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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


     April 25th, otherwise known as "Super Tuesday", was a "Super Tuesday" indeed. That is if you were Donald Trump, or any one of his thousands of supporters. Despite the shenanigans of Senator Ted Cruz, and Governor John Kasich, Donald J. Trump proved to be a smashing success in completing a clean sweep in taking all five states in yesterday's Primary, proving himself to be the chosen candidate for the Republican party. 
      Not only did Donald J, Trump win yesterday, but he won big. Trump received over fifty percent of the votes in all five states. In Delaware and Rhode Island Trump received over 60% of the votes, and in Connecticut, Maryland. and Pennsylvania Trump was over 50%, showing Trump to be not just the winner, but the "clear" winner. Lies weren't told, trickery wasn't present, and dirty politicking was un-needed in yesterday's Primary. Trump won fair and square. Trump won on his own merit and with the valid voting of the people.
       Cruz and Kasich on the other hand lost, and they lost big. Kasich having absolutely no chance at the nomination appeared to climb in popularity above Ted Cruz. Cruz who has been regularly placing second in the primaries seemed to have done himself in with Monday's announcement of his teaming up with John Kasich to defeat Donald Trump. Ted Cruz placed third behind Kasich in four of the five states in yesterday's Primary. Thanks to Pennsylvania, Cruz managed to place second in front of Kasich. All in all "Super Tuesday" was a super flop for both the Senator and the Governor.
      Having won all five states convincingly in yesterday's Primary, and being at 964 delegates, Donald Trump should most certainly be on his way to receiving the nomination as the Republican Presidential nominee. While the outcome of Trump as the nominee seems eminent, Trump's opponents seem to be in denial. Yesterday's Primary put Ted Cruz in third, in four of five of the states, and yet this man still thinks he has a chance at the nomination? It's utter insanity! The man came in third, out of three candidates. For the love of God someone please tell Cruz coming in third means that he came in last. That's last place! Not only did Cruz flop in yesterday's primary, but he has no mathematical legitimate way of coming close to the magic number of 1237 delegates, and Kasich is not even close with his minuscule number of 153 delegates. The bottom line is both Cruz and Kasich are done, yet they seem to be having a difficult time in accepting their having lost the 2016 election.
     Trump prevailed in yesterday's "Super Tuesday", and his opponents should accept their defeat. Trump need not be bothered with the remaining trivial political sideshows of dealing with Cruz and Kasich when there is much work to be done. Much work indeed, such as the developing of an anti-Hillary campaign. At this stage of the game, I believe Trump should be allowed to begin his fight against Hillary. Instead Trump is still having to deal with the likes of Ted Cruz and John Kasich. Today Ted Cruz announced his running mate would be Carly Fiorina. If Ted's announcement of a running mate for Vice-President isn't complete madness, I don't know what is. For that reason alone Ted Cruz should be finished in politics. The man comes in dead last and the following day he announces his running mate for vice-President? Why the man is deranged!
    The fact is Ted Cruz's alliance with John Kasich failed, and trump prevailed! Yesterday's five state sweep was a victory. It was also a message that America is angry. Americans are angry at it's politicians, frustrated with big government, and over being played for fools by the GOP, and or the establishment. Americans have spoken, and their voices need be heard, and respected by the losing candidates and the establishment alike. Registered Republicans voted in yesterday's election, they voted for Trump. The majority did not vote for John Kasich nor did they vote for Ted Cruz, they voted for Trump, proving that dishonestly and trickery have little value in today's election. The collusion failed, and thankfully Donald J. Trump prevailed!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Cruz-Kasich, Losers And Bedfellows!

