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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


     The Presidency, no doubt has got to be one of the most stressful jobs if not the most stressful job one could possibly imagine. However it is a job that one holds for all of four years, and if re-elected eight years. The Presidency is not a job that one will hold for a lifetime, therefore it is our hope that whomever is our President ,will be able to handle the trials, tribulations and pressures of being President. It is in my and many others' opinion that Obama is shall we say "tired" of being President. Obama is well known in Washington for showing up to work around 10 or 10:30 in the morning , if at all. Not only does Obama go into work later than any other President, but he fails to be present for all necessary security briefings. Many times the President not only fails to show up for security briefings, but he fails to read the reports on our national security briefings as well. One has to wonder did Obama miss the memo the day the late Ambassador Chris Stevens begged for more military assistance in Benghazi? It's no secret that someone failed miserably in protecting our Americans in Libya, was it Obama himself that denied more military protection due to failing to read an important briefing? Sad to think that four Americans could have been saved had they had a President that truly cared.
        Unfortunately for Americans it appears that Obama well enjoys the limelight, and the celebrity of being President, but does not enjoy the actual "work" that being President entails. Obama has played golf more than any other President. Obama has hobnobbed with starlets more than any other President. Obama has even taken Air Force One for recreational basketball games with friends. It's quite evident that Obama does enjoy being President, but it appears Obama does not enjoy the work it takes to be President. In the first Presidential debate, it was more than evident that Obama did not care to be there.Obama acted lax, tired and uninformed. It is in my opinion that if I were an Obama fan I would have been somewhat disenchanted with my choice. Lucky for Obama he woke up in the next two debates but came off as arrogant, callous, argumentative and all too aggressive. As Obama's record is hardly anything to be arrogant about one would think he would be somewhat humbled. 
         America needs a President that truly cares about the country and not only wants to be President, but wants to attack the job of being President and doing the work of a President. With unemployment on the rise, poverty at an all time high and the threat of terrorism, we need someone that's up to the task. Obama   is more than up to the task of being President if it involves  hanging  out with the likes of Beyonce and JayZ. However Obama does not appear to be up to the task of being President if the job involves important issues such as protecting our men overseas and devising a plan for how to fix the economy.Four years ago Obama declared that America needed a "change", and four years later it is clear that our country again needs a "change". America needs Mitt Romney!
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