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Monday, January 18, 2016

Debates And Time

       What black is to white, what hot is to cold, what north is to south, that is how one at present could describe politics in 2016. What Republican is to Democrat, total opposites without any commonalities whatsoever. The two parties could not be any more further apart on the importance on the issues, nor the issues. After watching the first of this year's Republican, and Democratic debates I was left to wonder if the candidates from both parties were campaigning for the presidency of the same country, as clearly the issues of importance to the Democrats are not the same issues of importance as to the Republicans. All in all the Presidential race of 2016 is sure to be one hell of a fight and a fight that Americans won't want to miss! 

       While the first Republican debate of 2016 consisted of young men having a vision for a better, and safer America, the Democratic debate was none of the sort. The Democrats' first debate consisted of the geriatric set wanting more of the same or for better words, "Obama, Term number 3." The two debates could not have been any more different. While anyone of the Republican candidates would make an excellent President capable of doing good, the same could not be said of the Democrats. God help the USA if a democrat were to win the Presidency, as I do believe four more years of Obama would do this country in!

    Speechless. There are no words to describe the frustration felt by the majority of Americans after viewing the first Democratic debate of 2016. With the evening's first question you could have heard a pin drop in a room full of disgruntled Americans. Lester Holt asked the three Democratic candidates to complete a sentence, and the answers were mind boggling. "In my first 100 days in office, my top three priorities will be--fill in the blank." Not one answer included "national security", "terrorism", or revamping "Obama Care". No, self proclaimed socialist, Bernie Sanders spoke of ending the decline of the middle class, making the wealthy pay higher taxes, health care for everyone, and raising the minimum wage. Hillary Clinton not too different from her counterpart, stated how she would focus on creating jobs in clean and renewable energy, building on Obama's health care plan,equal pay for women's work, and bringing the country together. Slightly different, but not too far from his competitors, the virtual unknown, Governor O'Malley stated how he would raise wages,would create a plan for clean energy, and create jobs. 

   ISIS, national security, nor building our military, was not in one of the Democratic candidates' top three priorities. Clean air, isn't going to matter a damn if America is unsafe having ISIS enter our country by way of allowing thousands of Syrians to take refuge in America. Higher minimum wages will be of no importance if we are nuked by Iran, nor will taxing the wealthy help the free loaders of America, if America is being attacked by North Korea. Bottom line if this country fails to rebuild it's military, and take a vow to destroy ISIS, and other terrorist groups nothing will matter.

    Maybe the Democrats like the President still see ISIS as the "JV Team" and maybe the Democrats see Iran and North Korea as being little of a threat, but the Republicans certainly do not agree as keeping America safe, tearing up the Iran agreement, and defeating ISIS, are of the utmost importance to the Republicans. As national security is of major importance to most Americans, Republican American businessman Donald Trump was the big winner. While the Democrats and some Republicans were in an outrage over Trump coming out saying that if elected President he would ban all Muslims from entering the U.S. temporarily, most of America was in agreement. Debate moderator, Maria Bartiromo asked Trump if he would "rethink" his position. Trump without hesitation, Trump replied, "no". Trump clearly getting better with time shot back with why he would not "rethink" his position, and stated how we needed to stop being "Politically correct". Although impressed with Trump's answer I was disappointed in his not mentioning the number of rapes committed by Syrian immigrants across Europe. Nonetheless Trump gave the people what they wanted and that is that he clearly will do anything and everything in his power to keep America safe, even if it takes be politically incorrect and disliked to accomplish it.

   Practice makes perfect and while Hillary Clinton may be well seasoned in debating, Trump is coming into his own. Donald Trump is only getting better as shown in the first Republican debate of 2016. While Trump showed his inexperience in previous debates he showed his ability to be a fast learner with his continuous engagement, and quick responses in this last debate. In exhibiting Trump's transition from debate novice, to debate professional, America has a man that if elected President, will only get better, not worse with time. The same however could not be said of some of the other candidates up on the stage who would do us all a favor by just dropping out of the race all together.

