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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Night One...The Politically Correct Farce Of A Democratic Convention!

    What do you get when you mix leaky media tents, high temperatures, traffic gridlock, protesters in abundance, a corrupt chairman, lying politicians, and venues without food, nor water, and trash piled sky high? If you guessed the Democratic Convention, you would be correct. Word is the media is missing Cleveland. Who knew Cleveland could be missed? By the week's end, Cleveland won't be the only thing missed by the media. The media will actually miss honest and in-politically correct politicians. The media will no doubt miss Donald Trump !
      Say what you will about the Republican Presidential Nominee, but one thing can not be denied, Donald Trump is not politically correct. Not being politically correct is not a bad thing. It is a good thing. People want to hear the truth, not patronizing lies. Last night's opening night of the Democratic Convention was nothing more than lies and an exploitation of Blacks, Hispanics, Gay people, and disabled people. Frankly, I wondered if anyone White would ever take the stage. Just about every person that took to the podium spoke out against Whites and spoke in favor of Blacks and Hispanics. I had to wonder if this was a presidential election or a Black Lives Matters Convention. First Lady took to the podium and gave a luke warm speech on being Black and having her daughters play on the grounds of the White House as her husband had become the first Black President. Perhaps Michelle doesn't know this, but America can see that she is Black, and America knows her husband is Black as well. America need not be reminded that America has a Black President and First Lady. America has suffered due to her husband, and not because he is Black, but because he has done nothing positive for this country. As bad as Michelle's husband has been, I fear Hillary will be even worse. Speaking of Hillary, Michelle went on to praise Hillary Clinton, the very woman she trashed talked during the last Democratic primary in which her husband was running against Hillary Clinton. "If you can't run your own house you can't run the White House!" Truer words have never been said of the soon to be Democratic Presidential Nominee, Hillary Clinton. Michelle Obama spoke the truth four years ago, today she speaks in lies, but then it is the Democratic party of whom we are speaking. The Democratic Party is nothing more that a party of political correctness and lies. 
     Being Black, being Hispanic, being disabled, and being gay was all that was of importance to the Democrats on their opening night of the Convention. Last night was indicative of the past eight years. The past eight years have been nothing more than a divided America. We have gone from a country of being "one", to a country of division. The past eight years have been nothing more than repeat rhetoric. "He's white, he's favored, he's Black he's held back. Slavery and discrimination had for the most part been put in the past. Discrimination still existed in some areas of the country, but very few. Blacks and Hispanics have been given and given, and no matter how much they are given and they take they seem to want and complain all the more. Whites are not hired due to their race, whites are not given jobs due to their race, colleges are never named "White", and clubs and organizations are never named "White". Whites are far more discriminated against today than Blacks and that's the truth. While being White or Black is neither here nor there for the vast Majority of this nation, it is for the Democratic Party. What happened? What happened to America being "one"? What happened is Barrack Hussein Obama had a mission, a mission to divide and destroy America and he's done a fine job at that. 

    Being politically correct and pandering to the Blacks and Hispanics seemed to be the theme for opening night at the DNC Convention. Much of the rhetoric was that of a  "woe is me, I am Black" or "woe is me, I am Hispanic", and Donald Trump is such a bad guy. Please! Enough already! The Democrats do not really care about the Blacks, Hispanics, disabled, or gay people. The Democrats are not about caring. They are about controlling! They care about getting votes. They care about gaining control and nothing more. As a Hispanic, disabled young woman took to the stage, I couldn't help, but think, "oh good Lord, Hispanic and disabled?" "Seriously?" How opportune was that?  Actually, the Democrats had a double header with another two for one. Retired NBA basketball player, Jason Collins came out in support for Hillary. Jason Collins is both Black and Gay! I'm shocked the Democrats did not turn out a Black, Hispanic, Gay, disabled man or woman. Word is they're desperately attempting to find one, but so far to no avail. In watching the Democratic Convention, I felt sorry for the speakers, as the goal of the DNC could not have been any more obvious. The goal was to parade Blacks and Hispanics on stage as to say, "we are the party of Blacks and Hispanics." The goal was also to parade a disabled young woman and a gay man as to say "we are the party of the gay and disabled community." Had these speakers been spaced out it might not had been so obvious, but in night one America was bombarded with Blacks, Hispanics, a gay man and a disabled young woman. Frankly, I felt sorry for those who were being exploited and used, being used for a party that has no real concern for anyone, but themselves.

      The Democrats spent much of the evening attacking Donald Trump, but not providing the facts. The Democrats portrayed Donald Trump as a racist and someone who does not like Blacks or Hispanics. The image the Democrats portrayed was a lie. Donald Trump does not want illegal immigrants coming into the country. Donald Trump knows many of the illegal immigrants that have been given a place to live in sanctuary cities  are murderers, rapists, and thugs. Far be it for the Democrats to show the families of those Americans killed by illegal immigrants. Far be it for the Democrats to exploit women raped by illegal immigrants. Far be it for the Democrats to exploit the truth. Truth is Donald Trump has NO problem with people coming to America if they come legally, and legal immigrants feel the same.

    Sixty one speakers at the Democratic Convention on night one, and not one speaker spoke of ISIS. Not one speaker spoke of defeating ISIS. With ISIS striking on a daily basis, one would have thought ISIS would have been on the radar of at least one of the speakers, but it was not. When ISIS, America's enemy number one is not on the minds of  one speaker at the Democratic Convention, one has cause for concern. ISIS should be on the minds of each and every Democrat, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, and Muslim. ISIS wants to destroy and take over the world. ISIS is literally striking every day. Today again France was affected as an 86 year old priest was beheaded in front of people attending mass and nuns. ISIS is winning. The JV team is succeeding, and we and the rest of the world are failing, We are failing and no one seems to be doing anything. Instead, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Presidential nominee, wants to increase America's intake of Syrian refugees by 550%! As Donald Trump has said, if Hillary allows the thousands of Syrian immigrants into our country that she desires, America will have its very own "Trojan Horse". I believe it will be bigger than the historic "Trojan Horse". I believe it will be the destruction of the United States of America as we know it today.

    Lies, and more lies that is all that can be said of the Democrats. As  the one token White woman, Elizabeth Warren spoke, Bernie Sanders protesters disturbed her speech. "We trusted you, we trusted you!" Over and over disgruntled Bernie supporters yelled out their disgust. With the resignation of the Democratic Committee Chairman, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Bernie supporters learned of how their party had defied them. Bernie supporters learned of how their candidate was made fun of, cheated, and exploited. They also learned that Hillary Clinton had rewarded the very person who had a key role in their candidate's loss. Just after Wasserman Shultz was booed off the DNC stage, supporters learned of Wasserman Shultz being hired by Hillary Clinton. 

