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Sunday, November 19, 2017

America Does Not Care About Hillary!

       It is said that men never grow up, and unfortunately, our President proves this point beautifully to a fault. Just when America thinks President Trump is "Presidential", the President does something to completely contradict the President being "Presidential". Case in point, the President is again attacking last years losing candidate, Hillary Clinton. Why? Why, after a little over a year is the President doing this? Perhaps someone needs to tell the President that he beat Hillary in last year's election. Perhaps someone needs to tell the President that not only did he beat Hillary, but that he is the President. Yes, President Trump is our 45th President and with that comes responsibility. Responsibility, meaning that a President should not engage in childish disputes with anyone, let alone, the likes of Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is the most politcally corrupt candidate in history. That being said, Hillary  is not worth the President's time and she's certainly not worth America's time. 
     Frankly, the only tweet I and much of America want to see regarding Hillary, is a tweet saying, "lock her up". The President led the nation in chorus chanting, "lock her up", and therefore, the nation wants to see Hillary locked up! The nation does not care to see frivolous, mean spirited tweets against Hilary. The nation wants to see Hillary in handcuffs and hauled off to jail. The nation also wants to see the President for whom they voted, and not just another politician, or even worse a man that still thinks he's in High School trading idiotic insults with a candidate that lost and is irrelevant.

   The election is over and the much of the nation is still very much behind the President. However, we are behind the man for whom we voted, not for the puppet that sometimes takes the President's place. Nor does the nation want a man that continuously deflects the press away from current heated issues by tweeting insults with a failed candidate. Hillary does NOT matter, Mr. President. Unless Hillary is taken away to a jail cell, America does not care about Hillary. America cares about tax reform. America does not care about Hillary. America cares abut repeal and replace. America does not care about Hillary. America cares about staying out of unnecessary wars, and on the campaign trail so too did the President. America cares about job creation, and thankfully since the President was elected, jobs are being created. America cares about the threat of radical Islam and the safety of our nation. America does not care about Hillary. America cares about the fact that the religion of Islam, a religion that preaches killing those from other religions, is the fastest growing religion in America today. America does not care about Hillary. America cares about ending the Dreamers program, and the deportation of everyone protected by DACA. America does not care about Hillary. America cares about the opioid crisis taking place at present. America does not care about Hillary.  America cares about the threat of North Korea, Iran, and other nations that pose a threat. America does not care about Hillary. America cares about the importance of our children learning the history of America instead of the history of the Mid-East and Africa. America does not care about Hillary. America cares about a presidential cabinet that now mimics a Goldman Sachs office. America does not care about Hillary.  No, America does not care about Hillary. Hillary Clinton was the most unlikable and corrupt politician that ever ran for the presidency. Therefore, America does not care about Hillary losing presidential election of 2016. What America cares about, are the issues on which the President campaigned!

   Frankly, I  hoped to never see, nor hear from Hillary again, after the 2016 presidential election. Unfortunately, thanks to Hillary being the first loser to ever want to remain in the limelight, her existence is still very much present. Hillary is nightmare that never ends. As life imitates art, Hillary is the villain that never gets caught. She is always there, and just when one thinks shes's disappeared for good, she pops back up on Twitter or in a mall touting her self proclaimed brilliance. Hillary is anything, but brilliant, nor is she ever again fit to run for any office of the land. That being said, why must the President even taunt Hillary with running for the presidency again? Why, is perhaps the President is steering America away from what's truly important as to buy time on serious issues. Sadly, America doesn't have time. America does not have time for a President trading High School insults to a candidate who lost a year ago. Hillary Clinton is irrelevant, and with one tweet at a time, the President is making Hillary very much relevant, and that makes Americans mad. Americans are mad, as America doesn't have time for  un-Presidential childishness. Not when day by day,  month by month, year after year, we are losing our country one day at a time. Mr. President, America does not care about Hillary!
(s)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2017

Saturday, November 4, 2017

White Genocide !