    Another Super Tuesday is upon us, and with another Super Tuesday comes more despicable conniving against the Republican front runner, Donald J. Trump. Just when Trump supporters thought the obstacles in Trump's path to the nomination couldn't get any more crooked, the obstacles get more outlandish than ever. On Monday April 25th it was announced that Senator Ted Cruz, and John Kasich would team up in their efforts to stop Trump from becoming the Republican Presidential nominee.
          I suppose if one is unable to beat a candidate on his or her own merits, and popularity, one might as well join forces with another loser, as to stop the clear winner. Despicable is what this coalition between Cruz and Kasich is. Donald Trump called the Cruz and Kasich team as a collusion, and described it as desperate. I call the team "losers and bedfellows". Although it is said that politics makes for strange bedfellows. This team is not only strange, but downright pathetic! The scheming of the two losing candidates is in my, and a good majority of Americans opinion not only desperate, but just more Republican dirty politicking which seems to be the theme for the Republican party at present. 
          Never in my lifetime have I ever seen such determination by a party to stop a particular candidate from being nominated. Never have I seen such attempts to stop a candidate for whom the majority of the people in a party are behind. While Cruz and Kasich may be all proud and pompous with their clever collusion, the people of this country are not impressed. In fact the majority of Americans, 90% to be exact, feel the Cruz-Kasich scheme against Trump will fail.
           If one colludes in business or in the stock market, one is taking part in illegal activity which would lead one to prison. If one colludes in politics, one is within their rights? Something is very, very wrong with our country if such unfair activity can take place, but then this entire primary election has been one of nothing but scheming, conniving, backroom deals, and questionable activity. All in all the Republicans have been a roaring success in proving themselves to be nothing more than a political circus, giving Democrats only more ammunition to mock the party. 
           Rather amusing, I'd say. While many of the Republicans used Trump's having been a former reality television personality against him, the Republicans themselves have become the biggest reality show of our time. Every day it's a GOP Reality Freak Show, consisting of politicians and fools alike, and their quest to stop the only man with any sense, and a brain from becoming the Presidential nominee. I could be wrong, but I for one have tired of this political madness,. I think this alliance between Ted Cruz, and John Kasich is nothing more than two sore losers that seemingly are unable to accept the reality, that the choice of the people is Donald Trump. Instead of being desperate, Cruz would be better off accepting his loss, licking his wounds and walking away. Walking away and perhaps using his far right views for the better, as perhaps a Supreme Court Justice. While Cruz is not what Americans want as their President, he could make for one stellar addition on the Supreme court. 
      Losers, Cruz and Kasich are nothing more than two very desperate men that are just yet another of many obstacles in Trump's path to victory. Both Cruz and Kasich should gracefully accept their losses, and embrace Trump's being the nominee for the GOP. American Republicans want nothing more than to defeat Hillary Clinton and it's about high time the losing candidates and the party end this fight against Trump so that he may begin his quest for the position of President of the United States. We the people have but one goal and that goal is to defeat Hillary Clinton, the question is, is that the goal of the GOP?
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG

Saturday, April 23, 2016

A True Story ; A Woman And "The Wall"!

