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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Obama, "Liar In Chief"!

         "If you like your plan, you can keep it", Obama's most infamous lie in regards to his now rapidly failing "Obama care". Lies, that's the one thing our current President can be relied upon to give Americans, lies and more lies. Funny thing though, the lies keep coming and somehow President Barrack Hussein Obama continues to get away with it, but at what cost? At the cost of American lives, that's the cost, and yet no one in Washington nor the media seems to give a dam.

        Early this past Tuesday, January 6, 2016 one special forces operator was killed in Afghanistan, two others were injured after being attacked in Marjah, Afghanistan by Taliban fighters. Several others were trapped and fighting for their lives. This might come as a surprise to the average American, as just a year ago our Commander In Chief, Barrack Obama declared that combat operations in Afghanistan were over. The war in Afghanistan is far from over, it's still very much in the present for the men and women fighting for their lives at this very moment in Afghanistan. That's right, men and women that our government deployed to Afghanistan are fighting a war which Obama has told the American people is no longer happening. Tell that to the 22 men killed in combat in Afghanistan last year, and to the first man killed this year in combat. Tell that to the family members of those killed in combat in Afghanistan. Obama will tell America, his military, and the whole world that a war that is still very much going on today is over, because he is a liar, he is America's "Liar In Chief" and our government, our people, and the media continue to let this man get away with lying again, and again. 
       "Liar In Chief" that's what Obama is to this country, and a very good one indeed. This is a man that has an agenda and it is I believe to destroy this country. This man has no regard for our people nor our military. I can recall another lie, the video tape of the Benghazi scandal. Obama, and Hillary Clinton again lied as to not have to admit to the American people that terrorism was still very much present in Libya and the Mideast. Obama, and Hillary Clinton not giving United States Ambassador Christopher Stevens, and his men at our embassy the protection and extra help that they had requested in some 900 plus emails, the end result was that they died. Four men died horrific deaths of which The White House will never divulge. Four men died not of smoke inhalation, but horrific torturous deaths due to our "Liar In Chief's" lying words, and now again Obama lies. Funding has been drastically cut for our military in Afghanistan, and our Americans are being sent there to fight a war which the President is no longer recognizing, as remember he declared the war over. Why if Obama declares a war over it must be true! Think Again. 

    How sad that a special forces operator will not be given the proper recognition due to our President's lies. As Obama has declared combat operations to be over in Afghanistan, the man that perished on Tuesday will not receive the medal he so very much deserves. Our President has again and again lied to this nation. Benghazi, the IRS scandal, Obamacare, The Iran Deal and many many more. I am outraged that not one Politician has been able to lead a fight to have Obama thrown out of office. I am quite sure that if former President G.W. Bush had lied even a quarter of what Obama has, that the media and the democrats would have had his head no doubt. Obama, his lies, and the Republicans lack of being able to do anything against Obama are I believe the very reason why Republican Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump, is doing so well to date. Trump tells the truth. People may not always like what Trump has to say, but at least people know where he stands, and what he intends to do. I for one have had enough of our "Liar In Chief" for President. Obama and his lies for his agenda have cost this country the lives of men that chose to fight for our country, as well as this country's safety with the Iran Deal that many well lead to America's demise. America needs a President that tells it like it is, and has America's best interests at heart, it doesn't need another liar. Hillary Clinton if elected will be another, "Liar In Chief", she's learned from the best, and her record proves it. I believe just about any Republican running for present would be a better Commander In Chief ,than our current President. Then again, I rather like Trump, as I feel I will always know what's on his agenda, and it's one America has needed for the past eight years. America is angry with Obama's lies, America is angry with the position Obama has put it's military and this country in. America has become weak and vulnerable while Obama has lied and said ISIS was a "JV Team" and the Taliban was no longer. America needs a real "Commander In Chief", not a "Liar In Chief", and I believe with the frustration of the people of this country, America has it's next real, "Commander in Chief", in Trump!
(c)Sean Bianca 

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