  At present, every 56 hours a White man or woman is killed, up from every 130 hours only a few years ago. They are not always killed humanely. Some are attacked with a machete and mutilated. Some are beaten to a pulp. Some are tortured in ways that would sicken most. The women are sometimes killed in a most horrific way. They are killed by the assailant placing a shot gun up the woman's private parts and then shot. The women are also raped, tortured, and mutilated as well. The children of these men and women are at times killed. Children are sometimes boiled alive, decapitated, and stabbed to death. The evil perpetrators have been known to place babies in microwave ovens. Upon reading the horrific atrocities described, one might think they were reading about the terrorist groups, ISIS or Al-Qaeda with their barbaric ways. One might also think they were reading of such atrocities in the Mid-East. No, it is not the Mid East. It is South Africa, and these are South African Blacks who are committing these hellacious acts. These are South African Blacks who are murdering South African farmers today as we speak. Sadly, much of the world has been kept in the dark about the White genocide taking place today in South Africa.

    Why has Mainstream Media ignored the modern day genocide of the White man? Don't White lives matter? Apparently not to those of whom make up mainstream media. I can't help but think of just how the media would behave if Blacks were being killed in South Africa by Whites. Why, it would be a media frenzy. The media would report on how White supremacy was taking place in South Africa. Well, it is the Black supremacists who are guilty in this instance. Just this year alone, 70 White South African farmers have been murdered in 341 attacks on farms. Isn't that newsworthy? Isn't the fact that a South African farmer is 4.5 times more likely to be murdered than an average South African newsworthy? Or, isn't the fact that a South African farmer is 3 times more likely to be murdered than a South African police officer newsworthy? Unfortunately, mainstream media has shown they care not to report on the genocide of Whites in South Africa. In fact, mainstream media has made it clear that they choose not to report on much of anything taking place against Whites in South Africa.

   Perhaps the media's refusal to report the genocide of Whites is due in part to the South African government's refusal to admit there's a problem. While mainstream media has reported some on the murder and eviction of Whites in Zimbawee, mainstream has reported even less on the murder and eviction of Whites in South Africa. I suppose mainstream cares not to admit that ever since the Black take over in 1994 by the African Black Congress, the country has been turned into a virtual hell hole. South Africa at present has one of the highest violent crime, murder, rape, and AIDS infection rates in the world. The White South African farmers are the most vulnerable to being murdered, tortured, and raped, however Whites in Johannesburg aren't much safer. Johannesburg has a murder rate of about 500 per month. Women living in South Africa are particularly unsafe. South Africa has been called the rape capital of the world. Statistics show of the reported and admitted rapes that every 23 seconds a woman is raped and every 30 minutes a small child is raped. The Black folk believe raping a virgin will cure them of AIDS and HIV, leaving children even more in danger. All in all, South Africa has been all, but destroyed by Black supremacists, and the media is silent. 

      The media is silent. I suppose, as it wouldn't be politically correct to say the killing of Whites was racially motivated. It also wouldn't be politically correct to say the country of South Africa was a civilized nation under the rule of White men. It also wouldn't be politically correct to say the country is now an uncivilized barbaric nation run by animals. Perhaps it's time the media started to be politically incorrect and spoke up and actually reported on the genocide of Whites in South Africa. While the South African government chooses to keep the genocide of Whites in South Africa secret, America does not have to keep the genocide of Whites in South Africa a secret. The fact is, the Blacks in South Africa who do not agree with their government's position on staying silent on the murder of Whites want help. They want help as they know their nation is suffering dearly. Their nation is suffering and the rest of world is turning a blind eye. That blind eye must open. It must open to this White genocide, because just as Black lives matter, White lives matter. Not only do White lives matter, it's time to say, "all lives matter".
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017 




Wednesday, November 1, 2017

America May Never Be Safe Again...

