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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dirty Politics And The Media

       Politics is a dirty business, no ands, ifs or buts about it, and the race for the republican nomination of who will run for President is getting as nasty as nasty can get. From the get go the Republican party has made no secret of their distaste for the now Republican front runner Donald Trump. The GOP wanted Jeb Bush, and much to their chagrin Jeb was not the candidate that they had hoped. As Jeb failed, the GOP then turned their sights on the golden boy of the party, Senator Marco Rubio, but he disappointingly failed to beat both of  their enemies. Enemy number one, Donald Trump, and enemy number two, Ted Cruz. Frustratingly the last two candidates the Republicans wanted as their nominee for the Presidency are on top, with little hope for either candidate of their choice. That being said begins the chess game of how to win in the game of politics.
        How do you win in politics? You win by playing dirty, and you win by scheming, something Donald Trump a political newcomer is learning, and learning fast. While America is scratching their heads over why Fox news would choose Meghan Kelly to moderate the final debate prior to the Iowas caucuses, Fox news was quite possibly scheming to aid their chosen candidate in rising to the top. A reporter continuously showing a biased opinion against one particular candidate should NOT be a moderator in a Presidential debate. Fox wanted ratings, Fox wanted a fight, and Fox may quite possibly have hoped their debate consisting of a cat-fight with Kelly and Trump would help Senator Marco Rubio in the polls. 
         Seem far fetched? Yes indeed it does, but it doesn't when you learn that the executive in charge of the Fox News/Google Debate has a daughter who just happens to be a senior executive for Senator Marco Rubio's campaign. In knowing this I can't say I blame the Republican front runner for not participating in the debate. Why walk into a debate with the knowledge of a plan to make one fail? It appears this debate is a debate with an agenda. The agenda is one to destroy the candidates that don't fit into the Republican's "Stepford like" model of what their perfect candidate should look like and to catapult their perfect "Stepford like" candidate to the top. The Republicans don't like Trump, and they don't like Cruz, the Republicans want who they want.
      Who do the Republicans want? They want Marco Rubio and if he doesn't pan out there is talk they will bring Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney into the race. Maybe the Republicans want who they want, but what happened to who the people want as President of the United States? The people of the United States of America have tired of being lied to and pushed around. The people are disappointed in the Republican party. The people have elected a Republican majority into both the House and the Senate and they have been let down. The people have not been let down once, or twice, but several times. The people want Donald Trump. The people want a man that is not politically correct. The people want a man that will stand up for them, speak for them, hear them, and defend them. Fox news and the Republicans may scheme and dream, and engage in dirty politics till the cows come home, and the people will still stand behind the GOP front runner, Donald Trump!
(c)Sean Bianca 2016
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