     The clear winners of the Republican debate were Donald Trump, and Marco Rubio. Ted Cruz usually impressive was out debated by both Rubio and Trump. In a rather humorous exchange between Trump and Cruz over Cruz's birthright eligibility Cruz out "Trumped" Trump. The tables turned however when Cruz delivered a rather politically incorrect statement against New Yorkers." And — you know, the concept of New York values is not that complicated to figure out."  Trump's response was profound as he spoke of the people of New York and the tragedy of September 11th. The next day Cruz was brilliant with his  backhanded apology to the people of New York, but it was too little too late and he had been clearly Trumped by Trump.

    Marco Rubio always a world of knowledge was consistent in his performance and quick as well. Rubio went after Governor Chris Christie with facts that Christie denied  and that were later proven to be true, such as his support for Planned Parenthood, and common core. Although young,but mature beyond his years Rubio expressed his lack of amusement with the Cruz and Trump birth issue squabble, by saying, "I hate to interrupt this episode of court tv." Rubio focused on the issues at hand with strong and convincing statements, such as,  "And when I’m president, we’re not just going to have a president that gives a State of the Union and says America is the greatest country in the world. When I’m president, we’re going to have a president that acts like it." Rubio also had no trouble going after Hillary Clinton as he added to Bush's attack on the Democratic front-runner by saying,  "She wouldn’t just be a disaster, Hillary Clinton is disqualified from being commander in chief of the United States." 

 The clear losers of the Republican debate were Jeb Bush, Ben Carson and Chris Christie. Jeb's one bright moment came when he described a Hillary Clinton presidency as a "national security disaster". Jeb continued his momentary greatness by saying, "If she gets elected, her first 100 days, instead of setting an agenda, she might be going back and forth between the White House and the courthouse. We need to stop that." Unfortunately Jeb's performance only got worse.  As Jeb tried desperately to engage , crying out " I heard my name called, " and only followed with what seemed to be awkward stuttering responses, one had to think that Jeb should have stayed in retirement and out of the political forum. Watching Jeb in this last debate was more painful than watching a train-wreck.  Jeb was in his prime as the Governor of Florida and although highly intelligent and full of great ideas, the man appears lost and out of sorts while on stage. This is not the Jeb of long ago and I for one would prefer to remember the Jeb of the past, and not watch the washed up politician at present. Jeb would be doing himself and his family a favor if he would just concede and drop out of the race all together. Something tells me Jeb is in for the long hall and the pain for Jeb supporters will only continue.

     Neurosurgeon, Ben Carson was equally as desperate as he stated that he should be able to participate in discussion due to one of the candidates making a statement using the verbage "everybody". True the word "everybody" was used, but America didn't care to hear from the rapidly dropping Ben Carson. One fact was true and that was that Carson admitted at one point that if not called upon he might fall asleep, I had to laugh as I thought the man was asleep not just in Thursday's debate, but in all of the previous debates. As members of Carson's staff have one by one left the campaign, Carson is another Presidential candidate that America would desperately like to see go away.

     I for one would like to see not just several of the Republican candidates go away, but all of the democrat candidates as well. Hillary the clear winner outsmarting Bernie Sanders in Sunday's Debate, would be four more years of Obama. Another four years of Obama like policies and we may not have a country. Hillary has been proven to be a liar, has put America's security at risk, has cost the lives of four Americans, and is the worst possible choice for this country. The United States needs a Ronald Reagan and not one Democrat can compare to the leadership Reagan gave this country. While even the worst of the Republicans could no doubt do better for this country than Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, I believe Donald Trump is the best man for the position of President of the United States at this time. America is angry, America is afraid, and America needs strength, conviction and leadership. Donald Trump is getting better and better with time, and Donald Trump should be the next President of The United States.
(c)Sean Bianca 2016
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