      Her name is Ana Maria, she is a young woman, she is a legal immigrant from Nicaragua,and she stands with Donald J. Trump. She wants only Trump to be her President. Ana Maria is also in full support of Trump's plans to build a wall keeping illegal immigrants out of America. Ana Maria is the prototype of every person that the media states is against Trump. She is quite obviously a woman, she is an immigrant, and she is Hispanic. She is precisely an example of why we the people can not believe everything we are told by the media. Anna Maria's story is a painful one, but it's what's made her the woman she is today and a woman that stands by Trump.
        The year was 1983 when Ana Maria's life changed forever. She was a young innocent girl living without her mother in Nicaragua. Ana Maria lived with her Grandmother and hoped to one day be reunited with her mother in the United States. That day came, and that day came to be the beginning of the end of Ana Maria's innocence. That fateful day in 1983 will be forever ingrained in Ana Maria's brain. That day Anna Maria was taken by a man who told both her and her Grandmother that he would be taking her to be reunited with her mother in the United States. Ana Maria was never reunited with her mother by this man, but instead forced to be a sex slave until she escaped this man's wrath in 2007.
    Ana Maria as a young child was smuggled from Nicaragua through, first Honduras, then Guatemala, through El Salvador, then Mexico, and eventually into the United States. Young Ana Maria was forced to live on a farm in Mexico with several other young girls, and young women ranging in age from the age of 8 up into to their twenties. The young girls were not allowed to speak to the other girls, not able to pick up the phone to call their parents, nor allowed outside to speak with the neighbors. The girls were made to live a life of complete isolation, slavery, rape, and torture. These young women. and girls were forced to have sex with men on a daily basis. They were raped as few as 2 to 3 times, and as many as 13 times a day. If the girls did not do as they were told, the punishment was torture. Ana Maria was punished, and she was punished more than once. She and the others were forced to endure unspeakable acts. It was a living hell these girls were forced to live. Many might ask how the authorities could not know of the sex slavery taking place in Mexico. The answer is simple as some of those with authority were the paying customers. The young women and girls were living a life that seemed to be one of no hope.
    After almost a year Anna Maria would be brought to America. As the men in control of the home of sex slavery, and torture were greedy, and in desire of the almighty American Dollar and, American Dream they decided to come to America. Ana Maria and the others came to America illegally and quite easily. She and the other girls were forced to swim across the Rio Grande, and then walk through the Mexican-American border. The crossing into America was easy, as the the men in charge knew of the American Guards' schedule. They knew when the guards would be off duty, and it would be safe to cross over. After crossing through, Ana Maria and the others lived off Highway 10 in Texas on yet another "farm" without a neighbor in sight. Ana Maria lived in that home from the age of 13, up until she turned 26 years old, and she escaped.
     Ana Maria's life in Texas was one of more rape, torture, and pregnancy. Her pregnancy and being allowed to keep her child were somewhat of a surprise. As the men in charge had forced the women to have abortions in the case of pregnancy, Ana Maria's being allowed to have her baby was a mystery. Ana Maria had a baby girl, and that baby girl is the catalyst in Ana Maria's life. As the men in charge at the house used Ana Maria's baby girl to control Ana Maria. If Ana Maria refused to do what was asked, her baby daughter was taken away. Ana Maria knew she could not live her life as a sex slave any longer. She knew she had to get out. She had to get out, as she herself could not continue with a life consisting of rape, torture, and the bribery of her daughter. She also could not allow her baby girl to someday be used as the same. Ana Maria knew she had to escape if her daughter was ever to have a life, a life that she herself never had.
   On November 15th, 2007, Ana Maria escaped her life of sex slavery, torture and isolation. She escaped during a party with her 3 year old daughter in her suitcase.  She jumped over a fence and into a life that's become more than she ever dreamed. Her escape resulted in her being shot in the head by one of her captors. As fate would have it Ana Maria was found by two men on Highway 10, and taken to the Regional Hospital. Thinking poor Ana Maria was crazy, the hospital placed her in the mental ward until her story could be told and verified. After listening to Ana Maria's story Ana Maria was taken to meet with two FBI agents. With Ana Maria's help the FBI was able to find the men responsible for the sex slavery and torture. One of those men has been executed, the other remains in prison today.
        Ana Maria lived as a sex slave from 1983 until 2007. Anna Maria's path to the United States was not one that was legal, it was an illegal path. It was an illegal path that should never have been allowed to take place had America's border been secure.  That illegal path to the United States was made possible thanks to a an unsecured border between the United States, and Mexico. That unsecured border is crossed illegally every day. For some who cross, it is merely a way of escape for a better life. For others who cross, it is a gateway for drug trafficking, and sex slavery. Had America had it's border secured Ana Maria's life of sex slavery could have been ended the moment she, her captors, and the other women attempted to cross the border.  Ana Maria is a supporter of Donald J. Trump, and a supporter of building a wall as well. Ana Maria knows better than most, how easily the Mexican border is crossed, and how a wall is not just a need, but a necessity.
        Ana Maria's life today is a good one, and it is made possible by an America that does provide opportunity to immigrants that choose to come to America legally. After a lengthy process through America's system, Ana Maria became an American citizen. Today Ana Maria lives with her daughter in freedom, a freedom provided to her by America. Ana Maria is a successful woman that has built a business of her own of which she can be proud. Ana Maria is one of the lucky few, as many of the other young women brought to the United States illegally, are not nearly as lucky. Their fate is a life much like Ana Maria's or worse.
       Her name is Ana Maria, she is a young Hispanic woman, she is an immigrant, and she stands with Donald J. Trump. Ana Maria tells us as Americans that our media is not a media of truth, but of lies and deceit. The media would like Americans to believe all Hispanics, and women are against Trump. The media is grossly incorrect. Legal immigrants, and Hispanics, like Ana Maria are in support of both Democrats, and Republicans. It is not black and white. Not only are many Hispanics Republican, but they are also supportive of Donald J. Trump. They are campaigning every day for his nomination as the Presidential nominee for the Republican Party. They like Ana Maria, know Donald J. Trump will build a wall keeping illegals out, will make for a better tomorrow, and will make America great again. I am able to tell you this story as I have had the pleasure of meeting this amazing woman and her lovely daughter.
(c)Sean Bianca, GOPGIRLBLOG 2016

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bribery, Delegates, And Corruption In The USA!

