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Thursday, October 18, 2012


        One of the biggest White House cover ups is taking place and the media seems to have conveniently "missed" it. It has come to light that Obama and his staff either do not care to be informed of the goings on with our consulates around the world or they are not receiving the information. Whichever the case may be, it's a rather serious issue that should have fellow Americans in an uproar. It now has come out that our Americans in Libya requested more military protection and for whatever reason, did not receive more military  protection. The end result? Four Americans were murdered and important documents were stolen. Documents that reveal the identities of undercover Libyans that were aiding Americans. I ask, why is this not being reported on the front page of every newspaper in the U. S.? I also ask why is this not a topic on every news station both local and national? The answer is simple, Obama is a Democrat and the majority of the media is run primarily by democrats. 
       Now, let's imagine if the act had happened under a Republican, how would the media have handled the crisis in Benghazi? The crisis in Benghazi would be on the front page of every newspaper and be being reported on, on every local and national news network. Seriously, our Ambassador and three other Americans are brutally murdered and the press is okay with this? I don't believe one needs to be a genius to see that there was a major screw up within the Obama administration. The U. S. consulate had been attacked twice before this year. Our Americans were requesting more military personnel and were denied. Why?  Americans were killed and quite possibly those Libyans that were  aiding us have been killed also, due to the callousness, and carelessness of this administration.Like it or not the Obama administration has blood on their hands in my and many others' opinion. These deaths were unnecessary.
          Perhaps our President should act more like a Commander in Chief than a Commander in Speeches. Speeches much a do about nothing.The day after the attack Obama gave a speech in the Rose Garden not mentioning one single word of how the attack was due to terrorists. No, Obama would like Americans to think terrorism is a thing of the past, of which it is clearly not. Obama blamed the attack on a short anti- Muslim film. Presently as he has looked like a fool not calling the Benghazi attack a terrorist attack, he is now saying he mentioned terrorism in general in his Rose Garden speech. However, in Obama's speech the President was very specific in blaming the attack on the anti-Islamic film.  Upon watching the Rose Garden speech Obama mentioned nothing of Benghazi being a terrorist attack. America, Obama and his administration are lying in my opinion. One has to wonder why when the British and the Red Cross had left Benghazi due to safety issues did we leave our consulate so poorly protected? One has to ask if the President will lie about Benghazi what else will he and has he been lying about? 
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