    The evening's high point came as Bernie Sanders took to the stage. The loudest applause was heard as he stepped up to the podium. While the applause at Bernie's appearance was the loudest of the evening, the applause was almost as loud, if not louder as Bernie endorsed Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton, the 1% that Bernie had spoken against again and again. Bernie supporters were disappointed as well they should. Bernie supporters know he lost due to Hillary's lies and corruption. Bernie's supporters also know Hillary and Bill Clinton went from being broke to being worth over 200 million dollars. In watching Bernie at the DNC Convention, many supporters are sure to question Bernie's motives and being a candidate of the people. How could a man so against the 1% and so against Wall Street, be suddenly so supportive of everything he is against? How could a man who lost an election due to the presumptive nominee's being corrupt and in-genuine, suddenly turn on a dime? How? How, is perhaps Bernie has gotten a taste of the Democratic bug for money and power. How is perhaps Bernie was never a man of the people at all, but a man for himself. How is perhaps like many politicians, Bernie was that of a chameleon, a man playing a role...

   All in all, the Democratic National Convention is nothing more than a dog and pony show. The Democrats want not for the people of this country to excel, succeed ,and prosper. The Democrats want for them and only them. They want nothing more than  to be the 1%, and for everyone else to be their slaves. While Hillary, Bill, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Obama, Michelle, and others jet set around the world, sip fancy champagne, and stay in the finest hotels, the rest of us slave away. We work hard and take very few, if any vacations. The fact is while the elite Democrats are counting their millions, ISIS is growing. ISIS is growing in leaps and bounds, and ISIS is winning. Without a strong military and the securing of borders, America and its  1% will be nothing. America will be nothing if God help us, Hillary Clinton is elected as the next president of the United States. With that being said, Black, White, and Hispanic must come together and support Donald Trump. We must elect Donald Trump!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016 


Friday, July 22, 2016

Donald J. Trump Is Our Next President!


"I am your voice."

"So to every parent who dreams for their child, and every child who dreams for their future, I say these words to you tonight: I'm with you, and I will fight for you, and I will win for you."

"To all Americans tonight, in all our cities and towns, I make this promise; We will make America Strong Again. We Will Make America Proud Again. We Will Make America Safe Again. And we will Make America Great Again."- Donald J. Trump, Republican Presidential Nominee, The Next President Of The United States!

