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Thursday, January 14, 2016

The State Of B.S. Address To The Nation

Florida Senator Marco Rubio at the President's last State of the Union Address to the Nation

       America's "liar in chief" never failing to disappoint with his web of lies was in fine form at what will be thankfully, this President's final "State of the Union" address to the nation. After watching the utter abomination, both the pundits and Americans were left to scratch their heads in disgust at the President's lies and deception. Going in to Tuesday's address to the Nation, 76% of Americans were polled as dis-satisfied with Obama's performance as President, and yet the President took to the podium with an arrogance of that of either a narcissist, sociopath or both. Republican Presidential candidate, and Senator Ted Cruz called the President's state of the union address to the nation, a "state of denial".Fellow Republican contender, Governor Chris Christie commented that Obama's speech was more of Obama's "story telling". The Governor also stated that his children's bed time stories were less fictional than the President's speech. Jeb Bush although lagging in the polls for the Republican Presidential nomination, sounded quite Presidential as he tweeted about the President's speech. "It appears Obama is still under the impression ISIS is the JV team." "Next President must understand the enemy and the threat." Jeb went on to say, "Safer?" "ISIS on the rise, North Korea testing nukes." "Syria in chaos."" Taliban on march". "This President is living in a different world." Jeb's fellow Floridian Republican Presidential contender, Senator Marco Rubio was in what seemed to be pure pain as he was in attendance and watched the President's speech live. Not nearly as eloquent with his words, leading Republican Presidential contender, Donald Trump called Obama's address to the nation, "really boring." While in agreement with all of Obama's critics no one seemed to call the President's, State of the Union address to the nation for what it really was, complete bullsh?t!

     It's not quite clear what America was a spectator to, as Obama spewed out lie upon lie. Were Americans watching a President in complete denial, a possible sociopath, a man who is completely insane, a man with an accomplishment of destroying a once great nation, or all of the above? What was clear was that the President's speech was nothing more than lies and a man who is is awe of himself and talks as to hear himself speak. The President boasted of the economy, how far we had come and how much better off we were from when former President G.W. Bush left office. Really? Are you sure about that Mr. President? Before you leave office you will have accumulated more debt than any of the other Presidents combined. That's right when Obama leaves office this country will have 19 trillion dollars of debt. While the nation's deficit is troubling, the true state of the nation's people is even more troubling. The number of Americans on food stamps in January 2009 was 31.90 million, as of November 2015 it was up to 45.36 million. That is a 42% increase in persons on food stamps. The number of Americans on the poverty level in 2008 was 29.2 million, and as of 2014 it rose to 46.65 million. Home ownership in 2008 was at 67.5 percent in the fourth quarter, and in the third quarter of 2015 it dropped to 63.7 percent. The median household income has gone from $56,957 in January '09 to $56,746 in November 2015, and the labor participation rate has hit a 40 year low. In January '09 the labor participation rate was at 65.7 percent and in November it dropped to 62.5 percent. Are these the statistics of a booming economy and a great nation? I think not. Under President Obama we've become a nation where those that are lazy and receiving government handouts are rewarded ,and success is punished and discouraged.

   While the President's lies in regards to the economy were disturbing, even more disturbing was hearing the President dismiss ISIS and other terrorist groups. Without fail Obama did not call out the terrorist groups for what they are, radical Islamist terror groups, but he did call the groups out for being, "killers and fanatics". What rhetoric, I'm sure ISIS, the Taliban and others were oh so hurt by the President's words. While only a few months ago Obama was mocked for his statements of calling ISIS, "the JV team", and saying America had ISIS "contained" Obama again dismissed the terrorist group. Obama stated that we had not been attacked nor our allies. Really? Tell that to the fourteen people just recently killed in San Bernardino, California, and tell that to the 132 people killed in Paris, France in November 2015 making it the worst atrocity in Europe since Adolf Hitler. How quickly the President forgets the threat of our enemies, but then again in the President's address to the nation it was clear that Obama had little regard for our enemy in ISIS and other terrorist groups. 

