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Monday, October 8, 2012


     As an author to GOP GIRL BLOG I made it a point to attend a rally for Mitt Romney. Port St. Lucie, Florida was the location for yesterday's rally. A town known for it's abundance of  senior citizens was filled with men and women of all ages and races. Over 15,000 people showed up in support of Governor Mitt Romney. It was a pleasure to see families show up with 3 to 4 generations in support of Romney. It was also a pleasure to see that it was not an issue of race as there were many African Americans in the crowd. Another point of interest was that this crowd was filled with people of all economic backgrounds. In observation of the rally's parking, the lot was filled with just as many pick up trucks and Toyotas as Mercedes and Bentleys, proving republicans are not just the rich. No, yesterday's rally was a crowd of people who share the same values, hopes and dreams for this country. We the people believe in the preservation of the Constitution of United States. We the people know what made this country great and it should not be "changed". We the people in yesterday's crowd were there in support of a man that will preserve this country's constitution.  We the people were there in support of a man that we believe will head this country in a right path. We the people, rich, poor, black, white, young, old, employed and unemployed, all share the belief that Governor Mitt Romney will make an outstanding President and will not let us down.
      As Romney and his wife took the stage the crowd went wild. Mitt Romney showed the  poise, class, charisma, and intelligence of a President. His wife Anne stood by his side showing the class and elegance of a First Lady. Mitt Romney was energetic, and caring as he spoke of real life stories of fellow Americans. Mitt Romney spoke against our current Administration but was not cut throat and nasty. Mitt Romney didn't have to be nasty against his opponent  Obama, as Obama's poor showing of President is all that's needed to show that America needs a change. America needs Governor Mitt Romney to aid us through these troubled times. We need a President that truly cares about his country and it's people, not a President that hobnobs with starlets soon after Americans have been killed overseas. America needs a President that will keep our country safe. Obama has his own agenda and it's not the best agenda for America.
       Port St. Lucie , Florida was an hour drive which myself and friends  thought was well worth the trip. We and others believe Mitt Romney will be our next President. For myself, I found Mitt Romney to be a welcomed change from President Obama. Mitt Romney reminded me of former President Ronald Reagan. It was quite refreshing as I have likened President Obama to someone from the hood with his arrogance, unfriendly strut, and phony accents. It was also refreshing to see a man with warmth in eyes as opposed to Obama who has cold uncaring , and distrusting eyes. The rally for Romney was exciting and invigorating, as everyone in attendance was there in support of a man whom they believe will take their country in the right direction.The rally for Romney convinced me and friends even more that he is the right choice and the only choice for President.
(c) Sean Bianca 2012
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