     Never have I been so proud to be an American as I have this week. This week's Republican Convention has been the finest week of television in quite some years. Just when one's faith in the America of today is all, but lost forever, the finest group of intelligent and classy men and women come along to change one's mind. It's been eight long years that I have been ashamed to be an American. Thankfully my shame has come to an end. It has come to an end with this election and with the reality that Donald J. Trump will be our next president.
      The Republican Convention's speakers chosen could not have been any better, with the exception of one, Senator Ted Cruz. Americans could have definitely done without the 30 minute monologue from a Senator gone mad. Someone, please tell lying Ted that he lost the primary. As people booed the failed presidential candidate, I half expected men in white coats to take lying Ted off the stage in a straight jacket. It was really quite sad. Never has America witnessed a former presidential candidate lose his mind in a public forum. Lying Ted lived up to his name as he showed all of America that he is not a man of his word. For that matter not only did lying Ted not keep his word, but so too did Jeb Bush and John Kasich not keep their word as well. The Republican primary started with seventeen candidates and all were asked to agree to pledge their allegiance to the winning candidate. Three of those men did not keep their word, and those three men are a good part of the reason for Americans choosing the next president, Donald J. Trump.
       Donald J. Trump is America's next president as he is not a career politician. Donald Trump is not a politician at all, and that is why Americans have embraced him. The losing candidates should embrace Donald Trump as well. This week's Republican Convention is a testament to the support Donald Trump has received. Just when Americans think they've heard the speech of all speeches, another speaker takes the stage and brings down the house. To say one speaker was better than another wouldn't be fair. Every speaker has been special in their own right. Every speaker has spoken to America, and shared why they supported Donald Trump.A political party that had lost it's way has found it's way. Not only has it found its way, but it's found its way to the top. To the top and straight to the presidency, as the Republican party has finally picked a winner in choosing Donald J. Trump!
    Donald Trump is no doubt, America's next president. America can again be proud. America can again be safe. America can again be prosperous. America can again be great. Anyone in doubt of Donald Trump need not look too far for evidence of Donald Trump's being a great man. Donald Trump's having five beautiful, poised, and intelligent children is living proof that not only is Donald Trump a great man, but he is a successful man. He is not a success in that he has a billion dollar empire, he is a success in that he has an amazingly good and loving family. If Donald Trump can do half of what he has done for his children for America, America will be great again. 
      Never have I been so impressed with a Republican Convention as I have with the Republican Convention of this summer. With a liberal media beating to death the mishap of Melania Trump's barely plagiarized speech, and Ted Cruz losing his mind on national television, the great speakers and speeches have been someone forgotten by the media. The media has conveniently downplayed much of the excitement and zest of the Republican party. The media has also downplayed the speeches that were great exploitation's of the lying and corrupt Hillary Clinton. The media has said little to nothing of Pat Smith's moving speech. Pat Smith, the mother of the late Sean Smith who was killed in Benghazi due to Hillary Clinton's failure to protect the Americans stationed in Benghazi, brought nearly all in attendance at the Convention to tears. The media has also said little to nothing of the moving speeches given by Mark Geist and John Tiegen members of the Benghazi Security Team. Nor has much been said of Sheriff David Clarke's speech. While the media may have ignored and downplayed a good many of the Convention's speakers, some could not be denied. Former Mayor Rudy Guilliani was just what the opening night of the convention needed. With his feisty attitude and sharp tongue, the former mayor brought down the house. While Guilliani had no trouble attacking the Democratic, presumptive nominee, Hillary Clinton, he also had no trouble in sharing the softer side of  his friend and nominee, Donald J. Trump. "I have known Donald Trump for almost 30 years. And he has created and accomplished great things. But beyond that this is a man with a big heart." The former Mayor could not have delivered a better speech.
    While Guilliani could not have given a better speech. I thought the same upon hearing Donald Trump's wife Melania. Melania Trump took to the stage with the presence of a true American Princess. Melania Trump is the epitome of what First Ladies are made of and more. Melania was beautiful, classy, well spoken, and poised. Melania's delivery of the speech was spectacular. Unfortunately, Melania Trump's speech writer accidentally plagiarized a small portion of her speech thus taking away from America's first official introduction to the prospective First Lady. While many viewers thought the media beat the plagiarism to a pulp, just as many viewers could have cared less. Americans supporting Trump were not bothered by the few plagiarized lines of the wife of a presumptive nominee, as Americans know of the serious issues of today. Today America needs not a perfect speech delivered by a presumptive First Lady. Today America needs a President that will fix and make America great and safe again. Former Mayor Guilliani said it best when he closed his speech. "He will make America, like the president I worked for, Ronald Reagan, once again the shining City on the hill. Vote for Donald Trump for a safer America and for an America headed in a different direction: Greatness! God Bless the United States of America."
    I believe God will again bless America when America elects Donald J. Trump to be the next president. If opening night at the RNC didn't get one on board the "Trump Train", the second night was a night to convince all to hop on board. Night two was again packed with great speakers, but no one could have predicted the speech delivered by Governor Chris Christie. Christie essentially played a prosecutor on stage. Christie was for fun a prosecutor, prosecuting the presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. America saw Chris Christie in a whole new light, I'm quite certain. Christie proved to every American point by point, that Hillary Clinton should be in prison for numerous wrong doings. Not only did Christie effectively prosecute Hillary Clinton, but he also showed America and Donald Trump that he would make one heck of a great Attorney General. While many other speakers spoke, the ones that stood out were of course Trump's children. Daughter Tiffany Trump was like her siblings, impressive with her delivery. Tiffany also shared with Americans personal touches of her father, showing a side of the Donald Americans know not. Son, Donald Trump Jr., was as always quite impressive and convincing, as he spoke on why his father would make a great president. Trump Jr. reminded the people that his father was a man of the people and a man that had done what few politicians have ever done. Few politicians have ever actually created a job, let alone created thousands of jobs. "A president that's actually created real jobs, who has actually signed the front of a paycheck, and who doesn't just talk about it in theory. A president that has real people's families and livelihoods depending on his success and the success of his company for decades." Donald Trump Jr. made his point, he spoke to Americans and Americans listened, They listened as they knew Donald Trump's son was authentic in his praise of his father. Americans also knew for the first time in a long time, America would have a President on their side, not an opposing side. In listening to Trump Jr. Americans in doubt could feel secure in their nominee. 
   If Donald Trump Jr. weren't enough to attract non- Trumpers to the Trump Train, perhaps the words of former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson were a factor. Carson was as always his stoic self with a dry sense of humor out for the cause of hyping Trump, a candidate in little need of hype, but always in need of support. Shortly after Carson, Americans couldn't help but be surprised as Sajid Tarar took to the stage in support of Trump. Tarar is the founder of "American Muslims For Trump". Trump who many accused of being a "divider" showed all of America that ALL races and ALL religions, support Trump. America learned on night two of the convention, that Donald Trump would be a president that would unite our nation, and not divide our nation. All races, and religions came out in support of Donald Trump. 
    While each and every speech spoke to each and every American, on night three,  conservative political commentator, Laura Ingraham knocked it out of the park. Ingraham just hands down was one not to go unmentioned. Not surprisingly, not all of the liberal based media showed the home run of a speech. Ingraham's speech was a speech to be played again and again. As a mother of three, Ingraham spoke of her genuine concern for the nation and the importance in electing Donald Trump. Soon after, was the foolish Senator Ted Cruz. After listening to Senator Cruz for thirty minutes, I and all of America knew why he wasn't our next presidential nominee. Ted Cruz proved to over 10 million people that he could NOT be trusted, and that he lied. Thankfully Donald Trump's running mate, Governor Mike Pence saved the evening, as well as the extremely intelligent and knowledgeable Newt Gingrich, and son Eric. Eric Trump displayed the same poise, class and intelligence as his siblings. Although only 32, Eric Trump founded The Eric Trump Foundation to benefit St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. Eric Trump in true Trump tradition spoke to America of his father with genuine respect and admiration parents only earn and money can't buy. Gingrich then came out on stage with rhetoric combating the words of Lying Ted. " Now I think you misunderstood one paragraph that Ted Cruz, who is a great orator, said, and I just want to point it out to you, Ted Cruz said you can vote your conscience for anyone who will uphold the Constitution. In this election, there is only one candidate who will uphold the Constitution. So to paraphrase Ted Cruz, if you want to protect the Constitution of the United States, the only possible candidate this fall is the Trump-Pence Republican ticket." 
   Newt Gingrich is correct. There are no other candidates that will uphold the Constitution as Donald Trump and David Pence. For all intent purposes, America has had almost eight years of a lawless nation. America has all, but been without the laws as written in the Constitution. America is in trouble, big trouble. With politicians doing much about nothing, and widespread corruption, America is in danger of being that of a country without laws nor freedoms. Much is at stake in this election, and as the Convention came to a close on night four,  it is my hope that many oblivious Americans now realize the seriousness of this election.
    The Convention's closing night was a night that will no doubt go down in the history books. Closing night opened with the voice of an angel, six year only, Heavenly Joy. Many impressive speakers spoke in favor of Donald Trump. To name a few noteworthy speakers, Jerry Falwell Jr., Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel, and Fran Tarkenton a former NFL quarterback. Daughter Ivanka stood out from all, as she introduced her father with a speech given to perfection. Being the last of the eldest Trump children to speak, Ivanka did not disappoint. Ivanka warmed the hearts and minds of all. As she spoke of her father, one couldn't help, but wish they could be half as lucky to have a father so supportive and loving. In listening to Ivanka, I believe all now know just how special of a man Donald Trump has been and is. America also knows how lucky they would be to have Donald J. Trump as president.
    Donald J. Trump is our next president. What was the longest acceptance speech of a presidential nominee in history, an hour and fifteen minutes to be exact, was one that was THE speech of the week. Rudy Guilliani called Trumps acceptance speech, "one of the best acceptance speeches in modern times". Donald Trump was frank, he was forthright, he was brutally honest,  he was articulate, and he was factual. Donald Trump did not paint a rosy picture, he painted the truth. Donald Trump held back little and gave a lot. Donald Trump spoke to America in truth and not in lies. While Donald Trump told America how bad things had gotten, he also told America how great things could be. Donald J. Trump is NOT just another politician. Donald J. Trump is real, and Donald J. Trump is just what America needs. America needs a president that will make America work again, prosperous again, respected again, safe again, strong again, and great again. Donald J. Trump is America's next president!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016
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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Nice And The Evil Religion Of Islam...

