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Monday, October 1, 2012


       A cover up with in our government? Really? Yes really. It is now becoming quite evident that The Obama administration knew from the get go that the attack on our consulate and four murdered Americans was indeed a terrorist attack. The truth is the Obama administration has wanted Americans to believe that the threat of Al Quaeda is not, now that Bin Ladin is dead. The truth is Al Quaeda is very much a threat and killing our American men. To date some 2000 Americans have been killed in Afghanistan alone. The President of Afghanistan has said that Al Quaeda is very much still in existence and on the rise. Obama and his administration has known and knows that Al Quaeda is a threat but appears to want to cover it up. This administration in my opinion has blood on their hands. Our Americans were placed in harms way with armed guards without bullets and Americans should be asking not how did this happen but why did our administration ever allow this to happen. Obama came out apologizing for an anti- Muslim film said to be the cause of such unrest, when we now know that he appeared to know dam well that the attack was a terrorist attack. This administration is lying to the American people. This administration is lying as to be re-elected this November. Does America want an administration that lies about the security of our nation? Wake up America, before it's too late. America needs a government that will be upfront and forthright to guide us through these still troubled times of terrorism. America needs Mitt Romney!
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