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Thursday, October 4, 2012


     Last night's debate was that of a boxing match. The gloves were off, or were they? Punches were indeed thrown by none other than Governor Mitt Romney.  The President may have thrown a few punches himself, but the President was clearly no match for the Governor. President Obama was downright knocked out! How sweet it was. 
        The Governor was confident, and personable. He was poised, and showed true class. Mitt Romney looked and acted as a President should. Mitt Romney showed his intelligence in his knowing the facts and being well prepared. In observance one was able to see just how and why the Governor has been so successful in business.Mitt Romney answered questions looking between the moderator, and the President  in the eye. Romney showed that he will get the job done. Romney showed the American people that he does care about 100% of the American people as he shared real stories of fellow Americans whom have lost their jobs, homes and are in need.  Romney attacked Obama with the facts. The facts that the President has had four years to fix the economy and create jobs and yet he has not. The Governor stated how the President's way has further destroyed the economy and caused unemployment to rise. The governor was not afraid to mention the President's failed policies. Mitt Romney was on his game making the President look like an untrained has been. How sweet it was!
       The President came out looking ever so pompous and was humbled quite early on in the debate. The President was cocky yet stood at the podium with one knee bent looking as if he were at a local bar at five o'clock. The President side stepped questions with answers that had little or nothing to do with the issues. Obama's head hung down much of the night never looking at Romney, while being attacked left and right. The President came in to last night's debate like an athlete without a plan or conditioning. In fact Obama disrespected the American people with his laissez faire attitude. He appeared to not really  want to be there. In my opinion Obama showed little respect for  the position of being President, and the American people with is lack of preparation. Last night the President didn't even have much respect for himself. Obama acted like that of a loser. About the only thing the President did have going for him last night was his ability to make faces while the Governor threw zingers in attacking the President's poor record. To put it bluntly the President didn't have game. In fact it wasn't a game at all, it was a blow out. 
         Oh how sweet it was, to observe our ever so pompous President get knocked out of the ring. The President looked anything but presidential. The President looked unprepared, weak, beat, and just plain stupid. For Republicans the night brought new life and hope to the party. For Democrats and the liberal media, it brought a new awakening. The liberal media and Democrats now know their man can be beaten and is vulnerable. The truth is Obama and his administration have had four years to fix this economy and make this country for the better and they have not only failed, but made things for the worse! Mitt Romney showed America last night that he is a man that if elected President will make this country  for the better. Last night was just the beginning of Mitt Romney showing this country just what he is made of . Last night America saw the real Mitt Romney, not the Mitt the liberal media would like Americans to see, the real Mitt. The real Mitt shows up when needed. The real Mitt knows facts. The real Mitt cares about all Americans, and preserving our country's constitution that made this country grand. Last night's debate? Oh how sweet it was!
(c)Sean Bianca 2012
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