   The day of Florida’s Primary I cast my vote for Mr. Donald J, Trump, and left proudly wearing my “I made Freedom Count, I voted” sticker on my chest. I now look back on that day with discontent. What was it all for? I left the polls that day thinking my vote counted and mattered. I mattered. My voice was heard. As of today I am being told my vote may have not mattered, and my voice may have not been heard. My voice may have not been heard as it appears our country which I thought to be a country in which its citizens elected its leader is not. No instead it appears America is no better than countries in which the citizens do not choose it’s leader. America at present appears to be no better than countries with dictators. America is not great, America is anything but great. To put it bluntly, America and it’s voting policies are just one great big disappointment, and farce.
Corruption, and bribery seems to be a consistent theme in the 2016 Presidential election,   According to reports Senator Cruz has been guilty of ‘wooing” the delegates, perhaps even illegally.. Upon hearing of the schmoozing Cruz had been partaking in, I wondered why Donald Trump had not done some schmoozing of his own. Quite easily Donald Trump could be more than capable of brown-nosing delegates. Trump recently boasted at a rally that he of all people could schmooze better than anyone, however Trump is better than that, and Trump knows the rules of bribery when it comes to delegates. As I watched Cruz walk away with 14 delegates in Wyoming I wondered why Donald Trump had not betrothed delegates with Mar-a-Lago memberships, golf vacations and more. As Trump said in a speech he gave in New York, who better than he to bribe delegates with lavish trips, gifts, galas and golf? Why Trump could woo better than anyone with his five-star luxury hotels and golf courses. It is said that lying Ted has bought the 14 delegates in Wyoming with free hotel rooms and fancy dinners. While bribing a delegate is illegal there is a very fine line between what is, and is not allowed in the wooing of delegates. Under regulations which were established in the 1980s, delegates are not allowed to accept money from corporations, federal contractors, labor unions, and foreign nationals.Unfortunately the bribery and or the schmoozing of delegates is a tricky subject. It’s a rule  that gets real dicey, as it’s a rule that can easily be broken. While a candidate is not allowed to bestow gifts, trips, and such upon delegates, individual donors are permitted to give a delegate, or delegates unlimited sums to support his or her efforts to get selected, to go to the convention, including money to defray the costs of travel and lodging. Knowing this , one then has a new understanding of the system, a system that is broken.
In last night’s primary held in New York, Trump picked up 90 of the 95 available delegates, proving that if the people have a voice in who will be the nominee for the Republican party, their choice is Donald Trump. As Senator Ted Cruz had insulted the entire state of New York early on in the race with his “New York values comment”, Cruz refrained from even attempting his usual “dirty campaign tactics”. That being said one has to wonder if Cruz had not been allowed to play the campaign game with lies and deceit, would he have even half of the 559 delegates he has obtained?
Our system of how Americans vote is one that is broken. When there is even a remote possibility that a party can have a candidate that the people want, yet can not have. As of today there is no way mathematically possible that Ted Cruz can win the nomination. While the numbers don’t lie, the numbers appear not to matter. While Trump has the majority, and may well acquire the required 1237 delegates in the primary election, Trump could still lose the nomination thanks to a broken and or unfair system. Under normal circumstances Trump supporters could be rest assured that he was on his way to the White House. However these are not normal circumstances. Unfortunately for Trump and his supporters, the Republican party is doing anything and everything to get rid of the candidate that has the majority of the votes.
As a Republican, and an American, I am in disgust. America is said to be the home of the “free”. We are not free, if we lose the right to have a candidate of our choosing to represent our political party. The required number of delegates is 1237, and all those in support of Mr. Trump need to do their part in making it happen. While a majority should be and has been enough to get the nomination, I fear it will not be for Trump. However if Trump does in fact obtain the 1237 delegates prior to the convention I would think it would be mighty difficult for the Republican cronies to stop him. If they do stop Trump with the required number of delegates, mark my words this country is going to go ballistic, as well it should. Our forefathers did not intend our country to be one of unrest, they had a vision of freedom and peace. Take away our choice in a leader, you take away our voice, our freedom and the peace we have so enjoyed. 
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Russian Playtime And America's Loss Of Respect!

