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Friday, October 12, 2012


          Joe Biden, the king of gaffs has given more laughs to Republicans and more embarrassing moments to Democrats, however last night Joe took the cake. Vice President Biden was in my opinion a disgrace to the Democratic party. Joe Biden made more facial expressions than Jim Carey in the mask. Biden was as disrespectful as one could possible be from beginning to end. When Paul Ryan was speaking of the four Americans brutally murdered in Libya Biden had a grin on face. During periods of Paul Ryan speaking on important issues such as the state of our economy Biden went into stitches. Really? I was not aware that the state of our economy was a laughing matter.Many times I wondered if the Vice President had something wrong with him as there was little rhyme or reason to his laughing. 
         All in all I personally can not begin to fathom what Biden had to say as I was far too fixed on his looking like he belonged in the nearest insane asylum. Paul Ryan on the other hand was mild mannered, polite, and appeared to be a sane intelligent person. Paul Ryan portrayed what a President should be if needed to step foot in the position of President. Joe Biden looked like the farthest thing from a President as he smirked, grinned, laughed, shook, interrupted and acted like a complete fool. In my opinion Paul Ryan won the debate with intelligence, class and facts. Joe Biden on the other hand came off as nothing more than an old crazy fool!
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