   "And in contrast to these terrorists who only know how to kill and destroy, we’re going to win this fight by building; by never giving up on diplomacy to end the Syrian civil war; by working with partners around the world, including Muslim communities, to push back against hateful ideologies that twist and distort Islam — a religion that teaches peace and justice and compassion." -President Barrack Hussein Obama on the attack by the Islamic State, "ISIS" in Nice 
     "Islam, a religion that teaches, peace, and justice and compassion." No president nor human being on the planet with any ounce of compassion would have made such a callous statement, yet our president did. How our president dared to make such a heartless statement on how Islam is a religion of peace, and compassion is a mystery, but then if one considers the source it is not. There should be no question in any one's mind that Barrack Hussein Obama is a Muslim, and a Muslim on the side of the terrorists. How dare Barrack Obama shove his religion of Islam down the throats of Americans and others, after so many have been forced to witness death, pain, and suffering. How dare Barrack Obama utter words of Islam being a religion of compassion when so many are now dealing with the loss and suffering of loved ones. President Obama is living proof the religion of Islam is not one of compassion, as one with compassion would not have made such a heartless statement after the tragedy that took place in Nice, France on July 14, 2016.
    Over 30,000 people were enjoying the fireworks on Bastille day along the shore of Nice when a 19 ton truck plowed down  over 300 people. The murderer who deserves no recognition killed 84 people. Ten of those killed were children. Another 200 people were injured. In the hospital are 121, with 26 still in critical condition, and five of those are children. Three of those who were killed were Americans. One was a college student from California, and the other two were Sean Copeland age 51 and his son Brodie age 11. The family was celebrating wife Kim's 40th birthday. A family vacation and celebration came to an all too abrupt and tragic end, leaving a wife and mother to return home with the bodies of her husband a son. Tell Kim Copeland about that religion of peace and compassion, Mr. President. Oh right, you already did. Yes, the President of the United States did tell the world of Islam being the religion of peace, justice and compassion. 
    A religion that has peace and compassion does not behead other human beings. A religion of peace and compassion does not kill other family members for dating the wrong boy, wearing the wrong clothing, or getting a job. A religion of peace does not kill those who choose to leave the religion of so called peace and compassion. A religion of peace does not strap bombs on themselves as to kill those of another religion. A religion of peace does not cut off the hands of those who steal. A religion of peace does not beat their wives. A religion of peace does not stone women to death while they are buried in dirt up to their necks. A religion of peace does not rape those of another religion. A religion of peace does not partake in rape at all, much less marathon, and gang rapes lasting as long as 7 or more hours. A religion of peace does not set other human beings on fire. A religion of peace does not throw homosexual men off buildings. A religion of peace does not kill nor do ANY harm to others. With that being said, our president can take his religion of peace, justice, and compassion and stick it where the sun never shines. Mr. President, we the people have no place for your religion of peace. Your religion of peace is a religion that threatens every non Muslim on the planet and therefore, we the people have no tolerance for your endless lectures on the religion of Islam and it's compassion.
     While Obama would like to tout Islam as a religion of "peace", the religion of peace has been the cause of 28,835 terrorist attacks since  September 11, 2001. Since January 1, 2016 there have been 1281 terrorist attacks in fifty countries killing 11,831 people and injuring another 14,316 people. While many may look at the statistics as nothing more than a number, a good many others will say a prayer. We say a prayer for every person still suffering with injuries endured due to a religion of hate. We say a prayer for those lives that were lost. We also say a prayer for those family members left behind that now must carry on. Those lives that must carry on need not the words of a heartless president of the United States. Those lives that are today living a hell on earth need true compassion and prayers, not false words on the very religion that killed their loved ones. Had America had a compassionate president, he would have said nothing of the religion of Islam and just offered his condolences to the families of those who were killed. Had America had a president who cared about Americans, that president would seek revenge for those Americans killed in Nice. That president would also close America's borders to people of the religion of Islam, as the religion of Islam and Sharia Law threatens the American government and our people. 
     Unfortunately, America does not have a president with the best interests of it's people and it's allies at heart. America has a president that instead attempts to ram his religion of peace down every one's throats. The parents of the children killed in Nice need not to be told how they must love their Muslim neighbors and unite. They need sympathy. The men and women who have lost their mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters in Nice need not to be told that they should love their Muslim neighbors. They need prayers. They need prayers as to get through each day with the fact that they will never see their loved ones again. They will never see their loved ones due to the religion of Islam. They will never see their loved ones due to the Islamic State that Barrack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton created. 
   America must elect Donald Trump. America needs Donald Trump. America needs a leader that will stand up to the religion of Islam. America needs a leader that will stand up to, and stand against ISIS and other radical Islamist groups. America needs a leader that will close its borders to all Muslims until the killing stops. America also needs a leader who will deport all Muslims who have broken our laws and behaved suspiciously. America also needs a leader that will not warn it's enemies, but will instead attack and annihilate it's enemies. Not only does America need a leader who will protect it's land and it's people, but America's allies need a leader. America's allies want a leader who will work with them to destroy ISIS and other radical Islamist groups. At present America and it's allies have not a real leader, they have a ruler who does not choose to protect and defend it's people and it;s allies. America has a ruler who instead advises all to learn a verse from the Quran and be one with our Muslim brothers. America and Europe are at war with ISIS. As one military commander put it, the front line is every time we step out our front door. With Obama allowing 2200 Syrian refugees in just last week, Obama has chosen the side on which he sits in this war. The presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton has also chosen the side on which she sits. Obama and Hillary sit on the side of the very terrorist group that they themselves created and trained. That group is ISIS, and until America has a leader that does not wish to allow 1.5 billion Muslims into the country, America will be a country at war. America needs a president who will bring God back into our country. God has been forgotten, as shown by our president in praising the religion of Islam. America and it's allies need Donald Trump as without him, our destiny I fear will be bleak…
(C)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2016
            *Barrack Obama intends to allow over 10,000 more Syrian refugees into the U.S by September of 2016.
            * Hillary Clinton intends on increasing our Syrian refugee intake by 550%.

       Please click for those who were killed in Nice, France

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Obama, Hillary, And "Black Lives Matter": Lives Don't Matter!