     Russian playtime! Oh how much fun Russia's air fleet has had with the United States in the past year, and as early as this past week. Last Monday and Tuesday Russian attack planes buzzed a navy warship in the Baltic Sea not once, not twice, but multiple times. The planes were reported as coming as close as some 30 feet, and twice passing below the ship's navigation bridge. While many Americans were appalled at Russia's daring to come so close to the United States' ship, this behavior by the Russians has become quite routine. Just this past October U.S. Navy Jets intercepted two Russian Tu-142 aircraft that were flying near the USS Ronald Reagan in the Pacific Ocean. Another tete a tete occurred last June when a Russian Su-24 jet was said to have flown within 1640 feet of a U.S. guided- missile destroyer sailing in the Black Sea. How did the United States respond? The United States did nothing and Russia knew the United States would do nothing and therefore these rendezvous' with Russia have become the norm. It's Russian playtime!
     Never would Russia have come near the United States' warships or planes back when Ronald Reagan was the President as Russia had respect for our President. Russia has zero respect for Barrack Obama, and Russia knows they can tinker and toy with America's ships and aircraft left and right and America will do NOTHING! Russia never would have even thought to flirt with America's military under Ronald Reagan as they knew America would have shot them down as well they should. It's called being a nation of strength and demanding respect. Russia is testing us and they know how the test will run. Russia knows Obama has told his military to do nothing, and therefore Russia will continue to play with the United States as often as they are so inclined.
     President Barrack Obama has been successful in bringing down the United States. Our country is no longer a country where other nations looked for us to lead and they would follow. Our country is no longer a country where it's allies could depend upon us. The United States is a joke. Russia has plans, they have big plans, and they know the United States will do nothing to stop them. Barrack Obama has put the United States in the most vulnerable position it's ever been in at a time when this world is at it's most dangerous. The world is going to hell and America has a President that seems to have a laissez faire attitude of which could well lead America to it's demise. As Iran flaunts warheads and marches down their streets Iran is most definitely preparing for war. ISIS has been allowed to flourish as they have been continuously warned by America that we were going to bomb them, North Korea continuously tests ballistic missiles and Russia is able to play with America's military with no repercussions.  All in all Obama has been a roaring success in making the United States anything but a super power. The United States is about as prominent as Portugal or Puerto Rico. The United States is a joke and if this country fails to elect a leader, a real leader who will stand up to it's enemies, the United States will fall. The United States must have and needs another Ronald Reagan. I believe that leader is Donald J. Trump, as he will not stand for any country no matter how big or small disrespecting out country. Mark my words if Donald J. Trump is elected we will never again be disrespected and there will be no Russian Playtime!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2016

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Why Vote?

