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Friday, January 15, 2016

America's Allies, Where Are They?

   "Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone". Such a profound statement and one to be all oh so true. The same could be said of, "stand strong, stand proud and the world stands with you, cower away, be weak, and helpless,and the world cares not." Such has been shown this past week. Just prior to President Obama giving his fairy tale of a State of the Union address to the nation, 10 American sailors were taken hostage along with two U.S. Navy vessels by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Our President who seems to have fabricated his own little perfect world of unicorns, rainbows, good tidings, and fairy dust, said not one word of the American sailors that had been captured by Iran. Not one word was mentioned, not one. One word was not uttered of the two ships being seized, and 10 Americans being held by Iran.Of course not, as that might have blemished the President's controversial "Iran deal" that he boasted of in his speech. What America's allies and many Americans see as quite possibly the biggest dark horse in American history, Obama sees as a stepping stone to World Peace and America's greatness. No not one word was said by the President, and likewise not one word was said by any of America's allies either. Frankly I don't blame America's allies for not speaking out. Why if America's own President doesn't care about his Navy and his men why should the rest of the world? Better yet hasn't America asked for this? 

    Not one ally has spoken out against Iran and their violating the Geneva Convention in capturing America's ten sailors, and why would they? America's signing of the Iran deal sent a message to its allies, and a strong one at that. America sent the message that it condones terrorism and stands with the terrorist state. America also showed that it's inferiority to Iran by signing a deal without the demand for the release of four Americans currently held in Iranian prisons. America chose to do a deal with the devil, therefore America has lost the respect and compassion from its allies that are at present seriously considering who their alliance should lay. 

    While it was bad enough that America's ten sailors were held captive and its two ships were seized, matters only got worse. Iran completely humiliated America with the public humiliation of the ten sailors who were caught. Ten sailors were videotaped on their knees with guns to their heads. The one American woman was made to cover her head with a scarf. While the ten Americans were instructed to act happy, one of the sailors was made to apologize to Iran. Despite the American sailor's explanation of having mechanic troubles, the Americans were to express their apologies. Seizing the two ships having mechanical difficulties, and the capturing of the ten American sailors was a gross violation of the laws of the Geneva convention. However when dealing with Iran, laws and doing right by another country mean nothing. Iran beats to its own drum, and Iran can do no wrong with President Obama. Iran seemingly could blow up the planet and Obama would still say his deal of the century handing Iran $150 billion of sanction monies, and getting away with murder and the holding of four American prisoners was a good thing. In knowing that, why would any ally of America's have anything to say of America's ten sailors being held captive? 
 Video of sailors

  Thankfully Iran released the ten American sailors the next day, and our pussy of a Secretary of State,John Kerry thanked and apologized to the Islamic State of Iran. Iran violates the laws of the Geneva Convention and Kerry apologizes? WHAT? Iran publicly humiliates our ten sailors captured and he apologizes to Iran? Yes that is what our Secretary of State just did. John Kerry might as well have just gone on the air and told the world, "America is at your beck and call, Iran, bend over? Sure, why not?" The President's ignoring the ten captured sailors in his State of the Union was bad enough, but Secretary John Kerry's apology to Iran was just disgusting. Had the Secretary of State and this President had any backbone they would have told Iran of their wrongdoings, and penalized Iran with NO "Iran Deal"!

   It's no surprise America's allies stood silent as Iran walked all over America and humiliated it's navy. America has zero respect from it's enemies, and has rapidly lost any respect it may have had from it's allies. In the President's address to the nation he spoke of ISIS as "fighters on the back of pickup trucks and twisted souls plotting in apartments or garages", he went on to say that America nor it's allies had been attacked. Apparently the President had forgotten the 132 people killed in Paris by ISIS, one posing as a Syrian refugee. I'm quite sure France had little sympathy for America having ten of it's sailors captured. I'm also quite certain that not one of our allies gives a dam about America as Obama has helped create ISIS, the Syrian refugee crisis and is creating a monster in Iran by handing over 150 billion dollars to a country that has killed thousands and is a terrorist state! 

  While many Americans were horrified at Iran's detention of ten American sailors at the Iranian military base on Farsi Island in the Persian gulf the rest of the world wasn't at all surprised. America's getting into bed with Iran has sent a message to both our enemies and our allies. America has shown it's weakness in not standing up to Iran, ISIS and other enemies. Former President Ronald Reagan was one of the best if not the best Presidents in history,and he earned the respect of the world with his actions. President Reagan said " Of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong" and he was correct. America is no longer strong. Reagan also said, "we will always remember. We will always be proud. We will always be prepared, so we will always be free." Thanks to our President and Secretary John Kerry, America can no longer be proud. America has failed it's allies with it's actions, such as the Iran deal and it's condoning of Iran's continued bad behavior. America has demonstrated it's weakness with this administration's inability to stand up to it's enemies and desire to befriend them. America's allies have nothing to say when America is taken advantage of, as without a strong leader America is on the heels of destruction. The world is with America when America is strong, the world doesn't give a dam about America, when America is weak. America is not strong, it is weak. America is not respectable, it is laughable. America is to be pitied, and the pitied stand alone. America's allies, where are they? They are watching, they are watching and waiting, for the America of late to elect a new leader and rise, rise in standing as so they may again stand by our side.
(c)Sean Bianca 

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