      To turn on the television today, one would seriously think America had gone back some 50 plus years. Channel after channel is a barrage of rhetoric on Blacks. CNN, MSNBC, and Fox all have caved to the Blacks and how they are mistreated by police officers and how hard it is to be a Black man or woman. Well, newsflash, it's 2016 and since Barrack Hussein Obama has been in office, racism has returned with a vengeance. A vengeance resulting in the killing of five police officers in Dallas, Texas last week. Due to our Black Supremacist, Muslim, President, Barrack Hussein Obama, making a judgment on the killing of two black thugs by police officers, protests took place. Without knowing the specifics of either of the shootings, Obama jumped on the racist card bandwagon and in my opinion caused last weeks tragic mass shooting. While many would think America would take a break from the violence, groups such as Black Lives Matter, the Black Panthers and the New Black Panthers , have called for more protests, more violence, and more killings of police officers. America's president and the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton,have chosen to not denounce any of the hate groups. They have also chosen to not show true sympathy for America's law enforcement officers. America's law enforcement officers and Whites have gotten President Obama and Hillary Clinton's message loud and clear. The message is that White lives don't matter.  
   Well, Mr. President and Secretary Clinton, touche'; your lives don't matter to a good number of the American people. Not only are your lives meaningless to the American people, but the  American people do not care about the lives of hate groups such as "Black Lives Matter", "The Black Panthers", and "The New Black Panther Party" . Your lives are meaningless as are the lives of people who hate, and breed hate. With all of the hate in the world already in existence, America doesn't have time for hate. Hate is what the Democratic party and all of its supporters are made of. The hate in America was gone long ago, gone until the most racist man to ever become president became president. Under no other president in my lifetime has America had a president ensue so much hatred as President Barrack Hussein Obama.
     Yesterday was a sad day, a very sad day. Yesterday a memorial service for five police officers was held in Dallas, Texas. Five men doing their job in protecting the people of Dallas were shot and killed by a lone gunman in the name of "Black Lives Matter". While it's been reported that the killer was not a member of the hate group, it was reported early on that he was killing for them. He killed five innocent men and the very man that was indirectly responsible for their deaths sat front row and center at their memorial service. That man is President Hussein Obama. As former President G.W. spoke eloquently, Barrack Obama and his wife Michelle sat disinterested. The former President's words were heartfelt, and anyone listening knew the former President cared. The words as spoken by President Obama were a sharp contrast. Sharp contrast indeed, as what was supposed to be a tribute to the fallen officers soon turned into a campaign speech for gun control and equality within our judicial system. 
     Yesterday's memorial service was not the place nor time to give a campaign speech on gun control and racial tension. Yesterday was to be a time to mourn the loss of five innocent men with families and full lives. Lives that came to an all too abrupt end, due in large part to our president. Some 2500 people went to a Memorial Service to celebrate the lives and mourn the loss of their friends. Those 2500 people went there yesterday to find some peace and instead they found they were part of a political forum. It was disgusting what President Obama did yesterday. President Obama's speech was tasteless, classless, and heartless. While the President began his tribute somewhat heartfelt, he went in for the jugular without hesitation. He spoke of the race issue within our justice system, again not letting the issue lie before knowing the facts. He also spoke of how it was easier for a teenager to get his hands on a glock rather than a computer or a book. This was totally false information, but it enabled Obama to bring up his desire for gun control. Rhetoric on gun control at a memorial service is simply unacceptable, and yet this president did so with gumption. 
     Perhaps President Obama should learn some hard cold facts before attacking America's White police officers. The fact is 93% of Blacks are killed by other Blacks. That's right, Black on Black killing is far more prevalent than White police officers killing Blacks, but this President doesn't care about the facts. The fact also is, Whites are killed more often by police officers than Blacks, but again far be it for Obama to admit to the truth. Obama would rather shed light on racial discrimination than the truth. The truth is this President's actions this week showed he cares more about the lives of black thugs than White police officers. Obama could remember the name of a former pedophile and gang member with a long list of misdemeanors killed by an officer, but could not mention a single police officer's name that was killed in Dallas in his statement. Obama could remember the name of the second Black man killed by a police officer, but could again not remember nor mention the names of a one White police officer. America gets it, America knows they have a president that feels "Black Lives" matter,but not White lives.
    With the feelings of President Obama being so transparent, I feel he should not have been present at the Memorial Service for the five fallen officers. Thanks to President Obama these men are dead. Had America had a president that truly supported America's police officers, that president would have denounced hate groups such as "Black Lives Matter", and other White hating groups. Instead, America has a President that feeds into these hate groups and validates them. I'm sorry, Mr. President, the lives of those who "hate" other races do NOT matter! Because of you, Mr. President, we have Blacks thinking it is "cool" to kill and hate police officers and Whites. A former Black Miss Alabama, filmed herself for Facebook to tell all of how she felt the Dallas cop killer was a martyr. Why did she do it? I don't know. Perhaps she thought it was cool to hate and cool to kill innocent officers having nothing to do with the killings of two Black men. Perhaps she thought it was cool to hate as you have promoted hate of Whites and police officers. 
      Well, Mr. President, it's not "cool" to hate, and it's not "cool" to kill police officers. Furthermore, racism is NOT "cool"! Blacks and Whites were doing just fine until your Black presence hit the White House! Congratulations, you are probably the first and last Black president this country will ever have, and those are not my words, but the words of a Black man with whom I had a conversation. We, the people of America, both Black and White, see what you have done, Mr. President. You have divided this country as no president ever has, and Hillary is on the campaign trail doing more of the same. The educated and well read Blacks do not hate Whites, they do not hate police officers, they do hate you. They hate you for what you have done to this country. You have divided us as so that you may conquer us. There should be no hate. The Whites in this country have paid for slavery long enough! It's been over a hundred years. The Black man now has colleges and businesses named Black this or that, but the White man does not. The Black man now gets into Universities, because he is "Black" and he now gets jobs, because he is "Black". This country has gone above and beyond for the Black man, and the White man has been left behind. As a White woman, it saddens me to live in a country that had come so far and has at present gone so far behind. This country is of Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, and others. The life of a Black man is no more important than the life of a Hispanic man, nor is the life of a White man more important than the life of an Indian or Asian man. The lives of every one of us matters. However, the life you have chosen to lead does not matter, nor do the lives of those in hate groups who choose to follow you in your path of hate.
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Summer Of Chaos 2016 !