        As a child I was brought up to believe that America was a free nation, and it's citizens were able to elect the President whom they chose. As an adult I also believed this to be true. I would nod my head in disgust at those of whom chose not to vote. I would lecture those non voters on what a privilege it was to be able to vote, and by not voting, one was throwing away a privilege so many others in other countries would give anything and everything to have. I would also tell non voters that we as Americans were lucky, as we were fortunate to not be ruled by a Dictator, but a President, a President whom "we the people" voted in to guide us as a nation. Sadly I was wrong. I was oh so very very wrong. I was wrong as I am now living in an America where "we the people" seem to not have a choice as to whom we have as a President. As it happens "we the people" don't count, our voices are null and void,as "we the people", do not in fact choose whom we wish to have as our party's Presidential nominee. 
      Up until this past week Trump supporters were confident in Trump's being the Presidential nominee for the Republican Party. As well they should. Out of 31 primaries, Mr. Donald J. Trump had won 19 states, and a total of 744 delegates, the road to victory seemed rather eminent. As of today that road to victory is now questionable. It's questionable, as "we the people" are not whom have the final say as to who will be the Republican Presidential nominee, but whom the delegates choose as the nominee.
      Who knew? What average American citizen had any knowledge of their vote not counting? Not I! I was the person that scolded those who chose to not to vote. Turns out the joke is on me. I the pro American, and poster child for voting was completely incorrect. All of my preaching on voting was all for not, as I have been recently enlightened. I have now learned that my and others' votes count, only if the various delegates approve, and favor whom "we the people" have chosen. Apparently there is a primary process termed as the "delegate selection". "Delegate selection", determines exactly who will be the party's Presidential nominee. This process is a process which Trump could actually lose delegates that he was meant to win. While Trump may win the delegates in the early rounds of the Republican Convention in July, these same delegates have the capacity to defect from Trump in the final rounds of balloting, as the rules are able to change.
  Changing rules appear to be par for the course in this election, as hundreds of Coloradan caucus voters were told they could not vote in the state's primary. Last August Colorado voted and eliminated the presidential preference poll. Colorado instead went with a delegate selection system filled with glitches that seemingly favored Senator Ted Cruz, where he picked up 34 delegates. The result ended with hundreds of protesters and disenfranchised voters scratching their heads and asking why their voices were not heard. Unfortunately for the people of Colorado, "the people" had their choice of a candidate taken away. To take away a voter's choice is to take away the privilege of voting which I have touted as one of America's greatest attributes.
     As it seems rules changing is allowed in the election process of a Presidential nominee. As a norm I thought games had rules and rules were to be followed not broken, nor changed. Never have I played a game of golf or tennis where I have been told of the rules changing midstream. If one thinks about it one can see the insanity of what is taking place in today's election. Daily the media has criticized Trump in his lack of knowledge on the election process. How can one criticize a candidate when the game is corrupt and ever changing? As I myself have attempted to comprehend the process in which Americans elect their Presidential nominees, I have become increasingly frustrated and confused. All in all it would seem that "we the people" do not choose the candidate for our party, but who the delegates choose. "We the people" are of no concern, and therefore why vote?
        If Americans truly have no choice in who is to be their Presidential nominee for their party, then why bother to vote? Seriously what's the point? Why should Americans take the time out of their busy lives to vote if a group of cronies have the ability to change the rules and cast their delegates for a candidate whom the people have not chosen? How many men and women, rushed to or from work and their busy lives as to cast their vote of which may have no value? How about the man that left his mother's bedside as to cast his vote? How about the young woman who rushed to the polls with tears in her eyes after having just put her dog to sleep? People have lives, and if a person's vote is of no worth then I ask why vote? I myself voted amidst a busy workday driving 20 miles out of my way, as to cast my ballot in the state of Florida. Mr. Trump won my state and all 99 delegates. I am now told that Donald J.Trump could lose some of those delegates at the Republican National Convention. If that in fact happens, I will never ever again waste my time as to vote. My time is valuable as it is for all, and I for one have no interest in voting if my voice is unheard. If America has a system in which we are no better than a country with a Dictator then we are not the country of which I have been so proud. If America's election process is a process of backroom deals, and ever changing rules, America is no longer a democracy in which "we the people" have a voice. If Mr. Donald J. Trump is successful in obtaining the original 1237 required delegates, or the majority of the available delegates Mr. Donald J. Trump should no doubt be the Republican Presidential nominee. If Trump is not the nominee after the "we the people" of America have spoken as they believe he will "make America great again", I ask why vote?
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRLBLOG 2016

