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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


        It is of my opinion that many voters are complete idiots. I seriously think that this country should force all voters to take a ten or 15 question, questionnaire on just who and what the issues are in the upcoming election. If voters were forced to take such a test, my guess is  that many would fail. Howard Stern recently conducted a survey of how much or how little voters knew about our President, Vice President, as well as Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his VP pick Paul Ryan. Many of the voters questioned did not know that Joe Biden was our Vice President. Many voters did not know that Obama was decreasing our military and was for abortion. Many voters thought Obama was a Mormon and said it was okay, and that religion wasn't an issue. Yet when people thought Romney was a Muslim which he is not, they were against him. Interestingly enough many of the random people questioned, agreed with the ideals and values of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Yet due to being clueless about any of the candidates and issues they will make a wrong choice come this November by voting for Obama even though they agree with Romney and his ideals.Sadly America has complete imbeciles making the important decision in who will be running our country these next four years. Proudly I know the issues and know what I stand for. I believe in Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as they will defend the Constitution and all that made this country great. 
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