     Remember the morning of September 11th, 2001? I do. That morning is forever emblazoned in my memory. I and millions of Americans watched in horror as our nation was attacked. When the first plane hit the World Trade Center, I and I'm quite sure millions of other onlookers thought something had gone very wrong. We certainly didn't think America had been attacked, but then there was the second tower, and after that, the Pentagon. Three airplane accidents? Was it possible that three planes could be sent so off course or be experiencing technical difficulties? No, it was not possible. It was not possible at all. In fact, the cause of the three planes crashing was the result of what we as Americans thought could never be possible. America had been attacked. America had been attacked on its own soil. Not only that, but America had been attacked with its own airplanes by radical Islamic terrorists. The attack cost over $10 billion in infrastructure and property damage, took 2996 lives, and injured over 6000 others. The attack was the single deadliest incident for fire fighters and police officers in the United States. The attack showed all Americans that America was not invincible. In fact, we were quite vulnerable. 

     September 11th, 2001 was a wake up call for America. It was a wake up call that America chose not to take. Since September 11th, a steady influx of Muslims has entered the U.S.. In fact, as of 2015 the U.S. was reported as allowing a quarter of a million Muslim immigrants into the U.S. a year, leaving America even more vulnerable to terrorist attacks. We are vulnerable, as Muslims are followers of a religion that does not allow for other religions. If evidence is needed, all one needs to do is open the Quran. Muslims are not allowed to befriend non-Muslims. They are instructed to convert or kill all non-believers. That being said, there really is no such thing as a "moderate Muslim". While on the campaign trail, President Trump would speak of "radical Islamic terrorism", yet radical Muslims and plain everyday Muslims are really one in the same. The difference, I suppose, could be those who kill and those who have not yet killed. Suffice it to say, the religion of Islam is a religion in which the motive is to covert or kill all, until the religion of Islam takes over the world. 

    Yesterday, eight people were mowed down and killed by a Muslim man from Uzbekistan in New York City driving a rented truck. Sayfullo Saipov, 29  years old, entered the country through the "diversity visa lottery program". The program allows immigrants into the U.S. coming from countries with lower rates of immigration. Why? I must ask, why must we allow people from countries who sponsor terrorism into our country? Furthermore, one would think that whoever was the genius allowing  Sayfullo into the U.S. would have thought twice upon hearing a man's name that means "sword of Allah". Apparently not, and Americans can thank our previous administrations for every death that has occurred by a terrorist attack since September 11th, 2001. 

   While September 11th, 2001 was a day Americans said they'd never forget, many Americans have. We know this to be true in that our leaders in Washington have failed to keep us safe. While one would have hoped that the U.S. would have tightened our immigration laws after September 11th, as so it would seem, our laws have been loosened. Our laws have been loosened and more and more terrorist attacks are taking place, and guess what? Americans are becoming desensitized to it. While we once were shocked and horrified, many Americans are now becoming accustomed to terrorist attacks. Never, ever should we as Americans become okay with terrorism in our country, yet it's happening. It's happening, as those on the left have insisted on lax immigration laws allowing terrorists to come into our country. They have allowed terrorists into our country and they have brought terrorism into our lives. 

  As a child I heard of random suicide bombers in Israel and in the Mid-East. I thought, how lucky am I to be an American. How lucky am I that I never have to fear an attack at a mall, concert, nightclub, restaurant, sports venue, or church. Yes, as a child I was lucky, however, thanks to the liberals and their desire for open borders and immigration of persons wanting to kill us, I am no longer lucky. No American at present is as lucky as we were as children. Personally, I am angry at the fact that the front line is the moment I step out my front door. I am angry as those who are and have been in office have caused my country to no longer be safe. I'm angry and so should every other American be today. America is no longer the great nation it once was, and it may never be again. It may never be as today the religion of Islam is the fasted growing religion her in the U.S.. It's the fastest growing religion, and it's a religion that does not allow for other religions. We are no longer safe, and I blame every liberal and open minded globalist on the right for our being unsafe. It is they who've invited terrorism into our country. It is they who have the blood of all killed by terrorists on their hands. It is they who've insured that despite the efforts of President Trump, America may never be safe again or great again. 
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2017