     "He's the anti-Christ, I'm telling you, he's a Muslim, that's why he is bringing them (Muslims) all into this country to destroy us.He is also dividing this country and in  doing so, turning Blacks and Whites against one another." Those words are not my words. They are the words of Black Jamaican man, a man who truly sees what's going on. He is a Black man that wishes all Black Americans could see Obama for what he is, the Anti-Christ and a fraud. While this one man sees the full picture of Obama and his mission to divide and destroy America, many other Black men and women do not see the true agenda of President Obama. Many Black men and women indeed, of whom I am speaking are the Black men and women that are members of groups such as Black Lives Matter, The Black Panthers, and The New Black Panther Party, as well as the men and women that choose to march with them. These groups are groups that are racist against the White man and call for violence and killing against White men. These groups are no better than the Klu Klux Klan, They are hate groups. They are groups promoting the hatred of Blacks against Whites. 
      All hate groups should be banned and denounced in America. Most importantly, these groups should be denounced by the president of the United States. If a president truly wanted to united a nation, he would do so in denouncing all hate groups. Unfortunately for almost eight years, America has had a president in President Obama that has not only refused to denounce hate groups such as Black Lives Matter, but has encouraged them. He has encouraged them and validated them, and in my and many, many others' opinions, he has caused the killing of America's police officers, as well as encouraged racial tension across America.Obama displayed this behavior earlier this week when he spoke out on two Black men being shot and killed by White police officers. Without knowing any of the specifics, Obama immediately jumped to the racial card in his remarks. "But what I can say is that all of us, as Americans should be troubled by these shootings, because these are not isolated incidents",he said. "They're symptomatic of a broader set of racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system."Haste words for not knowing  the specifics of either arrest. Words that President Obama knew without a shade of doubt would spark violence. Violence which did in fact occur. Violence which resulted in the deaths of five police officers in Dallas, Texas. Violence which President Obama wants. Violence which is playing right into the president's plans, his plans for 2016 being a "summer of chaos".
       "The Summer of Chaos", has been much of the chatter on the internet. Chatter that has been nothing more than chatter without merit until of recent. As reported by the DC Clothesline, our government is actively setting the stage to implement Martial Law in America. They are doing so with their use of a summer of chaos. DC Clothesline reports that the US Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, is coordinating efforts with Democrat activists to disrupt and cause havoc at both the Republican and Democratic conventions. This disruption will result in the president's possible declaration of martial law. This information is believed to have merit, as someone hacked into the twitter accounts of three Black activists who spoke of their communication and plans for a "summer of chaos", with AG Loretta Lynch. (For the full exchange of emails please click this link;
     The plan  of a "summer of Chaos" seems to be off to a good start,and if the goal is to kill white cops, it's been a roaring success. While many would like to think that people would have learned not to partake in a protest resulting in the killing of five police officers, it was clear from this weekend they did not. Protesting took place in Atlanta, New York City, and Baton Rouge Friday night, and then again last night in Minnesota. The Minnesota riots resulted in the Minnesota police being pelted with rocks and rebar, 21 officers injured, and more than 100 people being arrested. In my opinion, if White police officers weren't racist before, they have every reason to be at present, but then that's what our president wants. However, I think all Blacks should be aware that it was both White and Black police Officers that ran towards the gunfire in Dallas, threw themselves atop of Black protesters to save their lives, and guided them away from harms way. Perhaps Blacks should know it was the first White police officer who died, who warned the Black woman who was shot in the leg of the killer having a gun as to save her and her children from being killed. 
    Our president clearly has shown that he wants racism in America. He wants racism as it will allow him to attain his goal of the division of America. This division and violence allows him to have reason to implement martial law and take away the guns of the people. As a footnote, the president just recently complimented the Dallas Police Force on their having such a low crime rate. I wonder if the president knows that Texas is an "open carry" state. In Texas if one has a permit they may open carry their weapon. Funny thing about "open carry" states, they generally have low crime rates. That being said, with every killing, President Obama jumps on "gun control" as he did again after the protest in Dallas that he instigated. 
   A summer of chaos is not what any American with half a brain wants. If it is true that our president wants to implement martial law sooner than later, we must do everything in our power to stop it. While Black Lives Matter may feel what they are doing is for the good of the Black community, it is only feeding into Obama's plans. It has been rumored that Black Lives Matter will bring weapons to the Republican Convention. I fear that rumor is true. Our president, in my opinion, wants Blacks killing Whites. He wants Whites killing Blacks. As the Jamaican man I quoted earlier stated, "he wants to destroy this country". The smart Black Americans see this, and they see Obama for what he is. Not only did I meet a Jamaican man who saw Obama for what he was, but I recently met a Guyanese man as well who felt the same. This hard working man from Guyana came to America looking for a better life, but said if Hillary were elected, he would go back to Guyana. He reiterated what the Jamaican man said and more. He asked me how many good Muslims were in the total of 1.6 billion? I said perhaps 20 percent. He told me none. He told me what the Jamaican man told me.He said Obama was a Muslim that was bringing thousands of Muslims into America as to destroy us. He said the religion of Islam was one of which had no tolerance for other religions and one that's goal was to take over the world. He went on to say Europe was just about conquered, and the United States would be next. We would be next as not only did we have Muslims coming into our country wanting to destroy us, but we were destroying ourselves. We are destroying ourselves with Obama's direction of Americans hatred towards other Americans.
   I myself have said time and time again that President Obama wanted America to be in a state of racial tension as not felt in years. Under no other President in my lifetime have I experienced such hate as I do today. I feel this tension as it is the America as created by Obama. While I will not fall prey to Obama's desire of hatred towards Blacks, I will say I have no sympathy for any of those Blacks injured or killed due to unjust protesting and riots. There is never a reason to go out and protest and riot and behave like animals. Not once has America seen Whites protest, and Whites have had far more discrimination against them than Blacks in recent years. Black Americans involved in protesting need to smarten up and smarten up fast. These Blacks involved need to wake up and wake up fast. America has had a president that has been working hard to have poor Blacks stay right where they are and worse. While Blacks have thought the free rise was peachy keen, it has come with a price. The price is a loss of freedom. President Obama and Hillary Clinton want all Americans poor and dependent upon the government. They also want Black and White Americans pitted against one another as division is destruction. If we as a nation are a nation divided, we can not fight the evil. That evil is the evil of President Obama and Hillary Clinton. They want to divide us, enforce martial law, and conquer us. We as Americans must come together as a nation, get back to God, and pray. We must pray and not hate. We must pray for the upcoming Republican and Democratic conventions to be peaceful. We must do this as to not allow our president the ability to enact martial law. While the talk of "martial law", may just be that, "talk", we must not give our president who has joked about enacting martial law into affect. We also must be smart as to not give in to our president what he desires. President Obama, in my opinion, wants Blacks and Whites divided and killing. The killing must stop! It's a sad day when a police officer who served three tours in Iraq serving his country, is killed in Dallas, Texas by an American Black man. The summer of chaos is taking place, but it does not have to continue. Let us instead unite and make this a summer of peace!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2016
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Friday, July 8, 2016

