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Thursday, January 7, 2016

America's Tears

         They say real men cry, but do great leaders cry? I tend to doubt Russia will ever see Vladimir Putin shed tears while addressing his people, nor Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu. While these men understandably might cry for the deaths of loved ones, I can not conceive either of these men publicly displaying such weakness as to cry publicly while giving a press conference. I believe if either of these men were to shed tears while giving a speech or press conference the people would think their leaders had lost it, and perhaps they should be replaced. No country wants an emotional wreck for their President, nor does a country want a leader that cries false tears as to gain the sympathy for his desires. Unfortunately America has such a leader in President Barrack Obama.

     President Obama wiped away nothing as he pretended to shed tears during Tuesday's press conference regarding his using his executive action for stiffer background checks for gun control. While Russia and Israel have great men for leaders America has half a man attempting to gain the sympathy from fellow Americans with tears, tears that failed to appear. When the President did manage to actually show a tear it came from one eye, not two. Obama may have thought he looked caring and empathetic, but instead he came off weak, unstable and even somewhat fake and in-genuine.

    I guess I have to ask why the tears Mr. President? Were the lives of those men you left to die in Benghazi not worthy of tears? Were the lives of every police officer shot by career criminals unworthy of your tears as well? We know the lives of four marines shot in Chattanooga meant nothing as you jet setted off to New York for the weekend with your daughters. We also know the beheading of James Foley was not worthy of your tears as you quickly went off to tee off and not miss your golf game, nor was the shooting of an innocent young woman by the name of Kate Steinle, who was shot by an illegal immigrant in a sanctuary city, worthy of the President's tears. No, the truth is no one is worthy of our President's tears, as our President sheds no tears, the President sheds crocodile tears for his agenda and only his agenda.

      Obama's press conference Tuesday was nothing more than a dog and pony show to gain the sympathy of Americans for stiffer background checks on those purchasing guns. As Obama shed his fake tears for those children killed in Sandy Hook and in the hood, one journalist said he thought America should be shedding a tear for the President violating the rights of our second amendment of the constitution. I personally shed a tear Tuesday for America, the America of eight years ago. Eight years ago America was a free country with a President, today we are no longer a free country with a President, but a country with a Dictator. Obama has had eight years to destroy this country and he's done one hell of a good job. Our military has been reduced to nothing at probably the most volatile time in history, our freedoms have been infringed upon with the abomination of Obamacare, and now our right to bear arms is being slowly taken away. While some may have fallen for Obama's crocodile tears, I say people of America should be the ones shedding tears. Americans should be shedding tears for the America of long ago, an America of which one could be proud. I for one am no longer proud to be an American. I am not proud of our President, nor my country. I hope for the day when I again can be proud of America's leader and for my country. America doesn't need a President shedding false tears for that of which is important to his agenda, America needs a President that sheds no false tears and takes action, real action. 

    America needs a President that doesn't leave Americans to die without help when needed. America need a President that deports illegal immigrants so that they may not kill Americans. Americans need a President that puts away criminals for good so they may not kill innocent Americans. Americans need a President that doesn't allow immigrants from terrorist countries in to our country so they may in turn kill Americans. Americans need a President that puts the fear of America and it's military in the eyes of it's enemies so they will think twice before beheading or killing our own. America does not need a blubbering, unstable, weakling imbecile for a President, America needs a man and a leader that will carry out the laws of the constitution of The United States of America. Tuesday Obama shed a tear, today America shed a tear.
Sean Bianca 
(c) GOPGIRL 2015 
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