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Friday, January 22, 2016

Jeb Can't Fix It!

         He was tall, handsome, charismatic, and when he walked into the room everyone present knew a man of substance was in their presence. The man of whom I am speaking is one of the Republican Presidential candidates. His name is Jeb Bush. When running for the position as Governor of the state of Florida, Jeb was at the top of his game. I was in attendance at both rallies and dinners, and was in awe of this man. Jeb owned the stage. Jeb owned the masses. Jeb knew the issues, knew how to fix things, and all who voted for Jeb had the utmost confidence in him as their Governor. Everyone loved "Jeb". I believe everyone also believed that Jeb would one day be elected President of the United States.Everyone was wrong and sadly everyone but Jeb now knows that Jeb will never be President.

       Jeb Bush will never be elected President, as the Jeb of today is not the Jeb of yesterday. The Jeb of today lacks passion, lacks confidence, lacks conviction, and lacks what it takes to be elected President. Why Jeb is no longer the man of yesterday is a mystery to me, but it can't be denied. In debates Jeb stutters, and stammers as he struggles to take a stand on issues he appears to know, but then answers in what appears to be a seemingly a questionable state. Watching the Jeb of today is pure pain. The Jeb of long ago was strong and respectable, not weak, and desperate. Jeb has been mocked by the late night comedians, the critics, and worse the other candidates. He's been described as a wallflower, and the description is all too accurate. The Jeb of yesterday was a man for whom I campaigned. I endlessly donated hours of my life for a man that I believed in, and wanted as Governor of my State. That man lost my support early on in this election, and has now lost the last of any respect I once had for him.

      Disrespect, disappointment, and disgust are the emotions I now have for Jeb Bush. In his quest to become the Republican nominee, he has attacked his former friend and colleague, Senator Marco Rubio. Jeb has spent 20 million dollars alone in attack ads against Rubio. Twenty million dollars spent on an attempt to destroy an opponent that he once mentored? It's a disgrace. Both a disgrace to Jeb and to his family. 

    While the ads against Rubio were nasty and bitter, and indicative of a Politician going down, but fast, the ads were nothing of what they have become. Desperate. The latest ads the Jeb Bush campaign have begun running are one of complete desperation. One ad is one in which the former First Lady Barbara Bush makes a cameo, and states why she thinks her son would make a great President. While I like the former First Lady, I find her being in her son's ad for President rather lame. Of course Barbara Bush thinks her son would make a good President, it's her son. Then again the former First Lady was once quoted as saying that this country had had enough Bushs. 

    I agree with what the former First Lady said, the country has had enough Bushs. I liked and supported both Bushs and did at one time hope Jeb would run for the Presidency. I feel if Jeb wanted to run it should have been immediately after his brother. While the Bush name was not popular I think Jeb could have overcome the blemished Bush name. Jeb should have run when he was fresh and still very much involved in politics. Jeb is washed up and bitter and it shows. It really shows in his latest attack ad against republican front runner Donald Trump.

    In my opinion Jeb Bush has sunk to a new low with his ad campaign against Trump. The ad depicts a 2016 Presidential election where Hillary Clinton defeats Donald Trump. The ad ends with " DON'T PANIC, It's not too late to change the future, vote for Jeb." The ad is vicious, it is bitter, and it is completely classless. I think Jeb is showing his true colors, and I for one am not impressed. I am not impressed and I am disappointed. I am disappointed in a man for whom I was once in awe. In my opinion Jeb along with our current President is in another world, a world of fantasies and a world of their own. Jeb needs to accept that he is no longer a contender for the Republican nomination of President. Jeb is finished, and Jeb should accept his defeat and withdraw from the race, as it is fact that "Jeb can't fix it!"
(c)Sean Bianca

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