Obama's Divided America

     It is said that when one feels a pit in their stomach, they are being warned and they are being given direction. That pit in one's stomach some say is our conscience. Some think our conscience is actually God himself speaking to us. I felt that pit in 2008. That pit in my stomach knew that the man America had elected to be president was not a good man. I could see it in his eyes, I could hear it in his voice, I could feel it as he spoke. He promised, "hope and change", just as Fidel Castro had promised the Cuban people. The Cuban people thought Castro was the second coming of Christ. Instead, he was an evil dictator that destroyed his nation and his people. Barrack Hussein Obama was comparatively speaking, frighteningly similar. Barrack Hussein Obama was in my and many others opinion the face of evil. 
     That face of evil has effectively destroyed America. I believe the destruction of America has been his goal from the start. In his book, Dreams of My Father, Obama tells of his father's hatred for America and capitalism. Obama's actions during his presidency are indicative of his father's negative feelings for America. Obama has effectively created a nation in which those who work hard are penalized, and those who depend upon the government are rewarded. Obama has successfully decreased our military at the most dangerous time, putting our men and our nation in danger. Obama has signed a deal with the devil, with his getting in to bed with Iran. Obama has enabled a country that has threatened to kill us. He has done this in his agreement with Iran, giving them the funds with which to pursue their nuclear program and to buy weapons of mass destruction. Obama has successfully invited terrorism in to our country with the allowance of thousands of Syrian refugees. Obama has put guns in the hands of our enemies, from Mexico to Syria. Lastly, Obama has in my and many others opinion brought back racism with a vengeance.
     It's 2016 and never in my lifetime have I experienced the racism that has taken over this country. Where racism did still exist to a certain point, never were the tensions at the level as they are at present. Never once did we have  an organization such as Black Lives Matter, as all lives matter. Never did we have organizations promoting racism and the killing of police officers. We do now, and it's the America as created by our dictator or president. Barrack Obama has been successful in his reign as president. He has been successful in his allowing racism to metastasize to a rate of no return. He has been successful in dividing and destroying America. He has been successful in his destruction of America in his creating a sense of lawlessness within our nation.
    The lawlessness in America is becoming that of a third world country. Last night America watched in horror as America watched a protest in Dallas go very wrong. Six police officers were shot and injured and five others were shot and killed. One female protester was also shot and injured during the chaos on the streets of Dallas. While every life is precious, one of those officers was all of 43 years old, and newly married for all of two weeks. The shots were fired from the tops of buildings, the shots of expert snipers. The shots that killed and injured those officers were fired due to unnecessary racism as instigated by our president.
    On July 7th, Obama gave a statement on the killings of two black men. Obama's statement was made without any knowledge of the specifics of the arrests being made. As an onlooker, the shootings appeared to be without good reason, but then who am I to judge? Who am I to judge not being in the shoes of a police officer? Who is President Obama to judge? Who is anyone to judge? No one is to judge. How can anyone judge when no one knows what is it to be a police officer at a time when police officers are being targeted nationwide. How can anyone judge when police officers have bounties on their heads as they do by "Black Lives Matter"? In 2015 just hours after a  47 year old Houston area police officer was shot and killed execution style, the group Black Lives Matter chanted, "pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon". It was then that President Obama should have stepped in and denounced the group, Black Lives Matter. Obama did not. While he has given a slight scolding to the group, he has not once denounced the group as well he should. Our president has instead time and time again validated them and emphasized racism in America. Obama continuously calls out the whites being racist against the blacks, but never once has he mentioned blacks being prejudiced against whites.Never once is the white man or woman ever mentioned by Obama. July 1, 2015 a 32 year old beautiful white woman was shot and killed by an illegal Mexican immigrant in a sanctuary city. Her death was of no importance to President Obama. It was of no importance as Kate Steinle was white. This president has shown that "white lives" don't matter.
      White lives do matter for our president when and only it fits into this president's agenda. That agenda being Obama's desire for more gun control. The only reason Obama didn't jump on gun control after Kate Steinle was shot and killed was because she was shot by an illegal immigrant in a sanctuary city. Likewise, Obama did not once mention gun control after 60 plus people were shot and killed in Chicago over July 4th weekend. Far be it for Obama to speak of black on black crime, as that opposes his agenda for division in America with the use of racism. The truth is, there are far more killings in the black community against one another than killings of white on black, by police officers or otherwise. Our racist president would have Americans believe otherwise. America being a racist nation is the America President Obama has created. As I have stated, Obama has been a success. Obama wanted to destroy this country and he has. A country that had become one has become broken. With Obama's insistence of special treatment for all races, but white, he himself has discriminated against the white man. With Obama's not denouncing groups such as the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter, he has promoted racism. With Obama's attack on police officers without knowing every detail, he has created a hatred and disrespect for police officers. Not only has he created hate and disrespect for our officers, but he has put police officers on the defense. America's police officers know they have anti-cop racist groups laying for them. Every day America's police officers go to work, they don't know if it will be their last. This is due to President Obama's lighting the fire of racism. 
     While today Obama called the killing of the five officers shot, "vicious and despicable", he helped cause it. He helped cause it when he without knowing the facts spoke of racism being the cause for two black men shot and killed by police. The destruction of America is happening and it's happening right before our very eyes. This week America was told that they have a presidential nominee guilty of a crime but not prosecuted. This week America also watched as they watched lawlessness on America's streets. Five police officers were shot and killed in the name of "Black Lives Matter" showing America has no respect for the law and those who enforce it. Last night Dallas Texas looked no better than a third world country, but it was America. When a nation becomes a nation without laws that are enforced, and a nation where law enforcement is not respected, that nation is a nation falling fast. We are no longer the nation we once we were. We were once a nation that was united and lawful. We are no more. We are now a nation of no laws, and a nation divided. This nation is not the nation of former President G.W. Bush. This is a nation destroyed successfully by none other than that of our current President Barrack Hussein Obama.
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016

    * As a footnote, the case of the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton's mishandling of classified emails, has been re-opened by the State Department. Last night conveniently took away the media's coverage of this latest development.

    *Latest terrorist attacks in the name of Islam, "the religion of peace":
2016.07.07BangladeshSholakia313A woman is among three taken down by an Islamist bomb and shooting attack during Eid prayers
2016.07.07IraqBalad3560Thirty-five pilgrims are blown up by a Sunni suicide bomb attack on a Shiite shrine.
2016.07.06Syriaal-Zahraa26Two children are turned to paste by a Sunni rocket.
2016.07.06AfghanistanSancharak41Four family members are wiped out by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2016.07.05SyriaUm al-Housh400Women and children are among forty civilians captured and 'mercilessly' executed by the Islamic State.
2016.07.05SyriaHassakeh3040A suicide bomber massacres thirty innocents outside a Shiite bakery.
2016.07.05SyriaRaqqa40Four popular soccer players are forced to kneel and then shot in the head by caliphate members in front of children
     *Not widely reported, early July 2016 -Central Park, NY; 18 year old Virginia man severely injured resulting in having to have part of his leg amputated after he was injured by an explosion by a home made bomb. No mention of this being terrorist related but suspicious.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Above The Law Hillary!

  "Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information." - James Comey, FBI Director

