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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


    As per a conversation the other day I was told that I should be a Democrat and want Obama to win! Seriously? I think not. I was given this advice as I am not the social norm of a republican. Why? Could it be that I am not making six figures plus a year? Could it be that I am a woman? Whatever the case may be I will never become a Democrat. I am not about to convert to the Democratic party due to my financial situation or due to my being a woman. I may not be a millionaire, but I don't believe taxing the wealthy up the ying yang is fair or helps our economy. The wealthy help our economy by spending and donating money where they want it to go, not where our Government wants its to go. Why should anyone help fund some poor person that continues to have children and work the government's system? Let's face it there's a reason poor people have an army of kids,they're working the system.Why should anyone pay for some homeless druggie to have health care? Personally I think all people on welfare and governmental aid programs should be drug tested prior to receiving their government checks.Perhaps I sound callous, but I do not believe in handouts. Hand outs do not motivate anyone to excel and that is what this country used to be about. I believe we work hard and those that do well will give back. The rich may give back in their lavish purchases of Chanel, Prada,and so forth but the rich are creating jobs. If the rich shop, the stores benefit by this in needing more sales professionals. If the rich vacation, and dine out, again more employees are needed. If the rich donate to various organizations, we are that much closer to finding cures for horrible diseases. It was reported as to how little Mitt Romney paid in taxes, but it was not highly publicized that Mitt Romney made over 4 million dollars in donations. Bottom line the rich replenish our economy if able to keep more of their hard earned money. I may not be rich, but I do know what works and Obama's way has hurt our country's economy more than any other President. Rich or poor I will not convert to being a Democrat and I am proud to be a republican.
   As for my being a woman, I am against abortion. If women in third world countries have brains enough to use protection our country can too as well. Bottom line, abortion is murder. I go back to my Great Grand Mother's line where if a woman can take the time to "do it" she can dam well take the time to have it! Granted there are exceptions. If a woman's health or if the baby's health are in danger I do feel terminating the pregnancy is necessary. In the case of a rape I also feel an abortion is necessary, but an abortion should not be another form of birth control! It's sick, it's archaic and it's downright wrong. It is said that when a nation's morals are gone the nation will fall shortly after. In history every great nation that fell, their morals had fallen and God was forgotten.
      Convert to a Democrat? Never. In my experience Dems are, hardheaded liberals with little to no values. Have I friends that are Dems? Of course, but they are in my opinion just plain pigheaded and obnoxious. Anyone with any sense should see that capitalism works, and socialism does not. Capitalism is what made our country a great nation. That and a strong military. Already, our country is being attacked. Why? Simple. Our enemies know Obama won't do anything. Mark my words if Obama is re-elected this country is going to hell in a basket. Unemployment will continue to rise, more attacks on Americans will ensue and our deficit will continue to sky rocket. By 2016 this country may well not be recognizable. Already it has been reported that the pool in front of The Washington Monument is a green mess. Already parks around America are becoming overgrown. Already cities are going bankrupt and without funds to keep up roads , governmental buildings and such.  What more do people need to say we need real "change"? We need a "change" alright, we need a "change" in who we have running our country. We need a man that knows economics, knows the importance of a strong military and knows the need in strong values as well. What America needs is Mitt Romney.
(c) Sean Bianca 2012
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