebration of killing the unborn.
 New York's newly passed, "Reproductive Health Act" is a disgrace to our nation. For that matter, every state that previously passed abortion up to the point of birth laws are a disgrace to our nation. While liberals will try and convince others that there are always exceptions and acceptable reasons for abortions up to the point of birth, let's be honest, there is no time when an abortion is medically necessary or acceptable at the point of where the unborn child is ready to be born. Board Certified OB/GYN , Omar L. Hamada, MD, MBA who has delivered over 2500 babies tweeted the following tweet, "There's not a single fetal or maternal condition that requires third trimester abortions. Not one. Delivery, yes. Abortion, no." With that being said, the mothers who choose to abort their babies up until the point of birth are murderers, so too are those who are involved in performing these late term abortions. 

  "Thou shalt not kill", apparently means nothing today. There was a time when people had the fear of God in them when it came to lying, cheating, stealing and certainly killing. Today however, we celebrate killing. Many who are pro-choice justify killing the unborn as they believe the unborn is not yet alive as it's unborn. While killing something one can not see comes easily to those of whom are pro-choice, the fact is life begins at conception. The fact is, an abortion causes great pain to the unborn child. While pro-choice women might like to think the younger the fetus, the lesser the pain that is inflicted, that just isn't the case. Studies have shown fetuses as young as 8 weeks can feel pain. While just a "one" unborn child being tortured and feeling pain during a late term abortion is one too many, sadly, 18,000 unborn infants killed every year in America in late term abortions are feeling great pain. Even more disturbing is the fact that roughly another 800,000 aborted fetuses feel pain in America annually. While one can not truly know the pain endured by the unborn early in gestation, we do know those babies killed in late term abortions feel tremendous pain. Late term or partial birth abortions involve tiny helpless babies being tortured. Studies have proven that those babies aborted in late term abortions do indeed feel pain. Imagine if you will, your body being ripped apart. A practice that is and has been performed by terrorists is both practiced and lawful here in the United States. These babies are literally ripped apart, limb by limb with an instrument that resembles pliers. The instrument has knife like sharp edges as to literally rip the baby apart. The Doctor inserts the instrument into the woman and pulls the live baby out piece by piece. Perhaps a leg comes out first then next an arm, or two, another leg, and then the head, and brain. When the Doctor removes the head, pieces of the babies skull come out along with the brain. As America has learned, many baby parts not destroyed are then sold. These babies are being tortured. Without having so much as basic anesthesia, thousands of babies are being tortured and murdered alive. Many of these babies could well survive outside the womb, as they are fully formed and alive. As these babies are dying, many cry and scream, but due to the amniotic fluid going over their vocal cords instead of air, the Doctors don't always hear the cries and the screams. For that matter, it's quite feasible that all of those babies being killed in a late term abortions cry and scream. I suppose not being able to hear babies scream and cry makes it easier to kill them. Unfortunately, Doctors and nurses aren't always so lucky as to not hear the children they are killing. For some of the cries from the tortured infants are quite loud and clear. America can no longer call others barbaric when it condones the senseless killing and torture of unborn children. 

    With America celebrating the murdering of babies, America has shown that it is just as vile and barbaric as various nations and terrorist groups we have in the past condemned. We have become a barbaric nation that's no longer one nation under God, but one nation under Satan. We as a nation can not condone the killing of the unborn and call ourselves "one nation under God". We as a nation can not condone the killing of the unborn and call ourselves, "Christian" or "religious". While abortion is the right thing to do in certain circumstances such as rape, incest, or health concerns, make no mistake, abortion is never an option for birth control. While abortion is murder and is just simply unacceptable, there are always exceptions, rare exceptions. However, make no mistake, there is no abortion at or after 20 weeks that is acceptable nor is the celebration of any abortion acceptable. 

   Killing is now cause for celebration? Apparently so. While Governor Andrew Cuomo celebrated the killing of the unborn this past week, others shed tears for a nation that was once under God and a nation that was once filled with people with values. America is no longer a nation of a people that are to be respected. America has become a nation without morals or values and without the fear of God of which held individuals accountable. America will never be great again. With the loss of God fearing people, our nation is doomed to fall just as the once great Roman empire. With that being said, America will never be great again as killing is now cause for celebration. 
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2019