     Obama forever protective of the Muslim faith attacked the Republican front runner Donald Trump with his statements on politicians speaking out against Muslims. “When politicians insult Muslims, when a mosque is vandalized, or a kid bullied, that doesn’t make us safer. That’s not telling it like it is. It’s just wrong,” Obama said. “It diminishes us in the eyes of the world. It makes it harder to achieve our goals. And it betrays who we are as a country.” The President always protective of Muslims, but never once protective of Christians or Jews showed the nation to whom is alliance lies. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich tweeted, "As President Obama defends Muslims and Mosques he is watched by two Nuns whose religious liberty he threatens. No word about Christian beheadings." That's right not one word of the beheadings of Christians in Obama's State of the Union Address to the Nation, not one.  Not one word of America's ally, Jordan having their pilot burned to death in a cage either, not one. Not one word of the torture ISIS has inflicted upon Christians, or beheadings as that would be truth, and truth was not to be of any part of this President's final State of the Union . The truth is our President played golf shortly after an American journalist was beheaded, but our "liar in Chief" was sure to leave that out as the truth hurts. The truth really hurt for four Sailors whose boat was seized and whom were captured by Iran shortly before Obama's State of the Union address to the nation,  and again it was left out as that was the true State of the Union.

    The truth does hurt which is why our President told nothing of the truth of the State of the Union. The truth is Obama helped create ISIS with his abandoning Iraq and allowing ISIS to expand and become the fastest expanding terrorist group in the history of the world. The truth is also that Obama created the Syrian refugee crisis as he failed to keep his word when he drew his red line in the sand with Syria. Asaad usedchemical  weapons and America did nothing, and Obama tauts America as a country with more respectability and higher standing than when he took office? Think again! America is a joke, as America's red line means nothing. Obama did nothing for the Syrian people now fleeing the country and now he plans on taking them in? It's too late Mr. President you failed, you let the people down and now with the threat of ISIS coming in with the Syrian refugees America can not take that chance. Not only did you let the people of Syria down, but the Iraqis. More truth is that by America leaving Iraq too soon, the cities of Mosul, Fallujah, Ramadi, and Takrit were taken by the likes of ISIS that YOU Mr. President created. Want more truth? How about the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, and the prisoners you left in Iran while you signed a deal giving a nation of terrorists the sun, moon and the stars? Or perhaps you'd like to speak of the soldiers you've put in harms way with no back up and left to die?Let's talk about America's open borders, the IRS and Planned Parenthood  scandals.the rapidly  failing Obamacare, and it's website that failed to ever operate. Truth? Want more truth? How about the fact that race relations are the worst they've been in 20 years, that both you and your First Lady have caused with you allegiance to Al Sharpton and praise for those rioting against whites in the hood? Let's also talk about the Ukraine and Crimea, or perhaps we can talk about the vets that you boasted of their good fortune and your respect in your fairytale?

Pure disgust on the joint Chiefs of Staff
 It takes balls to speak of how well our country takes care of it's vets when it's been none of the sort. It really takes balls to speak of members of the military while they sit straight ahead in front of one. Obama stood and spoke of our highly regarded military and their good fortune as the joint Chiefs of Staff sat in disgust. One man in particular looked as if were about to implode on the spot. Obama spoke of how our military was the strongest in the world but made no mention of his cutbacks or the fact that our army is the smallest it's been since before WWII or that our navy is the smallest it's been since WWI. That's truth.The truth is thanks to President Obama this country is at it's most vulnerable point at a most dangerous time. The truth is Obama has put America's safety in danger.

     President Obama's last State of the Union Address to the nation was really nothing of a surprise. It was an academy award winning performance of a sociopath capable of no wrong, and in denial of the facts of his failures. While Obama's ability to deliver his lies with strength was impressive his conviction was not. I was not impressed by the President's last State of the Union as it was not a State of the Union. It was a state of bullsh?t and nothing more. No truth,no compassion, only lies, deception and further evidence of a man that has not had America and it's people 's best interests in mind, but only his own. I and America can breathe a sigh of a relief as this was Obama's last State of the Union address to the Nation. We may all hope for a better and safer America, and a President of integrity and valor to deliver America's next State of the Union address to the nation.
(c)Sean Bianca 2016

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