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Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Seed Of Evil

    One man, one woman, one mission. On December 2nd the deadliest U.S. terrorist attack since 9/11 occurred in San Bernardino California, leaving 14 people dead and 21 injured. The perpetrators? One man and one woman. One man and one woman with a mission, a mission to carry out their mission of jihad in the killing of non Muslims. Why? How and why does a young married couple go from being a family with a six month old baby girl to become cold blooded killers, committing a crime leaving them dead? How does an American born Muslim man decide to leave his moderate Muslim belief system for a more radical form of Islam, killing co-workers and friends? Not only that, but how and why does a young woman leave behind her six month old child to whom she just gave life?

       Syed Rizwan Farook, a 28 year old American born Pakistani Muslim lived a relatively normal, modest American Muslim life. It was a life of work, play, and prayer. Farook worked for the San Bernardino Department of Health and was described as polite,never exhibiting any animosity towards others. Farook took part in prayer twice daily at The Islamic Center of Riverside, and traveled to Saudi Arabia several times. In 2013 Farook traveled to Saudi Arabia to complete Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. Like most modern men, Farook participated in online dating and it is said that it is there that Farook met his future bride and partner in crime.

       Tasheen Malik was her name, the woman and quite possibly the mastermind behind America's latest deadly terrorist attack. Tasheen, a Pakistani who lived most of her life in Saudi Arabia, was the woman who seemingly lured American born Farook into a life of radical Islam and death. Tasheen, 29 years old, was smart, very smart. With the click of a mouse, I believe Tasheen knew exactly how she intended to commit and complete Jihad. Tasheen's sites were on America, her mission was to kill non Muslims, and online dating was her gate way into America. The plan was simple. Tasheen cleverly joined an online dating site, she then chose a man, seduced him into her world, made him fall in love, and obtained her k-1 fiance' visa, gaining entrance into America. 

    On August 16, 2014, Tasheen Malik married Syed Farook in Riverside, California. The couple soon after conceived a child. In early 2015, Farook's co-workers thought kindly enough of the couple to throw them a baby shower. A baby girl was born, a baby girl that will never know the gentle touch of her mother's hand, nor the security of her father's arms. A baby girl was born, to a young couple who cared more about their mission to kill non Muslims than to live a life with their child. How? How could a couple be so cold and inhuman as to leave a child without parents? 

    As many have wondered how a woman could leave a child to whom she just gave birth, others have wondered how a woman could possess such power over a man to have him kill co-workers and friends. Some have said Farook was a weak man, others have said it was his intent all along. I disagree. As more and more evidence comes to light, it seems doubtful that Farook ever really was a Muslim of moderate Islamic faith. According to the Italian newspaper, La Stampa, Farook's father was quoted as saying that Farook was a devout Sunni Muslim, who all along appeared to have a bit of an obsession with al-Baghdadi and ISIS. Farook's father later denied his statements. With the knowledge of Farook's radical views, the coercion of a woman with even more radical views seems rather obvious. Then again how could a man allow a woman to have the conviction as to have him turn on his friends and kill them?

     Is it possible that one woman could be so powerful as to reform a man born in the U.S. living a normal modernized lifestyle into a Jihadist fighter? It's quite possible indeed if the woman is of the most radical form of the Islamic religion and if the woman is the face of evil. As there are conflicting reports of Malik's Islamic faith, it is known that Malik did enroll in an eighteen month long Quranic studies course consisting of women choosing to learn a more conservative version of Islam.  Malik had also studied in Multan, a city of jihadist activity. One can only guess that Malik's radical views were planted there in Multan. Views so radical that she would one day murder some 14 people and leave a child behind to whom she just gave birth. 

     It is known that Tasheen Malik took a pledge to the Islamic militant group, "ISIS", and in knowing her allegiance, the attack in San Bernardino seems rather clear. What is unclear is how Malik's husband could carry out such an attack. Then again perhaps not. The truth is I don't think Farook was up for the task of killing Innocent lives, and certainly not the lives of his friends. I believe the fateful day of December 2nd played out quite differently from how it was scripted. In fact I believe December second was a day many lives may have been spared, as December second may have been a far bigger attack than what took place.

    On the morning of December second, Farook and Tasheen left their six month baby girl with Farook's mother. The two claimed they had a doctor's appointment. The young couple dropped off their baby daughter, said their good byes and later carried out the country's deadliest terrorist attack since September 11th. While Malik I believe was intent on her mission to kill non-Muslims, Farook may have not been so inclined. The FBI discovered some 19 pipes in which to make bombs and 12 pipe bombs, bombs that were never used for the attack In San Bernardino. As the couple had a deposit made into their bank account of 28,000 dollars, one has to assume that something big was planned, something so grand, that Farook may not have been able to bring himself to execute it.

    Execution of killing innocents is a difficult task for most, then again give a man a reason to kill and the act of killing doesn't seem difficult after all. Make a man angry, give him a motive, and the execution of innocents becomes rather simple. Two weeks prior to the shooting, Farook was believed to have been in an online Facebook argument with a Jewish co-worker regarding the not so peaceful religion of Islam. Bingo, a motive was had. In assuming Farook was not up to the random task of killing many innocents on a large scale attack, Farook was so inclined once angered by a co-worker. Once angered, Farook then informed his wife he was ready for their jihad to take place, but when and where? 

       December second was the day, Farook's place of work was the place, and a Christmas party was the venue. December second was the date of Farook's work Christmas party with Christians and Jews. December second became the day a young man would kill friends and co-workers and leave a daughter behind. December second was the day a young woman would kill those who showered her with baby gifts and leave a child behind.

        Was a child left behind or was it a "seed" that was left behind? I believe Tasheen Malik fully executed her plan to the finish, even in the leaving of a child in this world behind. Tasheen had a desire to commit Jihad and to execute it in America. Tasheen was successful. Tasheen also gave birth to a child, thus planting a"seed" of evil to perhaps carry out a legacy of the parents she never knew. Some will say, it's a child, it's an innocent. I say it's a seed, it's a seed of evil. Evil, I believe is in one's make-up. Evil isn't taught, evil is in one's blood. While this child born of two killers could quite possibly become a law abiding, moral, empathetic person if raised by Christians or Jews, the outcome is quite doubtful. It is more than likely the child will be placed with family or persons of Islamic faith. Tasheen Malik was a woman with a mission, and her mission's complete with the conception of a child and a "seed". The "seed" of evil is now forever among us all. 

Sean Bianca Lee



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