Sunday, April 10, 2016


     Trump needs you, me,  and he needs every single one of his supporters. Trump needs us in the sense that he needs every single dollar and five dollars every one of us can spare. While many reading this many may be asking why a self proclaimed billionaire needs anyone's money. Trump needs our money as Trump is not accepting donations from special interest groups. Accepting large donations equals owing favors. Trump is not in the business of owing people favors, Trump is about people owing him, not the other way around.  
      An integral part of Trump's appeal is his not having to owe anyone anything. We the people who are Trump supporters are attracted to Trump for many reasons, but one of the most important reasons, is Trump's not having to pay back those who have backed him in the form of massive donations. While it's honorable that Trump is not accepting millions from special interest groups, and lobbyists, it's not practical. Trump needs more cash, and he needs your cash. Trump needs cash as he needs to begin to get more aggressive with ad campaigns as to compete with his opponents. Trump is up against special interest groups,unions, and super pacs. These people are spending billions of dollars as to defeat Donald Trump. Even if Trump were to spend every cent he had on his campaign ,it just would not be feasible that he could ever come up with the money being spent to prevent him from becoming the next President of the United States.
      I  Sean Bianca, AKA GOPGIRL, am asking each and every one of Trump's supporters to donate all of one to five dollars of petty cash to Donald J. Trump's campaign for President. I know we all are more than capable of sparing a dollar and some of us are quite capable of sparing five dollars. It's less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks, and in the end it will be better for all of our bank accounts. Trump needs our support and he needs it now, and if we put our hands in our pockets, together we can do this!
      Again and again I have said as have many others, that this is the most important election of our time. America needs a candidate that is truly able of making America great again. I truly believe that candidate is Donald J. Trump. America needs to refrain from electing officials that are much about nothing. Too many politicians once elected seem to enjoy the ride and do little to get anything done. If Trump is elected Trump will get the job done. Donald Trump will ensure America's safety with the rebuilding of our military and the closing of our borders. Donald Trump will create jobs as he has done so throughout his life. Trump will not ignore the now all but obsolete middle class, in the lowering of taxes.  Donald Trump will also, I trust obtain a cabinet the likes that this country has not seen, since Ronald Reagan. He will do away with a health care system that has killed people financially and literally. Donald Trump if elected I have faith will do all this, and more as the man is a workaholic that is about being a success in what ever he touches. If elected Donald J. Trump, WILL "Make America Great Again" and with that being said TRUMP NEEDS YOU!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG
Please send donations to : Trump Campaign Headquarters
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Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Republican's Part In The Impending Fall Of America...

         Tuesday's winner in the Wisconsin Primary was none other than the most hated Senator in Washington, Senator Ted Cruz. Tuesday was nothing short of a nightmare for Trump supporters. While many saw Ted's victory in Wisconsin coming, it was I admit a hard loss to swallow. It was a loss in which the Republican establishment worked hard to aid Senator Cruz in winning. That's correct as much as the cronies in the Republican establishment loathe "lying Ted", they loathe the Republican front runner even more. They detest Trump so much so, that they would rather have Ted as their nominee than the likes of Donald J. Trump, or would they?
         The answer is no. No the Republicans would not rather have "lying Ted", than Donald J. Trump. The fact is the Republican establishment will not have Senator Ted Cruz, nor Donald J. Trump as their nominee. Come hell or high water the establishment will not stand for either of the candidates to run as the Republican Presidential nominee, and they will stop at nothing to carry out their mission to destroy either of the candidate's chances for the nomination. While "lying Ted" thinks he in "in like Flynn", and on his way to the White House with the establishment's help, he is sadly mistaken. The establishment is merely "temporarily" behind the sleazy Senator as to destroy Trump's chances at acquiring the required 1237 delegates for the nomination. The establishment is essentially using Ted as their puppet to pave way for a Republican Brokered, or Contested Convention where they may then have who they desire as their nominee, or nominees.
      Who would the Republicans like as their Presidential nominee? Look for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, or former Republican Presidential loser Mitt Romney to come out of nowhere if a convention takes place to nominate the Presidential nominee. Political pundits claimed Speaker Paul Ryan was looking quite "Presidential" on his recent trip to Israel early this week. Speaker Paul Ryan is said to have traveled to Israel as to rebut President Barrack Obama's luke warm relationship with Israel. The Speaker's trip was to reinforce America's alliance with Israel, and show solidarity. Why the Speaker felt it was his place to do this is a bit of a conundrum, unless the Speaker has other plans. Those plans could well be to enter the race of the Presidency if a Republican brokered Convention were to take place.
       "Lying Ted" may be today gloating like the cat that swallowed the canary, but I see Ted's recent success to be brief at best. The Republicans will not have "lying Ted" as their nominee, their alliance with the Senator is merely a Republican strategy to keep Trump from being the Presidential nominee, as many feel Trump could beat Senator Clinton if she's not indicted and beats her opponent Bernie Sanders.While many Trump supporters are scratching their heads as to why the establishment wouldn't embrace a candidate that could beat Clinton, the answer is simple and frightening.
     The establishment would rather have Hillary Clinton as President than Donald J. Trump as they know they will have zero control with Trump. Control is what this country's government has become. Both Republicans and Democrats would rather have a candidate with whom they have control than a candidate that is best suited for this country. With America's greatness rapidly declining the Republicans are playing a dangerous game. America's middle class is all but obsolete, it's military is the smallest since pre WWII, our borders are a joke, our status in the world is at an all time low, our Police Officers are dis-respected and being killed, racism is back with a vengeance, our veterans receive less than our citizens free loading off hard working Americans, and our health care system better known as "Obama Care" is an abomination, other than that we're great. The Republicans are playing a dangerous game indeed. The election of Hillary Clinton or worse, could well mean the end of America as we know it. The fact is the greed of the Republicans to have a candidate that will do and say as they wish to benefit them monetarily, will no doubt bring a  result that will be catastrophic to the United States. The Republicans' contempt for Donald J. Trump could well mean the end of a great nation, but then it has been said that "all great nations fall"...
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016