     It is a very sad day for the United States judicial system. It is a sad day in that a person found guilty of a felony is not indicted, but instead allowed to walk. FBI director James Comey states that the presumptive Democratic nominee is guilty of a felony by his terminology and yet contradicts himself by minutes later stating that no charges will be brought against Hillary Clinton. Comey could not have outlined the reasonable evidence for Hillary's prosecution any better. A statement that seemed rather harsh and forthright turned into much about nothing, showing all of America that Hillary Clinton is well above the law.
     Today was a perfect display of the corruption of the Clintons. If I had to bet, James Comey did not recommend that no charges be brought up against Hillary Clinton without reason. I believe there is a very good reason for Comey doing what he did. As the list of people dying around the Clintons appears to be getting longer and longer, I believe  Comey had good reason for doing what he did. Comey had no choice but to say the FBI could find no reason to recommend an indictment, The profusely sweating Comey did not mince words. He told America Hillary was guilty.
     How Comey informed Americans Hillary was guilty was quite simple. Comey stated that Clinton and her colleagues were "extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information. Under Federal Criminal Statute  18 U.S.C. Section 793, In knowing this the recommendation for pressing charges should be pretty text book. It's right there in black and white, Hillary Clinton is guilty.  "(1) through gross negligence permits the same time to be removed from it's proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of his trust, or to be lost, stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, or (2) having knowledge that the same has been illegally removed from it's proper place of custody...and fails to make prompt report of such, loss". "Gross negligence is defined as extremely careless! 
         Today's recommendation is extremely disturbing. It is disturbing in that Director Comey's recommendation to not bring about charges against Hillary Clinton is evidence that the United States government is corrupt. It appears to be corrupt as people guilty of much much less that that of Hillary Clinton have been prosecuted. Not only have these people been prosecuted, but they have been imprisoned, and or fined. Those guilty of mishandling confidential U.S. government documents due to extreme carelessness have been sentenced up to ten years in prison. General Patreus who was guilty of an affair was forced to step down due to his extreme carelessness. As Patreus' lover was privy to top secret government information in allowing her access to his computer, he was found to be extremely careless and grossly negligent. While Patreus was in the wrong, his lover having confidential information is much less evasive than Hillary having  unsecured servers allowing anyone and everyone access to confidential information.
      Due to Hillary Clinton's extreme carelessness, every ally and enemy of the state had the ability to see every confidential document. What was in those documents we the American people will never know, but China knows, North Korea knows, Russia knows,and Romania knows. Not only will we the American people never know what double agents were possibly compromised, the double agents that were possibly killed know. We the American people will never know the whole truth behind the Clinton foundation, and the lies behind Benghazi, but our enemies do know the truth. We the American people lost today, We lost in that justice was not served. Former New York Mayor and Federal prosecutor Rudy Guilliani said today in an interview that Hillary Clinton would not pass an FBI background check. Guilliani stated Hillary Clinton could not be hired as an assistant US attorney,and could not be hired by the US government for any sensitive job, let alone be President! Guilliani said it best when he told Fox News in regards to Hillary Clinton, "if she can't pass a government security clearance check she can't be president." Jay Sekulaw with the American Ctr. For Law And Justice reiterated what Guilliani said. In so many words Sekulow said that gross negligence is extreme carelessness, and Director Comey said there was a crime here. He just decided not to prosecute. Sekulow went on to say that today the American people had one pulled over on them.
     Today was a day I and many Americans will never forget.Today was a sad day as the law is of no concern if you're of the right family, or if you have money or if you make threats. Today showed Americans Hillary Clinton is above the law. Director Comey said Clinton was guilty and then she was not. Today set a precedence, and a bad one at that. Today set a precedence in that, if any law requires not intent, but gross negligence, the law can be broken. The law can be broken as any attorney can use today as an example as gross negligence is of no merit and not punishable for the crime. Take this to the extreme after a man or woman kills their spouse, and one can see where this will go. "Well I was extremely careless your honor". Again, extreme carelessness equals gross negligence, and gross negligence equals a conviction. Today, we the American people were duped. We have been duped in that we the peons of society can do nothing about our government's injustice. Or can we? Above the law Hillary may well have won today, but there's still a fight to be fought. That fight is for the presidency of our country, and that fight has only just begun. Today's press conference without questions made many in Washington angry and befuddled. Every upstanding attorney both Democrat and Republican walked away from their televisions asking how Hillary Clinton could be guilty and yet not. The corruption of this administration stinks and it's high time to rid this country of the stench of above the law good for nothing politicians. America needs Donald Trump, as America needs someone who truly cares for America, not someone who dupes America. Above the law Hillary won today, but America will win in November. We will win in November with the election of Donald Trump so that we may make America great, fair, and lawful again!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016
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7/6/16 Forty women and children in Syria mercifully executed today by the Islamic State , and the Jihadist death toll rises.

   Full transcript of FBI Director Comey's press conference

Sunday, July 3, 2016

We Can Win The War Against Radical Islamic Terrorism, We Just Haven't Tried!

     Again and again it is being said that we will never win the war on terrorism, and that statement is in fact true. It is true due to the fact that America hasn't really tried to win the war against terrorism. We haven't tried in that first and foremost we can't even say it, let alone fight it. If you can't say the words, "radical Islamic terrorism", you don't have a chance in hell of fighting it, let alone defeating it. Soon after the attack in Istanbul, Turkey, Secretary John Kerry claimed that ISIS was desperate and on the run. He stated that the little attacks that have been taking place were evidence of America's winning. Tell that to the 10,782 people that have been killed this year in 1192 terrorist attacks that have taken place in fifty countries. Tell that to the 13,092 people that have been injured in those 1192 terrorist attacks. I'm quite sure those people would beg to differ. I'm sure those people that have perished and those people injured would disagree as well. The fact is our buffoon of a Secretary of State, John Kerry, is wrong. ISIS is NOT desperate and ISIS is NOT on the run. The evidence shows that ISIS is stronger than ever in terrorizing  in some 21 countries.
        Sadly, we can win the war against radical Islamic terrorism. We just haven't tried. Obama and his ever so transparent State Department have stated that America is winning as America has killed, what one top ISIS commander a month? ISIS kills over ten thousand people just this year alone and Obama is happy that his military has struck and killed maybe ten ISIS commanders since January? If that ? America is not even close to "winning" the war against ISIS. The truth is we haven't even begun to touch the surface, but our government will sure as hell not let Americans know. The fact is Americans don't know. They don't know the half of how powerful and dangerous ISIS has become. Americans don't know, because Americans haven't been told. Americans haven't been told, because the United States Government clearly does not want Americans to know the truth behind ISIS and its defeating Christians, Jews, and all of humanity. ISIS and other radical Islamic groups have vowed to take over the world and they are doing a pretty damn good job. They are successful as The United States is allowing ISIS to accomplish their goal in taking over the world. The United States is allowing this in their bringing thousands of Syrian immigrants into our country. The United States is allowing this in their looking the other way when Americans report suspicious activity by Muslims residing in the U.S. The United States is allowing ISIS to succeed in their Jihad against all non-Muslims in the world by doing nothing, but random attacks resulting in little or no results.
     We're not winning the war on radical Islam, due to America not trying. America not trying is killing thousands and no one seems to really care. As Americans were told of an attack in Bangladesh on 7/1/16, they were not told of several others. The truth is there were a total of five attacks on that fateful day. Everyone heard of the attack at a restaurant in Bangladesh, but they didn't hear of a Hindu worker being hacked to death in Bangladesh. Americans also did not hear of three women being killed in Afghanistan, or the six people machine gunned in Kenya, or the man killed in Israel. Americans didn't  know of any such attacks, because Americans were never suppose to know. 
     We can win the war against radical Islamic terrorism. We just haven't tried. We haven't tried and if we continue to not try we will no doubt  lose the war against ISIS. America doesn't need to lose this war against ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism. America can quite easily win this war. America can win by bombing the living daylights out of every known ISIS camp known to our intelligence. I guarantee everyone if America bombed every living breathing ISIS camp, America would be winning the was against ISIS. America needs to stop playing Mr. Nice Guy . America needs to take the bull by the horns and go after ISIS with a vengeance. America can do this by not being concerned with killing ISIS women and children and instead being more concerned with getting a job done. That job is saving the people of this country and leading the rest of the world to do the same. We can accomplish this by working with a coalition of our allies, by bombing the hell out of these Islamist extremists, and placing boots on the ground. With America leading a strong offense with it's allies, America can win the war against radical Islamic terrorism. America can win, but America needs Donald Trump to be the next president, as he will make America safe again!
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