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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

"Screw You America", Obama's Upcoming State Of The Union Address

       Obama's long awaited final State of the Union Address, will be given tonight or rather the "Screw You America, I've destroyed America"speech will be given tonight. Why anyone even watches the State of the Union, is a mystery as America's "Liar In Chief" is just full of complete nonsense. Why listen to a man that has lied  again and again? Not only does the man lie, but he has done nothing to better this country, nothing, but of course the President will tonight speak out of his derriere and create a fairy tale on how much good he has done for this country, a fairy tale to no one , but for himself and his followers.

     Obama's leadership has been nothing short of an all out nightmare. America's respectability is down to an all time low, the market is about to take a complete nose dive, Obama Care is a complete failure and abomination, our Veterans have been all but abandoned, racial discrimination has returned with a vengeance, the safety of America is questionable, and ISIS and other terrorist groups are expanding throughout the Mid East,Europe, and will soon be coming to America. I'm quite sure the truths of the "state" of our nation will not be told. America will instead watch Obama polish the turd of the America he has destroyed.

  Tonight's State of the Union will be much more of the same, although I detect somewhat of a "screw you America" in the President's speech tonight. In a recent gallop poll, 60% of Americans oppose Syrian refugees relocating to America, but clearly the desires of Americans are of no interest to our President. At tonight's State of the Union, Obama will have a Syrian immigrant as his guest. Rafaai Hamo, a native Syrian now living in Detroit with his family, will be in attendance as Obama's propaganda for the allowance of thousands more Syrians into this country. While this man and his family are to be pitied as our the thousands of other Syrian immigrants fleeing ISIS and war, America can not take the chance of allowing any more of these people in to our country. What is happening to the Syrians is tragic, however ISIS has warned the world of their intent to destroy Europe and America by way of phony Syrian passports, and America must listen to what it's enemy has pledged. Five of the wealthiest nations in the Mid East have listened and they have closed their borders to all Syrian refugees. If our President had been a man of valor, and been a man who truly cared for his country and it's people Obama would have already done the same. Obama has not, and as a result we already have allowed far too many Syrians and other Muslims from the Mid East resulting in death.

    "Screw you America", has been Obama's message to America, and will again be in tonight's speech. Obama will say it with conviction, and will say it with kindness, but Americans have learned the truths of Obama's Presidency and have suffered as well. Thousands of Veterans are waiting forever and a day for healthcare and benefits that they never see. Thousands of other Americans are without healthcare as they can not afford the plans they were told they could keep but could not ,as their premiums have skyrocketed, and changed. Other Americans opted to not pay for health insurance as the penalty was less than the supposed affordable premiums.Racial tension is higher than ever thanks to Obama and his ties to Al Sharpton, and lack of distaste for hate crimes against whites as well as blacks. Respect for Police Officers is at an all time low and Obama has done nothing but encourage the hood in hate for the  Police Officers and the law. The truths of a failing America are endless, but America will here nothing of truth from this President, and I believe Obama's candy coating of his corruption is why Americans are so disheartened with the America of today. America is also discontented with this country and it's government as it elected Republicans to both the Congress and the Senate as to prevent this President from further destroying this country, and they have failed. Americans have been beaten by Obama and this administration. It is my belief that with this President's last State of the Union address we will all a  have a sigh of relief as it will indeed be this President's last lying "Screw You", State of the Union Address .
(c)Sean Bianca 


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