Monday, April 4, 2016

Good News Ladies, Keep Killing With Glee!

     ISIS and other radical Islamist groups are considered barbaric for their practice of chopping people's heads off for their religion. Women worldwide kill their unborn children every second of the day. In fact since 1980, 1,410,332,020 abortions have been executed. No and's, if's, or but's about it, killing is killing, and yet many women seem to not give killing their unborn children a second thought. Personally I feel chopping a man's head off is equally barbaric to chopping up an unborn baby. Like the terrorist that chops a man's head off, the woman in my opinion is guilty of killing and should be punished.
    As luck would have it, America has a President that does little to nothing to punish terrorists that behead people, and America has legalized abortion. Both the terrorists and women may continue to kill with glee. Unfortunately this past week Donald Trump was asked a hypothetical question on women having abortions. Trump being his honest self, stated that women having abortions should be punished, as I agree they should. Trump not a career politician said what he thought, and the result was a media frenzy on how Trump had angered women across the country. While Trump could have been a professional politician and lied as so many politicians do, he said what he thought and received frivolous criticism. Trump later backtracked and said he would punish the Doctors performing the abortions, thus annoying physicians in addition to the women foaming at the mouth. All in all this past week's media frenzy over Trump's remarks was all for not, as his remarks were in response to a hypothetical question, and not in response to a factual question of any real importance to voters male or female.
       Relax ladies, abortion is legal. Women may kill as many unborn children as they so desire. Eight weeks, sixteen weeks, twenty two weeks or thirty-two, ladies may kill their unborn children with glee. If elected President, Mr. Trump is not going to punish women having abortions, as the law has been set. While women may not approve or like what Trump just said regarding abortions, it's a non issue. The real issue is who will make the best President at this time in our lives?
   While Trump is criticized for every little thing he says, or does, other candidates are not, and why? Why is the other candidates don't partake in numerous interviews. The other candidates are career politicians who know every time they accept an interview they are a punching bag for the press. Each time a politician does an interview, he or she puts themselves in a position to be asked numerous questions, they may not wish to answer. They also put themselves in a position to perhaps not say what the public wants to hear. Senator Ted Cruz, who is strongly Pro-Life has refused most interviews. To date I have yet to hear Cruz answer a single question regarding abortion. Donald Trump is being ridiculed for being truthful and thinking off the top of his head in his answer to a hypothetical question. In a perfect world, I too believe women should be punished for having abortions unless a woman is raped or is in danger of having her health compromised. Sorry ladies, but I have to agree with my great grandmother on abortions. She said, if a woman can take the time to lay down and "do it, she can dam well take the time to lay down and have it". To put it bluntly if a woman doesn't want a baby then a woman should either refrain from having sex, or use birth control, it's that simple. 
    The good news ladies, is you may continue killing your unborn children to your heart's content, and without being convicted and punished for a crime. The bad news is, this is probably the most important election of our time, and the wrong leader could well mean the end of this nation as we know it. If America elects the wrong leader, I guarantee that America will have a lot bigger problems than a President thinking women or Doctors should be punished for abortions. Thanks to President Barrack Hussein Obama, America is at it's most vulnerable. Obama has decreased our military to the smallest it's been since pre-WWII. While Obama has been advised to not decrease our military he has chosen not to listen. Obama has put America at risk and America needs a leader that it can depend upon and trust. While America may not like everything and anything Trump says, America will always know where Trump stands. Love him, or despise him, Donald J. Trump is America's best and only hope at keeping America safe, and making America great again.
(c)Sean Bianca 2016 GOPGIRLBLOG